The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1930
Page 3
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'7VIONDAV, JANUARY 6, 1930 NEW SC0TTDALE BURGESS TO TAKE OATH TfflSEVENING Charles F. Levils Will BP Sworn In by Jlellrlng ExeeutiYO, W. I t . Srliafftr. COUNCIL WILL REORGANIZE S'perlal to The Courier SCOTTDAL.E, Jan. 6.--This evening between 7 and S o'clock, Charles P. Lewis will take the oath of office as burgees of Scottdale, succeeding Walter I*. Sehac-ffpi Mr. Scantier will administer the o ilh. This evening, also, at 8 o'clock, council wlU b» reorganized. New members of that body will be: Oran L-aughrey, First Ward; Lester Smith, Second Ward; II U Hell and'Edward D. Anderson, Third Ward; Daniel Trouts, Fourth Ward. Tn ^he First Ward holdovers will be Robert C. Gardner, who In October was chosen to hll the place' made vacant by tho resignation of William a. Rush when he moved to Cleveland, also II. Vititon OverHolt, taking J. E. Tlnstman's place; Second Ward, Waller I' 1 . Stoner and S. E. Wyggle's; Third Ward, Russell K. Graft; Fourth Ward, J. L. Reynolds and J. It. Ware. Parly for Mrs. Murray, On Friday evening a birthday party v a s held for Mrs, William M u r r a y at her home In Mulberry street. Games w o r o played and mtrebhruents served. Many boautiCul gifis were received Uy Mrs. Muiray. Among tho puests pres- cat ivcio Mrs. Mur Roee, Mis. James Hlxson and sot*, Jimmy, Mrs. Klla fiico, Mrs. Gratia Edwards tvnd daughters, Dorothy and Vida Jean, Mrs. C. tf-Kd wards, Mis. Maria Detvvller, Mrs. Braden lllxson, Mrs. W. B. Nicholson, Mrh. l«'ivnk I^nes, Mrs. 13. I . Auld, Mrs. J. C Burs, Mib. W i l l i a m (ireene, Mrs J e n n i e Culler, Mrs. .fames Kuhns, Mis. Robert Folgar and .son, Junior, Mis. ,foo Jackson, Mis. John John-son, Mrs. \. V. Stemer, Miss JJolln Parker, Mrs, .Ku-k Jarrett, Mrs. .lesbo lleiber, Mih 0. O. Uerlln, Mrs Xcifcoti Hoyer, JUi.i W i l l i a m Uiory, M r t 11. y Mm r.iy l-oui-j and H o w a r d . Jr., Mrs. V 11. K o M j , M i s . Floyd Klee uid d i t i t i h i c i y , Joanne. Uiclhx, Thelm,i and (it-are, of S i u t t d n l e , and Mrs. Fred ruiUermore. C o n n e l l y U t e . Joseph Liiskl-r Injured. \ \ h i l e crossing Briad\\a Saturday afternoon, Joseph l.uskmr, father of .Mrs A b r a h a m Fink of Parkor avenue, w i t h \vhom he- inake- his. homo, \vas struck by ati autoniVulle. tie escaped with bruises. Tho dm or uas said to have a t t e m p t e d to d -tve on but was a r r e s t e d b\ Mutoi Patrolman Thomas Wider, u h t ) wab on hi-, way to Uniontown and u h o ,v tow m unites later was run d o w n himself bj an automobile i near M u i p h y Siding and .sufterod a I compound f i a t t u r e 01' tlie leg Mr. husk g was taken !o t h e Fink home Hold for .M n-'·support. W i l l i a m Mmrisou ol fciast iKintittg- i dun l o w i i b h l p S a t u r d a v e v e n i n g was Kivcn a hearing; belorc Justice oE the reat-e William Kennel on a charge* of desertion and n u n - s u p p o r t , on i n f o i - m.itio.i m a d e by J S Hough. In def a u l t -it $1,000 b.ut he wd£ committed to jail. Sudirdnj iliib Postponed. The raoellng ot tne S a t u r d a j At'ter- n u o u f l u b to h a \ » be-in held at the home )f ihe Misses Re d in Chestnut street w a s postponed The next meeting ol tho club will be held at the home- or Mrs. John C. Elaberlon, t hiircli street, M o u n t Pleasimt, w i t h tho d i i j ' s motto, " I . l t c i a t n r o It, an AvoniH to O!OI.K" HoK c a l l will be aiiswoi-'-d to by "sally s,i\ ins;s," M I B . C. K. /.hnmerman \ v i l l read a paper on "Tin) huclicH 1 Homo Journal"; Mrs. (le-orae C. Jarretl, otic on "Scrib- nrr's"; M i s . W i l l i a m McWllllams " H a r p o j ' a 1 , Miss Kdiih Warden; "The Satnrd.iv KvcnJng Po;t"; Mrs Frank Wrniih, 'Tl.e Atlantic Monthly." I'luicnil of Charles Thomas. The U i n e r u l servu-e t'oi Chailcb W. Goes to Germany ·THE! DAILY COURIER, CONNIE jLSVILLE, PA. PAGE THREE. 'Appointment by President Hoover of Senator Frederick Moseley Sackett, of Kentucicy, as United States ambassador to Germany is regarded as an adroit political move since Kentucicy has been dissatisfied with the patronage aW ]otcd it. Republican leaders feared a fight in the coming aena- election there. OVER-WROUGHT BRAIN PROMPTS STUDENT TO KILL Allan R. Scranun, University of Illinois, Slays Father, wWi\ils Mother, FAMILY LEADER AT ST. LOUIS ST LOUIS, Mo., Jjin. fi --Higher learning that beckoned to Allan II. tU-hnmm, brilliant 17 j ear old uni- v e r s i t y student, as a \ athway to a. raroor of service in tho medical profession, took a tragic t.ingcnt in tils over-wrought brain and drove him to Mioot his m o t h e r aiid f.ithcr on tho last (lay of his holld ly vacation, psyolilrtlrKts decided toil iy. An "obsession to 3 111" surged t h r o u g h him yesterday, young Sohnnim said. That obses Uon claimed tho life * of tho fatln r, 'William Schumm, 42, prominent lawyer and Mason, and reultod In s rtoiiK Injuries (o Mrs. Ktiyottc Schirnm, 40, the m o i h o i . "Do you bcliovp in Cod?" tho boy asked Ills lather and m thor upo moning them rrom bet to tbc liv ing room of t h o l r home 1 a.tor ho ha returned at li A. Jjf from a parly a tho home of Mi^s Klsa \Vi iklor, !G "Certainly," replied Schumm. "I'm a Mabon, n a t u r a l l y 1 belicv (here ia i supremo uosni; " "Then piaj." commanded tho youth Ah his parents start'd at hius m be \\iklerment, tho ton took i revolve irorn his pocket and hesai bhcoting Tho lather btaggored to ) hallwa and fell dead. The mother ran to the, Ivitchon, with her bon p u r s u i n g . Thero as Mrs. Schumm sought to c^ciipo into Thomas, ^vho died at Monesbcn Friday morning was .held jest^rday u£tei- noon at the homo of his daughter, Mi'd. Cli.u IOK SUaner, in Konrth ave- niics In chiirge ot Hov. J. \V \Vithor- spoon. t n t o r m c u t tollowi d In Kcott- d.ilo Cemetory. Schools Ilcsiinii'. Tlio ScoUdcilo public schools reopened tcday, lollowing a holiday vu- t a t l o n ot t « o weeks. OHici'rt Installed. yoaloiday morning's sot-vice at Trinity Reformed Cihnrch t l i A now church ofllcers wore installed: Kklor, John Uiobss deacons, Moyd L'biM- and Paul Frctts U. H. It«Niiul Kt-glns. Tho utiiMMl evangelistic services at I ho Unlteit lirctliu'ii Church began yosteiday morning and \ v i l l contlnuo ulRlit except Salnrday until Jdinuiry 14. Itov. Kay C!. Upsou, evau- nelist atngor, has bucn b r o u g h t hero ' i conduct tho song service. Otlior News. Mr. anil Mrs. K d w a r d Flor.t ot Noi (h C' irollna arc the parents of a hon bom it Uto Mutnoriai at M o u n t Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m P a u l ot l i o n Jirhtgo arc lecelvlng c o n g r u t u l a t i u t t b of tho birth of an eight-pound hon. Tills, is Uie Courth. (.laid in tlio mil tho ilrbt son. 1'AltIS. Jan. li - - P j o b a b i l l t y of a 19JO Paris-to-N'ow Yoik air race appears t,tronr today when it became known that Dteudonno Cobte, already a t r a n s - A t l a n t i c flier, and Captain Carrotlcr. World War ace, had ordered oieun-golnp planc^ i i , u l \ I r ne\'t Jnno. i closet, her son pressed the wtapor against her body and fired t vice. Both bullets lodged in, her hip. She wrested tire revolver rom him pulled the trigger u n t i l tho chanibeis were emptied, and then ma to at apartment on the next Hoot Young Sclmmrti then calmly telephoned Roy A. lUirch, a f a m i i y friend and told him what he had done. "You had better call a dot tor," the youth said. "I am going now " \Lc;i.viiiB the- lights b u r n i n g and the door open so the doctor could enter tho youth got in his father'b juitomo- bile,* drove io a bridge and tossed the revolver into the Mississippi. Ho drove to tho Burch home, where iWr -. Bureh persuaded him to remain u n t l police arrived. Tho fact that Allan had been a "model" boy in every respect oddcd to tie strangeness of his act. lie neither smoked nor drank and had always been quiet and studious, B u r t h said. He was graduated last spring from high school here i\ith honor? ,\ after making an exceptional recoiclj -especially in mathematics and languages. Ho had boen president of the high school French club. At the University of Illinois, where young Schumm matriculated la it M!, ho undertook a heavy course, designed to prepare him to enter the medical school. His mother said she had notn ed he was acting strangely recontlj and asking acquaintances about t h e i r religious beliefs Tho youth was held in the- ob' erva- ion ward n t the city hospital after police had questioned him. CIIAMPAIG.V, ill., Jan. 6 - TJni- ,-oraity of Illinois friends of Allan R. Schumm ot SI. Louis knew him as a studious youth who stood high i i his classes and was quiet in his manner, They said todav. RLhumm lived at Newman Hall dor- nitory. His brother, Arthur, a senior, ived in the adjoining room. Al'au'h ·oouimato was. Howard Frick of Marion, 111. Allan took little part in campus ac- ivitles, his friends said. Southwestern Pennsylvania Headquarters for Famous WHITTALL RUGS! H1TTALL RUGS - Discontinued Patterns and Sample i used for Display Purposes -Some slightly shop W'Wti but otherwise perfect- including Beautiful Patterns ofll\c Famous WHITTALL 4 A N G L O - P E R S I A N S Every six months the manufacturers of Whit tall Rugs permit us to dispose of discontinued patterns ai "substantial reductions. Whitball's are America's finest rugs, and are the noares approach to lifetime rugs. Aaron's selections (if Whittall Rugs are the largest in South western Pennsylvania. All these ru£js were shipped direct from the factory, assuring you fresh, clean merchandise. 9x12 ft. Whittall Wilton "'.ouveniont 1'nynients, If So Desired A Deposit Will Reserve Selections for Spring Complete Home AMOil'S Furnishers Since 1891 The Discount Period Is Limited! Don't Delay Flashlight Inventor's Millions Distributed by , Coolidge 5 Smith,Rosenwald ®- tlrcat Wealth of Conrad Hubert, Penniless Ilussinn Immigrant, Camo j\fter 40. MANY CLAIMANTS FOR THE ESTATE Radi ios M o n t h l y Brothers Arrest Each Other to Beat Drugs OAKLAND, C a l , Jan. G -- I n 01 iler to rid themselves of the narcotic h. bit nliicli they had had for many ye.irs, 1'ldwurd and William Vincent, broih- pi s. each s\voi e out complaint GEO. W. CARROLL ag.vmst thp. o t h m . and tocuiy both .ire in adjacent beds in the psycopat lie v\,ircl of ,i lor-al hospital to take ' h e Toe for Bargains J Head the ad^rtleraeata La Daily Courior By MORRIS DT3 IIAVQN TRACY. United "Pres^ Staff Corr-eponid-enit NEW YORK, J«in. C.--Tho million's amassed 1 by a om-e poor immigrant Irom Russia who wa*; a fadhwe until he was 40 were distributed for the public good today by three of tlio Nation's leading catUens--Calvin Oool- Al£red E. Smith ami Julius KosenwaM. The money represented Uwee-quaT- ena of the SIO.OOO.OOO .fortune, loft by :'omrad Hubert. Vmeter tho term* of Ms will his executors appointed Mr. Governor Smith and' Rosen- vald to contiol its distribution. A'Oten- working on tho problem, since u no they aimounc wl tho distribution rev-ealtoi-g that they haid'abided it ap roxMtiately as follows: To hospitals, a-ud 1 welfare institution' n N«v York Olty, 51,300,000; to Jew sh institution;, $i2o,000; to work toi betterment of tlio condition's o! $7!0,OOQ, to oiigkiui'iatiions oncerned ·« 1th mental hygiene $500,00; to tho IJoy Scouts and the Giirl Scouts a half mitUion dollars, each, to ollcges $650,000; t h e remainder to a vide raiitgo of charitable, educational iwl irreligious Institution^. Kach gilt is gis-f n for a speciilc purpose, either already announced or agiT-cei! upon privately. No e-nittowm-ont funds are set up oi given ccmitwbu- ttons. Tn -every case the money is for piojects involving capital expenditure and tint for nmnhiK expenses and ·each g'ift 11 supplemented by "an urgent 'request"--m the worflu oE Governor Smith--that a like or greater sum be-ialf-wl lioin-other soui-ce^. Tho ellbtribtition is the remnrk- able chapter in a rcm u-luible- Silo-. Hubert was suc'cx'ssrv-ely a cigau- deal-eir, u i*stain\in't proprietor, boarding house keeper, tanner, milk dealer, and finally, as he HIM ted '10, a -da!er in ·watches THen he Invented the elcc- * i i o flashlight and an uncertain caresor .i.s an unimportant bu.'.lii-efli man, waa iop!ac«d by toe- accumulation of millions. When lip died ho not only l e f t .1 largo sum, but it v a i revealad. li-e had disposed of what nuglut bo er-cd A comfortabl-e- fortune, by his patronage of charities, Jtr. Coolidfje, Govprnor Smith and Ilosonwald on Friday m a t a small Kioup ot n-eW'SpupesriTi-eiH in tho directors roo-m of the Baiv-Uers Trust Company here and told th-ein of th«ir work. They had accepted the respo-mslblluty Of distril'lltlug the fontuw UM. Jun« and smc'e then tho three had met 1 wico monthly at the Banker.? Trimt. Ov«r 300 appllcatioiiB for shar-c-a ot tho Hulort fortutie were studied by tho three men and from that numiber 33 had heMi chosr-n. Tilw?y addod a regirct that they did not hwv-o uiiany times the amount available, RO ·niinirr- ous were Ui-o wonthy cui q ci they had Tii-e meeti'ng of the three with tncwn- papernven was- itself remarkable. Mr. Coolicl'go acted as oC Iho comnut'tiee but Gov-arnor Sunit-h did the talking- for the form-cr "White Ilous-e fap-ok-esman." lie explained that in the money they con- thes'o points: Tho- giealost g--ood to -th« Rroatesj-t uiunbor. The chanties to which Hubert in hia Sfctirn-e haid co-n'trlb'iterl. The fact bhait Hubert had at -xariotts timcis nvaU-e ills home In Now York, J-eiivioy City, N. J., and in IHrnkU. Presetag Drood Par tho project nndea- ton sild era tiou Tho facts -contain-ed in tho reports and levealetj in othcr jjcwtlans of ith-e vanous institutions. "We have had a plOtisiaut tluw to- lic-th-er," said the governor. "We been glad to do it and soo this vat sum poured into religion's charitaible and educational channe'ls." iV(r. Coolidige a,nri Bias-enwald both s'poko words of a.pprecfotion for the others upon the committee^ The fcipecitic donations were ordered rniade as follows. To bo paid ont of funds innwdlately available. St. Yi'iice-nt's Hospital, Now York, for am obs'tet'rU'al wuii-d, $500,000 Boy Scout* of Atn-orica, $500,000 Giri Scouts, fnc , $500,000. Providenit Hospital of Chicago foi the I t a i n i n g o E n«gio physlckun®, $500,- York. tei, ?375,000. Tho Y. U. 0. A. of Jersey City, N. J., for addition's to its central bull-ding', ?250,000. Tho Now York Foirartliiiig Hospital, f 50,000. Iiutor nation a! Migration Society, \-ntts-rican branch, $00,000. .J-owibh Mental Health Society of Mow York, for a. now hospital, $250,- iOO. Tho Katioii'al Comimlssion on JMouttal fygienc, $250,000. Jewish Theologioal Kemmary of uueu-ica, ?260,000. You'D'ff lion's Hebron' Association ot ,' ew York Dor a now building, $175,OflO. Now York UMv-cn'sity, for A building i i Now York, $250,000. Tho following to be paid out of the f ra.t $1,000,000' of the icsylduo of toe e tate: University of Chicago, for a school o social servlc-p ad'ministiattoii, $250 ,0- 0. Hemry Street Settl-omerit, New York, fc r addiitloiMil iiurain,g (KO: A.jnerw:a.n F\ual'atlon lor t1i Bliivd, li 3., $100,000. 3etlx Israel Hospital Association, for co tapletion of i/t.t hospital bullddng-, $2 «0,000. .Villmm ani'd Mtaa-y Collegie, WUL- Jia nsbung, Va., $60,000. I'athollc U'liiverfiiity, Washington, D. C. $50,000 l n'h'-ensity ot 1 Vdnginila, Olwiirtotties- vJJ e, Va , $50-,0'00. j fi«r the above bequests 'iuo paid am the estate Jhinl darted', the a-«- 7iia nter is 'to be divided' in equal fcilia -*3.s amKiii'g the following: ^ enit School of Kent, Conm. K i\v York Posfc-Crjwaii'te M(Mcal Sch ol and Hospital. G 'orgfa Warm Sp-rlii-E a Foundation, for tho Wa) m Sprtftgs, Ga. (This is 'tho tui(* n In which Oovern«- Franklin 0. Hoo ov-elt is interested because of its su«( eta in tho treatment oil 'infantile lyaia ) Jj( a-ivard Wood Memmial catio'n of leprosy, d'i. (TWa is th-o oii'ly bequest outsuto of conitaemtal United Stotx s.) Cl, rke School oC the K-e-af, NoirUi- nmj! ia, Masa. (Thte is the school in. whfc i Mrs C'ooltdgo was ;i 'teacher prl-o-i to her nmrriage.) Ala lonna House, Nev/- York. Trt s.tees of SmiUi: Co!l«g-e, Narth- 'ampt"ii, Mas®., for a school tor social work i-s. Jol m ITopkins Uintvors.'i»t,y, UaliM- in-oro, Md , for its Jintitute of law. Minity Center Associiiitiou, New JERRY BARBAR IS GIVEN AWARD AS CHEVALIER L'.VlOiNTOWiY, ,I,in. (i,--Jerry liar- bar, widely Known Payelte c o u n l y Iti- aen, laet evening formally i e c e \ o t l tho decoration of Chevalier oC tlio Order of the Crown ot Italy at a memorable tendered at tho White Swan IIote-1 and attended by more than 300 persons The- presentation \vae made by Dr Giovanni Oiurato, Italian conaul at Plttsburg. Among the dietiugnit-heu guosts TV ho participated in tho e.'c- ulng'a program ^-ro Congres6man Samuel A. Kendall o£ the Fayctfe- Souieraet district, District Allornoy J. B. Adanifc o( Fayette county, Judge E. Allesandroni oE tho PhiladelpJ ia courts and Attorney G. Do Silvcfeln, euprome venerabile of tho Sons of Italy of Pennsylvania. Tho recognition came to Mr. Barbar because of hia activities in behalf ot tho Souis oC Italy, of which ho if; su- premo, master of t h o State ol' I'enn- 6ylviuia, and for his work d u r i n g tlio war in Faj'etto county Congressman Kendall spolco teehns- ly oC the- honor which had boen accorded Mr. Barbar, whom ho lm«l known for many yc«Ji«, and of tho si;? nlficance and sentiment attached tn thifi rocognltion by a f o i e i g n power o. the work of one of i t h fellows as an American citizen, lie fec-liugly extended hie telicilatiom-, to I\Tr Harbor and the friends and anociates ot! the guest ot honor. District Attorney Adauifc dec-lur«l it teem in which he )a held in tins comm u n i t y . Pre.'iciUation of the decorat'ou by tho Italian tonn'il, ))ip''C(lel by an ad- dies'; touching u p o n tho manner 311 \ v h t ( h the as\ard wa-. uatle, wais mobt n j p i o s s i v e At, he piniiod (ho ribbon w i t h to Mr. lUrbar'a lapel, i w i t h piano and violin accom- L sang tho Son, of Jt.'ly UOOR There was x continuous- ro ceremony w.i* 11^1114 a p p r e c i a t i o n and iuKln of applause as (ho (.oncludcd. ^lr. Barlw responded fccliiiKl huh in Knglisl- and in I t a l i a n MINERS ESCAPE INJURY WHEN FIRE DESTROYS BUS I'M ONTO W,\: Jan li -biros ot be- I w r e n 30 and '.." men* -ssere- ondangei ed and by lire on -lite Younp;sfown- r^inoaii iood near tho fiaticlis farm, north of U n i o n t o w n O n l y ono man was- slightly i n j m c d , "sustaining a cut on. liis n,rm w h i l e ·??·;) p i n n through tho bus window H (.loin.b.u d n v e r ot i h o lOvan ·, Manor bus, o \ \ n c t ! }ry I'atM Pnlambo, was making hi.s rp-^ niglit (inp from the R a u k l n air s-'iaff to Youngp- town and J/emont, whr-ii the fianu^ were ihs ovoiotl under th^ floor boards of (he drner's, seat Knowiing 11ns WAS al«-o tho position of the gasoline tanh, Gombar gavr the ii'laim ,ind a gpn«r,l fipramble of tho 30 to ;!," mmor.s, en- route 'to Uieiir woik, was niAiie 'through finorgoiR-y door*, and windows Tho bin -nas coinpleielv dfirojcd -within live minirtes after the di^eo^ory of tho (I ic. A n o t h e r bus was i m m e d i a t c l v called into F-eivice, a n d , w i t h Lho oxcc|t'lou was a high privilege to participate in ' °£ Ul ° !t)1 s °t » shoit n-crlod th-e vogu- th* eveuinR's program and to be prre- !ar s-^hodulo, t o n t l n n e r l . out at" such an i m p o r t a n t ceremony. Rev. Henry DoVivo of Connoilsville, epeaklng in I t a l i a n , brought a message replete with witticism which convolved his 11-ea.r-crs. He touched upon the work of Mr. liarbar and the cs- anoo in the a m o u n t of $^,000 was car- no! on the bus a c c o r d i n g to ai-.. Put- ambo, tho- ownor. \Vbcn You TVanf SomcthitiB Use tho Classified Adsortisenicnte. 000 Beelcm«n SlreK Hospital, Xe-w York, ?500,000. Ghildften's Aid Socielj of XMV York for (.hilrti-en's conte-r on tho "\Veht Side, ·f^oo.ono Amencan Xa^ [J«i Croa far a n«w huilding for the Now Yank Ito! iius Colle'g-e, AVi'iiLriuiven, Kin The va'luo o£ the -estate is placed at betwe- 11 ?0,000,0(M) a-nd ^5,000,000, d^- pMirlf it upon piieefi secured in liquid. Hon for real -strile holdings in Florid , t n t l ('It-e Pair those who advertise, children die every ye»r because thclj- mothers failed to nco tho danger in t h a t first cough, when bad colds set in. / child's cou(fh ia a warning. Regard it na nuch and check it with Scvcra'n Cough Bol i«rn before It develops into Bomcthlnjc muth more serious. Uned 50 years by thoi Mnda of mothers. At your drug store, 25 and 50 cents.

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