The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

iqaqiaan BV .w.n, 28 THifi O iVWA JOURNAL TUESDAY.' AUGUST IB. 1984. 507 ' NMIIOIB VAUNT (Cont. from Pncadlng Column) KXLIABLI OLDER CO V PLI wulid aa urtUktn far farm - homa, etow lo Ottawa. Choraa Includa maintenanc. ear 01 feorm. lUfaraocw. Box K-474. Journal. FREIMAN'S ! WESTGATE REQUIRES ; SALES STAFF . if you enjoy working la pti-aa-ant eurroundlnga and alr-c.n-dltioned comfort, we have full-time permanent poaittona In our Show. Sportiwear 41 id Mui Ww Department. day. 40 hour weak. Tlx Frel-man employee benefit plan. -Apply CREDIT OFFICE - fREIMAN'S WESTGATE r ... PERSONNEL OFFICE. ; FREtAAAN'S DOWNTOWN SUPER1N 1 ENDENT -. ReMabU eoupla for contra town apartmtnt. No ehlldran. Wtf -muet havo oxportonoa In rantal and ba abla to moat nubile. Man muot bo abla to Rand la malntonanoa and building cWaninj. Good aaWr and oecommoda-ttoa supplied. . Apply liv paraon to ' PARKWOOD HILLS RENTAL OFFICE HON POTVIN 4 TO ru. CHILD CARE ::;::-VpRKERSi!;' Required by amaO Inetltutloa for ehtldrea. - - Training and experience arltk ehlldran eeeenllai. Excellent ealary, Uve la or OUt. . 'Apply la writing to Protestant Children's Village g83CarIinf Av&-Ottawa 3, Ontario 601 ROOMS TO UI ACCOMMODATION. BOOMS. weekly -ee monthly, eome with running watar. Vandoma H 0 1 a I eo aomeraea Btreet waas. ACCOMMODATE LADY. , CEN- traL bedelttlng. telephone, kltcb-n prtvllcgee. 131-147 4. ; ALBION NEAR BANK. ACCOM-modaUona (or l-l. Board optional. 421-1504. ATTRACTIVE. LARGE. COM. . SortaTjle bedroom, private honM. t-enirai. em.ema-a. aea alia. ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE. USE OF kltehaa. private antranea. ,. Laurter BaaU aaar Xing Edward. ' 134-1773. ITTRACnVE BEDROOMS. TWIN Nbeda and elngla bad. clean, quiet .home. Kaaaoaafea. Gcauenaen. . su-iin. .-. ; ........ ATTRACTIVE. 8tNGLE. GENTLE , man. Near Ottawa Untveratty. Private homo. Wa. S34-1411. AVAILABLE.. WELL FURNISHED . bedroom with daak. owa tala phone, qulat apartment, aleva-' tor, bus at Hoar, no ether " roomara. 443. 404 Laurlar Eaat X34--MX. .j V' ... J E. - BEDROOM S AVAILABLE. - BEDROOM WITH pr.vate bathroom, Glebe, genue-man preferred. 134-733. AVAILABLE.' NICELY FURNISH-v ad. aery a aam qulat. (round i.oor. xja-oaaa. . azDsrmNG, workino per- . eon. 14 Central Avenue. Ma. 1U- BEDSTTTINO. WITH KITCHEN prlvllagaa. SS Daly. SSS-tiM. BEDSITTING. - " PRIVATE : EN-trance. 374 Maclaraa. U4-1714. B3-13ST. , BEDSITTING. KITCH 7 N ETTE. g4g, aiao eingia roam, gga. iao r tor a. BFOSITTINOS. LARGE. ALSO alnglaa, eomplataly furnlahed, 4 newly decorated, itova. refrlg- aretor. reaaunabla. gl Marray. BEDSTTTINO, CENTRAL. FUR-' nlahad, private entrance, refrlg-orator atov. parking. aU-saig. 4) RIGHT LOVELY ROOM, PAJUC- ing, aaaiview. Taa-xava. .BRIGHT FURNISHED BEDSIT-, ting, privllagea. Huron Walling-ton. faS-glSi. 713-1 JM. CENTRAL. DALY AVENUE. FUR- 1 nlahad, autt 1-1. prlvllagaa. 134- ioa. . CENTRAL. ATTRACTIVE BEDSIT. ting, owa taleviatoa and Sflll Uo-Wtl aventnga. CENTRAL. BRIGHT. CLEAN. FUH-nlahad baoatttlng. afcLeod street. - 1 aavoaae. enuna. . nu p. i.iai " auppitea. ssi-MP. -CENTRAL LARGE BRIGHT front room, all privileged. CU- vua. "uiTfiti livi-trrc aa vnnar ' modern, running water, tingle. ail weaaiy. aa aaiiy. v CITY VIEW, t BEDSOOMS. , ammg room, principal, mten . taxaa. $100. Vacant. 7Jl-7. CLEAN, WELL FURNISHED room. St. Laurent Montreal Road. BHS-SIaS. close to tnnvERsrrv. bright. clean ream, anoklnf privllegea. Televieiea an-oaat. CLOSE TO WISTOATB, tVB-l , 7M-UOO. ...... CRYSTAL BEACH. FURNISHED 1 la new home. aM-aatS, DOUBLE HOUSEKEEPING, FKIO-Idarre. grill, Unen. teWphona, etndenta, panalonera, abaulnan, vicinity normal Senaol-Muaaam. m waverley, asa-onar. - EASTVIEW, FURNISHED BED. roran. Bear but, parkins. 74- tASTVIEW. ROOMS FOR RENT. ' 'i't-frat"' rlnt atraae- PURNISHF.D BEDROOM, MAC-laren Street. S3S. TSS-llgT. FURNISHED BEDROOM, KITCH an privilatraa. as Hamlltoa Ave-' aae. Tag-ntS. (01 ' 'MOW Will it' oat raom Preeedine FtftlNISHED ROOMS,' PARINO. niman TTT-rvaa. FURNISHED BEDROOM. WITH kitchenette, refrigerator or rang- atta. auit g. 104 ouiguee. FURNISHED, FRONT BED- auune, aucnen. oawonr. iianicu. electrically equipped. 133-7441. FURNISHED BEDROOM, SUIT middle age woman, gas. gsa- ivw. FURNISHED, g ROOMS. REPEIO- oritor. etnve. newly glrla. tlS-HST. , - GLEBE, ABOVE AVERAGE BED-room, altting room, p r 1 V 1 lagae, gemiemao. aaa-qpoa. GLEBE, SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING apartment, qulat gentlemen. 134- uie, sH-aaaa. . HERON PARK. VICINITY CBC. all acnooia t-oooc. HOUSE KEEPING. EQUIPPED. furnlahed. near City Hail. 533 ana aaw. Ta-aaaa. - - KITCHEN PRIVILEGES. NEAR Tunney'a Feature and bua. lady piaiaiiao. parauiaj. lav-aiaa. IMMEDIATELY. FURNISHED. UN-furnlahed 1-1 -room Hate, park' METCALFE COURT. DAILY. waaaiy, maia armce, paraiaa. M MeteaUe. CES-oait. , NEWLY DECORATED. PARKING, . tranaportaUon at door, prlvl-legaa. J-7IS. OTTAWA SOUTH. I ROOMS. FUR- n tan ad, 101 Ayimer. rail mg. OVERBROOK. NEW, FURNISHED, large room. weekly. Tts-aait POWELL AVENUE. BEDSITTING room, kitchen prtvUagaa, ; ad ooiy. aaa-atue. PRIVATE HOME. NICELY FUR-. nlahad, ganUamaa , preferred. ROOM WITH KITCHEN. PARK tng prrviiagaa, em High. lag-Mat SHORT TERMS MONTHLY RATE. Riverside Hotel. Attractive 74a-a7i SUITABLE FOR t GIRLS. I FUR- nlahed noma, balcony. 133 -a, WEST END. DOUBLE ROOM Kafdar room, twin bade, grill-H a glrli 7Il-7.aj. I OR I GIRLS. LARGE ROOM, meant optional, child wet a 0 m a. g FURNISHED - HOUSEKEEPING rooma, private entrance, near number Building, gov barana treat. g ROOMS TO LET. REOENT Btraaa. laa-asH. BAROAIN, Itt I FULLY v FURNISHED. . BEDSIT- ting room, aanu-prlvata. aomi nlty kitchen, aqutpnad. tekwl- atoa, glrla. aas-Taag. SANDY MILL COURT RENOVATED THROUGHOUT. aew furniture, water kt each room, carpeted halla. Kitchen ette. J ae uogooae. (02 . ..I00MS WAITED BEDROOM. ' SMALL KITCHEN-atu, balcony, lady penaleaar, Waal End. Boa E-4T. Journal. QUIET RECENTLY RETIRED , buelneea woman raqulrea eom- lonaoie rurnianaa noueaneepmi room, email anartmant ar woul hare. Near bua. Bon B-4SS. aournai, 1 THIRD YEAR EOIt STUDENT deatree a quiet room with board. Monday to Friday. Vicinity Laos Avenue, aton n-auo. ourruu- 1 UNFURNISHED BOOMS RETIRED WIDOW REQUIRES 1 unfuraiahed rooma in eeotral location, preferably ' west of Bank to Gllatout aouth. SM- 60J IDOMUOlOia. ACCOMMODATION FOR I. LARGE room with twnt bade. Man lew ACCOMMODATION FOR O E N-tlaman, Erie I tab noma, lag Car tier, ua-onia. ACCOMMODATIONS, HOME , cooked meala, parking, eonatruo- CENTRAL ROOM AND BOARD for gantlaman. at . rranh. It- CENTRALLY LOCATED, EXCEL-. lent board, eingle room, gantia- man, parnmg. aa-aaaa. GENTLEMEN PREFERRED, AYL mar Ararat, nee pMvUegae. ' SM-aiap. OENTLEMEN. SIS WEEKLY, laundry, Duten family. : Driveway. aia-gSM. GOOD MEALS. OPENING H VRS- , tng home, suit panileaan. jaa- 47X7. , - ...... ROOM . BOARD. GENTLEMEN, etudenta. Government paapld. 10a noMiwiwu. aav-aaai. BOOM AND BOARD. QtnET. private botne. avrallaaS aeeela. Abatalaer. PAt-1737. t BOOM AND BOARD, TELEVISION prtvUaaaa, parkins. 1M Gllmotar. cai-io. ROOM AND BOARD, 814 GIL- tour near nana. iM-azaa. SINGLE, QUIET. CLEAN. GOOD meaia. near puaea. gaauami 134-1-Ut. 1 GENTLEMEN TO SHARE ROOM, Carllngwood area. PAa-SSag. 701 Bousa rot sui ABLE.- GRACIOUS ASSISTANCE. Tbemee Shipmaa Llmlled. "Re- aiior . aea aur aaa. ALTA VISTA. 1-BEDROOM BRICK noma, well land-cape krt. IUj batlireoma. reoreatlon , room, ear achoola. ahnptnaaj centra. aneupaney; giajoa.- 714-43X7 ALTA VISTA. BEAUTIFULLY land-caoed. brick, a bedraoma. ate oaina, eax.noera, nrepiaoai ' i-MS1B'M'a QUiC ALTA VISTA. 8 BEDROOM - ranch bungalow, flraplaeia. ga- yragaa. aaeoo, wrm Macoy 'aa-aai. c. a. , Fitaaimwi Ce. Ltd. laa-Titg. ANOELSTONE. BRICK SEMI, bunaalow, 1 badrooma, i bath-noma. McKellar Park. IM-tOM. ANY PROPERTY WE US IN the eity are teal we aaa aaU. Perey Karwia. -Seal lor.- ATTRACTIVE Home, in Block, bedroom. Ncnen, oil furnace, garage. AaklM sm OOO. good tac-ma. Gerald Morrla Baal Eatate Brckar, talapheae Metcalfe IS. BEAUTIFULLY KEPT1 MTOItEY centra door plan, 1 large badrooma, gractoua aa ft. living room with ("replace, aeparata dining room, wall planned klt- eMen .wim eeting area, lintaneo recreation room, powder room and garage, waet End leeatloa. Private eale. 1M-ia9t. BETTER BUILT BRICK BUNG A-low. West End. 1 bedraoma. 133. Mn- ""7. BRICK HOUSE. ROOMS. GOOD eonwtwn, aanay juu. yard. 13J-4471. BUNGALOW, URBANDALE, badrooma. playroom, landaeaped largo lot, 4100 down. 7M-4Mlt. BUNOALOW. I BEDR O O M g. lanaacaped aarracau lot, aaar Rnckcllffa Airport. 74-aM after 4. 701 MKB nt SU! I (Cont from Preceding Calnmni BUNGALOW DOUBLE.' ONLY WMO. f4.00 hand lea. One aide available Sept. 1 (or purchaeer. Only S yeera old. Aero RaelUae and Inaurance. na-taag anytime. BUNGALOW DUPLEX. MODERN, with revenue. Weatgata.. Low down payment 424-1414. CALL "THE OLD PRO.' BILL Beverldge, -Realtor." SaS-SMI. . Real eatate Inquiries Invited without obligation. CALL S. AND A. GOLDENBERG. Broken, Tia-ssiOi 7X4-1344 any COPELAND PARK SPLIT-LEVEL, abedroooia. den, fireplace. U- CRYSTAL MACH. S-BEDROOM. bungalow, living room. . large kltehaa. faullt-ln own and ranee, carport, fully landaeaped. 414,700. aaa-aaap.! DUPLEX, i RICHMO.ND ROAD. , Churchill Avenue, a yaara old. a bedrooma. red brick conetiuc-tloa. hardwood floore, carpet , on main floor, awnlnga, private paved aide drive to a brick and block double garage poaaaaaion ea mui iioor. very t aaaiaiaiiia. ps.wv aown. Ti-7ii. EFFICIENT AND PERSONAL eervleo amen you are out tng or aellmg. Call Hud -on and Evaha. "neeiior. aaa-saui. ELMVALE ACRES, 1 BEDROOMS. - large livmg room, iirvpiece. occupancy Sept. SO. $14,400 with ' low down payment and aacond . mortaago Uoeairad. aoa Alton FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES. CALL . Bert Kats Real KaUta Ltd. aa. ve. . GATINEAU. gOO MAIN STREET. badrooma. Sreplaca. play roam, garmre. lot 74 x ISO. S1.400 down. owner tranararran-. aoa-av. HOUSE. 1 FLOORS. 414.300. 41.- 000 caah. S44 Cununinga Avenue Of I Montreal noon. IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUY- mm wr wiitok iwm was Major Realty U4i TMIM. LARGE U ' DOUBLE. PRIVATE driveway, 4 Bret mortgage.'7- MUST SELL a BEDROOM BUN Kow, Waat End. convenient atloa. Oreet aaerUica. Olfari invited, aas-asar. NEW USTINO. CITY. VIEW. 04-maculate. 4-had room bungalom antelatonc nrvnlaca. many ea- ; traa. Beautflul landaeaped' lot. cloaa e acnooia. only git.aoa.. tixk Rothwall. "Baeltoc.- 744- r Wim : . v-i - ' . .BEDROOMS,, $15,300 . ; Quality Built, Senalhly Prttal AAACDGNALD v HOMES ITD.C ' v Colored eeramla bathroMM, mahoaany kitchen eaMneta. aeparata dining room, family alaa kitchen, large 44' Inu. aervieaa . paid, kitchen eanauat (ana. Beared eaacrata fauada-Uom. ...... t $500 $93 Montk " , Prtm-ipal. latanat and - -, .vTaaas Included. - At Vlewmant Drive, m'aiilra aoutk ef.Beetiine aa aierivaU 728-1791 - 728041 -1 i v v : MINTO. r Caaada'4 Moat Honored Builder MODELS now: ON j : display' IN ; FAIRFIELD TAKE AOVANTACS OF MINT0S ' SPECIAL SUMMER .PMCESTOOW:..' THE AWARD HOME - OF YOUR CHOICE fi( THIS OUTSTANDING LOCATION. ENQUIRE ABOUT HOMES ALSO AVAILABLE IN " ..,,BEUANDS, ; 1 AND IAKEV1EW Drive weal aa Richmond Rd . Juat pact the Plnaeraat latere paction! or aa the Quaenaway to Plnaeraat aatt. 444-4711. 3 . . La--.-,,. 1 .i J P1TCAIRN ISLAND STAMPS A now deflnilivo stamp iasus haa been mads for th Pitcalrn UlKida - the icmots South Pacific . "islanda to which aeveral mutineers 'fled after .'the , ' famous mutiny on the Bounty. The ataihpe at rifht - ahow the ghost bird, top,, and wood ptceon. At top t left la the .Bounty, burned by the mutineers at Pit- .'-cairn, and at bottom left is one of the boats used ; daringly hi the heavy aurf by residents of the islands 701 : HOUSO nt SALE r fConl. (ram praaedint Column! NEW 4-BEDROOM BRICK HOME, fuel (Irvplaoe, oak (laora. 1 Ik hatha, For partlculara call Lara oeberg. Broker. 7-tM. OWNER TRANSFERRED. 4 BED- room. Ilk hatha, baeemeni an. tened. cicaa acnooia, ow taxaa 7a-t7au PARKWOOD HILLS, ASKING Sit.- 400. 4-badroom bungalow witn attractive atone (rant, carport and paved driveway. Immediate poaaeaalon. MLS S144B. Mra. Ora-burn. S3S-427S. Nlcholaoa and Wymark. "Raaitora. . PRIVATE SALE. S - BEDROOM brick bungalow. RMgeview. cioee to acnooia. a yaara oh. aiajrw 424-I424 after 4 pm. PRIVATE SALE. S - BEDR OOM brick bungalow, paved driveway. , landaeaped. Mountain Park. 771- geoi. PRIVATE SALE 6 RENT. FUR-, nlahad, Opawa South. Fall, SM- e.ei- ... SELL OR RENT. SI HOLLAND, large eingle aouae. brim, a batn.i room, galenas a aaa mailt, atta- eaia. , SKI, SWIM. SAIL, GOLF, a BED- iwwa, peneiie-a aeaiuow, v 1 1 Heated, t, acre, as Ottawa. Glen Eagle. Qua. 4T7- -inta .. . SOUTH HULL BUNOALOW, DE- luxa, a larBa rooma. not vwr heated, with lovely fireplace, on l.Tacre of beautifully landaeaped -land, deubla garage, attached, S7 apple treea on the grounda. lea- S table priced at M1.000. R. ndry, T7T-407S or A. Dufreana. ' 417-1330 Duaaautt Real Eatate Inc. "Your Hull Bealtor." 771- SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED BY owner. Drive out and aea 414 Bdaeworth. near Weodrom High ' Carlthgwood. etc., euatoaa-bullt put. In beat neighborhood, 4 bedrooma, atfc hatha, very large ! Uvtng. dining and family roaaw. - a-eer garage, aaraenea pane, i- aSS-4S34. . . TRIPLEX. NEW. LOW DOWN PAY manL 771-44 XX. . WEST END BUNOALOW. S-BED- roora, emtng room, oil neat, near new puDita acnooi. aieuw. i . a. Clark. "Realtor." U4-7740. WESTBORO. SPOTLESS BUNG A. low, a bedrooma. aeparata dining n. aaraae. Terrific landacen- tngl SM.too. Otte Cliagaa. -Baal. tor. 711-0844. WHEN YOU NEED HELP IN BUY tng ar aelllng year home, aall ass-eno. a-BEDROOM BRICK HOUSE. OT- .tawa waat, in noa e a a a ition Eaey tarma. Call Lars Oaberg 'Broker. 7M-3504. . ." 4-BEDROOM BRICK. ONE-YEA R- oid, extra powder room, fuel fire place, fenced end landaeaped. A beautiful family homa. trig, atove and other ax traa Included. 111.400. Joe Naaeo. t. Proaperlne. Iteai aetata, asa-tnaa. 4 BEDROOMS. FAMILY STYUNO near acnooia ana auaaa in aiu Viata. Brick S-etorey on a pretty etreet.- 414.500 with low lew mortgage interact, wana-oeiany. rReaTtor." 711-4100. -BEDROOM a-STOREY. CLOSE to aehaal. traiu-Bartatioa. atioo- ping. 744-4141. after 4. It Cor dova. 41J00 DOWN BUYS THIS MOD- era a-oeuiown- onca ranca eon pew, iuwi luiytm, wail w wen rug la living room. California etyle kitchen, dinette, lot 74 x loo. Meadowlenda. handy achoola. anopptng, iranaponation. mwa far auick eale. 414.404. 4 mortgage, eaey tarma. Edward aed. Heaitor. ru-aaaa. S-DOOB BOW - ' Centra Tawn. SUMS Aak OBvar " STEADY RENTS- HANDY MAN eould Improve property and m- iinn income, air. aaui-ray au-etsa; eventnga. Oaaaa La- comBta. 1M-7U7. Brnaat J. Ollvdr Eealtiee Limited. - Real tor-. .... ; ,C0lvM0UT ' -. AND SEE , . -THE NEW ACTIVITY " ' " - AT ' ' ' ' - GlEN CAIRN' V4cr lot. . , 3-bedroom home , , ... ' Only 115.000 for this well-kept, beautifully landaeaped property. - , Occupancy SO days or leas Telephone ' 1 728-1381 722-8055 722-7525 EDSTAN . HOMES ' . "WITHIN TOE OTY" ON VALLEY DRIVE, OFT PLEASANT PARK ROAD Qi THE ALTA VISTA AREA $16,680 $20,345 - 731-4615 701 BOUSES 101 SUE (Cent, from peeped tng Column) ' DOWS LA KB AREA ; 45 SUNSET BLVD, BEDROOMS, Bnlahed baaement, garage. Sept I oaeupencr. 417JOO. I H. B. Brown. Broker, ail-esTS. ' : WEST ENB .: COMFORTABLE S-BEDROOM bungalow. (Iraplaoe. m bath-reoma. landaeaped, conveniently located. Eaaliy financed, aaa-: PRIVATE 4411 vnaarvicw park. - BEDROOM bungalow with carport, 1 year 'old natural atone (iraplaoe, bay . window, walnut kitchen, fun tile , bathroom. lot 75 x 100, traced In. Meny extroa. Muet aall. A real chance. SIT.S00. BT Aider- ' neiiMnii . Mm .woe - ) V00 ARE --1 INVITED TO VISIT "braemor" park, '";-.'( -. Aa exehieive area af Hna bomaa dealgnad axpraaaly for eaeeuilvea; created la reflect the atatue of an enviable group ot Ottawa famlllea New ae-alcna priced from 111 J04 ta 10,100. Located )mt aouth and wart af . the Quaenaway-Maliland Ave. laterahaaga. , ... . sales omci v 1 7284073 QUEENSV1EW CONSTRUCnON . ADivWoaor : - CAMPEAU. "Your Key to Better UviPl" , EVERY LOCATION .. OFFERS A DISTINCT K BUYING ADVANTAGE 'SINa " ' INDIVIDUAL' TASTES VARY, NEIGHBORHOODS ." ' APPEAL' blFFERENRYTO "I" EACH FAMILY . . , . , 1 Your personal desires coupled with the ' educated opinions of experts are your ,: guarantee of -' sattsfactioo ta ' obtaining tbs right ' : locatkm for your . , family's ntxt botne. QVSWOOD PARK ' . Just past Orleans and look for Capital Sign , i Navaa 2471 t (call collect) ALTAVISTA Models located M Rjroar AVa. at : . 4 WaOdey Rd. 733-1788 CAPITAL ; QUALITY HOMES 701 -- WDSB Rl SUE iCoat. from Pt'nadlng Cahwuil BEDROOMS. 1 BENS LOVELY RURAL SETTING WITH attractive view, hlgbllghta bla Mveiv aouae wiib ao aaanv ma r leeturae 100 numaroua to man Uoa. . MLS 4714. A. Q. Bay man. McKaowa Beeltlee Ltd aasaoo. aventnga lu-asil. . LOUM TITLEY LTD. -REALTOR' . ' ' Taanrmace. Leant ' lilt Bldeaa 114.1141 OTTAWA SOUTH. Hi -STOREY reaming aeuaa. fuuy nirnienea, Immediate anaaaaalea 414.300: H.3O0 haadlaa. Noel Potvla 144-44 14 STB. ANNE PARISH. CLARENCE Street, modem atueea duple, a-room apt. recraatloa roam, ga-' rage with paved drive. 410.000; tarma. Kxciualva. noger Titlay, SU-IIM.. . SECURITY REAL ESTATE (Ottawa) im, 114 MacLaraa It. aaa-iaaa aay Ttaaa 100 MEADOWLANDS DRIVE. apm level, anca ana aluminum, living room, angeu-toae araplace. dining ream. 4 bedrooma, recreation room. I full bathe, double carport, early pnnmilna. only 414 300. ' INCOME PROPERTY. LOW PRIC aa a-uait. wear End. monthly roe tela. 4145. Juet 41.000 down. ALTA VISTA AREA. BRICK AND aaaeiBMne bungalow, attached Serege. a bedraoma. raareetloa roam win aer. Beer aa achoola, vary weU priced al only 117400. , law vim MOOBRN BUNOALOW WITH turee Including local bnprove- avenw paia. toeei ror achool- agea cniioren. - Aaking (14.300. Waat End. Varna Cook "Real. ar." 7U-4133: Mia. Otto TSS- eeow atra. warnar TSS-asn. THOS. SHIPMAN LTD, REALTOR air rraataa a tract 11S-I47I ! Oaea Evealan at a . mm CENTRE DOOR PLAN, IMMACU- , m-m-7 eeg oncx nome, a aunroom .garage, qulat baiter WEST END BRICK DUPLEX. uuuu.e peraae, appar weu rent- o. neon, near ail aa aia von BEVELSTOKE AREA. CUSTOM buUI bungalow with extra lot. aU apacloue noma, detached garage, lovely recreation roam, a r-wjuix "price a . STOREY brick. Centra Toarn. part of row. 4500 down, low iaxea. VY"tt nouaa. ruiunsHED. DUUBLK. GLEBE, T ROOMS EACH f"e. brick, aew fumacea. soap CIVIC .HOSPITAL. PRESTIOE wnrm. aaceuent tor aoctora reaidem or oMka, a bed rooma Blue larae dan. a aut. ; irancee. lovely treed lot. 419.400 tnirbaa. wiar up. 414.400. I Well rented, garage, am ill 'producer. Bear tarma. DOUBLE. Wait END. BRICK, double Baraga, vary aieea. 411. gracious Uvino. ; Custom aei-ma. aaaoo. . i THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITED, 115-1471:. '- WE4T ENB DOUBLE - YEARS OLD. BASEMENT Bnlahed with powder room. Benl-ed aias each aMU. Priced ta aaU. L. H. Thorn peon Ltd. "Realtor," 141-4444, Lea Weoda m-asil. A REAL FAMILY 'hOM" - Cleee Ta ' "'' Bvetythlag ' WE OFFER THIS WELL KEPT nmwKm ene nww nwi m Oaalngtaa Avenue far 413.700. la a choice area, thie home baa a bedrooma plua heated aunr aam, genee and neat garden. Ctoee to ahopplng area, tranaportaUon .and within walking diatance of public and aeparata achoola aa well aa Carleton Unlveralty. Call A. H. Conway, aae-0541. avenlnaa 734-04M. Rhodee Baal Batata Limited, "Reeller." V "Wg ggB HapvintuP V.LESLIE WONG COMPANY LTD. 3. "REALTOR"' 23W024 17 Heigns 8t : Brick rico-Sforey onlpWJHt New lleUfig. WeU aought after loaallea la Weat End. Near FWiar Park High. St. Oeorge4 Separata and Elmdale Public. kitchen, a badrooma taraget Other extraa. Ta aaa thie quality buy la thla eeelrable reet-dantlal aelghborhood. ean Mra. Foumiev, ail 0141. Sir. Muata, SAVE $500 ON SUMMEU . CONSTRUaiON RIVIERA ; . 771-6694 " S - r ; r NEW. t DESIGNS ROM' MINTO IN PARKWOOD HILLS Minted aeweat modal bomaa era Bow opea far your reaper roam semi detached deal ene with a refreahlng difference. YoaB find a dallghlfal saw with every eeieiaadiad f a a t a r e Mloio-B quality aanatiallla bad award alnnlng dealgn la, bow offered at a truly eea- blllaide aattlnc , aa OtUaraa aaoot eon, an lent aammualty. DOWN PAYMENTS FROM v,;.$795 :r: PARKWOOD HILLS Vletl ear mode la an dlaalay vary avenlaa (including Saturday) HI aw Sunday til S. 7 OFT PtSRER AVE. lUBT . BELOW BASBUNB BO. . . ,,,,728-5837, mu., epua em piiei mnm groua. a hatha. 4 badrooma. attached garage, treed lot, Ira- 11 ie n . p. 701 MtBBFOISAlE iCewt from Preceding Column! CANADA PERMANENT TRUST aia-itea 111 MUTUAL. 4-BEDROOM BUN- aaiow, near niaeau Hlgn Bcnool Aaking I11.3O0. down pay meal 11.000. MLS K.1141. VILLA CRESCENT. 4 . BEDROOM . nungeiow with S-cer auecl garage corner lot, located n Hon Back. Priced 4U.004. OTTAWA SOUTH ON BARTON Street. 1-etorev alnxle krlek vanaar. S rooma. comer lot. Aak ing, immediate poaaeaalon. Call John Downey, sis- URBANDALE BUNOALOW. I BEDROOMS, Sreplaca. caraort. Near echo- treutportaUoa. ahopplng centrea. enurchee. ig,To. 7-aatio. BEL AIB PARE, 414444 1-ctorey. 1 bedroom, aleoe oara mla bethraom. SS ft. living room, fuel Sreplaca. Urge, bright kitchen, aeparata dining team, plaatar walla, ait- mortgage. Tag-g7i4. THOa. SHIPMAN LTD, REALTOR 1144 Carl tag Aveaea. 714-1474 Opea 14 Heara Dally 1 MANORDALB. a-BEDROOM B U N-galow. 11.000 under original coat. (1400 dowa will handle. CENTRE TOWN. 4 - BEDROOM home. Aaking $10400. with 44.- 000 down. WEST END TRIPLEX, SITUATED oa quiet etreet, live fat ene apart- - man! and have I revenuea. 1 apartmenta have 1 bedrooma each, heated py ell. Aaking g!0 PARKWOOD HILLS. SEE THIS well priced a-bed room ' brick bungalow, only 1 yeera old, car-top. large 'well landaeaped I o t. Owner In Hamilton. Meat ba Sold. Only S17.S00. CEDAROALE, EXECUTIVE BUN-gelow cloaa ta Ridaau and Up-: landa, extra large noma, build-' era owa home. Sas.000, MEADOWLANDS. 1 . BEDROOM bungalow, large lot, good , little ' home. Well priced, SUJOO. down. r PIN ECREST. 4-BEDROOM SPLIT eould be a. large garage, nice" condition, cloaa ta 111 300. ROCKCUFFB PARK AREA. Brick duplex," 1-1 - bedr earn apartmenta with recreetion room, attractively priced aia.4e. THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITED, -Realtor.- opea a boura daily 714-1474. T J FIFTH AVENUB DUPLEX ERE IB A BUVLEX WORTH buying. Bach apartment haa two bedraoma. living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom. Hot water oil. heated, three garagea. paved drive, lot 10 s 100. sls too. Mra. Delorme. 131-7315. eve ning! 134-sois. Regional Realty Ltd. Exclualva. . NICE ROOMY BUNOALOW Z' 1: Lyawaad Ylllare r.-.-r ' ' ' Laaatad t Trlaky ' WHITE BRICK HOMB IN BETTER than new oonditioa. wlta attach-. ad aaraae. aeved drive, beauti fully landaeaped. Broedlaamed ' with a epeciouc badrooma Blue I bathrooma. aeparata dialog : room, fuel fireplace, many outer t extraa. Aaklag SlOJOSw Pleaaa ecu Roger Baraien, ue-peai. inaa 71 a Until ted, -Realtar.- THOS. gBIPMAN LTD. REALTOR tea Metcalfe etreet 1M-S14I . Opea Bvealaga aad Saaarday DOUBLE IN HAMPTON P A B K. - beautiful, modern condition. double garagea. Juat m. 417.500. $1400 DOWN BUYS NICE ALL brick bungalow with garage, only 414400, excellent buy. S BEDROOMS. HERE'S A' GOOD home far 4 large family. Clarence aaar Cobourg. Juat 411.500. SMALL GLEBE 1 BEDS OOM home uat 410.100. dear proper- v Uahe an affar. 41.000 DOWN BUYS NICE COUN- try home wlta 114 aerva at woo. ale 500. e ISLAND PARK DRIVE AREA, newly dacueeled, older attrao-tlve home, enly glloa with Hr AAA llMM THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITED, "Realtor.- upea avaamga uu e-aao-oiii. ' ' . BUNOALOW CENTRAL LOCATION. NICE garden, qulat. a baaiaama. rnce 411.400 See thla attractive noma by calling John PeweU 1U-4J74. Ford Beech T1S-S740, or Mra. utchlaaa S14-119S. C. A. Flta- almmana and Ce. Ltd. -Real tare" aad Inauraant. mortgagea. tar Sparka Street 111-7144. 1 taaaa btmbt TO SETTLE AN ESTATE, f S- atony brica. e bedrooma, doable living ream, dining room, good family heme. OHera Invited. Call Ma. Andenoa. TH-4004 Donald O. Charbaaaaa UtU. -Reelter,- FOUB-BEDBOOM BUNOALOW 417404. ONB BLOCK TO ST. FTencn Cenurbury Enrllah aeparata. Arch Public School, and new ahopplng centre. Brick exterior, paved drive, top condition, early poaeeeetoa available. Mr. Slone. iaa-7115. avenlnaa TS-0Sie. Regional Realty Ltd. Royal Trust , 235-4311 $13,500 CENTRE TOWN i 1 685Vi-887 COOPER ST. ' Two. family dwelling reduced treat 414400 to aattle aalate. $15,200 ' " EASTWAY GARDENS 1338 AVENUE R. 1 badiuoia bungalow In ahiml-aum aiding. Large recreetion room. Maintained at excellent eoadltlea. ., . f 1 1. '. ' " ' ' , -' $22.000-;, ...;'.v ' CITY VIEW 38 CANTER BLVD. . Cloaa la achoola. churchat and major ahopplng centre. I bad room, s-etoray heme with na ' turel fireplace, eeramla bathroom. MLS K-dSll. . $28,500' SHERWOOD DRIVE AREA 38 LYNWOOD AVENUE , 4 bedraaaa plua aula floor dee, thla epecioua atoray home hea -ear garage, big recraaUaa par impctt ar taformatttm. Mil S35-491I, or VWiUifi MuN ray O-Dallp VM-ftMS. ar Ta AtfcliMow. ,T1 Mil. v! ROYAL TRUST' Realtor 701 . BOOSS ra SUE n (Lent, from Fuelling Cohaaal WEST ENB '''a 1-YEAR. OLD WHITE BRICK S- naaroom iwaooonaia aungaiow. carport, floor la celling (Ire-piece. Cleerapen. baaement. eutet, public, aeparata and high acnooia within walking dlaunca. Private aale. 117,300, 714-4434. . WESTBORO SIMM TAKE YOUR CHOICE USB thla property aa 4-bedroom heme 'or vereatile 1-famtly dwelling lor revenue. Haa S kllehene. 1 bathrooma Juat 41,000 handled. Mra. Goldateea, 715-4037: 1 Mra. Four-nler. 4U-0M1. Lee lie Wong Com pany ua., lae-evae. nvifl anaaiTAi. 1 . ' CENTRE HALL PLAN. 4 BED- rooma Wlin ill oauia. inuanea recreation room, diahwaaher. dla-poaal. Ideal location, convenient to achoola. ehurchee, a hap ping, tranaporutlon, mature lawna. treea, anruoa. rncem iao-eev HAWTHOBNB MEADOWS OUawa'a Favorite Leaatiea Am ouvar BRICK. MOOEEN. 4-BEDROOM , bungaloe large living and din ing room combined, family -viae kitchen, plua bailment . playroom, moat convenient area for all (aclliuea. Deal ra bla heme for ' you and youra: 414.SOS. Emeat 1 Oliver Reelttae Limited. -Realtor-. SM-S45S; avanlngw Oaale Lacompta, 454-7547. 1140. " - ' HAWTHORNE MEADOW! JUST LISTED THIS IMMACV- lata a-bedroom aungaiow ba convenient - area to achoola aad ahopplng. Beautifully landaeaped lanced yard. Low dowa payment. For appointment call Turner Real Eatate. -Realtor, 714-4117, evenlnga Jack Millar, 113-1101. , RADCLIFF REALTIES LTD. -REALTOR" 236-9401 ' VSS OVB HQMt , riNDttt'S SfXVCf "t KcKMar Par Better Living Start Bert In thla tree ahaded long, low bungalow on a charmingly landaeaped lot. Vary large llv-i. . Ing room with corner (lie. place, pretty dining room. S good alzed bedrooma. 1 1, hatha. M x 14 ft. beautifully flnlahed rec. room baa attractive built-bin, attached garage. Immediate poaaeaalon, umiiaiv have been tranaferred. Juat 41(900, -In lovely condition. No. 1441. Mra. Cotton. 7U-4140, eve- . Btllg4 ' ,.-.-''...,-. ' Otobtu Port ' ' Convenient treat tni Location . Cloaa to Carting need aad the new ahopplng centre, to Irene portatloa and achoola. In aa area af amartly atyled attractive homea. A wei kept S. bedroom brick bungalow. tm-uaual deeien featuring 4 wide (rent porch. II vine room fireplace . baa 4 releed heal th, mailer Indrawn haa powder room an tulte. Hanover kitchen. 414 .400; . wa can arrange prmnlca. ' No. 1090. Mra. O'Brlea. 714 1440. evenlnga. Manor Park '', . Room Room Jtoom f , Plenty af nam far a large family In thla auipiblnrly Mg brick bungalow oa a quiet dead and etreet. Cleee to' both Eng-IWi. and Preach, aeparata achoola. Over 1400 aa. n. aa the mala floor, plua (our flnlahed noma la the beaeaient, , Including a a at p 1 a t a mald'a quarter. Sit hatha, dear from living room to acraaned porch with comer barbecue, a flro-pleeee. enorvnoua carport. Jeot 411.000. Mo. ipso. Mi. O Brian, Tta-Mte, evening. , ;. tt . ftlMOlM -'I'!. m Just LUttt Bit Bigger And n4 loaded with extraa. Large 1-bedraom tpllt level with den for gueat room), fine tvhed laundry, modroom, tk hatha, attached gerage. fireplace In the partially flnlahed rvc rootnp manlTa jfty fttwa (iraplaoe with ralaed alate hearth la the braedloomed liv-tnv room, enormoua lot. patio, delightful garden, aurrounded bv wxunaua namee. axr aiv. No. IS10. Mra . 'Bet Air Pork " We-rg AO Xzettetf Over thla one. ttt In such' lovely oonditioa. that wa leva to ahow It. A terrific buy at 417400. a 4-year-old all brick 1-bedroom wcngalow with eriep delightful lendaceping af ahruba and ttowera, awnlnga ahade Ita wide wtndoara. fireplace la a pretty living room, piufcaalon ally ftnlihag nr. room, paved drive, eloee to all achoola. No. 1040. Mr. H. Franaa, raS-Siae. ' evenings. . ' ; Jtidgan Bteer Brand Mew, Custom Built 111 g luxury 1-bedroom bunre-low. long and law, of aid brick, carefully pieced oa an acre of tend, to take full advantage a( the megnlflcent river view. 117 ft. af treed waterfront Add rr own imaginative touchea the landacaptng. 1-car garage, family room with corner fireplace, marble fireplace la kitchen, complete intercont. electric heat. No. 1051. MLS, Mra. Pyne, 713 1044. evening!, Lgnwood Village 1 tumi . Immediate occupancy en thie conveniently located 1-bedroom Toran built bungalow, Park-- hunt model. In A-l ahepa with a lovely back gaidea. all fenced, petto, mature ahade trace. Youra for a very low down payment, and )uet Sloe per month will carry It. Own-era . tranaferred and atmply muet aall. No. 1SS7. Mr. W, Schorr. '711-1144. avenlnga. . Xhigrvlgia . IV t Not Run-of-the-mn , Itl'g pertlceUrty attractive a-! bedroom bongelow wHh a -dlf. (erent- layout, of Roman brtek. ..beautifully landaeaped la a ilea af attr attiaellaa homee and becking oa to a amaU parit Dramatw flrapLaee wall, dallghttul dining room, paaa through to the Intimate broakfeat room, say, bright kitchen, plenty at room (or a bocevnoiit rec. room. Aaking 417404 NO. ISSl. MLS lll-B. Mra. . Oordon. .744-041, eve-aiaga. , Wettbon ' :'.. A Doll't Home: It nelly la. and Me la ahlnlng condition, perfect for a retired couple who weu Id enjoy the lovely large treed garden. 'Juat 1 bedrooma. no baaement. The p recent tenant la willing ta atay al SOS par month ar we aie.vw. eo. ia, mra. 1 raa-aiai, Jerries Ig our bBitnsgg, and we oar homtt tor even bad- fet; call M at any (itng, or siea-trained and experienced agent are atoays at tour 236-9401

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