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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, March 5, 1918
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J Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,552 VOL. 16, NO. '97. CONNELLSVILLE, PA-, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 5, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. WATCHFUL WAITING TO BE PRESENT POLICY OF JAPAN IN THE SIBERIAN SITUATION COUNCIL THANKS JOE ANGLE AND SUPT. HALSTEAD uestion Absorbs Almost Entire Attention of Press and Public. EDALS FOR U. S. HEROES cognition Planned for Ken AVfco Diatingnisaed TfccraselTfs in Becent Foal Battle; Hearirit Snowfall »i (Rater Halts the Alps Campaign. LLEWELLYN MEMORIAL NEXT SUNDAY; COL ROBBINS THE SPEAKER Resolution Expresses Appreciation of Services in Water Supply Crisis. SITUATION IS DISCUSSED! "Bulletin. PARIS, Jlarch 5^-A Gennaa attack last night on tie trenches b«ld by American forces in Lo- raiie was repulsed, the French icial gtateneat iss»cd today ai- louced. American patrok vprratiag In lie sane region the statement idds, took a lumber »i Genaan risoner5. The attack wag another of the luaerons sadden strokes the G«r- nans on this front have been amching recently on the Ameri- ·Jin position and was delivered ipparently with considerable 'orce as it was one to warraat totlce in the French official state- nent. So-rlce Will Be HeM in ScotUUIe M. E. Church; Flag to ho Dedicated. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDAUE, March 5.--Memorial j services for Thomas Llewellyn who j lost his life in the sinking o*f the transport Tnscania will be held next Sunday afternoon in the Methodist Episcopal church in connection with the unveiling of a service flag to be presented by the Standard Bearers of the church. The service is set for 3 o'clock. Col. Edward E. Bobbins of Greensburg will make the address of the occasion. A gold star will be placed on the flag in memory of Llewellyn. Solons Tiike Stand There Can be. no Turning Back iu the Xovement Before Public Service Commission; Damaged Streets Must Be Ktpaired. NEW LINE ACQUIRED By Associated Press. 'OKIO, March 5.--The Russian sit- ion is completely absorbing the ·33 and public. There have been quent meetings of the Japanese inet it which, doubtlessly, the en: question *rc^ considered most efully, with full realization of the ious nature erf the. responsibility olved. ·ONDON. March 5.--It is under- Dd. according to a Reuter dispatch" m Tokio, that the Japanese govern- nt is extremely 'well informed of developments in Siberia but at sent is adopting a policy of watch- waiting. Japan is cart-fully avoid- aronsing the antagonism of loyal ssians who, notwithstanding their ; need of assistance, appear to be remely sensitive of outside inter- mce. West Pens Interest* Take Over IVells- bnrg-SteobenTllle Link. By Associated Press. ·WHEELING. W. Va., March 3.--The Wheeling Traction Company announced this mornig the purchase of the j Wellsburg, Weirton Steubenville I Traction line extending from Wellsburg, W. Va., to Steubenville, 0. This deal gh-es the Wheeling Traction Company a continuous line from Moundsville to Steubenville a distance of 3C miles. At the same time the traction company announced the placing orders for 52 all steel pay-os-you-enter cars, to replace those recently burned when the company's car barn here was partially destroyed by fire. The Wheeling Traction company is a West Penn Power company interest. CHJXK KUS TBornr , OF TOtTi FK05T BATTLE ."ITH THE AMERICAN ARMIES PRANCE, March 5.--A German :hine gun in perfect condition may sent to Washington as tne first Am- ·an war trophy. It was among a ;s of materials dropped hastily by enemy when he retired from his fectual attack on the American s last week. The weapon with ral belts of ammunition is now in possession of the intelligence crs. IN FRONT LINE TRENCHES Se-a Salem Physician Spends 10 Days . in Xi'Jst of Battle. Dr.' C. H. Davidson, formerly of New Salem, but now a lieutenant in the Medical corps of the American Expeditionary Forces, spent 10 days in the front line trenches ia Prance, going in with the first American troops, according .to letters which have just been received by his family. Fourteen men were killed, 34 wounded and 12 taken prisoners from the company ' which Lieutenant Davidson accompanied to the trenches. Seventy-two thousand graves have been filled in a cemetery during the past three years near the town whore 'the Fayette county doctor is now quartered. Now that the city has started a ^ovement to bring the ConnellsviUe | Water company to its senses in re| gard to the service, rates,, etc., there can be no turning back, according to the new taken by members of c:ty j council as expressed al a meeting last night at which Che water question was further discussed and which was featured by the adoption of a resolution tendering the thanks of council to J. E. Angle, general superintendent of the Fayette County Gas company, for Ms services and furnishing men and materials when the water main freeze-up was at its worst and to the retiring superintendent of the water company, A. E. Halstcad, for his efforts to secure an adequate supply of water during that time. There was nothing in the resolution to indicate it but Mayor Duggan expressed the opinion that the water company wanted a goat in the situation and decided to make Mr. Halstead bear the burden. Surface indications were that the city will demand of the water company restoration of damaged streets to the condition they were before the water mains Croze and burst. Superintendent B. L. Berg of the Department of Streets and Public Improvements proposed that the company be asked to repave Fairview avenue. Councilman Roy W. Hoover insisted ! there is necessity of similar action in i regard to Pittsburg street from Pair- I view avenue to Orchard Place where ' the surface has been undermined. Ei- I tensive repairs will be necessary in other parts of the city also it was indicated. Mayor Duggan detailed to the solons Continued on Pape Two. si; GATHER CAJfS .UP 3LUCEES UP LAST FOK USE An acute shortage of cans for maple syrup is facing the owners of camps in the region about Connetlsville. So great is the demand that an effort is being made to gather up those in which last year's product was marketed. A Bedford county man who annually sells in Connellsville was here the other day on a canvass of his customers in an effort to secure cans. The shortage is due to the government having commandeered much o£ Uie available supply of tin for tinned products_sent to the American army in France and the allies. NATIONAL RED CROSS OFFICIAL TO GIVE ADVICE Explain Advantages of County Consolidation 'at Conference. ACTION HERE DELAYED Executive Committee ^Sanies Representatives of Local District to Confer With Others Before Any Final Determination is Agreed L'pun. COL. REID LEFT AN ESTATE OF $100,000; ! WIDOW SOLE LEGATEE: Document Filed in rnionfown Today' LlftliliiU SCTI ives Ordered to Make Immediate JJeport of on Huud. IN PURCHASES Was Made in dip 1'cnr 1S9S: i AFidOH Also Executrix. j The ,ate Col. James .Madison Reid of -*":!, J ' n '" !)ili; '' *'""" ""'''"'' a ° re DajV .Snpjily mi Hand; At a meeting of the executive committee of the !Red Cross last night at the Carnegie Free Library no definite action on the consolidation proposition before the county units was taken bnt a committee was appointed to meet with represenuu.ves of the three other chapters to discuss the reorgan- isation. No date was set for the meet- according to the contents of the will filed in L'nioniown today. The property is mostly persona;. The entire estate is left In ihe widow. Mrs. Xanme J. Reid, who is named executrix. The ivill was made April 27, ISflS, and was witnessed by H. S. Spear and J. C. .Moore. At the opening of court this morn- Than Blank 1'rinU'd in The Courier Only r'orm in Which Card Will be Issued, THE CHARLESTON BRANCH OF NAVY LEAGUE GIVEN HIGH PRAISE FOR WORK Headquarters Wonders if the Knitters Have Trained Themselves to Knit While They Sleep. Mrs. J. llelvin Grey, chairman oC I the Charleston Comforts "Branch of . . the Navy League, has just received Planned to have a member ot the Na- | llm « the following letter from the corres- ""«« committee present to thorough- ton mil be ca.led. The Hour supply card has made its appoarancu, somewhat in advance oi it= exputed arrival. .Evf-ry housewife in Connelisviiic and elsewhere in FaetK- county ar.o throughout tuc i state »f Pennsylvania has been ordered tu immediately re- ponding secretary of the .Navy League: Philadelphia, March 1, 1918. Mrs. J. Melvin Grey, Chairman of the Charleston Cotn- proposition of county consolidation. The committee appointed ly the local executive committee does not have the authority to agree on county against J. V. Thomp- p ur( . hago of flo ,. r and , u . c probil)ilM from having more than ;]u days' sup* "i 111 "'ply m ther possession. All m excess The Jones-News Publishing par.;- case was taken up this morning, of ' a moulh .. s 5Up ,,. nmsl ' bc hel[1 ^ before Judge Crisweli of Venango ]cct lo ordcr Qf vhc Food Adlnmis , ra . forte Branch, Navy League, Con- I consolidation but was appointed only for the purpose of discussing the s i t - j uation with the other chapters. After DAIS FOR HF.EOES O FIRST BATTLES OF YFAB 1TH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN tNCE,'March 5.--The first Ameril to win the new American medal bravery in action probably will be . who participated in Friday's sue-1 ful fight with the Germans in the! 1 Sector. Among them undoubted- j all be some, if not all, of the menj were decorated yesterday by Pre-j .- Clemenceau. The fighting rec- . of the various soldiers are being piled and on these records re- mendations will be made by the ;ral commanding the division. LWASS COSTISfK ADVANCE OX rETBOGHAD 3NDON, March 5.--Narva, 100 s southeast ot Petrograd has i captured by the Germans and enemy is reported to be continu-j its advance oni Petrograd, accord- to an Exchange Telegraph dis-| h from Petrograd, dated Monday. TRUCK BIDS OPENED Hut Council Belays Awarding Contract for Garbage Vehicles. Bids for motor trucks for use in removing garbage were opened in coun- made. Dr. C. "W. Utts, superintendent of that department being" instructed to report his recommendation at tha next meeting. The Hyatt Motor company offered to supply three chasses with chain drive attachment for $715 each. The Central Motor company submitted a bid on a second bund truck at ?300 with an.added cost of $350 for a chain drive attachment. The company also submitted a bid for a Reo three quarter ton truck, new, at $1,160. iVIKST SXOW OF WISTER FALLS IX ALPS '1N~;VA, farch 5.--The heaviest /fa I of the present, winter ol the .s TyroJese Alps has 1 occurred ng the last 21 hours. The snow ·om three to six feet deep and is falling. On avalanche cut an Aus- i military train in two south of en. Twenty-six officers and men i killed. "HOXOR BOLT," PLEDGE. ^ ists, to Take Tip Work 3!n in Serrice'/LaiO Down. At a meeting last night at the_Methodist Episcopal church a movement was started to have a body of older men of the church headed by W. S. Behanna undertake to raise the 5500 .pledge made by the Young Men's class, of which Mr. Behanna is teacher. Ttfany of the men have joined the colors and as a result the class has been disbanded. The "honor roll" subscription was given, a good start. MASTIC NEW ORDINANCE GOVERNING EXCAVATION OF STREETS BEFORE COUNCIL drastic, new ordinance designed to an end to the damage to paved ts by making excavations for purpose of laying, repairing or tving gas, water and sewer lipes its appearance in council last '. with B. L. Berg, superintend- jf the Department of Streets and ic Improvements as the' father, on the enactment of the bill into it will be unlawful to dig up any d street without a permit from :ity clerk. For the permit a fee will be charged where the area 3 excavated does not exceed 24 -e feet, with an additional charge cents per square foot where the Is in excess thereof, '-he area to .timated by the superintendent of ts. ''On completion of the work ttment will be made and if ex- has been charged it -.rill be re-] funded and vice versa. In refilling the excavation the one to whom the permit is issued will complete the work, to within one foot of the surface and the city will do the rest,-there being a proviso that surplus earth shall be removed and.the bricks shall be piled in a suitable place and in order. An excavation will not be allowed to remain open longer than 24 hours except on a permit from ' the superintendent of streets. The ordinance is intended to overcome the difficulty ihe city has always had to contend with in having streets properly repaired after excavations hav e been made. To this cause alone is charged the poor condition of the streets in many parts of the city. The bill will be up for final action next Monday night. PRESIDENLMAKES- . SPEECH FROM HIS BOX AT THEATRE First Time in History a Chief Executive Has Done Such a Thing, Vaabington Helloes. Ity Associated Press. "WASHINGTON. March 5.--All official "Washington was - talking today about a little speech President Wilson made last night from his box at the theatre. It was the first time within memory ot anyone here that a President had done such a thing. - With a large audience the, President had enjoyed a play depicting the conversion of a disloyal German- American into a loyal citizen. \Vheii one of the leading actors in response to repeated curtain calls exhausted hip curtain speech and the audience demanded more he suggested that probably the President might say something. Rising in his bos as a wave of applause and cheering swept the theatre the President thanked the actors for an admirable performance and said how much he had enjoyed the theme of the play. e, Pa. My dear Mrs. Grey: I felt like a 43'er picking nuggets from a gold mine, or Alladin with his wonderful lamp, when I opened those two huge boxes of knitted articles you sent us. "We have been, wondering here at headquarters whether your knitters have trained themselves to knit while they eat and sleep--otherwise wo do not see how they accomplish so much. Everything is so beautifully done. I think I never saw such beautiful jackets. They came in the nick of time for we have recently done a great deal of equipping and our stock was running low. We know, too, that we arc soon to hear from some new boats that have no equipment at all. This morning a I came through Broad street station a company of sailor boys came in carrying their outfits, and evidently starting for some port, I looked^ Ujem .over and it was a great comfort to ee the gray knitted garments peeping out. T spoka to the officer in command and asked htm if his boys were all equipped, and after speaking to sonic of the boys he assured me the*- were. Thanking you for your splendid help in our big work, I am Very sincerely yours, Kdna K. Cheyney, Corresponding Secretary. The Charleston Branch has sent to headquarters in Washington and Philadelphia to date 7S5 complete sets, or 3.140 knitted articles, of a value of approximately $10,0^*0. Mrs. Grey wishes to add her appreciation to the different branches and units that made this wonderful show- Ing possible. BOARD SELLS BONDS Issue of $27,000 Is Taken by rhilndcl- pltia Firm. At a meeting of the school board this morning the P. S. Briggs company of Phlladolphia, was awarded ?27,000 in bonds at 4 1-2 per cent interest. The bonds will pay off the full amount needed to settle up the building project. A motion was also passed to secure a credit from the government for $2,000 worth of War Savings Stamps.' The application of H.M. Springer fnr a permanent college teachers certificate was granted. AGREEMENT RATIFIED WEDS the mwsting to be held in Uniontown Former^Local Young ?Iari, Now in the a report will be made here and then [ the chapter will be given a chance to j its ! l:on. I These drastic rcgulaiinn.s governing . the use of flour h a \ e just been announced by the biale food administration and the notice is given tlia.1 the Hour card w i l l not be issued in otner form than that found primed on : page six of U:is issue of The Courier. 1 All persons affected by tli:s order will be obliged to fill out 'Jus hlaak ai:d Service, Leads Scott-dale Youni; Woman to Altar. i reconsider its decision to go into a 1 Stewart P. Stilwcll, former well · county organization. | known young man of ConncllsviUe. The committee appointed to meet ;n |and M*s Charlotte Stauffer, daughter mai , u to Cbarks L DaVjd . SOD Fc . der . Uniontown is F. i:. Markell. Mrs. J. i of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Stauffer of ' al Food A d m n i i s t n u o r for ' Fav euc county, at I'monlown. In announcing ihe new regulations Slate Administrator Hcnu makes the French Kerr and Stanley P. Ashc. J. jSeoudale. were married Saturrias eve- ' Fred Kurtz, chairman of the local j n i n g at the homo of the bride's par- chapter, was made ex-officio member j ems at Market and Hickory streets. of the committee. B. 0. MEN WHO MADE FREIGHT Rev. T. W. Terbush, pastor of the following"st sr^hjr^.r.'iiosrif j ti :^ 0 r££5, r T cd r b \ tb. bnde. p,. y . d the W eddl» 6 n^arch ,£'£! *£%£"£ fj? «£ The : mmcchate members of both lam- . ml . ch whea[ flour " js ^^ a u a y ;r ILe homes, llouscholderi, .ire given iics were present. Mrs. Stilwcll w i l l Bui,h · . Superi I the opportunity to report on tii Superintendent .M. H. BrouglHon of was graduated from tho scoitdale the Baltimore Ohio railroad last high school in the clasr, ot 11U7. RECEIPTS LARGE i Fines For afontli llmch $393- License Tax Totals $I.S73^0. Thomas Nee, roundhouse foreman; B. Opperman, engine dispatcher; M. O'Connor, hostler foreman; L. II. ,, . . , , . , . Bowers, night f o t e m a n ; V . K . Sliger, Carpenters I aion Appro** Action of ass i suun rou foreman; n. V. ItcprcsentaUTCS. McCormtck. boiler foreman; Thomas A new agreement drawn up with the } Logan, tin and pip* shop foreman; journeymen carpenters at a confer-1 j. \Vc.nrteriI. earpvnler forenran: J. cnce last night gives the carpenters i j. Comiskey, night boiler f o r e m a n : an eight hour day at G2 1-2 cents an | H. Dinsmorc, blacksmith foreman; sidcr their thirty day.-.' requirement, Those \vho fail in repr-rt will run th risk of prosecution and ihe penally for hoarding--55-OoD iae and i w c years imprisonment nr both. 1C any persons fail to repou, Iho Food. Administration can promise them no len- iene;'. if found sruMty of hoa"cmg. "By directing the public 1o sta'C The receipts of the mayor's office their fiour holdings on the flour sup- for the month of February amounted ply card Iho Food ,\dminiMrat!oc IF .... ... ._ _ .... . . to $1*S79. 59. Of this amount nrarl ' taking ihe step necessary to prevtmi feet organization and team work were , ? 400 WUK collected in tines alone, there, a possible flour famine.. Hoarder; given by Superintendent Broughton, being $3D!) turned in. Licenses a-t hasten famine. 3f ne..\t May, June or Assistant Superintendent C. M Stone. , Hiountin;; to ?2 and ?G was c o l l o c U - d ' J j j y we find oiirselve« without wheat Master Mechanic Stewart and Gcner- ^°" detaining prisoners. The license'Cour. it w i l l be because- thousands oi al Foreman C. A. Cape. Those pres- , tai: totaled ?3,472.50. malting ihe total. tons arc stored away in cellars by un- cnt at ihe dinner were: M H. , receipts for the m o n t h $1,^79.59. patriotic hoiis-eholders '.\i:o banish any Broughttm, C. M. Stone, assistant feu- | During the month the police airest-' conbideration of the soldiers in then permtendent; W. O. Schoonoxer. chief i ed 169 prisonei-*, of ·which number ;;3' groed to have th^ir own desire saiis- clerk; T. K. Stewart, master meehan- j were discharged. .Mayor Duggan coin- fic-«. The (iour supply card is a gov- C. A. Cage, s r unral foreman; niittcd 58 to the cells and six w e r e , eminent action ^ b i c h wiil meet \\ith night entertained Master Mechanic T. IL Stewart and bis force of foremen | at a dmne/ at the Arlington Hotel ' for their especial eiforts iu furaishing : power, getting it ready promp'ly and thereby making it possible to mo\e t J.010 cars of loaded freight erist out ' of ConnellsviUe on Sunday. Covers ! were laid for 21 gu^ls. After the dinner short talks on per- sentenced to work on Fines were paid by 7-, Thomas V. Donegun, machine shop foreman; F. Barnhari, erecting shop j foreman; H. M". Kostetier. night en gine dispatchci; J. S. Jacobs, hostler , foreman; W. K Finn, clerk, and F. | JJ l l I l c n Friel, n»uuclhou?e clerk. ' I t t s b u hour, with time and half time Tor all overtime and double time for all holiday work. The agreement was announced ia Saturday's edition of The Courier. About 100 carpenters arc affected by the agreomut, which was signe-d by seven building contracting firms in thu city through their managers. The agreement is to be in effect for one year and, provided notice is not given 1 Goodly Sum for War SntYercn four months in advance of March 1, ] Kcd Cross Kx])eet«I. 191f), it will continue until March 1 1020. TO IU TlaHj 01" Postmasters iu Infcn^l War Sinini,' Stamps JHareii 3;}, One hundred fifty or more postmasters from Fayette county ;md nearby counties arc expected to be in ^ | Connellsville on The afternoon of ! March 13 io hear an address by D. A. the street^., tlio of a!] tho'-e who ha\ e , taken tin* lime io sfifiy food condi- | t:ons abroad and who Know therefore j that food is probably t h e foreniosJ 'actor in winning the- war." In directing householder;- Lo fill oui of the blank and m a i l or d e l i v e r it to ths county food administrator, Adaiinis- imior Hoin/ ccivcs ihc warnm:; t h a t ''an immolate report w 11 juold po^- .sibiliiy of beaich and proseciiuon." "AUCTION BLOCK" TODAY and Colonial Trust company, in the high school hall on the subject of "\\~ar Saving stamps, t Connellsvillc The mceiing has been arranged by FIVE SUE FOR DIVORCE IVo-man, ("linr^in^ lit" scrtioii, AinHii, r Ilie 'u!iihcr. Postmaster W. D. McGinnis. " ' | Divorce proe-cMIngs, were instituted Other speakers will be "vTooda X j y e s t e r d a j in Vniomov;u by five per- Cnrr of Uniontown, and Rev. AUTOISTS XHJE CUBBED "The Auction Block," Rex Beach's greatest story, is being shown today j at the Paramount, the prot ceds io be for the bejiefit of t h e Red Cross and Proudin. The meeting will be open to t£e public. sons, victim 5 ; of Among Police Notified liy 3Uiyor lo Those Violating Jlulejs. At the suggestion of members them was Catherine Collins of, Con- nellsvilie, who seeks Jo bo freed from ·-- j James A. Collins in whom she was AdVlresses High School Students I married Aughsl 32, ] ( Jlo. Desertion ]r. H. J. Bcil of Dawson bpokc to · l l l c Blowing January is alleged. The the Jewish war sufferers' fund. Miss the nigh school students for a f e w ' otflierg who filed libels w e r r : j Mary McCoimel). accompanied John] minutes after -.he chape! exercises! Mary V/hite, Lambert, against John IVarn j Kiforele. violinist, and Mas Hilda|this morcinn;. Tlie physicidn pointeo " W h i t e ; Nannie Brenuan. I'uiontown, of BA1S1EI TRANSFERRED. Sent From Tcnsacola, Flu, to Another Point to Finish Training. Raymond ^Isley, writing to his father, Charles H. Balsley. of the "West Side, says -that he and 11 other men are being transferred to another point where they will take charge. Balsley had been located in Ponsa- cola, Fla., but was in Jacksonville when the letter was written. He enlisted in the aviation department as a mechanic. He says he has been promoted to second rate Q. M., which means quite an increase in a month's pay. council Mayor John Buggan today or| dered the police to curb the aulo ) drivers who persist in exceeding the ' speed limit and those who make a practice of allowing the exhaust of trucks -to have f u l l sway. Complaint has been made especially of the noise made by trucks. TY;OBKER SPEAKS. At Scnio-s in tlie tnifcd Brethren Church Here. _ Miss Verra Blinn, of Dayton, Ohio, missionary secretary of the United Brethern. church, spoke last evening on the need of workers in the mission Selds at the revival in the United Brethern church. Rev. W. A. Knap-p, o[ Grecnshurg, is conducting services each night during the week and Bible conferences each afternoon- Enlist in PHtsburg. John F. Kennedy of ConnellsviUe and Andrew Portloy of Mount Pleasant enlisted in the United States Army in Pittsburg yesterday. Probably rain tonight and "Wednesday turning to snow in the north portion Wednesday; colder, is the noon weather forecast for "W-eslern Pennsylvania. Temperature Record, 1918 1917 Maximum 56 Minimum Mean 36 20 The Yough river rose during tlie igait from 4.70 feet to 5 fee* Soisson, pianist, is the soloist at the j out some of the many small things ! apambt Harry Bronnan. who is in ObK, afternoon and evening performances. ! the students of the schools could do 1 State reformatory; Blanche Brown, Mrs. H. P. Snyder and Mrs. Morris that are of a very patriotic nature. | Georges township, aga-nst John L Smiro, who are at the head of the j He also urged the buying of t h r i f t ! Brown. Unioniown; Jacob benefit, hope to realize quite a nice sum for the soldiers, Sailors and.Jew- ish war sufferers. EEIST AS MECHANICS TTTO So. i .District Men enter Tlironuli the Draft Hoard. George S. Moore of Vanderbilt and Lewis Colbert of Dickerson Run will leave some time late today or tomorrow for San Antonio, Texas, where they will go into training motor mechanics. The service i'Ji the stamps. against Anna Gaesik. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS IS FAYETTE'S ALLOTMENT IN THE NEXT LIBERTY LOAN In the nert Liberty Ix.-m, the cam-i a furlough liorae for a-, least a part of paign for which will be opened about i ihe campaign. R. M April C. Fayette county w 11 he asked manager" of "the Orio'nt Coke' cofnpan^ ;.OdU.(iuO. I .md Auorn«--w. R U B S e ji Carr jj^ pled Brother of Locnl Pocflrntflr Enlists in his annouEcenient with the s t a t e m e n t ' iiittee. that FayeTic county banks had al- While the loan commiifee Kobacker's store, has ealistpd iu t h e ' crty Loan. aviation service, aud tomorrow will · Although Lieutenant Areford win bp leave for CoSumbus. Tbib 15 the sec- j unable to be present to direct the ond son of Mr. and Mrs. Exline to . coming loan in lh' enter the service. Lloyd Exliae. who the two former Gil(M1 Five u aTS in C( . IL Aalph Gardner, arrested by Ealti- ino energetic manner more Ohio detective Cairney for b campaigns were pro-, JOE drunk and disorderly on Train No is wilt the ordnance department, is , motcd. application has been made by; 18, was given five days in a cell h» son^s-here in Prance. | the Treasury Department to grant him! Mayor John Duggan tiis morning.

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