The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1918
Page 5
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TUESDAY, laARCH 5, 1915 THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAPS HAPPENING INTHEMftLTOWN T. W. LJpps, Leading Shoe Merchant and Citizen Called bj Death. WAS SIXTY YEARS OF AGE A»d CUM t« This Plate in 188*5 XiUft'trcet yfvtnea KaterteuH at F»«r TC1»* Te»; Fine Cwiwat im the T*w»yteri»B Clmre*; P«TK.»«IS. Special lo Tho Courier SCOTTDALB, March 5 --Theodore W Lipps, aged 60 7«ns of ^orth. Broadw»r, fceo yeetertar morning. Mr Llpps came to this town in 1*85, and was oae of the oldest of its establish cd shoe merchants Mr Upps vas a member of the First PresbTtenan church He is sarriTed by his -widow aid the following children Charles Mf Lipps, John I.IPJIS and James Upps ot ScottdaU. Mrs H. C Hoop oi Connellsrille, George Lrpps of tho United States military semee at Fort Thomas Kentucky and Miss Nancy ilpps at home Funeral services will ie held W«dn*«Jay afternoon at 2 o clock and interment Till be mad* in the Scottdale cemetory Tow OtlMfc Tea- Mrs Wettb and daughters Irene and Syln* gave a 4 o'clock sapper at their Bridge street home on Friday creams. Little pink baskets were given as favors All kinds of games were played as the atnuscxneats of the evening The gnests- present were Mr and Mrs Nelson and children Law- lence and Arnold Mr and Mrs Bar tin Mr and Mrs. Ora Mat* ·Sir and Mrs Edward Wardlow Mr and Mrs Anderson, Paul and Vernon -Webb and Miss Raves of Scottdale, and S M Fisher of Pittsbnrg. Concert in Chan*. The orchestra of tbe Methodist Episcojkal chnrch, CouneJlsnlle gave a concert to a very large audience in the Presbyterian church last evening despite the weather Kvery number on the program was very much appreciated The orchestra will repeat the program m the MeU odist Episco pal church in Connellsririe this evening For 5»le. Six room bouse Jour extra lots close to borough for $C500 Eight room double house on paved street rents for ?20 for ?2000 Four room cottage boue lot 120x130 feet "West P-ttsbnrg street for 51,200 E F DeTVitt.--AcU --mar 5-7 9 Personal. \ P B-rne James Byrne and I*d ·nard Kennedj have gon» to Augusta I Ga. where they will vint Edward and 1 Arthur Bjrne and Lieuttnant John Kennedy Mrs J P Brennen h L* returned from, a visit paid Pittsburr friends William. Ferguson the undertaker and furniture dealer lias receded a neu delivery truck 1 Make Your Own Cough ; Syrup and Save Money ; ; »»«««4»*«*M ~*nwrrrmt GROT HAIR£ Orav haw however handsome, denotes advancing age We all know the advantages ol a yonUrful appear ancc Toar hair is your charm It makes or mars th« face When It fades, turns gray and looks streaked just a few applications of Sage Tea and Sulphur enhances Its appearance a hundred-fold. Don t stay gray' I*ook. vonng 1 Either |repire the -ecipe at home or any drug store a bottle of "Wyetus Sage and Sulphur Compound" winch is merelv the old-time recine improved by the addition of other ingredients Thousands of forts recommendi tins ready-to-usft preparation .because it darkens the hair beaudruMy beoides no one can possaiy tell, as it darkens so naturally and evenly Ton moisten a sponge or soft brush inth it, drawing thus through the hair, taking one small strand at a time. By morning the grav harr disappears after another application or two its natural color is restored and it becomes thtci, glossy and lustrous. " and voa apear years younger Sage and Sulphur Com Better Oaut *» roxlr-mxle Ufi Sullr prHMTxl ·» *·»» » , »»»«»»«·«*»*««»«»«*»«««·»« The inert touch svrnp fbai moncr on buy, coviiiijr only about one fifth as inuca a« ready-miule preparations can easily be made Tip at home. The way it takes bold and conquers distressing eooghi, throat and cheat colds mil ie»liy stake TOU enthusiastic about it Any dnicjriEt can supply you witb, 2/4 entices of Pinex (GO cents worth) I Four this into a pint bottle and AH ·the bottle with plain granulfttrd sugar ·rrup Shake thoroughly and it is ready lor use. The total coat in about 65 cents and pives vou ft full ·pint--a, family supply--of a most eflVctml, pleasant iHtinz remedy It keepa per- iectly In truly iwtoiiiBhins how quickly it acts, penetrating; throUfEh. evtxry air «f the tlvoat and lungs--loosens :., and raises ifce phlegm soothes and heals ' the inflaaol or swollen throat membrane*, ud itraduallv but surely the annoying throat tickle and dreaded cou«rn will disappear cnttrclv JSothmjc better lor bronchitis, spjunnodic croup, whooping coa£h or bronchial asthma IMncx is a, special and highly crraeen- trated compound of ffennuie Norway Jn»e extract, and is Known the world over for it* prompt healing eflect on tho throat membrane*. Avoid diMnmnDtroent uv a^cim; your dnigjjis* for ^% ounces of Pinex" with full direction* and don t accept anything else. A jynfcnuitee of absolute sat isfact\on or money promptly refunded, (roes with this preparation, Ihe r Co-, Ft, Wayne, Ind. Kitchen Aprons 48c 69c \ of tiib prooE rtaghatn m neat cticcks Specia ! at 48c Bungalow Aprons B9c $1 00 \ ilues--·» ell made of light colored Percales Spec al it SOc "The Big' Store" Announces an Important MARCH SAILE pound is a delightful toilet rerraisUe It is not intended for th« cure miti or prevention of disease -- adv SHE CLAIMS IT SAVED HER LIFE Tries AH Ktads nt TtvoUblf Prepm- tM»aj lor Stwach Tr»nWe ITrtbont Results. SHF TTEGFS AIT, TO XASJ5 HLVEKAZ KFUEDT DiSTCXD This wonderful medicine called Iron Mineral has saved my life and I am not afraid to praise it declares an enthusiastic West % trgima. endorser al weeks Air and Mrs Rofeeit Moore and children of Florence Mined spent the weekend with Mt Moore s parents Mr and Mis J C Moore t Mrs 0 "tt Shallenbereer was a Connellsrille bbopper on Sati rda^ Mr ind Mrb PL H CoHms and ctol dreii of Dawson were callers heie Sa urday Mr anrl Mrs Harrj Stnckler of Unionf own visited the former s pai cuts Mr and Mrs George M fc-trick ler on Sumla* The rmro NOUS class of the Metho dtst I piscopal Sunda^ sciiool met on Fndaj evening at tbe homo of Mrs Paul Teichert, J r Black Frank Blatk and Omcr French were caUcis m X,iuoiUovrn on 3-Ir^ George H K u h n and son spent Sunday with her parents Mi and Of the famous Electric Brand Dresses That Save in the Wardrobe as Hoover Regulations Save in the Pantry. Fit and Service at Astounding Low Cost. c C o m i n g at the Terj hour nhen thf nik of ^eJivjhic billing- is lionj- iWnel by llio iiomtn 01 A m f r u . u it presents J an uneqimlleU opportiinilj to purchase (he vcn I j p c and style of Dresses fliut women aie in need of and ,H prices Hiat = all Mornen oin tomiorliililj iifiord to paj. No i\omHii t a n .nford io mibs thrs 6pportiinitT. ]on't let anytluny: keep you j a « a j . Come (odaj. The Utmost in Economy and Utility. Style, Guality, Mrs Robert. Maust of neir Monirch The It B Girls club will meet on 1 Thursday night at the borne of L^tei "For fifteen vears 1 suttered with , Cosp . ovc AU mDmbcrs are rca ucst stomaci trouble so bad I depilred of ed to b( presont ever getting better I tried everything m7 neighbors aad friends recommend ' = ~ ~ :!:= ~ ~ ^^ := ~ ed to me and still I got no relief 11 was all rnn down and dared eat nothing hardli for tear ot suffering agon i and I sot so nervous 1 could not go to ' the door when someone knocked but "Gets-lt"-2 Drops- Then to f he Dance! Acid Iron Mineral sa^ed mv hfe for I "Ooodnjg-lit to Corn Pains--COIEJ Peel Off With. "GeU-It' ***3ay £*rfs you can lauprh at tight «hoes or damp corn-pulling- ·weather bip bumpy corns cTllutes on tho *oles of jour fact corns be tween. the toes hard ana aott corns. Mrs W P Donaldson t Butler is the guest of M T and Mr« F J "S an Horn Miss Helen Cole of Perryopohs has -eturned home after a vsi with Miss Helen Stnckler Miss Marguerite Kennedy is \isit ng friends in Pittsburg Sergeant Jack Millen oJ Camp Lee iho ha-; been under quarantine for rmmps has been released Afisses Madeline and Fe-esa Bren ^ and Afargaret (*leason are spend a few days in Pittsbu-s Confluence. CONFLUENCE March -- Tin ··ker of Gettysburg col'pjf preached n the Lutheran church here Sundar v p n m g \ft*s Christine Flanlsan h is return -rt frora a visit 5ith friends at Keyser \ Ta Oakland aiid Somerset of scv tal weeks Ear$e»:, H B Tissue-was a business i«itor to Somerset yesterdav Miss Reba Pore wbo teaches scaool ear Mt Pleasant visited liei parenla ere over Sunday J»mes Brown an cmploee of c-he altimore Ohio Ra Iroad i ompans onnellsville has returned tJ\er after i*ttmg his family here a few days Mr and "Mrs John Cunningham of cwirklev who was called here a eek ago on account ot the death of {surely believe I was dono for I now {do my own -washing .ind all mr "work and d-udgerv iround the house and feel «o much improved I surelr can praise this great medicine for the good it did me Continued Mrs E. \ Sheets, ilataoka TV \ a FNTIRRLT Dt»FKRKXT RFMTFDT P^eryone knows the value of iron a-s a tonic The 'rouble has been that made from metallic iron ruined teeth caiiffd constipation and ! injured the stomach fsow however the discovery of the grea.t \cid Iron Mineral deposit down in Mississippi has made it no longer necessary to use a quill glass tuie etc as of old This natural iron does not injure the teeth and is wonderfully efficient in the treatment of stomach troubles It is just as good as a stomach medicine as it. 13 an iron tonic and as a onic fiy run down people it is unexcelled ne ing much cheaper and stronger The Ferrodme Chemical Corpora lion with a painstaking process removes this lion o-e dissolves it con centrates and leeches it and just as nature he-^elf mixes it ships the concentrated compound to their big plant t derfnl 'GctB-It is 'the biggest seller *· " . , , ,, _,, J,_i, ,,, among corn rcmovs-s in tho world In Koanoke ^ irginia where high up ( toa^" B | mp)y because it la BO won- in the hills it la bottled tested and dertuiiy itmpl* nd .always w. · made ready for sale throuEii your lo i cal drug store A large dollar bottle goei f-om .two to six time's farthei than weaker alcoholic iron, prepara | ] 1 1 t I'RH B R 4 M ) HOI SI ^ o r f b 3150 imni s n l r s in l i g h t and dirii colors roe:i Ifir n n d PKlri slrp ill aie adjj ablr 1 - V £ R V Sl'LCIAI JIOI'SF of c x r p l l e n L mateml in 1 glit or dark colors All Bi7o« tLECTKIC BEAM) HOLS.E DKESSiS %\orui 1 "5--madp of fine=i malenai'i in regular extra ind ^toui biyci; adjii'svable lo fit a 1 uonien 1)1 ^rp llifin on living 1 model 1 .. Sei thrir lanltlcss fir, S o tho iidtus'lahle models. Sc the -(}les toi Seo t!io hern. M i the uniler-jirm See then connticss other features makt tl.pui Atncrita's l)tt^ Bunealoiv Vprons. to- dai's vnliu OQr» *!..·) - i/Ol- Electric Brand^House Dresses Rb^uUr ?2fH va uc-i in [igh or dark colors in j.n erdles= \arietv Tlie prar- tical drc ^ fm TOU Regr lir extra ind tout sizes QAK5fF\TS IN THIS FM-,T \ n d TVP cnaranlfe to fit all uonien perfectly mflionl mrikinir H single nltorjtion in tin, s^r- inents. I lnnk %\li,it this means to you i\omon ulio liae iioer emoted this privilege iieiorc. Bunpilovt Vprons. $'$1.4,3 Electric Brand House Dresses m?de of finest uuh roa erii! in all siz eluding »tout cs il extra tJi?cs proof formci s mother eLurned ring results Cosi only Ic a »o Coticura Healed PimplesOn Face Itched Causing Scratching. Used Two Boxes Ointment and Font Cafces Soap. Nothing Purer, Sweeter for All Skin Ttoufcles Than Cutrcuri. "I h*d poor blood and from that I began to get sore eruptions on my face. Myiace wm» of a reddish .A color, and Z h*d pimples ft IF Vy *^y ' ace ltc t ed which caused v S me to scratch and I could not V'^r »1**P bec*\-s* the eruption hurt vtry mucii This trouble lasted about two months "Then I used Cuticurm Soap and Ointment It belpvd me very ranch, and it took two boxe* of Cuti- crn*. Ointment and four cakes of Ctm- cnra Soap to heal me" (Signed) Samuel Lopatnson 423 Toaker bt., Fbilactclpbui Pa , July 31 1917 Clear tbe porea of impurities by daily dM of Cuticura Soap mud occasional touches of Cutjcur»0mimem*» needed to aoften soothe and h«aL Notiung purer o- sweeter for every toiltt and nutserv purpose · H*utFl* £««b Frceb* \1ail Addte»spO5t ca t Cuuuur*. U*»t R Rocton ' )t cvr" WWrv, iojp 2^c. O a ci«iti3 and ^ te. r AB Off Will Tl» Fierce Cn N»--- · I.M.r^,' If 3 ou will jtut touch the com or callu* with a few dropa of 'Gets It. « h a t a blessed relief H elves to corn palnii 1 You won t limp any more you can enjoy the dance ef«ry minute Then to see how tnat corn or callus -will come right off. complete like a. bxnana peel and without the least pafn Is just won- Be sure jou get GoU It. 'Sets It" is sold a-t all dm--s;i8ts (jou need pay no more than 2t i. nts a bottl--} or sent on receipt of i rfce by 5 Lawrence t, Co Qiir-a^o, 111. lions of ttie chemist It is better and strongei for lou Get a boitlc today Vanderbilt. Sold m ConnMlsville and re-commcncl ed AS the w ?rld s best corn remeuj Laushrey Prug Co V A Clarke Con nellsTiSIe Drus Co Mircli 4 -- M r and Mrs J Earle Roberts of Brownsville spent the weel. end with Dr and Mrs G B Roberts Miss. Pearl Jennings of Lmontown visited Mr and Mrs G M Stnckler on Saturday and Sundar Mrs ILeona Coiifchenour and son ha\e returned home from New lork Citi where she visited at the home of ·«r and Mrs Clyde Gillette for sever- Scientific Skin Remedy SUIT NEW BUT HOLE IN SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoea Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Savttfat teeth and Prevent Diseases tip with a. hol«~~ In hl« ·hoe, _J)-w*s a bit of rarcajiro a. Bflrl lit a younc mui triond irhcMio en ITT «xc«pt hJ puno- PRITT1 IOC1 VIM) tR(KK HIM 01 BlPI/l J C Moora ConneUsviU* Pa. ltherJto man or woman m, «h*bby p«ir - u l d ·poll the u.pp**» it the {tnost *io«i»t carmenU* eYM VTliM'-mbotit the teeth 1 ? Ire»n In sQJ you ploua if you op«A your oal ng a deoajed »et ot te*th acti\ eneaa «ndu ri^ht th«~ft hoJ« in tlia rhoa tor you M both to men anA women. [Qlrli Mxt4 yonnB- muu you lHe ho.ll adinirwtton which trouta b» dtrect- «6 tow*rd y«u if you hav» toad tueth. Ifou car\ t be pltaain^ with » ra»uthfol of decay Tou can t ba beidihy tlthftr The condition o' thft U«tli have a tcUins in fluen«o on oth*r organs of ti*K body Bad tevtb «Jl»ot th« IntwtUnma atom acflvhetrt. ajii eroo the «y«s, I*dl- cal aelao* «how» tb*t ba« m«th pro duoa ut«alLhy oanditiona *11 over tha fhth tomrrco Tooth Pa«t« at youi 1 a scientifically prepared pftt of Pyoixh«a -- there « no need ng- a pr»y to thesa 11J« » ot hvtar K moutbful of docayeti [L«eth. Used c«fftilarly on s. s*t of koW toeth tbe dwUUy trenne hava UttM (ChJUio* to enter If tbey should enter |th«y am t axUt JOB* under Its tb*r- cugh d*JLn«inc properties A* A ·claxumr and preventive ot f *3t tin te*Oi tt U pORltiv«iy Adranoed caaeti should be treated by our dtntifit. Ijm Senreco Tooth Pas to as a. p « (ventatlve Jjslc 3-our d*nti«t If you *houid not paj all ntt*nUon to our teeth. Of eourae TTC "won t aa.y cur Tooth Past* will ctira Pyotrhwu Jf VCKI already IMLVA It, your dontlst la the doctor Evan If you arc afflicted irttft h!j terrible disease S«n- tT«oo Tooth Past* TrlU help you to get add ot It, wilh your dectlat aaelft- pace. But w* dozt t vajat you to contract any ailment of the mouth and Itatta, nor doee our dental doctor A preventive Is Tar toetter than, to have to vo through the trials gf a cure Jbave your teeth by Senreeo Tooth fPavte and tho probability Is that au Sron t have to deal with foul and pal" iul OiMaflM By Uklntr excellent uire, 'of your teeth you may save etomach. 1 iuteatinftj. htwt an tl eye Lro ublcs Tako all precaution to keop tie tenth. And do It with Sen«M.o TootiJ tho latent di-corery of AwiMi pU of ©anreco ro«a Kyog II you want health you can have it, by heeding Nature's laws. Keep the stoTiach strong, the liver active, the blood pure, and the bowels regular, and you will seldom be ill. Take good care of these organs, and at the first sign of anything wrong--promptly take Beecham's Pills. you certainly need the nelp and relief of this world-famed remedy, to keep the body in health They quickly establish normal conditions, so the organs perform their functions as Nature intended No other remedy will so surely strengthen the system, stomu'ate the Irver, regulate the bowels and quickly improve the general health as Direction! of Special Value to Woman nrv W)Us Every Box. Sole! by druggist* throughout thft world IB boxes, lOey ZSc. If ^ on Know a British or Canadian Su'iioct VHio Outrlit '1 o lie HeJomg in This \\ ar is HIS vni: Cute and chic is ttus foulard fiock w i t h jim tie fahglitebi s\t 0 gestian of ihe bustle and ihe quaint Dutch ipion I effect liie fjock is in 1 iuo and \ \ L i i e HIP georgeite bead oral ro r l e i j in. ln- nant i 1 . dclic ite and proLtv Ihls sun pie 1 Vile froik \\il he- popular this spring and suiiirnej w i t h t*ie ^ o u l ] 5 e r | SuL \arne OLD AGE 5 M l e i e Employed _ * S Cut this ouc and foi'-ward to Ae British and Caradian « I Recruiting Mission Simthfield and Fourth -Ue Puts- J i biirgh Pa, I ^ nrn- 1 OHL old bou bemi, ti oth* pp K t p ~\ c 11 bo Ij n F iod condt ion *. c! qu ctn t*( 1 a!u 11 d hf 1 irt oui old ddi s i ^ u \v re u h f n k i t anU C \ P one \ II I c j?3n.d to seo \ ou |*ho d n t j s a i d bKddi arc th auit-b f senile it bctions Keep uhcm t l e a n and r proi tr work] gr c rditicm ]")rn e the pof*»onou TV ab c*. f t o n the sv^tem and a^ o d uric acid accu uld. tlon« I -ko C ObD MI DAL J l u i r e " Oil r^ps lie 1 - "J rio It- til \ ind \ u \ ill find t tLt tlio ^ sltni w i l l Iw i be n psrfoct \ t i l t s 1 'dt t "\ in 3 it 1 1 PatroD«e those who bf nl \ t i i f d x our i ,. m 1 \ T race h a \ e i t( II /^ i ol f o th and h ^ a l t J i Tl e i n \ one grUB.rj.atf e-d r 1) r i i Oil t jip^ulti "ttkLJ 1 1 h*rt jj-e n n fiiJ cs rflv»rK«rl 1 f *-u fe ^ J J f,ttL th*- OOI O Ml P VI. ImpoiteJ lljtut ra,psule LI ej arp t i e onlj Por ^aif by all first. c±ass tir Adr Get down to business This j* not a joke Anone in ouxlale win tell vou oiu reraedj will groxv Hair on Bald ads W. H. Forst Scottdaie's Druggist. Read the adrertlscBJMts OOOOOOOOOOO(X?dOOCMX}OOOOOOCC^OOOOOQOOOOOeXKCXXXXX)OOOCOO Try Our Classified Ads. 1 It's Money Well Invested i QC3aaoooocxiooonnniteineannfie^nrf^^

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