Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 13, 1975 · Page 4
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 4

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1975
Page 4
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Wilson's Inflation Plan Draws Cautious Praise (c) .\.V. Time* S«TU* Dean Ronald Champagne has been named dean of Salem College. A 1964 graduate of Duquesen University. Dr. Champagne holds master's degrees from Catholic University and Fordham University, and a doctorate from Frodham. He will assume his new job Aug. 1. Mrs. Gandhi Calls Arrests : Very Meager' ; (C) New York Timet Service · NEW DELHI - Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said Saturday that the number of people arrested in India in the last two weeks had been "very meager" compared ivith the total population, and that in any case three-fourths of them were common criminals, not political prisoners. ; In a comprehensive defense of her government's authoritarian new posture, delivered to a group of business and labor leaders paying a call at her closely guarded residence here, Mrs. Gandhi declared: ' "Democracy cannot survive unless certain basic rules are observed. One may have freedom, but freedom does not mean walking on the wrong side of the road." According to an official account of her Speech, the prime minister said that India was "passing through a very difficult period, and it is only through hard work, per- Serverance and discipline" that its problems can be overcome. ', .Developing a theme that has emerged in her other statements over the last few days, Mrs. Gandhi stressed the need for a strong central government because a weak center, as she said Friday, "cannot hold together" a country as vast and diverse as India. · -Mrs. Gandhi maintains that the government was forced to declare the state of emergency late last month by a conspiracy in which the political opposition was trying to create chaos -- in the armed forces, among workers, and across the country at large. · "A section of the people had been trying to destroy democracy in the name of democracy," she said. "If the government had not taken any steps now, it would have amounted to shirking responsibility." LONDON-Prime Minister Harold Wilson's program to restrain inflation drew cautious praise Saturday from most segments of Britian society. The praise was tempered by suggestions that the Labor party's government had yet to devise a way to monitor labor and management under the plan. Wilson announced his proposals, designed to reduce the country's 25 per cent inflation rate, to the House of Commons Friday. The measures are intended to discourage public and private employers from bowing to wage demands in excess of six pounds ($13.20) a week over the next year. The government offered three main weapons for securing compliance. One would prevent private industry from raising prices as a result of wage increases that exceed the limit. The second consists of Wilson's pledge that the government would not provide the money for excessive wage demands from workers in nationalized industries. The third is a government pledge to cut subsidies to local authorities awarding excessive pay increases to local employes. So far there have been no signs that the Conservatives as a whole will try to ruin Wilson's strategy when the government asks for enabling legislation next week. There may be much argument, many abstentions, and some defections, but the Tory party has for too long urged Wilson to do something. Nor was there any sign Saturday of major defections on the left. Some labor union leaders and left-wing members of Parliament have denounced the wage package, but Wilson's Labor cabinet seemed to be holding firm. However, parliamentary consent is only the beginning, most government officials admit. What they feel is needed is public support to forestall widespread challenges to the new wage limit, and to that end the government has established a public relations unit to sell its message through radio, television, the newspapers and billboard advertising." The unit will be headed by Geoffrey Goodman,industrial editor of the pro-Labor Daily Mirror, and will command a budget amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. WILSON ALSO threatened fines or other- legal sanctions against employers who accede to excessive union demands, while ruling out legal action against workers who, through strikes and other pressures, might otherwise be prosecuted for conspiring with employers to break the law. But the imposition of legal sanctions was widely interpreted as only a threat. Nobody seemed clear at what point they would be invoked, and some saw them as a symbolic gesture to the international financial community, which had been insisting that only statutory controls could restrain the inflation rate and restore Britain's economy to a competitive position. Judging by most editorials Saturday, as well as the comments of many politicians, the success of the policy rested on the consent of the public, the government's ability to deal with the employes over whom it exercises some measure of control, on its willingness to make industry and local government toe the line, and on its capacity to keep track of what is actually going on. "The machinery has not been worked out," Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative opposition leader complained in a speech to the Federation of Conservative Students here. "Who is to see that the pay limits are observed in the private sector? No one seems to be in charge," she said. Mrs. Thatcher had other criticisms. She said that Wilson had "covered up" the weaknesses in Britain's economy, had misled the voters in earlier election campaigns and was still refusing to cut government spending. However, she said, the crucial question now is whether Wilson will "Stand firm" in his promises to resist wage demands;. 41st Annual CHILDREN'S PHOTOGRAPH CONTEST Your Child Can Win A $2,500 Shopping Spree We'll photograph your child at special prices and enter an extra picture in the contest at no extra charge. Enter! Call the Portrait Studio today. CONTEST SPECIAL: 7 PORTRAITS: One 8x10 and 6 Gift Size In Life Col or $14.95 THAT'S MORE THAN % OFF! $695 Bible 'Kedwctiomsm' Sparks Lutheran Fight ! -ANAHEIM. Calif. (AP) - Both sides in the battling Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod believe the Biblical story of Jonah being swallowed by a great fish tells the truth -- that nowhere can a person escape God's summons. · .But they disagree in defining such stories to the point of divisive combat, as demonstrated here this week at their governing convention. ·Moderates say the importance and truth of the story is in its meaning and would allow it to be viewed either as parable or history. Conservatives insist it must be un- .iformly viewed as objective fact. · 'Both sides accuse the other of "reduc- 'tibnism" of the Bible, which both vigor- ;ously affirm as divinely inspired and true. ITHAT'S THE KIND of subtle but fer- · vently held difference behind the struggle "in the 2.8-million member denomination ; that has hurtled it to the brink of schism. Conservatives, rallying behind the efforts of the church president, the Rev. Dr. J.A.O. Preus. to purge any deviations from a literalistic approach to scripture, authorized new disciplinary measures at the meeting here. The dominant, two-thirds majority of the convention also condemned the functioning of a moderate bloc as offensive and schismatic and told supporters to abandon it or leave the church. This and orders issued to district leaders to cease ordaining graduates of a breakaway seminary or face expulsion, were seen by moderates as an action which would tear the church apart if enforced. "Notices of eviction," they called the action and estimated one-fourth of the members would be thrown into revolt and. separation from the church. Dr. Preus called the estimate highly inflated. But however large or small the breach, it would be the first time in American Protestantism that doctrinal conservatives retained control of a major denomination with those of more flexible approaches impelled to leave. "We are interested in truth, not victory," said Dr. Preus. "We may be tough, we may be contentious, but we will prevail." In elections here, the conservatives took control of nearly every board and agency in the denomination in addition to the measures adopted for curbing nonconformity. Even with the new steps for forcing adherence to official positions, any breakup was seen as painful and reluctant, like a long-warring marriage that finally collapses. $4*5 4 Reg. $7 ' 3x4 Silvertone Novelist Sobhemtsyn CHICAGO * - Preset Ford is trill* » ««itS£SS? 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'/2 ct. diamond and % ct. rubies or sapphires 415.00 .. 1 V's ct. diamonds and 1 5 /8 ct. emeralds 1255.00 .. 1 \i ct. diamonds and 1 '/2 ct. rubies and sapphires ' 1045.00 .. 2 ct. diamonds and. 1 % d. sapphires 1570.00 . .1 % ct. diamonds and % ct. emeralds 1570.01 "A ct. diamond fancy .- 185.00 Vi ct. diamond loop ring 340.00 1 ct. diamond fancy 520.00 1 ct. diamond saddle ring 710.00 1 ct. diamond dome 625.00 1 Vi ct. diamond "S" ring 890.00 2 d. diamond rope ring 1045.00 2 ct. diamond dome 940.00 3 ct. diamond twist 1570.00 . 4 ct. diamond dome 2095.00 . 5 ct. diamond twist ·... 3020.00 ALL CARATS TOTAL WEIGHT

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