The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 13
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it. Lm. TUESDAY. AUGUST THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 13 WESTWIGK rnaiTI The Ottawa Journal Vi. ., Bombers Always Tough For Ottawa Teams . :- j ? i ; ' "5 -XI . VI. i j 13 J g P. a- J-WINNIPEG Blue Bombers" sre,, In' town onight-end . 5 thought Just occurred Jhet the .Bombers ;doe't strike quit u much feer Into the Ottawa camp or fane at large as they did at on time. . . ' -Z : Mora anybody U Itchy and irritated to the axtaat vof grabbing pan In hand to ask why, this column wIH butt in (or a moment Tha aria to make this remark was simply 2. a con trait between thia ara and an older ona in football. Z 'Nothing actually hat transpired in la tar years to auueat Z that tha Bombers bavant bean top notchers and good football "J dubs, particularly tinea tud Grant took over. The records n there to speak (or themselves since Bud became coach- But this Is loins back a bit ia Ottawa football hiitory a reference to the thirties when Ottawa fans wondered J ; whether Winnipeg was always going to be a scourge where i Ottawa teams were concerned. There was that bleak, cold " and snowy day In IBM when the Bombers came In and won i ry narrow victory. Thia was the day Orvule Burke Z: fumbled a ball. They all look back to that day and recall a fumble, .but they forget, too, that the Bombers came into 1 Ottawa and played a supsrb game of blocking along the line. ,;v These two football. clubs were to lock horns later In C'mi St Toronto. . Reg. ThreKaU coached the Bombers and Ross Trimble coached Ottawa. It was the day Riders were rto even up, with the Bombers, and, they came very does. Jl But there wee a young back, up here from Pittsburgh Panthers "named Windy ONett and thia reporter1; memory goes back - to the days of ractica prior ex Ross Trimble wed to call 0Nett aside and say to him that he had Just one assignment for 'the day. Trimble was Sa quiet bu really wonderful guy and he'd ssy'to O'NeU that ',he wouldn't expect him to do anything else but look- after a" rangy Winnipeg end named Bud Marquardt , t On the train op to Toronto, for the Grey Cup final of 1041 year when aroused 7 an eren-up victory Trimble football club's. private ear.. He .saht "Windy, I dont want to keep bothering you about Jthls, but there's Just one final message, if Marquardt leaves the' field and goes to the men's room end yon follow him. plU never crltlciae yod for tt. , ,.,1 '., ',V. i... This Is ancient history, but On the first peas to Marquardt, Orlell covered him Hke the proverbial blanket. A moment , or two later the Bombers went to kick end then fired 'a pasi Marquardt waa off by SShimsetf. and that m some respects was the bell game. Riders & could have won. It la the final things went wrong, and they pj was one of the finest types football ever knew in this city - .3"'". -'.. This mev'be a rather looae f-'l of leading Bp to the Due lombere visit here tonight. ' But' "way of the solid phalanx of f - Canadian football, and the Bombers seemed to to rfimv uaye wnn uiraun 1 ha lneewlrlfta svoeaa fWrsawM lea ka fg oasaieasseajj www wmiwa aee eaoj i . .The Bombers have been having their troubles lately, as Indeed, most dubs have been doing Uus year They come ; again with dub that boosts Kenny Ploea as a quarterback. Fans ia his own city have Ploea, and wonder t from eeaaon to easson he's lost a little. This might be Just the time that Red win surprise and delight . : themwit" a that has made kirn one of the saost ccetSUtently fine football players ia the Canadian game. j Wyard has been a producer ' 7 r fa reserve, tee Bombers have Hal Ledyard, who can throw passes with he best of them and came to Canada la the first place to play with otuwa. He dldnt ouite make' It as th top qusrtsrback with Riders, but he's been reminding 'people here ever sines that he's among the finest passers m vthe game. And the Bomberi have good reeaon to thank the o;day they brought him out there as fine footbaO player and : solid dtiien of that city. .'N:; "'.-','i"C" -' -X? Riders- take the field again bare tonight with their own . foil owing hot quite sure what to expect They have the' J , making of a pretty waU balanced footbaD dub, ' and the ; defence kaa been quite good. The big questionark fur--rounk.thir attacking' unit which didn't mount any great acors ia their last start but encountered a hungry and punish-4- ing oppositiod from Hamiltoa. . ; t r ,,, .; Prank Clair la being unusually hesitant 'about' eeymg 1 whether he wO make a change among his becka.- He has Billy Harris, who tarried the ball well last time oat to the t late stages. But he also has Chuck KiBet m (rem the GienU, end the only way Clair wffl find out about hU Is If fee uses f-; 4 . - - -. ; i v: .;. Jr.'. This b) big enough game for both dubd to assure the 2 maximum In football action. Even at this stage of the season J" V$ highly Important."! Riders have to keep la mind that they -'knocked over Hamilton last Friday night. Jt wont mean much f they yield some ground tonight , k Trimble PrbtestsiOn Tvo MONTREAL (CP-Ccch Jtsa Trimble of Montreal At .... ij t J v 'l- Aigufun san mmw am w IT.- . ji w. . wnung u sanaouu run-bell Lea cue Commissioner Sydney Halter to protest two i :; Incidents that occurred la J -I Mootreers 21-1J win over i- Toronto Saturday j ; . . .Trimble said be objected ' . to s pass thrown by halfback T, Dick Shatte to Argonaut, : quarterback Jackie' Parker, m i end sleo wiU tak that Mom real halfback Rene Rlopelle ' w;l not be fined although he was J, ejected from flie game. ' ; i ft.The rules ."bow ' sute ' ? 4.-: clearly that the quarterback txmnot hand the baQ off to '3 eiothec , player , end then catch e pass." h said. "It 1 was pointed out to (Referee fPtu Dojadt but' he die. to that Grey Cup flnaL I h.t Otuwa fans were yearning for walked up through the Ottawa passed btsids CNeU'e seat and' It was Mg moment at Toronto. minutes with a field goal but missed. The man who missed . and aenerallv wanderina way Rough Rder fane will remember ww mnuni mm i poinr u take a delight r.noM aTsss. ' wis weepi been known to get edgy about greed.' He made a mis- ke." . . .v-'r riWmbaAs.vV' "But rm mere interested m that supposed fight be- tweea Ron trewer end Rio-, . peue. Brewer was the fight-. er, Riopslie waa trying to : avoid t fine. just want to protect hie reputaUoo and his . salary." ,,. ', .' Tha AV coach said movieal of the game showed Rlopelle had levelled Brewer on several ( occasions with crunching Mocks, "all of - them quite legaL - -MeaawtiOa,: It 'was disclosed that two-way tackle 'Bob Mlnlhane win miss this Thursday's, home game f, against the Argoe end that linebacker Jim Andreotti is v. .i-y- i .. . tr. Stamp Over CALGARY (UPI-Calgery Stamped ri romped to a 3M victory 'here Monday night over Edmonton Eskimos to square their season's recant at 2-2 and move them Into a second piece tie with Saskatchewan Roughriders, one point m from of Winnipeg Blue Bombers. . Calgary touchdowns were scored by hellbacks Lu Bain with two to his credit and ' eUv ' 1. Wtma f t , . Rough Riders' brilliant ,tion ia the speed and irom Winnipeg's amy cooper, right cooper is 19 years old and S II aaikaa m WINNIftCj-MtKt TONIGHT Makes ,. By EDDIE MacCABE : of The JesjrasJ . ' ' Rough Rider coach Prank ' Qair figures Winnipeg to finish first or second ia the West - ' Blue Bomber coach Bud Grant feels the Bombers . would have beaten cither Calgary or Vancouver ; If . they'd been in the playoffs last , season. -, And they're , better thia year. So tha opinions of the . two coaches rated 1-2. la the country support the Bombers . a considerably better than they showed tost season. HAD SOME PROBLEMS ' - Wth a string of Grey Cup games coining one on an- '. other the. players were after '' heavier . pay ' packets each year, and the Bombers do--' dded to draw the line. That left some of the Bombers a little disenchanted. "' ; They ,. ran Into . Injuries. ' ' any they bad other problems " which atuch like barnsdes. to auccessful operations. . - doubtful starter. . .. Mlaihaae,, suffered bruised kidney 10 days ago : and Andreotti incurred, rup- .. . .. , -j. 'Riders Lose 'jtEGINA (CP) Onry one player, ; end , and punting specialist Martin Fabi. awy be absent because of an Injury when Saskatchewan Rougb-rldera meet British Columbia Uona In Vancouver. Wedoee- sy. A-'. ' Snt' Roughriders ".pUvyera were helped off the field after being bettered by Lloaa when the dubs met here Friday. Uona won the Friday game. 17-2, end vaulted into first place la Western Football Con- eders Wihless Edmonton Eskimos Jim Dillard and Jesse Branch ' with one each. Larry Robin-' son added (our 'field goals.' two converts and a single. The Edmonton, scoring came on two Held goals by BUI Mitchell one a record-breaking it-yard effort BREAKS ANKLE . 1: - Standout SUmpeder - halfback Dillard received , a brokea right ankle halfway through tha third quarter and ' ' Ijr.- ,1 .J mtatM gVM aWJIi flanker Whit Tucker. ML will department tonight at rnmrnrn mm m. back Jerry Keeling midway through the third quarter. DiUard opened the scoring for Celgery as he crashed over from the four yard line after he set up a touchdown with a 31-yard- run. I Two minutes later another Calgary drive ended on the Edmonton 13-yard line where Robinson booted a field goaT so make tb scor IM. Four minutes later Eskimo center Bill Mitchell booted bis ' . v 1 .4.- - , . i junior ranks, end he bee shown so far. ;"t- ,-. , , (ieunssl Feels Explosive Bomber Them ' But now they're beck end at Lansdowne Park tonight ' They have something to ' prove this year so they're in better fettle. . y.?i -' VV Clair feels their offence . Is as explosive as anything in the West If they have problems . there on defence. ." . . J" w A JUNIOR FLYER On offence, they have a . UV-yeer-old kid right from junior ranks. He's a slightly-built 170-pounder with excellent . speed - and good hands, and while Bud Grant admita be lent a Whit .Tucker, be says he could be. x . Tucker's tremendous speed forced defenders to pay him the tribute of special attention, and many clubs doubted' up on hire. Cooper's reputation hasnt reached that 'point yet,' but It's, on the ' way..'- " :'-t;l."- ' ' ' " ' ,'. , Ernie! Pitts it a -Canadian now, and with Farratl Pun-Jtoa on the other end, QB Counts ' hired blood vessels In hat leg On' the same game. - A de- clstoa oa Andreotti will be ' made just before game Hate. . -i . Only Fabi I : -; rt ference atandingsi : '-" v Fabi.-who buffered ' groin Injury; was taken off tkq'field on a eretchef and kaa been in hospital for observation. ' Head. ooach. Bob Shaw said the other five who were helped off middle guard RoA Atchison, - centre Ted Urness end halfbacks Ed Buchanan, Larry Durnelie and Gene Wlasiuk were only shaken up or bruised. W TheyH eB be ready to make the trip ea far as we know," he sA :.!! v;.''.r.j , v . .:?; I'.' . ' .: . Romp to 39 - 6 Victory was expected' to be out of ec-tioo for at least four weeks. It was Edmonton's third straight loss sod caused little surprise to e crowd of I4.M6. The Eskimos with a large rebuilding project underway, alternated Gary Hetzfddt and Lynn Amedee at quarterback. Calgary quarterback Eagle Day played a strong gsma for nearly S minutes before being' relieved by backup quarter- ,,.,..,.,..,,. ,.., i aWCTiUk,?3i, FLANKER FOLLIES have etmosk Lansdowne .Vi - 1st or X J a. .. : ERNIE fTTTS" "... ken Ploea has top-line targets, . y. . Ottawa beet the Bombers . in Winnipeg last season In 'the game in which Ernie White ran himself back into v; a job., and the Riders gave . it to diem again, in the exhibition game this season. Clair wont decide oa his lineup until game time tonight ,. , .. He has Billy Harris and Chuck Killett for the left half Job, and George Belu and -Jay- Roberts for -right end.-. -All four-win oat the game meal with the dub, MID-SEASON SPECIALS Jobaeoa Outboarde ' , et Wiseot 'TraBers , ' Vm4 Baa oare : Tommy & Lefebvre ;,'".' UMTTED ,' y 1, - 4M Bank St at ArgyVs ; :.-.'., 'X3.f7M yx rcsti nmie. e Was. , , . rn.T. a a sa. j . - , saiarear. e. t t-sif, " ' i - .u fresh from flanker spot 2nd in and take ia the final briefing... . . ; : . -' .THEN A HOUDAT : And then the Riders have . a layoff for the remainder of 'the month to sort themselves out end Clair baa one more player to assess. ' He kt Mike Brown, a 311. ' 198-pound halfback from th Chicago Beers. He played his college bell at the University of Delaware. - Clair put Harris and Kil-leu through a test of the plays last night and taking pains not to commit himself, he said they both did "fairly welL"' - ........ -t . 3 l.-'.Of - t fl v - plays later Bain capped the drive by going over from the - Edmonton six. An Eskimo drive bogged down on the Calgary ll-yard Una and MltcbeU finished the Edmonton scoring with a field goal. With another two mkv . utes gone, Robinson booted his third Calgary field goal from the Edmontoa 41-yard line. The ohly scoring m the third quarter was Robinson's single when Edmontoa stopped Calgary msjor scoring chances an two occasions. The Eskimos put on a mag-. nificent goal line stand and then recovered a Calgary fumble. Calgary's fourth quarter, field goal by Robinson waa followed by Bain powering over for another touchdown from the Edmonton eight Less than a minute later. Keeling pessed tt yards to branch tor another TD. Ron-inson missed both converts. Ca'gsry piled up a total offence of 437 yards to Edmonton's IN. La Bam was the big sumpeder rusher with M yards on II carries. Coleman took second place tor Calgary with 44 yards ea IT carries. Halfback J i m Thomas logged1" 4! yards on nine carries for Edmonton. . m the passing department. Day threw in yards, completing nine out of 14. Keel, mg threw for SS yards and completed four of eight attempts. Statistics Tares nwhlnf ... ea Veres MMina .... la ITS ss aside v- - Slt USS . i e r:.t Pubis - . . -. . frtrmtm rsMi . S4IS SSSt . 11 ss Je4s Psmltfes 4SS VWVWWWWWVN evaeuBHeo sa toea E.RFISHERLTD tie-tte esvunca areeer VWWVWWNArWW Tfcfi Cot gai Dnjsi f m ShdtBb froai Cisjergtriel " k) 6rMtogrlofi. '-.f 3 Sorts k) Serri Tn 1 ' ' . -v.' ' '"i ...vt" .". .; r. -v v '"'': ' . " ' EVERYBODY looks t the ' Oldi "cliaa. of 64" tliroughout ' person behind the wheel of an August Myers Motors Is pushing; ' "' - Oldsmoblle." 'Nice feeling, too . Oldsmoblle. yr J "': I U you're wining to accept' the ' rot you It means inMtauin ' new position a Olds will bring. . traden allowance on your -' ! J- - successful feeling.' i jpresent car. excenent terms, su And at Myers Motors, all this prtme service, happy feeling. . month, you have the best dppor- f Recognize an Olds . . ; others ' tunlty to put yourself In the- ;wilL . V- v , , ers WFC record-breaking field goal. " 1 Another sustained Calgary-drive was stopped at the' Edmonton lS-ysrd line and again Robinson clicked for three points. In the second quarter. Calgary's coring series started on their own 21-yard line. Day hit Dillard for JS yards, then Bobby Taylor caught one for IS yards and Bain ran for another IS. Two ' ,( outstanding ability, la the ;'' .;..j.-t. Paota by Deauniea WMe. . Offence West He'd like to give Killett a took. He thinks the boy deserves k. But Harris looked better last time out and he's picking out his blocks better. 1 hive to' worry about mistakes," Clair said, "so we're till trying to figure It out." ' Both dubs are in robust health. The Riders, once again win go .without captain Kaye Vaughaa who Is still recovering from a hairline crack In hie shinbone. Game time tonight eight o'clock. ). ; v y r i x A ; " ; , V.,s '.'."' "'y:,. ' Motors Co. Ltd. y';;' yv:: -i txera t Catherine ui4m A ' '."' 47T f.iyy, '!V . .i : 1' - f K i A ft V V

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