The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 16
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DOROTHY - KILGALLEN The Big 'If s'. clock by 'hind of . his own security men, who usually sit on the porches in lonely vigil no guns drawn and, seem grateful when - anyone passing by a the way to anothee bunga low says bellow good morning, or'geod evening. Mrs. Hughes, the former Jean Peters, has been glimpsed by one sharp-eyed resident of he hotel, who exxlaimed: rSha .doesn't -ever go to L Magnin without ' bodyguard." The estranged and suppos edly about-to-be-divorced Alan Jay Lemers are occupying bungalows. 7A and 7B, which are adjoining, and suggest that Alan and Micbellne might be getting on a .bit; better than they did some weeks ago when she locked bint out of their New York -town bouse. Cer tainly Beverly Hill suffers no dearth of bouts, and even if they bad to. cpnfer about the settlement of millions or til-lion one' of them could be staying in bungalow 7 A and the other could be Installed at the Bel Air, or the Beverly Hilton, and speculation, about a reconciliation would not be quite so rife as it is at the moment,, :.s'';,j 3 , ,j s You think that's all? No, the cast is even, larger. Eddie Fish er and Robert Evans; once baddies but now former friends since Eddie rather conspicuously nipped off to Las Vegas with. Robert's best girl, Cer man model Renata Boeck, arrived fromNew York on the same plane' by the wildest of China $10 Buy it Fashion II Highly nattering little fur Fashion wise the finest la Sim peons-Sears price is today, see ia ell but tyiNow iSave More! Yams for the Entire Family! 4-Ply 4VOz. Bulky Wool Toe a IH royal, valww, prooi iw Knit-Ituik" Yarn Chalet laMlql. pdhdetw. 100, Nylon Crimpset ' 9-ntr. l-ea. bans black. Mia, while, eharroal. coincidences, and by a more predictable happenstance turn ed up at the pool glowering at each other but not speae tag,- Eddie is now dating ac tress Carol Lynley, and Bob is supposed to be engaged to another model, Camilla Spav, but dont make any large bets or hold your breath until they say -"1 do." - So the soap the towering palm trees throbs with questions. Will Eddie bump Into Liz and Richard at the pool? Will Bob punch Eddie in the nose? Win Warren bat his incredible eyelasbes at Mrs. Burton as she glides by, end If so, will Mr. Burton punch him tat the nose? Will Leslie bring her children to the pool to play with Elizabeth's children and Michel ine's little boy and Alan's two children by another marriage and their SUmese cat? Wifl Michellne and Alan announce reconciliation next week, thus depriving their .lawyers of a monumental day la court? Will Kerry - Kollmar. 10-year-old star or -paiama Party.' get to Disneyland with all this shooting until midnight? Stay (Copyright 1864) 't ON ROLLS; TORONTO (CP) Toronto City Clerk Edgar Norrts saM Monday that MM name will be the muaMpa! voters' list to bs posted throughout the city Captivating Lines in Mink Jackets MONTHLY -TIN m I II u II i WW 16 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1964. HOLLYWOOD The next few days ia never-neverlarul should be something for the historian to .conjure with. Especially the view from the Beverly Hill Hotel pboL Elizabeth Taylor and Rich, ard Burton are due to arrive t any hour, with their retinue and. her four children. They will dtsoerse themselves, and nre- sumabiy disport themselves, among one large bungllaw and three suites in the main build ing. Warren Beatty is already here,' chatting amiably with movie director Frank Perry, and occasional . young ladies notable for their sMmpiness of their bikinis and the expression of dire yearning in their eves. Dav tiefru- veatarrlav a " poolside'sunbsther with nothing to do but count noted that Warren vu paged to the teh phone exactly 27 times in one thour. it was generally assumM by the Bestty-watcneri ' that' the caller on the other end of the wire was Leslie Caron, but the assumption remained unconfirmed. Leslie has not been seen around the pool; she is playing it cool, at her house. posing for pictures as she romps with her children, which seems the most fitting occupation for a lady whose husband - is suing her for divorce in that rather ungallam English fash-Jon, . .,. Howard Hughes, may be here. He is renting three cottages which are guarded around the Brceutt Yon Lvr Luxury ' . . Vhit SimptwSfrt " Nm "Fmr Solon". ' : wSj Sf(M V.; ; ; - 1 i !i r 'V i;'f : . 7:',- ! , Just Say "Charge It" Buy More, fur fashloaa la the that goes a long way! women who look for China Mink, look to where quality, value -sod unequalled! Come in them all, they're luxury price! is the Time to f. Your Knitting Needs! vara, eotaarfaet, wat rvpanant, nrnnprooi. wwn, arar saw. awe, brown, HfM fray, aeiaa iwaaa. ij vawe , WMIi raa. aevr. Hast Wwa, Wash, soMjr, (awa. Knitting Worsted Yarn i . MiiiiwfMiBTlaUil( nstovrfMlt MtM, MTV. wUTGUOaM. Wttlt. ffa4l. Rlnpnllrt. Tap ouaUty warstid yam. UaM s-ay. aranea, syaaa, , J. awreea. sola. yeUow. laaaoa Maa. saB fray, tea. 4-aly. ; A Jf A M -S-aa. aketna. SSe valaa Nylon Double Knitting Wool ; 100T. 'aytaa Haipaat ewabta Bttrttsng yarn.' hrtrOt-araor, aaaahavaof. . WMta, arewa, nawoar, any, avay aus, yallew, kelsa mia, Maaa, green. 1-os. baO. see valaa. yellow. ak. navy. HrM Woe. eawa, raa. iisaiiHeg .. ..-aOWH- 1 ' 1 Vaa . Kiad ef lanad. JO Saacy ap Mra: Siaaa. .. ! 4 Oar t Pacify. : 4 $tim e SI BtUieal S3 CU i J7 P trfa am. -Jt Prayer. " S City in CaraMBT. 41 DKtriaa. ; T PaiMaav Da art e Caaaaeac WLaaaaa-e 4t llaad al at titm Caiaaa. 44 Emi Past. ' 44 Hiaiaf placa.' 4? Viaara. U Var. t i MM w MM mjm H- Lw mm MM IS 14 1 14 rr""""" ;r -""7r-i """" zs as" 27. 7 "" T" ' , " T "" iT" "T m """""a"T " aT --- IT"T T"""" " IT" 4 " ' " " a) """""""" SI """"""" il " " " " ii" T " " """""" 1 ss"-T"a 5" 3" 3" "" " "T ' oo " T" 7" " 3""" 3" " " " 17 T ; SohiOoa of this put b wTU to abl heel toiuarte-i Goren.on Bridge By CHARLES H. COREN i Norts-Soutk vulaerabkk Norm deals. ' NORTH :. : ' , i AKS : . 9StS . ' ' ; e AKSS WEST..-- EAST ; I ;aiss ..AM 9ASS4 OKQJrtt . 04IT4 OSS - . JMSS , aovrsi qjssi - vs - -OAKJS4 Tte bidding: . , ' Nertkv Cas'. Seam , Waal la IV Se .9 I 'Pass Sc 4 ' Pass SO Pass Pass Opening leed: Ate ef 9 A Weil coac aired bidding palga enabled North and South to neck ea antarprising yet aewerthsless highly sound slam contract in today's head. North opened the bidding with one chio. East evercaHed with one heart and, though his call Is hardly subject to criticism, it did althnately provide shrink - '' aiaca. 65' lfqpllJW, IswnML f - f ' ; f-Dial 728-2611 77 69 ,t r ' fv,;. rM'.'j . - . We carry kn excellent nuige of knitting pattern Iwoksv leaileta, todlvlduai patterns for an types of ool,- also A complete range of knitting accessories In our wool BeparU'- rflent,'.":' ? ; :' '. $ f: i t -. .!?' , i,n:i::-- ,''&- Phone and Mail Orders Filled Journal . Gross - TXCaoaS r Kaesae a. 1 Pane. : Sf. U Gey leee. S , ' ; UaaeT, nareeai motors. .'. ' SS Ihmee far . T Taenia . ' ewnariag ' , (daaa stale). must IS A Kch 14 Mas. M Wav.t Sa, 17 rhlolit' . ehararter UUiil . Mam . UJa4it M Sa U. es n n Maa 7 ; n Pa Z4 Omtnt f " S Bar - Word Puzzle t SI Fituae, Snlliaa. M Hataa ,17 Aot . - - 1 Pim IfatMaae. af 1Mb A War. : a SStlaaaa. M knar iate 3a Crinaaa aaaia. 4 llail muk. V 44 Cank. j- ' 41 Testila .'V' 4 FaU ai i . ieUiinliurt , We)M&, SI AaUM at "lbs , Harkab" -.-,;.' ' St Ciaiimlilt ! . 54 Vieteiy: Gar. M Jack, far ruifhi ST tjadaa. Sat SbnVeMf .jiT;' aaCacaaayV ' ' , 'Pi r aace to his opponents la realising the full potential of their South made a free bid of de and West, under the coves of the (avorebie vainer, ability. offered a aomewbat doubtful competitive raiae to two hearts. North was certainly weB witkia kiauetf hi bidding just two spades: hewever. wbsu bis partner showed the dmmoad suk on the next rooad. North ongged eft the wraps -Jumping to four spades, - A caaservatively asclmed play. r augtit nave been content to settle for game and rubber South, however, had a glimpse of prosperity at this point. With both opponents bidding hearts. It appeared that North's values would solidify Snath's Suits, and If partner had the missis con trols to clubs and spades slam would become a certainty. A Blackweed call at that point would have served no useful purpose since specific controls were reoaired. Seats made his try. therefore, by bidding five had beta strongly agreed on as a tramp salt. Soath's caH beyond the gaaas level became aa obvious slam try. By revealing sa ewa strength to be hoped to convey a clear message to North of what was expected from him to undertake a slam commitment. . North's holding la the black Km wen aa the partial cia- flt fully warranted ebt spades. The only week spot was ia hearts. North erne ceajvmced t would aot look for a slam lack' lag the toppers ia clubs he had a West cashed the ace of hearts. eetdfewaatfweadofthtde- fenatve efforts. South ruffed lbs conltnuatioa and, after drawing trump, he made a quick claim. i, ' Journal Want quick results. , f Ads bring , !.-' (,-- . 9 4 DgjBI.iTi.DAY? .... " V KtXP MSURE0I When yea yea are aa longer eoverod keoiwae seowutery wMun fwno ore avorlabie a haopwaa, c ana i a a ) CHANGING JOBST t ' IC-lPMSUtllH ImdHMtlim, j bw-vdiow en m bach f raem 104, anwdh your fraap GETTING rjVRRItDT. KEEP MSUtEDI When you merry, rfopwidiia.- Ted yoot ftoap 0 R eoat pay dwaet, ' i - dewerW 1 tokhSo m i Vrdal i mmrumm 1 Why ' I.. ' -V.,;- What Was the" First Musical Iststrument? i i. Win the IS-sobiaM atrUanitica Junior Bneuelooedlm tor school end Aoau. Send goer quttttont, aame, ape, eddreu to Teil tit Wkgr tmr of The Ottmwm Journal, in case of dapHcate ffmestioits, tht author will decide' tA winner. Toouft wtnntr u: Kium atnrg. if. ottmwm. Ontario. By A. 1X0EUM l Since music of sosnc kmd was pert of man's Ue from the very beginning, we caa - arobabhr never be sure what esncdy was (us first esusica ' mstmment. Bat here is a good due: every man bad the bow lor aunt ma. Listening to the twanging of the bow-string probably led him toil create some sort of stringed tat- la strumens. And anothar due is ware drums arroas which skin stretched and 1 prob ably asade music with that No one knows lust when and where the drum originated, but we can be pretty sure It is one of man's first musical inatra- tta. Of coarse, it easy not have been used 4nr mask at lira, ii waa a rra way sa cau together scattered members ef WltfV IW WWHI1 WI Kid , Listenini to the beat of the drum, primitive maa may then have got the idea that tt weald help him create some kind ef magic music to drive spirits. And from there a natural step to use the dram I dram 4s. the to accompany dances in other words. dram became a true i a I I I I I 'a 1 , !oi evil I M K was J a il The primHive drums were't materials, toe lading hollow tree trunks, -long bamboo sticks, or lust bealiae the around By, the time e the aacieat Egyptians and : Hebrews; the drums had developed Into bet - ter instruments. The. Egyptian uram was actaaiiy aaaau aaa was carried ia the hand. Among the very earliest musi cal Instrument were the whistle and the reed pipe. They OA S-b OA for tkof OiOWMTO knows whea they were first Other wind tastrasseass such aa the flute sad bora are very ancient toov The E thus bad the flute, aad the first boras aaed ia music arere rob-ll ebly ram's aoraa. -. .. .-: Jr While stringed lustrum n t s ' are very aid, there is a tradj tkm that the first stringed to-L strument played with a bew.ll like ear vtolin. was invented by r a king ef Ceyma about Seto BC But the violin aa we know! . ;g lW)iL?S J rfectod until .the L 11' So yon see how! I , "'L w musicni Inttnr ( -" . tor It, wasn't pt ltta century. long a takes ws FUN TIME .' . ! The CSajcksi Best ' . Bob: 1 was bora la Seeth America. --- " .n Rod: What part? Bobt All of me. ef coarse t '. e .i- . e ..v'EXTBA PtrZEl ' , YOU FINISH IT " .' VOTI rott a ;' Yea may wto a Bruannlcn World Atlas plus a BritaanVoS Yearbook far rmishmg this drawing. Use this drawing,' or copy K any aire. Originality aad baagtnation count. Import aae entries ssast be ' eeVheased: rDrnwing.'. TeO Me Why. aad give your name, age, and address. -' ' ' . S i. v- "Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Boa: Utensil, Diagonal '( - Whs tke Britannic World Atlm or Tauroook of Kvtnt. Send pour riddles, fakes to; ia eaf 1 baiedaf by year aorwres cor mirty days to beep) I j- - tans ttie CermVcwe of frfaee. m raoaarea to ewva yea. CXTARI3 HOSPITAIIEIVICES CCr-KUrSICrl 11S YOMOI ITIIIT, TOIONTO f, ONTAtlO 1 JtaMIes. Jokn. -Till Ut Wkur To&aft wtnntr it: Sutun foo, Wolcott. Conn. r- 3?rr?srf-.i ore ee h-at - Ne saaaaaaola attar rafaie batwara tke la aaa ttaa at Aitia laxnialva. aoaaava's raraltare trmSr-ta Bojirtanal araat alaar a asoaalaia at BMrahaaalaa tauaoat-asoiy. soaaa artoatly reaewoa. Drop la aae krewsa aroaa. Always aa sonmlla bvar. Baay srraaa. 1 ' rarool i.mmi kv . ' awara awe . . ,.ri'.i ..: . Waoasae asadaae, Ceeaee aaMeasua, i Caoh anS carry . ' Sanaa ea Sealer, waste worn lata, as Caoa aaa aarry. .. boa n , weed aa steeL - . Back .. . .. . CbMkos aryar. WaMaaal Air-rte, aa voaS rooojroa.-'-w;.v.Mp.,.v I( aaaavao, Saaraae, . . ' . aoweaUoa awaraalaoS. . ... ... . aaataorawl aaat, aoakla, aorta rules. rtaas eablaeta, lesal als 4 eraest araM, atarUaa at os .oa oonaoi. iuroooara aoaoia, is a (a. Bar ' at. Hi a il. ir wrtors MW . . . .-.,T., kaB 'aoaala oaae. -away AaSotlaTO, sterUbjer." ao new. r esn. ai nZf i Saara eabtoeia. a S. a sua wees, larie . I Barb arbortu. j ,1 L Baa, kwae asoananat, tum rn.niiosl ehalr. avsasaaay. I .ano,eo Qearclaa asahosaay einams tabk,. a boaatwal table TO WfYlOUS FT DOC DAYS, I Like man. many canine pets are sensitive to ragweed pollen. a $4.95 $9.95 - $9.95 50c : $29.50 . $19.95 .... $9.95 . . $4.95 IC $199.00 $29.00 erawera, l..- $35.00 :... $95.00 $49.00 HmjL $13.50 $11.95 $1.00 : $5.95 $2.50 $2.95 , $1.00 $22.50 $169.00 $179.00 $149.00 $49.00 $85.00 $24.00 li $9.00 2c ; $6.95 atsa; ? 'Z. I iaae. Barv 1 rrraaeoa. FiinnminF wiiiii a w Sim DEPAKTMENT DALHOUSIE, SSM147 Mar ooatrrtoi, SST-INS at Botk Stotos - : " i ''; I the fabulous '. XS SISTERS AND ' - . ! ' mm X & 4 r T U v T I rJ "fi i V I ia 1 1 ft I A T i H Iff W j ITT Fit U s tHoli'UL Hi ""pfTMlP snam r IhIA nTjj J m w pTgr. if Hir LT n drop I. at at ' ,' '"."" iaae Mraasara. w - rar of . ear Ske pair - wltb erawora. . vases. ' I r.H-iis an mis -aye Uad Mo. sea. Wararoba traah, kirra, aoae . em aey. ..... innrisnrrs awmiwwu war auatoa, praag type. ' - Bab ' . Arrow baea eaatra. lull a( annuo Hoau. Bvaryuuaa eaie saaraataoS '.'7 ' G. Traoo-es aaoratoS eUUfaclant el aw H. '.' ...... , .... IJMTTEO TKAOE-tN 111 Ml! BRAY, NEAJt aow raioM.n aae apHlaacea, so. oar atM etoplay ' rros rarklas o. BoB. rssmm GnnilDSTAND SHOW Tickets Now on Sale ; at Lansdowne Park - ! .V RED SKELTOII SI!0VJ . ' Friday evening - aug. 2! . S r SATURDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING - AUG. 22 i : AOMISStON, RESEJtVEO TICKETS ; -v i Evenings BS.OO B3-B0 . $2.00 fl.BO i Satarday Matinee S2.D0 . gl.go fS.OO ' f::? mzzx h.c. tmatWw trwiowt tim, H4l ktr, tm u t4 Mr niraMnasi (1 fhtrfcwmaDCM nlrk. The. emtor mi avKh MforiwtUbia thsfMlrri f - m l4d Uw. rMlawtitr and Klesa Kadlddl- . i fcstipr brtfif- " n mi Uvt frvcMt drnaaibB . . - . mQ ha 0rmi VhiMUa luaiejix m r . ofafct4 aMasVM li tf awwm. SkClteXk. . SFECieU,- SAL, fcU3. 22 - l!ATIZE THE i JOY WiLLIAnS SHOW i V EVENINGS ONLY - Aug. 24 thra Aug. 29 ADMISSION, RESERVED SEATS "W ; " . S4L04) . S2.S0 . $2.00 - $S.$0 ' ';v'.; ' !ui the OSMOND BROTHERS : Twa b ON abee 1 ernsbt erwy aim ' f t of uw tumor, aoaoaruo. anor wtu . t-tJas aaa aw Oomood anoTwana.- tae ' f rj , laiojirt aaoou aarrsne an bom- I .A. aw aiaial sker Mr. aa os. j" aorsuos awwa aa ua M ol t t I , w SMJUrixa in nb aawa of I y f oornr noon am aintila. Tk. ' ' . ' sua, aanne nawcens arorua ok.asat ot I ' ' paat wwk skow aajk msrwa pweoriloa k V Boawom. joanmr kUTeoa m n out 1 aonr ttiis ml akoa. tacutmo Bar. V bum a wat SI i. - .,..1,. "-" EVERY PERFORMANCE WEATHER-PROTECTED! NEW) COVERED STAGE and GRANDSTAND i: Jr-V i V' .. 4

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