The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1918
Page 3
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", TTIESDAT, MAKCH 5 1915 l-HB DAILY COURIER uONNJBLLt, VILLJE, PA. PAGE THREE COUNCIL THANKS JOE ANGLE AND SUPT. HALSTEAD CortUittiiMl from T"»c;c One the visit of officials of the«r company and their conference with him In an effort to learn just hove far the city is going m its new drive. Councilman HooYer interjected a. remark that "VWTe got to go through with It and cobtfdy had a word to say to the contrary It is probable an advisory commit tee of fi\p or more citizens of the citv will be named to act with council .2 the water fight. The mayor suggested the committee and also one member Mr Angle No definite action was taken Bankers would be of s«r vice in an advisory capacity when it comes to discussing the financial end of the movement, the mayor said The quality o( the water. ,is to pur Hy, came in for airing Dr Tjtts said reports submitted to him as head of the Board of Health showed the water to be free from, disease producing bac teria. Mayor Duggan took occasion to de liver a tew more raps at the company --not at the officials who visited him x l h e company he pronounced neither honest nor honorable He told the visiting officials he said that the people of the town "could be indicted for v, hat they think about the w ater com -panv so intense is the feeling, he said. \t the suggestion of the mayor there will probably be a conference of city officials with, officials and an en gineer of the water companj to determine ' what they 3 !! do ' There was considerable discussion during which Superintendent M B Pryce of the Department of Public Safety emphasized the necessity of better 6re protection DONATE SERVICES P. ± L. Kariitwdcrs 3U» Special Train tor Red Cross Benelit The Ptttsburg and Lake Cne Ra 1 road company ran a special train the cre-w donating its services to Star Junction Saturdaj night for the benefit of thooe from Dickerson Run and other points along the lirte who at tended the minstrel £iven b-v the Y M C A of Dickerson Run for the benefit of the Star Junction Red Cross Between J200 to ?300 was realized I from the performance which met | with wonderful success Wednesday the ticket committee had disposed of all the tickets and could readily have disposed of 500 more The Washington Run Coa and Coke co-opanj donated the hall for the oc cauon Miss Mary "NtcConm 11 as ' The Ctddeso of Libertj scored a great hit her patriotic song being well re cewed Following the performance thi. women members of the Red Cross o! Star Junction served a da nty luicheon to the perfor-ners Easter Susit FasMons The arbiters of the fashions have decreed a season of Suits and have bent their efforts to present the smarest and cleverest ideas and in a variety that makes it an eas\ matter to attain that personal mdividualitj which is so necessary to one s dress They have made Eton Coats, the Pony Coats and 32 and 34 inch Coats to suit everybody's taste We have extremely smart single and double breasted Waist-Coat styles m numerous more or less noticeable forms Our Suit prices range from S22 50 to ?75 00 / We beg of you to inspect our line before buying elsewhere TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133 N PITTSBURG St CONNELLSVILLE PA "There's a Kitchen In every home--and there's a Hoosier for every Kitchen" Four reasons why YOU shou 1 d Join the Hoosier Club. SUPPORTED THE TUfTLT l.thrr. Brothers and Si'itfrs Wepend- ent on Girl killed by ] ury. Vfiss Laura Ma Cadden who Tias ktled last week b} a larry at Phillips wirks was the mam support of 'ier his bride Following the dinner Mr and Mrs Cohen left for La».ewood N wnowed mother and a large eamilyi j vrhere they spenl a week at the wlo live atKiefertown near Scottdale Hotel Bhslnrg Tttey a. rrue d m Con- Sle took the place of her stepfather wio died two ears ago in pro-vidmg for the family Miss Cadden united with the United p-esbterian church when eight vearg od She leaves B°r mother Mrs rah Bnrd of, Kief«rtowr and the fllowing stepbrothers and sisters Villiam Arthur John Neil, James Jane Josephine and Elvria Burd ae stood by them all Vsk E«dorsemenf. At the regular meeting of the Mm- stenal association held yesterdaj norning at the home of Rev O L C Richardson m South Pittsburg street a resolution was adopted asking the church boards to call upon the lead mg members of the tw o leading po itical parties to endorse such can dioates as would be favorable towards the ratification amendment. of the prohibition Soisson Bm» Home. Alfred J Kobacker has sold hts residence on Isabella road to Basil J Soiaon, who has occupied the home for some tune oast The consideration was nearrv $11000 Mr Kobacker bought the property last October from P T Evans previous to his death but had nerer occupied it He expects to build a new residence in the near fnture Gramttd JCamage licenses. » John. Lollesberger ot Smithneld and Christina \oithofer of Scottdale George Miko of Fairchance and Annie Xapen of Smithfield and John Ignot and Teresa Mochnski of Juniata, were granted marriage licenses in Uniontown On X«w York Tnp. Fred Edwards superintendent of the Harbison Walker brick works at Larton. has gone to New York on a «v«ral davs business trip One of the few that don't need sugar POSTTOASTIES CORN SWEET AND READY To fL\\ Miss Alice Bloom and Ale\ander ant church w i l l be h o d Thursda} af Cohen both of New York Cm were ternoon at 2 30 o clock in the Church married Thursday evening February -21 by Rev Dr Drachman at his home Plans foi a moving picture to he in New York Citj The ceremony was presented saturdav March 16 at th^ followed b-v a wedding dinner served i high school auditoiium for the bene in the green room of Rev Drachman s j fit of the lied Cross w ere completed home Covers were laid for quite a | at the semi tnonthlj meeting ot the number of friends of Mr Cohen and I \\oma i s Culture club held vestcrdav afternoon it the home of Mrb L R Ftoto m Race street Fhe club Las secured the h!m Alice in A\onder land an Uaboiate production fea tttnnj, a cast of unusual excellence The picture w i l l lie bhown morning af ernoon and evening The morning' performance is for the children \ n a d - l mission of five cents will be charged In the -ifteinoon and evening the ad mission w i l l be 10 cents for children and 15 cents foi adulls l o l l o w i n g the bubinefas meeting a splendid pro gram was carried out Science and nellsville Sunday night from Lakewood and are guests of the bridegrooms brother and sister m-law, Mr and Mrs Morris Cohen of Madison a\enue and his brother in law and sister Mr and Mrs H Rhodie of Park street and other fncnds here Sundaj night Mr and Mrs Cohen w ere enter tamed bj Mr and Mrs S M Le at their ho-ne in West Green stree Dancing was indulged m and a most enjoyable time vvas had At midnight a damtilv appointed luncheon was served "Vihile located in Connehs- \ille Mr Cohen formed a wide ac quaintance and was very popular He is now a prosperous voting busmen man being the seaior member of the firm of Cohen Bros of New York Citv Since his departure from Connellsville Mr Cohen and his brother Julius also a former ConneilsMUe resident have met with great success in New Yorks business world Mr and Mrs Cohen will leave tomorrow for Pittsburg Flint Mich, Cleveland O I uffalo N \ and Niagara Fa Is At the conclusion of their trip tney will be at home in New York Cit A verv important business meeting ot the loung peoples society of the First Baptist church will be held this evening at 7 30 o clock in the church Foiling the business meeting ^ musical program will be rendered The 'Womans Missionary Association of the Lnited Brethern church will meet Thursdav at 2 30 o clock at the home of Mrs 0 -O Osterwise Of fice r s will be e octed The Qtterbcin Guild of the linited Brethern church will meet Thursday evening at 7 o clock in the church The Li-ve "Wires of the Church ot the Brethern Sunda-v school organized aC a meeting Fnw night at the home o e the teaCTer, W H Friend in Eighth street West Side Robert Tnend was elected president Edgar Goswick vice president y Ibui Beahm secre lary David Blough assistant secre- tarv and Wilrne'- Berg treasure! Seventeen are enrolled in the class The Friendship societv met Sund^v evening at the home of Mis Charles Caplan in Murpaj avenue l u n c h was served Every Kitchen Patriot Needs The Hoosier Now! , F OOD, tame, work and money are being saved in more than a million homes every day by the use of the Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Hundreds of Domestic Science schools are using it, so the coming housewives can be good cooks and real home managers " It is wasteful to be without this "automatic servant." And there are four strong reasons why you should get it without delay « 1--ror loyalty's sake. The Hoosicr Sjstem protects your flour, Migar and other foods. Ii prevents w.iste in measuring and iiiixinc. Vnil jt CITPS j o u more time for knitting, Rod Ooss viork and other patriotic sen ice. Also for rest. 2--Te are now offering popular models jt l»efor Mar*prices. Moreover jou can paj as ion- venjent. Your money all back jf yon are not delighted. 3--Hoosier's Council of KHchcn Scientists pro. nouace the ncn models as complete as can he made. And remember these brilliant women of the Hoosicr staff are always m touch w i t h home needs. 4--Due to the wartime demand for Hoosier, onr allotment is, lerj limited. Lest ou be unable to get the model j o u want later on, come and pick out at onte. Hoosier Club Members Pay Only $1.00 Weekly That s all it costs to place this laBor-sa\ing machine n \our Kitchen That s all it costs to have Hoosier lighten the burden of joui dailj tasks--to make \our \\ork pleasant and enjoyable Hoosier s scientific arrangement of places for 100 articles w i t h i n arms reach sa-ves jou miles of steps 'You sit a.ncl work m comfort instead of bland \ o u reach instead of walk It v^ll le to your interest to see the Hoosier demonstrated. Come in now. Miss \ l u i Brldlei using 1 cr Hoobiei Cubi el in Miss Ti mer s School of Cookers, I ostuu of winch she is prin- ipa! ·v isb r i a d l e v is a member if I he Hnos ci Council of K i t i b c n Stunt sts v v h c h 111 eludes seven otlier noted kitchen sojpn i c t^ Thcv ill become vom peisonal ad- ·visors u l e n xou get this cabinet Connellsville's Reliable Hooslerlze Your Kitchen NOW! Hoosierlze Your Kitchen NOW! Houefurnishers Since 1891 PEHSQ^ILS I Mrs A K M c l n t j r p of McKeesport Miss Mjrgiie-ile Lvtle of PiUsbuig 'has leturned hom, a f t e i a visit w i t h lowing papers w e r e read Teudent} ' is visiting friends here I her daughte Mr-5 H P S r j d p i Mrb A N Cartvvnght of Pittsbu g Robut Dili Biilumoie «. On o lie is the guest of her j a r o ^ t s Mi and ket agent m L i i o m o w n was in t o w n Music Dav be ng obser\ed The fol of Modern Music Mrs National md Patriotic Songs Miss Elizabeth Mae Brown Burbank II s ! Contributions to the ^Vorld Mrs ] L Het?el ^ onde-s of Surgerj iMrs John Currj Ji Miss D r o w n s paper was illustiated with patriotic songs tendered by the leader and bv member*, of the club The next n eet ing will be held Mondav afternoon March 18 i the home of Mrs Smith A program on v i l l he carried in Patterson avenue The Food Problem out The Ladies Aid societj of the F rst Baptist church w i l l meet Thu dav night at the home of Mrs S B Dull in Cottage avenue Miss Maigaret J Myers daugh er of Mi ind Mrs George Mjers of Un ionto»n and Jacob C Bowers of Ma sontown were married Saturday af te moon by Rev C A Biles pastor o 1 " the Methodist Protestant church of Fairchance The ceremonj winch was solemnized in the home of the bride was followed bj a wedding dinner coveis being laid for 10 The Woman s club will meet Satur dav afternoon at the home of M i s A "W Bowman in Ea c t Ceda 1 * avenue All me-nbeis are asked to attend Church Dav w i l l be observed Thnrs day at the First Methodist Episcopal chinch bj the R o m a n s Horre and Foi eign Missionary societies and the Ladies Aid societj Lunch w i l l be served from 1' t.n 1 o clock On ing to the high cost of food dinner to the public w i l l cost -0 cents he-eafter while members w i l l be tated 30 cents Each society « i l l hold t a sepante meeting The Knit and V,in I j n i t to [he Chaileston Comforts Brancn of the \ a v y I ea^ue met last night at he -- I home o' MI-.S A m j Boot m I ighth Mrs Henry Sutman of Monongahela i s l i e p \\e--t Side and spent the eve- I nmi; k n i t t i n g foi the sailor^ A nil i bet of finished articles nave alreadv been turned into the chairman Mrs Cdwird Sweenev Pa announces the marriage of hei sister Mrs Flora Das Searle of Pitts buig to Bertram 1 Gi-st of Freepoit solemnized Febmarj 23 Rev Alan son Ritor Da} father of the bride of Belated Mrs Girts is a siner of M i s ! The regular meeting of the 0 \ T \\ O Schoonover of "v\ ills road After | Fancv work club w i l l be held Thurs May 1 Mr ard Mrs Girst will be at | dm afternoon at the home of Vrs I home at Frceport | Schuler in East Crawford avenue The regular meeting of the Ladies i Athens Temple of the Pvthian Sis Aid society of the Methodist Protest- I ters will meet this evening Mrs J S Brvne- of V ne street George \Vagner and family ire mo\ ing from Craham i v e n u c Oieonwood into the residence on Ligl th street Greenwood vacted bv S P Htlde brand and familj ist n ghl SJ^njiH Township I itiil lie il \ deed was entered foi recor 1 ves erdav cover ng the transfer of 16" _______ __ _ . icres of coal n S ewart to v islnp to The best place to shop after all the lini Run Coil companj bv diaries Brownell Shoo Co -- Adv P N e w e l ! ind others The consider"! Mr and Mr« G S Council have re j I0n was ? 0 0 0 0 The operating torn turned home from a \islt m Plttsburs j nanj which acfiuued (h s propel v Mrs J Mehm Grev of Qieymont | is one of thi enterprises of A C M u s t Hl( PI ins i I n s p e c t a i JT lies S Dan has o del ed th i the o u n e r o t e 1 lit jn ^ J ur 0 eon bti Idini, 1 n u n l o v v u \ \ h t l i was damaged b f r e to liU pi us foi ' t h e icbii Idnie f lit plan w in ( l i e ' DeTirtn ent of 1 ahoi and Ind i t i it Ha rish 11 ~ 1 r r oie 11 oceed n^ v\ ill l l h e u o i n Th- 1 plans coi t e m p l a t e apai mcnt ovei a ,a age and Mis J Raymond Mestre^at of Race street are spending he clav m Pittsburg Mr and M i b George \\ Miller and babj Maigaiet were he guests of friends at Someiset over Sun 1-ij Mrs J W Fjarclle A vis un 0 rela t v e s at M o i g a n t o n n T\ V a Mrs J E G i e j of ^ittsburg is vis itmg -elatives heie There are thousands of men all over the coke -egion «earing clothes made he-re 1 Why not voi ' Dave Cohen Tailor--AcH Mi=s Anna Kate McBride has moved from an a p i r m e i t in the Kolnclter buildms to an apaiUient in the Wool worth building 'v.est Crawford avenue Mrs Eli?abetii ^ eber anu daughter St ckel and assocn es ir. 1 t luird to Speak Dr T B 1 chard w i l l d e l i v e i m id dress ou Vaucobc Veins at the legu lar monthlv meeting ^of t i e [ i v c i i e Count V edical societi to bo he 1 on Thursdav e v e n i n g in the rissembh looms of the ^irst N a t om Hobin Stt n il 11 otier. ^ h le Mits V it. D r! immc w i s shaking the cr nnbs froi a tahlf cloth at IH r hf no a Tiottei ILI.S ( v u i irt, a robin t ic fiisi sc^n t h e i e il tieu lo a fejjcp np-ir) v as if wai mq for the i n i " b s II did not come an\ n e n e r w h i l e the members of the finish wa chcd state 1'olict K i l l nous The ^ u i i l h k i n v v n s il e siition of Stito Police a e busv 1 illinj, dogs IP 1 ank the s u i i o u n d ns tov nsh p ^ e s t e i d a v building in Uniontow 11 An in nil is ! the' =essment of phs cians in the =oc etv w i l l be paid at Ihe meeting Disconnipe jSiiiul iv fnneral^ Fllrthei steps t o w a d the abolishing ! of Sunday funerals w e i e taker Mo i k lied "S in the v r m i n of \ew ell Thus fa- the local station has d spoked of "0 canines m i d ironnd "°ra/nel I mn S ation and N e w e l M l ·-- 11 I/ \L1 TH CR \^ BCTTI 1 K I t V J 1 v c i h a t j u s t c i of thi t L n t (i i ie-*i v r c.n chilrdi official f a tl L um il il M i s 1 1/al eth Or T Bel le hold v e s t uiav ifiernoou fron the f a n i i l v ie I ience on t i c c o i n c i f Race stieet ind Dav rison iveiiu* 1 The sorv lee 1 - v t i e i i b p i e ^ s t v e anc w ei e a l u n d t l lv M i v l e l a u v c s anc fnend of Ihi ieccasid The flon | iibntes w e i e n u m e r o i ind uiitibua I v hand i ie \ i p r o p u a t e i usic w i n n d e r t I C H on liclllei Jilin "\\esl H \ G l o t f c l t v C L M L o n n u k 1 licmas Rhodeblek al (1 \ A i l J i u n Glol feliv i-eiveil _s j a l l l e d u i ^ Prnan n u n lent in i h e s t n u t H i l l cemeterv Oi I f low n pel sons p c.'-ent w e r e Mr ind Mi 1 - lohn \\est of D e t r i t Midi Mi and Mrs G i n ^ e M u i r a v ol i c v e l a n d 0 lohu lie tlei and bon C i a v t o j j Ijei lei c f j i t n k l i n onji-, n j j Halx Hins 'sfami s I lie Rntcnhous I dull I lie Rntenhmisi it 1 dav at tnc meeting of the u n i o n t o w n ' daughter of Mi ind Mr-. I P K i t Mmisteml aquation It ib not to be tei house of ^cotuhlo has purchased taken as meaning that in cases of $1219 w o r t h of nocessit) any of the ministers w i l l not 1 d th Fllen onlv 1 -vivm,, sianips "1 i onths o d ind Miss Hazel of C a n t o n Mi and ^ is hold funtrais SuncUn but t h e v h a v e purchased Uie stamps vv th hei E H Re-lgan and daughter Miss Lil I all pledged themselves to discourage sav ngs ban of New Salem were guests of | funerals being held that dav Ml ind Mrs J Blame Reagin o r East' Murphy avenue Saturdav and Sundae Nicholas "W^ber of Clan ton was a Sun day guest at the Reagan home Mrs Etna Spear and babj of Pitts bing have returned home aftei a visit with the f o r m e r s parents Mr Scottdalers in W T u Xinin,- (_n The Hul Coal companv of Belington V has been incoinorated In _ Thomas J H 11 J C Cook Sadie E'* da M c V r d l e and F E COOK Scottdale The cipital stock is $'o 000 Mi-es Ht. Hr ulilock l.irllnlav I'nrij A. birihdaj d^nnc vvas ,-iven at he lome of M i s { 1 s«carmgen in Mt Braddorn. in honor of her olili birtl A delicio s d i n n e r va-= served and Mrs Daniel Millet ot East Mur phv a"\emie Mrs 0 P He is oE Aspmwall and ~\Its Jenni* 1 Snvd-er and daughiei of Daw son attended the f meral of Mrs C T\ D?tt!ei held ve»terdaj aft,.! loon Miss rii/abefi Giav of C allal n contested avenue vvas the gnest of friends in j Pittbburg ove Simd.iv , Km A Bufaiio i-, m Pittsburg todav business be opeiated in the Birker district Barboui county V anv fine pi esc ts w o o recci ed bv he honor Kiiest loiiil I st ite «.1U)1 17 4n estate of «1" "1 17 vvas Wi In lip late I u v T odd f Brovvnsv illp ac ( o r d n g to the i ison I a p p i a semenl '"Jpd w i l l Register \ \ i l l s M O D I V Ti te in^ton in 1 n i o n t t vv n liirf finmc ronielit. The LKs and El ti basket ill tea us will plav it the Maccibee hill Ion i,hi n w h a is e x p u t e d to l e In ho l i s t line of t h e season I ( n t n v i o m l lii v Koim (.trnian T o H i i s I i m \\ i i i R i c h t s t a l i o i i d il ( an |: ' The D inliai t o w n s h i p lush school H a n c o c k Ai ^ust t Ca spciidin, |liiskelball team on Saturdai evenmi, m oiigli w i t h his p u e i t s M and Attorne and M i s George M Ho j a i er s (loot iack of Pittsbuig were ^uest of the latter s parents Mr and Mrs ^ P Clark of Lincoln avenue over night defeated Gem un ovvnsl ip nigh on tlic M r ( haile-, R t ha of 1 ., tl b t i c e l Gieenvv i )d MRS M MM \R1T M i l T/ ^ i ^ L i n n e t M i l l / i formei w e l l k n j w i I L idei of D a v v s i n died vest e i d n n hei hone at S u Junction T h t 1 odv vva bioti^ht lo Davvson tins iiioini , anf e n i n e d lo the home of the p j i e n t s of the riYceised Mr a i d Mrs Ccoipe JDiJJjn^ei irom whei v ces w i ! ) be held tomorrow aftei- 110011 Decea-. d ib s u r v i v e d Jiv he" husbind ill ot rhi d i e n one _an m- f i n t thiec d a \ ^ old and hei parents LAV, R!rv 1 SI 1 IGHTER U i w i e n e e S eightei 2U veal s o l d of £cot dale uled la*- e v e n i n g in a «an- ita mm at Grecnsbufg He vvas a son of Mi and Mrs "William Staghtfr and leaves i i v i brothers and t w o listers IjJil Donald Hhsood William Tharl"s Jessie Mav and Lauia The f u n u i l w i 1 he Thnrsddv at 2 o clock ! it tl c T_n ted Brcthern e' urch MRb M V i n J ]NGRA11\M I M i s Man I I n g i a h - m - \ears d d d bunc. i\ iiij t it the home of her d r M i ^ Thomas \\ Sm Ib at 1 l o w nsv i l l i Classified idTertltemtnls Bnng results COSL only le a woio. M h e e l e r ftov 1 nlisfs lames P Swppe son of Mrs Elizi ( oupe. Iti nds Of the second I be tv Loin Arthui Munk who has been located beth Swopc ot ^'heeler has en! sted l e a r v fo le n e n at the First the aviation service Swope TV as at Denvei Co and latei 11 Texas expected home todav l a truck driver at Dunbar 0 L Eaton went to Ptttsiurg this mornings Patronize UIOF* tioilpi BanI- -- A d v ~ 1 6t p H I L D R E N Should not be-doMj for colds--apply " ^-CSLlt Hunting Bargains ' You will find them in ourad. columns.'

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