The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 23
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jr. no TUESDAY, AUGUST 18. 1W4. Television Highlights CBOT Mt TVs Jetseea. "Elray's TV Shew." While pUyini la the park one day with hi dog Aa-Iro,' HttlS Elroy Jetaoa Is "discovered"! by Astro Id TV Pro-duetioM and Caorga quits hit Job with Spacely to tnanage bis bob s carter. 1M Mobile. Tba CBC Ot tawa "Mobile" crew and boat Colin Parker pay a visit to Up lands air terminal M-The Patty Duke The Wedding Anniversary Caper." Ross Una enters sister Patty's photo In a "beautiful teens contest" In an attempt to win a portable TV set to give - bit parents as an anniversary present. Ross fails to tell PaUy about the contest and faces the difficult task of telling bar aha .Is a finalist. f ,. Ms) Baa Casey. "It's Getting Dark and We Are Lost" Dr. Casey runs Into problems when be tries to locate the father of a precocious little girt Injured In a motor accident Featuring Ann JUliann. Robert Webber, and Gene Lyons. : tJa-Tbe Plaswasakara. "A Matter of Self Respect" Sug- 901 HSU; CITY OF OTTAWA , Department of PUnalng and Works 1 RECONSTRUCTION OF SIDEWALKS . Sealed tenders aSHroaiiS to the Chairman M4 MemMll Beard of Control, will be k Urn imkn. City Matt. Drive. Ottawa Ontario, up kg SJO am. (ooyMsM ovin- mnoi Tul. aeM. I. ISM For oontroct S-rT. IMmtt Be-1 en the- nuowwa Im StrMt earn Iran sulrit Aronoe to nrat Aim lot stmt out Ina taartar Aliwl oak Btroot wool from Annuo to Street Bonk Blreet to Blsm Street. ItMt tm KL lot 1. Quoin atreet north Iron Bonk treet to ss.rr w. avL lot S. Blem Btroot west tram Amort Bonk Swot trait from Artmf- toat Anm to McLeee Street. Kont atnot eon from traot to Boork Street. lowt Sweet oaot from floroneo traot to McLaren Street. Frank ainot nortk from tft- -eoHo atreet to Vt. lot 14 . Bonk atnot out from Ammo to Bonrth Arena Thlre A hum omth front Avenue north Bonk atnot to Driveway BooelflcaUano InformaMoii l Tonne ol Tender our bo obtajnos tram tho Bona ways Braneh. B TT. Tth floor. Department Plomimg and Work. City Ran. . Biiojom Drive. Ottawa. Ontario. TAo Corporation' doee not jhtnd iwmt wo lewon or eny m nortlculor at only H received tho CU msiim tno runt to reject it. : '. A. T. RASTBT. . it less. viqr tm. "NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION TENDER FOR REHABILITATION OF A HOUSE . tmta ISO noon, SDST TburnUr. Amrmt tt, loot, or tho anew Mened Sor tho rahoMUtotlon of tho . hoona at tho Cornnlllo farm. Free- om nimnj rareei ojfjt A-Sl-I. All tenders ara to no In I Sor SWnobUJtoUon mi tho neum on enrmouta Farm. QMM. A-'- one aimrmtia ok , D. t, BtcDonaM, Director of Plaaamf ana , WaUonal Capital Cisimliilia. SSS Carime Ara, Ottawa. Ontario, ''. a BjOuoSuim anS Be eMotneS Iran tamos at tha omioob or North oowar. t rrkina. Bon ise. North Cower. I I M eenalUens of MM atanod. . Loooot or any leader not corny M. 1. tlAOOms, Townahin Clark. Its. ttatlM.! Capital Comm lotion. PnoortMa g" an on. SSI Carilna Ara. Ottawa. Tmmn win bo opraod la nnbUc In tho rammloilon BoorS Boom at ISIS nm. BDST en tha nay ol florin. Tho CotnUookin 4om not koaa Itmir to aooopt the lowoat TOWNSHIP OF 4 NORTH GOWER v TENDERS ;' Tat Constructloa of Church St, Polk VUUgc wi norm uosrer , BmloS toiMloH olinii wwt ZlTi?' "15 t- Conotntctlon, wtll bo neolnd by tho nnSor-fnnui UOS ollock oootk TtJBiDAT, SBOT. lot, S4 Tho work will incintfe oub-m. onntloa. otorm cower InoUl lotion, ootch hooln oonou notion one the eupoly ona ntaehtf of Cranolor "A'' ana Onnular "B" materlala. eonmoa eiteone mr of BUY YOUR BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND "CHARCE-IT 3 CREDIT PLANS c::::xen ugs Irin i h "-liAa) mJ ! .-. fctowwnl 1757 RutMll Road den, tha Scott Furlon sire raft plant manager, tries to help Carter, a former design de partment worker to overcome his past disgrsca and build a Ufa. Carter, driven to al cohol by his unfaithful wife, has Just been" released from a two-year prison term imposed upon him sfter a car crash In which his wife was killed. Carter la determined to make a fresh start, but finds It difficult to keep out of trouble. IMS Cine Club, "School for Men." "Au Fond des Bois." sad "Happy Anniversary." The' first film, about tha House breaking of husbands, . was made. in 1961 to- Czechoslo vakia. Tha second fUm de picts the courting and wedding ceremonies of Poland's Lowtci region, using native paper cut outs and music by the Lowlcz Song and Dance Ensemble. The final film shows a husband on tha way home to his wife, who baa prepared ; a sumptuous wedding anniversary dinner. A hilarious series of misadventures frustrates all his plans. Films ara Introduced by Dennis Sweeting. Toronto actor and broadcaster. - 7 UJ1 British Movie Night Profile." John Bentley and Kathleen Byroa are the stars. Drama about a couple who pub lish a magasine they call "Pro file" based on the wile's boy friend of. a few years back. Un known to the husband, the boy friend ahows up with blackmail m-mind. (a minutes.) CfOH LM Route M. "Poor Little Kangaroo Rat" Doctor Duncan employs Bus and Tod to catch sharks for bis experiments. The doctor, aided by his lovely as sistant Lis PenfoM. has using shark livers for his re search on chloresterol. against tba objections of his wife Helen who wants hint to return to medical practice. George Ma- harte and Martin Mitner star. with guests Leslie Nielsen and Joanne LlnviUe. y Mt Taeeday Movie. "The Fighting Lawman. Deputy VS. Marshal Jim Burke, stationed m Flagstaff la Itta, follows tha trail of four bank robbers end catches one of them, Man uel Jackson, when horse goes lams, but the other three escape. Three years I Burke kills Manuel as ha capes from prison, but in dying Manuel : reveals - the abouts of the other Wayne Morris. Rick Vallln, Vir ginia Grey. John Keltog, Harry Lauter and John Plckard star. IJS The Jsey Blehep Shew, Joey Is trapped In a meet market : refrigerator by - the butcher ' guest -star Shscky Greene, who wants an audition a Ul Tha Eleventh Hear. There Should Be An Outfit Called Families Anonymous. Harassed by her father, sister and brother, who Involve in their petty, personal prob lems so that she has no life of bar own, Bea Miller real ises that her marriage .to long- suffering Bernie. is la Jeopardy. Her worry leads to physical HI- noes and she is referred to Drs. Starke and Graham. . - CBOFT A SJB-Aa etsh- eoteJL A program of songs, dances and games for younger view ers. IJ Jstinsass ebBge. The program visits Thetford Mines. Danielle Oderra la this guest : . , MB Las graads da la Tha Jacques Lussier Trio presents "Pisy Bach Jazz. . HJt Ctae.claB. "LUe rue," a film about life on one of the many small Islands of tha Japanese archipelago produced by Kaneto Shindo with Nobuko Otaea, TaIJi Tono- yama, ShlnJI Tanaka and Ma-sanort Horimoto. The film depicts tha dally Ufa of a family who live on an island so inhospitable that they -have to travel each day for water, and where farming is done on terraces so narrow they might better be called stairways. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL -23 , laat h about Una for a pit stopr ' .owoooooiooa. ,oor vAMvw vi Or. meyee s wait ss the Werars Fakf WMi cash IV wn PtMficiBC yoo cm towit Aofvtnttgt f odvyt , Bet yew cash and sot faeteurinf BBhavaaaoimantSaa BaokAoBobOh gaaLfcilaoni - y awmvvevvisaFf bj smmarrr KnatwfTwwwy vnrenniji piarjai, DnriGFICIAL FINANCE CO. OF CANADA ... leans am to SSOCO Your loon can ee Mo Inoured 42 month contracts en toons ever $1 500 11 fjornoOTtont offices which Is fMoeast youf. . BROTHER JUNIPER .,.1... pmi in if 1 1 ib i .xy I YOUR HEALTH ...... . , ..... t By Lester I- Coleman, MD entBSfHawea SPINE CURVATURE My son : is 14 yean old. When we went on a hunting trip, he hurt his leg.' The doctor found that the leg injury was minor but that ha has a curvature of the spina which needs correction. Could a slight leg injury have caused this condition of the spine? , T Mr. L. V., Ontario. ',' Dear Mr. V.: Since It takes years for the spine to become distorted, it 'Is hardly likely that the injury you describe could be responsible for the curvature of the spine. - This condition can ' sometimes remain - unnoticed far long periods of time and ' la oten discovered only incidentally during a routine examination. ; There are many different causes of curvature of the tpme.Before any treatment is begun, the exact cause must be carefully determined. Present day technique of X-ray examination, supported by clindal, neurological end orthopedic findings, ara useful m discovering the cease, and. determining the ideal course of treatment for each indivi-. dual case. . In this instance, your son's minor leg injury could be considered a fortunate mishap, since tt "accidentally" drew attention to a more serious condition which can now ba Orleans Wilis C of C Week Contest v Orleans, some II mites esst of Ottawa, has been unanimously selected winner in the under II. SOS population group of the Chamber of Commerce Week contest entered by boards and chambers across Canada. ! The Orleans Chamber will win a free annual meeting registra tion or a gavel and speaker's lactam : ' '. Tba Chamber's annual meeting Is at Winnipeg In September, tt is hoped the Orleans Chamber will be represented. During the contest the Orleans Chamber conducted- a vigorous ' economic education program and else pro mot ad the organization in the community. The INS Chamber of Com merce Week wiU be bald the week of April 4. . TO GIVE AID TORONTO (CP) - The Or der of AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational : Progressivs Association) will send medical aid to Nicosia hospitals for the use of both Greek- and Turk Uh-Cypr lots. Toronto past pres ident Louis Trenton said Moo- day. - Let Deneficial put en. Bjv II ana I in your pocket today - OTTAWA a 101 BMwaa at, 1st St. (Over Rm'at . . ..Ctmrat MSI J 7 (a aiuum; o avo uunor ws, tot n. fuor, aanaj, ..( ) , e isai Bank at (Near Heron Rd.)...... 140 WmevfMrtOfl Ma . o 111 Spofta Stroot, 1st Fl.. O I9A IMmuI In. VOr VVwrllSfflgfnfto 'tASTVHW I ...l Mootwai Rood rtatMi o9r . .733-9lw .btmraiaroofli , Ctntral ran w FAihway BW9S Norwood BS914 B) HAWKCSBURT ,.,331 Mam Stroot Cast. ....... MEkom 2 7731 nun. . v mom oi root, to rioor ..... r muwiujo r-mi FfMBnOrte M r-ombrooe St, Woct, 2nd n..,.REent t-9lS4 SMITH FALLS. . .BA awckwrth St, North. 2nd a 2B1-28 w. ofts twswa tr awtnmT-nnni na noumi kwm 1 corrected without further delay. . . - y . These columns are designed to relieve your fears about health' through a better un- ders tending of your mind and body. All the hopeful new advances in medicine reported here are known to doctors everywhere. Your individual medical problems should be handled by your own doctor. He knows you best - Highlights gj CFRA Winnipeg at Ottawa. tM CBO Wmnlpeg Papa Caacart Conducted by Eric Wild, with Joan Maxwell, mes-j so soprano, as soloist overture to Fra Diavolo, Auber; Faltes - nil mes aveux. from Faust Gounod; Omphsle's Spinning Wheel. Saint Saensr 0 Mio Fernando, from La Favori- ha.- Doniiettl. r ., Mt CBO Tha Fourth Estate. The New York Times, by James Bannerman. Mi CFMO-FM Concert Halt Jubilee Overture, Weber; Serenade in C minor, Mozart; Triple Concerto, Beethoven. tM CBO Chapel ReyaL A new series devoted to music by composers who were at one time members of Britain's Cha pel Royal. In tha first program the Scheie Polyphonlca. direct ed by Henry "Washington, and organist - Ralph Dowries . are heard m music by W-l 1 1 1 a m Byrd: 0 Lord. Make Thy Servant-Elizabeth Our Queen to Rejoice! m Thy Strength;. In Re-surrexione Tua; Gloria TIN Trl-nicas; and Assumpta est Maria. Tonight's program comes from the Queen's Chapel of The Savoy, London. taouti mm Relieve naming pain fuickly with hquid OUTGRO. After a few spplicatioris, OUTGRO toughens sender skin and pushes the naif up for safe, easy cutting. . St tht Utrgut Selection of Fiocr Csverlsss la OTTAWA ' ECONOMY FLOOR COVERING -. 712 SOMERSET ST. W. : v ; . Cor. Arthar '' ' ' -v." UB821 .. "Our Prfcas -Will floor Tou" ESS BtSCOUXT DEPT. STOSQ BELL'S CORNERS . Dtiir em. to IS em. SatarSay r a at. k I to. , HULL 123 Eddy SC. ' natty S am to a om. Trlear-S in. la III o 8 OUT OF 10 CHOOSE GAS Natural Qaa It the leading fuel for house heating. More -homes are Heated with Gas than with any other automatic fuel. Eight out of 10 new homes In North America are Gas hea ted, (DtUvva(Qes 178 Bank St" 238-9491 HI AND LOIS ARCHIE TRUDY i " -; V .a'-. 'v-ri '- v.-. - j J0iP J I rjrl . tfooofcWtmtWoSlil rj"l ( f'iy "Witt ha ba out today?" "Hold if. Edges. That, not the jntecf sprsy!" fTS tUCH A HOT I OH, HI. 'A eVTOWN MAM NY: WHBJg Afc WJ J 1 TWtXKSHT HIS 6WIM 6UT ON TH6 J UESS J- fP PUTQNMSWW RrOMT UWH WOOLS? r VOUfri rSr TRUhVBAMPSWNP LOOK R1PICUL0U6 "J RI6WT IMrjuLpkfr WANTTO LOOK KSK3JLCUS. a-i.:.'.i ' ? r wof lusarass) now cam vbu weec m J H XN k . FBtD,CUBA CNOuom scat J AT mom THS- FIEH Lf JUST I JUOeUD 1 yb l 6 mfm Qte rA a , UW -KV;RY DRAKE . , w..t T-. T"" V r3,GnnJiL ?Jr-' 1 sstMTw 2w - oTv I STT oor?oZm no " imaSJV1 ZZmZ2!?Jl dill III afao-v I AevxiTTcamtiH'wa; - UTArfvs o. ' o in wiwiSirfVtwP 1 BiirTtrTmi BoiiiiiiilTT B -j i i RKY iurmr.iv m r-" " ' .." -' . ' '.' 1 . '. , . . i-i . ,,. . ... . . ., . ;, i- . - - " ' : ' I ; -. - - " - ' ' ' . ! . I I oVMHI MS HIT MS t Tsl f MKTmS5UY W VEHTHeONe V 1 (LrrSOETOtfmilWEr? " VSOftTOFLOSTaVO LOOKS MMILISA THT ALLTHE WOJ V .THIS BOONS. f-rrT i I . MWOUTOXDtTJU) S.WtA0Jl MELO0KSUW mf COCRAZYFOR.- J I WEAN . -wsSNl JULIET JONES APARTMENT 3-G' , : fJONNAatSHOOoS V waA MtoarSorB taoaa jT torn tvrnaja upt X - 1 IDH ll -f fju.j. leoeaa L hsouoe Tj S. Wom aw uiii ioy S us amm.v provtoco H h. ' ' r MAastAOCANOMoV- Son. NOTAUWto I IJl ! iTtTjL 1 JL iv wvtr nacAoiNeL I bum id aevat. at. but ! ' jfli X Tl La. "m noiAnormam- A jr i . ii fT mwiTHaoauao a ' ' t X V'ii "" ' j I :w l APPRECIATE VOjnA I I NO BUT F Mt WERt,Y I CPTTAatLY FLfASE PCSTT Y IVf nfW SO V lliniU TAKING THE TIME TO 1 ( WOULD OJ BE WOUUVrM f VSC OFFENSe 1 ' Y ATTRAOTX MM.E 1CT , Fr!r . TU WtTH WSJJNfJ TO I I VERY low I ID Ties QUESTION, 1 SI WHICH Tho HASOT k I f V 111 III MASCE -y- VvHELP Mm yl. V OF tMRTH.' I MISS) MA6tE 'ARE 1 BEfN A COSMCRATOI.' " ki tIStbHI! v5vj I ayKn..ow rv: STEVE ROPER VN I KALI7T.0 THAT STA9 WAS SwnTAILt PISTURBEU, I TKB 1 FHONg MR A DOCTOt I HE FUUID CUT A STRANG. LOOktNw FtvuX u Out HC 'TOEOTonuvcni. l-'i-k-r r r..v rw ommBmsBTsannBn 7 w?n s? 7ngtoaf-mirtmifm.r FAiHTtD-jHesm&ctrrHtAOASifHir V i 1 I sa. I ml V A F el 1 " I I with, I uprose. fttVL WITH, I WPTOSt:.-! ft' . I LJ I i klm "OMUMRSl THf wORV DfTAILi J ltSEDBiai6-uiOWUlia 10 1 HAVe A VtrjNOfRf UL JC8-CV!N IrB KSt n HcWOWHNS a) 731-3884 W 7,.r . .- -.-i .... ' , A - . ' . .' i v .V-V - - ... ;, ,. V

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