The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 27
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TUESDAY, AVQV8T: 18. 19M. (Cwtvfr lraMia Cohans, WVttT BASSET M. M A L. FYS ANO HOBBY CENTRE, poE. marly 111 Leurier West.- Now Teeeted al ta Bank-near Somer- yi ; nm pn now, im-ihi. POODLE PUPPIES, REGISTERED, wwt. miniaturee; s -Mm. eae-ieiaj ; ' ;. ItKGISTiliCD WRITE (AMOVED . pupplee, t wMl old. Price MO. .ipply.-W. luiiin Box lis, sOmiths Palle, Ont.' , . - "nioVstEUo chihuahuas for K'lOtlT B R I D MINIATURE ,Kllf. male, 10 Hkl 7-J164 REGISTERED - W B I M A R ANBR , Apply. RoimM PerreuH. Nsvan, BR I. WntM till SIAMESE KITTENS Of BEGIS-tercd stock. Searpotnt Blue-point. Rudy to go. 7U-H30 SlCVER POObLE' PUPPY, 10 Ml , mlt BTITTBnXB KENNELS. PETS bord4. jMthsd, eltppsd and oroomod. AH types of puppies orvHi. lies Wellington, In- Bill, stlttevllle Complets una w m ouppii- TO POODLE..'. TINY- T O V brad. Littls basuttss reedy to-go. 'Sired by AmerKen Champion Ilur- Showman.' -Chsmpion mt.wAm All MlflM AVKIIbKI U '.Conrtmy. Doreeurt Kennels. '.124-4011. " TOY TOX TtRRIER PUPPIES. registered: rn-iw.-. .'. I0ARDINO KENNELB ' nr..'- a mn r-i to. 'nono .Mr, nayes. lee-eew. 30 - 001TIT TT nmrnwi lOLO ON TI MB, "no down payment. M montho to pay. Phono in Embryo, or writ 19a Mariboroucn, Ottawa. FOR BALE. 11 HEAD YEAR AND half old Absrdssn Angus Heifers. -Some cows with calf at fool. J. D. glean.- Winchester, , OnU RR L PhoW H144Q-14W. HAY:I FOR -ALE. iCLOVBB. Timothy,. AlisUs, 74t-iaai. of M-aP, .' r. ',.,..., . BOSSES BOARDED. LAROB. clean box stall', automatic water, tag ayatam. Boat of ears. Rlvar Road, 1', mllea south of Uplands Airport. M. Whelan, 111- ISPw. f . " -'. - - ; . SHETLAND PONY COLTS. TOP quality, from 150 an. Bikti'i Pony farm. Carp, Oat. Phono M SHEEP AND M LAMBS. RICH- 3S-Z2US. . . e- SM BALES OP HAY FOR SALE. Apply Doug Donmson. Rtspi- vllle. tjnt., lut s sss-aast 1.000 SALES OF SECOND CUT alterfe in itald, slap timothy and alfalfa bawd. Leonard Trotter, '"' Madac Out. - Telephone 47S- 1541. 4.000 BALES OF GOOD HAY IN barns. Writs or phono Amhroaa Carvla, Elgin. Ont, Phono Elfin 309A STAMPS 1Kb (OIKS Airr amount or canad i a n or Amonoan am proof-Ilka Mil. dol-urf.ntly wanted. Wo or sail Coin Centra lara. ate. will travel ' of Canada, M Suassa. iM-MSl OTTAWA COINS. COIN INVEST-ment brokorai Wo will buy or pell soms for you on our tala typo at reaaonaDio mm. aaa- lit. -: . UNCIRCULATED, COINS. . . ALL jeara, naeoaa for central wa ads Exhibition, no-mi. WE BUY COINS BEST PRICES. Have ear will. travel. Mal a Coin sr. 1st (tueoa, sw-hbs. . 400 EMOKAlS A. MVOOVB MUSICAL SERVICES Planes tuned, repaired. Instruction oa bead and srehestrs - atnainsnis. new pisnoa sna wstrumsnts for si ABB: I WONT HAVE TO SELL your outboard motor to buy the wonderful conn organ, si new Parlam'a; tkey fur easy terms uove. adpij, ARB YOU THINKING OP BUILD-. Ins your own furniture! Design jKrrvjire ana tscuities srsuaoie. Tar ant ormat ion call TH-U3S. CARD AND MIND READING. siso tea leavee rosa. iss-oiia. DISCARDS FROM y6u BOMB srovloe work and wares for the - handicapped and seedy at the Ottawa Neighborhood Servleea wersahops. 7IS-JTJ7. DUMP, TRUCK. S-TON. AVAIL- sblsrror trsati removal. sgo-TJI EXCELLENT CARE FOR ELDER' ly people, room and hoard. 73S- 1: oisit..' . :r FLOORS. BEAUTIFULLY CLEAN sd. waxed and potuhed. SU- OsfeTUMAN. --PT. NO TIBS, assks frieadatilp of older woman. earner aas not kmportaat. Box c-sss. Murnsi. HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR waaherf For free estimates, 123- LAMINATED ' IDEJOOTCATION cards, (l. , For Information LONELY YOUNG EXECUTIVE (441. recently trsnalerrad to Ol- be, ts Interaated In meeting youns lady. S.VM. companion-v ;r ship. Snap appreciated, but not Sjeeoeaary. bmr sss7, journot. MOVTMOt FOB LOWEST RATES . denenclabls aervlce call Capital. Fully Insured. T41-TSI I . PIANO TUNING 0"R REPAIRS BY . longer and retain Ita value If property mainuuneo. rnone '.: Robertson. Pingls and Til ley ' Ltd.. ts spsHia Street, W-1MI. PRINTINO. LETTERHEADS. OR . envelopes, SI4 thousand, earda 7. flyer 10. Caes print 711- KESPBOTABLB WIDOW - WOULD .. Ilka Jo snsot.reapeetebl gentie- aeaai, spm we. arox eiiea, i MTlrTxD GENTLEMAN. S E B K-mg home near bus routs, would share expenses, no young chll-' jlnri. Bo B-4ME Jonrnsl. ROOM, BOARD. ART CARB FOR -elderly people. Reasonable rate SfMNTIF!C INTRODUCTION Centre, SO Avenue Rood. To-ntvnto , OntrMS-bsSI. sTnOIXYOUNG IJkDTtNT7CRCST- 'Hkht meellng pi ofeeetonaj un-'bttscbed gentleman;' lata twenties, compenlonshlp. Boat X-4M, :' .aensnal. . c , SINGLE,1 UNATTACHED. . JOIN Lrrlendanip . i aaeoDle of me Club, Uvlroducea ood eharscter s I li , .ages. Out-of-vows uveurlsf weK corns. Confidential. Tele phone SM-Mrrt.. Box D-TfO. Journal. ; BDMILB GBNTLBMAN, (401, IS IN-s tereated In meeting an 'sttrse- . (Snap' appreciate! but not oecee-J aary. box s, jininm, SPONSOR WANTRD FOR INTEL. Meant bard wsrkmp group ia- Vnrved ra tmpsrunt. matortcal nssct for Canada l dtntenaisi, ox E-47, Journal. ' I fCosiilnued on Jtexi Coltimni ICont. train preceding Column! TYPEWRITERS. RENTALS. Wt- psinsvonlrig delivery, rnone UPHOLSTERED FURNITURR BE-covered, slipcovers, repairs, a lichen chairs recovered Quslity materials Low prices. 711-7171. WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO. maaaago arts atsam. opera laa by frsdusts msiismsa. Phoae tat- 0151. . ;. WHY NOT RENT AN ECONOCAR for your vacation No travel re strictions and wsskly rales faaa soan you inms. Ail sara. auto ma tic. insurance, eeat belle, raw dip. Telephone 74S-I4Q4. YARD. CELLAks AND OARAGES clesnsd and hauled swsy, repairs, painting, small carpentry work, lawn can sod gfsasnt work. S3S4037. WITNESS REQUIRED WOULD ANYONE WITNESSING accident Involving automobile nd motorcycle st mterseetlon i of -Csrllng and Chenler, en July 10 10S4. st approximately I pjn. , please contact R. B. W 1 1 k Ids. ' 5mm, 731-1734. SEWINO CLASSES J ' , BEGINNER'S COURSE; S LES-sons. gtO. Telephone for In. forrnstisa regarding registration for this 'course-and also inler-. mediate and advanced ooursss In draaamaklns!. The Sewlns Bsaket. zve uurter waex, sar-oaaa. ' est. I WHY VACATICfN ALL ALONET LOCATING ETHICAL VACA-tlon. shsrs partners ts another . service provided by the Snaring Registry. . , Free . , Information. 134-Mug, snytlme. 501, Milt R0r WA1I1I0 AMBITIOUS GRAD8 XIII CBAD-i uates for training aa chartered accountants 73S-3141.- 7 CHART EBRD ACCOUNTANT'S office requires Intermediate or senior ca stuosnt or rseesi graduate. . MacLeod, . C o m r I e and Company, 3wUl. ENGINEER FOR NATURAL OAS furnace wanted. Apply to! St. ' Charles Home, 1st) Bruysre St., Otlsws. EXPERIENCED MAN FOR FARM with purebred . herd. Houss , svsUsbis. Box B-44, Journal. BXPER I E N C ED '-TELEPHONE salesmen wanted Apply Mr. Murdoch. 7IS-S031. '. - ' EXPERIENCED TOOL AND DIE maker wanted. Call Mr. Petri 71S-SM1 EXPERIENCED MANAGER FOR jfaa bar. East End. bilingual aggressive. Bex E-JOV, Journal. EXPERIENCED MARRIED MAN ' for dairy farm, modern house. fuel siid toUk supplied, ' good - wages. Box E-440. Jsurnsl, FIRST CLASS LICENSED MB- cnanic Apply is sersos. szo ase- Ree. ' GRADE XIII GRADUATES. 1 ".required as , ' 'tSTODErtTS-IN-ACCOUNTS " By Ottawa office of a' national . firm of chsrtered sceountsnta. ' AppUoanta ' muet have 04 ; sverage In sight, Oradg OUn: papers. .i-t,, , TELEPHONE 23tV705 . .' FOR APPOINTMENTS- . i s 'fV:.-'.-! PARTS T.'--TRqcx'''V;; r.V" DRIVERrV'7, Excellent opportunity 'for sn aggressive., young man to establish himself with sn sste motive deslsrshlp. . Applicants : muat he single. It to tl yeert ok) with at least I yearn high-sekspl sad cnauffsurs Ikreaxxi.. I lit -i,iir 4! Apply IS psTSnts as - , ttirirAriJIeT cabeldlTmotors . (1961) LTD. Corner Sparks sad Lyon Sts, -M.I .r 1.A- EXTERIOR PAINTERS- ft . - Top Balas j,. Apply k Person li ' MINTO ''JOHN PAR1SEAU 1 , PARK WOOD HILLS 1 ' RENTAL OF r ICE -1.S0 aJn. tJO mm.,'; l.r ' ;li ' t i 'I ."; "factory ; REPRESENTATIVE . V .1..;. '.. ,' V J'.r r-' For Hi IWtoe W Onurlo' by vary wvll MtblUhl rapidly axpandlnc Waal Cot . manafBrvHurat ProdmeX kiwarl- dir givaai al amnpairy factory, spoalt.oa. rqalnra alt ill in ptw aonal onntacl. amlaa fpftjnwtsoa), , mMivattan, trainlnif af laalar yartMiuial. Travel raqu trail, .Good. Intllal salary ptua aaf' and axprisTa allaTwanea. 9tmnH4 wtt) proTH ahartnc and aalary tiairaaaa axrtanttai. which ( mlmem tba .rHtht inan In i lop .bioma torarkat Unuanal frlnaa banaf.ta. Tba maitaiaifMnl la fiograaala and dMtaatad ' to iha- anlrli mi -nualw7d wfth anaottraalna lull dawlopihant ad tha Individual potwntiar and avtatf af oow mafBaBtrata rawarda. , ' Reply ' lit ttrict confldenoe, 'fivinf full particular ti to iducdtiori,' exprlenod, Ule-phon Aumber ind other pe toopj data to . s'i ;j - f. BQX '2 JOURNAL V Mr Interview at one of Ot-; tawa'B Istdlng hotels' August Z!,22(in4 23. " y 50i ,r-lltV.WIJTt. ... (Cont from Preceding Column! FIRST, CLASS BtLfNOUAL clerk-typist required. Apply In person to Boyd Moving and . Storage Ltd, Bronaos Point. No FULLER BRUSH COMPANY HAS eetabliahed Weet End rests. ' hlsn wsskly . Income assured Part-time opportunities s V a 1 1-abls. S1S-I4S0 I FURNITURE REFINISHER. TOP sslsry. henef Ita. Only highly experienced seed apply. Henderson Furniture Bspslr. PAS-ouls. INDEPENDENT. UKB TO ' BE your own boas, hsve the ability to work hard with minimum euoaivlalont Then consider the reel estate profsaalon for I a atsks la the cremondous growth ' sf our economy. Full on the job (raining provided. Age St or over, good health, esr required. For personal interview call ' Bryes Beckett, ttMIM. Marvin Orssnsers Ltd.. "Realtor,- SM-lU. JANITOR REQUIRED SEPT. 1, for apartment building, as Regent Street. 114-01 11. JANTTOR FOR S-UNIT APART men! In Eastvlew, S-bsdroom i apartment svsUsbis st reduced rent. Daytime 330-f 72S; svs- niags sat-snas. KITCHEN HELP WANTED. EVE-, alngs. 74-llS LINOTYPE OPERATOR. EASTERN Ontario weekly, near Ottawa rormsJesni. pox ssje. journal NATIONAL ORGANIZATION, RS- qulrea s smsrl young men ls-11 vesrs, to train for Salee Career. Unlimited eppertuaity. bilingual preferred, but not eases Hal. 4 to g months training program at fixed, sslsry. Boa B-410. Journal. REPRESENTATIVE FOR LARGE food manufacturer, Ottawa and district. Must have chain sad wholeeale experience. Sslsry and expenses, bonus. . fringe benefits- Box E-4B&, Journal. SUPERINTENDENT LANDY MAN. full time for S-slorsy modern - SDsrtmsnt building, couple only. , ' free apartment plus vood aalary" References. Apply -aox sisv, .MECHANICAL' piUFTSMaAN-i: Expfrfienctd mserisnlcti drgftinvgn requlroxl tor detign and detsil work on rotsry printfno; fsse. L Desirable qualifications Include Grade 12. or aquivalenl and technical- school trsintntj In drafting. Prefers Wo exper I-snoa will include paper converting machinery ot mill work. : t . A knowledge ot gearing mechanisms, paeutBttie srtdor electric control sys temt will be advantageous Aged 25-45. ThU is an opportunity to Join an expanding and creative engineering company. ' ;' . -jsppry only to writing to Ashton Press Mfg. Co. Ltd. Tf.0. BOX 3250, STNVC Ottawa, pnt WE ARE NOW -. - , ' t-. INTERVIEWING , - 4 .STUDENTS . For Chartered Accountant' Office W A . ' r .''." ' University degree ,s Senior Mstrlcvletlon reaulrsd: sw 4th or Its ysar students. , ' ': ' ' '' " e. , .'..'' Reply at rtrnfldencg to , Peat Marwick AAJtchell '' and Co. 3S3 DALHOUSIE STREET' 232-1546 SYSTEMS ANALYST multi-unit arggntistteaa, o leader an the protective eost-atgs Induatry. is sssktns a university graduate, prefsrsbrr aa Comiseios or Business As minlatrstlon, are ts-SS, wne has bad at least saw year ot ly stems experience - snd - st -least one year of sajerssnce 'Osi dots prooeeerng at ' ths' operator or pi og i ensnier Is vet (preferably sat IBM 1400 ssrtss com pu torsi. Hs will bo located at our Heed Off lee la Montreal, and will eedure studies covering wide , erees of aur company " aetlvl Has ka the manufacturing, distribution and reteU sales fields. This Is a aswly creeled position which offers sn - above ' average alerting aalary.' and , excellent growth opportunities. Please apply In writing giving full personal, education and experience details, to . . ' BOX E-403, JOURNAL Your spptication will be . treated In atrictest confidence. "finance C0AAPANY v -f ; j v. i Requires . .YOUNG MEN Immediate i expansion program offers great opportunity and rapid advancement Full pay whHe we train you to become 4 branch manager. Applicants must have high school or. comparable education, good appearance and be ambitious to assume rmpor-tsnt responsible position. " - OR " ! 'I . If you haye finance company experience you' have an excellent opportunity to become a branch manager within to 12 months.. , Applicants must be bilingual . .i : i. - .i . APP'F .,;. ' MsJ. CREANTR v SUPERIOR FINANCE -, . LIMITED , 30 Rtdesu SL -t.' , i- 232-53V3 'v 4- sot Mill mf vum ICont.- tmsn Preoadlng Cnlumal SALESMAN TO REPBESEHT floor covering wnoisssisr. Handling leading line of herd surfaes flooring In city and Ottawa V el-ley. Knowledge of rstsll f Issr- taie trade dealmbkB Car ssaen UaL sgs to St. Attractive aalary, bonus plan and other owns- Rts. Boa aosi. journal. SALESMAN, : FULL OB PART-tuns to ssll direct s ualous well proven electronic Ignition fori ears,' trueks, farm eoulpmsnt. Ste. For . banter than average Saminsa, write or phono, fly lead ingniUoa Sales, sal Bay Ave, Ottawa. T re-mo. TAXI DRIVERS. OVER U YEARS of oge.- Apply 1000 Wellington TAXI DRIVERS WANTED IMMB- dlstsly. v Csll 7XS-S011. WANTED. EXPERIENCED MECHA nlc. CsHJa-7llirosa;"tor Mr. WSOSSSB, YOUNO MAN. PREFERABLY - with some corasnerclsl snd secretarial training for work In Engineering - Bales Office. Good future, sae to-14. 711-0701 for appointment. SHORT ORDER COOK EXPERIENCED, GOOD WAGES. Apply In person. Sherry's Rss-tsursnt. Sparks st O'Connor. PLUMBINO AND HBATINO CONTRACTOR NEEDS MEN. good opportunity for men with general knowledge of b u s I noes, wsrshouslng. clsricsl snd coating experience Also lob foreman needed. Reply giving full psrti-culars. Box E-4S4. Journal. : pABTTisiB poamoN A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION has an unusually Interesting snd cnellenglog parttlme yob opportunity. Aapueants must hsve s good educational background end be willing to vanrk at least S evenings per week, sad Set order, ror apeomuneni or fur ther inforautloa can Mr. nansr, r7-07ei. a pm.-a pm. only. BBAL ESTATE , . Ears WhUs Yea Leara - A : REAL DOWN -' TO EARTH J training smgraat la avausbls. To aur full time career llooneees while working oa seer ' team of . qualrfisd experts. For mtsrvlew . and application. eaU . Csorgs Tliomas - Sslss Manager, aa 1M1. evenings 13 -Soil Thomas anipman Ltdn rieaitor.- SALEgMAN . HI-FI COMPONENTS OUR EXPANDING ORGANIZA-Hon requires a dynamic- sales man aa oommiaaeaon basis for Eastern , Ontsrlo. World re nowned bread name products Applbesnt assy carry other non- confllcUng Unas. Apply: Dual m csnsda. st stslford Avenue. Toronto II, Ont.. . SENIOR CREDIT " AND COLLECTION CLERK . We ere Inokmg for sn experienced, hlllngusl clerk to direct ' our credit snd collection se-tlvltiee. This aersoa must hsve several years' experience aa Ihla type of work. . The sslsry at open for dla-euaalon and complete company benefits are ovallsbte. LA SOCIETE GAZIFERE DE HULL INC . . . -i For Jnteraiewa, call . NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Y MR. McEWAN : ; 235 -1851 A - ENGINEERS : r TECHNICIANS DRAFTSMEN ' Reou ired for deslgs ana) de valoprnenl work aa radio com-.mtsnlcstlans eoulpment and la ' duetrial glsstruiile eonarol sys-tssns. Previous experience as a mem-bar of sat engineering team a pacify education and experience in detsU. sgs, marital statue aad aalary expected. . Group Insurance, panel on plan and other benefits., t v Measurernent Enfjineering Limited f A re prior, . Ont, , '. . ' . , ( : 5011 ULQMLI All. ACEITS BILINGUAL SALESMAN RE- Suired for Mtasnslly advertised Md soaapsny. ese St-SO, sU benefits, osr supplied. Rsply giving resume af sducstkm, ex-- pertence and salary expected. box a-ova, eounw. THOS. SHIPMAN LTD. REALTOR NOW EXPANDING AND BS euire Heel Esuu aalesinas uv saisasaa km high earnings. Training In sit phasss provided. Immediate vacancies available. Cell Qeorge Tkoenss, Balsa Man- ager. sse-saaii sera. . ... REP. FOR TEXAS OIL CO. WORTH UP TO $12,000 ' Need aunt aver 40 for Otlsws area.' Take short auto trips. Contact hesvy , souisment snd . flsst owners. v . . y t ' Writs ' . - ; , 1 ; ' B. O. DICKERSON, ; ' . .... SW PETROLEUM SM N. Msln. Ft. Worth, Texas : "A SALES . .REPRESENTATIVE An opportunity ex lata wtth a rapidly expanding orgsnirs-tlos m the preeaurs sensitive label field- Gross potential makes that opening an sxosllsnt position . .lor sn experienced. tateUlgent, sggrsaslve youn man, aged aa to as. Sslsry, commission, es-pensss and company ear with Reply ka confidence giving full resume af education, experience snd salsry required. - BOX E-501 JOURNAL 502 FIMilf W WIMD 1lL ATTENTION. BTVDENTSI yeai be ot the- "Open House"? ror details, eso tne social pegs Victor Comptornctar ; Limited U7 Laurler West.- BABralTTER. RELIABLE WO- man. Waatgast area, tts-rf 4S. sftsr S. : . ' BEAUTY COUNSELOR REQUIRES full, part-time, ambitious wemes taj-oss7. i ':''-V"-''r'y':;'r:r THE OTTAWA JOURNAL RUUtt Ustaf ths folloerlaf IS letters ht ths kiaak sousrss bs- - form vertleeirjr aaat horiaoatsj' ly? Uss asxso word only oaeo aad as proper asiraa orphirakr please. Whoa words oontaia ' iaat thaa S IsUsrs snd srs kt asms Who I a TOIOsT scorv Inf la 1 pt for word 'TO" and S pts. for word "ICS." MAXI- . MUM NUMBER or POINTS . PER LINE IB FIVE. To saatst you, we save fcexsrted. a tmw sddltlonsl Utters, .-- ' ac fg ; Hr4H 1L OOP TREAT I t I JMHIiei.1 aTCORhNOt ass asisee kmm TiiiiHsr . . 34-53 j mm swai. , pu. 44aaenB4skJ eWsrlNf wMfsaVs aj pstaj m 5TIES 2-Bdktr..l at. PaliSniaat by Slag 'catena sy.sicele. 502 ID(IJiJlll WAKTID (Cont. from Preceding Cotumal BrLINOUAL SECRETARY FOR the principal a office in the vsnaisex Hill collegiate Instr-. tuts. Dutias to commence Scot. I. Salary to be oommensurate with qualifies lions snd expert ones of the sppllesnt. Applications will be received by the Secretary up la snd Including - Aug. S4. 104. Phono Vankatsk Mm aia-aess or a7S-aaia. BOOKKEEPER, MIDDLE . AGED, w ..tiM.i unm vsuey small lumber auppllea. Reply stating experience, Boa E-4SO, Journal. CASHIER. EXPERIENCED, GOOD wsges. Apply in person to Mr. Cohen, at Caaltal IGA. 117 Wellington, or Mr. Green berg. awi stana an. CHARTERED ACCOO NTANT8 office has opening on ataff for experienced bookkeeper. Box B-4A0. Joumsl. 'r CLERK FOR LIBRARY WORK. salary hjsj. Must nave grade a bob avetw, aeurnsi. I DISHWASHER WANTED. S-DAY , week, s-d, food sslsry. Apply V la person. T7 Cafeteria. TT Mst- eelfe Street, from S-10 a.m. EXCELLENT OPENINGS ' FOR branch - at ore ntsitsgers 1 o n d checkers, steady employment, - guaranteed weekly salary. Ap-plv at head office only. Brook -shire Cleenere Limited. S77 Boyd Avenue, a Mocks south off carims at wsoo o aiotei. EXCELLENT WAOEB FOB QUIET , housekeeper, live In or out. End-Hah or Oermaa apssklng. 1U- aoia -4 . .- EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. ... AP- ply Plass Hotel - EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. EVE-, nine work. MP Restaurant, 74S- sxxs.. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS RE-auired. Green Valley Bsstauraat, - 7XS-STXS. ....... SXPERI ENCED WAITRESS. BL P I a a o Restaurant, Billings Bridge. 711-7071. GENERAL HOUSEKEEPING, fond af eMMrea. live la. goad sslsry. Experienced, 7XX-OOOS BE A HAIRDRESSER Greet riportunlty, Basra kslr-dreearni Plasssnt. dignified profession. Good wages sftsr graduation. Thousands sue-esssful Marvel atadsata. Aeaerkw't greateat aystsm. Illustrated ceulogue Iraa. day clsssss Writs or esU . MARVEL HAIRDRESSINQ SCHOOL.. ' 72 RidVau Street, Ottawa " , CE6-0615 CLERKS Wo hive several Immediate openings for store and office clerks. If you are interested an year round employ merit with stssdy wsskly sslsry, apply today at VAIL'S 1570 CARUNO AVE. at CHURCHILL Air Line Opportunity Be An Eastern Air Lines . Stewardess! Hard Is the career ecxsorlunltp of your lifetime with TRAVEL, PRESTIGE, AND GOOD PAYI You'll be trained at Miami Bprlngs Villas . , ,. Ainerteaia most - beautiful stewsrdsxs trsming centre . where - you'H enjoy swimming, golfing, snd ths sncnsntlng resort suwss 'Phere, To qualify for rrmsldarxtkm as an Ear tern Air Unas steward-, ese. you muat be: A high sohool graduate; smgle 1 widows snd divorcees, without children, considered); at least SO yeers of sgs (girls lll may spply for future conslderstionl: i" to IP" tall, welati between tea and 140 pounds (ta propotiMm to helghli; and bsvs st leest SO40 vision (contsct kmeea I. - '. ."'). ... . rVota rn(grtrleicn(7 for current . MM Juturo optntngtl . ' '"- MR.'V . RETD " ' Lard Elgin : RoteU : Wednesday and Thersdsy, August is and so-. Wedneaday, I a) I pm.; Thsnday, IS ts I and 4 ta g pjn. ' - R O HACK "' Regional Employ manl Manager EASTERN AIR UNES, INC, Miami international Airport. Miami. Florida SSlsa, : - . dba. . 502 roOUBWWAITID (Com. from areasdlna Columal HOUSEKEEPER. UVE IN. SM monthly Must a fond of children. 710-1171 or 745-daoe. MOTHERLY WOMAN TO CARE lor a echool-ags children, while another works, light housekeeping Copeland Park 7ia-aaol. after a pm. . REGISTERED NURSE FOR STAFF. SO beds. Box B-471. Journal. RELIABLE WOMAN TO MIND Utile girl, live In. weekejsds frss 711-SOU. RELIABLE GENERAL TO LIVE In, references, a, enllaren, good salary. 134-7 MS RELIABLE WOMAN TO LOOK after two cnudren Live tn. Telepnons Drummond Csalte. 7RIS. collect. REQUIRED IMMEDIATE L Y. keeping mschlns operator. muat nave typing, general ociice duUes, aiS-aios. Mrs. Clark RESPONSIBLE EXPERIENCED staff, practical auras. Box E-4SS. Journal, j- BALESCLERK8, INFANTS'. CHIU areas weer.x see our vwiwr wood. Westgsts sad Down Town stores. Experlenes in thU line not asesssiry but reUII eelling experience aa asset, excellent salary snd working i oondlUona. good opportunltiea lor advancement. Apply Mr. Abramson. Klddytowa. IS Rldesu. SALESLADY. PART - TIME. MIL- Bnery experience sewiw Colas Millinery. ISS a parks Duties to Include jrwltehbosrd. lypuix arm UI.II.W""' ' a. - responaence "ie. anwuMuw slrehle. s-day week. sU usual employee nsneniia. appu Wlngert. Censda Iraa Foundries Ltd . IsSO Star Top Read. 74P-S0S. SEPTEMBER. RELIABLE. mature, motner a neipvr, m e s live In. 7SS-T7M. Box E-t7. Journal.' STENOGRAPHER REQUIRED BY diplomatic masjicm Apply ouo Wllbrod. WANTED FOLKS IN OTTAWA and district to show' our excit ing Itoe of Chriatmas cards to friends snd neighbors. No experlenes accessary. Our big. tull-eolor eauiogus anakas It assy to get plenty ot orders. Earn extra money this wey writs today for Chrisamea cards sn approval and free catalogue. - Monarch Card Co., Dept. IS. 117 Caanon, Ham- Utoa. . WIDOWER REQUIRES MATURE housekeeper, erruet Hva in, two teenagers, modem conveniences. Ci7 vets room. 73S-4017. or nox JO. Journal. - WOMEN. AOE NO BARRIER, wanted, .for full or part-time office. , Must - speak English nusnUy, ai per . Hour gusrsn-tssd salsry. Call Mr. La belle lor appointment. 133-1 3ea YOUNG WOMAN OFFICE ASSIST. ant (or retail grocery firm, soms lypHas required, pleaae -eupply references. Boat B-a30, Joumsl. YOUNO WOMAN.' FOB COLLBC-. tiona.' or advertising sales. Phons lM-S4d. Mr. Colas. ASTOR CBAPEAUX LTD. hsndbass. a-day week, bilingual, retsil experience preferred. Permanent position. Apply 107 ,Rk deau street. THOS. SHIPMAN LTD. REALTORS AMBITIOUS LADIES. . WITH eome - selling sxperlence. del . ' seas af learning real estate. experience needed but willlng-.nces to spend long fruitful hours and witn a goal of earning 11. 000 per smwith. Btaht aetsb-Itahed real satata ofticea Full cooperation. Contact George Thomaa. Sales Manager, 13S- aiei: evenings, sae-strri CASHIER for, HARDWARE STORE IMMEDIATELY All employee benefits. BOX E-495 JOURNAL SEAMSTRESSES We have Immediate opening tn our drapery workroom. Experience In drapery and slip cover work prefer rag . The Fretmaa Employee Benefit Plan. Apply FREIMANS PERSONNEL OFFICE FREIAAANS DOWNTOWN office; POSITIONS 0 Off lea ckeriesl preferably with elementary knowledge - of filing and bookkeeping. O Young eroenan to train ss billing machine operator, a-day vassa..J-J i i i (' S The Praimaat Employee Benefit Plan. Apply' '.'' ."l FREIMANt PERSONNEL OFriCB V FREIMANS . ' DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCED COMPTOMETER -OPERATORS , Required fans mediately for lewt-aorarr aeMtasns. - H'' -Coll a YlsN T C . VICTOR - COMPTOMETER C - limited;-. ' 227 LAURTER WEST " " Room 220 - v .232-7964- . SALES AUDIT Hit comptumster oxpstiei Full eomp Pleeee apply In person ss the .' Personnel Dept. . ' . SIMPSONS- SEARS 2185 CARUNO AVE. -'- ItXnllnued on Next Cnlumnl 502 JWlli EBJ WArTEO (Cont. from Preoartlng Column! , AVON COSMETICS EARN THAT NEEDED MONEY the Avon wey, and cell 233-eoas for details. No obligation. R. L. CHAIN Limited Requires a CLERK STENOGRAPHER PuErhaUnjj tep4tsrtmtmt. cti?l-jtnt working cotlttora. full 1 rangt of cmplayM btticfltt. Tor appoUiinsnt. call 72244H Local 43 STENOGRAPHER We hsve e vacancy in our general accounting department lor s mature woenss ts set ss ,stanogrsphsr to pur office msnsgsr. This position will entail s variety of clerical functions, dtctstion snd typing. The successful candidate will have s - minimum 'of lour years experience and a deft, alte aptitude for accounting duties To arrange a persona! inter-view, plcsss contact ' MISS C. DAVIDSON COMPUTING DEVICES OF CANADA LTD. P.O. Box 508 Ottawa Phone 828-2711 Ext. 227 or 324 v ZELLERS LTD. Now taking applications for FULLTIME AND REGULAR PART-TIME POSITIONS Many -employee benefits. Excellent working, conditions Interviewing hours 3.30 to 5. ... Apply ' , ZELLER'S LTD. 1S6 Spa -its Street . -' v ' , : " - .'''" , MORE ' GIRLS " ARE DOING IT SELECT YOUR PERMANENT OR TEMPORARY JOB NOW Our desks are full of orders - because we give the pel Bona! attention that only -a local. Independent set Its can off sr. -Become an I.Q. (Independent Quality) girt .. , ' Put more at the bank far that special something. v CALL ANYTIME . 232-2444 ' PERSONNa'POOL OTTAWA'S OLDEST EMPLOYMENT CENTRE - FREIMANS "r ,' Downtown Hu openings for . SHOE STAFF wr Ladlaa' aUioa Desert- AppllcenU should have ai experience in selling shoes. BUIngusI- pre-t-day week. The Frsi- brsvl iadiaa' tarred eniatoyso benefit plan. . ";' Apply -'. '' FREIAAANS . Downtown ' 503 EMPioncw wina ACtOUNtANT, BIUNOUAL. seeks full or part-time employ- 74S-I71S a- - ' BEAUTIFY YOUB HOME. PAINT-tn. dscorstlng. kiterior. sxtarlor Fred SStlrantss. 74S-12M. BIUNOUAL GENTLEMAN SEEKS desk clerk position. IS yaart , experience, else knows switchboard. Box E-aaa. Journal. r phons 74S-SOO0 sftsr six pes. BRICKWORK. CHIMNEY RE- palrs. cement work, fie gat one no exocaa. eras estimates. 117. CAPABLE. . EXPERIENCED SIT-ter. lets afternoona and avs-nlnga only. 72S-44S1. CARPENTRY, BLOCK B B I C K and lament work eg all kinds, . flsor sad sstHng Ulea. Interior, exterior painting, lll-oase. CARPENTER. CEMENT WORK. - block chimney, aaintntg,' s t a a a facing. 711-1514. 7414071. evenings. CARPENTRY OUTSIDE. INSIDE. unaming, rearing, eavaetrousn- a-sg. uu eoe. sea-axes. CEMENT WORK AND STONE meson. Guaranteed. Free estimate Past service. 710-1711. CLEANING WOMAN. MORNINGS. Sandy Hill only. 121-1 315. DISHWASHER REQUIRED. FULL llms. Orsea Valley ReeUurant, 7ia-a7aa. .... EUROPEAN EXPERT WILL RE- your kr S51-OOS7 kitchen, piaanaama 17. EXCELLENT DAY WORK BY Experienced women. Reaeonsbls. Anywhere. S17-O50I. EXPERIENCED. WILL CLEAN, paint, rence. isnoscspo. If able, guaranteed. aU-liaa. EXPERIENCED BECEPTION1 S T or of flee work ree.ulred. Call 124-7 2S EXPERIENCED B OO K K B E PER desires full ee part-tlene work. 777-7471.' . " EXPERIENCED RELIABLE MAN - deeii se washing walla, cleaning. waxing, are pass. ' FAMILY. NEED OP ODD JOBS. truck, hedge trimming 12S-Q44S ROME fcEPAIRB. CEMENT POUN-da' tone, reefs, sts. avenmgs, lav KITCHEN MODERNIEED. GEN- aval alteratlens, beet eroriti-non- ibes rate, xbb-1424 LANDSCAPING. CEDAR HEDGES. aassstisughlns. son tnack svsll- Sbio, carts re. 74S-S7SO 501 uWOitfKT wiims ; ICont. front Preluding ColsmaJ MAN WITH. TRUCK WILL HAUL refuse to dump Rsssonsbls rates. 710-0501. MAN. BIO FAMILY HEIDI work. Have truck.' clean yards, painting. landscaping, hedge trimming, all Jobs accepted-' 131-044. 2 MAN WITH TRUCK FOR UOHT moving, cleanup, lawn mowing 74S-HIS.' .- . MARRIED MAN WILL WAShf. walls, floors, ceilings, odd lobsj '745-1401 MIDDLE-AGED GENTLEMAN Requires aositloa ss bookk e e p s r. full or part-uma. fully qualified fii-asfi. MIDDLE-AGE COUPLE DESIRES Janitor maintenance, lady aouss -work. U4-1041 nTgHT WATCHMAN FOR A FAC- tory. aia-oai7. ODD JOBS. CLEANING BASE-" menl. ysrds. etc. CIS-MIS P A I N T I N G. SATISr ACTION guaranteed, experienced pe Inter, rsssonsbls re tea. ajg-5s51. PAINTER. EXPERIENCED, BIO or small. We ll do them ell. CES-UI7 PAPER HANGER. PAINTER AND decorator, free eatlmatee. 237-150g - PLASTERING REPAIRS. STUCCO. 6 staling. carpentry. cement, rick. 715-1-IS4. aig-S74a. REGISTERED NURSE. NIGHT shaft. Friday. Saturday. Sunder BoxlV4Il. Journal. . R E L I A R LB HOUSEKEEPER, weekdaya. It hourly plus car-" fare. 73a-5 MO STEADY EMPLOYMENT DESIRED by reliable married man. Cleaning offices, also able to do painting, a years' experlenes snd 10 years with Sanitation Depart-ment. 135-0117. WELDING, PART - TIME. SATU8-dsys snd evenings. 745-4204 ' WILL REMOVE OLD CARS AND juns. ecu usso parte. 231-1144 .. WILL DO HEDGE TRIMMING. Und scaping, pamtlng. free eatl- cepled. 1M-S7S0. WILL DO TYPING EVENINGS, my home. Cell 711-0140. evenings. WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEWORK. 1115 sn hour, 50e for trsns-porlaUoa. 777-175. YOUNG MARRIED MAN DESIRli sleedy employment .Willing ta do snythlng. Experienced la service ,U"0JLJI??.'?1'M- rbuNo famTl if m an desires morning employment, good edu-ration. J years office experience. 735-iauS. pall cleanup man With trucks to clean yards, wash windows, painting, interior, exterior, hedge trimming, patloa. 1154441. $04 mam mm MUSIC SUPERVISOR FOR MANO-tlck Id-roomed public school. Septembor opening. Bute auall-, f K-atlona snd sslsry expected Apply M. H. Gordon, SecTress.. Box 115. Msnotlck. Ont. acher'"fob'"rc SSNO f-Osgoods, for Seplembsr. apply stsUng guallncatmna. salary and name of leal Inspector ta Mrs Thomaa Doyle. Sect-Trees, lUt I. Manotick. Ontario. ' THE ST. JOHN'S 'C. SCHOOL 7C Oulres ens high school English ' . teacher. Alberta 'a sslsry sad northern allowance. Apply ta Father J. s. Lessee. Secretary. Fort McMurrsy. Alia. Phsns 741-110t. , ,, ; .. TBMAOAMt ABBA : V ; ss Ne.- s straunr BxpartancsS Tasckef . .vwn vnrvn vni 1 J Mien I . It tat September. ISS4. Pleeee stats experience, sslsry recurred snd previous Inspector. Apply to S. H. Burwaah, Chairmaa, Ooward.. urn. SOS IUITI0I BECOME BILINGUAL IN IS weeks, f bi group All languages. School of Modern Lsngusgss. gSl Somerset West CE5-S04 ' EVENINO CLASSES IN FRENCH, experienced teacher. .un. LEARN ORAL FRENCH. BUS!-aesa con ferae Hon front retired , biUngusI executive, by discs, taps -recorded .-and private tuition. SHS-7I4S.' MATHEMATICS. CALCULUS, physics, Entllch. French and ehemletm PASJSWS. evejlaos -. RADIO AND TELEVISION ST A-ti one from coast ta ooast Been Sports snd Cornaaerrtel Announcers. Weether Girls sad BJ's. Commentators and News-men You may neve hidden talent. Call The Notional Instt tute af Broadcasting, 710-sdu - - . FRENCH CONVEBgATION . EVENINO COURSES, PRIVATE tuition. - mI1 .ism. s.. ' , European Collets graduate. US-. e.S 504 imsavKo. BABYSIT BY DAY. MY HOME. Lynsrood Vlilags. lia-aaM. EXPERIENCED CARE rOR ClTlC - . ai noma pie. 11a FLORENCE DAY NURSERY, License dsy-echool for children - of working mothers. Open year- . round, s-dsy week. 7 20 to Lsrss fenced playgrounds, aal awal supplied. 122-4101. INFANTS GIVEN OOOO CARE. . my horns, dally, weakly. T22-r 447S , MIND I CHILD IN MY HOME. Xastvtew. wsskly. 745-1720. MIND CHILD. MY HOME. DAY iime. s-s years OKI. 710-mi. MIND OR BOARD CHILDREN, my kerne. OUaaoav. Percy, sag. 1221 .... MOTHER'S CARE. MY H O M E." vicinity Preston aad aoanereo I. . aid-5117. . - , " ORLEANS. WILL . MIND CHIL- eed cere. 7a WILL BOARD NEW-BORN CKILO-my horns, weekly. 122-2407, . WILL MIND CHILD MY HOME,', room and beard. 740 SOO0. WILL MIND CHILDREN ' Mf home 745-77S0 . , riLL MIND CHILDREN MY horns, vlclnny InmmervUle-Dor-ch eater 7ia-aS5a. - ' WILL MIND CHILDREN. MY hoene, Alta Vlata area, lal-usa WILL TAKE CHILD TO BOARD ' In my horns. 225-OSS4, , wiuTbaby arr children, my homo, dsily or weekly. Eastvlew area. 74S-t4oa, after a. YOUNO CHILDREN. ROOM.' board, my heaae, dally, wsskly: . . 7ai-447aTT . .. ,. ,.TrTr ! 507 Nsmonv-uiii . - BOYS AND GIRLS, BARN EXTRA money selling new fleas aad trsnefers till attar Ex k Isttlon. aao-MSL - . LONO BSTABL1BHED CITY CLUB otforg kitchen eonratalsa. Octo ber 10 April, abort order ts banquet reoulrsinsiits. Exeellem kllcken fecllltles. a pareoa opera- , thaa. Large membership. Refer- enres rsqulrsd. Ben S-47L Jour 'nel. 1 '

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