The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1918
Page 2
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f AliE TWO. 1HK DAIL.T COQRIEK, CONNEiiSVILIiB. PA. TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 191S We want to explain what the Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerator is and what it does, and decided that the best way to present our jiroposition to you, would be to answer what could be considered typical questions. If you have any questions to ask, that are not answered here we will be very glad and willing to answer them to the best of our ability. The Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerator What Is It? A machine to burn up and destroy garbage, sweepings, waste and refuse of all kinds. / Who Uses It? Towns, Boroughs, Cities, Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Clubs, Department Stores, Factories, Apartment Houses and Dwellings. In fact it is used in all places ~ where garbage or waste accumulates. "·" ~ How Does the Incinerator Do This? By burning and completely destroying the garbage or refuse. Is It Sanitary? ' Any health authority will tell you that the only sanitary and satisfactory way to dispose of garbage is to burn it. It guards and protects the health of the family and the community. Burn the garbage and the fly nuisance is solved for all tune. Is the Incinerator Made in Different Sizes? Yes. It is made in various sizes and styles depending upon where it is to be used. For example, a dwelling would use the one bushel size. An apartment house or small hotel would require a two bushel size. A large hotel, or where extremely heavy duty is required would use the four bushel size. Towns and boroughs would need a battery of six bushel machines. How Is the Incinerator Constructed? Its construction consists, of a cage-grate combusion or burning chamber, suspended on four legs. The grate bars are made of extra heavy cast iron and the cage or chamber is surrounded with a. double insulated steel jacket so arranged as to leave an air space of about two and one-half inches between the castings and the jacket. "What Burns the Garbage ? Gas is usually used and the gas is fed ~ through" six burners of blow torch type. These burners do not project into the combusion chamber but are arranged so that the flame strikes directly into the mass of garbage. In addition there are baffle plates in the air space, which obstruct or deflect the heat and keep it continuously in the combustion chamber. The flame attacks the garbage from all sides, drying and burning the entire mass. Do the Grates Burn Out or Warp? Impossible to do so for the reason that the flames do not burn the bars. The burners are so arranged as to burn towards the center. The grate bars can never burn out or warp. We have at Pittsburgh a machine that has been fired about 3,000 times and the grate bars show no sign of warping or even scaling. Can the Flame or Fire Be Banked or Smothered ? No. For the reason that the incinerator is not underfed, but the flames attack or strike the garbage from the sides. In addition, there are two flue connections also double dampers, which insure a good draft. Is There An Odor? None whatever. On account of the two flues and the baffle plates mentioned before, and with a good flue connection all the gases and odors are burned Is the Incinerator An Experiment ? No. All experimenting was done and the machine perfected before we placed it on the market. There are large numbers of incinerators in daily use in all kinds of buildings and so far not a single one has been turned back to us or required repairs. The Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerator is a demonstrated success. Where Can An Incinerator Be Seen? You can see an Incinerator in actual operation in the store room at 123 S. Pittsburg street. We have at this place a two bushel size incinerator and are demonstrating the machine and its operation to all who are interested. Is This a Stock Scheme? No. Emphatically no. We are a going concern with a capital of $500,000, of which about $10,000 has been issued. We are making money but have come to the point where our available capital is not sufficient to take care of our rapidly growing business. At the present time we have more orders on our books than we can fill and this is one reason why we must have additional capital. Our intention is to sell only $75,000 of treasury stock and we do not believe that we will ever have to sell any additional stock. What Will You Do With the Money? First of all we will acquire a factory of our own where we can manufacture the castings, the jackets, and other parts of the machine. At the present time all of these parts are made for us by outside firms, who of course make a profit on our work. Having our own factory, these outside profits would be made by ourselves in addition to our regular profit. Buying in larger quantities and with less overhead we would cut the cost of production in many ways, thus increasing our profit on each size of the machine. Making Money Now? Yes. We are making a very satisfactory profit on each size of machine and want to make more and can make more on every machine. Is There a Market for Incinerators? The machines can be sold so easily that we hardly dare solicit orders for we cannot take care of all of them at the present time. This is the chief reason we are offering stock to the general public. The Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerator answers a great and crying need. They can be sold anywhere where garbage or waste accumulates. This means that we have the entire United States with its millions of buildings as our field. We do not expect for sometime to come to be able to supply even a fraction of the demand. Where Will You Locate the New Factory? If the people of Connellsville will back us up by buying sufficient stock, we will locate our factory here. This is a promise to the people of Connellsville. With the number of workmen we need at our factory and with the large pay rolls, oar factory should mean a great deal to Connellsville. What Is the Pries of the Stock ? $10.00 per share, titll^ paid and non assessable. On What Terms Will Stock Be Sold? We would like to have half cash and the balance in 60 days, but will be glad to make terms of payment to suit you. What Will Be the Future of the Stock? No better proposition on the market today. The profits are safe and certain; we are a going concern; we have no experiments to be made; the Company is making money now. The profits in " n' opinion will be very large, so large that we hesitate making a statement for fear you will think we are misrepresenting the facts. You will make no mistake in buying Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerator Stock. We urge you to buy as many shares as you possibly can and make a profitable investment. Where Can I Subscribe for Stock? Either at the store room, 123 S. Pittsburg street or afc the offices of the Dorsey Realty Company,- 606-7 Second National Bank Building, who are our local agents. Demonstrations daily. Come see the \machine operate. Convince yourself that this is a genuine opportunity and resolve to get in on the ground floor of a safe and profitable infestment. The Pittsburgh Garbage Incinerai Local Agents, Dorsey Realty Co., 606-7 Second National Bank Building, Connellsville, Pa DOLLARS SPENT HERE COME HOME TO ROOST; NOT SO WITH THOSE THAT GO TO CHICAGO Ever fanru r wno makes our cits j ^ ae ta^es necessary to support tho us market place bas an interest m 1 community- tins communltv. The fact that he is j If we keep the do lars at home thej a member of the community makes much difference to him when he considers that the prosperity of Coonells- alle is his own prosperity But when he sends his money to the mail order houses he does not stop to Ihioktaat he s not helping; to paj the - required taxes in Ills own community, not that he ices not pay his I keep on helping us all Dollars, spent at home come iiomc to roost They come back in uhe upkeep of out cio and county institutions Our local merchants wjll use tie dollars to good ad-vantage E\ery dollar spent in Connplls\ lie means improvements at home Unless we are careful and 1 ally assessed taxes, but that be Is not | our own interest ^e will find Out o our local merchants to pay ' cur cost that the ultimate result of tne mail order scheme] be the cen- tralisation of a'l of the count n busi- nea in the largo cities and the absolute destruction, of the financial interests in the small cities and towns The on 1 } \va to prc 1 cnt this is to "itop sending our orders to the ma 1 oidei houses Let tne dollars come home to roost 1 That is the oaU v,a and thej w 11 1 come 1 ome to roost if \\e do not send i them too far awa% The dollars apeiit f locally will circle around and keep things li\el out if sent awav \\e must get more dol'ars from outb 'ic to take the! 7 * piace It is not ahvajs an easy matter to do this The safest. thing to do is to take no chances but to spend them at horre with the local storekeeper 0 If w e .had anj e \pectit on that he mail order man would ever do anv- tLmg to help our commit nitj things, might bt, different But there is n) chance He comes to us in the garb of an artful decei e* Theie isn t a g^ai^i of kindness m his \\hole makeup Ho demands his cai»h in ad\ance a"d O ives ou that which he wishes to send lou have 110 redress You have i o lights thiv he is btfund to respect The mere fact that v e arc s lly enough to send out r one'v a\\a out of our o n n eommLEUh to a btiiiT^er tbcrab injuung oui own business prospects ard jeopaulizmg our own Ipiospentv justifies him In believing that he car take the mo«t outrageau libe-ties with us hoaiL to roost I borueboch does not catch them Bu L dol'ars vull come home to roost if w e keep them in circulat on in our home tov,n Trj it Start In Tueb- da "March o ta\ ing oui pi niung done in Conuelts^ ilte Dawson. ! ORRINE DESTROYS LIQUOR H DVttsON Maicb 5 -- Mrs \ Vau | Jlo n uid btan e\ Mong \isitod f undj- o\ef bu^da at SoJ! er-et Keen interest in Orrine, the \ i i h i i Moon was a Pi Lshiug bu- j ufic treatment fo- the drink bah ine=s calloi Monciv Mrs J I flio na^ bas jfjjc f oui a UMI \\ ib icr daiio'-tei M i = V i Shannon \ o\ n 0 4o» u, O on sale at our store continues ri turned 1 ed aiio'-tei ' Orrine bas sa\«!d thousm driuLmg men, and is sold un FOR COUGHS AND COLDS A. handy Ca cfum compoun L that tKitf- ffuni-ds against c ironic lunK and tnma troubKs. A tonic -cstorAtKo p-vr*irt;t Tvithotit harmful or lialwt formlnc . tiss Tr Uiem todaj Bread cast o" the ua t eis will re 50 cents a box, including war tax turn not so with dol ais sent to the j mail older houfae Turkc}s ^vill come Tor dalo bv nil £cUmau laboratory, j Mrc Ha n C chran n d children , g-uarantec to refund the pu |( aiolme and John Hcnn MMcd Sat- pnc» [ after a tnai it fails to indai at Lht ]j mio of the formers Qrune No 1 secret treatmec parent-* Mi and Mr- John McFar- rme No 2 voluntary treatment. land Con^i a 1,- OJj] $3 M a box _\ sk for b£)O M's A.rthui npld?on n is returned Co-mellsxille Drug Compan home f i o m a fe%\ da-vs MSII % u h Crawford Avenue--A.d\. i icnd and lelalrub m "\\cst New ion j _, j Vho to Patronlre. Merchants who athertLe liielt 1 The Dally Courier Lr\ Our dn^tlled Ads. One c,en a word is all they coat.

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