The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1918
Page 6
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-..SAGE-SIX-,, . THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLiE, PA. TUESDAY, MARCH 5,191S. f t -~ GOVERNMENT DEMANDS 1 " FLOUR SDPPLY REPORTS It; JM llinHiMirs Mul Bepirt n»«f §7 , ; ; f frtttii H towsfipm Mwt atOiwe--Cart Used. «Jnj£'ilb ., . . .. . U ioMehoWeri lm:PejrisrtT»ii]» h»r« bcw, ordered., bj the "United Admlriiitratlia^to..i*pcTt the. quantity of ' flour. In their poe- arA71»E«d. by.'tbe .EederiV.Food Administrator ' ;*»!«» -itf::tkls;:p»p«r.. ..Th».smrd will not-ba fohri'^'ttMi -tKat.'toun 4. "printed "In. the newspapers so thai by th«."6r4w T'oii-i«»t rat; out .the clipping and mall .it liariitqr.r6r..7onc, County. -',, · .'. " : .. -ii»jr'is«iiea.:b;r".3iIr, Helni, Federal rood 'Ad · Pe'imB7lvanIiC'*iar commenting. oh* tbe abore rule: ' tippiy "bird -tiwocd 'by the'.tFood Administration' !s,the_" first ilfMo~J«»m;ho* iriucKJwieaf floor" l» «tored away, .in .'the · ·r»~.j;ivea. tba."6pp'oftnnity "to "report on. the'' ftour number' l»/teeirrKbus"eTioia»; Tthe "amount ot wheat Boar on "whole ·wbeit aid "graham 'front) "and . the amount they . ee»sWwr£.the'ff thirty ' '^ay^^Viu'lireiBent.."'- 'Those . w h o ' fall to .report, will mm lirrtsk -o( pro^uUpa'ind-tSe'penaltT for. hoarding -- 15000 fine and . two y«jir»! l«prl'»oiim«iii"' or -"boit : 1C any peraoni tail to '· report, the Food Adminis»atlo» oia pjiottiee'tliein no'lenlency. ft fonnd guilty oJ hoarding. "Br:JJTBt:jhiK;iiie;p«bUc to sUle-thelr 'flour-holiUnga on the flour supply card ;t!ier-rood : ;5iSnital»'raUmi" is" taking the step necessary to prerent a poMiMcfiota .farnine. Hoarders hasten famine. It next May, Jtme or July we And oorxelTes without wheat flour, if will be- because- thousands of toes am ttormtaway in cellars by unpatriotic householders S,ho banish any con- ·Iteration of the aoldlen in their greed to havo their own desire sails,. fted. '. Th« flour avpplycard la- a government -action which -will meet with itha approval of .aU..tboae.who hato taken .the time, to study {food conditions and -who know-, therefore, that .food f« probably, tie foremost factor ' In 'wi'infeL|( 'tte "war.". - OFFieiiL HOUSEHOLDER'S FLOUR REPORT WHAT THE ANTS TAUGHT LAZY, SELFISH NED. |L-TlXD wa» both laxy aad »«ln3h. E '^\ wisuia ldl * »-way W" ""· i - - hta. poor old. fathor and mother-! ^worked hard all day. He demanded the jieet of the lood and they took what wai' Jeif " " ! At last Nod's parents grew tired- ot ithla'laiy boy's "selfishness, and Riving | jhlm .a lunch, sent him out Into the world to make his own living. ( i i ' Ned hadn't gone far when he came | jacross/a band of black ants crying bit-.' . sterly. They wero hungry, and begged; (Ned for a bite of his lunch. · ' "What! Share raj- lunch with a crowd, , j tot silly antsr' .laughed Ned. "I should ' liay not! I£-I let yon, you'd eat all I'. ' uiava^T-fnen where would I flnd any. j jnoreV" . "We're a crowd of iuiU, but we're not. ' jis slily as yon think," replied a big ant,i. i Doming closer, to-Ned's.boot. · t i ! Ned unshed his toot against Mr. Ant,| . (knocking him over. j I ! "You'll get none ot my tood, so run^ · lalong!" he growled. ' · · ' "All right, young fellow."" exclaimed) ; ' Mr. Ant, "Your sslflsh nature will som«| · ·day bring yon to harm. We'll be re- ! : 'ver.s'ed (or this III treatment" i The ants filed away through thej 1 i "Hoi Ho! HoV laughed Ned. "If* a- ; ' Jot you silly Ifttle things can do to harm ir,e. Xou're entirely too ara»U to talk i about revenging yourselves on a big j .fellow like me." ' ' So Ned tucked his lunch back into his pocket and lay down to rest. H« w« xoou snoring. { WRITS CAREFULLY. 3fe houMjmldw Is permitted to porcbue orer 49 poundi of whsat flour aor to h»Te mor» tbmn 30 days' supply. EVWTT householder must report 1m- aaediatglj (em_tMs fom) to their County Food -AriminlMrator. 'Make Te- port Qf^alKw^eat^flonT^on hand -whether it is exceu or not and urge on your n«lihfcori_tl« -Importance and neeauity ot tnaklnj this report promp:- N«u»b«r"|^wi»iriieJll r Vl'.-- , --- i.-adolts, .'.:.....'... ...children under 12. WhMt fl^^fflC'iimiiiKtiW.'JlonT '-iwvUlnlng anf wheat) ............... . .Ibs. Thirty i)»y~ritDir«aiemfj"(iraen used vlth sutstitiites according to 5C-60 ' -I »*«·». tr~lol*-niy~«ieeii saW'Jct to "the order of tlie United -States' Food : ."-;r; - . stiriit »aa ijh. or R.'P.D. ..... ,,.. ________________ A.: ........ ·- M»lIlKim ]«ulty-fOT hoarding Is J5.000.00 fine and tvo years Iraprls- oaa»en£ Tae*» biamki -will not be distributed. Ton must fill in your ovn blutlc and maU er detiTer U to your Cpnoty Food Administrator. An im- nndtmt* report vl arotd-jxiesiblHty of search and -nrwecntkm. ' '. _ _"^ : .' " ^ · - HOWARD HMNZ, Tedeni Food Admlxiitntiir- tor _ Chwles 1. 1)»Tidson. ... . . . . .'.. UaloiitowD, Pa. Feli«riil Food A4mi«istr»tor for URIC ACID IN MEAT CLOGS -THE KIDNEYS Take a Glass of Salts 11 Your Back;Morts or Bladder _^ BoUien.. ._. It 700 nn»t"h»ve year tnitai -every 6«y, eat it, but flush your kidneys with salts occisionally, says a noted authority who tells us that meat forms . otic add which almost paralyzes the -Jri*My» ia-tlnir «*rt» t» ,«P«1 it from tbe Mood. Tfc«y become slus- . ciRb and weaken, then Ton s«ffar with. : .a" ditll:mi»ary :lu'.QIC kidney- region, ' 'sburf p»inB ; ln' the' twefe or si A bead- aekc, iHiilniiM yoor stomach soars, tonCM i».«»ted »nd when the weather i«'bid you have rkeamatic twinges. The nrrie' gets bhmar, Jull .ot sedi- · roent, the chattaete oftor get sore and irritmted. obBginj 700. to seek, relief two or three time *rrine the night. To nentratbte theae initattns acide, to'"'ctmnae' the k«tjiey« and flush oft the body's artnoua waste get four ounces of Jmd Salts from any phar- marty here; take « tabte^ooisftil in a glass of water before breakfast tor a tew d*fB ana 1 jour 3tWney« -Kill thai- · aet-flae. TMB faznous salts is made, from the aett o* grapes and lemon , Juice,'.comWned with Ittltia,. and ias been ,naed tor gonerattons' to flush and rtinrnlate steggiaa kitoejB, also to- .neutralin the add* in tirine, so it no . tangle lrttates,Ui«e ending -bladder Jad Sa«» is tewcpeiwrre; cannot ta r jvr*. *oA makes a dellghtfol efferves- ·c«nt Httla-water drink.--adv. . . .. : . . Duobar. !S ; : iv- i DU?*BAE, afarcb 5.--A. H. Dancan ""aBnied'aii 'electrical mretlns In - Ptttsbarj; 'Saturday. . . . . .; ·'·"IkS"Ca3»i»;',I l fre'"tffiEl» waa: enter- ~ta^edli i rHay"'i'fghii''at'U* home of Miss PapKne Groff. Mrs.^e.;;B.:" B OtHam9 and Bozemaa was sbopj|*ai ^rardayuin Connells~. vile. · · - · · · · · · The-Rev.. Clarence Lecienby win conttniie-tb" hold the revival meetinss ·fa--the-Methodist EroteaUuit church. Dickerson Run. DICKEBSON RLTSy -March 4.--.Mr. and Mrs, P. Knisley, of Unionlown, spent Sunday here vistlng the latter's mother, Mrs. Emma Boatty. Miss Mabel Perm spent Sunday yisiting relatives and friends at Edenborne. · j Mrs.' Annie Vjioran and granddaughter,. Miss Cattieran Lloyd returned to their home at Scottdale last evening after 'a. very pleasant visit her irith tbs former's daughter, | Mrs. James Beatry. i W. H. Ecrlietf returned £rom Cumberland, Jitdl,. last evening where he . spent SatrnxJay and Sunday -with his family. M- J. OTjaughlin spent Sunday with"his"famiry at McKees Rocks. Xlss Sadie McCuae has returned to her home at Jtertli Bessemer after spending a week visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary MbCune at Vaniierbilt F. At. Showalter, ot Dawson is spending a few days' visiting friends at Cumberland, Md. PUT CREAM !N NOSE AND STOP CATARRH TtBg H«ir T« tril» and End Tou fe«J fine jn a few moments. ^ epld-in head or catarrli will -be ; Your clogged nos trite '.-irlli open. The air passages "o.Cyour head Vill clear and 7001 cmn ir«athe freely. No more dullneas, iieadcb«; no hairldng, emrfnhiE/Tnucotts discharges or dryness; no straggling Tor breath at night. . . . · · · · Teirirour "druggist you. want a small bottle of Bfy's Cream Bahn. Apply a little or .this', fragrant, antiseptic cream iaToar apstrile, let it pftnetrate througrli.^eyeTy paasge of tte head-; soothe;an.d"'.hBal tie swollen, 'inflamed mucons; membrane/ and relief comes" . .. '^--It Is ""just what" every, -cold and ca- tarrlTauirerer needs. ..Don't stay stuffed-op and "mfeeraiblc. -- adr. ' : ": ' ; " If Ton Tfaat Advertise for it la our classified column."* One cent a They Carried Some Aw»y. One by one iho - little ants ran frorri the rrasaes, swarmed Into Ned's pocketj carried some .dainties away and attf ' every crumb of the lunch before Ncc^ t awaltcncd. "Here, jive me b*cfc my lunch!" or!*^ Ned, mb-blog his ey«s to ne« If he w«rt afraJce or dreaming. "I'm dreadful)' hunRry." "Then go back home, allly boy," replied the biff ant, "for we've eaten all your lunch. Always remember that «tzr doesn't necessarily mean power. Per- . hap« It wtll bs a lesaon to you in thf* \ future not to be so Belflsh. To thoap, who ar« wining to ah ore more a hall be -jtfvcn/* and the ants disappeared. Ned brushed oft hi* clothes, returned 1 to the house, and begytd Ms father to let him renutln home and help him. Hla poor, old jHirenta. plad to »e* their ·on once more, wt him'to work. . Tfed never toW taty one what had happened on the road, but wben*v»r h* -saw a ttny ant hill Ned alwar« took time to crumble up part of hu lunch ·for hU little ant friends. j The" birdB and the animals of th*. -·woods soon grew to IQTB N»d beeaUM 1 . b* was always ready te- share with Jjaem whatever happened to be In hl» Hunch! So the once Jiury, aelflah boy -was unit* happy now that he had learned- nrtiat a pleaaur* It was to maJte others' mappy, and be soon grew to enjoy hlai WorK. which mad*, hla partnta T«ry. Indeed. -- j f Snceessors Leonard Fnraitnre Co, 7IMMERMAN WILD POMP ANY " FURNITORE f t RUGS V STOVES I "The Big Store Near The Bridge." 154-158 IVosf Crawford Vicinity Sale of Leonard Stock We arc» appreciative indeed, .as newcomers to your city, for the' many good wishes and generous patronage extended us during the sale, of Leonard:'Stock. We planned for big business and our expectations were greatly exceeded. We thank you and as an evidenc of our apprciation will' from time to time announce savings opportunities that -will increase a hundred fold the friends already established for "the Big Store Near the Bridge. The first of these commences at once. Read below: Just at the time when every housewife looks to her Spring Bedding needs we offer this stirring opportunity for savings. A carload of spic, span, new, clean Mattresses of all sizes and grades goes on sale at prices that are really startling, in view of the i-apidly advancing wholesale costs. These Mattresses are all made under the "Pure Bedding Laws" of this State and comply with the sanitary restrictions in every respect. Mattresses Selling Elsewhere for $5.50 atid $6.00, Sale Price Mattresses Selling Elsewhere for $15.00 to $16.50, Sale Price Mattresses Selling Elsewhere for $8.00 and $8.50, Sale Price Mattresses Selling Elsewhere for $9.00 and. $10.00, Sale Price $6.85 Mattresses" Selling for $11.00 sale Price Elsewhere to $12.50; d»rr ......... «P I t Mattresses Selling Elsewhere for $13.00 and $14.00, Sale "^ Then step in our Big Store,and examine these Mattresses thoroughly--they will stand any test of comparison and at once impress you as the best values offered for many a da.y in Connells- villc. Mattresses Selling Elsewhere for $18.50 and ?20.00, Sale Price ,....$14.75 Advance Showing of High Grade Refrigerators See Window Display. Then Get Our Special Prices to Early Buyers In keeping with the progressive spirit of this new store, \ve offer to advance buyers of Refrigerators special prices on high grade Refrigerators of all styles and sizes. See our Big Window Display and street floor showing, A small deposit reserves any Refrigerator for later delivery. , A REAL MEDICINE FOR KIDNEYS, 1MR ASP BLADDER During my career as a druggist I have handled no better medicine thaa Dr. Kilmer's Swuinp-Root for kidney, liver and b!ad!er troubles. Swamp-' Koot has been' sold at this drug store for.tbo past twenty-five years -without j a simple complaint. ,It baa been very successful In the treatment of cases of catarrh or inflammation . of the bladder, and t do not hesitate to place it equal to the best preparation on the market. - · · Very truly yous, ABRA3CSON DRUG CO. 225 Fifth Ave. July 34th, 1917. Brooklyn, N. Y. Prove TTTiat Swamp-Hoot TVD1 Tin Foi Ton. Send tea cents to Dr. Kilmer Co.. Blnghamton, N. Y., for a sample size bottle. It will convince anyone. You will also receive a booklet o* valuable Information, telling about the kidneys and bladder. When writing, be sure and mention The Connellsville Daily Courier. Medium and large. size bottle* for sale at all drug stores.--adv. Tf Ton Arc Hunting Bargain i Head the advertising columns of The Daily Courier. 'You will nnd them. 1 Meyersdale. MEYBRSDALE. March 5. -- Johii Darrah and daughter, Miss Mary, havo gone to San Pedro, Calf., wjiere they w.iil remain for a month or dwo'visit- in-g the former's son-in-law and daughter, .Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Winter. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Pfahlcr returned Monday from Cumberland, -where they had been visiting th clatter's sister. Miss Bess Danneckor. who is recovering from a recent operation in a hospital at that place. Mrs. Milton Reab accompanied her daughter, Miss Irene Resh 10 Frosl- burg. Md., on Tuestiaj- w h o r e Ihc latter entered ihc Miners' hospital n-her" she will undergo an operation for appendicitis. .Miss Pauline Groff r e t u r n e d Sunday .'rom a few days' visit with relatives and friends in Cumberland. Airs. Anna Hurley and sisicr. Miss Margaret "Weber, spent Sunday visiting at the home o£ Mr. and Mrs. D. W. bong In Summit township. Miss Theresa McMtirrcr, who spent several weeks' visiting with her sister, Mrs. J. T. Bell, in Pittsburgh, returned home Sunday. Mrs. Charles Schroyer returned to her home in Hoclnrood after a few days' visit here with her mother, Mrs. H. C. Huicncm. Mrs. John Blake of Eoyntoti, came down here Sunday and dpent the day at the home of her son, George BlaUo, and then left for Wasliinirton, D. C., where she wil remain for several weeJjs with her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Webster nittner. E. M. Bcachley, a former resident of Meyersdale, but no»- of Pittsburgh, spent Sunday here with Mrs. Beachley who has been her for several weeks visiting relatives and frleiuls. EVIDENCE OF STRENGTH The continued growth in our deposits is evidence of strength and shows that we look out well for the' interest of our customers. When desiring a new or additional depository, remember that the Title Trust, Company of Western . Pennsylvania will be glad to welcome your Checking .Account. CONNELLSVILLE INSURANCE MAN TELLS OF FRIEND'S RECOVERY "He suffered considerably from gas ia stomach and colic attacks, and at times was very yellow. 11 His rtoctors "diagnosed his ailment as gall bladder i trouble'and that' an ajeraUon was : neccsary. Some oue porsuinded him Lo t try Mayr's "W^ndevful Remedy. Since,! taking it one year ago be tells me be j has been able to oat anything," It is | ,a-3imple, barmies preparation tbat re- I moves tne catarrtval rauctts from the · intestinal trnct and alnys the inflam- nifltloii which causes practically all stomach, liver and intestinal ailments, including appendicitis. One docs will convince or money refunded.--adv. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. BACK THE BOYS AT THE FRONT WITH YOUR DOLLARS SAVE SAVE SAVE In these war times economy should he the watchword of every person. Save and invest in your Country's securities. Buy Liberty Bonds and buy War Savings Stamps. Come to us and we will help you. Yough Trust Company COXNELLSVILLE, PA. Capital and Surplus $250,000.00 Resources $1,500,000.00 .Patronize thono wtc, advertise. J. N. Trump fHlTE UN TRANSFER A MAN'S CREDIT Promptness in the settlement of bills is a leading factor in establishing credit --and prudent is the man'Who gives due attention. It is a well kao'tvn fact that a strong banking connection is a builder of credit. Make the strong, old. Union National CONNEUSVILlE,'Rt Bank your depositary by opening a (WESTSIDE) Checking Account. UNION NATIONAL BANK. -·XH^OCOOCGOOSOCOCOOI^XJ^OOO I OOCOCCJCKrOCOOOOSOOOOOOOOOi o i t f J. B. KURTZ, j NOTARY PUBLIC ' 3 AND REAL ESTATE. ' No. i South Meadow L«n« j · f*. ·_-.-ve.rc-.ooc. j bLAVi; YUU'K PitlNTIHG DONE AT THIS OFFICE PJETEI MS*--Tlir OH Ho-- HA HA it SOUND FUWMM OH DEAE-, V Host Go wow AMD -- rr SANS FISH AT HoM^To HELP OUT OW "THE T=OOO S(40J£TAB. "TV»ETI'R.E A LOT 4kt'\ICCTBTA IT SEMS.IBCR

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