Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 86
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 86

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 86
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10G--July 23, 1972 Sunday Gatette-Mail ----~ Charleston, W«»t VIr»lnl« Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Clues To Choosing Engagement Ring THAT'S HER ENGAGEMENT DIAMOND-SYMBOL OF LOVE Today's Girls Favor Brilliant Cut Solitaire Moonlight and roses, favorite places and things to do, loving looks and secrets shared. . .in such an atmosphere love blossoms into that glorious symbol of promise, the engagement diamond. Its forever beauty and romantic aura are as appropriate for today's new loves as' when Mary of Burgundy received the first engagement diamond from the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, in the fifteenth century. And today's couples have a royal advisor to help them choose the diamond worthy enough of their love to follow this tradition. He is their reliable, competent jeweler, the man who knows all about diamonds. What is this special knowledge? The Jewelry Industry Council calls it the "4 C's" and says that every competent jeweler will explain the "4 C's" of a diamond to his diamond-interested customers. He will tell them the "4 C's" are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight, and explain them thusly: ^·Cut: The transformation of a rough stone into a dazzling gem, and the shape this dazzlement takes comes under-the heading, "cut." Principal diamond shapes are the brilliant or r o u n d , the emerald, the pear, the oval and t h e m a r q u i s e o r boatshaped. The shape her engagement diamond takes is her ultimate decision. The brilliant or round cut is, traditionally, the favored. ^·Color: The most sought- after engagement diamonds have the purity, the crystal clear color of a drop of the freshest, most sparkling rain water. It is this colorless purity that makes the diamond blaze with a thousand lights a n d t h e i r p r i s m a t i c reflections. ^-Clarity: Nature has formed many beautiful diamonds with inclusions. These may be carbon spots, bubbles or internal cracks that a qualified jeweler can see when using a special loupe. So long as these inclusions do not affect the passage of light through the diamond, they will not affect its beauty as seen by the naked eye. But they may decrease the diamond's price. The reliable jeweler points out the inclusions in any diamond being considered for purchase. »· Carat: Diamonds are measured by a standard weight known as the carat, which is divided into 100 points. The reliable jeweler gives the carat weight of the center stone as well as the total weight of any flanking stones in an engagement ring being considered f o r purchase. Most center stones are about Vz carat or 50 points. Today's Maximilians want to choose the perfect diamond for their Marys. But confronted with the basic diamond shapes, the solitaire, cluster, melee settings, the wide or narrow shank, white or yellow gold, no matter how well they think they know the girl-oi-their-dreams, the modern Maxmilians hesitate to make the final decision. So most of today's engaging couples will come to the jeweler together. If the fiance visits bis understanding jeweler ahead of time and tells him how much he can afford the jeweler will be sure to have a selection of rings waiting to satisfy the romantic and the economical side of a brand new love. The jeweler will even help the fiance make some preliminary choices of styles he thinks his fiancee might like. She'll appreciate this loving gesture, f u r t h e r evidence of how much he realy cares. wSZlNl 8:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. | For The Best In Beautv Care % Eloise's Beauty Salon 2nd Floor of So. Hills Plaza-- Above Cohen Drug 1005A Bridge Road Easily Accessible To All Charleston Area only 2 minutes up the hill from South Side bridge or MacCorkle Ave. FREE PARKING Ph. 343-7624 | wftffi^^ Grass Forerunner of Engagement Ring We owe a lot to the ideas of the smart caveman--among them the engagement ring. This ancient man plaited grass or rushes around the ankles or wrists of his in- tended so she was marked as his in those earliest days of "marriage by capture.'''That Brides Should Be Showered By Parties, But in Advance The custom of "showering" a bride-elect with small gifts with which to start her new- married life is a fun as well as a practical festivity. Neither your immediate family nor his ever give a shower, but friends, cousins and sisters-in-law all are logical shower-givers. Except for the former restriction, there are no rules governing engagement celebrations, so your friends can show their hospitality in any way they see fit. The wise hostess schedules her party at least a month in advance of the wedding to accommodate the busy bride-elect and to make sure there is no conflict in dates. Generally, the hostess calls the bride-elect and they decide together on the type of party it will be. The bride usually chooses the type of shower--linen, personal, kitchen or bathroom etc., while the hostess decides on the setting. After the hostess informs the honoree how many guests she wishes to invite, it is up to the bride to make out the guest list. Only friends of some degree of intimacy should be invited .to your showers and you must be careful not to duplicate your lists out of consideration of your friends' pocketbooks. YOU MAY properly invite your attendants to each party, but you should make it clear that gifts are not expected for more than one event. Your mother and his may be included, but as honor guests, they are not asked to bring a present unless they so wish. Shower invitations may be issued by telephone, by informally written notes or on small cards especially made for such occasions; The invitation should specify the type of gift. If the shower is miscellaneous, indicate that also. The party can take place in almost a n y s e t t i n g -- a breakfast, luncheon, dinner or simple afternoon or evening party for. women only. Individuality is the key to a successful shower. The clever hostess tries to come up with a unique theme or some ingenious tricks to give the party a personality of its own. A garden shower could be announced on plant tags, a k i t c h e n s h o w e r on a reasonable facimile of a grocery list, and so on. Theme-wise, a hostess might try a canned goods shower or perhaps a beauty shower calling for creams, perfumes, powders a n d various cosmetics. Card shops have books of party ideas, but your own imagination as a hostess may be your best bet. was a little awkward, so the troth rings evolved to a wisp of grass tied around the finger. Romans gave their brides- to-be rings of iron. But when Caesar took them on his civilizing j u n k e t through Europe they had no iron with them and Roman centurions used rawhide strips for their ladies-in-waiting. Then rings of other substances became the vogue, "faith rings" with clasped hands, and rings with tiny keys attached. THE EARLIEST allusion to exchange of engagement rings in Christian literature is in Tertullian's writings at the end of the Second Century A.D. Their usage was introduced to the ancient Germans by the Romans, and the significance of the ring is noted in the law of the Visigoths, 642 A.D. Even suitors of antiquity inscribed the betrothed's ring with a special message of love. Dedication on a Greek ring dated 400 B.C. says, "To her who excels not only in virtue and prudence but also in wisdom." Another of the same period is inscribed to just plain "Honey." Medieval, French suitors either paid elaborate tribute to their loves or used a terse, tense phrase of undying affection. How can you lose weight and keep it off for good ? Get More for Your Savings Dollar WITH OUR NEW "UMBRELLA _ PLAN" 52/4% Start your "UMBRELLA" with our 5 'i % per annum S5.000 minimum one year certificate then under your "UMBRELLA" you can add to your savings with other deposits of only SI ,000 at a time and still get 5 ^ °o on all your savings. Savers who open the one year certificate accounts can add another one thousand or more and receive 5 3 .i percent per annum on that one too-- just so long a, you do not withdraw the S5,000 "UMBRELLA", that additional one thousand will earn at the rate of a whopping 5?i% per annum. --if you need money, withdraw the SI,000 and don't disturb the "UMBRELLA". Perhaps you've been on diets before. You lose a few pounds and then something happens and you go right back to the old eating patterns. And right back to the old weight! How can you lose weight-andkeepitoff, once and for all? Weight Watchers* can help you. Without pills or crash diets, we help you "re-train" your eating CHANGE OF LOCATION: STARTING THURSDAY, JULY 6,1 W-t 0:00 A.M. AND 7:00 P.M. AMERICAN LEGION DUILDING--Pott. 73 1101 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. ST.ALIANS,W.VA. (FORMERLY JAYCHDLDC.) For information on tho miny dosses throughout West Virginia Coll: CHARLESTON AREA--346-0609 CDTSIDECrCHARLE$TOII-(TOUfRIt)M00442.M75 habits so you can enjoy three full, hearty meals a day plus snacks and still lose weight, and keep it off. Don'f put it off another day. Join Weight Watchers now. WEIGHT., WATCHED Some UHing.KMM liilming,jnd a progrjffl llut work«. Come in and ask the folks at First Federal Savings how you may take advantage of the "SAVINGS UMBRELLI." "THINK FIRST WHEN MONEY MATTERS" FREE PARKING at Curry'* Parking Lot, Corner l«e4 Brood Streets--ALL DAY If you SAVE TODAY!! A Helpful Hint For New Grooms. Her hands will look lovelier She'll stay lovelier--With a New "KITCHENAID" DISHWASHER mmmmmm Let Us Install One In Your New, A STEP-SAVING, WORK-SAVING ARRANGEMENT, BEAUTIFUL, DISTINCTIVE STYLING, AN ALL NEW KITCHENAID DISHWASHER Have more time foryotir family and friends. Add a KitchenAid dishwasher and end needless chores like doing dishes by hand. 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Everything from the Bachelor Dinners, Bridal Showers, Bridal Dinners can be taken care of. Seated dinners of 25 to TOO or stand up receptions of 25 to 150 can be arranged. Newlyweds to be! Plan now to enjoy your own Wedding . . . while the Kim Tiki adds the elegance and perfection you'll'long cherish. /dm Tiki LOUNGE RESTAURANT For the greatest in Polynesian Food 6210 MacCORKLE AVE. S.W. ST. ALBANS, W. VA. FOR INFORMATION CALL 768-4701 ?:*::^^

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