Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 19, 1974 · Page 163
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 163

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1974
Page 163
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Page 163 article text (OCR)

"That we both survived is pure chance"says Popov's brother, Ivo, a doctor who fought in the Yugoslavian resistance. Dr. Popov now lives in Nassau, where he is medical director of the Renaissance Revitalization Center. before the catastrophe, when there was still time to prepare a trap for the Japanese and turn Pearl Harbor into an Allied victory. But for some unknown, irrational reason my information was pigeonholed. . . . "If I could I would have spoken out when the war ended; but until recently I was forced to remain silent by Britain's Official Secrets Act. Now that I've received clearance of sorts I can tell my story; now I can attempt to find out the truth--why no one took my warning seriously. That question has been eating me for a long time.... "Of course, on a personal level Hoover had no use for me. He told me so straight to my face. Above all, he detested my life style, my whole playboy reputation--the fact that I enjoyed going out with beautiful models and actresses, like Sirrione Simon. "I want to make clear, though, that my book is not an anti-Hoover book. I have no personal grudge--especially against one who is no longer alive. I'm just after the truth." After the war.... Nowadays, Popov lives with his wife --they've been married 12 years--and three handsome sons on a 200-acre estate, once a bishop's summer residence, in the South of France. "After the war I was made an officer and given the Order of the British Empire," says Popov. "Then, like everyone else, I had to make a living. Since I had no capital, I had to make money on my ideas. I became a financial consultant, and some of the skills I picked up as an agent--the ability to judge character and sense an unreal deal--helped me to succeed." But, one must ask, has Colonel Popov really retired--or has he been called upon now and then--out of the cold, so to speak--to carry out some small task for Her Majesty's Secret Service. "Thaf s a very foolish question," he replies through a grin, "because either way my answer would have to be no!" CONTINUED British agent and an ugly villain the central point of Casino Royale, his first James Bond thriller. Fleming knew Popov as Tricycle-the British code name given him because he headed a three-man team of double agents. Hi's German code name was Ivan. "When I was with the Germans," he says, "I had to act as if I was truly on their side. I had to be extra careful, for instance, not to ever let my expressions reveal my inner feelings. In the spy business, you know, you are rarely permitted even one error." "The fact that we both managed to survive is a question of pure chance," says Popov's brother, Ivo, a physician who played an active--and courageous --role in the Yugoslavian resistance against the Nazis. "If you take a handful of grain and throw it at a keyhole, one grain is surely going to pass through. By sheer coincidence, we both passed. But whenever Ousko and I get together we realize that most of the people we talk about from those days--most of them were killed." Coup of the Century Popov's greatest coup--perhaps the intelligence coup of the century--was wasted. He was the first agent in history to use the notorious information- filled microdot. The tiny dot, given to him by his German bosses, contained top-secret r questions for agents he would recruit in America. From the tone and nature of the questions, as well as other information he was able to come by, he concluded that the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor was slated for Japanese attack. Soon after his arrival in New York, he flew to Washington, D.C., and the office of then FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover--who, says Popov, quickly threw him out. "He totally ignored my information," claims Popov. "This was three months The Legend of the Amazing Fbwers of lACROIXd Once upon a time, in the reign o«?4 Askia the Great, Sultan of Song-lT hai, it is told that a poor camel f driver, Ahmed, so displeased the' powerful ruler that he was cast out of the oasis to die in the desert. As he lay near death, a Bedouin came seeking to rob him. Ahmed, seeing the dagger raised above him, grasped at the thief s throat and broke' therefrom a chain bearing a strangely carved silver Cross. Instantly the Bedouin palled, staggered and fell dead! Praising his luck, Ahmed placed the Cross upon his own throat, whereupon the camel of the Bedouin approached and knelt, and bore him to a cave near Agades. Here Ahmed discovered jewels, spices, and gold, looted from a thousand caravans. And from that day forward he and his descendants-- {for each of whom Ahmed caused i copy of the Cross to be carved I in health, riches, and good fortune for all of their days! In this modem day, such tales are not to be believed. Or are they? It is a fact that in the Republic of Niger, astride the ancient I caravan routes across the Sa' hara, the oasis of Agades still 'basks in the sun, little changed 'from the 16th century, when Askia did indeed control a vast kingdom stretching from the desert to the sea! It is a fact that, since ancient times certain substances and talismans have beej. known by millions to have the power to affect the destiny of those who wear them next to their skin -- the power to bring wearer Health, Happiness, LUCK, Success! And while it is not known how, or by whom the original Cross of Agades was first copied and smuggled to Europe, it is a fact that Agades was part of the French African territory in the 18th and 19th centuries! And today it is a fact that thousands of Frenchmen and women wear this Identical Cross of Agades (always in contact with the skin)! The modem belief is that the curious carving and design of this beautiful piece of jewelry somehow modifies the human body magnetism---that it makes this magnetism positive, capable of repelling harmful and inauspicious waves, and attracting those beneficial to the wearer. (Certainly you have often been aware of the magnetic attraction of 'those who succeed--who are lucky and happy and in good health. And we often speak of the "good vibrations" we get from certain people!) . THE GENUINE CROSS fully plated in your choice of silver or gold. But we can make it possible for you to test its power for yourself -- without riski^lf after 15 days of wearing LA CROIX d'- AGADES in direct contact with your skin you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return it and we'll refund the purchase price! Mail coupon at once! We certify that this is a true, in every detail Cross of Agades described in the legends of the orient. We make no claims for its power to change your destiny or improve your health and happiness. Wear it if you like simply as a distinctively beautiful piece of jewelry--delicately carved and beautl- Mill Nt Risk CM** TMUy American Consumer Dept. NC-44 Caroline and Charter ROMU PhlatMphla, Pa. 19176 Please rush me the Cross of Agades, complete with matching 24" chain. I may wear It next to my skin for 15 days and if I'm not pleased in any way I may return It and you will refund the full purchase price (except postage handling)--no questions asked! P NCS silver plated $t.M Amount Enclosed ? D NCG gold plated Check or money order, no COD's please. Please include $.50 to partially cover postage and handling. Name Street Apt City State Zip (Add Sales Tax Where Applicable) 25

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