The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1918
Page 3
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MARCH 4, IDIS THE DAILY COTJTUSR, CONNE1J^\T J LLB, PA. PAGE THREE. SCOTTDALE MILLS RESUME AFTER A LONG SUSPENSION KEEP WING It's Easy--If You Know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets j The secret of keeping young is to feel young -- to do this you must watch you! I liver and bowels -- there s no peed of Outlook is Bright for Knn o£, having a sallow comptenon --dark rings e. . . . . . . mi under your eyes -- pimples -- a bilious Several Months, Offi- i^ in y^ face -- dun eyes with no sparkle- Yoor doctor will tell you ninety per cent of all sickness comes from u active bowels and liver. I ni5» urinnru 10 PTIII mi r i D* Edwards, a well known physician OLD MEADOW IS STILL IDLE in Oluo. perfected a vegetable com- 1 j pound mixed with, ohve oil to act on i the liver and bowels, -which be gave to Otter-bell Guild Officers Elected for. 1» patients for years | 1 Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, are gentle in their action jret always effective. They bring about that exuberance of apint, that natural buoyancy which should be enjoyed by Everyone, by toning up the liver and clear j elals Believe. tie Xnrabig Icar; local II nit Jwird is Becerriug A ninerou., Vp- lor Tolmtarv Service. Special to J] ? Conrier SCOTTDALE, ^rarch --Last night Jt 12 o clock Scotutale took on a brighter look than it has lor some time when Wills 1 2 3 and f of the Scottdale planf of the American bheet Tin Plate company resumed Guild at her home on Friday evening The Old -Meadow and the Scottdale pant had teen closed down for some time. Guild Holds Vnnual 'lectio? MISJ, OUye S»artzendruber inter- tamed the members o£ the Otterbeia pianist Adrianne Stauffer mission ^his was the annual meeting Miss te*a Shupe was elec'ed president, Miss Eva Rltenhouse vk president \erne Kes-'ar secretary Anna Afer- r i t , treasurer Olive Swartzendruber, pioaoist Adnanne Stauter. mission s-tudy teacher Twenty-two guest were present ^ int to Joui ^aij Berkey Boyd chairman of so 7 draft board has a number of local bovs who want to be Inducted Irto the navy and othe- branches ot the service not open The only branch nov open Big the system of impurities. You will know Dr Edwards' Olive Tablets by their ohve color. JOc and 25c pel 3ox. All druggists. O.IU P'uRUlOl VI TKB WINDING TRAIL. An in teiesting picture n TV tech Viola Dana the brilliant little star is seen in the leading role is being presented today In this picture Miss Dana is cast as a dancer first on Broadway i\ew York and then in a T*ild and vooly western dauce hall As a metropolitan premier dansense she trips about on her oe in a most creditable performance Miss Dana does a picturesque Spanish dance full of charm and spirit on the crude stage of the Golcter Moon dance hall The story of this interesting picture is laid in he west in the mm ing and prospecting clajs of the 70s I "Wonderful scenes in the desert are shown the view at one point extend for special induction is the medical' tog o , eT ' a ais ^ nce ot over fitly -niles and so fa- only one has taken advantage o£ this that being ^ uliam Copely Men wishing to ..oin the coast ar ullery corps can be specially inducted from Columbus barracks Ohio Woman SpfaKs Miss \era BlinD of Davton Ohio editor of the Woman s Evangel the Uni ed .poke hut evening in 6r«nem church here Jloon at 1 30 there church lecture room a missionary The dance hall and the mining camp flashes the life in the outlaw s camp Miss Dana s leading man. is Clifford Bruce who plated the prominent role of Ben Boone m Blue Jeans A j comedy A Sanitarium Scandal is | also being shown Tomorrow the \uction Block will be presented ] for the benefit of the soldiers sailors Ihi, after and the J c w j s n War Snffere rs "Red openel in the | nesDa7 Carmel Vvers will be featured The Wife I Bought and on Thurs day Ethel Clavton the charming screen star is seen in the leading role will be shown Ic this production Clayton a^umes the role of Carey a facton girl who is stloite with .Miss Blum as ihe pnnci pal speaker Concert Tonlpht Everything is in readiness for the conrert *hat will be given 1 the or | -^^ cheira in the First Pr.sbvtenan ' oud and aroulou£ Fridav and Sat UuKh this evening This orchestra Isj urdav Draft j^ featuring Mabel one of the very best in this part o£ the | TahafeI . ro wU be p r e f n e d Con couitry and promises to gue a. very , s t a n c e xalmadge will be seen soon m goo, entertainment ScM|Jal I nderpocs Operation. __ __^ - \rs Ma'y Bank's of Scot dale un i j u f \BtADE. der.ent an operation at the Memorial ho-jital m \I Pleasant I Thc ^ rcad( , lhlB woek pre =, etu , a S , , show out of the ordinary fo th= John I Mlk route and equipment as foi | Jonea Muslcal comedy rompany 'o* One milk wagon one horse j The t 0 mchldes severa | per fom tw, sets harness one coal wagon one e . s w h o are a , rM1% popul , r , l t h tctcream wagon seen hundred milk |Conne ,| M lle theatregoers The bi 1 holies crates etc Last year s profits for tod and t o m o r l o w ls btranded OOSIE K I T C H E N C A B I N E T "There's a Kitchen in every Home--and there's a Hoosier for every Kitchen." The Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet is a wartime necessity--because it saves food, time, work and money. That's why every Kitchen needs the Hoosier--and that's why we've formed the Hoosier Club--so that every housewife can afford to have one. To become a member of Aaron's Hoosier Club all you need do is come in and select the Cabinet you like best and have it delivered to your home. Under the Club Plan terms you only Pay $1.00 Weekly lust Lhink of it -onlv $1 00 a. week to ha\i' this labor- sax iug sei\an(. assist vou ju your kitchen dimes Win HOOSIPT v.ill pav foi itself miiiv times ov'er i n the food alonp it bnes--to sa\ nothing of t h e i me laboi en°rgv and efforts Hoosit_ r w i t h its Id labor-saving fej.uiro« is loda ubed in over a m i l l i o n homes just like vours - i t s t h e PREFERRED kitchen Cabinet \ou sit instead of s t a i d -- v o u reach instead of walk I n t h t Hoot.ior there are places for 100 rtitles--al' u i t h n a i m s reach --all scientjficalh arranged Come in now--today--and let us demonstrate this wonderful Cabinet to you. Every Hoosier is sold under a "money hack" guarantee--so you're fully protected at all times. Connellsville's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 "Hoosierize Your Kitchen Now" Does This Interest YOU? eiht to ten dollars per da\ E De- "Wtt Scottdale P a -- A d v -- 4 't eod Personal otes. Miss Ma-gire* Absolom o Arona L the guest of Mi*s \[argaret Hatnes Mrs Lee Kesla- opent Sunday in reen=burg \ti=s Ehzabetn Werkman spent Sa' -irday in Pitsburg wuh her sis er Jen nie who i 1 * improving slow y after un dergolng an operation William \fi'ler spent S% urdav ia Pittsburg \fiss Phoebe Kberhardt and Miss Gladys Follansbee hjve returned to their Cleveland Ohio home after a visit paid Mr and Mrs E R. Inghs ot pleasing smger Mulberry street. the Border i miiitarj t r a v e s t j that is new the action taking place in a railroad station Jack La lonl . the pncipal fvmmiker will be remem j bered as the exceptional 5 funny Jew corned an n ith The Beauti Mark show back m lOlo John Me vin and 1 Ike Morns are the other laugh get *ers Miss Flo Morns is henlded as Americas premier buck dancer and M ss Evibne Pattullo itnown as the big girl with the hit voice is a tnc soprano ol note and w 11 dilig^t her audiences with popul ir ballads of the higher cliss Lee Rltchev known as | the fellow with the personality is a t 'LARGE SALE FOR "THE AUCTION BLOCK" AT THE PARAMOUNT TOMORROW I k n o i i t r i i t u r i is lnr H i d ( ross Mind iind lite Kolki ( i lortKh \1 IT Tht tuv intf 1 -i \iiruoii UlotK l picture to b^ pn lomoun dnri ^ v n i of ti K t b fc r TLe \ Be id s fen, ue-»i totei oruu 1 ' «\\ if s iH ihf P 11 tuiouiu Indian Creek. INDIAN CREEK March 4 -b M Hutchison from Mill Run vva» transacting business in Connellsvi le and Utuonto^n Saturday H. J Fisher spent over Sunday with his Januly in V. itkinsburg Mr and Mrs. Henry daughter Maggie from Miner Mill and Run were calling on friends in liniontown. ilrs Mary Silcot and grandron H L. Sllcoi. Jr from ConncllsTilU ipent a day here iri h Mrs Silcot s son and daughter-m law Mr and Mr" Edwa-d Silcot Nellie Mine' was c-illmj on Con ael'sville Iriends Saturday John Shearer -was a business caller a Connells-ulle and Broad For l Sat \rday Mr and. M-s C H Brooks from VV h te Bridge spent Saturday among oancllsville 'nends \lias Rose Stemdl from Mill Run pent Sain-dav with ConneDsville riends Mrs. D L Marietta and Mr and Mrs 'V S Colborn were calling on fon- rellarille friend ajd shopping MJSS Margaret Freeman from Jones Mill, spent over Sunday among The Dancing Me yins are a w e l l known wudeville lean A chorus of six prett and at- tractivelj costumed girls will provide the beauty Billie Burke will be on the screen in the next to the last epi sode of ' Glor a s Romance SOISSO THFVTRE. This will be a memorable v,eek m local amusement circles and it will bring to a close the longest and most successful stay e\er made by a the atrical company in Connellsville The Minbattan P'ayers will conclude hei*- nine weeks stay at the Soisson on Saturday night rounding out actually one hundred and two consecutive | performances ui our roidst The play selected for odav and tomorrcw s, Fighting the System I is a power j ful melodrama of rare merit and con j tains and abundance of thrills and a ' foun' of continuous humor L^na' Rivers the famous comedy of i outh j and its pleasures and trials mil be j seen twice daily 'Wednesday Tburs I dav and Friday The farewell bill . i for Saturday will be the irresistable success Prettv Peggy O Moo-e with its ciiarrmng Irish characters and its aHogetber charmng storv \V ith such a splendid array of the best the dramatic market has to offer the Manhattan Plajcrs will close thei en DIw It. V II juvi Are nt d of r-etlica.1 vici w h not come o ort, w! k n o w s how 10 do wl LI you ^--e n netd c f ind doo 11 q iicttl · w i t h o i t nni h if my 1 j*s of time from \ o u i business v. ith Ht Ic or no PA n and Cor a reoiOnabl" outla\ of monev no rnor t h a n \o I or an mai is willmp to i a for sc entiftc t'«at ment I lr*f--The h n hc";t tet moni il to h^ ftfl cicy o£ in trea-tmer t s tnt* fact that cner one h Llf oC mv pitiecus ar« °ent me by tho^ I 1 j-ve cured ind w j o are satisfied Second--I «e -vnd treat cvely case mjself ano ha\* he ^f^st methud 1 . t ofTeTM Hit public to 1 L f o u n d in Ihe c i t j t h i r d -- I doi l u e t inj oise th it I r-onslder I M [ R \ 1 I 1 ir d this heint the case \ ou arc old (.xscllj w at I car do for 5 ou il tht, stir NO Pi"5K 1(JST DPI AY C^U S r X T V J b l r PCMLMBI R TILL D \Y i i i f A r i - v r M*rf i ii i i t r v v r i i . AMI ( HIIOMI DISJ vsr*. or »n \ \MJ \voni thca ff foi the ln,n t\t of (ho soldier-. s i loi s and lew h v, r Buffer rb ib unii nallj- h ^e M i s J I b ^ier and Mrs Morn-. ~inn i IK in olnrgp 01 ic h no t f n i \ \ I I H ! I U is hoped t u n i l i / c i ir t * mi P i c procccc'i, w i l l bt o q i i t l diMded Lfween the Red C ross i - j h JeA-is i ^ i r suffer j cis 'und M ss \iiri. M Coimoll tc j ompAQied D\ \i ^ ii rl i Soisson w i l l C HL^, a,t all of he petfon I.UICL The pr Ci of idtnissioii is ^G ccnt^ Mrs Smith his f l n r g o of the t ckota The A u c t i o n Block is a pecU u 1 1" motion picture p i o d J c . l t o d ind w U grip ind hold from t i e first mome l to the last Pittim/od u ider t h e dt. reLt faiipcrvision of UIL famous mthoi Rev Beich th-is. stirring 1 Ce drain i oC a million gii b in ^^lencas big cities ard bmill t o w n s is men ing w th «on d e i f u l success It re ichei into tht liCe of LUt %vor tl s gititest it} ^cw \ O I K ""or ts b ind action and in rooking the picture Mr Be irli the dn cctoi j.nd oil ers v, t at ripht in I to ihe enniomient nT the ston Cor the ptop e of the iu M A u c u o n Block te Is the story of i b e t u t t f i l young girl w h o is rcaied b hei par enis for the spec fie purpose of being pi tcod foi sale to the h phcM lndde in ihe matnnioiua uiarkei iWe Cordially Invite Your Checking Account K · i d HL idvia ige u pa u.11 i ju i \ \ thet,k I ii -iein saf( tj md i L i M L V iiuo \ttur tnam a Iran at Uou j And o \ o i % PA [ A n i ( i m e i oci I i.hook ati u o n ^ U d rotcipi i t ICC-LH j r j , n n on ttu bAnk i t p i v a It. it p-n i! New "\ork \o i fiarpt r or c.o U L I )n Sniiil ir ounts 11 w i l c o m o 1.1 M trim turd « ( iinnclKrillu ·"Jlit, itunl Hint Dot b flung!, for I o n 1 iljcnil I n l o n M on l i m e lle|iosi(s BACK THE BOYS AT THE FRONT WITH YOUR DOLLARS In these i\ar t n u e s o o n o n i \ -ihoiild he the nanlMMj'd ot e'v erv person Sa\e and ia\est in \ o u r Countn ^ securities Bin Libert Bonds and b\i\ ^ar bai nig« Manips come to u= and \\e w i l l heip \ ou Yough Trust Company l ONM ! 1 SMI I i T \ and ur SJoO 00" 00 Resources ^1 500,000 00 t onnellaviUe friends D B ZvmtDerraan ^ from SottBrjet j ^^l ' w ^ bVveVpent"many"hap v lle were ove inspection from Couretls their line baturday on trip There will be some doings m our vailov befo~e 'ong e\ery thing i_ on the boom Patronize those who ach-ertue gageraent w i t h the good wishes of the ve spent many h; popular companj llh Ha\ t v u u tin p a n s iCtei G L mp does j o u r Cood d -«a«roe w i t h 30 s if la from rot sti itio inc. gri«ses i ih. boueis fhon t m and coniu t me W o r n O H nd r u n d o w n men in %\ om^-n 10 matter ivha.t v o u r L! ni nt nia^ he c til--St. tosi-7 ou n o t h i n g Free exam nation Hrrr- In ^ our N ntr ! Own i K if r * J OM su ^ y o f i II nie-i ihtr tin- »HJ M n s i M no 1 1 i 1 1 4 ·» r i t d l u r ^ M (, n » e l l s H l f AGENTS NOT NEEDED Iu OllJ COIMK5. m TOM SAWYER --Immortal Tom Sawyer Mark Tram s famous hero the battling whisihng jouth who so'd o« fr the Tigh*s 10 the irksome job o! v.hi ewashmg a fence for his friends treasures while he sat on a barrel and supenntendented the operation I \ny citizen mai. be sure thai e^e-y W l n be shov.n todii Shadows of Jo Ur ihai is sa.ed and depositeu m Her Pest a Sun*h ne corned^ v i I a Savings Account paid 'or Cerufi a ] SO be shown Tomorrow William S i,a es o- Thrift Stamps w i H noli m , Hart will he featured m The Captive wiQWiig the war \our monev IS our God Wednesday "V^ill am Fox prc- \atiou£. wealth K i-. alwavs oirs ecints Sonia Markova in A. Hea-t = bu whea ia c fc i,'iation it helps to fin 'itotenge An eipo^e of intrigue m an e our go\ eminent CertiHc vtea ]-\\aahragton *ociet% life A thrilling gn»w into more *noney and a Sanags s^nrr with a stirring chase at sea a.c oun^ earn* interest "iou are the i ja ner Cooe to the front if you c in t ' if ton TTant Something fo 'o the front. The Citizens National | Advertise tor i m our c'a«-ied col BanK will serve you 32$ \ P itobu gh ! u an One cent a word *tr e* ConnelaviUe --adv D o n * knock Connellsn.a b sead mg your money out of town for vour Loan vrejjob work when The Couric" company First. Sa- can do it here at home Lei as gi t ' you price- IF YOU HAD A NECK AS LONO *S THIS FELLOW. AND HAD SORE THROAT T O N S 1 L I N E WOULD QUICKLY RELIEVE IT i J5«- and C0 Ht,p!tJl Sin, JL ALL DmlCCJSTS tonpon 01 the second Liberty «,ttr for delivery at the loz-it Bank--Ad\ --4-6' BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund monev if it fails. 25c tulletiion ol »ai hisk Jiisur ante, Tmi^ lor I n k i n g 1 x tender! One ut t i c most u t r a L t i \ p features 'of UIL oOVLrnmen \vi.r ribk i s u r m c e for soldiers ^nd sai orb is Ibe ease A ith \vh.icL bcnef ciaiies o nnncipalb i t e enalled to collect Uuu dims 'ihere i^ no ed tipi in tbc ope a ion . Tlie United fc- att Treasuiy -Dei u men I hat. ronTed tue Penu-ii lv uua I Committee of Public Safe y that no j person whatsoe\ei either o f f i f i i or unofficial is autbou/ed to chaigc *un ' f c for collecting, go\ornoi» i nt m^m ince Aysibiincf of livvvtMs o I T I I I I gent 1 ^ is not needed is the g r v d n i lent will he i e * d ind \\ 11 n-, i do cverv-thtiig pcssi )le o f a n l u i , col cotton. oC oiiuuji M vn\ nn.u in l IL «piuce Jme iitgleci i Co ohtiin t i* 1 prolet ion of v i rtsl i n ^ f i u u d f ) . si v e tlie n a c h a n c e to ik_ 1 )w prict d ind hbcial protection t^t. t me hm t . l a s been o\ ended in til \ j i n l 1 Thi* v If en i l l e dependpitts or u l i i \PS c f ·'olfior^ i d si lor s m \\i ie tngin? tliera to inMic^ A f e u dol ir^ pa ri pei n omh g i \ c or\ i men $1000* msxir nco ^htne H:vrl\t ness Mi-*s Uer rude Plirkene-.-, tud t red btoue i o *i of 3pring-fitl{ tounsh p v, ei e miTied \ esiercH t the par touage of the Methodist Lpiscopal church in. Clra ix N \ Ttit Imde groom tormetU '·esidtd itv ( , o n n e U v t l l EVIDENCE OF STRENGTH The continued grvub in om depobilb is e \ i deuce of st englli and shows t h a t \u looi%. out v\e 1 for tl _ in- (.eiest ot otu customers When Uesiiiiig a new or uiditional de- positoij remember that fhe 'title £, fnist Corapanv of Vi estein P e n n s \ J \ a n i a ^ 11 be glaci to welcome v o i n C h e c K i n g Accoiu t J O ( V ! l \ U J O M , HIM IM ! M O M N ( · Poll S I J liisiiiino 191 H.U'. Im, Tn-SUli 7 , I O N N H J S M 1 L J - , I'l MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BQ1H PHOMES OPPMAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSViLLE, PA. It \ on i IJnlisti (u ( id Mil S i i b u u 1\ lio Outrlit l o B( lldiiiii^r in l l n s MS ^ ! s HiS N Adctie « _ \\ Iwe bmplcn ed Cia t us UIIL and 1 01 wan! ui Uie Bmi«h nul Cdiiadian Recruiting Stissio i SmiJilield and Pourlli V i e PJUS- Inagh P.I. Classified Advertisements Ic a Word.

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