The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1930
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PAGE TWO. DAILY cotrRJHTR, CONTET/LRVTLI^E, PAL MONDAY, JANUARY G, 1930, 1Ot, \ ' - l ?. CM. A. S. KI.KSJUKKN 1MI,M,'JE» KlI-'tY-iVISE Y K A I I R M i . . , i . l MIM. A. S. Flenniken of I'uioiHown, celebrated the fifty-ninth anniversary ot thotr marriage Saturday at their homo In Uniontown. Both ' are very nctive in social and civic- affaire of Uniontown, the Conner occupying officer with his eon, Hugh Flcnnlkon In the Fl-ennlken real eetato biiblnctig, Uniontown. Sir. and Mrs. Flenniken were innr- iiot Jan.u.iry 4, 1871, at Oarmichaete, Greene- county, by Rev. John McOlln- .tock. Mrs. Flonnlkeu wa8 formerly Miss Anna Patterson, a, resident of Fayotte county. Following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Flenniken r«tld«d at Carmlrhaels until 1886 -when they moved to Uniontown, -where they havo continued to wake their homo. Both arc SO years old. Four eoii6 wore "born to the union, - throo of whom am living. They are Samuel I 1 . Fleuniken, Clarenco S. Flennikou and. Hugh W. Flennlk-en, nil ot Unionto-wn. AH ot tho children of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Flenniken and their families wore their gueets at a Now Year turkey dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Flenniken and family have a number ot friends in Comiells- vllle. CIU.TEJU01T LITERARY CLUB WILL MEET TUESDAY Tho Criterion Dlte-rary Club ·will meat toniotrtro-w afternoon to the homo of Mrs. R. JM. Evans, Tdaat Failrviow aveiniu, Mm. G. L. Owery -will be iho leadw. H«r snibjwt la "Epic ot toe Bfblo" Tho Meeting- will bdfpfai) ait 2 o'clock. Tli-e tlnio was changed on «\-c- · coumt of -th Week iof Prayor sen-toe In the ovoiiing-. Home Economics Dlscmsod. M-rs. N. R Mocrro entertained tJio Saturday A£t«rmoon Ohio of Vamterbllt Saturday afternoon a.t t'he home of M'lss Ca-ac-o Moor© of Va-ndorbilt. It ·waa the II rbt meeting of tho New Yoa/r and a most IntoiasUnR progiram on "Homo Dconjoinru'ib," was pt-esonted. Mrs. O S. Oglovee wai leader, Members responded to (lie. roll call , -with "My Favorite Economy Stuwt " / Popeirs wore read by tho fol-lowinpr: "What Women Should Know About In- vo-ytmen'ts," Miss Carrie Dull-, "Family FiTOtnoos," Mrs. J. B. Hendo-raom; "Are Budget* Practical?" Mnn. J, H. Haz- Jott. A rtlMMission by other club mem- bww followed. Othe · features of tho program AVOW: Vocal tolo, Mis-.s Coin brine S-tickol;,-, Mlus lOthel Alae Collins; banjo M1*, AMsf Irene Hairpar; vocal iMlo«j, Miss Grace Collins and Mi*s Catherine Stle'tel. A b-tef bus'itwss session, with the ivros-idiMit, Mrs R. B. Barner in flwwse, was hulil. Plans were made for u twi Saiurday afternoon, J.unwffy 11, la t'ho home of Mr a. Flora Porter. Tho nest meetliiiK will bo held Saturday afternoon, February 1, in tho homo of Miss Nellie Suydor. Ho/nrb Meeting Xoxt Week. Boc,tufc of the Week of Prajer services t"iwe wlU bo no sessJion of the j Mwjart Club this week. The next mec'thvE; -will bo Thursday, January 16, at tho Christian Church, at which time tho program arranged for this woek will b Postponed. Missionary Circle jNo, 4 of the First AletlNKlHt Protestant Church will moot Tuesday evening, ,/unli/ny 13 at (hr homo of Mrs. Charter Ih!e« of South Ninth street, Instead of tomor- 10W. Dorcas .Mission Cli'olo. The regular meeting oE t h e Dorcae MiBfoionHry Circlo of Trinity Lutheran f-'hwrch will bo held Tuesday evening at the homo of Miss Evelyn Zimmor- man of lllllcrest. Bocatme of the week of prayor sor- c , th-o Woimain's Itonw -and Foreign Society wnM meet on T hunt day aPtonn.oon at 2 o'clock at the instead of in. 'MiHsfonnry Meeting-. Tlie Woman's Foreign Missionary yodoty of tho Greenwood M-othodist Kpiicopal Church will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock In the home of Mikt, Phoobe Dunn, 220 South Prospect street. A gocd attendance «· desired. TJ. B. Events. Tflo Win Oaw Class Will meet Tuesday Ttig'ht at the honw of MTS. Goixlon Hai'i-d, IOC'5 1-2 Aetna strewt, Tho Active Members Clasa will Moot Friday night at 7-,'i() o'clock ait tho homo of Man - iw-et Martin on tho Spri'iitjtleld plko. The time is 7:30 '·! (.u-k. '1 lie. fl,r»t fiuartwly BonfoKsn-cu wfll bo held Mrlday nifi-lut, Jaauiary 21, . Dull J l j r r v Dull w J H enitertain tho Si! -or Thlmblo Cltib f i t a 1 o'clock l u n c h e o n Wednesday /tftornoon it tile Ma J M I A Y K U SK AT L l ' T H E K A W A weak of ] j a y o r atirvAcos wll} be hold at tho Ti Inlty I^uthraa Ob u rub Vilih tort ices efvery ni^ht -I his wec-k except Ki-cfiurd ty. Miini"t-e-rsy of other eoag-i-eg^tiJons \vi.H cj?upy tho pulpit. Tonight, Re . F'rs'tl W l n a m a n ot the Greeivwoort M-eth.odlst KIV'SC-OIKI! Chuireh will Ji ivo rharge There will bo tlmniksgivli 15 iatid c'onfes"1oiti O'li Tu-eortii,\ evanloifr Hav. ,r Ft,lerrt8cti o fciw Methodlait Bro tes- ta nt Gh'ujrch v. lU pinsach on "The (Jni- ersail Church " "The TnAprn Ulonal Friendship" will be tho thonie of the sermon We-drues- day night. R-^v. George 11 Krupp of. the United P i eaby terian Chuireh will preach. Following? the ttormvon 1'hero wllfl be ibe- innual consiregnitioiial meet ing 1 , Rm-. 15. II. Steve-US' of the First Bip- Llst ChFUirrli T 111 pr^eacb on Thursday nigh*. His niibject !a "Missions" On Friday nitprht, "Family, School amd OuJJege fHe," wHI bo tho theme of an address- bv 0. C Kent, secrreitary of the Baltimore Ohio Rsdlroad V. M. C. A. C. IE. 80CIK1 Y ArEJlBERSHIP AND KFFICIJIIVCY CO.VTJBST BEGINS The Sundzi v service of Oie Senior Chrtetiiuj Em l«wor Society of t/he Flrat M'ethorl vt Pi-oitesitsrat CMiwsh, 3aU mi'ght ito (Tie church was niaipke*! by tho oponhig' of fhe Tneroiborsliip awtl eJTlclencj' xMi-bo$if, whWi vriilli cowtlinwi Jor a inoreth Walter T. SmttJi fe cwp- ttvin of ithe whites, amd Mrtsfl HUn Hofftoy, of liio ivfda. Wta) Kh«abe*h SteTons reivlered a violin solo. Sho was acconip indoct bv Mfea thfe :losiii'g o-f the te-at a bnivq i-e-t will be iserv-csd. Tho loeorg will bear sixty por eent awl winners, fo ty per cent, of the ox- pemaes. Th · so;!«ly is planning to send a largi dele-Ration to the navnual mid-year bj wjuot «wl exccnltvo committee of t n e FnjeUe Oninrfy Ohrls- tian Kmloa\ -r Hnlo-a Thursday r-'lglit, J«.nii4w-- 10, m Unaoiitowii The iot'Ial oonvmltiloe nil have t-ihstrge ot tho caravan. Vlr I W. K. Wc«»ng- Tito ,/. 0 C Clas,, will attend fcho church ««r\ 100 In a body md w f l l cxii- d u ( t Us ret u U r ni!-t;tlrife' ut lh« clobo of tho\ we The oonnnitteo consists of Mi .. 1'j O Brow-,, t h Airman; RfT.9. C. T T eH, Mrs I/aina C l a r k , A!!r.s James A. Ccnvflll and Jlrv, lloiuoi Cuniiingha 1 i. The Sim '.iv school board \ \ l l l rnoe4 Werta\sdaj n1j;ht nit tlw closfj of thti church fvor "ii,o K \pt-jlho He^tngr. Tho e x « j u t i v o committee of t h - j C o u n e U h v i U o \V. C. T, IT. \\ 1U mt-o. Tuesday a lenioou ;tl 2 30 o'clock ij) tho homo ( ( Mi i. T, C. WHman, XorUi First trt( L, We-s,t Sic!" Alejuber of the T) T. f l u b and oMir-r members oE (he Connc IsvilJo tinio/i are asked ta attend. \Vith Mrs. Bishoj). Mrs W. \ ItLihoj) \ v i l l entertain the Greonwooi Fancyvrork Cub Wodney,- dtiy atten oou at her homo In Eai.t Green htr et. Members are- aukod 10 note the ( haiige in date. F. fc F. f ' l u h Tuesday, The Fa nily arid It'uends Ciub will mee.t toni nrov, ovonuiK at t h e homo of M''b. D W Knyder ol Sit EunL L'U.'- otte atree . Frowimii ( ltii|ttor WcdiicHtlnj. Philip Freeman Clut.j)ter ot Cio naughtor of tho Amoiloan Revolution will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Carnegie Fieo I/lbrary. f. Grey Ch-elc. The ,i s»rfe ,A1. Grey Mission Cirile ot tho CiiristUin Church will raeot lliis evening , t tho hotae ot Mrt W. O. Gil)- bons, Iln7 Syciaram-e »trct»t. Misa Mary Portor witt be loader Will Install Officers. Officer for the ensuing year will be installed at the j-egular meeting ot i f i i e m l s b i p Temple , No. 25, Pytluaii Sibtera, iu P y t h l a a Hall. Dames of MaKu. Saint Omar Sisteihood, Dames oC Malta, w i l l meet FruUy night In Gdd Follows Hall. 3Hss IlltiCormicIc I'Jdith McCormick v\ill -011001'- taiu the- G. G. Club Tuobd.iy aiglii at her honio in North I'ltlabing street. "VVitli Mrts. ICopp. R]i"3. O h a r l c b Kopp w i l l onlcruiin the G. G. G. Needlework Club \Vodiie6- d.iy at t i e r homo iu Fayette street. «. A. R, Circle. Thn Ladles' Circle No 100 to William F, K u r t / , Porit, G r a n d Ai my ot 1he , w i l l meet T h u i s d a y u'fcr- In Old Pcllowa Hull. COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Coughs from colds may lend to serious tuublc. Turn can ttop them now -\vith C r. oiiitilsion, ail emulsified i-reosoto that i' pliM^iut lu lake. Criomulsion is a i i n d i i il discovery ^vilh two-fold action; i - nitlu-j iind in a!» tin- inflamed uieai- 1 i ..tnos and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, treosote is recog- 3 i,-d by liigli melical autlioriUes as one f I thi" gre itcwt licdling agrncir'sfor cough-, iri'iu old» .Hid bionchial irritationa. (,,'(imiulsion contains, in addition tocrco- vo'ic, utlitT healing clement^'which sootho and he it this inflamed membranes and stop ilia irritation, while the croobote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blcmd, attacks the teat of tho trouble aiu|_ uli cks tlie growth of the geuns. Creo'iiul-Mou is jju^rdniectl halisfac- tory ii the treatment of caughb flora coltli, bronchitis ami minor forms of brunch il irritations, and is excellent for building up the py^icm after colds or flu. Money refunded if not iclirved after taking according to directions. Abk ) mr, druggist^ (adv.) We all calch colds and they can make us mi icrablo; but yours needn't last long if you 'will do this: Take two or three tablets' of Bayer Aspirin just as ?oon as possible after a cold starts. Stay in the house if you can--keep warm. Repeat with another tablel or two of Bayer Aspirin every three or four hours, if those symptoms of cold persist. Take a good laxal'r e when you retire, and keep bowels open. If Ihroal is aore, dissolve three tablets in a quarter-glassful cf water and gargle. This soothes inflammation and reduces infection. /There is nothing like Bayer Aspir n for a cold, or sore throat. And it relieves aches ai d pains almost instantly. The genuine tablets, marked Bayer, ) are absolutely harmless to the heart. Jk. JW»4_ T*~^JT- -BBBI- -JJHUML «UMK. ^MBU- -»««·«. « «··· Alpirln In tho trttlo marls of Bayer Maaulaqtuie ol MonoacuticarjclMtor* o! SaUcyUcacld THE COUGH FROM COL OS 75%S THANG QW iffRH, A. I. DANIELS WILL BE HOSTESS TO JEWISH AVO.MEN (Tho Connelteville Section, Council of JowiaJi Women, will meat Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'cock fit the home of tha president, Mrs. A. I. DanlolB, fi05 Kat,l Crawford avonuo. Thtv mooting promises to b« of a most intorostinK natupo and, a good attendance IB do- eired. A feature will bo the shtrwlng of a prize winning photopluy, "Wliilfr Flowing." Tho picture wo ahov.u at tho fall me-etiiiff of the Payette County Fxi«nUJon ol Wonuui's Clulw Dwc^in- bor 32, In Unlantowu and was aiosl In- tor«,tliiK. TheM w f l l ale,o bo a showot- of wash clolhb for thn National Farm School, A l l niPtnbor« aru to !onato lowinl the PROHIBITION TARIFF, I! SUES BEFORE CONGRESS PJTTSKriWl CON F KIIK C K T'HKACHIXJ .MISSION U f g i n n i n K Muiidkiy, Jiimutiy U and c o n t i n u i n g to !ho I f ' l h , tho First Methodist piscopal 'hnr(.'h w i l l j o i n in tho group of A s b u r y C h u r r h of U n i o n town in tho i ' i t t w b u r t r Conff i o n * c proac-hiiifr mission. Tho chuivh groups will ni"ot as follows: Monday, oflioial board; Tu"flay, men's cliiR^fn; WfMirte'', women's orgdiiiKationh; Thursday, Kiniday school oflleorK and (cochfj-s; J-Vidny, Y o u n g I'ooiif-' Ninht. Dr. ,T, "\V. (I. F.isu p.isior ot -'hfl Fouitli Street MothoiUbt Church, Wheeling. W. Va., will etch SoloiiK Rosnm* 1 V ork Today For (^outJnnous -iossion of Six sltouthH o · Alore. ALL TALKIE BITTER FIGHTS ARE EX PECTED , R. I AI.UON Uusi-fd 1'ros* Ftnff ( \ V \ S l i f N G T O N , .la i. 8 -- uii'ltM Wic AIXJII of Uvo oom'S'n;; NVvo-m- Hi-r r outre wlorial «U v c Ions (Ympiv-ss o n \ ^ n i l toda/ lor f atnitKht-a-vvay Ht«hloti of nix 'ntinthii jr more It will ii»;U wi/h two imixnit uit i»Ut»ix:a.l is- '-ut'.s- toriu' «r4 proli billon. WtU the murderer of J o h n Argyle ever be brought to trial? See what happens when a de- Active falls madly in love with a beautiful suspect I HLBWARNRl~LILA LEE- I 1.1A f f ftlll 1 Li! DamW^ HOWARD BRETHERO t f Your First Chance To Hear Th,Qtnas Vitaphone Act--William Demarest in "Papa's Vacation" An All Talkie Comedy Admission--Matiinee lOc and 25cj Night 15c and 35c Thurs., Fri. and Sat.--Dorotlw lyiackaill in "The Great Divide" Th oflU !,i1 hu }n of The i« ayed o -iff mftiiKiira. Ina v ir n«», ifi Uio hustm as of Uw su th L. r. R. A. N'f!i ^Icnt. The U C. B. A. will mrot \Veint-- day nlRht in the xociul robm ot the linmaoulato Conception Church. Efbettults Will moot, lOdna, Hohukah Loxlsc. v.Ul nie-f't In rogului- ftcHhlon Vv'i'duMfl.iy yjglu in O!1 Follows II.ill Unrd of t)n In'u nt n it-f^ u « f,tl] , on (h» i»t ut U. r. Church. The Mary E. Dick Bibir- Class will h.ive c h a r R o of th openlun nice! ing of the Wock of P i a y w ton!«h.t in t h o Fii bt U n i t e d T-'iosbytorliui Church. llev. Ur. P. U. Giaharn, jiaatoi of liic- li'list Mc-thodlst Kplscopal Church, ta tlio speaker. Thi Y. P. 0. U. socle! IPS will toavo i-haige oC tho ^.scrvieo ou Tucsd.iy night. Ro\. H, K. Shobcr, pasloi of tho Uhuvc-h of HIP iJj-pthmn, will do- livev the ucrmou. .Vlss Clurtt Ilostns". MiHK Mary Wll/.abt'th Clark: of 314 Kast W f l s h i n g t Q f i avotiuo gave a jwirly on Friday p v o n l n g in honor of tha birthday armiveisary of her cousin, Misa JOrnnia Jano Morgart OL' Pnns- ville. There was bridge as well as darning. Fir at prize far girls went to Miss Gertrude S t r a w n while Frank E. Woddell, Jr., of RuotlrttUe won fii st award for the men. Luncheon was aorved at a lato hour. Vor Huboi-ta Uniley. Mlus Jloberta Bailey, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank K, Bailey of Ohio- pylo,,waa lionoied with a delightful party last Friday. night at the Morris farm, near Ohiopylo. The affair was given by a n u m b e r of tho young tolka of Ohiopyio n n d wna a complete aur- prlbO to Miss Uailey. About bAxty gu«sts wci o lit attendance and pre- Kontcd hor with a bnautifal b i l k um- brrlia and other attraclivo git'th The evening- was spent at dancing and music. A dainty lunch was served. O u t - o f - t o w n giiosls -wera from Ohio, Unioiitov,u and C o n n n l l s v i l l f . Mia.s Ballsy will leave Jannaiy t.'!, foi WdHhiiiBlon, -U C' , w h o i e she will outer t h e n u r s e s t i a i t i u i g school of tho Children's Hospital. · Jlarrls-Piu'rlsli. Mr. and Mrs. J H. Harris of Scottdale a n n o u n c e (ho rmnnage of t h e i r dciughter, Mrs Ifldlth I I , to J. O, Par- ribh ot Scottdnlc, on Saturday. The ceipniony was yrrfornied by HPV II. fl Grovo, pastor of tho Evange-llcal Church. 4 r-cia!Iy and on«- f:xm thia to bu baMa of aivs liet-e will be 'a h ,iifi'ifl of vi tho di-ys, wlt« Uio cha-^tf id!ft by the leading Rrtpubiicsim dry aunnrf.piT(jr, Sen- atoi Jitrrah, rf Wa,ho, i*aiaet tho xl»t- IHIK ^iifoti-onwms »yt1 m. T'io Hfii»o IB -OKD cted to tn.ko iht b fh« horns nunKl'uitA]y, and u i u - r Homo i ibute, tho Jones m U l n i f fo n eiom nil tt«H to iikqinr l-nito tnritlratlnn ' on.£t»i ·«-in«nt unciwr t!i» Justice n )artm«n* , prolxibl atxuit F«)! inry 1. thoro will b«: another tifitot ov- r prohibUkm atp- tho ]niliml- Hoover's !u\iy tvroiit of 1'r- niunluaton is to Iw hoping to curtail is nvu-ch t 7x58 U i w li/iitor-or moil t ma'Io public, Sen Ur leaders ar prohibition /Joimto slbl-e' by appeal-in? i ir early fwtlou on tlu t n r i f i I'Tosp-oot* for t!h tariff b!U ncv-or looked brtgljitor. 1 stlmwteH of tno various lyixxips a« t when it \v1tl paaa the S«n,wto vary ft oan threp to six wootes, !ui aiooiio b Jioy-os th« bill will bo li-eld uip l'ns;pir U an B-lx weeks. It %vt!I then g,o 1 ) conEed-ewe with tho Houeo AVhllo greemeaiit betwoetu tbe two hou rfM= ivill » difflcult becaua« oC wklo dlfti'i-cnces n the bills favored by e.aoh, mot bods of agreomonit already a i u bedn'g (hM; rt a n d moi-« con,- g-re^-sioiial .uilhortt «, now toel an agre.eim.wiit la pot* ble than ever before. Th* Swnfflbe win o to work ininietM- atelv u Ui'i larlft \vllh a geaitlomieu'-s agi-eom^ntt betwoer thu groups tliait no other bii»inos.» will be ipopinf'bLod to Jai^ t-ervono. T!JO f{ouse i\ill work om tho War 0opartmMU t i,pp,ro rkvlim wWl which wia reporto'l fro-in .onv»Rt«e 'today. Ofl' th« /loor, Sat «/te comnuit'teos firs to avjBiimio J i i q u l r t s this woek tn-to lobby .wthjtries, vwiio and cotfoii i.jM'.culal.ioii nts nites atso ] lav6 a r l b t n aiiione, Rc| ublicans over com- mi'tt-p.0 a s s j g n m e n l , bu1 an agireomcai'l ts OMixsctet! by Mif comimdttco on com- livlitteos toinomow The asieoment 1s o^pociled to pei-niii Senator L.aFoll(vtLe-, illcan, Wibcoiwuln, a iw.o on Tisit n( Mr. and Mr**. Donald B l a i r visited with Mr and Atr. I/. 0 Blair of Dicke i h o n R u n jestonlay w h i t e r e t i u u i n g to their home u AlUiu-ippa irriin a honeymoon H i p v v h i c - h took t h e m t o Tufacnioossi, AUi w h e r e the\' v i h l t P d w i t h Mr and M i s \S' U. Suker, lor- mer residentt. of V u i u l u i b i l t . lloiioynioont'rs Easiest to Please. MEMPHIS, Ten j., Jan. 6--Honoy- mooneiti are etwi -st of nil hotel pa- i i o i i f c to plf-aso, delegates attending tho convejition r( Tonnessee Ilotol fllcii'tj AfcboctftUou here said. Adults, Too, Prefer "No Dosing" for Colds Millions Adopt External jRemedy Made Famous As Treatment for Children's Colds A generation ago, w h e n Vlcks VapoRub originated thtt of treating ooids w i t h o u t "dos- Inp" was almoat unheard of. It was tho custom then to Klvo large doses' 1 ol Internal medicines for coWs and almost every hutn^n ailment. Today, the whole trtMHl ot medical practice IK av»,iy trom needlens "doBlng." Equally Goofl for Adults. Mothers of young children cH,iecUil- ly have been quick (o appreciate thia modern external way of treating colds, becauue thoro's notliln^ to swallow and, oC course, nothing to upset tho little ones' stomach'b. Year attPr year moro and more adults, too, have found Vicks eciua.lly good for tholr own colds. Hlrth » A hon was bo n to Mr. and Mrs Homer P r i l t s oE Normalvllle at thj OoniiellsvtUn Sia e Hospital ou Sunday morning LIBRARY CIRCULATION 7,449 VQLUMlS IN MONTHS OF DECEMBER Grand total circulation ot boolw i'or hom-3 reading by the Carnegie Library in tlio mouth of December wa«3 7,449. Ne\v borrow ore registered, numbered 4G. Approximately 1,085 potbous used tho reading and Mferenco rooms during the month. The circulation by departments and clastllicatloua was ae follows. Alult department--General works, ono; philosophy, 38, religion, 29; sociology, 59; language, t w o , natural scinnc o, fil; useful arts, 05, line ;U'!B, 1!, l i t e r a t u r e , 170,'history, 53; Hovel, 1)7, biography, 73; total non-flcllon, C O L ; fiction, 4 , 3 i a , fotal tor the U-- ·partmeiit, '1,933. Juvomlo deparlii)pnt -- General works, three; philosophy, three, religion, 13; inythb, 37!); eci-onco, !5; ueotul iirtc, £5; flue Jirtt, 10; lilora- Uiro, 03, history, S3; travel, 01, .biography, 6S; total uon-ifictlon, 075, fiction, l,7St; total lor department, 2,45'i; grand total, T.-HS).' In addition GS periodicals woro en dilated Eoi- home reading. A total o£ 717 books were reparod and re- etored to cliculaliun tbo 1 who advertise. j i n l H U i l . i H a t i o n o f officers f o r w m u e i i , X V t ^ i i i f h f i i i y ovonlnp; Jan aj,m2t. errs BETTER BACK f EELS FINE oftor vlunlorolc--«oothmB. nnfe .--is t phecl once every hour for 5 hoi a. You ehould even fcol betfe PATRICK CORRiGAN FRSCK VETERAN, DIES n, 7'I yearn «!(!, mK 1 oi th-e oldest oniploycb ol the- II t' PMok Colc-e Corapanj, died SdlurUtiy Hi t l i o U n i o n t o w u ilo-spHal of pm unioiu.i Mi'. I'ortlRan \ \ a s IK« n in C oiui'ty MoiiHglian, I i e l n n d , 7 1 URO Uo cuine to thl-s t o n n l r v ui I S S u .i.nd I'l oni thai time until lie was-, pi n ^ i o n e d in l'i!5, v-as .employed as l i p i i l o i n a i i sit Ixjil'b HLs d u t y a l l c t l upon l i l n i In show lioneatr awl Vaitlsfi-lnf"~,s to his follow cm'ploycs as well as his Mn- Act« 3 TFays at. Once. Just rubbed on, Vinks acts through the skin like i poultice or plaster, "drawing out" t glitnoss and soreness. At the tamo time, tho heat of tho body relca-see msxlicated vapors which are breathed in direct to tho inflamed dir-pa8Ba«os, ^ I losoaing the phlegm and easlug the d i f f i c u l t breathing. Noiv "2(1" Million! The ever-increasing demand for this better method of treating coldB Is' hliowu in tint itsurss of the familiar Vick. slogan. "'Mrst announced when Viota reached "17 Million Jars Ubed Vearly"--lator raised to "21 Million" --these figuros:, loo, have Iwn outgrown, as t h ^ r e are n-ow "Over 26 Milltoa Jars Used Y e a i l y " ploy«rs. So ·well did lie abide by this trust, tluut he 6 niounn-ed Uy buii'lreds of his former eo-worltars. of tlto coke fxj hte loath Mr Corrigan lived In the forrnior 6u»rwiititen'd)eiit's icai- d«n«e, at Ixsith, wh«fre his ott* sur- vlvtog dauRh'tsr, Mls» Catlwrine, still lives. Soleniin requlom high rnia^ 1 ! will ho roafl in Kt. .lolun/a R. C. Clriroh, Uiuion- lo\vn, Tuuisdiav' iut 9 A M , by tlio Ilcv. Fr. B. P. Konna. IMill bearers wall hi^ Jolin Oraifly, Michael H-ofl wu, Daniel C-orcorani, Jolm rtorhio. tor, Poter El Us OJIIK! lixuvry Sehlffbauer. Intonnent will bo in Oak Grovro Cemetery, Un omtown. Dunbar Firemen Banquet Guests Friday Evening Moin1ers t f I h o Dun bur Volunteer Jfiro Departnionl w i l l be gitpstft at ft spagheHi d i n n e r on i r rUhiy o v c n i n g at Hie flrcmon's lioadqii«irton i The dltinc is bping- sponso) ir! by tho now and old officers of tho o i g a n - Izatioii. Thi-, is an a n n u a l fvcnt Thcro w i l l Iw no program in connection with the affair. PERMISSION REFUSED TO ABANDON SERVICE , .Un G,--Th« Pi bin Service Ooniuiiasioit today r«fu«oi Ilio Mououiprah'O'ln, Rn-lwiiy foinipaiiry p c r - mih«fon to. abandon p.ip'-engeir 9 e ' i ] « ' on it"? Cliartl^ih-Routhei n brnni-h ··- temdi'ni; irom Millsboro, Wahliii g t o u connitv. to N'oina-ioliii, Grop-iiiO x i n t . and irom MiPhboro (n M.ithcr, G i c f i i o county. ' Application w-a^ UKulo to a b a n d o n pat fa-en gw tKiln »ervi« 'through ti TPR- lon in which lhj prni«ip»il industry i. bltuiniuouis c-oaJ mnuint? on tho sriouu I t h a t the service lost tnouey. Bus and Uixk-iib iervl«v, coupled wilii thr fact 'thnt tho company's nuin l i n ^ parallels Mouoii^ahelii UIVCT on tho eawt woro gh«i a« tlio !«£uout fxr tho ( k i l i n - c in Catholic Alumni Dinner, Scottdale mombors of St. .loh-n't High Alummi A,SAciujU«n of Soott- dalo hold a eod/U nifM^trins Thunsday n l ^ h t in die ·d-lmngrooni fit. th-e Coniral Hotoi. P. 10 Sliairkoy. local in-ess s^vgcaii't, aTmnsorl and cooked tli« diiuipi-. The menu consisted rf coki la\v, turkey with old southorii ulyle flIHnig, mashed potR4/oos, gnsvy, ·oreamed poius, brcnd, butter, rtcltles, --lory, olivoa, .i-e cr*am, c-ake *isid cot- foe. Tho hall was ptr^ttily il«corjJx?d in colors, appropriate to iho holfaluy tea- son Diunclng snippliod tho «uiwi soanent for Iho -e\T«i1u5 Tho follONvln j wsri) pro-sont: Itav. W. M F. G-alvi i, honorary pre-sid'ant; Ioro4hy Sha' key of tlio clasa of 1927, Ma/ry T3«. SJueahan, JV»o Ann Miller, AJJUPSI Mliloj , B0ttv Turk, Anm.i P-obondr, Hcs-'tnid* Waird- lav, all of tho clasit of 1!28; 5i«ry K. Woitnor, H?l«n Shovlra, Helnn IV- toa1-, MarKU-eruto AVallor, John KLn«, Ed-ward Dwrloy, Kd \vard Shairkt^, ./ohu Mctluorn, Wayno DanimM kor. \VonM HP liotliori'd WHh Coughs This Winter. " ' F i o m «51 Kast -iOth SL, C h i c a ^ u : .isi w i n t e r a Btnbboni cou; h worried nit, kppi mi a w u k o n i g a t a . U roMhlod other c o u g h inodlcii ob, but q u i f U l y dlsa.pppj.n-d whon I btartert taking your good Kolcy's il-o n\y and Tar CoiiBhing w o n ' t bother me Um w i n t e r u-j J Keep a bottle on l a n d . I l!lt? [He snioulli and pl'M.iant feelins it l e a v e s in t h e t h r o a t " Yoi r U r U : - ;;ist sells .nid r«'i oniniends J-'olrj '·- Iloiipy and T.u, Ask for it. for salo bv C Ho\ llotzp], \ V o o l \ v o r t i jhilld- i i i g We Examine Your Eyes and Fit tKe Frams 10!) JVorth I'itislMirsjr Sl ml Stttunlny M«Ji4, 7

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