The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 20

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 20
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. how .1 dreamed of the. day p.: when those horrible things' . would come off- To me H was IHca tha 'unveUina of the Statue of Liberty or the pre f view of Cleopatra. I thought 20 ANN Deer Am Landers I am ,14 and 1 fed that lift ia Just bout over. if thera was s . Foreign Legion (or (iria rd joln up. . Three weeks ago tha den-r Hit toner tha braces off mv f teeth. I wore them for almost V four yean. You cant imagine especially the boys. I counted on tills event to change my whole life. Well, nothing happened- .Absolutely nothing.. Not one single boy has asked me for date. , -,. rm so disappointed I don't know what to da Can you give me some help, please? BOTTOM Of THE WORLD : Dear World: You've Just leaned, Brst band, a lasses) I've been trying to haavtr bom for. years. It la as follows: Good looks are not the key to popularity. " The girt who Is interesting, fun to be with, and can make a boy feel comfortable is going to be aought out yes even if she does have a smile like a bird cage. Look around, tootaie, and youll ; see plenty of evidence that . I am right. ' .-. ' .. We'll Fur Wei 'it Wei r- wWel ' . Peiu FUnJnCIlET"59J0 , t With Brand New Lining and Service .' ; Guarantee; Against Rips and Tears .;: ' : i For 1 Year ,.."'.. . DlVOnidll FURS ltd; 256 RIDEAU ST. HELENA RUBINSTEIN'S : ; . ONCEEMlOFiM WATER LILY CLEANSING CREAM REGULARLY $4.50 ' : . --. V Mtm v. - ' V . . t. .;tcv- ?Nsi. -. ''- ", ' -, Inportaat Betnty Sldn as Frcah and Silky a a Water ; ,: T'-i'l Uy-aaouga tor MartlM at keaat, t " - GENZROUS 14 OZ. SUE : . . gfva jrea a deanar, clearer, amootbar eon pkxioa thaa yo aver dreamed posafble. etLnyCleaasbigCWmeaVrB deeper bto the pores, floats out every VH . ofeuleaifaos dirt aad grime. Hare taywur patfeot elaanoar at a spectacular eaviag.' ! .' ' ' --. LANDERS Good Looks iVbf Popularity, Key Go to work on the' things that count and. watch your life shape up. "'.'. u' ' ' '- Dear Aaa Lenders: I'm a 16-year-old, hazel-eyed, honey blonde who just hsp- pent to measure 40-22-36. I have' plenty of boy friendi but the girls at school are cold and unfriendly. This really does hurt me, Ann. Besides 1 get bored with boys-. all the time. .';' I asked a very nice girl in my gym ctass what is the matter with me. She said, "It's the wsy you walk." , " When I was at Summer'; camp a few years ago we . practised walking with books ' on our heads and now I am jn the habit of walking with my head high and my shoulders pulled wsy back. . I won . a posture award at school last year and I am very proud of it. The girl said I walk as if I am advertising myself. She , suggested 1 slouch a little and hold some' books or a purse in front of" me. ..." ,' . . . '- Do you think this girt is right and that she gave met. good advice? -V . ULA Dear Lite Some ef the girls amy Wet Bke the way yeai watt, but this Is not year reel ajfoMeee. People respond . te the way yoa treat tham Takcfwr m Coat' Apart Ccsnplvtcly 5.;2 -A Keetove the OM Wora Oat ::'- deaa aad Glaze the Good aad Whea They Look Uka Faahioa a Lovely M. V" NOW $295 LIMITED TIME ONLY : i-'V f';'.;'-:.vv';v.;-;iv Jv. 't.;- - '.'' " Kin aT-- Benefits i a - r - f this goes for 'gHs as weB. as boys. If'jroa asake a genuine effort to show girls that yon are Interested ia their Mead-skip they win wans '-1 i :. .' . ' .t- P.S. Since -yoo have already won the posture' 'wanl. tVili. vmi mivht rtolav a tittle and not pull yourj,'A ' shoulders back -QUITE so " Helena r . ..-. Aiuiiiusicia . . 'i'' . .,.. . ,. .. . sense THE OTTAWA JOURNAL TUESDAY. AUGUST 18. 1984. i f1 ( iV' jR j . 1 1 : 'K ftS4 DEAR DORIS. ft J. : :t T2 a5fV?.'3 to further my :, Ml, JTTL r.J 1 .2 T. -' Jft V tag and. am very IV.y. I I ...... : , fin Wi ay. languages. At the v.- ;. ;.., - I am interested ia . ' r-.'. is this language rea A- I i , , 7"t ' V - ! "ul? U there a group I much. : Mrs. Webster Entertains For Daughter, Mrs. W. T. Webster enter. tained at her home at a ' trousseau tea In honor of her daughter Miss Lynn Webster who wiQ be married on Fri- day. ' i Receiving guests with Mrs. .Webster ahd her daughter was Mr. Chsrles S. Earner,. mother of the -brldetlect's - fiance. '. ' v : Assisting the hosst,werr? Mrs. P. L. Graham, of New-; market; Mrs. Kenneth Earner,', Smiths Falls: Mrs. L O. Roes, Mrs. a P. StockwelL Mrs. J. A. Bowea, Mrs. A. G. Ker. Mrs. W. Ai Webster. Mrs. Rhodes HttersoaTlbroke and Mrs. John.-JnLelland. j Others who aaslsted were Miss Sheila Ross, Miss Nancy Wood, Miss Jane Elliott and Miss Joyce Griffith of Pembroke. . . 'IP' ', ,: 1111 "V-' -; ''. ' NEW WORK., ; SINGER FLED FIRE ;,. Singer-actress Dorothy Dandridge : was among ' the guests who evacuated to the main lobby of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto on the weekend whea ' - fire on the third floor caused considerable damage. Four persons were treated for smoke inhalation and ' ' released from hospital. ' i ' Higher Cor Insurance - ? For Unmarried Women vmuKiA ttr An ws j . my wbuiu nave mm many century Japaaes4 porcelain ednts. j , . figurine 'of a" peasant eating-' MORE ACCIDENTS ' - z sweet potsto' has become the Charles Holman. who is chai i MAth ,rii 'i. Mini .k. -n t ,h public action com-VTi !L - tea of tha Canadian High-uoaof Greater Victoria Art l- .w,y,Safety Council as well as lery. The work was presented public relations director tor his by a San Francisco donor, Mrs. firm, says people under In Fred Pollsrtl. ,-rt.'.''. ( .1. ' ;'-.'' "."7'! . '. GENEROUS 14 Oi. SIZE v;'v.- i 'y' : :t -.; LI1UTZD TTMI pNXT TORONTO (CP) - Statistics have caught up with unmarried women drivers under 21. As a result, their car insurance rates - . , A Toronto auto-Insurance ex- ecutive saya that in recent years companies have had statlstics on which to tbelr 'rates for young drivers. They iodkate that If girla drove as many miles as boys In given pe- Canada do II per cam of the driving and have 2t per cent ef 'tbe'tectdenta. iv'-.i';.;j ' He says rates for people under' 14 who are married go down, 'perhaps . because marriage 'has' a 'stabilising influence that affects their driving. , la the, Toronto area the basic insurance charge for S31,Me coverage ssr a single woman under 21 who has. had three accident-free, ticket-free years ef driving would be 471 For a man with the same qualifications it would be $124. . . , i . Anyone over 24, married or single, with the same record would pay 44. . RATES VARY-' v - Rates vary in other parta of the country, but tha basis is the same. One of the 'reasons for the differences in rates tar young men and women ia that women drive less between '7:J p.m. and 1 a.m. the critical accident time. Tea Honors " Recent Bride " Mrs. Horace Hemphill of Richmond entertained at a tea In. honor of Mrs. K. D. Miller, the former Miss Diana ' Meakia, prior to her marriage on Saturday. . Pouring were Mrs. Edward Good, Mrs. Florence Hartin, Mrs, Collis Lewis. Mrs. A H. MacCordick. Mrs. Henry Baa-sett, . Miss Vioietta Moore. U Mrs. Ellis McUrea and Mrs. Emma Joy. , - t . , Assisting were Mrs.. Allan' Meakin, Mrs, Arthur Scollan, Mrs. V. C. McDonald and Mrs. Donald Meakin:? CENUINE REDUCTIONS ON QUALITY FURS Chateau Furs .".' ' LIMITED "Strving Qentrutiont of Satisfied jptutomtf -l7 Bank St . . . UJ-777S Shop .Friday '.. 12.33 to 9 p.m. otlit'r days 9 a.m. to 6 fr.irt. 1 1 x-A, - rcr iai wmsaim Mr. Holmta says Caaadiaaa nave mere- accidents than Americans- and speculates it mav be because of the number ofcoum, ,lv in U.S. m-mwu. in vanna mere are only 2)4 schools - with suck courses. Canadian youngsters seem so lean to drive by es- mot it. They leara by watching their fathers' mistakes." , i i v . " PRINTTD fATTN ' '' "' SWEET SKIMMER Ask a tittle girl, and she'll tell you it's the- greatest fan to look down and see the pleats spin out. That's why Una low. waist ekimmer with button trim fat such a hit., . ; Printed Pattern 4S: Children's sizes 2, 4. t, a. Sue I takei IH yards 25-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS (Sec) la coiai (no stampa, please) for this pat-tera. Ontario rssllsats add Sr sales tax. print pis inly SIZE. NAME, . ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER. ..' ;.'--' . Send order lo ANNE ADAMS, care of The Otuwa - Journal. Reader ' Mail ' Ltd.. at Front Street. Went, Toronto 2. Ont NEW! SM sparkling designs, five exciting tashiona and fabric failures plus coupon for ONE FREE PATTERN any one you choose! Send for' new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalogue. See. . JmxlUri of IntefrUf . . FtirTrTinvi ; - trm. Jr ef extra (is f arita Kltn wMtak d) InJ it Me taraMi w . smratMl far ' ssal aumiii, silver-; ! e ctaMt ck.b. we. - Oaa Lacattal Oary ICS laak Brest JLlwi 4139 ... m j- vJ MJM(m T MfAmj by DORIS CLARK iiA Canadian Social felps With Human learn- Interested moment Esperanto. Ily use- could Esperantisu see three prac-.lical aapecu of this world . language: ' ' (1) It absolutely regular and provides an excellent linguistic skeleton for. picking up other Ian-, goagea easily. (2) Esperanto clubs, are to be i . found in every country; you - may visit kindred spirits when you travel. (1) Pea pals are listed in the handbook; they live in all : countries, and are group-v ed under special subjects' of interest. ' ' - ' Non-Esperantists point out that since English hi spottm" . by suck a large proportion of the people !n the world. U is , meeting the need. Esperantisu answer ' that their language is politically neutral! K you leara a living language (like French. Spanish, German) you acquaint your-, self with the literature aad culture of another race of people, which la broadening. Decide for yourself. There are Esperanto dubs la many Canadian centres. I am sending you the address of the one nearest '-you. ,,;'': DEAR DORISt K Last year during the Summer holidays I didn't go out of the house. My mother told me to go outside and have 'fun. '. ' ..:..-' ' ' ' This year 1 go out and have fun and do the necessary chorea. My mother then tells me that 4 shouMnt go out. taat 1 should stay at h e m e. ( But I do. I either stay ea the , front steps or go to the park eoly a few' blocks away. Vm going oa 14 la a few months. I want to meet this certain boy. but how can I get to know him .if I stay Inside the house? Family Preblema. . Meeting a certain boy" hi not quite what your mother had in mmd. Try having fun. with some a rls. and see whether she. objects! .'! ; TT . . . ... ..; kVI.'llAlth 1 have been savins old I nylons and t am very anx'oua to make something out -of them. -'"- Levee HanaVnirla. ' .You can make rugs, dot's. ' Birthday Club ' AUGUST U ; - Carel'ya Bootekoe. ate i - Beth Brown, ege is David French, age II.' Ranoy Poirter. age II rise Jomm -atrtAdaf Mtfor, Ottaaw, Oat , .- ; '- y' X ' r': '' Ftsase enroll me m Ta Jmtnutl Birtkdai Crab. - f wiU b4 pearl old AUrm : , PLEASE PRINT NAME tM. Net 'Tlx mm MP M to autMMiMeiijr ttrrtwt (arwarS rr at rat. Ttmj will ha canto ealjr wkea a m wmv tm mo SHOPflNC. ' IS A PLEASURE AT 147 RIDEAU ST. AUGUST FUR SALE t8aws,Ii aad inn IrkitS DiV hr 1944 itaa aiaaaasiay m lfia BVieto 84tt ftaaaWtw r. IMftin- sns la Ml In m sxet uNS awtac lM. Bmre mw ym mmm ..r ftf L SfM fWsaW eAatttaVft). fjasBjdJ ajarYJMaVaaaasT WpfmBaj Ot weBaftw, ftaWeaajaMsfeaaaMH aw ejejswaj arf appslsJlPiff mwH Hum m IWHaiT frwaaj ffae) snsllshl Paap-Miiai tmm lanaaia? a tti 19M Worker Problems animals, out of old stockings. And when nylons are a sad for stuffing, the toy is washable. Isn't that somet h I a g? J'ra sending you the names of some instruction books. ' . . - Ceafldsatial f Brskea Heart and Wet Pillow: I have no magic formula lor spiriting your guy back to you from the Summer cottage. And I wouldn't If I could! The more . you cry yourself to sleep, the more you prove you need an . assortment of boy I r i e n d s. Otherw se you msy later find yourself Joining the gals who write In to say they are crying themselves to sleep because they married the wrong (Doris la a Canadian social worker who has couns e 1 1 e d thousands by mall. Write to her yourdilemma.) NewPdstoH Welcorped j The Ukrainian Woman's At-snc aton, Ottawa Branch, were hostesses at a 'tea at . wh ch the Ukrainian Orthodox .. Congregation of the Church of the Assumption, loot Byron Avenue, welcomed their new pastor,' Rev. ' William Seneshen, and Mrs. Seneshen, formerly of Satkatooq, Sesfc V Among those taking part m the program- were 'Mils Helena Moisichuk, Mr.' J. J. Tokaryk, Mr.- A.. J." Larard-wich. Rev. M. D. Podoftky, Mrs. V. Liahewsky. Mrs. I. Mushka. and Mrs. H. " Dar -covich. '. W. . r The new pastor succeeds Rev. Bohdsn Corgitsa. who is now serving West Toronto congregstion. . .. ' FOR THE FINEST FURS aMatr mm late mm tsse S Mostrava.SC: -." CES B4M IBtlmn tm aa4 SO to 9,30 p.m. - alt. "aV : rearnitss BE OUR GUEST THURSDAY, AUG t0 V : :.v ' :'' AT THE - -"' '"'' - OPEN HOUSE v Sa for yourself why cmptomettr eptrafors art calltd figurt ' work specialists. Qualifiad r instructors and fraduattt will bt in ipttandarict ; to demonttratt Various machints and answtr,: any inquirits you may hava. t y : rSw poet :-y:-.-.; IVICTOI. COMPTOMETER LTD. : 227 Lourir WtstX- Room 22 i V i r-r-. V- : 1 -J.' an eeamiaaaa ' . ' I Tim 6.30 p.m. J. J. : ."'. ' MisratTtiT s - F . I this is the V .'.'";. BAND .'N WIG :i : '; - ' j . . comb, brush, or spray Into dozens ofj' i yarlatlons ''' " Only 3.99 ' "i '. ; . r k Looks like beautifully (roomed head of naif, ; divinely banded In Jersey.' Actuslly It's a turhaa ' Ingeniously wigged with bsir soft aa your own, of Dynet acrylic. Nothing to do, but putt It oh . . . addle and fool a tittle with the hair, then v .sparkle. ' .. ' ;vx ws i.: '. tilacit With black . black with beige , ' black with red' a black with whhe ! auburn with black a auburn with beige frflman's ffaf Mvr, " ! Ilnil -Sim. ; -' ,''-.- . r - ' -,'5T'' v a blonde with; black a blonde with coffee a blonde with tea , a Monde with sapphire a grey with black a grey wiih whjt.v. Street floor, Doumtoictr Vfm.tmml ' " ' i - ... r:

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