The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE'SIX THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVJU-J^E, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 4, 191S. ORDER OF THE IN-OR-INS Penrod and Sam Collaborate in Founding a Secret Society By BOOTH TARKINGTON -CopjTl«ht. 3*17, Wh**ier Syndicate, Inc.) 3v' " . _ * _ . _ themselves concerned in the matter [ There Wai Something Different and Spiritual About Georgia. ...'.. .G«?Kte Bassett was a boy set apart, j dearly prove their Innocence of heart Not only that; Georgia knew that he-, than rhls very ignorance, and yen none " "was. a boy set apart. .He ·would think of the grown people who later .- about It lor ten or twenty minutes "at a "time, and he could not look at"himself ""la'.mirror and remain wholly without j '; emotion,. What that emotion .was, he would nave been nnabte 'to-put into- words,- bnt it helped him to understand of those reactions which produce what is sometimes culled' "ibe s ' Injustice of. life," because tbe grown people were responsible for the whole affair, and thing about Mm which ottaT boys did i £TM "^ j^," 1 ^^Je B "^ not possess. learned that he was a boy set apart, .. -Georgies mother tad beTM the first! d ^ c/rect upin .- hln , was ,. hat .,Jto.atoeo« r that George was « boyset , all( , aate(i:hls lrlends . Then these aUen . .part. In fact, Georgle d .1 not taof ateii frien(ls werc Brou ht {b 0[ilous or eociety, as 11 measure of exclualve- ·ness and to Jccep the shack sacred to .members only, but It. was an idea that presently began to be more absorbing and satisfactory than even the shack .Itself. The outward manifestations of "It might have been observed in the" ln- j creased solemnity and -p'reoccnpfltlon of the CuuraRinn members and In a few ceremonial observances exposed to the public eye. As an Instance of these latter, Mrs. Williams, happening to j t'lance from a rearward window, about four o'clock one afternoon, found ! her attention arrested by what seemed i m be n finp-mielng before the door of f the shack. 3am'and Herman and Yer- innn stood in attitudes of rigid attention, shoulder to shoulder, while Penrod SchofieM, facing them, wns apparently delivering some aort of ei- Itortntion which he read from a scribbled sheet nf foolscap. Concluding this, he lifted from the ground n long and somev.-hat wnrped clothes-prop, 'from one end of which hnng n whitish flag, or pennon, "bearing nn inscription. i Sam nnd Herman and Vcrman lifted I 'their right h:inds, while Penrrwi placed j the other end of the clothes-prop In a j hole In the ground, with the pennon I fluttering tiigh above the shack. He ; then raised his own riglit hand, and ·f the four boys repeated something in j concert-. It was Jnnndible to Mrs. "Wil- I Hams, but she was able to make out i the inscription upon the pennon, Jt consisted of the peculiar phrase, "In- Or-In," dom in black paint upon a muslin ground, and consequently seeming to be In need of a blotter. It reenrml to her mind, later that 'evening, when she happened to find herself alo^e with Sam In the library, nnd. In naere.Tt Idle curiosity, she asked: i "Sam. what does *In-Or-In' mean?" ; Snm. bending- over an arithmetic, un| crensed his brow till it became of a ·j .blank and marble smoothness. ! "Ma'am?" : "What nre those words on your ; flag?" I Snm gave her a long, cold, mystic t look, rose to his feet, and lea the i room with amphasls nnd dignity. For ; a moment stie wns puzzled. EH: Sam's i'older brother was this year completing {'his education at a university, and Mrs. j TTIHlnms was not aJio^ether Ignorant ; of the obligations oC secrecy imposed · upoa some brotherhoods; BO she was ; able to comprehend Sam's silent with- j drawal, and, Instead of summoning h i m back for further questions, she waited uprll he wn.s out ot hearing and then began to laugh. Sam's action was In obedience to one of the rules adopted, at his owa suggestion, as a law of the order. Penrod advocated It warmly. Prom Margaret ._ . . - . , , . he had benrd accounts of her friends 3SO*-, here was a characteristic working . , n ^ege an( , thns hnd )e[Inled ^^ Sam and Herman and Vermari Stood in Attitude of Rigid Attention. that ought to be done. On the other j .hfinci Hermnn subscribed to (t with re-,i luctance, ^pressing a decided opinion ! that if he and Vennan were .questioned ! upon the mutter «t home and adopted It.-ustil .one day, .when he happened to -·. i-overnear his mother telling his aunts about it. True* he had always nnder- -* stood that he was the best boy in town : '-'"arid he Intended to be a minister when *'"'fie"'grew up. 'biit he bad never before ~ '""coin pretended the full extent of his sanctity, and, Irbm fhat fraught moment onward, hc had an almost the- J._«tricfll sense of his set-apartness. ',--.. Penrod Scaoneld and Snm*-WIlHams ··-?:«* the other boys of the neighborhood *.'·· all'--were' conscious that there was "·"something different nnd'spirttufil about ' ' Georgle, and,. though this consclous- " 'ness of theirs may have been a little obscure/it was none, the less.actual. That conjparisoos on the part of grown people) to a condition of ratnd wherein they suffered dumb annoyance, like a low fever, whenever they heard Georgia's name mentioned, while association -with his actual person became every dny more ind more irritating:- ins kepr It constantly glowing, the j meeting (though it cannot be said that grown people expected, nothing to hap- a n o f thntn .were practicable) for in pen to Gwrtfe. i addition to the information possessed new rule, It would 'be well for them to depart not only from the room In which the questioning took place but from the house, and hurriedly at that. **An' stay nwey!" he concluded. Tenrmn, being tonsme-tied--not without advantage In this case, and surely an Ideal qualification for membership --was not so apprehensive. He voted with Sam and Penrod, carrying the had somehow obtained a vasty piano j home.. Both their parents belonged to ·box and a quantity'of lumber, and, j secret''orders, their fnther to the Jn- Penrod Scliofleld and the '. napenent 'Novolent lodfce (so stated by "fs~ to say. they .knew that Georgle Bas- sorbert appreciation' of Georgia's won- '"dPri'uJriess from the" very fount of it, for Mrs, Bassett's conversation wag o* little else." Thus, the .radiance of tils character became the topic of. envious parental comment during moments of strained patience in many homes, so that altogether the most remarfcnble fact to be stated of George Bassett. is straightway the assembly became a . n; union* of carpenters all rf one mind, 'and ten days saw the shack not corn- thf t h a t ' h e escaped tho consequences 'i long iis he! did. '. . ,' . '·. ' Strange as it mny sprm, no nctuul ." vio!"7uar"excQnt upon'thajj intended for a- shack. ;" and It was tho Hmal he wnq runrttnn- tn t*« Tnn^^KTM-- *. «J " ,,, TM K I m^»en! when Airs, ;v lulama happened to observo The rfninl contnJnod tho oath, a key o a , There was a door on leather hinges ; - t o tny , CCT6t , nnjnjB or eode It drooped, perhaps, but It wu« a door. vtscd - hj . Pcnr0f] for usft In UnMrtn|n Tliere mu a window-not n glnss one, ome cponcl C8 ). und PHS words for nd- · " ! ·but, at. least, it could be "looked out of," as Sam said. There, was a chim to tbo (h|icl alBO InittnicUoM docorativc, because ' 3ncEexft£L occasion' 'of ,a ta^'.ftght;-intf ' tSihieinre JB-aiTclr x a'\cn;by .an obvlo-as.e.(;-. ! "ncn.Hy;'lie wan . noc'. 1 popular, wittr.nls . tcomrailes;'In.uH snmtiCfce'.was.pnshed nsfile. and. disreirarclcd; being In.rariaT - -blytTtfte.-tiill-endfer In cvccy pastime. In -·whtcK leaders,'"chose-std-'s;" Ms cuim- sels \vpre "fvllglifed ii* " worae : ih'a'n » instar.t- Stlli,- considering the 'clr- f«(rly-'a"iKl."'^iousJitfuny, .It i'lilii.'boy com- ·^werfr^nfUernte up^-to'-'a'-cor thin .'''date, - and'^ven the/n-they-tlid no't'directly at- ; iitooded -oboiit it'aTalt,' Tlie'thing'was ur and, liiough-'they iill '".] for recognising Q brother member in 8 1 .the dark, and a rnther alarming Hk he cooking i of tnc thlne(| to ho donn d u r l n g .\Vn^xl0no..oot .of;.doors..ia an under-1 initiation of a cnndldate. '-Kroun'd .'Xurtjacc'Mwlilcb-the 1/oys ex- "."cay.ited. There, w.cre p'crureK i*i»tcd :ort the'lntorlor walls, and. hanging from ft nail ..'there, wns a : crayon portrait of Thfs In.nt WUH omplnycd for thn benefit of Muster HoderJck Mnguwnrtli BIttfi, Jr., on the Saturday fjolluwtng tho fla^'-mlslng. Ho prc»«nteti hlmsp.lf ·Sam', irrandfnther, ^,eh he had ^^-^ " ^^^ hroujiht-down from the attic quietly, 'dsert--hn\-ing no previous knowled-e Ihooeli, a« he sold, ft "wasn't any use , of (he fior(ety o( the rn-Or-fn--but for on; earth up there." There were two J general purposes of sport nnd pastime, i ..i.-r__ M T, »_ attic, « od i At firat sight of ttie Bhuck lie exT»reasert alonff one \rnlL''ran-ci low und feeble .structure -.intended to nerve aa a bench or divan.. - T h t s -irciiid-cwme In bandy, Sam satd, if-any of the party "had to ·Jay down nr ariyttilnR" rtnd-nt a pinch (such 'as n mcetlng-of ·tiio-Rsaodatlon) It'would serve to seat-all tne members in. a rMi', ,,; ·;. ;; ·. .,For, coIneidentnUy^virh the develon- imfidpatinns of ptonsure, ndding some for Improving archi- .tectunil effect. Being prevented, however, -from eniering, and even from standing In tiie vicinity nt the snored bnilfling, ha plaintively rtemonaed an .esplan:t£ioni whereupon he was com- niRnriefl to.withdraw to the front yard for a time, aiid the members held meet,.. ^._,,._ ...... ... ^__ - ment of Hie shack, the builders became j f n g in die shock. Roddy WHS elected, d and-uiiiifted--whfie U-was I something more ttan pnrtners. Later, ; and consented to undergo tbe initia- ' . ' understand n o cue could remember who f i r s t sng- j tion. 't»uld 'more : j fiested the founding .of a secret order j He was not tne only new member | that flny. A short time after Roddy I had been taten Into the shacfc for the ' reading of the rtrual and other ceremonies, little Maurice Levy entered the WIHterns' gate and strolled round to the backyard, looking for Sam. Hc wns surprised and delighted to behnld the promising shock, nnd, like Hoddy, en- 'tertnined fair hopes for the future. The door of {he shack was closed; ti board covered the 'window, hut a mnrmnr of voices cnme from within, i Munrice stole close and listened. j Through a crack he could see the fficfc- er of a cnrjdJe-finroe, nnd ho heard the voice of Penrod Schof\eld: "Hoddy Bltts, Uo ' you solemnly "Well, all right," said the voice of Roddy, somfrwhat breathless. "How. many fingers yon see before your eyes!" "Can't see any," Roddy returned. "How conld J, with this thing over my eyes, and laying down on my srum- mick, anyway?" *Tben the time has come," Penrod announced In solemn tocos. "The time has come. 11 Whack! Evidently a broad and flat Implement was thereupon applied to Roddy. **Qw I" complained the candidate. "No noise!" said Penrod sternly, and Added: "Roddy Bltts muat now say the oath. Say eiackry what I say, Roddy, nnd If you don't--well, you better, because you'll seel Now, say *L soiemnly aweivr--'" "I solemnly swear-M said Roddy. "To keep the secrete--" "To keep tbe secrets--" Roddy repeated. *To keep the secrets In Infadelnty and violate Snd sanctnnry." "What?" Roddy naturally Inqnfred. Whack! "Ow!" cried Roddy. "That's no fair I" "Ton rot to say jnet w h n f l pay," Penrod .was heard Informing him. ,"That's the rimnl, nnd anyway, even if you do get It right, VcrmarVs got to hit yon every now and then, because that's n«rt of the rixnul, too. Now go on and say It, 1 solemnly swear to keep (ho Hecrcts in infadelnty and vio- Jnto and sanctuary."* "I «olenml;y Wenr"--Iloddy began, But Muurice Levy wan tirod of being no party to snch fasclnntinK proceedings, nnrt ho begnn to hammer upon tho door. "Sum ! Snm Williams 1" ho ahem cod. "Leminft In there! I know Jots nbont 'ni«litatin'. Lemme In:" Tbo door wns flung open, revealing Iloddy Bltts.bUDdfoJdcil *nd bound, lying faCB down.upon tho floor of tho s h n c k ; but Mnnrtee hnrt only a fugitive ffJlfjipno of this patbwflc figure before liQ, too, wns recumbent. Four boyfi (lunfi Uimnsiilvcs IndlsmmtLy upon him «nd bor« him to earth. "HU" he squealed. "What you doin'? Uuven't you got uny eeneti?" And, from wlililn the shock, Iloddy added his own protest, "Let r.^e up, can't you?" he cried. "I got to see whnt's gnin' on oot there, haven't T? I gQess I'm not gnin' to lay here all d a y ! What you ihlnk Tra made of?" , "Ynn hush op r" Penrod commanded. "This Is a nice biznuss!" he tondtraed, deeply aggrieved. "What kind of a 'nlshlntlon do you expect this is, anyhow?" ·"Well, here's fifnnrice Levy gona and ; seen part of the secrets,*' said Sum, in : a voice of equal plaJntiveness. "Tes; ; and I bet he was ISetcnin* out here, 'too!" "Lemme up.'" begged Maurice, half stifled. "I dlcla't do any harm to your old secrets, did I? Anyways, I just as Boon be 'ntehtated myself. I ain't 'afraid. So It yon 'nlshlate me, what t difference will It make if 1 did hear, n I little ?" Struck with this Idea, which seemed | reasonable, Penrod obtained silence from every erne except Jloddy, and it ·was decided to allow Manrlce to rise Con of a aow oflice, called the "war- j nor." It was his duty to climb upon the back f«-nce once every fifteen mln- ; utoR and search the horizon for 3n- j trtidcra or "aiiybody that hasn't got any ! blKanas around here." Tbls poat proved | i so popular, at first, that It was found j ; necessary to provide for rotation in of- '. flee, and to shorten the interval from fifteen minutes to an indefinite but j much briefer period, determined prin- j clpnlly by argument between the in- j cuipbent and his suceespor. ! And Maurice .Levy contributed u de- · vice so pleasant and so ne'-oswu-y to I the prevention of interruption during j meetings, tJntt Ponrod JJDC! Hum won- \ dered wby they had nut Uiuugkt of. it , themselves long before. It consisted · of about twenty-five feet of garden I hose In fair condition. One end of It · wns introduced into the shack through i ' a knothole, nnd tJio oiher was secured | ! by wire, round t h n faucet of a hydrunt ! .'in the stable. Thus, if rooinbers of the J i order were assailed by thirst during an | Important session, or In the course of ; an Initiation, it would n'ot be necesK:iry ; for ^hcm all to leave fhc sliack-. One | could go, Instead, und when he hut! j turned on ihc water at the hydrant, ! the members in (he shack could drink : without leaving their places. It was : discovered, also, that the section of ; hose could be used as a speaking-tube; j and though it did prove necessary to · explain by shouting otitside the tube ; what one had said into It, still there i was a general feeling that it provided ! another means of secrecy and an add: Uona! safeguard against intrusion. Jt U true that during the half honr Immediately followlog the Inst-ftllation of this conreniencp, there was ft little violRnce among the brothers concern: Ing a question of policy. Snm, Roddy . and Verraan--Verman especIaUy-- · wished to use the tnbe "to talk through," and Maurice, Penrod nnd j ·Herman wished to use :t "to Jtlrlnlr ! j'through.' 1 As a cooseqnence of the i j Jijccoss of the latter party, tbe shack \ ; became too dnmp for habifcntJon nntJJ i j another day, and several members, ns j they went home- at dusk.^might easily ; have been mistaken for sorplvorp of j 1 some marine catastrophe. j '«· Still, not every shnck IB equipped ; j with running 1 water, nnd exobernnce j | befitted . the occasion. Everybody . t agreed that tbe afternoon had been · j one of the most successful and Jmpor- · ; tanc In many weeks. The Order of the I ;In-Or-In was doing splendidly; nnd yet [every brother fe3L )n his heart that | there was one thing that conld spoil 1L , Against that fatality, all were united \ to protect themselves, Ihe shack, the '· rbctmi, the opera glasseK, and the wa- \ ter-tind-spesklng tube. Sam spoke not t ocly f^r himself bnt for the entire or- i j ;fler when he declared, in speeding the | lastjartlng jnest: [ 1 "wen, we got to stick to one thing or we might as well quit! Georgie Bassett better not come pokin' anaind!" "*o, sir !" sold Penrod. VALUE OF PORPOISE JAW OIL Lubricant Responsible for Correct Operation of Delicate Mechanism Retaining Fluidity at All Times. In this hastening age of ours, when even seconds count in business Ufe, it mny so.uutl paradoxical to say that xvs owe our punctuality and time snviug to the plnyful porpoise. And yet nirh, indeed, Is the fact, sjiys Ibe Scientific American, for watches, clocks and the. still more di(rallied chronometer -would, not run roooth in and month oat wjth. rnfnilarlty but for the lubricant oh- talnpd from Its jaws. This oJ! has the unjqcc 1 property of TuJnE able to retain Its fluidity summer and winter, find there is fin authentic rfcort* of the lubricant doin£ its work ;it u tpmporatnre of quite 100 degrees h"low the freezing point. A variety of other oils have been tried Jor the same service, hut all of thprn have proved fur loss reliable. In a watch or chr«- nmneter the oil must stay where put-it must not "creep" over the meehnn- isni p.nd t h u s steal away from its prn- ppr post of duty. Therefore, it ought, "not to run sway in the presence of. considerable' hear. Neither should tb« oil oxidize, evaporate or prow rnndd. These exacting requirements are met In their entirety only by porpoise jaw oil. and Jt Is no wonder that the stuff when refined sells wholesale in the neighborhood of $25 a gallon. There aro njfln.r other nierhanlsms That are* best cared for by losing porpoise Jaw oil, sorb, for Instance, fts talking rna- '.'blues, delicate recording apparatus, ·etc. "Flapdoodle" Universal. Boosters hare used it simply and IE- gcnwously, but by mankind It has been rnlucd almost to thn level of an art and Jt has btten extensively used from Jons before tbe days of Solomon for purposes of evasion, promotion, ttrgumeot and solf-adrnjicement There is scarcely n department ol human activity that is free from It- It is a rhetorical de- vfce that Js liberally and shnmclcssly tisod by thti lover, the business man,: tho professional mail, the society ·wom- an, tho critic and the crnftsruun, and fcvfm the clergyman has been known tn descend to its employment upon occasion. Tho routine evidences of flop- doodle In ordinary intercourse nre monotonous, but in its most highly cultivated forms it Is found In art, literature, criticism, politics and statecraft. It La the most common commodity in tbe world, and nbcmt the most serlons. NEW MEC01D It Was Hli Duty to Climb the Buck Fenco and Search the Horizon for Intruders. - find retire to tho front yard. The ! brother members clicn withdrew within tho Hhnck, elected Maurice to the fellowship, and completed the Initiation of Mr. Bins. After thnt, Miuirlce wns summoned nnd underwent tho ordenl with fortltndo, tliouRh the newest brolhor--still tingling witli his own ex- perlcncoa--helped to mnko certain piirti* of the rixuu! unprocedentedly stv yero. Once endowod with full membership, Maurieo and Roddy accepted the ob- !lgatl«nH and pi*ivfle!;ea of tho order w!fli oiillnislaam. Both luterested themselves Unmodlutftly In improve- monta for the shtu'U. njid made excursions to their Jioroes to obtain imite- rlula. Heddy retmtied with a nalr of | lensloss mother-of-pearl operu glaaaes, j a contribution which led to the cren- Seagle again ahows his marked for. the interpretation of negro (pmtuaJs in two selections which he fra ['trap for tie March list of Columbia records. One is ".Nobody KDOTVS Be TiOUble IVe Seen," and tte other -'I Don't Feel No Way, Tired." Both rare arranged by that remarkable nesro romposer, Harrj- T. Burleigh. Beagle's . ··!! baritone voice is heard to splendid | irantage in these spirituals, and be ..jriDga out ali tbe subUc appeai of their strange minor harmonies. Particularly interesting are the two numbers Eddy IJrorro has pb }T d for ^olttmbia's newest group of "records. Ihe amiim ? technique of this vountr e niawski vuL,wr iVO m ±j jvunor." TfhiiG IE Cui's exquisite "Orientale' 1 he re-reals once more tbe delffacy of touch and depth of /ediag irbiufa hsa gh- t ;n him hi; Kreat vogne as a coocert artist. A eharmiog iralti reecrd is contributed to the Golttmbia dance program for MAPch or Princes Ordiestra. nndor the supervision of G. Hepburn Wilson, ft includes Morse's popular "Sing Me Love's LuJ-hby,'' in which Verdi s "OJeate Aid*" is introduced, and Robart's "Southern JSigh.ts." Both numbers posacaa the ap^iiU of ttuv melody,, m ;idd5ttoD to brisk dance rftylJim.. An eicerteatly-cbowai grotjp of se- lecuoos from PuceiniTs "Tosciu" is- plnvfed by the Columbia, Symphony OrchesteLaad lifted ia tho records foV March. Tlie dnunattc inh3nsic' wliich marks the music of Uiis tragic opera is splendidly interpreted throughout. "?· f b S ly but the » ift of e^preteion wnjcli Harrison possesses to a marked degree. "Indianola " piayed by Prince a Band mokes an idW far-trot. The reve?£ of this rccxird, m the Columbia program fvL^ 81 ^/ has the §:Rcin «fc M«Hev One-fatcp ? a Irvely -eelectioa indudm K tbe big song hit, "Sweet Little Buttercup, Gtimblc's "So This is Dixie." snd l of Fame. · aE d "Mammy Charles Harrison's fine tenor voirc is hettrd in CuJu'mbiu's lace^T. eroup of of- feon^, in two well-established ballad ifrvoriioa. "The Sunshine of Your Smile" nod "Only a Ytiiir Ago." SHich songa aa these require not only sing- When four a:ch voices as {hose of ^S^ 80 ?' Rocd Miiler - Andrea and Prank Cronon are Wended m one song, and that sonfi » "Home Sweet Horae." lie Ksult is rxnind to bo noteworthy. These singers. tnoTm M the Colrnnbia Stellar Quartette, con- tnbnte tha fainotjs auiaber to the Columbia proeram for March, and thfl arae record has -.he NexpoKlan Boat on ?. "Smu Lucia," sung unaccompanied. Two Troiin nombcra of merit and chann are contributed by George Stehl to Columbia's newest, record program. One is "The Mockiap Bird," and tie otber tie equally familiar aod iarorite Goodb-o, Sweetheart, Goodbja-." Both are player! with variations, and rahibil not only excellent technique, bnt marked sympathy. _ A fine prouTiiiis of Irish sons» is lound JD one of i.he records offered by ; Columbia in its latest, group. Samuel Ash sings "There's AuoUier Angel Now in Old Kinnrney," -which has a -wartime note in ru aa well as a very pretty seuoinent, mhile .T. MaJachr White, the' sojdier-tenbr, i.i heard in "That. J6 Why! 1 Love Ion and Call You Machree/' a ditXy straight from the '"auld sod" it-. self, Boiii are sucg with the i i of Erin, Bs- C. A. VOIGHT C--OH tHKLE P£TEV, IT THE FIT--?) DIP Nou / ( Set IR \^OH 1?FADiK!0- ABOUT ST ' 7 --ETC

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