The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, AU0U8T 18. 1WJ4. COOKING COLUMN Suppe r- By NORAH CHEKBY :T An August suppeD-party for out-of-town guests might be a sumptuous chicken and egg casserole with slivered green beans and mushrooms. Add green salad with slices of cantaloupe and avocado and some crisp rolls. A fresh fruit dessert and a pot of coffee completes the menu. ' The catserol li hurt aiiair. not mm lor thoM who count calorlM to go easy a tht dessert. Ltt the meal end on a tight refreshing note each ss fresh pnck halves filled with compou of green grapes. CHICKEN AND ECO CASSEROLE waste chicken bream la belUag nlir M lea spssa salt bard ceased mu t tOIOSpOM BajTMIMlM 1 capers I I juice M Qfc package frssaa Uma Heap butter ' - . x S fMnpssa Boor 1 caps cereal cnw 4 cap ducks broth I1 14 cap fresh parsley j 1 caps gratad (harp cbses . I cap cnuM btta-eited ebredded wheat cereal . I tahlaiptaa kattar , Place boned chickta breaits . la heavy saucepan. Add boll-bil watar aad teaspoon ! talt Cover saucepan. Cook . tor S minutes to oaa hour 'or until tendir. Drain: re--; aarva broth. '-. Cut bard cooked ass In ( half lengthwise. Carefully tk . nova yolks. Masb yolks; stty 1 n mayonnaise, taaipooa alt, tvinced capan , captr i Jalct aad tabasco, Boat until Mgle . ;'.'" - .'. ... -fe' Split-Laval Sandwich ; : ' OouMe-Deckar Seises and ' CHmm BuMaW qpmC hot of oMI Cut onto or fUHmt Mdt-lnCanadt IwIm t iof tf bottom hi or of oi MMtoio for tho OBoond lovtl OMidwHoH filtinQ, undoFfiootli tho lop of tho bun. Wktp tho bun-wtchtt in foM, If you wont o hot oondwich (fMdy to hoot on tfio bovbocuo or In . or M thorn out. I BsOMOS Of OOld WrHfc oiid i row voDotobloB to munch itoraaMck-ava-jmi Slppar drink dooMt owko of thio croofriy Mocho Shoko OvOd thoy sftopptd by ot your houwona$unifTWdoy.iVUfco tho rofrothort this woy OAOUQh for 0 OOfWfOUO OHV tags. Stir 4 cups of cold ohocoioto oiifc ond o cup of pint of ohocoioto too Ofwm I"-' ond boot or ohoko until thick and smooth. Sarva lie- Slng a Song of ,". Y" . Slimming ' " . Hero's o oolod oopoctoVy cm , okjftod tar woioMwotchon),i JuM avM Biantv of chooood WBifTaaajr aaivu nmni ffajvajaajT i wrodpo of mdoo nootlod In o loiioeo cup. No drocilnp WMdcdl fkw to um eotuo 1 ohococ often In other woyo too . . youl find M hoi po-niondout "tuyino powor bocouM k't oo hfph In top ajusSty arotala. yat It Just ntcaty sstlsflas as a hmchson avan tar bfsakfast. with hash kahsl Novel Fruit Bowl Rips JutcyowiutoupM doubts I S- - - 'briWlW dUh9 1 fwooiy oo oirving down w.., .other freoh huho end provide o oonvoroetion piece Into tho twrpsin. Cut the tnoton n hotfa torvphvriee, oprtnUlncj with kyrnoo or Bme Juico. Then fruHs of your choice end lop wWi eooopo of Ico creem or cottooo clmn. Or crown tho fruito with eour oiooni ond 0 deehofnutrTWploreo)urmet I ahotovan) I Summer Oneceol PicbopoI by Howe IctfWfivleiiW tMI CANAIAN OAIRV soeos siaviei suriau 1(7 Omiiasw M.TnM 1 0 Party Mended. Refill egf whits. Refrigarala until cooklng tlma. Cook Uma bean according to packag directions. Drain d reserve. Melt butter la saucepan, blend to flour and teaspoon salt, t i r r I a g until smooth. Gradually add cream and K.cup reserved chicken broth. Stirring constantly, cook over low beat until thickened, smooth and bubbling. Add parsley- aad grated cheese, cooking only until cheese melts. Preheat oven to US degrees. Cut chicken bressu .In ball: arrange chicken breasts and hard cooked egg halves in shallow I3xs-mch casserole. Pour on half cheese sauce. Cover with drained limas and remaining sauce. Sprinkle with, cereal; dot .with one tablespoon batter. Bake 4t minutes or until content bubbly and topping brown. Yield: ais generous serving or eight normal ones. - GREEN BEANS N : - MUSHROOMS ltt HB. H cap kattar tOAiOOpOOOO M wapaasi aall Dash af pepper 1 plilsata ' Top and tail beans. Cut in thin lengthwise lUvors. Slice mushroom thinly. Melt butter fat heavy ilillet over low beat Add beans and mushroom. Cover skillet: cook five mlautt. add water. Cover. Cook for eight to 11 minutes longer or until bean tender, and liquid absorbed. Dice pimiento finely; add to beans. Reheat to serving temperature. Yield:- tlx to eight servings."' : v 5 i-f v ; IMPERIAL SALAD - DRESSING 1 I U H cap salad eO -K enp kmee Mce SALAD Kbead , DOWNTOWN MO to 5.30 M-4511 . BILLING!) BRIDGE 0.30 to 100 23S-36S1 , ', . WfcSi MMU S.UV 'SJ. rm ...L .-. , 1. . . . Nationally Advertised Brand VAnmlnnp SUPPORTT HOSE , Substandard I I of 435 Line I l I - M . I To make dressing: combine sugar, celery seeds, call, oil ' and lemon Juice in small Jar. Cover and shake. Chill. At serving time break wash-ad, crisped lettuce and endive Into bite-sized piece in large salad bowl. Sprinkle swith salt. Pare cantaloupe and avocado. Cut In 'thin tllces. Add to alad greens. Add about U to Vs cup dressing tossing lightly until greens and fruit glisten. Refrigerate remaining dressing. Yield: six servings. GRAPES "N PEACHES 154 . Brapa jS cap rngar ' K cap braady 4 parb I laMsspeeas lentaa Juke ' Wash grapes; remove, from sum. Bring water and sugar ' to boll. Simmer three minutes. Add grapes: cool. Stir m brandy and refrigerate until serving time. Half an hour before guest to strive para peaches. Cut In half: remove stones;! sprinkle with ' lemon Juice. Refrigerate.. - At dessert time place peach half In Individual serving dish, hollow side mi,, Fill centre with grape mixture. . Yield: eight servings. AVI Holds Picnic : At Wyman The annual grandmothers' meeting of Ayimer East Woman's Institute was bald at a picnic at the home of Mis Hilda Graham,: at Wymao. Mrs. G. H. Holmes presided.. Members voted to aend a donation to the Brookdal Farm bam building project A newspaper account of the first grandmothers ' meeting held by the branch In ISM was ; read by Mrs. R, E. Radmore. Journal Want quick results. . Ads bring M 8.011 The most; famous Support Hose on ' ' the market today . . . now offered .' at a new low price because of slight Imperfections. Youll have a difficult time finding the little flaws ; . ; and . , . they will not affect the wonderful ' wearing qualities and the comfort of v ' these hose in any way. A good assortment of shades available ' , , in a full range of sizes. HOSIERY, STREET FLOOR, DOWNTOWN, ' AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE AND , . WEST END STORES 1 , ' Oqdi jltetUecl THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 21 DEARJiELOlSEi For those who like their; coffee' hot "and use a candle under the coffee pot at the table ... We found good candles were hard to buy; and some of them are messy. So, Instead of candles, we use rubbing alcohol I Fill the rubbing alcohol bottle cap with some alcohol, put It under the coffee pot and ignite the alcohol. It will burn with a blue hot flame for about It to IS min- ites. J. t. GUmso, MD. You sre as right ... we put . . . here at Ogilvy's youll find a complete selection of Uniforms for Ottawa and District Separate and Public Schools. We suggest that you come in now while the selection and sise range Is complete. : Illustrated. Above A Two Piece Black Watch Uniform Sat la Vtyella, consisting of a Knife pleated skirt, matching Pop Top. Sua i te SX ' 7,98 M Sum T to 14 ............. 12.95 Sat AvatliMs Bewattwa Hm oat D All around pleated skirt with deep V neckline In hard wearing Sherwood fabric ' In Navy or r Green. Slsss 4 to SX (Has t to tt , I.::......,..... 4.98 6.98 Sts 14 .: . V ......... 1.90 , Avsttekl m oar Dewatowa aaa . . stuuaas anas atc O Two Piece Uniform Set. consisting of Brown Vtyella short pants with shoulder straps , . . coordinated with Hunting MacKirt- non Tartan Vast . ... ... . sum s at ax With VlrxlU WaskH . 0.9U Set AnUaM M AM TM Storss ' r. . i Orion and -Wool with Round Neckline. Full Skirt, belted waist Black Watch Only. '1 Mm V to 14 Aw to Sto. ajuto a ArtoMrwJsw . a bmh-s Oram rakUa ScbMl t a Cuuataa Martyrs ' e Ckruttka Bis e Caran CaxUU , e Dakaaaal e c.raaaia e 0,n.M '' e Kaij cms, Ottawa . O laiaaaaslato aaaesef sa . BOYS' AND GIRLS' WEAR, THIRD FLOOR, DOWNTOWN AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE AND ' . ' ,r - . the cap oa the tittle ikelf where the candle ordinarily lit. Then we poured 71 par cant Ethyl alcohol in the cap of the bottle and ignited It ... this produced a blue flame, and as you ssidi it burned lor II minutes or longer. Next we tried the same procedure with less expensive isopropyl alcohol aad It produced a bright orange flame. The flame will automatically go out when the alcohol has. all. evaporated. No wor-i ries about burning the coffee pot uch as might happen with I Hunting MacKinnon Tartan la .All Wool fabric with all around permanently pleated box skirt. um to x 8.98 Sum T te is ...... 11.95 - - Avsllakto la CM West Saa aaa auuas OrMs Statss E All around pleated aklrt with round neckline and cutaway front In Special Blue. . Sum S ta' 14 6.98 . .- -, suutofs Btiat assta Oaij H Croaa over V Front pleated skirt with flat front and back pleats. ' Belted. la Special Blue only. Sum 4 la SX 1..,.....:.. 4.98 Sum to is ......... BSS 7.98 A S-A 14 aa4 I4X r Ana. si. as owe , , punas ! The Above Uniforms are ; Avaflable for the Following : 9.98 e 1 at An . Sarareratae a I o. rakll a La NMsatte e Matte Daaae, Saatatow e watta Basse eat Aaaaa ..0 Nates tai O Oar Lae W Paaea e Oar Laey a( tmilasl ta ' O raiatN St. Saaalra . -. wEsx end STORES a forgotten candle ... aad no wax dripping oa the tablecloth. A word of cautioa DO NOT try using a larger container. The flame might get out of control. Doctor, we really thank you for this HOT tip! HlalM. , DEAR HELOISEt Whan tumbler are (tacked, they are of tea difficult to get apart. . To avoid this, drop a toothpick Into each one and they will coma apart snitch mora easily. -Miss G. G. KaUey. Ottawsi Headquarters for ' Separate and Public School UNIFORMS 4 to ex toH: . - : (.- m no . f.SO Se IS ntoa sa4 awns , , aaaart B. WQaaa PakHa Stkaat O St. Alaralat, . Oatta.a Miaa. O at. Aaa a at a annus O St. (Wraares St. artctaa ' S at. Ckarlaa .a at. c Elvanrtaw a 1 WHERE SPECIFIED r - F Two Piece tng of a with ordinated Tartan sum 4 m ax ' l-AM around ' hard . Craaa a O . a . a e e e a e e e O DEAR HELOISEt A reader asked bow to handle a wall behind a stove, regarding spatters. . Years ago. I learned to pot ap a asinor oa the wall la back of the stove. The initial Investment is the last. The mirror not oary caa be kept clean with window cleaner, but It brightens the kitchen. a large st If at as email, and keep you wanting so look a little prettier if you see yourself as yon are cooking. Many have copied my idea. DEAR HELOISI Sit: a tnoneyeav- Here is a tittle tag bint I discovered that might prove useful to other mothers of budding beller- We were asked la paint our children's white ballet C All around Box Pleated Skirt. - .Square Neck, belted waist Navy. Brown or Green. ? t- ' 4 no J no . - '. ..... 5.98, Uniform Set, consist, Brown Box pleated Skirt shoulder strap ... 00-' Hunting MacKinnon Weakit ' .". - 1 ' 6.98 ;; " '- . s "t Knife Plea tad Skirt In wearing Sherwood fabric.; Only. - :.. v . ... ' a ma . . ' . . 4.90 v 1 St. taanat. taatslaai St. Lawtaan Sckaal at. vmfm v at. taati . Bt, Mara ' ' ' . Nwkaats , ' St. ttaaaaa '- st r.i st ptarrt - at. ria x a at. Hm x. Oattoaaa Pmtmt St Taaaaaa e'AaaAs ' JVv. A J - y 'l ; 1 a T 't: 4 , 1 i . 1 V J . slippers to match their coa runes and poster- paint 9 shoe make up was auggestad, However, I discovered that It one take a (mall amount of white shea polish aad add a few drops of red food coloring, (in our case we Beaded pink), the result is a beautiful soft color and finish. Any color caa be ased. KathytM Baeaard. (ConrrtsM tOM) TEMPERATURE DOWN . LONDON. England (CP) Topless awimaaHa have , keen banned from swimming pools in suburban Wimbledon. "We are aot spoiUports, but we have enough trouble with brief bikinis." said superintendent Alaa Read. "W must keep the temperature down." BLOUSES White Blouses for Uniforms in Easy Qare Cotton (Safe in Bleach). Long Sleeves Short Sleeves Peter Pan Collars Convertible Collars Sites 4 USX, Sto 14 and I II to MX ' . 2 .98 AaaBaSIa at AB Taiaa Bails Pastel Yellow BLOUSES in Easy Cart Cotton Rolled Sleeve CXmretilbte Collars-' Sixes 4 to SX and ' 4 7tol4 r 2 .98

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