The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1930
Page 8
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' PAGE EIGHT. THE DALLY COUEIEB, CONNBL LSVILLE, PA MONDAY, JANtTARY f, lyatf.- Bowling Basketball Hf JAJUS3 K. DIUSCI LL. MARRIAGE LICENSE FOR GARBISC H Cokeirs Make First Stand In W. P. LA. League, Meeting Westmoreland County Team ®- High School Basketeers Have Demonstrated Punch in Pre-Scason Contests. LARGE CROWD IS EXPECTED Hlgli School plays . at tho High School gymnasium 'tomorrow night. It tvM.Il bo tho first game, for the Cokws In Sec-lion X of the W. P. 1. A. intasmueh ns (ho Westmorelaivd i:otiruty skaters have l.cnvod to Non-win in two pr-e-s«a.son contests, tho (ire^nsburgers cannot be Vegarded a-s uncontiuo.ratlo and the groat showing of 'tho Cokcrs .should aid tho local's Cokers Register Win Over Green East Huntingdon Despite l-.s crippled condition, the Conuellsvllle High School basketball team registered another victory on Saturday night in its final game preliminary to beginning the W. P. I. A. LeagUQ season on Tuesday. liast Huntingdon township's green outfit, coached by J. Owen Hantsmnn, was the Saturday night victim. The c l u b of youth's from Alverton put up a dandy game against ConnellaviUe, but a 27-32 score decided in favor ol tho Cokers. The contest was scheduled to give t h e Orango ami Black q u i n t e t an opportunity to polish up the rough edges a f t e r a two-week holiday practice. Tomorrow e v e n i n g Oreensburs H i g h w i l l he, here lo open tlio schedule a n d a groat baf.tlc. is tu prospect. W. P. LA. League Summary SECTION TEN W. L. Uniontown _ _ 1 0 Jjatrobe _ _ 1 0 Mount Pleasant ...__ 0 1 Jeannette _ 0 1 Scottdale _ 0 0 ConnclleviUe -- 0 0 Clrcensburg _ 0 0 Gamps Tuesday (irocneburg at Connellsville. SECTION THIRTEEN W. J,. North Union 1 0 Point Marion _ I 0 Brownsville -- :L 0 Georges _ 0 1 South Union 0 i German :.. 0 1 Redstone ·. 0 0 Carmichaels 0 0 Pet. 1000 1000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 Pel. moo 1000 1000 .000 .noo .000 .000 .000 (Janms Friday Point Marion iit Drownsvillo. Carmichaels at South Union. North Union at Redstone. German at Gt-orgcii. PERRYOPOLIS DEFEATED BY YOUGH SQUAD Couuelleville's bowling team travel- eel to Perryopolis und came through with a decisive ecore over the duckpiu :u-ti«te at that place, taking a margin of 2-lu pins. Tho competition was conducted on the L. A. Brbwn alleys. The'scores: (.'onneUsvlIIe Edwards , lf He-rbert ..., 133 Hplndler 179 Moneor .- MO 1.GS SECTION' TWELVE W. !,. Sewickley _ 1 0 Dunbar _ 1 0 Pcrryopolls 1 Belle Vert-on 0 1. East H u n t i n g d o n :._,. 0 1 M o u n t Pleasant Twp 0 1 (jinnies Friday ICaat Huntingdon at Scwicklcy. Perry at .Dtuibar, Hello Vortiou a: Mount Pleasant. i.. n i 0 0 0 0 0 Pet. 3000 1000 1000 .000 .000 .000 Bernice Chrysl ;r, daughter of Walter P. Chrysler, auto magnate Edgar W. (Big Ed) Garbisch, former Army football stilt, fil marriage license Tit municipal building in New York City, and Acres of Forest Land Suggested to State For Public Hunting Ground Tract Is UcntrI in \Vcshuoro- Iniid, .Somerset Comities, ,lfi«lnr\s. Chnrleroi .Dotiora Soutli Brownsville \V. 1 . 0 . 0 n Monongahela, fl West Newton _ 0 California 0 Games Frldar. Monongaheltt at California. West Newton at Moneasen. ret. 1000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 PROPERTY IS "SUITABLE" CRKKNSBURQ, Jan. C -- The State will be asked to p u r c h a s e 100,000 acre« of additional for cut land In Western. Pennsylvania^ p a r t of which ia located in "Westmoreland and Somerset counties, according to a peltition be-ing circulated In thlo v i c i n i t y by tho Sportmen's A««.lu of the l.lgo- nlc-r Valley. The region, it is pointed out, ie m«it suitable as forte t land and game h u n t i n g c o u n t r y and. ffl contiguous to land already owned by tho S t a t e Game Commission. Tho following tracts a r e suggested as available iu thlti c o u n t y : a 1,-IQO- acro tract, k n o w n ;iti t h a CloittTield t.ntet in Llgonler t o w n s h i p ; ji COO-acre trant k n u w n i6 Iho K h l r u y t r a d , iy Cc-ok t o w n s h i p ; an S00-«.cro !"ii:t k n o w n tie the liluir L u m b e r Cainpany tract situated !n (,'ook and DoncKa) townships, near Powder Mill lUin, ami m-ar the Somerset county lino. Corner Cluf) an I West Side Open BASKETEERS AT ARMORY ON TUESDAY EVENING -s Series Tonight Conn 128- TA'Z 1D4 .170 144128- 17G- iao- 10S- 403 SS9 4S7 4B4 44 G Tot;il. l.ofiy i.yiu'li J'.akRr Snyder Totals INHERITANCE TAX NETS ABOUT $50,000 TO FAYETTE COUNTY i l l 13 a MS 131! I I ! UNIONTOWX, Jan. 6--Inheritance tax-as paid to tho C o m m o n w e a l t h oT I'cnneylvauki iiy .T12 Ii'ayctto county 2;!;;'J cetHlCK d u r i n g tin: ycit'r of U'2n reached tho $50.001.' n i n r k , inlicriianc.o Tax. CoMci'lor l-Iciii-y !'{.' TitterinpUni ,-ui- nt'iificcd ;il l ) i « clopc- of liusliiPBH for- 4;!d t h n year. T h i s was fl;i,000 more than --- PC j paid the estnto- lax d u r i n g tho year 124-- 41:.! j of 192S. lOfi-- 397) There wore throe estate;; over thn 120-- 270 r»L'2~-1890 Joe's Tires Lo,se Odd Game I!. O. raK.seiiifcrH won two out of Ihreo Kumc-s from .ioo's Tiros on tho I'ilk^ iilloy«. Vlnhnr was high scoror w i t h '192 total f o r , three games. .U. 0, Passengers I'crcy ............... ..: .............. Ill 112 129-- 352 Brlnkei- ....... .......... . 1S5 78 1-1S -- 411 Panzella ........................ 199 115 170-- 484 Fronok .................... ....UU 14G 120-- 352 Kobin«on ...... .......... ... M7 1S1 134 -- 4(52 Tolalu 753 632 701--2091 Joe's Tires J. O p p e r m a n 10S 121 77-- 306 Boucher 103 12S 11G-- 347 Halfhill 139 143 150-- 432 Driscoll 104 151 00-- 351 Ftehc-r 121 21S 153-- 492 Totals 761 692--1928 Who Oi.u second n f t e r tlu opciiinK bell for the tlrst r o u n d of t h e i r s c h e d u l e d 10-roumt bunt at San Krani-isi-o. Kddie Miirdo-l. O k l a h o m a l i g h t w e i g h t , .knocked out. \VHlin! ut N o w York a:, Orcamluml A u d i t o r i u m . It was believed u now record for spuedy knockouts. Chemist-Coach, Footb.ill Couch K n u t e llockne won honors in chemistry back in his student, days and is an i n s t r u c t o r - i n that subject at Notro Dame where he- instructs football teams that have won u "few gainus." Who to Patronize., Thoso who adverticie in The Daitj Courier. who half m i l l i o n dollar mark d u r i n g tho year ami m o r e t h a n a dozen above $100,000 In value, Mr. TtUcrton'M figured show. "\Vhwi an estate ia more t h a n $100,000 the tax to tho stale is considerable. If a w i f e or children survive t h e tax amounts to two per cent. K the nearest ot kin aro brothers or sinten , however, tho tax automatically berouiCG ten per cent. It wu« ti good year for i n h e r i t a n c e taxcH largely because of the h e a l t h y condition,of the stock mat-hot d u r i n g the year. This of course enhanced the value of personal property considerably more than it now shows at the present level. Mies Mary B, Drake was re-appointed ftmale probation offft'icer for the year 1930 by an order handed down by Judge Thornae H. Hudson. Her salary was fixed at $166.t6 per month Miss Drake v.-as first appointed in 1D26 and her dutii s have increased rateadily since then with the result that her «akiry hafi been advanced along with Uie renewal of the appointment. 13,000,000 RUSSIA^ ROUBLES SELL FOR $4; WAS WORTH $6,500,000 SHANGHAI. Jan. G.---Thirteen million Kuiisittii roubles, a few years ago worth more Uuin ?fi,500,000, w e n t from the auction block here Cor a prico oE six Ch1ne«e taels or something under I I . Tbo p u r c h a s e r waa Dr. t prwsid-ent of Iho O r i e n t a l Company "of A m e r i c a . lie p a p e r notes i.«ay in a I n i c K , fifl.or l.h" a D u l i o i i r c r . - had v i i l n l y .ti-lcd io Rft. h i g h e r bids b y p i c t u r i n g l l i o p r i v a l c yachts, i i u t o m o b i l c f t a n i l nlrplrnict; which the- roubles 'would biij ! --lf tlioy were worth w h a t they Ufied lo be. Local Q u i n t e t s W i l l Knttle for i I'Moor Suprpiniu' c»i i This City. The firf-t ol a B'Tlcs of g a m c B ar- b e t w e e n t h e n o w l o r g a n i K e d \Vcst Sifk; baBketliall ten n and the Keagy Cornc-r c l u b of ttio S o u t h Kiflo «-|!I he played at S o'Hoi i this cvo- iiiii!; at Ihe State A r m o r y '.Phe two ( i H l u t o l r . aro n mpoBod. en- t i r e l y of homo m a i o r i n ! n d side has an as irrigation of you hs who aro f a m i l i a r w i t h a l l tho |ri ks " uf tho g a m p , T l i i l y I t n b t i t u a is I h o stn of tho Wcsl Siiio i.-»mblna - Tht \Vr-st Sidor.s by f o r m s t'ir tlics !\TK;. l l m o . m e m l j o r n of tlird. H u b « r t and McC.k-ai y. On Wednesday o v o i i i t i f ; loam will a p p r a r ill home ond night this; week. T! n Biso Uol- loglans oC McCIoIlandlowi aro booked Bise la linowp t h r o u g h o u the county for his football prowess, having been a star member of tlio Oe 'muii Township High. School eh'vcvi a few years ago. 1-1 o i;; also a bask tball player of repute and has K t t r r o u ided hlmsel£ w i t h a g a l a x y o£ youngsi srs who are masterfi at this sport. anrl l e a d e r on. in new u u i Two d i h o r l c . l c r n c « l i tho C'orner Cur the sec- Jeannette Again Defeats Bisicks In' Close Clash SCOTTDALE, .Ian. 6--The Buicics again farUeU defeat at. the hands of Iho p o w e r f u l Hcmler cjuintet of. Jeannette Saturday night, at the State A r m o r y before- a fair crowd. Tho final decision was 20 to 18, Scottdale just couldn't get. going and definite tho t i n y margin thai, tho homo f l u b could eecuro occasionally it was unable to m a i n t a i n t h e advantage as tho J e - n n n e t t o a g g r e g a t i o n came back w i t h torn'fir. pare to forgo Into tlio front. The (wo o u l f l l e were lighting ftirlottsly when the final whistle, sounded w l l h the Invaders holding a c.cant two-point m a r g i n . .Recently at tho .Jeannette floor tho Somler t a l l i c i ) n. r,imikir margin In i j p l l l l n g t l i o ]92E) championship Inden o n d c n t club of Westmoreland county. However, t h o two ( j u i n t e t H , ovc-nly matched, gave an cxc.-ellcnt exhibition of the floor sport. More home frays aro being booked, by tho I t u i c k s m a n a g e m e n t ani local fundom can bo adored of crack Ind e p e n d e n t com pel it ion. Tlio l i n e - u p : BiilcJs -- IS Fuller...-. I 1 ' Brookrnan F Turk _.._ C J. Cafferly C M a r l l n ! - Berkowitz Substitutions -- liroolta for .^JcCiir!.- ne.v, Kli'kirwii for IJroohman P Brookman for Fuller, Fuller for Brookman, T. C n f f e r t y for .Fuller. Field j r n n l R -- Q u i n n . Johnson 2. Alwine 2, Borkowitz 1, J!ro-oke, T u r k 2, F u l l e r 2. J. Ca/forty, Marlln, Kii'lanan. Foul Koalfi -- M o C n r l n o y , 1. out or 1; Q u i n n , 1 out. of "; J o h n s o n , iniseed o n o : r.prkosvitx. iui?-s«t 2; Brooke, 2 out of .'!; B r o o l t m a n , nii.secij one; Turk, '.', out. of 2; ,1. ( ' a f t ' o r t y , missed one; M a r l l n , I out. of ] ; K l r k m a n , 1 out of 1. lleforec---Murphy. .Teannctte -20 .McCartney _ Q u i n n A! wine .Johnson Pheasants Freez j to, i Ground; IV.any Die Cornet. T r a d i n g took I IKS Looking for Bt»f,'iiins 1 If so, read the ailvortisiing columns of Tho Dally Cou-rl-etf. NORTH T O N A W A N D A Hundred*! of pheasant! section becfl.iiso of t h e s t o r m . Tlifilr ( i i i l s iinil ground aiul I l i e y w r r n n thentflelvrn. Tile ico hn ndtUvl h a r d s h i p in t h a t prived birds of food. Tlie birds were stud (hiring thn M i g h t when roosting or c r o u c h i n g o N, Y,, Jan. 6 died in t h i s recent, sleot roy.en to Uin lahlo lo froo provided an it has do- to tho ice they were i the ground. Patronize t.hos-o who £ 1 SOMERSET COUNTY FOREIGN WAR VETS ELECT OFFICERS SOMERSET, Jan. 6--Somerse-t Post Is'o, 5ii-i, Veterans of Foreign Ware, has elected tho following officers for the ensuing year: Commander, Walter E. McNutt; senior vice-commander, S. F,. Otto; jun- iou vice-commander, Orrio M. Bcabes; ciiiarterniaeler, Charles II. .H auger; t r u s t e e s , J o h n 0. Laffcrly and Harry M. Dickey, to servo x v i l l i Adolph O. W o y a n , h o l d o v e r ; o f f i c e r of Iho day, C h a r i c s \\'. l i l l c m a n ; c h a p l a i n , Elmer N i c h o l s ; pofil fiiirgeon, Dr. ,1, Karl Dill, iiiifi Juripo advocate, J j o l n n d \\, AValker. Rosalts I Surf '. Wli-e-n you use Classified Acis. in Tlie Daily Courier. Tli-o cos-t is sim-all, reisitlts are big. Champion Defends His Crown H. MOUNT PLEASANT MEN ARE HELD FOR SCOTTDALE THEFT H C O T T I M I - K . .Ian. li.--I'.hurlcH llol-| lin, 2S, and fetor K u l r u k , 2H. iioth of i M o u n t Pleasanl, s a i d ' ( o l)o wanted by i police for n u m e r o u s robberies In this j jsect.lou, wera r e t u r n e i l to Westmore- I l a n d c o u n t y from Buffalo yesterday by Corporal CUorge Pierce of Troop A, Stale PolliH' charged w i t h robbery. Rollins u:id K u l r a k were arrested by Buffalo police several days ago. They are charged w i t h having robbed tho home 01 Rev. and Mrs. Frank W. DUVJS at, Stuttilale on May 0, 1928, They brii.-g results. wha iLeft to right, J o h n n y Layton, reigning 'three-cushion billiard champion of the world, and Otto Reisselt, one of the players iin the tournament which opened at New (York January 3. Reiselt is the former champion who will undoubtedly meet Lay- it n in one of the games of the tournament. L lyton is favorite to retain his crown. The v, ithdrawal of Willie Hoppe from the tour- n tment was a keen disappointment to tho levers of the game. M i l l formers Hope to Obtain liovcnge for Only Defeat of (.'ago Season. WM PERRY PLAYS FRIDAY NIGHT There will be action galore tomorrow evening at S o'clock at the State Armory at Scottdale w h e r e two crack scholastic basketball teams--Scottdale and Dnnbar Township--will do batllo in a return engagement. Tho Mill Towncrs have been going at. a terrific pace and the only stain on the season's work was the setback suffered in tho Inaugural fray at the fxHSPiirlnp .*-V. l gymnasium where Iho Red a n d lllack scored a, close de~ cision. The Bine and Whits hopes to avenge tlda reversal in a most dem a n n e r which inddalce that a fitruggJo can be anticipated. In t r i m i t i K East H u n t i n g d o n Towns h i p by a handsoino margin and running away with South Brownsville and t h e n the big npfict of the Dayton Vo- catlonals, northern Kentucky champions, the Scottics have proved them- fiolvos formidable'foes and a great deal can be expected of the outfit. Somo critics aro looking forward to the club as the only contender with Norwln Cor the championship of Westmoreland county. I). T. Jiae participated in but two contests, whipping ScotklaJo and then nosing out JSast Huntingdon. The school is in for two hard tueelee this week in meeting Scottdale and Perry Township. The two foes are determined to administer the Leieenrlng boys one on the chin. Friday night w i l l find Dunbar en- t e r t a i n i n g Pflrry Totvnshlp In one of the outstanding contest*? in Section XII of the Western Pennsylvania In- terschola/stic Athletic League.. They are expected to, fight it out for the ROCKWOOD, .Ian C - Hockwoocl c h a m p J o n s h i p nnd tlio first, of the HlsnbMkcloors s p r u n g a b l K s u r p r t o e ^ bet . w f" . tho * vh ° o]s « h u W ,.. ,, _ . , , . _ ,. ,-.,..,.... ,,.. ,. f, , , , i have m u c h h e a r i n g on t h e p e u n a u i i. Kyes of rage follower* w i l l j lie focusorl on tho fray at HIP bcfecn r i n g p y m n a s i u m . F ''AJLURE of Willie Hopp» to corns tc terms with tb« National Billiard association on a contract, resulted In the voters n'3 withdrawal from tho world's three-cushion billiard t o u r n a m e n t which begun in New York on January 3. Hoppe Is nccond only lo tho champion Johnny Layton in the thro'i-cushlon gamo and hoped to win his first championship (n this tourn« nent Tho fa- inou.i player with nio,-e than 30 years of active cue competition behind him, lias held virtually rvery tltla save tlio three-cushion. He believes hla Eaina to be f a r bottei now than ever. Rockwood High Beats Boswell In fiJig Upsets in Section IT, .Uletrk-i No. 5, )'. J. A. A., ! Pritiay night by upe-»tt.1ng t.lie power- j f i l l Rosweli comblnatton to t h e decisive, score of 23 'o 11. Roswell, w i n n e r of the chamnionshlp last se.i- eon, had been expected to come through haudeomoly. The girls, playing in the preliminary, also camo t h r o u g h with a win over the Boswell outfit. The lineup of the boy« game folio we: Kockwbod--23 Boswell--11 Kimmel F JBall White F ._---- Statler Zearfoas C _ Daniels Zutall G Heese Kreger .-- O Kaufman LEISENRING CLUB WHIPS ALVERTON IN EXTRA PERIOD* The freshmen basketeers of th^ Dunbar Township High School scored a IS to 11 decision over the combined freshman-sophomore combination if East Huntingdon Township Hig'i ,, .School at Alvorton on Friday in tb» Substitution*-Marrfaon for White, preliminary to the Vamity league Meyers for Z*arfoss, Baker for Kreger, | l.'ron«fill for Ball, Hunter for Stallor, Zuya'6 f j r Daniele, l'hilllp« for Ree3S, Hornor for K a u f m a n . Field goals--Kim'iiel 2, White 5, /earfose 2, Daniels 2. Foul goato---Rockwood, Ii out of l f ; Boswell, 7 out. of. 13. fteferee--Iy*wls, Tho line-up for t h e girls game follows; : RocJovood---23 Boswell--;{ K. McVlcker. F M. Homer Kearfose F Martin Weury .,, ( J Hunter Burnsworth SO Sfairey It. McVicker G .Holeoppie Speicher G .II. Homer Substitutions--I/ive-ngood for Henry, Alrsman for Shiroy. Field goals--MeVicker 6 (three oue- poiutors), Zearfosf 6 (one one-pointer), Homer. Foul goals--Rockwood, 3 out of G; Boswell, out of o. Referee--Lewfe. Two extra periods were needed to d e t e r m i n e the victor. When the regu- l a t i o n time e x p i r e the count sl.oo'! 1 , 11-11. A f t e r t h e first extra iscssiou, Iho, score remained lied and clurins tho second over l i m n period, the DID - ti'ir c l i i h secured a. field goal will ! o h o l d i n g J-nist H u n t t u g d o n i^-ordcfia. Attention was called \n the fa.ct th.'t. the olRcial BCOI-R of the W. P. 1. 1 *. League contest between J J u n b n r tint East Huntingdon was 23 to 17, not I'l to 19, as previously reported. KEAGY CORNER IS VICTOR IN PRELIM WITH WAVERLY OIL The Keagy Corner basketball team, playlug a return gamo wlt.h the i Wavorly Oil club -r Socttdulo on Saturday night n« a preliminary to the Buick-Semler b a t t l e ut. the State Armory, again defeated the M i l l Town q u i n t e t , tills timo by I h o close result of 22-1!). In l.he liwt I wo minu!.c« of p l a y the O i l e r s wore leaili ij- by :i scant m a r gin rif O U R p o i n t , I!)-IS. Then O u y n n «Uipp(.'d t h e b u l l t h r o u g h t h o n e t to Rlvii I h o Kp«j:yri a s i m i l a r i-« it in] K o r g l n lu.'ido flic i n a r s i n i ; ;ufo w i t h an- oljicr .loul)io-ilcc'Uor. Tlio l i n e u p : Kcagy Corner--22, \Vuvcriy Oil 1i. Kioto K ....".. Uolli C i u y u n , ..K Fortnoy Sollci-6 ...'. (.- McClain Herein. (j Amend BotKtjon U Connors Bubctituttoim--jl. Connor for Hoth, Sager for H. Con ur. Fielfl goiiltj--Kioto ;!, ( J u y i j n , .Sellers 3, Herein ^, Sois ion, Hoth 2, Fortncy -, McClaln 4, CoiMorvi. Foul goals---\\averiy, 1 out of 5; Corner, 2 out of 4. Auto Wrecking Sweeps Eaglet Auto Wrecking won three gamos from the Eagles -on tho Elks alleys. M c N u l t y was high scorer w i t h a total of 462 for three garnet;. Auto Wrecking. McGratli 114 14S Daniels ,, 10S v 170 Yates 13-1- S wall op 139 WIngrove 119 120 147 MS 1G5-- 427 100-- 438 141-- {'.95 121-- 407 13 S-- -I03 Totals till 733 723--2070 -L'ng'lcs Kemp 12U 1-14 Rebav 130 103 107-129-- I Lowe K a n t h MciVully Speucc ... : 101 no ICG .125 ISO U!) 125--- J2C-- r7-- 101 :;GG ·'6-2 612 U4S SS4--lt;47 Wild Pheasant Flies Into Auto Windshield Y A K 1 M A , \Va-5h., J a n . 6--A bird in tho h a n d may b« w o r t h ' iwo iti tlio bush, but. (Jarp Hiile w o u l d rattier h u v o them safely in (ho fihrute where th-ey belong. Hale was d r i v i n g along the higlrvay with bitf brother Alike., when a Chit aso pheasant (lew against the windshield of their oar, amusing the giaue. Flying f rag-men U of the wimlehield wki^hod Hale's face The bird, apparently u n h u r t , larded in .Mike's lap Dsc Classified Ads, Cast is small. Results «r« bij.

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