The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1918
Page 8
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EIGHT. XJfcLfc; JJAiJ^Y COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1918. IPANGES IN COAL PRICES TO BE MADE igBEFOREAFmnRST rt Intimated fl"h»t Advanco, ·H Aaj, Win Be Allowed ! ; · ; · ' " ToBeX»de. |IOB£ BASED ONCOSTDATA A*»inbtr»tlOB Has Worked Out PiiBdpfe* fl-Wch irni be Use* «i » emlde i a Xodiiylag Prices, '"..The changes in. the prices of coal ifrhich the trade las -long consider- ·-,»d as being in prospect "will, it has '.be«ii 'officially announced,' be made '·ietore April 1. In a statement bear- lif upon this matter the Fuel Ad.. ministration- sajs: ·fi 'The regulation of coal prices by the Fuel Administration Is the first "fittempt ' ever, at least on a large scale, by -the United States -goMrnment to Ax and establish jprices for any of the great indus: tries. It is very Important to both tie public, and the co*l industry that tie prices so filed should be based j oh accurate information as .to the! . conditions .prevailing in. different ! .·elds', 'and 'thai, when" once this information has be«n received. -the · riiht principles should be employ- rt-innnakhig-us* of --this informa- lion _______ ..... ____ ..... . ........ . '.C "The 'Fuel AdmiBistration believes ttat it tas.. devised a speedy and a curate-method lor using the cost information which it has in hand, and That it has worked out the luuda- Inontal principles which should Snide it in considering applications for modifications of coal prices. - "It is the purpose of the Fuel Ad- minintration to announce daciaions in all application* for price "re- Tisioos now before it prior to April I, 1918, and,, prior to that time, to make such' changes ta the ciasslflca- Jon M seem to be necessary, in or- "B«r to relieve uncertainty on this ·core u far as possible before the feeginning of the new coal y«ar. -- "By this statement. th« Fuel Ad- Ministration does not wish to be understood as slating that the examination of the prices now being made jrill complete its price work. On the. contrary, tie administration will con- flnue to collect and study lacts re- toting to the cost ot production of , -coal and the prices at which it is iotd. It will make such further re- ·djnstments 'from time to time as are necessary to keep' the 'prices on a scale fair to the public, fair to the . coal industry, and sufficiently high to encourage production. It hopes, »lso. to take measures in the very ' near future to encourage and insist noon the nse of less WMteful methods of -mining, the sale of clean. coal, and arc more definite recognition ot the different qualities o£ coal In the government prices." NO MORE RUNNING SORES Lnghrey Brug Co, ConneHsville, or BroadmiT Drug Co., SeotUnle, Sells an Ointment Called San Cnr» Tluat is a Positive Relief. It matters not BOTT old, persistent or poisonous the bore is. Sari Cura Ointment the powerful antiseptic, will draw out the poison and promptly leal the sore. So sura of this are the owners, the Thompson Medical'Co:, that thej- have authorized the Laughrey Drug Co., Connellsville, or. Broadway Drug Co.. Scottdale, to return, the purchase price if San Cura Ointment doesn't do all this paper says it will do. Mo fairer offer was ever made. B. D. Dutton, Titusville, Pa., says:"My arm was covered with twenty- tour'running sores and swollen to twice its natural size. San Cura. Ointment relieved the pain, -drew-out the poison and teated the arm in an incredibly short time. It is the greatest compound for healing I ever used."' The healing powers of San Cura Ointment are little short of marvelous. It gives relial, and is guaranteed to help salt-rheum, eczema, bleeding, itching or protruding piles, ulcers, boils, carbuncles, chapped hands and chilblains. · In cuts, burns: scalds and bruises, it allays pain and is healing. Sftc, 60c and $1.20 a jar. By mail on receipt of price if your druggist is out of it or does not keep it SAN CtTKA SOAP. For tender, itching or irritable skin, -wash with San Cura Soap; the antlsep- tic'-soap that soothes and heals, and kills ge»ns o£ disease. Great for pimples, blackheads, and makes the complexion clear and attractive. 25c at the"L«ighrey Drug Co.. Conirellsville, or Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale. · SCail orders for San Cura Ointment and soaj filled by Thompson Medical Co., Titusville. Pa.--adv. W CHEST tie Inflammation M i i t h e Soreness Quicker ; --"Tion Anything ·» 'U*rtb. Par only 23 cents and pet a S!B box of BtftjisT-Jlustarine''.which is the original substitute -tor the old-ti5*i.ion- ea mustard plaster and Is made of 3trcn.E. rea.1. yellow mustard--no substitutes are used. " It's known as the Quickest pain killer on earth, for in hundreds of instances It atop* healache, neitralKla, toothache, earache and backache in 5 minutes. It's a sure, speedy remedy--none better for bronchitis, pleurisy, lumbago, and- to draw the inflammation from your'sore, feet there. Is nothing so sood. you eft real action with llustarlne--it goes a-ftcr pain and kills it right off the reel. Yes, It burns, but it won't blister--it doesn't give a^ontrinjr pain a slap on. the wrist. It does gfive it a £ood. healthy punch in the jaw--: It kills pain.--Adv. Indian Creek. INDIAN CREEK. March 4.--Miss Jean Illig is spending a Jew "days with Connellsrille friends. H. C. Hoover and Miss Duella Ritenour spent over Sunday with Miss Ritenour's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Ritocour at Normalvllle. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Silcol spent over Sunday among Connellsville friends. lrs. George Cramer and daughter of Rockwood are spending a few days with Mill Run friends. Mr. and Mrs. James Donaldson of Ursina spent a few days with Mill Run friends. George Rowan of Mill Run left for Uniontown today and will serve on the jury this week. J. P. Dowler of Clearfield was a business visitor in our valley. Elsie Murray of Connellsville spent over Sunday among friends at Rogers Mill. Avery Craig of Greensburg spent over Sunday, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Craig at Roaring Run. Miss Sadie Kobser of Connellsville spent over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kooser at Mill Run. George Berg of Pittsburg spent over Sunday among Indean Head friends. Hunting Bargains t Tou will find them in our ad. columns. Scottdale THEATRE Thursday Nigfit, March 7 Kvent of the Season." , HOW FOR SOME FUNI.. TkiWkiriy8irli«Shi* TO TV1S THE TVAB. The I". S. Government Bequests Economy In all Things. Everything you save, whethe-r it is food. Met', clothing or cash, strengthen* 'the government by adding to its available resources and helps win the ·war. accounts may be started at the old, reliable First Isational of Connellsville "with ?1. Liberal interest.--adv. NAPOLEON ONCE SAID "A Jbouoie Arm j ]· An Atmj H»lf Drfajted." 3f en in Tnlmnp Caiapt, in CiaCoDacot*. In the Army and Nar; »u£er from .blictcn and lore ·pouon theirfvat. KYCTJ "Comfort Kit" should contain one or more boxe»of Alien '·FooLM.Xate, tho aatiaeptic ahoke into the ahoee. It rrMheo the tired, acbinc, amjutfuc f vet and ' H4t«7« and Bore apota. Tne Flansbnrg . Camp Afanaal adriaea znan Intralntne to aak« daily KM of ?oot-£aae. Sold tverjwbeie, X5c. HAZEL CARU5, OaUta. Mcarf flfcnal rijtBltal, pARAMOUNTTHEATRE TODAY GOLDWTN PRODUCTION IN S ACTS. "THE AUCTION BLOCK" --r-TOMOKBOTT BLUEBIRD PR1SENTS CARMEL MYERS IN "THE WIFE HE BOUGHT" Al jO L KO COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. DRAMA IK S ACTS. The U. S. Food Administration Says Give Up Fried Food; Save the Fats to Defeat the Kaiser G OLD Bond Stamps Pay 4% on "What You Spend-Save Them. B UY ia ConDCllsvi'.le--Make a Bigger and More Prosperous City. The Annual Spring Sale and Exhibition of ONE WEEK BEGINNING WEDNESDAY ONE WEEK BEGINNING WEDNESDAY Thousands of Yards of Fashionable New SiSks Attractively Priced SILK is this wartime fabric. When one stops to realize the great number of looms formerly devoted to weaving woolens and now diverted to military requirements, we can realize that SILK is to be -a much used fabric in the apparel of women--and, strange though it may seem, the least expensive --comparatively speaking. THE FIRST DISPLAY IS NONE TOO EARLY as Easter is less than a month away and time will be necessary to turn these exquisite fabrics into beautiful garments--so women should not wait. You will be chiefly interested in the splendid qualities, novel designs, exquisite colorings and attractive prices. Plain Silks and Satins at ?3.0C --40 inch Crepe Meteor in navy, brown, taupe, copen, grey, white, old rose,the yard. - , i --JO inch Satin Charmeuse in navy aad olive drab.--at 12.50 the yard. --40 inch Crepe Taffeta in navy, green and copen,--at ?3.00 the yard. --36 inch Satin de Luxe, in navy, green, brown, taupe, ivhito. grey,--at $2.50 the yard. --10 inch Crepe de Chine, in navy, brown, green, taupe, copen, grey, old rose, blue, yellow, white.--at 52.25 the yard. --36 inch Satin Messaline in navy, brown.'groca taupe, copcn. mastic, grey, midnight, purple, garnet, and light shades for afternoon worr,--at f 1.65 the yard. Fancy Silk. Latest shades for Easter and Spring wear, 36 and 40 inches wide, smart designs, at ?S, $2.50, J3 a" yard. Silk and Cotton Mixed Fabrics --Silk-and-cotlon Georgette Crepe, printed. 36 inches wide, new color cnmbinations and designs, blue background.--at 51.00 the yard. --36 inch Silk Jersey Voile, printed, various attractive patterns and color combinations,--at §3.25 the yard. --36 inch Silk Surah, pretty polkadot designs in Peacock blue, navy and garnet,--at ?1.00. the yard. · ., --36 inch Fibre Silk Shirting, satin stripes, all new color ejects and designs,--at 31.25 the yard. --32 inch adioux- Silk Shirting, satin stripes, smart patterns and colors, at 55c, 75c and 51.25 the yard. A New Weave A new weave for Skirts, Dresses and Sweater Coats. In ivory, mastic, taupe. Duck blue, 3G inches wide, at $5.00 the yard. Washable Silks! --"Sans Gene,"---a washable silk 36 inches wide and suitable for Men's Silk Shirts or ladies' tailored waists. Stripes in various color combinations. Will wear and launder welt. -Price $2.00 the yard. --36 inch Washable Satin, flesh color, suitable for under garments,--at $2.00 the yard. Novelty Silks! Plaid silks, checks and. stripes, suitable for street, sports, ami formal wear. Taffeta or satin grounds in various color combinations. 36 inches wide at 52, ?2.50, $2,75. ?3 the yard. Fashionable Black Silks In Wide and Pleasing Assortment --Black Crepe de Chine, 40 inches wide, at $2.25 the yd. --Black Chiffon TaKeta, 36 inches wide, at $1.50, $1.65 and $2.00 the yard. --Black Moneybak Taffeta, 36 inches wide, at ?2.50 the yard. --Black Crepe Taffeta, 40 inches wide, at $3.00 the yard. --Black Crepe Meteor, 40 inches wide, at $3.00 the yard. --Black Satin Charrneuse, 40 inches wide, at $2.50 yd. --Black Satin de Luxe, 30 inches wide, at $2.50 the yard. --Black Messaline, 38 inches wide, at $1.65 the yard. --Black Silk Poplin, 40 inches wide, at $1.75 the yard. Other Silks! --36 inch Chiffon TaffeU, choice of 10 new shades,--at S3.6D, ?2.00 the yard. ·--27 inch China Silk, various colors, at 60c Ihe yard. --New spring line ot A E C, Aledo, and Foulards, in good ])iain shades, 3(i inches wide, at (Joe and S5c the yard. --40 inch Silk-and-Colton Foulards, Persian designs, at $1.50 the yard. Silk Dress Poplins! --Kich Silk Dress Poplins, 40 inches wide, in French blue, navy, green, laupe, mole and brown,--to sell at 53.75 the yard. Modes Representing all the Successful Style Themes Ready for Easter Buyers Women who wish to attain real Coat distinction should by all means give these garments immediate attention. Only the best styled and best tailored coats are offered, and in splendid variety of materials and colors. The nearness of Easter makes early choosing imperative. Materials and Colors From one of the most extensive varieties of smart and' serviceable materials we have ever shown, wo offer the following as particularly noteworthy.--Serge, poplin, gabardine, tricotiuc, Toiret Twill, SilTertone@ Covert and Bolivia. Choose one o£ these and you will be most amartly coaled. * The new edges are equally varied with Fashion, sho greatest favor to Pekin blue, black, navy, sand, copcn, tan, 1 mixtures, infantry blue and rookie. Every coat has pockets, shaped to add style as well as for convenience. Some have side belts while others are belted all around. .Fancy convertible collars and button, trimmings featured. All sizes for women and misses at-$15, $19.75, $25 to $79.50 Women's and Misses' Models of the Wanted Good Quality and Style Distinction Plain tailored and semi-tailored models-some in charming variations of the Eton styles. Fancy detachable waistcoats are much in evidence on some of the smartest models--and as usual a representative showing of good sports styles. New Materials and Colors The color range allows plenty of latitude in choosing from ils ranks "of navy, tan, grey, copen, taupe, Pekin, clay. Sainmie. rookie and iufantry blue. All are correct --it's a matter of.individual preference. Comparison will prove them the finest values you'll find at-$25 up to $69.50 SOISSON THEATRE "THEKE THE SHOW IS GOOD" THE MANHATTAN PLAYERS TODAY'S BIG FIAT "fighting the System" Don't MJss This One. --TOKOBBOTF-- "T VT1MA T?T\7PTT?Q" aUaCi.lN iTli 1X1 V Ci JlVO MATLS'EE EVERY DAY iritGHTS, 20c, 30c AND 35c. BIATITSEES, lOc AND' 20c. Big 15c .Ylatinee Daily at 2:30. , . Evening Shows at ,7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAY AND TOJTOBROW-- | THE JOHNNY JONES CO. Presents the Military Travesty "Stranded on the Border'' On the Screen--BILLIE BURKE in the next to the last chapter of "Gloria's Romance." FEATUEEfG. FLO MORRIS Premier Buck Dancer THE DANCING MELVINS JACK LA MONT Comedian EVELYNE PATTILLO The Big-Girl with the Big Voice LEE E1TCHEY The .Man with the Personality F. T. EVANS E BOTH PHONES. PATEONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE! i HEAD THE COUEIEB. SI5)lBt5»S«SS)Sxa"SWl(r.T ORPHEUftB THEATRE TODAY W.M. S. HART IN 'THE CAPTIVE OOD" Also a Good Comedy. T 0 M O B H 0 W William Fox Presents SONIA MARKOVA in ·"A HE.UtT'S KETESGE" Expose of Intrigue in Washington Society Life. '£ i'i^l'^iiKiiiviii.-V'iiii-ia;..-·:£- :".'-".-"v.--.ii!u.;i..j ;..'.:

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