The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 29
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SWSDAY, AUb08T 18, 1984. 701 KOIRQNIUU NEW EXCLUSIVE, tnw SIMPSONS SEAR AREA.,' AT-'. tractive a-badrnom brick aad . aagaletoae. . bungalow, p a V a d 4rlva aB4 carport, finished rac-T- -raailon roam- atake Ihla an out- etandlna ktiy. Call- Mra, Jonea. 7l2-75i, Mra. Scharf. SJ4-lgo4. . Kelly Monro Ltd.. "Baallora," - 715-1001. . iia will aw BRITANNIA.' I - BEDROOM 1-V ttoray. goon" lot. owner moving ..Terma. SU.. t.. A. McKlnley : Agencies Llal.,' -Raaltor- aai-lil'JMt. evgnlngr Mr. , O'Connell. r'14g-S444. .Tf! THOi 4H1PMAN KB, REALTOR .D.UIt Bank 4tree4 111-4111 r-M.- Opea Bvealaga Till " Orr RIVER ROAD. OPPOSITE Rogue Elactrle. plctura wlndowa l overlooking rlvar. unique three, bedroom bungalow, exceptionally high basement, larga lot. Aah- MEOWLA?iDsiE MAGNIFICENT three-bedroom brick bungalow. natural atom front, French doora ... to patio, recreation room with v -office, attached garage. 15 It. lot '""Owner transferred. Offare. War- 'Soo, ' x CHOMLEY CRESCENT. CHARM-iV km thiae badroom brick bunaa-yiKlow with pretty living room , overlooking treed lawn rot. bordered patio, pgvad drtva. - iLLi'ACflUtS; EXCELLENT J -condition, three-bedroom semi-bungalow. t3 ft. living room wit? fireplace. . family knehn. nice tot. freea. hruba giajoo. .'Trnru Avenue, three at- i taohed three -torey homeare-f .i gently re modelled, new oil lur-necee. down each. Inaulre breaatmenC fhrea -,f4 ' " .5. brick double P ubk a. a BiaaaaraBdigfl lllitf. MnillVIIM wttm-r-,w. - ; reasonable doom paynMnL Call anormoua roama. r ty",S? eemt-deteched brick, three ber iZZmm.. . mortgage. pave drive, luce lot Only IIS J PRESTON STREET. STtJCCODU-plex. tipper rente 445 nacerth. netted and lighted, commercial Realtor," Opan ovMunga tUJ . 713-4371. B WcKBLLSB PARK BEAUTY IT. QUALITY IS IMPORTANT TO Tyou. than ate thla l-bedroom (rick bungalow, A eperlous and , .grecloue living room, plua larger thea average dining room. Make .entertaining enjoyable and a s avail planned kitchen makes " .-aaa You 11 agree that thla cua-..tem quality noma la aeniibty , priced at fel.MO Beddlrk and etDooaid UdU -Realtora." 124- Oil. Bveninga. Len Waihen, -'asi. Mra. Mitchell. SIS-SIM, ' LYNWOOD, PRIVATE SALE - 2-BEDROOM BUNGALOW. BPA-eioua cloarta. Urge panelled v family kitchen area, built-in aaave. l-apeed axhaual. teak .guaboarda. I', batha. gM-Ta leWNOALoir CAaNSWOOO xyi!.'- ATTRACTIVE HOURS ON ouiet atraet - off Carllng. n I e a - yard, low taxea. good bua aery- 'Ice. Cloaa to everything. Call ".jrt nmnw, -eetaAgenclee Ltd., agllp."l ll.'l ; WEST END .J-Seefeeni Baagalaw , .. , IMMACULATE BUNOAWWWJTH In living room, family alaa kltij ehan. large landarapedjot. gloeej to new traoo avn. ' .'30S-.Raddlck and MacDesaldV ,LU1 , ' neanora. it v maom nn'aLKX til THIS ONE IP YOU WANT A . soon name wiwi im.- Iatairaiiieii n-." . Juvlng room, t room bediooma ..and dandy kitchen aqulppad with' range and refrigerator. How 'can yoo beet thla for SM.M0' lleaaica ina aiacuonawi -m.. "ReaMara." WS-ltlT. Eveninga - Len Walben. gIa-T!7, Mr. Pll- . grim. Taa-mat. ALTAVISTA M.J I , tnaisdUl potscsiioa w split lVl wlfli 9 bedrooms snd ' Jsrolly room. Fust fireplace. tUehed fsrsf. For further psrticulsrs, : , Clil 23-05Sl ivfc ...'..; ... RHODES ' J HEAL ESTATE UMTTED ; ruisltor" "Insurance" TOU CAN OWN AVTet' . YOUR OWN ?r 4-BEDR00AA. ALL ELECTRIC: Trend ; , .Home riffcft-u ' t FV- FOR ONLY $128 Ji; :!'" MONTHLY rl . - . . r',W THE ALL ELECTRIC rV COMMUNITV OF i -. Woodroffe ' -vi on the , - ' , Jt Green rOsiy K mile ieth of. Bsse. nine Id., on Woodroffe Ave. aril .'i . euni.l f . : - r . . ' SAteS OfFICEl , .7227679 1.1 IV1l . lKi4 ' Si. (CMtlntMsi fiaxt Column 701 - ROOSQ Wl SALE (Cnt. from PrMOtJ.Rf CaIwbbI) KXCtfllVl WtTf.pi A ABA l-Btt1rMi fmUy Hww riNEMT POSIIBUC FULLY SERV icd mlitentul area. eloM to the but in both publkj tind High rtioeU. with 3 full bathr o p m , bumsit roc room in addition - to mahofany pa nailed, brtMkd-loomod family Toom, K-l t c h n naa briffit Drcaitraai room overlooking the cardak wall ovtn, counUrr too atAva: aaoarota d n ing room largo enouch tor tradi tional furnitur. firoDlaco with raited hearth In a very gracious living room. Nteeiy land sea pea. ranch ' fanrd, . double paved drive. J Mai listed, Mra. Cotton. 7X210 neninea Had- rliff RealtlM Ltd.. ' a a 1 1 o r." 33bH01. ' 'raiPl.KK. WBtT END' Y uu aba. a I1-vi-irt ft A W II I TII.V scK.eiLar. wen io wn ore pea, gar-Male- assvw potential. M35 monthly. Call Clayton Craig, 3-7M ''AlnOrt tjaie Atncin vw a APARTMENT SITE Overlooking Ridaau Rival and NCC park near new hospital. Slverelde Drive, New Smyth oad bridge provide eulck ac-caaa to downtown -Ottawa for , tenant!.- -'. ., ; , - "'. 'J Price tncludea complete building plan and permit. Mort-' gaga .financing available, i 10. . Bud Pollock, evening . S3S- I5e. -y. ,.!. v MERVIN GREENBERG LTD. - -Reallor" SaS-Ull ,Sl ' -.GUIDE IHE.JOU?!.';;,- 701A IPUIMlKTSFOtUli WEST END.' 4 APART INTI. KM rental area. K-gagaA. Plata al i Eatate tOttawat Ltd.. 73J. 4314. Eveninga. laabel Hlne. U- gvaa; h. Tnomaa. igg-asas. - LARB -UNIT EXCEPTION AL1.Y WELL LOCAT ad In eelect Snd convenient : Centre Town area, within min-plea of all up'tewo amenltiea - Thla fully ranted apartment la utrrered for wie by out of town ; owner. Aaking only gM OOO Thai unuauai opportunuy mania your Immediate attention. A. O. Bay- n)en, - MeKeewn - Iteelliea Ltd.. .. lU-4Ki evenlngi. 7as-sasi. 702 HOUSQ FOI tin ALTA' VISTA. 4 BEDROOKI beautiful yard. Ill. mm. AVAILABLE HvDODBLE, t BEO- reoma, Sept. t giia. g-aoag AVAILABLE, ., DOUBLE. ) BED- raama, deo, garage, Olebe. S50S. AVAILABLB, 1-BEDROOM MOUSE. Elmval Acre, bear ahooping. arhool ehnrebn. . SI SS,. Phone. . J-S7ag. - f- . . . ... AVTILABUt i-BEDROOM BUN. gaiow, i year old. Near EngHah. rrenen acnooie. Baaumoi ramie view, Otiewa-Hul!.. plarmg are for children, aaa- BEAUTtPlTL HEW S-BEDROOM bungalow tat Weat End. fully - forniehed or amfurnlahtd. play . room, floor V celling Rraplara fenoed w yard. SS vtawaM Drive. TaS-fMMO, after SJS, waakdaya. BRICK BUNGALOW, S BED- rooma. near vaneporiatloai. -Mountain parr, tti-swi. BUNGALOW. WEST END, BED- rooroa, oan, poudm garage, gig. ieir. BUNOALOW. ALTA rtSTA. badrooma, Sreplace. saraga. kvge weed tot. Muat ba aeeae AditlU preferred. TM-gleg, , j CARUNGWOOD. I OI 4 i BED- room Dungaiow. garage, 1 a r g CENTRALLY' LOCATED. STI Mae- Laren street. S badrooma plua den room. All very apacloaa rooma. t Perfect for executive or profeeeieaal family, ate. SISS mvmuiiy. rje oia. CENTRE TOWN. SINGLE. MOD-emlaad, redecaraled, ttg bath-raoma. Excellent for larga adult lamuyi giaa gjg-ajgT. CHILDREN ACCEPTED. SSS. I bed rooma. Irving room, ale a e a. modern kRchen, bath, all heated, parking. 171 Murray, Apt S. CITY VIEW AREA S.giltnilon 1 i bath, fireplace, recreat I o n room, eiacwwaiiy equipped. lis enjoy a new world of . comfort . in a minto : town; house Wonderful earefre living In new f or- -bed room "ararl , inent hotTta with fi eeJfttn . from maintenance ang ivapvv albttity Bnoy the (tuiet, wri ' vaey. ng anCsajeneaa of g ; fin new home and garden , PLUS the onveMlmoea f 1 partment living. .. PRIVATE COUNTRY CLUI , L - .ao-aSO' Indeor Pool ', , Olyntple-Bla Outdoor Peol, -BatulatMgi Oymrualum Bmretae Room! ! " sejung BatraT' .'-:; Recreation staarnT -ChlMreat Ruraarp ' BAYSHORE Carting Ave, ei Read;, inat wart af -the Pine- eraet Rd. rntaraaaiioiv Dally i til I pat. Sundays 111 (. gla- ! till.: ... r, . . . the ' ;. . " SMART Xh'ome BUYER' SATUkQAY'S' " ;' H0AAE " jV BUYERS' - J M 702 MOB ro tor , (Cent from Precedlag Column I ELM V ALB ACItU t'4 BEDROOM bungalow. recreation room. garage, fenced In yard, g-yeex ' "ES-SSQ4 tXECUTIVB HOME. WILL BUTT Diplomat. 4 kadraaina. plua private apartment or matd'a uar- . . tan recreation room, 7'w batha. oouni ear garage, large, lot S3S0 monthly. grrangemeala - maoe - ii luraieniiuu PAS-U1S. ; I ... EXECUTIVE S BEDROOM B U N-galow. MrKellar Helghu. f u r- oouoie garage. . jav-aaar ri U UniHr - m mm n n u aU facuitiaa. StltUvUla ga.04a PISH EB PARK AREA. DOUBLE aria, a bedronma. garaga. Oct. 1 1 (aa-rroi, eveninga. FURNISHED. I BEDROOMS. Mc- r-anar. garaga. Nov. g aaaotha. won -aie. Journal. . FURNISHED g-BEDFtOOM BUM. galow. Urbandale Aerea. SIM Avallabla October to May. 1SS- FURNISHED, S BEDROOMS Overbrook. V4S-SUS after I pjn GLEBE DISTRICT. T BOOMS completely furniehed. tlruahed . beeament. eoulDOed kitchen. recently redecorated garage. jrnrn auiiaoie .emoaaay . aimllar. a3g-ai71.- - . - GLOUCESTER STREET NEAR uyan, a Badrooma. adulu, gu. Oct. I. S3S-140I daya, 72i-t71S aiier a. HERON PARK. HALT DOUBLE S ken rooma, (lis. Tn-7tI7 LARGE t-BEDROOM UPPER AND tower aupies. gae-giea. LABOSE STREET, g . BEDROOM Bouaa, avallabla now. glli. nice large -fenced yard. EX aaag. OVERBROOK. SPANKINO NEW X- nedroom nomaa, alio. 4-3l. Tw-aaea. PERFECT , HOUSB FOR CHIL- drea. ready for Sept. It walking distance from bua, aehooie, and ehurchat. newly- painted. S rooma, rami -detached, Kim vela Acree. rent list. SH-S74I. RENT 170 PCB MONTH. S BED. room brtck with fenced yard, quiet- neighborhood, available Oct.. 1. Erapreee. Avenue Albert. Oil heat available. Box gv-eag. eournai. -.i RIVERSIDE PARK EAST. MOD. ernuus anin-iavei.- a run. nauw rooma. carport, large yard. Oe- oct. i. gaoo. NS-gaie. SANDV HILL,- SEPT. 1. SBECV roaouvauning room, Uvlng reoea, kitchen, electric stove, refrigera tor, oil heated. Apply. SIS palp er can ud-um. . , MfANDY .MITX. ROOMS. -RE-I vatad. oil Heetiag. SS Marlba. I .rougn, xae-oaaa SEMtrDETAl bedrpoma, ' piul and I DETACHED BUNGALOW, g k pear Monuort no Central UaHbum' l 1i sivaiuiiNe immvoiaivij. u HV7j4evenlnga T3S-41SS- teiy. rjaya. SEPT .1. 1 BEDROOMS. CAR- sart. firvolace. cloaa to achoolf . baautlfuUy landacgpad a 4 fanced. sss-7ggg VERV LARGE HOUSE. S BED- - rooma. Bandy HUfSM Stewart Street. Suitable torXmany pur-paaaa. ; Manthly- rent2M. 7JS- V7S. ' .,. ..V,.- WEST END. 4 BEDROOMSXHALF aouoia.-. ir batruv-recrtwl giao, 7IS-47I IS-47aSv, BEDROOM a ' pwwdetv WESTGATE. LARGE S-Bi aamt detached, extra room. ' las. . 72g-ie4 aeaalaaa laa-aaia. ' . S BEDROOM DUPLEX. UN aduipped,. . parklas. 70-4043. alter a ' . . - -, t BEDROOM. HAijr - iSniml.aT t garaga. 1DSS ChevrW. TSS- aBEDROOMB, BEMI -.DETACH- rd uiei miderrtiai arm Weat End, cloaa to a c h o o I a. aeaiuwia sept. .1. six. S2S-1SSS. S-BEDROOM MOURE. OARAGE nair acre land, carletan HeurtHa aiea eeaiAa I- - S-BEDROOM DUPLEX. LARGE. heated. SlSS.f 1SS-S1H: aeeamgal Tga-aeaav.-.-.,-.-. S-BEDROOM IN ROW, Slot. SLP- tember. Oval brook, 744-4077. S BEDROOM HOMB ', NEAB CMP headqaagtan. 109. 74a- 41S, 134-1224. 4 BEDROOMS WALL ' AVM oarayarn, . bienwood , Vomatne, S LA ROB ROOMS. UPPBB DO. plea. Centra Town, fa . BSS- - vaea aeanmga. , - - tl IBfMtUOIS BOAB - 4-BEDBOOM l DOUBLE. AVAIL-able hnmadlately. Ii, bath a. dining room. Attractively land-arapad, 712-4171, carport, reerea- . won room- u oeetrea. aaa-iaai MANOR GARDENS , itllghtful tardtn ' ! coiBfRBfiirir in tavlf , ' UAN0K PARS VIUAQK Tirrtctd hom$ (ti m trtti end Undteaped $tttng providing jMTtwt plan rgtu for ehildrm, far round proptrtt matntmanct, janitor ft vie, ktattd, equipped kitchent. Cheerful bright Colonial titled brick two-ttoref tomes, Bery cloM to tchoolt, gAopi, btuttt. Mang have fthUhed rtc roomt, , garegee are acailaMg. . r ' ' 1 bedroom from $99 ' 3 bfMroom from $114 3 bedroom from $133 Call MRS. VBMH ' ; 149-3W, Bventngt , 1 or' daily 1 1 .-RADCIIFF-'. REALTIES LTD. REALTOR 236-9401 . '.Lincoln Heights" . Homes On Thi Terrece : S-4 hedroom Ten Tfouere , ecoraiad. la your choice of eolera. . -. j ,x , Wa offer apacloua Indoor and outdoor living, private beee-fnent, mala floor powder ' rrfwagj A beantlrul taw and many other little extraa t&al make the dllfiranea. -i t, Located convenient- to Mfhonki Iranapartatloa and shopping. ' J VISIT OUR HOMES AND COMPARB . RENTAL AGENT' 2592 REGINA STREET ' o2l 9303 121-6345 v I V a ft THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 39 702. wmaFottan fConl. from Preceding Colimai S ROOMS. S BATHS' Slid. ALSO. a oearooma, ataa. raa-aaai. . , .S-BSBB0OM, SISS ,. . YOU'LL FIND A HOST OP OUT- s lending home featuraa. . A lew examples: eeranuc tiled batb-.roem with aapa naive vanity, apacloua planned work -saving kitchen plug the advantage af a eeparate dining room. A full alaad haaamanl. driveway and larga landscaped greunde. Thla ami aelacaed borne la kksally eecaled wtM ertvool. churchaa and carungwaad Shopping can. Ira ajaaa by. Mr. RotkarSlld. . . FUBNISBED SUMO ALOW ATTArnVE S-BEDROOM BtHf. gaiow. Alia Vtsta. October t. s- S-BBOB4MM.. WKgTOATB, IU NEARLY NEW. HALF DOimi.r - modem kltchaa. fetraa trvkut and dining, full baaemenk quiet creacant. fenoad lawn, garden wet. - i. goe-ieee. , . NEAB WSgTSATSr BEAimrUL a-BEDBOOM HOMB. Cod alaa rooma, well-plannad Ichen. within walking dlataaee or waasgam anoppmg caatra, aiea. raa-aagi. : ROC KC LIFTS I i FOB BENT, S-BEDROOM HOUSE In chetce location. Thb bouee haa In addition to Nving room, dining room, and dan recreatloa BRITANNIA . S-BEDROOM. I, DOUBLB. I', batha, separau dining reaen. . fenced yard, garaga: Sl. SSS- 4 BEDBOOMg, SINOLB BOMB OTTAWA SOUTH, S ROOMS AND nam. grouiva floor, g an aeeond. ISO monthly. MrKeowa Baal- ADELINE STREET S BEDROOM. SEMI-DETACHED ortck. sept. 1. Apply B- O Maey and Son, "Realtor-' gad General Ineuranre. lag Lgartar Avenue Uat ss7Tiass.. , , SIS PINBCBBSt BO AD 4-REOROOM. . - DOUBLB. I'k bather apacloua living room and kltchaa. fenced yard. I block from gcaael and traiwprn Ullan; SISS.' SSS-4SIS. ,- IIS S - BEDROOM BEMI - DETACHED buagatow. far Beat. I occupancy. In excellent location. Cloaa to CMHC Bead off ice, Rldeea High School, ate. Goad alaad rooms, well planned kltchaa. landscaped tot. Mr. Kawala. T4S-S4SS. I UNBBATABLB LOCATIONS ." tS SSH '. SU-esit Evga. BAST END. S1S4 BLESSES. LOW. ar aupaex. , g aiarnnaia, large nving rooat. aiaing room, aaa garaga. SI4S. WEST END. BM CRENtEB. NEW a iiswiwjsiw, pvmg rooat, dining .iu. ana garaga, at Be. Tag aajl. evga au-agll. i - '" - NEW 3-BEDR00M BRICK BUNGALOW Fireplace sod Csrport la Mgnordgle V - $140, 825-1379 Opelduse THREE OTTAWA'S PARK - reetutino l l. 2, 3 Eedroom and Terreced Homej - end Atotel Typ Y - Bechelon ' '"'""" BOMB ' I AVAILABLB IMMEDIATELY Otrrars for September - sad October OocupsBcy. A typical exsjnpb is a 2 bedroom Borne which has bed-rtMBU sad MM 4-piece bsbV room on the toa floor, llvirif roem, dininf roors Bad kitchen oa the Bisia floor, snd aestad ars, laundry and gtoraje room la jrour private bfuesseat Also included is aeat,- hot water, stave, re-friierator aad the taost enra-Rleta BaBDsseBieat servtces aaywhera--,. .Mv W have .4 Tully urnlgried model availsble far yaw h spactioB daily laclvdini Sunday till dark. . ,- .- - 'it , : Manor Park .:, Management" Company' r-'ii i -( tf '. - - ' ;23l. Brittany Drive V -745-6881 70S lOSSS W1XT3 TO 1ST SBLUItOf CALL TWOMAS BWIIV mea aeeiior, TSS-ITSl. S-STORET. S OB 4 BEDROOMS. clean tranopoilanoa. Caaf). Prl- aaiaf. ana c-aia, journal ... 7031 B0K3 WAITtl TO IHST BUNOALOW. - SPLIT . LEVEL, I aaaiawna, dialna room, pier-roaaa. garag4; maaunaas, lll 731-SOlg, S9t-SS5g. DEPENDABLE TENANTS. BED- nr acnooi. aggivtaw. Raaeonable. 745-1124 . EASTVIEW OB BAST END. B- asai ism mi a a a a, preferably eauippaa. neeiea. ugatad. garage T4S-10W gvanliiga. -' OCT. '. I. S BEDROOMS. PRErEB-T atnri, with la I mltea Com- abry merca . School, parking, waah tuna, a aduita. tis-iise er au- MODERN HOME. AVXMER AREA, maimwa give; 444-4104 PRCUECTS MANC Apts. ELLEN HENRY, 10, of 2213 Courtica Avenue, who is today's winner in the Tail Me Why! feature appearing daily la The Journal. Ellen, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Henry, won a BrtUii-nica Junior Encyclopedia sat for her question "What was Lthe first musical Uuttrument?" Ellen will be entering Grade 7 at Alta Vista School this Fall . (Jsurnal Pfaate by Domlataa Wldai nu wm wiims n kit ICant. Iran Preceding Caluata BJEUABLB PAMTLY, S BED- roaasa. Alta Vwta. Weet End Scplamtar. SST4SM. RELIABLE FAMILY WOULD LIKE to rant a aearanm towa a a u a a. Befareneaa. Bant approximately ve aae-eaia, aaionataa la. UNFURNISHED a . BEDROOM nauee witn private garden. J tea-am. ejctaaataa ST. VOUNO PROFESSIONAL FAM lly. I child, aaada s-4 badraesns garage, oulet area, Wa4t Bad. wck i. ise-iua. S BEDROOMS. OCT. 1. MODERN aanoy But. aaasaaabla. SU-SS74. a p-sn. S-BEDROOM HOUSE. ELMVALE acree. aeat. t, an grig 4- OB 4-BEDBOOM HOUSE, I - la. Weh ar Baath Baa are- avrrew. ana ailt. a ae 4 aja. MortkOowar SSS-SISS. - la 704 mm. STCSL, TO HIT APPROXIMATELY I J04 SO. FT. "Hiding available. Convetltlva raie rar nsmt aartv. Pbona Ba SU-phs far detaila APPROXIMATELY S44 S4). I Si anna near apace prua 4 aaa I apeoe to beaemenL wtth alerirv af head roam, at S4S Laurler m. aeiwaea nana ana Kent. Aakmg saee par month. Formerly need aa restaurant, fireproof rnaalriilllon. Call Joan Downey went Truet Co S7SI. APPROXIMATELY 1 804 B41. FT araca spasa. Bmsaaid wwyara. I anarialte ly. 47 MateaUa tip aara. AVA1LASLE. OFFICE OR BTORE. Tea Boat 7U-444I BLOCK OFF BIDEAU. 44 B4). FT Newur renovated. tSS-leoS. iuauiaaa location ob or- r aaedlcal 7TT-T414 after a. CABLI74Q AVENUE, NEW A I B eooditlsaia office buUding. oaay arraaa to ajuaaiaiaay. elevator. iraa Bea-aaag. ayara. cnar aerv tea. Jack Aaron aad Co. Ud -Reartora- U-S74l7tsa-1SM. COMBINED OPPICB AND APART- at ar artlato aatar. prewtlneal tre towa aaraar. sraaad floor. Kevealnga. raa-iaaa, lEDpT STREET, err. HULL. OFFICE i Wall ae - n Mil I ar meetli agtttad: artvgta artka and waah- way'1 BLOW STREET STORE, I MO SO a SSS-St4S. evenings 7t-7Hl teg available, -on abare haste, la ground fleer praatlga karat tea to central Ottawa. Baa B-S1S. J NEW OFFICB AND WAREHOUSE er weraaiiisa aasrl. BO a aa ft. aterege and parking, art Mglra- -vase aaga. eu-iaaa. STORE. LA BOB, SlSi BLOIB auaat; uttawa. WESTBORO ON RICHMOND Hoaa atora ar amca. 14 a ao plua tiaasmsnt. res in noble rental. auttanie roc any auaina tog. Daytlata. YIS-U.71 Ilia, evenmaa 7U-4M4 SSS- BICBABDSOM AT CAPXINO 404 TO I JOS FT, SUITABLE aor any arwreaaamai ertK-e, new bulMlng. tram (is beatad. tie- . For Immediate Service . . ' OB FIRST MORTGAGES Can ar Write ' Canada Permanent ; 42 Spark Street , 232-3793 . ... . ... Servtng Canadlaaa Over tea Yeare 70S KMiTt fCt Silt ATLMBB. 4MTB. COBNEB LOT, -. giaa. Ttl-eieg. BLOSSOM PARK. BEAUTIFUL waeaea tot, 14444 aau n. ssase. CYHVILLE ROAD, LOT 104 a 404. wna roHaaatuaa. gja pais . FOB ANYTHING. COMNECTEO via neai aatete. cap ABIt KUs- aay aaanp uaiaa, tu-fltu. lot ss s I see maitland. MOUNTAIK LAata AND 44 ta aatlaa: S7.40S Teresa. SSS-STI. B-Saa. Private sale, avlmib- main wi, . ovsca nsreae, a Bpart-avmta. Urge tel. aitg eattable for profemlunal atfteea, good aaaaU- SUMMIT BBAB ALTA VISTA. aiwe an ra a ire aio.poa Oeara Howtth. "Reerlor - tn- aaranca. Mailgagea. 744 4471 4-tmrr doubles, all in ex- c iumiiiim, ana s-buisb Win sen MretdaallF ar I Sar as ACREB tltlil Par acre. Ap- eMrnal Weat .Adi brtnt auck raaulta,V"' m, Ftomrf roi uu (Coat tram Pi a siding Column) taos. sBtPMAst Lrs. Bsaltob ITT Preelaa Street tls-1411 Opea Eveaiagt T41 i pi. WEST CENTBB TOWN. L A R O E aommercuu property fronting en .a etraeia. appraiuenately tor a SI4', gl praaanl S euplexea. s : atngiat an araparty. aavaaueai revenue. Can fee detaila SERVICE STATION SITE. PBBB- uga weat sne corner lata tlon. large frantagto both Uracil, katuat aaraar hi town. Call far details SS COTTAOB LOTS. CJtOWN POent, oeeutirul lata la axclueive area, extra large lata arltb all aonvanlaaras ., nearby. 11.404 400 ACBEa. S LAKXa. CLEAN auan, eaceuana conasa tana. aod roads, good hunting, fiah-ig. 44 mtouiea traaa Ottawa auooa a-lrvm ,aiennv wirrt nnurx atodera brick. East End. wall leased, terrtfiar condition, law down payment, eeey tar ma 444 STORE PLUg DUPLEX. BRICK. central, wau nana, earner property, new warasa, okcou suv at aiT.aoa. 4 APARTMENTS PLUS 8 TO BE. - aaraar araparty. wau reaiaa. . new farnaca. an mala a t r e t. . ooudm garage, exam aup at ru. HIGH IBB' APARTMENT BUTLD-lng ' ana. Centra Town near Leurter Avanea. earner ax, aeat of taraaa avallabla. Muat ba aokt Plaasa nil for further detalla. S STORES PLUS S APARTMENTS. snrs, aau atraeb aaeaiiant week at gsg.OM. THOMAS SHIP MAN LIMITED. "Realtor,' Opea 4v4atngl UU S S4-1471. 7051 YaelKISI rtvSTaQ CANADA PSBMANENT TSUlT (li.lTll PABK AVlKVI. S-BTOREY ; brick atofla. Elgta Street. mls B-aaa4 IB Aakiaa tsiaea. CABLING. AVENUE. - WHIT apartaaent, conversion, all equipment to excellent condition. Croat SS.404. net SSB4S. AaklBg . 3,0O9, financing avallabla. LAUBIEd AVENUE W. BEVENUB aroducata atora. front, new addt- . tloa. atuat aa sola, naaiag ae nrai ui K-anaT. TRIPLEX. FIRST AVENUE, OOOD condition. Aaking aiv.uvu. IS-ROOM BAY STREET HOUSE en corner lot, goad l aand tlon. Ssaos dawn payment balance an ana aaortgagc. Immediate poa- B UNIT CONVERTED BUILDtNO ea Metcalfe an Menaiana. tuny rented. 4 aartt furnisnsa. aa.aov down. Can John Downey, SIS- S7gg..gVgaasB4 I4P-BBM. 7M nsrtm vast BUYINOt CALL THOMAS BMIP. mae Lai, -Bdainar.- Saa-14TI. SSSaMil. WISH TO EXCHANOB VILLAGE (ana with kualaaat far uu farm eat paved read) la North Metcaiaa 144. -..,. 707 WVITXI KSHiVB D. M. CAMPBIXL. -REALTOR,- sut sr taws meparaea. I s r sa a Talepnaad Altaonta 444, t. M. PATTEBSON. "REALTOR. new bom as. farms gad village pi up wiy. e-ompirMie aao-aaoa. NEW HOMSa AND OLD: ALSO farma, Saaiarlll4 end Benin j vtlle. ,Breaera. KaasglilUa S4S- NEW S-tOOM BUNOALOW ON S' aaraad. mrlstdi towa llmrta Priced for auica aaw. re an a aaa aaaa. naanprvuia. ons. 7-ROOM HOUSE. SS MILES FROM uutai. mi aaaiea. aaa, a a id. water, be us. paved read, large tot. Alee garaga. gag pa at pa. eall asperate ar together. Par toformattoa call Ottawa, 414-4744 ar reaapiviua aaa-avaa. WINCBESTEB, BNT. Blftiway Ho. II MODERN OARAOE WITH SUPEB- aat pannee BtaaMa ana Cato Farm Baaipmeal ageaalaa. I -acre tot and towa eervicee. Prload to 4u at sM.aae. only part egab reouirea, arneet j. ouver Real- uaa baa, naaltar, New 14 Ml a BUNOALOW NBA WESTPOBT ases. on I.ACBB. wrra aes n af beautifully landscaped aratar-Sraataga a Kiakara Lake, outstandingly medara with colored Beta fixtorea and la rat rtrapiaaa. aammar ceKaga wtaa atta garaga, beat and wharf eluded. Pall privacy without lee-lauan. Thai lovely name la hard to aeat, eeey lerme. An nuanea. 4X4-7414. Albert Oele Aenclea 70S rCriS fCt Uli inl HIT wAlHY PAPJsra. BUTLArNB LOTS venue ioorrsa. awsu aaiaea aroaar. Taltpaeni Metaatfg lg. PABM PROPiaTlIS. . H. D. poaaat. Broaar. Dae - atewv nerunara. me ice tre una. s tillAblb farms, tae acres seen, iot aam, loevoter wr aep- arate. with er without tula- meet. Fairy eauippsg. 44 heed' eaiiie. ng-ary. caicaan 4 a a p. good berne and .pertly turntahed aoweo. npeiy net Neat Bauthllsar, Auiaa, um. SOS - ACBB PABM. ' SSS UNDEh eumvauea. magara a aaaa. ao a Btonda. Could ad bouaht with without gtack. Ckarlag Bauvet, arnason. 174-ACBB PABM 140 ACBS8 ailabie: large braca aoaaa. avad-ara aaaaanltataa: dead barn,1 wltk ar without machiaary , win aaU lunsae aaparately. Central tocatton. 4 aitlee (rant amltha Falla. Apply Cacti WrhEkt. Jaa-per. - OaL Teleeaaaaa Tetede gp-avi-a. : , MACINtTBB BEALtlES- .. . . Sae-4441 44 ...... OOOD FARM, 44 MlUra PBOM Aybair. 114 acrea 411 werk- aaia tana, aartnn weter. aioraa and cattle Be ma, merhind aaada irTaSi." aeaTiBe, ah f er piVetjaiej, BBALB MOBBIa" Beat aetata Brehtf . Tele poena MateaUa it MS ACftES BAST VERNON. lane g mra are brlea Hal. barni far SO Bead, beat at clay lend, SO heed ad neietetaa. tree-tor, all masjhbrera. teal bargain 4t SU40S, Campiatg atu 44.004 104 ACHES, HALF MtLB SOUTH wusstll, roea naa. t-ililtia bam4 wito balls. Iwakaaai nalda 14oe larere. All aauipataat. 14.444 rail pTtog. aaup Sia04 awa. ...... x. HI rilraSWJLaT3 14a ACRES APPROTCIMATELY arttBia sb etuee aeaun or weal ar Ottawa. Stoa avail 7t (ons3 tot uu ARM7TA0B LANTilNtl. at MtLFR. a wm 44M BATIf. bao bjvb. ia " TLES Hull. MtljBPa 8 BpntertaijsseAal, furnlal 744-4421 IUonmnied aai Baal 1 710 COTTaIS Rt SAll iCeal. traaj Piiisging Celaatal LOO ON OATTNEAU. farm, near Bumetto. No. 14. ewna nrepiaca, oatnreem. SUMMER COTTAOB SAFE WA-tart root, eompielely furnished. 14 milaa tram Bmltha Falls, aa Bern Lake, write P.O. Baa 114. Smitha Falla. oat. summer, antra BBSS. COK8TANCB BAY. COM pmeiy isiisimata ana riooa light, baauuiwlly faialtlisl. 70 ww,siu ft- wllarliuntaga Igd. 1 break water full Sk-iM BSM r-.l4 aaally be arlMartaad. Call Clayton Craig, aaa-tdM. Albert Cole Agenelag tto, -Baaltor." 7S4- NOBWAT BAT S-BEDBOOM COTTAOB, WINTEB- uao, a pioae bautreem. 1 4 r g a llvlna-dlntng roam and kiUhen. fully turnlahed. an heal, garaga, cloaa ta water, large fenoad lot Aakiaa ptaoa Phone 434-1101 um oniWFoion AT. CONST AJfCB BAT.' t IDS nianaa. aaa weekly. TSS-eelo. AUOU8T-8EPTEMBER. lg MILES. Waterfront. Safe beech, numb. wt- (aa-rtaa. CONSTANCE BAT COTTAGE FOB fens wr ror aaw. ixa-aiig. CROW S NEST COTTAOES. SHAB-. bat Lake area, furnished, to-door faVlittiea. aala aaady beach. , g? . assnmg. wi weeaiy. azA-seog. FULLY EOUrPPED TBAVEL sreuera ror rent. t-Ook your awa. and an ley haaii an your helidava 424 Kent BB-eet, TO-JS71, gftor 4. 7 7SSS. , HEATED. WELL FUtNItHED. watorfrant. cottage, full b g I k. warworn riace HOUSEKEEPINO COTTAGES. Ulto. avrlnuntng, fkdilrut. hunting Maruarakt area. 724-1 44 lT oT. fcAC SIMON. ELECTRICALLY weekly. LAKE SIMON, WEIXLY . WEEK, and. Plumbing. 10 cottages ar will aacrince far uick aai!. Oaa. atoCBXOOB LAKE, WATEB- oeciase. ruruiiaa water. tl4l', "" -- MS- TRAVEL THE MODERN WAY. BN- imr yew natsaaya. ail the while Hva waaaay. Bent a travel trau-ar. Apply Holiday Travel TraU-ara Taat Carllng Avenue 721- 4744, anar a 714-7444. sat-osse. Tin cottax ion ret Uu Available on uttlb bitobi wm -a ao. aoaa a a c a. Surveyed, safe aandv beach, hydra, paved read. Open year-round Lake kt connected with over 44 aulea af waterway. Eaay terme. aa tntereat. 234-44 IS BEAUTtrUL, COTTAOB LOT'S. " creepy. TZ4-O404 after 7 BIO BIDEAU LAKES. 44 MILES unawa, gone road a. bydra, aa-aallant docking, erulilng. wglar wea. ratava arter 1 CHOICE LAKEFBONT. LOTS ON Miseteraos Mac, au yaarrwand. 44 Bailee from Ottawa erf Hum- way 7. Hydra, tarma. Celbar .aavaraa. raa-paaa. - COTTAOB LOT ON OTTAWA Blear, at aalMS north af city an Highway a, aperoxlmauly isa, wau weeded, siaos. COTTAOES AND LOTS. NEW DB- Laka McOlaahaa. COTTAOB LOTS ON P B IV AT E ee miiee tins ciry. uaoa ftakaag. gii-u Campbell 4 Bay. COTTAOB LOTS PRIEST LAKE as mllea. Electricity. W Ilk aat-laaaa traaa fat avaatklp. 771-4014. LA ROB LOTS. LAKB8 OB rtvera. 414 monthly an. Utera- nva, Ketta DlnUpmiala. 722- 1BBT. OTTAWA RtVBB. 24 MILES EAST ar raataraaa, at aaaa af cau-tonga Lake. Pan r gsa-acra asuta. b . aula af clean, widl. safe aand beach. 24 lota 144 ft. beach trontaga. SM ft. ar mere deep. WeU treed. Hydra sad feed reoea. Excellent banting, tsblaa, swimming and Beet-la! Pries 417 te 421 per taat frontage. O. B. linear. PO Baa IT. Westmeeta. On I. Area Coda eta, leiepnone aaraaa, PLANNED B U B DIVISION OP coiiage aaa at ceneunea .Ba: paid. No btteraat chara ae. Canada Perrnanent Treat cosnaonv. -Baaltar." call John D e w a a y. e,aiisiiga r se ml. SMALL PBIVATB LAhTB. ta muaa peat merea, 41a, ooa, naif S4S-SSSS. fiiT taa(l. CONSTANCE LAKE LODGE COT- ugaa ror rant. 4 aala, Talegbiaa Corp 444-B-S4. Crv....ITia AUTOMOBtLE krlOWBOOM. OF- "w, eouiprneni, arrategsB aaraar. ISIS Bank. 7H-141I COFTEB SHOP FOB LEASE. ES- 11 wpiwa, gooa taea-tton, modern aaalpment. law rent, nuar y p.m.. irs-azae MAWKESSl'RY ais 1 a. aaiawtna t iwtng annual Ufa. aver at 4144 And AaalMe SMSoe-. Lea arula. BeaT Batata laa.oop - Krokar. 744-4444. ts t37t. -' , BULL, HARDWARE. OOtNO CON- cam, eaunilabad recently, xcel-I4nt tocaUoa. parking. Reason far galling III Baattk. 777-S404. 77I4IP4 a) O T B L ABO - RESTAURANT aemament aad supplied. 041 Bsr 4nd Fixture! 701 Btmaral' Weat. CEI-tlU. bAbcufp" lia-4441 HERON PAkR DUPLEX WELL rentea a-bedreota , anna fa , 4 ouperlar baildlng. til brick, excellent condition. ntc4 landarap- tng. fenced prtvata back Paved drive Always aaally rented la euaertor-.tenaata Aaking tttaae wtta fan aood tarma oleWtbdlex. rtiuLv leas- ad nttaa suudtnc in rtna condition, excel lent rental hit lory. weU laeatad loot weat at Bank Street aa ntaoad Avenue, aguip-ped kttrnene. teadem taraga. Appointment anly. 414.400, excellent tarma aaa be arranged Mrs. oobdon, tta-atou bvb- nmga. NURSING HOME ; OPPORTUNITY; Bury taaealaa awinV, hat large II kadraam . hotel, SS muaa , from Ottawa. Haa larga dialna room. Wauld make excellent ausetoa home ar Betel fee aentor cttisena. Win rent en tire BUIMing SSOS plug tarea and Insurance. Only theea tkle to make 42.044 44 eMUteral eepaalt 4a rental -aaeurtty aaed apply. Apply ta - U KAJHRXBB. - l'!1''' -BLBBBDr ' 1 MtcKeej at, ottowt1 712 ima CrrXTISrJTB (Cant, traaa Praeadiag Caluaut,. machine Shop, ts 1 b vino av venae. BWiaana. maenmery , atack aad taota, health raaaong , taa-1104. 144-7741. SHOE BEPAlR SHOP FOB SALE, Arter a. T71-I4M. SOFT ICE "CREAM MiCcHINES. electrte treeae. new aad aaad-'C. Mareotu, 1114014. T . STORE,' BIDEAU STRUT. BE-tweea Cuirikertand-Klag id- ward. SSS-aaas. gvaaingl 7U- 713 CONgTRUCTlOlf AHO CONVEN- uonal mens eMail Had appraisers Crawford Really. Leaned. CE2-4441 CURRENT MARKET BATES ON tat ana ana mertgagea. regal 4n-tlal. commercial, city er out at town. Private funds Baa K-424. journal. PIRBT CONVENTIONAL MOBT- u gaga laana avalUate B4urge4 Mortgage Placement Aienrr. 741 Cork Avenue. 114-4442. 2IS- 1444 eveninga. W1U. BOY AND LEND SECOND H. t. Duana. ?2- 744 1ST AND 2ND MOATO A O B loans. will buy mertgegee ar land money an them. Monlom, S1I Llagar Street. 224-4477 or 744-4741 1 FIRST AND I SECOND MOBT-gegea for aala. Sox E-itt. Jeur- MOBTOABB LOANS ONB SSa MORTGAOE. ON8 tow monthly iy paymaat. nortgage. 1 bought, loans aa aU typea at prapartlaa 4t law current ratal Phone 711-1144: evening 113-4044 Nattaaal Capital Uvaat- ISI CHOOSE YOUB OWN MONTHLY repeymenta aa first and aacond Bvartgagaa at no eatra cost ta you. If thla auggaita 4 solution for your money problems, give vourseif g nilcoma break. Call Ct4-os. James William First, Second end Discount MORTGAGE LOANS FROM $2,000 TO $25,000 lap to Iota appraised valuai TO BELP YOT BUILD BUY BBLL OB REFfNANCB YOUR HOMB FULL PREPAYMENT PRIVILEGE ' Royel Trust-Niegere ' COMBINED MOBTOAOS LOANS UP TO SSta' OF APPRAISED VALUB - AT 1a INTEBEST. NIAGARA REALTY UMTTEO 11 METCALFE ST. BURB Itl PHONE 235-1426 a O MJ1A. MONEY TO LOAN Oa unproved ally arupacikw at, aarreat re lee. Guarerrty Trust Co. of Cenede ' IM BANK ST. 232 2111 fii-NEW .-' VVENTWORTH PLAZA APARTMENT BU1UMNG OFFICE SPACE . NOW RENTING Alr-cendltianlng. g r k tof. rlaaaing aarvstaa avsllehle Situated la the heart afOtUwa FOB PtiRTNEat tN FORMATION i CONTACT MANAOEB ; 23. LiSGAK STREET . Tattiphone 234-4aa, , , 714 WUDtOalf ia ADO. II OB BBPT. 1. 1J0S B4). ft , I entrancee Ingglad) eraai. ie-efea, reeiiia. BANK BTBBET. OTTAWA SOUTH, m,www aquare taat. ia n, 441 nag Daya. 1U-112S. Ml , AUTOS Bt Utt J 1 ALLSTATE LIFE. AUTOMOBILE. aWapeMat taMenWIMIaBa twefMaWalfp1 J'" menu Charlea MoBrtda. Csi- ANTiaus caa isxs dubaht. aaaa condioea, 44. bob arigtaai milaa, lota at extra parte Aakiaa S340. 124-4147. best OTFTB ovtai ases' Bet immaculate iree tlillitl Valiant. 124-4220 BUICK I4SI. ROADMASTXR St dm, exosllenl rtaaniraj condition, ana awnar. Meal ear pool Irene- ; Portatloa for college etudeata teat error. 14S-444. , oiBVBOurr impala. tssa. asdan. e cylinder. etanSard. I i awnar. excellent ttunagbowt gig down, sag raenthly. Saa-SSSt. CHaltLaT'lSdt. BEL AntTv-a, ' , automalle. t-doar aadan. radio, ehede-llght. dleaa, S2.1M, .714- CONVEBTiBLE, PONTtAC. IS cuatom spurt, ruuy 7 44-1114 evenlnaa. DIPLOMATS IPS4 PONTIAC Partalanna V-4. auto matte, anew Urea, all mintiltl, 4S04 auMaa. DODOB. ISM 8EDAN. OOOD running aider, miner repatra needed. Any eftere. ass-14as. ENVOY, lane. OOOO CONDITION. aoaa, vau artar a. ill a isa rOB THE BUT DODOB DEAL IN eawd aaii Len aami. 744 aaig. FORD OALAXIB -4O0. 14.004 mllea, axce Ileal eandlttoa. Ill, 4441. FORD 1441 BTATtON WAtJON. t eyUnaar. excellent aaaalnan. Mast be told thu week. Beat after takaa. 1 44-7444. have aa -rt t aa orrv-roleu. Poetlaca, Ferae, Vatae-aragena, Canawki. Would Ilka to Cekangd. tar 14 14 daedal ears g pay ' aaaa far difference. Sea Maurice Meier. S14 Blgiga - TODAY'S SPECIALS " VOLKSWAGEN .tVlitae, klat. wkna atheratte tntertsr. 1 owner ear. original mlMegd. Thdy dent oTtea come MORTON MOTORS ;-:. ink St. " . T v n 1 I " 7 V ' ; . W e . ' . 1 1 I

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