Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 81
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 81

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 81
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Page 81 article text (OCR)

5C--July 23, 1972 Sunday Gazette-Mail Charleston, West Virginia-- By Delmer Robinson A tip to brides--want to make your husband think youre a better cook than you It's simple: Make your mealtimes pleasant. Save your recital of the trials and tribulations of the day until afterwards. You'll find he's much more receptive and sympathetic after a good meal. Why do you think salesmen take important c l i e n t s out to dinner before launching their sales pitch? And why do you s u p p o s e s u c c e s s f u l r e s t a u r a t e u r s s p e n d thousands of dollars making their decor restful and their s e r v i c e p l e a s a n t a n d attentive? If the handsome hulk you married is strictly a "meat and potatoes man," now is the time to w i d e n his food horizons. You have a lifetime of meal planning ahead of you, and the more foods he learns to like, the easier it will be to introduce variety in your meals. He's a grown man now.and it's time to wean him Save Your Problems Until After Dinner from childhood food fixations. Besides, at present prices, a steady diet of steak and potatoes can wreck waistlines and food budgets in one full swoop. SPEAKING of food budgets, if you're like most families there will be times when the car payment, the note on the house, and a few unexpected bills all fall due in the same week. Inevitably the deficit will be made up from the grocery money. It might be wise to get together a group of lowR'ost dishes for use during such periods. Cooking--even' fine c o o k i n g -- i s n ' t a l l t h a t difficult. Anyone who can read can cook. It just takes close attention to detail, and a willingness to profit from mistakes . . And speaking of reading--first get a good basic cookbook. It will have enough recipes in it to last you a life time. In addition, it will define the terms used in cooking. You have to learn the language-that "boil" does not mean "simmer," and vice versa. The three basic cookbooks I have had most recourse to are: "The New Basic Cookbook" by Heseltine and Dow; "The Fannie Farmer B o s t o n C o o k i n g School Cookbook" and "Betty Crocker's picture Cookbook." There are many other good" cookbooks, but these are my personal favorites. Skip the exotic recipes for a w h i l e -- t h e c o n t r i v e d creations. Then spread your fledgling wings and develop one or two specialties that are distinctively yours. You will find the most complicated recipe merely a combination of simple steps. Bridal Portraits NEWBROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY 1112 KANAWHA TERRACE, ST. ALBANS 727-7911 IF, AFTER your apprenticeship, you want to venture further into the realm of haute cuisine, there's no better introduction than the two volumes of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" of which Julia Child is co-author. The books go into painstaking detail to make the directions clear and the techniques sim-. pie. Indeed, the books are masterpieces of clarity and simplicity. If you must buy but one, get the first volume. Whatever else you do, learn to bake. A hot bread, fresh and fragrant from the oven, can lift any meal out of the ordinary, and at low cost, too. .Use the mixes to begin with if you must. They cost little-if any--more than the same breads made "from scratch." But don't stop there. Once you've learned, you can bake better than any mix. Like these smaller, thinner, richer biscuits that are flaky and flavorful. Biscuits Supreme 1 cup flour 1 4 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 4 teaspoon cream of tartar 1 teaspoon sugar l .'i cup shortening One-third cup milk Sift together flour, salt. baking powder, cream of tartar and sugar. Cut in How Long Will The Marriage Last? When You're "Wedded" To A When you buy a new c a r . . . any new car . .. it's like marrying the dealership you bought it from. You take them "for better or for worse." A new car is a major investment and you expect and depend upon the dealership to service it regularly and keep it performing properly for the life of the car. And, rightly so. But you soon find out that some dealerships are downright fickle. Oh, how they wooed and courted you before you were "married" to their sweet-looking Chugalug 8. Obviously, they loved you dearly and would tenderly care for you and little Chugalug for evermore. They sounded so honest and sincere when they came wooing, so you accepted their proposal. Everything is fine, until . . . little Chuggy develops a minor cough in the carburetor. Why worry? The dealership will take care of that in nothing flat. But, lo and behold, the dealership is so busy out chasing new prospects... and before the ink is hardly dry on your contract, no less . . . they just don't have time for you (or little Chuggy) anymore. You get the message! The "honey- We Stake Our Reputation On Every Chevrolet We Sell! moon" is over/so far as the dealership is concerned, and you and little Chuggy are on your own. So, what's the moral of this wheeling and dealing love story? Just this: KNOW YOUR AUTO DEALER BEFORE YOU BUY! At JOE HOLLAND CHEVROLET you're assured of prompt courteous and professional service on your CHEVROLET whenever you need it ... today, tomorrow, or years from now. Don't take our word, just ask any of our many old and valued customers. Whether your CHEVROLET needs a minor adjustment/ or a major repair, we think enough of our customers to take their service problems seriously and deal with them promptly. We take them seriously because we want our marriages to last until "death," NOT INDIFFERENCE, "us do part!" When you're wedded to a Joe Holland Chevrolet, we'll love and cherish you (and your service problems) f o r e v e r m o r e . That's our solemn vow! Why not come "courting" for a new 72 CHEVROLET, now, at... shortening with pastry blender or two knives until mixture resembles coarse cnunbs (finer than yea would for pie dough). Add milk all at once and stir with a fork just CHEVROLET until dough follows fork half-inch thickness. Cut with sheet in preheated hot «w«i around bowl. Pat or roll oat on your smallest biscuit cutter. (450 degrees) 10 to" 12 minute a floured board to less than a Bake on ungreased baking Makes 12. McCLUNG MORGAN'S... We'll Love Cherish You For Life! ^W ° 9 r e Q f drop BEDROOM SUITES OPEN STOCK PIECES SALE PRICED! Select from Sumter, Dixie, Coleman, Young-Hinkle Kemp, Link-Taylor, Henry Link, Ken Lea. Visit our 3rd Floor Department i|^-vlJS£rtf); jf-SSqll A in the cost of living, eating and sleeping for those planning to make the most of it! Mole a beautiful beginning. Come firU to McClung Morgan where young homemale- ers, for 54 years, have found it such a pleasure lo moke dreams ot on attractively furnished home come true, even on a mini budget. We have ideas galore in "starter sets" lo get you going ... essentials for every room, in a wide variety of pace-setting and imaginative new designs. Come, browse. FAMOUS BRAND NYLON CARPET name brand SALE PRICED AT ONLY $ 4.95 ^««« sleep sets From $ 69',l, Sq. Yd. Combined with our own professional, carpet crew, this represents the finest value possible. Quality padding and Labor ONLY S2.50 extra. McClung Morgan IS FAMOUS FOR APPLIANCES Sold Right--Serviced PROMPTLY, Cheerfully, and Expertly \Vhen Needed! SEE OUR BIG DISPLAYS GE-FRIGIDAIRE TAPPAN-HOOVER chairs From $ 69°° You II marvel ot in* c x r i t j n ^ s ^ i r - t i ^ n of cnoirs on sale no'*. All descried !;r beauty and comfort. Styled right (or you! magnificent sofa-beds From $ 199°° Gel the best of both worlds and inv«! Impressive irue-sofo styling and deep sealing comfort for your living room. · Simmons · Krenhlcr · Row* carelret) and exciting... dinettes From *69°° Trits« areot wciiMnok rlinetti.* tot* the kitchen-look out of your casual diniig. Find 5, 7 and 9-pc. sets ot big savings. All crofted for years of riuroble service in o style you'll be proud to own. luxurious SOfaS now $ 199to $ 499 SAVE AS MUCH AS $200. ·nKroehler.Rm.KejCity.PyllMin Now is tlie perfect time to decorate e beautiful living room around o handsome PC* sofa. Our selection of quality eroded sofas in Contemporary, Mediterranean Traditional, Early American and Provincial is incomparable. It's o sensational value sale on o lifetime of comfott. Housewares and Giftware every bride needs wants Let McClung t, Morgan help make all your dreamt for more beautiful living com* true new.' 210 MacCorkie Avenue, S.W.-South Charleston One of West Virginia's Largest Dealers for MAGNAVOX TV-STEREO-COMPOMENTS TAPE RECORDERS-RADIOS You'll Find Our Own Terms Are Comfortable For Young Budgets-Compare! Shop Thursday Nights 'Til 9 NATIONALLY ADVERTlSK) BRANDS SO. CHARLESTON PtaM 744-34!

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