The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1930
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 0, 1930. PEASAHTSfflOW' opposrnoN TO SOVIET LAWS H DAILY COURIER, C ONNBLLBVILLE, PA. PAHR SFA'K". of Greek, German and Other Peoples to Leave Shows 1'colJng 1 . By B U G K N K I.TOXS L ' n l t ' d Vrcss Staff CQi'rospondcnt. MOSCOW, Jan. G.--The. attempte o£ Germane, greeks end other minority people resident In the Soviet Union to migrate atiroad en masse Is one of the strangest and least e-xpeoted conea- quonce.s ot the government's aggressive polieyi toward Uio peasantry. In (Some 'way it has proved the most omtiarrustilng ot those conBOfiuencDS for tho Soviet Icadem. The migrations, like tho spread ot murder and arson against Soviet officiate are au expros- eion ot ilesperaio.opposition on part of a eectloa of the peasant population to the collectivization policy and the vigorous methods of grain purchase. · But whereas violence, can bo mot with i-uthless official counter- violence, ths migrations preeentcd u new and puzzling problem. Moreover, thoso minority peoples naturally aroused tho sympathy of their blood brothers abroad oni\ gave the problem an Intern a'tlonal political turn. The Soviet drive agalnet the better- to-do peasant households hit the Gorman farmers in Siberia, tb,e Volga region and Crimea especially hard, be- canso the general level of prosperity was considerably higher among them. Tho same applies to a certain number of Greek tobacco planters in the 1 Cuu- eatiue and Crimea. It te estimated that aome '13,000 poaennt« of Gorman origin , recently concentrator! near Moscow in the hope of leaving: tha country. Tho authorities blookiHl'.the arrival of · oUier thousands, Otherwieo the number might have- g^own to 25,000 or more. Tills, however, i« still an ostremely email fraction of the total German population In Russia, which according to tho la«t cenAihs exceeded 1,300,000. Tho attempted migration, in other word«, may bo taken as a form of re- o\\ part o£ the upper layer of WINTER DECLINE HAS SET IN INDUSTRY IN PENNSYLVANIA Uy UnJtccl 3'ress. Jan. G -- A Thero wad 11 considerable proportion of poor and middling person* unions them, yet the primary Impetus, most unbiased observers «.gre, cause from t l i o so-railed "kulaks," or richer True, 'fiy, comparison with or Ge-rman farmers, many of the«o richer pt^aearits do not do policy here, however, ifl necesserily ba«ed ou Ix ul rather than interna- t i o n a l comparisons. Tin: principal thing which com- tiitMUatoiei abroad seem to have ovar- 1(K/l(rd in tliifs German situation ia Mint their p l i a n t w not the rceult of a MK'dal policy against German or other lor^igit colouihtH. It ie part and par- « I of the f i i t l r o agrarian policy, wbii'Ji h i t n certain peasant .elements mike w h e t h e r they bo Kuselan or Oer- main or Jfw letting-down, duo primarily to tlio tul- vanco ot luclenjont weather conditions as winter sWs in, is t h e ' outstanding general Irond noted In tho report of tho bureau pC employment miule today to Fetor OHck, Secretary of Ijnlmr ami Industry iii Pennsylvania, Btormy weather htus forced Hie discontinuance of nearly all construction iat AlJentown. Athoiigrh December was a 'good month for thio work in Erie, the larger projects -flow planned will (not be started until spring, Tho btilkl- jlng now under way at Itarrlsburg «.ro being rushed forward by extra time labor. OpHralsm io unmilaka'bto among 1 Philadelphia "builders, but tho real eetato situation remains in poor condition. At PHtsburg. construction work lias been retarded by Hie bad weather conditions. A decline in demand for workers in tho metal Industries In Western Pennsylvania wa« noted. The employment bureau, however, indicates its belief that this condition will prove- merely temporary, From Scrauton cornea the report that 1029 anthracite production will bo several million tons above that of 1028. In 192S a total of 72,114,000 tone were produced. The production for 1D29, up -tc and I n c l u d i n g the week ending December 7, wa« 70,305,000 tons. Th f u l l time. Practically no change is reported In the coal mining situation in "Western Pennsylvania. The Central Pennsylvania railroads show a decline in business, neceafcitat- ing laylng-off .men from both shops and roads. WATCHMEN CLAMBER TO TOP OF 200-FOOT TOWER FROM WOLF l:j 1'nltcd Press. KANSAS CITY. Mo., Jan. 6--Kansas City now 1« safe for Little Red Hiding tlood. ' St. Patrick ran the enahes from Ireland, tho lluosovolto killed the Ovis Poll in Aeitt, and Fred Goier has elaln the phantom turror of tho heart ol Kantian City. The wolf of Ponn Valley Park, tho ghoet ot the evening, the big bow-wow oil tho boulevards, is dead. Scoroa oC huntsmen, mounted policemen and other ballistic experts tracked the beatt to U« lair near tho Union Station hore ami two loads of buckshot put in other hunting grounds. Thus ended a week of apprehension. Night watchmen of the Liberty War Memorial clambered to tho top of its 200-tbot tower arid, safe among the granite nngeis of its frieze, had warn- ·! the pubJic u wild beaet was here- .ibouta, i'olicemou ecoftyd. It may have boon a hungry dos,'. "Dog. my eye!" hM C. A. Damran, memorial watchman who reminded t h e m lio iYn« once national amateur rille champion and had hunted game on four continent*, Ho was euro the a n i m a l wjs a gray wolf. TABLE PORCELAIN SET WILL BE GIVEN BELGIAN PRINCESS By "United Prc-as. PARIS, Jan. i3--One ot tho richest and most expensive seta ot table procolain in tho world will be proeent- to Prlnccee Mario Jose of Belgium ns the gift ot Fratu a on her wedding day. Tho French National 1'orcotaln Manufactory at Sevrc ? SB rushing work on the gift and it will bo presented by President Gaston Boumergua in the name of tho Gnernmont. Bach dish of the 416 included In tho service will have lace-liko edges and b»ar tho colored coat of arm# of the Prince of Piedmont. It was estimated that the aorvtco would bo yIued at $40,000. Representatives of tlio President will carry sampi"3 ot the j)ir,vlce to Koine vrlien they attend tho wedding but tho entiro tit-t, will not lc» completed u n t i l February. The Sevvc-s Manufactory n e v e ' m a k o n marketable porcelain but ile i nitre o u t p u t Ja as State gitte. Ruffdule Smifchton ; S.MITJITON*. Jan. C--Mrs. George- J. Hurgaii !« spending several daye vislt- iiist at the home ot rolativos of Carnigie. .VTrt. Carl Warner was a guest at tho lioino t£ relatives t Jacoba Creek Tlmniday. Mr. and Mm. Americas Vldale and HCU, Blillc, were guests at the home of Air. and Mrs. Kmlolph Crobak at McKecsport, Wednesday. Mrs. A l b e r t CriUey iti spending a few daye visiting at t'ie home of relatives at Washington, Pa. Krnnei/3 Douglas was a Pltteburg visitor Wednesday. Mr, and Mrs. Harold Heffran were euvU «t tho homo of Mr. Heffran's imrrnta, Mr. and All*. James 'I'. Hcff- ran ot SJKH»«, Thursday evening. Mrs. HIrani \Viguer of IMUtsbuvg has returned to her h 71110 after spend- KIK P V ( i ; U days \ i s l l i u i ; ;ii tiut hn;no of li'-i- itirinifc, .Mr : nil .Mrs, K«l»e.t Mil) II If '1'ivo .Skaters lmMti. r O N M N M V I L L f ' 1 . I ! ' , ,I;ui 0. --Two boys woro ilrowru-J in l u n t c h a n ' s pond, f t o u t l i of this) tiluce. late last n i g h t w l u l u sk.ithiK on ' r u b i H r ice." one of t h r n i goniK to ins d.\tr \ in an dUf-nipi t o r o f r i i o t h u u t h i ' i I'"our o t h e r boyK iiutUir IJ.LU. RUP^SIJALE, J f j n . G--Mr. and Mrs Peul Roeenateelo and daughter o Mount Pleasant spent Wednesday with the latler's pcrentu Air. and JMre Albert Wllliarae. iSdward Shipley of Ohiopyle fcpotit a few days with his brother, Harol Shipley and family. Mls« Leono Thorn is, a stud out nurse in the Columbia Hospital, Wilklne- burg, spent last week nt her homo. Mr. and Mra. II. Edwards and sot o HomeeCead visltr 1 the latler's par erite, Mr, and Mra. ( . H. Tnrr. George Voters wa a bnsiJiess caller in Plttfiburg Monda Miti« Thelma Colo s p e n t a Tow days w i t h her tfifiter, Mr». Clmrlcs Hart and family ut Wyano. Misa Agnt-H Mottle a K t u d e n t of In- tiiraia State College, epenl last week with her parents ho; o. Mra. Annabelle Bht plar !e visiting her daughter, Miia. J;mies Robinson ot Jeannette. Mr. and Mrs. Walt' r H l a f r of McKeesport, Bpent a few days w i t h relatives hero. Molvin Crist of McKeepport was a caller here recently. Mr. and Mrs. George Slllaman and children of Youngwoud visited the former'e parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. SHlaatan. Mr. and Mre. f!rjver Kinp and Charles Ramp of PittMlrn were calling on Mr. «nd Mrs. George Sharpc, Saturday evening. « Mr. and Mrs. Roy Snyder and children of Fairbanks, tpe/it Sunday with the former'a father, Louie Snyder and family. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sisco and aonti, were visiting Ilia lattci'e father in Plttsburg'a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cowan and daughter were vicifing w i t h the lat- ter'« parents, Mr. and JSirs. ffaneeri of near Uniontown. Mr. and Mre. Ausiip Barron and daughter of Warren, Ohio, visited Mre. Barron'e mother, Mrs. Fannie Henuel. ,, Mr. and Mre. Earl I/oucks and eon of Greeneburg; visited the latterVs parente, Mr. and Mrs. Hit hard Ueniker here recently. HURRY FOR Only One of a Kind! 3-Piecc, full size bed, dresser and chifforobe, reduced to 3-Piecc Suite comprising the bed, vanity and dresser, now selling at 3-Piecc Poster Bed milftl, Including chifXorobe and vanity, o n l y 4-Piece walnut veneer Poster Bed Suite, regular 185.00--Now 4-Piece Spanish Poster Bed Suite, Regular $240.00--Now , , ... 4-Piece Burl Walnut Suite, ·will go now at , $67.50 $85.00 $98.00 $14.50 $169.50 $15S.50 ODDS AND ENDS Walnut finish Uresser. Complete \vith 4 Jarge sine drawers Jlcgular $85.00 Two-Tone Walnut. Chifforoucs--now soiling at Regular $7."i DO Two Tone W a l n u t Uhifforobes, while they last Regular $110.00 Bachelor Vanity Wardrobe Regular $5:",.00 Burl Walnut Chlfi'orobc ,, Golden Oak Chifforobe .$39.50 $37.50 $69.50 S37..50 $16.75 SIMMONS Bed---Spring-- Mattress; Bed Outfit, consists of stool w a l n u t finished Cotton Mattress and a Simmons l i n k spring, complete ,,_ Deep-Sleep Fnnnr .Spring Mattress Kapox Mattress, while they last. Regularly $35.00--Now «J 50 Ib. Ail Cotton Mattress $19.95 . $25.00 .95 THE GREATEST FURNITURE EVENT OF ALL TIMES I-PIKC'K W A L N U T IJJKDHOOM SUITE, NOW Here's an extraordinary bargain that you will want, in-k'c thewo suites will not last long. Come early, at this low bod, chest, vanity, large ·l-l'lKCi) BUKL W A L N U T BKDROOjtt .SUITE -- Now , A dignified, luxurious 4-piece suite, comprisi ig the drcssei*. Walnut veneer, Ebony 4- 'Mece Burl Walnut Suite. rQCI Very massive. Reg. $535, now Bedroom lloeular suile. fi-picco modci'nisfic triuimod. Regular $450.00--- Now ........ _ ..... . . 'J-Pleco Drown Mahogany -- Itt-giilar $ ISO-- Now K-Pieco docornted. $3 HO --Now $315 icauHfully $295 Suite, beautifully Rimistisrs Summit SUMMIT, Jan. ti-- Mi atul M i a . .Jacob Ilarford and daughter, Melcia, Mr. ami ftir«. Ewinp Jfeet and Airs. Wade Tli'iisel and son \ v p i e c a l l i n g on Mr. mid Mr'i. J. H l o n r r a l f J l c k ^ r ^ o i i K l i n . L l u d I'rl.ic, ^ \ h u U I'oljllutd to Ms hoiiu'. liy lliupjjH in batter. Jnmi'ti Hill of Oliver !« v i s i l l t i R Mr. ami Mrs. Kobert .IMnkncy. Mrs. Vrcd C«mpb(*ll of -iotitli Conn e l l s v i le was calling on M r s . K w i n g linger. Nora Ptricklcr of ] n n h a r -^ mi i r f p i i d f i -it thl« p l a t e ceuUv. Building Supplies CEMENT SAND GRAVED TLASTL'K LIME, ETC. We carry a complete liuo of high grade building material at all ti'mes and best market prices. McCorniielc Avenue, (/'oiinollsrll)e t I'a. Phone 1700. Chief Es:ecutive Sets New A dollar's ivorth of satisfaction, for every one you spend. Call '9t And You'll (Jet J ( I J'lione ail. President Hoover with his military and n^aval -J- A. M. and 3:30 P. M., a gigantic stream o' aides on the White House ver oida at Wnshinirton, visitors, including diplomatic rcprespnlalivc'i o ' foreign governments, passed b e f o i o the Cine ' Executive, who later declared that lip and Mr« D. C, following- tha New YOJ r's Day celebration, during which ho and Mrs. 1 ioover shook hands with 6,348 callora, Bctwee i the hours of 10 Hoover aiscc. had thoroughly enjoyed the expcn START THE New Year Free From Itcbulve now to hnve n* money worries during 1030. Pay :tl! your onistandins obli- Kttin; w i t h an pny-lo-get, confiilnntinl loan obtained here. You run borsow up to .$300.00 on your own ixirsonal respon- s i b i l i t y w i t h o u t onWfle signers. P;iy us buck In ,sm;ilt ciuiy-to- nu'Ot imymput.s t i l t e d to your iniMHijp. H t a r t t h e Kt'iv Year i-U'bt. Lot us Icli ytij about our (liKni (led lo.-ining jjU'in without uhliKiUkm nnd nnr her vice n bit'li ,. erteiuls over TO yours in Cireonsburc;. IIKJUIVO about our ]5onns 1'lun. C'all, Write or »,/ P110NB J-3-l-a l.u f i l l e t ! by th! P t a t o O]''li b 3U -- S.if. S t-j 6. Alverton JOB PRINTING OF ALL KINDS DONE AT THIS OFFICE. ALVWRTO.V, Jim. «-- Mr. tinO M r . John Uriinm, fllr. mul M l * . Joh |JJreegk*, .Ur. tuul MM. SVilliuiu Obt- j i i i i i l d u n , (Henri, l e f t for Mugarii Ktili Tluirsday n l K l i t w h o r e they w i l l vw relatives Mr. a n d Mrs A l b o r t S w a n g e r an- rhildron ot Kcottdale, were ftadachv hut, i' i-u Co trolf, Midi , a f ' f f i - spoiidlne; ( l i e lir.ll- tluyh w i t h hin i i i n i l i c r . M M K l u . i b f t l i l-iudai.'liy. MiLlKu-1 ClJirl. or Slur J u m l i u i i is V l r i i i i U ^ H ' l U l i V t ' B i u ' l l ' l l l l - l W l ' i ' K . lAIC 1 1 , M.ii'i',iiivt M i l l « ys a S i o t t d . i l c c u l l e r 'riiuii.-ilny. Mrs. . l e n n i o F r o n t n ; i « ,1 c a l l e r Scoltdale or.o i l a y lad \\ecic f i o i n I ' l l i t i i i u r r w h days « i t n r e l . i l l v i i UNION LOAN CO. First National Hank KMg. Itomri !!(M--»StH'«ril Floor, GREENSBURG, PA. Mr? Dorl by Slurrei «,IP A H r o l l d a l o " h o p p e r T l i m v c l a j . .Mrs, J M i i d i u l Hnj'dor hati lii|) tli--ilt[('il »'!' San l''inili A N KllANCf.SCd, .inn C e h a n t f o was u i f o n n i ' d last n i s l u . 1 UliU t i l e H r l l i h l i n i o t o i - l u p I ' l r n n o ' ( ' i l v , ^ i i i f l i ^ , i i ) f f l for V : i i i c ( i i u c I ' l d i n lie, D i v e i n l i e i I , h i d \ s i r r ?'-·-( 0 · SCO. --'flu- .1 i . \ ef~- · - a! 11 (lit rS I I lie i n v n r r 1 relLuued ' -aiaa ."- UL u! i h r Kr,iri|()ii S m i l i Ini", I h,if ,-h ' \\ ets l o l r f l l · ills- Those Patronize Who Advertise

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