The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1930
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVILI,E, PA. ·VTURDAY, JANUARY 4, 1030. EMPLOYMENT FOR 25,000 FOR ROAD WORK THIS YEAR Oroalost Highway Construction Program in History Of State. 1,300 MILES TO BE BUILT HARRISBUKG, Jan. 4.-- The greatest highway reconstruction program In the hifitory ot tho Ktate will result in approximately -10 per cent greater employment In 1930, according to .UunoH L. Stiif.rt, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Highways. As almcet twice a* many miles o£ road will .bo built in 1930 as lu 1!29. A full yoar program hiu; boon laid down which will moan longer employment for the -workers as woll aa more workers. In addition, tho enormous amount of, materials required for this ·work -wilt epMMl up the cement, atone nnd *wind Industries ' while practically nil llnee will foel thr* bt-nuOt of tho work-era' increased epundlng power. -A. forco of 25,000 men will bo employed dlroctly in this construction program, 15,000 Ty tho department, while at the pcalc season of 1!29 onJy 16003 wwe -eimploye-c'. A total of $70,000,000 will lie ocperided for tho highway 'building program. "Tho program wo have. outlined," Smart said, "culls for paving 1.000 miltw of road by contra.ct and 300 . mlios tiy departmei't forces. These figures include, state 100 ;er cent construction, federal o li Improvements, state-aid to counties and county 100 pet 1 cent construction u u!e.r the department's direct stipe -vision, and covers all types nf sur'pco improvements. "In contrast, the 1929 aceomplifih- monts include 52!) mtlc« of pa vine by contract, including; mw surfacing a^ui replacement and ISO miles by dopart- rn«nt forces. Tho l a t t e r flsure. covers new surfacing, replacement and resurfacing. The tot U in 711 miles. "Our l!Kitr proKwn will utilize -1,1*00,- t»K) barrels of (on'eiitt, 4,000,000 tons of stone-, «lt«g and p ravel, and 1,700,000 ton« ot sand. Contractors w i l l cm- ploy approximate!} 15,000 men at the pank of lb( construction ca«on, w h i l e the- deportment w i l l require a force- in excess of 10,000. "Aside from men employed in actu'il road i.onfitructlon, large numbers will 1-e eriploycd by equipment mamifae- 1 'ii f i t . anI mater. al producers. The, P r o g r a m w i l l lie "csponsilile, directly .aid i n d i r e c t l y , for the employment of io.-cc-, aggregatlm; three times the (oul strenpth of t'u- I'enneyh'ftiiia Nai lonul Guard. "Tho objective .vc havi- established i!i l!).'!i» men Da a f u l l year of work, ·i-pi" 1 the jdMC'tire in o t h e r yearn tif l i n i n g do« ii \ \ i ! i t i n - advent of cold ·veathcr. !''- .1 l u ioh and it "in Woman Evangelist At Scottdale Draws Large Audiences Special t o T,iia C o u r i e r . SCOTTDAbK, Jan. ·t.--Lipge con- ions are In attendance* fit the revival meetings at the First Daptist Church Both numbers and hi't-ei'-est are in;reasi.nig each ev-enins- Rev. 1'ea.rle M. hudwiclcr tho evangelist, brings a powerful go»iel appeal, at ov-ory se-rvi^o. Nelgihiborood prayer- meetings ar e boi'tig hol-d sfiuuHarieous- ly each morning in throe tec,tloirs of the oommunlity nrod inte-nsise vLs-itation wor-k is conducted in tlw homo"?. Walter Cani'lin is-in -oh.Lrgo of the praise service. All who ar-e- intwes-tc'd nro cordially Invited to attend tho prollmlmivy prayer service. a.t 7:10 o'clock In the lecture room at MWJ chuiKib, and a g-ou- cral invitation Is extended 'o the- meetings which follow at 7:.'5-0 o'clock each evening, exc.o-pt Saturday Gr«ii !u- tereat centers in tho Sunday ovoning sorviice midway lu this c a m p a i g n iuul al! are W-elcomo. 't'hoiiiH.i Fiinprnl Snniliif. Tlio funeral Hervic-es foi Clwn v l«-n W. Thorn aw, who ciiod nt th-e home- of bis daughter, M.r«. Pearl UfU er, at Mon- es-aoTi yesterday momJn'g, \vl!l bo he-Id at tlw homo of his d'au ;'ht/er, Mrs. ICdna Shan-er, Fourth a\ewue. Sco'tt- dale, Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, in charjpe of Hev. J. \V. \VHhorapoon, pastor of tJie J'resbyterian Church. In- terni-on.-t will follow in I ho Scottdalo Cometory. M". 'Ohomas, former resl- d.ewt of Scotldal-e, was n Civil War veteran and was survived by Ibe- fol- lowln-g childiren: Mrs. I'-earl Baker, Moiic«aon r - Mrs. Maude Muivoy, Kver- son, and Mrs. Ella Solorion and Mrs. Bcfna Shatvw, Scottdtvle; one Mrs. Mary Ultachard, am 1 , one John Thomas of Scotidal \ -Hnrliu Ames lead. Mlsa ElIznbelli Owens ind 1,. A. M i l - ler loft yesterday far I)v rott to attend Uie funeral of raa-tin Amos. Mr. Antes was a former Si:ot dale resident, having le.fl alMut 15 yei rs RKO. While In Scotitdaie the family i vcd at Fourth avenue. t f « is H U f v l w t ! !iy liif \vlf», Mr.- 1 Margaret Ames, a d (lie following children: Mrs J boph Rhino, llobe.rt, .kibopli, .lohti and William Ames, Mrs. Hf-lwi Wh 'o, Mrs. Mary ShUholn. and Miss Mai ^arer 4;iKvi of Detroit Mr. Ames riiod m X"w Yoar. Oilier (M\S. M t s . John IJailey t ",'ortli ClH^tiun strr-et rntortalnod tbo ladliV Aid HJ- cijsi.r of St. Paul's bulb run Church at her homo on Thursda; c-K'tiiug at t bis-iiws-5 anil social m A a t t i i R . -Mrst. \V. .!. Doorley - f Stnith Chost- rnit itiee-t wart hoalos to I ho Mardi Mr iko Club at her hoi'.eou Thursifciy · C ' N f t l i l l C . Miss Joauno Fox of \Vpnt PittflbMi'K - · t i t e l e-ntortnlived t h e n . K H. B. of tbe MrtlHMlHt Kpincopa! ( hureii at h-or hoin-e on Thursday ov» nins Tlw Kr.^n-sKhl!) Cir of tho Christ i a n C l i u v c h hf-td a w a t c h n l « h ( ,-,, i- virt. at th" h/nn-p of M . ami Mrs K. 1 M C,'=o in \Ve,t Vl'if i u r n Btrf-"t A - p J e n i d program \MV pre ABE MARTIN On Getting Started in Life "Wa aim t' make a dentist out o' Halite, an* lawyer 1 out o' Bud, an' paw wants Lcater t ' he soine k i n d o' an engineer, an' build water works in Czechoslovakia or subways in Chicago, or water power dams in Tibet, specialize on big projects, you know. It he- does become an engineer I'd llko t' see Tibet for I've read so much about it," said Mrs. .Toe Kite, speak'itt' o' so m a n y boys fiounderin' about uit' undecided on what sort o' careers t' git Into. Th' c o u n t r y Is f u l l o' people plodriin' aloup in trade-s an' professions t h a t they jest drifted into rathcr'n not bein' dressed l i k e ' o t h e r people, positlonw an' jobs nn 1 profesaions unsuited t' thor temperaments, i n t o l l o c l , Inclinations a n ' h e a l t h . Too many yoimK fellers, an' girls too, never t h i n k nothin' o' what ther life's work is goln' t' bo until they have t' so t' work, i/ots o' them, too, are ambitious t' not have any l i f o work. A dandy bitf strapplu' boy m a y si art out in th' mornin' t' look fpr work an' wind up behind th' coxmter o' some hanvbursor stand, w h i l e a lall, delicate chap may find himself .signed up with a foundry. Cxits o 1 boys jost out o' college w i t h tber nliowanccK cut oft' £it doHporato an' not i n f r e q u e n t l y they're found d r i v i u ' -drpssc-d poullry trucks, «u' s ' a l l s t l c s show that out o' ever' 7-1 collogp graduates t h a t b( w COQIO p o u l t r y truck drivers, ,11 continue on through lifo. Some yourgstors jest absolutely ref u s e I' work till some employment t h a t jest s u i t s 'tm shows up. . Many Smithton boys an' girls 'II work a( anything till they kin Kit droBcrt up, an' utter that they're liablo t' drift anywhere. Some boys clean wall paper an' earn thcr way through "college, an' a f t e r they graduate an' battle with fate awhile thoy go hack t ' wall paper cloanln". Speakin' o' round, pegs |n squaro holes, ther'9 hundred.'! o' thjbman's o' people who'er eiiKagod In work they excel at, an' yit yearn (.' gU SMITHTON, Jan. 4-- -Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of Charlcrol wns a guest at t h o homo of fr!'-nd« at tuve plaoom \Vcd- nesday e v p f i u g . Mrrj. John Garonia was a gu«ft nt the homo ot her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Henry of Jarote Creek, Thursday. Mrs. Joseph Seihman, Jr., ivris a McKoccnorl callor Thursday. Mr. and Mrw. Robert J l u n l r r and daughter, Lillian of Wt'«f N c n t o n worn guests ct tho homo of Mrs. llinit' l r'a hrothor-ln-'nw mid fii«tor, Mr. and Mr 1 . Dav d Khoppard, S p r c l a l to The DAWSO.V, .Inn. 4. -.Andrew Una; son. of Mr. and Mrn. O t t o H a a s f Jjowor Tyrone lowmiiip, undc-rwen an operation for appendicitis at R Elizabeth Hospital, YounKslown, Ohi( , ou Tliuraday. Mr. Haas Is employe 1 na fireman on the P. ft L. B. arid wa t at work w h e n (lie attack ·:nme 01 him. Word was re'eivpd hero f h ; t the operation was successful and I hi t his condition was v e r y pood Mrs. Prank AHSP! Is v i s i t i n g frjeut s and relatives nt Kokomo, Ind. O\\!ng to Iho depression in buslne s a number of cugimor.i have b^en s i t back t o tiriiiK and a n u m b e r ot fir i- mon hnvo bftMi furl,oup:hed on tho '. L. Ji (luring the past 10 day«. UouiiUl McUill ami Hep la l r « n have returned to t i i ^ i r studies at Bti 1 'e College. Albert Mong is b u i l d i n g a n w earaeo uu liia property 111 Stride, r street. Mrs. S. W Inks, Mrs. i.eorge Ore- n, Mrs. A. I 1 '. Huston n u l MI-B. J. C. J e- (.j'ill arc* t ' o n n e l l H v i l l f \ Isllors tod y. t h i n ' ( j hi\ They're a« m i ^ p r n b l o .is th' Intellectual giant who's reduced t' trlmmln' hedges, or flrin' furnaces, or starve. Squire Marsh SwaHow is a lawyer an' It in write th' best briefs In i h ' state b u t ncglectin" his. trombone lessonrf when he w u z young has been th" tsar/row o' his life. We pi I know iota o' tilerkfi, but we only kpow a h a n d f u l o''good ones, an' It's UV Ramo with doctors, lawyers, grocers, · a n ' especially auto service station mechanics. Somo wives go clean thro' life w i t h o u t bein' heard o', an' some ars in t h ' newspapers all t h ' time. M a n y girls prepare 'oniBolves for brilliant careers an' t h r u marry dubs, an' are lost t' th' world. It w o u l d bo wonderful t' know bow many s p l e n d i d educations an' b r i l l i a n t accomplishments are out o' work, dormant. Occasionally some wretched artisan '11 send a communication i' a newspaper that reflects a b r i l l i a n t mind, an' exceptional Jnte-Ucct, but ho prob'ly had t',g!t out an' hustle at 35, grabbed t h ' firat job (hat conic along un' stuck I.' I I . Whether or not some one Is "a flue, steady feller" je-sl because he's wheeled saw-duet Jor ( b e same mill HO yoai'H, or has grown up w t l b a Ary cleanin' parlor, will a t l u s bo a debatable question. I'll say this fer rollin' atones--'they all us look slick. A l l o' th' successful people I've ever mot expect t' e v e n t u a l l y git into some- thin' congenial. Jest think o' th' thousan's, yes millions, a' people who k n o w jest exactly how a newspaper should be r u n , an' yit have drifted Into other occupations. Mr. and Mrs. ,fohn IToKeiiian am! d a u g h t e r , "tmael'pUa, and «on, Jack, woro siHiM at I h e - h u m i 1 of/iire. H'IHC- mnn's p a r e n t s , Mr. ami Mr* 1 . John I'ararhiuo of tirf-rniihitrc;, AVxlnr*dHy. Duncan I-MugUn was i C a n o n n h u r K i'":n a b i ' i t n f ' t h e i u p d i t u i i M i l . " 'I) i l l ' - '' "H COMMISSIONERS NAME J. J. BAER COMMITTEE HEAD rxin.vroVv'X, .fan. 4.--George W. I J i b l i . p r r n i d c i i i (it t h e Peiiiwylvanla ('on u f. ( o n i m , - I ' j n u J t j ' Aseociation, i i n r ' f u r n " l t n u i ! llarrisburg wiiero he i ? u f e r r e d w i t h oiElciaiw of the cus- HoclfU.on and dlrerted the- transfer of all biitiineeft into the new administration which was elected at the recent «tate meeting lild in U n l o n t o w u . In the appointment of committees, Joseph .'. B«er, solicitor of the Fny- etto county beard, was named chairman of the elate legislative committee. Two committees, (lie executive and legirillitivo, wero- named by President HIM*. Tho CKectitiV'j committee IK to/n- potiod of John C, Gorsuch of Jjlair county, Jtimefi V. Torreuce o£ Westmoreland c o u n t y , Frank C. Worley of J^ehigh county, Rodney A. Alercur of Bradford county. Art W. ComliB of Beaver county, Asa II. Martin of Pil:o county and 1. C. Morris of Clenrflekl county. The Ijegislaiive conirnitte ifi composed of Chairman B«.er of Uniontown, JrxiDph I!. Arm«troiig of Alle- · jrhony county, Hurry Kuenzel of P h i l a - j delphia couutj. Walter A. tllngler of i Berko county, K. 1.. lliblw r.r Westmoreland county. J. E. Johiifiton ot \Vashlngton county and Thomoe P. Howard of Cloiron county. Rogers Mill WILLIAM MATHOT (JETS 10-20 YEARS FOR KILLING WOMAN i:\IONTOWN, ,ltt . I.--Adjudged guilty -of n)tml»r in I-'IP hci-ond ilpgrw), W t l l i u m Matheny, cc'itracfor of Filbert and Fairbanks, wao H e n t m tho \\'eitcrn Pr-ultcntiai by Judge K .1, xMorrow ycwierday at ornoon to ri"i v« not U'se t h u u JO yet rs ami not more than 20 years for tli k i l l i n g of Lucy Prior at her homo ). et J u l y 2!». Uteposltlon of the ca»;e c.imo at the close of three ln s of testlm climaxeti by tho pr.senco ot t h e l o n d a n t on tho witnd-ri stind M u t i i o n y declared ho went to the home of M r f . Prior that ntglit in MI Intoxicated condition and asked ft r a drluk. Sire. Prl IT, ho saM, «et ( pitcher of m o o n s h i n e on tlie table lie look two t u r n b l o r glasses fill aild after Mr». Prior hud poured c ut tho third gia«s Matheny said lit o aeod to remo-mber anything. The next thing ! o kn»w, fluid Mathony, was tho iollmvlns day when state Iroopoi'H wer^ feeding him iop from a wayolde iii'i sumewhcro t n tho mouuuiins. HP remembered nothing about having- p')urxl alx «hots into Mrs. Prior's bod .· or a ijuarrel ov«r a debt of. $812 w h i c h fthe o\vd him and re-fiu-ied to pa Mathpny wae on tho Htand iess t h a n 15 mlnuleo. M«uy neighbors of Matheny iu tlio Uopublic and Pairbankti d l n t r l c t pro- cfMlcrl tho ronlract ir on t h n .stand to friiy thai "Bill" h a l alivaya boeii a peaceful citizen and a good neighbor and before t h e tilviottng liil enjoywi a good r e p u t a t i o n In t h e c o m m u n i t y . ROOBKS Alfh?,, J«i,. -l.--WllHam Goseky and at'ii, A r t h u r , were vlAltorn iu ConnollsvUte Xow Veir. William I'ortorlleld, v,ho bad liceti confined to Ins boiuo with grip. 1« ablo to be ou af;ai:i. , 0. P. MeMllleu lr, r u n n i n g his n a w - njill w i t h a fill! forco, Mre. Jarnr'- War rick in alxnl with g r i p nt tho Iwmo of iier (iaughler, Mrs. John Barker, at Popar Grovo. A largt? n u m b e r of people Ratherod ut the homo of Mi 1 . nn! Mr»i. n. t;. J J u n K n r d for . w a t t h me-etluR. F.unch Viis served hv Mr^ l'uni;ard. M. M. 1'ritt-s. who was injured \ \ h i l f liiindlttiK c-at'le, :,, a hip to go ;ihout n g u l u . * Tlu- C h u r c h of Cod S u n d n y School ,'ais been reo ·uum/iMl and will bo i » u - nnued throu.:h ( h e \ \ i n l e r Mr. «nd A ' i - . Si!:m i'nnkey. w h o hud been v e ' y i l l . an ,i!i|f to tio o,it strain. (truce roruM'fifli! of C n n i u - U H v i l l e has moved l the Silcnx (,'oal Company f a r m here. Mr, and M'ts. Samuel l*«rtirficlil n u d daughter. .SM-nh PntlU'rine. «!m h a v e been Hi. in y e t t i n r . .ilorm n i c p l j i'atronize Uio.'-o «hi ad.t'ruse. Dicker^on Run UICK10RSON JU N, Jan. 4 - A f t e r boini? closed d o w n for tivo days, ai)',i resuming operations Tbuwday, noticp., we-ro posted t h a t 'he bhops would hn closed Saturday, i;lvlris the shopmen but two dnya this week. Another notice wa« po.sted sl ting t h a i after Monday, J a n u a r y C, fie p a i n t i n g of cars would cease and the "1 pa in t e w and iwinters' lielj/eid - v o u U I be furloug'hed. AM 1 , iuul Mra, ^\ . Simmons of Dawhon, .An-, and Mrs Tony Uouadio, Mitr, Katie H u l l ! and M i s s Nellie C'avalcaute of Vanderbllt i,a\ "Fafct Life" at tbo P a r a m o u n t T h e n l - e , C'cnnellKvillo last eve n lug. Itev. W. 1C. Al'i -,hall of H u t l e r who ha hreii \ i a i t m j l.ewli; M a r o t l l and o t h e r V a n d c r l i . i t u Jeml,-; lues retui ucil to ili;! iinuio. The MU-.SC.S Mao aiul lOuid Wart- ot and Mrs. ICinll Vernacrenl of ;eii were guttiljp nt t h ' hoir.n nf M i f . V n r j i n c c e n i ' s mother, Mr* Maud Ftravo 'SS'c liienday. SVord h is bt'Pti received here of thf birth (if t baliy d a u g h t e r to Mr. and Mrs. Dan rl H. Hi'lm nf AVa'O i n n t o n , fJ (;.. Monday, Occember ; v ." Tl'lii I'l HIP firit child Mi» Helm war- forrn- '^i ly Mit^i Hi-flslu \Volf. !auirh("- i«f .Mr, Mir, Hoix-rt Wolf of tliii-, plm " Mr. an 1 Mrs 1 Naliuini"! Kltn; aii'S f a m i l y of {'oniJ i H l ;v!nri wre % ip-stf at the h«nu «f M i n Kln^'H purei'^. -\ir. and Mr.". SValton Morrow, AV"di iday. f'ooffinl! I'lnyer Heiid«( Cliist, I ' A M H H I U C H , *Muir. , Jan. I - J o h n N, Trail f-", Jr., of Now York, elected jTi'sldenl if t h i - J u n t - r at. Harvard U n l v e r a l t y last n!«!i' He wa - * a K\ fird ou tho football t"'tm \ i l o r s MiHTifd on MHKP. POTT'.SVlI.l^:, l\\.. .Ian. ·! - K c b e i i H. W o l f - Columbus. Oh!r, n n d Bstn iiail B;I cliuiirK. uicmbpra nf Mi" cap! of a t h e a t r i c a l fomfiany p t a y ' i t p licrc. were mi.cried on the tttiigi. last ulgin betwcon acts Noonday eetings Orpheum Theatre 12:05 to 12:20 P. IV. (I'.'acli K a y K x c c p t Sahmin »·) Direction of Ministerial Association Knch K v o n l n t f ut 7:30 OYli ck In Knelt *f the I ' r o t o s f n it of \ Th»- .Mlni.sti-ria! Associa* ion 'F an n p f i o s ! ( r t h o ] co- of C o n i i i j l l s v l s j c to nt- t ht'sr Hs't vi'T» Confluence UONFMJEN'OE, Jan. 4--The schools hero are progressing very favorably under the princlpalahip of Prof. C. U. Shaffer and bis corps of teachers. William Colborn of tho Jersey Church settlement was a recent business visitor In town. Mofil d e l i g h t f u l mild weather has prevailed for the pant wec-fc he-re. T/ewie M i l t e r of Toledo, Ohio, is visliinK bis m o t h e r , Mrs. Agnc« M i l l a r and ills Bister, .Mi». Albert Howlin. Samuel Smith, l i v i n g along tho Ur- pina road, iri reported tjulte 111. Mi'fi. .James Krn/.i'c of Connellevill.e, wne hore yr«terdny on her way home f r o m a visit w i t h friendi ftt Somi'.r- M 1 ". nnd Mrfi. A. 8. Thomas have let u r n e d from n visit \vlt!i f r i e n d s at (,'rant Pyle and Art Ototfelty were bu M liuurt \Sr | itort 1 at 1'rslna yustriliiy. M r s .Hui^ell Y o u u U l n nml two children of Wll'x'in, P«,, who were visiting Mr. and Mi'c^. .1. C Y o u n k i n hero has xnn$ to (Uiiopylft !« visit friend*; ho- f o i o t h e i r rut u r n to their home. Snow Dooms Horses To Winter on Prairie O K T T Y S I M ' K C , S. I , Jai) 4 -Heavy :'[«iws on Ilif* pralrit-'. of ("hpyeriii" H1vr f n d l f t n rpcorvation have made i;npoi(Hibl^ thf n n n u a l a u t u m n rotuid- ' up S.riDd hon«v may roam nt will i over 2i30,ODO acre* of grazing Innd I u n t i l t.-pilnR. | Owiu-rs of tho fliifmaiw w^re able to romovft only ti!wut RQ purebril e t a l i Jloiw nnd l)i im; thorn in for winter f.'-iviliin Tln remainder of thr herd w i l t l« forcod to forngc ft!! winter through tin- snow d r i f t s for 7r«ss. 1 A p p r o x i m a t e l y 2.'J()0 of Iho- hor«e« ari- dorin"-tic,'jtci| a'-;.:;alr owned by ' fnrmeu; utuxui laiuls join th reeerva- tlon and the othem are of the wild Indl/in pony hrcxl. (t cottdaln, 1 Mi f ('. Second a v e n u e , : SU_cetH of Mr. ah hitit eveiinift. i Mr. and M i . j IWowr,i:\ i l l c \s e r i I hi n T h u r f day ;i t p r n o o n i lussllled Vdicirtl.^ements Bring results Try them, wuro- tlie A. O^trlick of ft On With the Show! T HE curtain goes down on holiday shopping--but: only to rise immediately upon a change of scene. i For at this store shopping thrills and shopping advantages are a continuous performance, with never a pause, much less a half.. Any day and every day in the year is an interesting shopping day here.. Dynamic! That's the word. A constant inflow and outgo of the new, the worthy, the beauitil al, the individual. A nev -r-ending procession of fashioi s in stately revue, un- fettere J by calendar seasons, respora ,ive only to the demands of Her Majesty the Ameri ran woman, the best-' dresset I creature in the world! These midwinter days will witnes J many of the most de- lightft 1 -( and profitable -- sliopp ng excursions of ''the year. This is an all-the-year per- forma icej Mack Expresses Confidence Team Will Win in 1930 By ( . n l t p l Press. Jan. 4--Connie Mack. r of the Philadelphia indent, that (ln Ath- f h e American NEW YORK, veteran manage A t h l e t i c s Is co let!:.! w i l l win championship for I h u rsccoud eoii3' 5 cu- tive eeunon, he toiI tho t'nlted Props in commenting on tlio 1030 pennant nice. "As our c l u b will be made 'ip of practically (he name playem who wo-n the 1S20 American he-ague pennant," Mack wireJ from his J ' h l l a d ' - l p h i a homo, "if, Js only n a t u r a l t h a t 1 should have the utmost, confidence in t h e i r being able to repeit in 1930." Roger Peckinpauprh, manager of the Cleveland Indiana, bellevpis bis l u b Ie strong to flulfih In flnsl dlv]l6O.n next Reason but Is tint counting on w i n n i n g the p e n n a n t . "Philadelphia nnd New Yor! both Jievo p o w e r f u l clubs and will b » hard to beat," be wired. "If wo are .ibie to ffhish as high an wa did lafet year-third--I w i l l consider the- set.son a complete GUCCWS." Manager Bucky Harris of Detroit expecta the Tlgerei to show a big improvement over their T92D for n during the coming season. OLIVER-SNYDER RETURNS LEASE TO THAW ESTATE UXIONTOWN. Jan. 4.--Eepoi'ts that ·tho leases u-nd-er which tb» Olive Snyder StPfl Company hai o been operating the Thaw coal at the Olivers In coun.ty are turned ba,ck to the Thaw -estate wi-o confirmed last evening by John Tonkins, secretary of t h e OMvor ft, Snyer Slee) Company. Operations of tho Oliver C Snyek-r Company at tlie Olivers worn suspended ou January 1. U is tmi'ierstood, howovw, that f i n a l details o! the r«- turn of flic property to tl--} Thaw f.itate ava not been cimpli( d. Tt is nntlorslood here, that, there ^ -ill be no further opora-tlone of t h ^ Tlu w tracls by the Olh-«r K-nydpr Steel (Vmpany. What pff-eft this w i l l liav^ ~n tho ftxocutivc'H and personnel of tho company in the field is not knowu. lieports hayo bcsu in cirru ation for Rom-e tlnvo that negotiations -ve-re well umlor wny for 1be rt»-leasinf or sale of thy Thaw propretv. A wut two yearn ago, «»knislve Rnrvcys were mado by onghveors for W. , , llainey, Inc., but no official ,«taten ent was available last nig-ht as di wh-eUi^r or not any progress had bp srt mado whoroby th; Ilalnoy intorep s would ink" ovor tho Thaw property Thero wer also re-portn t h a t som^ otivor interests wf-r! dickering for tho Thaw propotty. Tim OHvr-r £ Rnyder St-eoi Company has br»n opcratlni? fslK- property for many years under a lease a i d royalty basin not owning the coal property Better Health For the New Year Th* t x i r u i n g over of nev leaves is tho a c c o m p a n i m e n t of tho bells that clilmo in a New Year of opportunity nnd promise; but u n f o r t u n a t e l y fe«- of them laM beyond the 1 ret day of February. This in p a r t i a l l y eo ic-caime t h e re-solutions nrc ofton vague anri general. Wo pledge ourselvo t o load a better life, or to bo less s"lli,?b, or to bp more conelde-rato, but t'u; rileps by which wo plan to achieve thctio emifi an! Imrdly d e l l n l t n in jur minds. What wo nend ie slmplo resolutions whofia progrese wo can w a t c h and m ensure. Such a rreolution mlg'il woll be, for ench of ue individual y and a« a Nation, to have a. greater j.arMclpatlon in health movements. T!il« give-a us definite tasks and dennlte .·esponGiblli- tiefl und will show rteflr-itc results. Flret of all we can live healthily ob- n-orving tho simple rul«a t good food, regular hours, clean bod'ea and rmr- roundingfi, and second wo can support financially and otherwise HIP public and private movements tli.if ar*i work- ins tor bettor pi-raonal an i c o m m u n i t y h»ltri. Mako JsViv Year's r-eeolntions, by all means, but make them definite, make them p r a c t i c a l , and above a l l , keep them. U. S. Cruiser Scrtipp-. HoUom. J10STON, Jan'. -I --'1 he U. S. R. TUUeiffU, a light cruiser b o u n d from rharlastown n a v y yard to Hump'.ou Itoadfi, Vtt., scraped bottom at Spectacle iHiancl in lower Boslon harbor last night. Navy yard officials staled t h e ship hud not'been PUMP HOUSE IS WRECKED BY FIRE NEAR Ml PLEASANT Hlazc KrsrHs From Backfiring Of Knjrine of an Automo?)i!o. RUFFSDALE HAS SLIGHT BLAZE Special to Tlie Courier, MOUNT PHEASANT, Jan. 4.---Th« volunteer lire department was called out twice yesterday--for a fire between Hurst High School and United and one at Ruffedale. A Greensburg fire company joined with the Mount Pleasant lighters to «omhal a blaze which broke out iu the pump houso of the Tidewater Oil Company, oaid to have boon caused by the backfiring of an aulomobile engine. The p u m p house was destroyed nnd tho machinery wrecked. The building housed machinery used for p u m p i n g gasoline from cars on a railroad Biding to tho Uomge tanki of the company. Tho fire woe a dangerous one to handle. Tho building, ot one story, wan owned by Robert Pen ton of Mount Pioasairt, Th« lo^s on building and m a c h i n e r y wan estimated at about ?2,000. Tar Demolished, Driver Unhurt. As a m^i who gave hie namo n* K i n g was d r i v i n g along the Mouiti P]easan't-Tarr road last evening applied the brakes the icy condition of Hie, road caused the machine to turn around and skid into a polo. It wa." almost demolished. The engine was driven back through the body of the car. Every w i n d o w was broken. The body wae a wreck, with tlio ete.ering .wheel out t h r o u g h the wlmlHhloId. The man, who wars Die only occupant, rfl- capcd w i t h o u t . ,1 «crntch. William Onp RoJ-'-.-d. Thursday n i g h t a-s William Onp, i-on of Mr. and Mr?, Harry Ong, was goin? up C e n t e r avenue, near Main htrcet, he wae struck on t h f t head and robbed. Ong had but 81! cent'i on bifi person, flo furnisbt.d the police with a de- fceripUon of t h e robber, a t a l l man w i t h cap and overcoat. Held for Court, John (.'rivll.i wan given a h e n r i n p before .Justice of tbo Peace P. P. ICiuhcr, charged w i t h assault feud battery by (Jeorgn Cramer, whose -ons Crlvelia is alleged to have struck. The case was taken to court. Surprise for Thomas Jones, Mre. Thomas W. ,lone« of Kaglc u t r r e l gave a family dinner at her homo in honor of Mr. Jones' birthday, 'o whom the affair was a surprise. .Scout Officers to Meet. Officers of Hie Mount Pleasant dip. trict of the Roy Seouft; w i l l hold t h e i r a n n u a l meeting at the National Hole! on Tuceday evening at 7:30 o'clock, it w h i c h t l m o officers will bo named for the ( o p t i n g yuar and plans made foi the 19IW w o r k . Thu-r- w i l l include a n - niversary week. Oilier News. Mtes Bello Weiuberg w i l l le.ive on Monday for King's School oC Oratory. PlHsburg. Mrc. Fern Felgar of Oliio IF tin. guest of Mr. and Miv. ted ward Hoce. She brought with her the daughter o) Mr. and Mrr. rhristoph«r ROFO whc i« visit inp, her grandparent?, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Kului. Mis? Miiry P h l l l i p p i will leave/ e«.r!y in t h e week for Thiel College, where she iii a (student. PinSBDRG COAL COMPANY EXPECTS BETTER BUSINESS PITTSBUHG, Jan. 4.--Based on InfortnaJIon received from RH cuetom- ers, the Pittslmrg Coal Company is forward to a letitxjr year iu than in. the last 12 month period, J. D. A. Morrovk, president of tho company saifl, "This information which we have received in-dic-alas," ho- sa-ld, "that tho let-down in 'the acth"ity of industrial i-ytat'lishmen-tH is of a tcmixrary na- tin-o- and is already showing signs of improvemo-nl. It i« hard'ly i-easonabl« to expect an immediate ro-tura to tho hig-h peaks of 1929 performance. Judged by thoB® et-a-ndards tho basi- n-ess, we B-nticlpaie for 1930 might «cem difiiippoiu'Unir, b u t comparod \vitli the luTols of prftvious years the indications are for sound, Kt/eady business, wl'Ln a healthy acceleration, as th-o year ,-idvancoa. "!^o far as Die bHumlnous coal industry itself j-s concerned, we btjliovo it Is gradually c!v«!oplng tho baste for a rcgoiwraUcm. W-u are not loolting for any m'.,raclc«. but we -do 1930 to be 5e-tter than 192D." Sought In S!nj lug- Merchant. ! SAUGU13, Mass., J a n . 4.--Paul i Smith, 18-year-old Maiden y o u t h , is I being soiiRbt by pollen in connection w i t h Ibe m u r d e r of Will! un J. l-'endell, (M, who wns killed by three young men who held him up lu his store here last night. Eleven Mile Ride On Horseback Was Cruel, Declares Wife Disease Kills 52 S', Jan. '(.-- He. da of the federal health d e p a r t m e n t have gone- to Hammevstuin to invent! ate a b t r a n g e ! disease that hah taken :- liven among c h i l d r e n at the Alenaonlte r e f u g e e s from Kus.Ma e ' l c a m p o U there. T w o Killed Vs Train Nit* far. WHITING, lad., Jan ·!.--Two p e r sons were killed here late last, nigbl when a fast P e n n s y h a n l a Hailj'oad passenger t r a i n struck au automobile. Knrtlit|uako Shake. Nniiklng. X A N F v I M O , J a n . -i.-- ^n cartlxiuakc l a s t i n g abotii l o u r se -onds severely j a r r e d t h e Nanking- r i i S i i ' l c t htst u i p n t . Bare money--read t is ads, today. By l . ' n i t r - d l j v c i s C H I C A G O , Jan. 4 -A husband who forces his wifo to ride 11 miles on horseback, when i?be ie not used to rklliiK, iu d o w n r i g h t cruel, Mrs. EHa jJioliin Huge contended in her suit Jor · livorce, \Vhcn nhe married William C. Sage in li)28, fjho t h o u g h t he- was a mJulug engineer but when he took h e r to 1'eru she learned lie was a proteS'iloi.el gambler, the wile- charged. fc5h.- declared the Peru J.ri[) was «. nightmare for her because, la addition to the horrii'Uuck ride, Hhe isuffered hardehipw on a two-day trip a desert and was terrified when Huge made her crobs a n a r r o w tswayiug bridge 1,300 feet above a canyon. "lit abandoned me in an Indian c a m p nnd t h e n w,w put in jail." Mm. Sage declared. I'alronlze ibose who

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