The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, March 5, 1918
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1915. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEJLLSVILLE, PA. PAGE "KANGAROO COURT' JUSTICE USED TO CURB VIOLATORS OF ETHICS OF THE SOLDIER LIFE Rather severe justice is sometimes mete-d out by he. men themselves in array camps to comrades who violate he ethics o£ soldier life. A form ol punishment that is at once primitive and effective is described by Chalmers Bryson of Dunbar, 'member of the Twenty-eighth Hempstead, 1. Aero squadron at I., in a letter to his mother, Mrs. Adam Bryson. "The New York people," he says, This means .'that he was fired off the job and reduced. He was tried on a charge of being a stomach robber and the boys had some old scores to even up. He was a provost sergeant in" Canada and sentenced some of them to terms on the rock pile, and if he did not sentence them he was in position to see Ulat they got it The entire squadron was in court The fellow was given a fair trial and found "seem to b« very'generous and opeir- I guilty. The judge of the court was handed with the soldiers. But some one of the rock pile victims. The sen- ol the men do not appreciate their goodness. They take advantage of anything. Two or three fellows were tried in our 'kangaroo'.court for accepting money from civilians. They were found guilty and sentenced to 15 raps across the seats of their breeches with a metal mess kit The 'sheriff*, who administered punishment, was a. husky fellow and laid it on. They were charged with making the United States army, and especially the Twenty-eighth Aero'Squadron, look like a bunch of bums.. "But most important case the court has had to deal with was when our former'mes sergeant was 'busted'. PHY-MO-ME FIVE WIN SECOND GAME FROM SUPERIORS Are 'ow Claimaate of Championship of Jnlor Division of Westmoreland Cointy. HAVE VERY EASY TICHNS' tence provided that every man present take a whack at the sergeant with his breeches on and and 35 with no protective covering. Needless to say he was crying like a babe long before the. 35 were due. He was a big fellow, weighing 250 pounds and made a good subject, vi'e all enjoyed it." "I am trying to serve a double purpose in writing often," Chalmers says. ''In the first place I want to write and tell you about our squadron, and the second reason is that when my letters stop for a couple of weeks yon will know that 1 am in England or on the way." Does This Interest YOU? BURGESS SUSTAINED IN SUSPENDING MT. PLEASANT OFFICER Council Goes Step Farther and Discharges Him From the Service. S»peri«rs »f Xo»»t rirMMt Vnte to Be Xo Adrersary At All for the T»t Phl-Mo-Me Team »f Scottd«le T. 31. C. A. mod the Find Score is J3-13. MAIN STREET HOUSE RAIDED i"TM* t | Proprietor is ri»ed »20 »d Costs and Given 0»e Week to Sk»kc J)ust or Jtkd of Place From Ills Feet; Hospital Board Jlakes Its Report. The Phy-Mo-JIe basketball team of the Scottdale Y. M. C. A. claims the junior championship of Westmoreland '.". county after defeating the Mount -·Pleasant Superiors-on the "Y" gym. .last night 43-13. The game was the second ol series." The first was also ·woa by the Phr-tMo-Me team. The first hall of last night's game saw little scoring hut in . the last period the Scottdale team opened up and dropped field soaU in. regularly. Porter was the heavy scorer for the Scottdale quintet getting seven field goals. Freeman got a total of four baskets, dropping three all in a row In the home' stretch. Lester extended himself twice arid caged two pretty shots. The Superior bunch got only two field goals during the whole game, one in each half. The lineup: Fhy-Mo-Me--13 Humes Freeman Porter _ Lester _ Might forward . , forward . _ center .. _ guard .. guard _- Superiors--13 ' Crusan , Miller _ McKinney Stevens Brown. Field goals: Porter '; Freeman 4; Lester 2; Humes, Crusan, McKinney. Foal goals: Hnmes, 15 out ol '23; Stej-ens, .9 out of 22. Substitutions: TVeinberg for Crusan. Referee: Vail. UNABLE TO STRIKE A LICK, HE SAYS 'It Did Not Require Long: for Taiilac to Fix Mo Up," tie Continued. ''This Tanlac has mnde it possible for- me to return to work," said Benj. X. Lively, a well-known painter, em- Graduntcd. Ilcciirtereil R n d I.ieenKCt: VhTalelnn. Spec-titHat In Chronic DfvrueN ·( 3Ieji nnd Women. , J)R. K. IV. If you arc need of medical aid why j not come to one who knows how to do j what you are in need of and does it quickly without much if any IOSM (if t i m e from your business, with l i t t l e o j no pain and for a reasonable outlay of j money, no more than yon or any man j is w i l l i n g to pay for scientific treat- i mem. fclnft -- The higrhest testimonial to the | efficacy of my treatment is tho fact j that^over one-half of my patients are I sent, me by those I have cured and who are satisfied. Second -- r see and I.rcat every case myself and have the best methoils to offer the public to ha found in the city. Third -- T don't accept any case thirt I consider IKCURABLE. and :his beinK the case, you are told exactly what I can do, for you at the start. XO RISK. DON'T DKF,AT. CALL XE;XT VISIT REMEMBER THE DAY TREATIKR SPECIAL. PRIVATE A.VD CllltOiVIC DISI-JASKS OF 3IE.N AXD WO.tlK. Do Trouble*! Have you any pains after* eatinp; does your food disagree with y o u ; suffer from constipation and trasses in the bowels.' Then come and consult me. "Worn-out anil run-down men and women, no matter what y o u r ailment nothing. may bt\ call--il COSTS Free examination. K . I C I I W E D . V K S D A Y o.M. - Hrmrmbcr thr rjur. XBiV STAG HOTEL, S. I'lttMhnri? St.. Connell.s .Mabel Taliaforro, screen star, will tics hown. Friday and ' is," featuring J ta-e charming i TSIK AIU'ADE. Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, .March 5.--The action, of Burgess S. P. Stevens in j day, Kthel Cia.vton will appear in suspending Policemaa James Neil tor j "Whims of Society," a World attrac- 1 neglect of duty was approved by town j tion of unusual. interes council last evening and the offlcrwas' Saturday "Draft discharged from." the service. Joseph White, who was serving temporarily by appointment of the burgess, was.- elected to the vacancy. Cotmcil adopted a motion, instructing any person having anything belonging to the police committee ot council to return the same immediately to the proper authorities. A motion was adopted to pay the'treasurer a salary of ?100 a year and to put fo',000 of the street improvement fund and all of the sinking fund that is not needed this year on interest. J. Z. Fox was awarded the contract for remodeling the doors of the hose house, his bid being J163. Ordered to leave Town. Sunday evening Burg-ess Sam P. Stevens, with Police Chief -Robert Smith, Policeman Joe White and Con- "THE JOHNNY JONES MUSICAL 1 COMEDY COMPANY" yesterday add- ' ed to the already long list of good ! shows for the Arcade when they pro- | sented "Stranded on the Border." So i many encores were taken t h a t the ' first evening performance ran . 25 j minutes over the usual time. The : show prRsed. Tbe Dancing Melvins ! got five encores, three bows and ' had to make a speech asking that ' tbe other performers might permit- j ted to go on. Miss ICvalyne Pattullo, | lyric ioprano. got tivo encores and j stables James Ellis and .Millard .Me-! M° «!"*"?,,'.1?;.. ".«_ looker! Collough surrounded tin: house o£ M. part in a captain's uniform and he ! Jones. West Main street, and placed i * as * Personality t h a t i s pleasing t o . the man of the house under arrest, i · the matinee Witb/'Jones they arrested a woman i good but it girls. Tbe comedy ir,; remained for Jack La the biggest and beard in the A r - ; who gave no name but whom Jones ' " ODt ;0 , PTM voko stated was keeping house for him in (longest laugh ever his wife's absence. The names of the i cade Vl hea he madc a f l m B y fa '' aml · eight men calling on the housekeeper j B 'i dc ' "^ Morrls dl1 an acrc-batic | were taken. Jones left a $20 fine and I dance lbat wa3 araazin ~ S"°TM- i ?5 to pay costs, and was given- cue' 5aul ^' "andlnriags arvd cartwheels . week to leave town. The woman left i are tottovcA in rapid succession and : a $15 fine i finish is a head somersault. He · ' Hospital Report. , \ is said lo bc th The members ot the board of. the ] vlll ° do!D S Jacob Justice Free Dispensary have | heraldod as America's premier re- ; offered the following report for the I malc liuck tlancer ' liv!ld "" lo TM- : months of January and February of ' Pectations. turned a few aanrtspnngs i this year: January, patients treated, i an * somersaults awl they finished ; ID; medical, U; surgical, 5; prescrip- | w i t h a f._^ p ^° n °l* } ^"^^ ! tioas -filled, 10; dressing made, 10.:'"" February, patients treated, 20; medi-1 cat, 14; surgical. 6; prescriptions fill- i Tt e show might lie called a only man in vatlde- | this stunt. Flo .Morris ! t h p . , ployed' by Kayser AUamao, Philadelphia. I wasn't working and hadn't been able to strike a lick of work for quite a while," he continued, "but it did not require long fo- Tanlac to fix Me up. \ "My stomach became all disordered, j Jly digestion was bad and I seldom ; had any appetite. Most of what I ate caused gas on my stomach and paina. I would become sick "at my stomach and remain so tor some time. .1 $uess it was nervous dyspepMa that really bothered me most. "i gradually grew so nervous and .so generally rundown in health that I was unfit for anything. I was worn ont, tired and almost lifeless. I had dizzy spells and shortness of breath. 1 got so I couldn't sleep soundly and I. wasn't .well rested in the morning. "I saw a Tanlac testimonial that Just about described my case. "I decided to give this medicine a trial. I am now glad that 1 did. because it is Just the thing tor me. My condition has been wonderfully Improved., In fact, my stomach/is now strong, my appetite and digestion are good. I sleep soundly and I feel like a boy in the morning. Tanlac has done a great work, tor me, and I recommend it to all my friends." ^. . Tanlac, the famous Master Medi T cine sold her iy Connelli-rille Drug Co. Tanlac can alse he secured in Dunbar at D. C. Bason's .drag co. -- adv. ed, 15; dressings made. 14. DOCTOR'S PRESCRIBE BACORN'S FORKOLA FOR COLD IN THE HEAD AND CATARRH Vik« Pets of Hornbilll. Tbe yellow hornMll, one of the most interesting of the species. Is a comparatively fearless bird and Is easily killed. The male Is food of perching on the tiptop of tropical trees »mj making a noise like a 7pang puppy. The natives In Africa find yonng hornbllls easily tamed. They dig. the birds ont of the tree nests when qolt» jonng ind raise tkenr on milk and berries In their hots. When grorrn the hornblll remains attached to Its foster parents and^rfll ·'«* out of. the stale 'dishes. Left free, the-ion**! conies and goes, mne.-u does. ». pet crow and remains about the hat until the -llrat' motiniir ywastjiw; 1 - " No sensible person -will continue to suffer from dangerous colds or catarrh oC nos« or throat which often leads to deafness, catarrhal asthma and bronchitis, when the- can obtain a small jar of Forkola Jelly at any well-stocked drug stoge. One-quarter teaspoonful of this plesant ta-stjng; jelly allowed to slowly m-elt in your mouth will th a few minutes enable you not "only to breathe Morris bejug "totod" at the cio.-.e'by her brother. '· vau-le- l ville revue, with a c'horus. and plot, | but is put over in a rapid manner i and has plenty of snap and go lo it, | The scenery is appropriate, and the j wardrobe fair. The bill for tomorrow is "I^ord Heisabum" and the picture "Vengeance and the Wo- i man" featuring the runaway ci a stage coach'which is finally burled j over a high cliff. TItE SOISSOX. "FIGHTING THE SYSTBM. 1 '--The .Manhattan Players yesterday entered on tneir flnal week at tbe Soisson in one of. the best plays t'.iey have given Connellsvilie and it scored a genuine are p pitaJB arc using thin wtih remarkable.' success. It is guar' anteed to ' 'from colds, t^ reliet in one minute coughs and ca-tarrh money back, so try tt at our expense. -. but aiio to g-et rid of that nasty SUCCESS. The title "Fighting ihc Sys- chokinr, clofrgiTC discharge that tern" a^tly described the motive of the *SJ^il!l?.TM. ll 'r. m nTM2 r l"n l Md e h S M fa* 7 ^ ^ CCI " tainl 5' d ° CS ^XPOSC "· "TM'"° riie TM B t ^ atm ^" certajn f o r m of municipal corruption that does exist in. many American cities. The cast was uniformly good and each player gave a creditable performance of the part' assigned. ''Fighting The System" is just the*sort, of play .teat almost everybody will be enthusiastic over aud It should not be Alt fifia® Tlfaffiaito'teS missed. Beginning with the Wednesday matinee the Manhattan's will offer a special production o£ the famous THr 1 1*ARA3IOL'\T comedy drama "Lena Rivers" with Dorothy Burris in the title role sur- ronnded by the full strength of the .company. "Lena Rivers" in novel form has been widely read and the "THE V/UfkS HE BOUGHT."-- A five part Bluebird feature in which Carmel Myers, supported by Kenneth Harlan. is seen in the leading role, will be presented tomorrow.! Kenneth Harlin enacts the role ol: the bus-band' who" married for ven- ' geance only to be led into paths o f ; happiness by the intfluence or. the j good woman who had, reluctantly become his wife. There is a convincing demonstration that ha-p'piness is! something money cannot buy and a i _ . -. -. . _ . further and equally profitable dem- T £^jCARA onstration that revenge Is not al- i way* sweet "Th Wife He Bought," i despised him. at first and then learn-.j ed to love him. Through, the devo- i tion of the woman so unhappily mar- : ried happines came witere domestic · Is misery had previously ruled. Tht play is based on Larry Evans ;mag- | azlne story "One Clear" .Call." " ' ;-l --to have this very handspme Bed Davenport placed in your home. Then, while you enjoy its use, you need only pay-- ust a few weeks, until e paid only-- This is tbe easy way to make your home beautiful aud comfortable and to profit by Rapport - Featherman's special money-saving offers. It encourages thrift and you don't miss the money. This Handsome Bed 'Davenport Does More Than .Furnish Your Living:-Kooiu'or Parlor m Elcg-ant Si.ylc. It Also Provides You With An Extra, Full-Size ttouble Kcd. · The Bed is all-steel and a very easy- and simple operation makes the change. Such a Bed Davenport in your home saves the cost of rent and furnishing an extra bedroom. Such a piece of furniture in your home is today-considered a sign of up-to-dateness. Our special price is very low. The construction of this davenport is greatly improved and permits the use of a thick mattress in place of a mere davenport pad, so that at makes a REAL comfortable bed. The massive frame is solid oak, highly nnished. It is deeply upholstered and covered in that very fashionable; rich, golden brown, imitation Spanish leather. DON'T MISS THIS'SPBCIAL SALE. COME AND SEE WHAT A REMARKABLY GREAT VALUE THIS REALLY IS. It's Time To Take Baby Come In and Select That Carriage Now!' We have a wonderful display. You'll enjoy looking at the many new. practical and beautiful things. First, there's the litlle sidewalk sulky that you can take along wherever you go. Then there's the collapsible. Then there's the small reed and fibre carriage--a veritable palace car for baby. Then there's the coach body carriage. Then the carriage with wooden body and reed trimming. Yes, no matter what you've thought of buying, you'll find it here and you'll also find that, quality for quality, our prices are the lowest in Connellsville and vre'll arrange easy terms of payment to suit your convenience. We Are the Authorized Kor Columbia Grafonolas and Columbia Double Disc Records Come in and we'll play for you any of the latest selections. A CEDAR CHEST FOR OJJLY $12.75 A handsome piece of furniture for tbe bedroom. Belter Item an extra closet it absolutely protects its contpnis from moihs as TVC!] as from dust and dirt, H will soon be time to put away heavy rlothirtK and furs. Get a Cedar Chest now and be prepared. . _ · COMPARISON ALWAYS PROVE - "YOU'LL DO BETTER" AT Connellsville's Most Dep endable Furniture Store. THE HEROIC OF FRANCE A DEAD STOMACH Of What Use Is It? i!s'.' ;-p.'; · h ' i n d r f ds of thouR- i:iriF of p C ' i p i e t h r o u g h o u t America a r ^ t a k i n g Hie si'»w (ic.itli treatment · J a l J y Tht'y ::ro r J o r i n ^ i h c i r own s t o m - ;ioh. in* 1 l)--'?t j'ricMil *.h.?y have, and in . t h e i t HH',ii:;n( if;nu.-:inrf i h e y t h i n k l i f - y aro p u t t i n g n.~ icife 'the iawp of n a - · ture. T h i r i n :i» s-'iisa; i o n a l :-tiUem?nl : it \ a i - ' . n r t J i M ' . ; Kiv:f. i!i»* t r u t h of w h i c l i :i:iy lioiK-Titb:-* i » h y p '.-:uti \\-iii ;iot deny. The."- ·. !;.vjss..t: ·; -v P-uple arc swal- ii-.-.v r;;: '".:i:!y h u f . t .[isar.t i; it r of pepsin ·j.;:.-i-j;i!:v l u ui-cesi I he food in t h « ;.'-:i;'*:i » v ; t h o u : ^:i.v aid ST n.!! from t h f u:.'st ]'·'·· m^mliraT).- of \h- s t o m a c h . .M : - . i - n a s' u n i a o f i T ah IMS relieve tUr- r-^vJI s t i i i i i i c t i iJi r i v ^ m i n u t e s ; \hty ].- j r . TI'. T f t i i o j i r»j7'ji:triy for a t+vc vi-f-i;.' 3 i'n?" b'.'. '»'. T,I :5;e run flown T^rn.".r!i ;'-:id rjj:i l ;t* i t .^:r»nj; (.'n^ujyh i'^ l.i;fs: ii: ; o\v.i food. Th"n !ndiK*J*l!or;. -. l1 i. 1 . ;::s{:. s u u r -:* t i T : . i - i i :ind headache - M ; ;;i. r - I i - o - ' t a s: t-i-i.-;: l a l i k is a r c s-oltl lv ru/:-:i^t.': «.". t -:-;. M-l:c.-r.-- :iud by A. A. :.:rl;-,- v . l j y g n iranim.-s :hem. -- A d v . those v;iio ndTertise, The -women of France mast be enabled to h .M up the morale of the French soldier until next spring. The morale of the house decides the morale of the soldier'in the fighting line. We can do this by-giving to them the greatest freedom in their food supply, and of this, wheat is the .chief - Neglected Colds bring P n e u m o n i a QUININE Tho old r«nDy remedy -- in tablet form--ufe, sure, eoiy to talce. No opiatn--no unpleasant after effects. Cores colds in 24 hours--Grip in 3 days. Money bid: if it fails. GeCtlu genuine box with Red Top and Mr. Hill's picture on it 24 Tablets far ZSc. dramatic version Trill prove even more delightful. "Lena Rivers" is far from being a dry weopy play for as a matter of fact it contains more goocl, hearty laughter than a half dozen or- j dinary plays. The advance i n q u i r y . for reserved seats indicates a succes- j sion of crowded houses. The final i week oC the [Manhattan Players w i l t bc \ a just return for the hard work and conscientious- endeavor of the favorite company. tie story is laid in "Washington, where the daughter of an attache of the Russian government Ls in love with a youug U. S. aviator. An old Chinese chemical is used to cause the aviator to lose his initiative. This is done by a scheming Baron who hopes to win t h e hand of Vcra Sabourofr (Sqnia Markova). Vcra'-s work to unravel · this mystery is a splendid stirring piece of acting. If. If every day were pay 5ay. How flue a n:an I'd be. "With ovary day a say day How firlad my wife would be! THK '·A CAPTIVE GOD." A five reel Triangle drama featuring William S. i A good comedy vcill also f w } shown. Tomorrow, "A Heart's R e - ' venge", a Wm. Fox 'feature starring Madame Sonio "Markova, the new .Russian actress w i l l fy; sbowh. It has ! an excellent story and many thrilling monieu^s, \vhich re.ich t a. climax in a spirited, chase, in a - h i g h powerful-motor tfoat, Tlie beginning of Concentration. "What you Americans want to do Is to wnlce up." "We're awake all right," said Broncho Bob; "ipnst'H'Ise we're nwclre here in Crimson Gulch, though we admit not bc!n' very noisy. You Icnow sometimes the man tlict ain't sayin 1 a word is playiD* pok«r tho hardest.' Mean Comment "Wlii'.t rti you Hiiuk Mr. Blunt sr.]..! to ^IJPs OUI^irl \vlun slie romnrlted si 1 .!* wuuUl prefer to Ue a spriay liriile?" "Wlint (lid he : sny?" "Th;it ho ndvisod IKT to ,seloct April I fur ar.y dale of (he kind, fur !t would be sticli a good joke on tiii- ninu." EVERYTHING COOJvED LIKE -AT HOME. ' Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOK TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. * Call the Nut Wa0on. This tliihir dt ivrhing'.jokes each day ·-Has txirned'to mush pur matter ffray; ·Ol'., we feet fijflllsh as can be, - " ' : ' ' " Forgotten. "I thnusrlu you said he T\-as strictly honest?" "So lie Is." j "But I Joined !:!m SIO n month asri and he hasn't returned 'It." j "That's nil rljrht. I still think-ha U. .j honest. Perhaps I forgot to tell you i tliut liJs chief, irgublc is (hat he lias a I poor luemcrj.". . National Taxi and Transfer Co. 203 E. Fay'lte ; e o n Toniis« CAKS XXB THITHS TO ALL PODfTS. Quick ser\ice. .Moderate charge. Careful drivers. Moving an*" hanling. r Bell Phone SOT.

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