The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 11
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!-,TUBSDAT,kAlJOUBT 18. 1964. I ti n Shortly after eupperv Mr. ta- rodiu wtnt fithing with two mends, a.vrotner and sister. iDeaia, II. and Denis Slmard. alsi of White Deer, r ' CASTING FROM ROCK While waiting for another friend, DeaiaSaratla, IS,' White Deer, Larocque began Catting from a rock a tew feet. from shore. :' v the young nia ; apparently slipped and fell Into IS feet of Knowing Larocque was non- " ' '' - - - f$2p;i75 brant 1 fForCarleton, Four members of the University faculty have re ceived a research grant of $20,- 175 from the. Laidlaw Foundation of Toronto to conduct sociological iand social-psycho logical studies of Carleiork students, " , ...... ' ! The project will examine what happens to a whole "gen eration", of atudents . during their time at university. Among the areas of investigation are: choice of occupations , .and careers; Influence of friend-, shine and aaaociationa; the need for achievement, , and other motivating factors related to academic performance; ways of coping with academic and personal problems; and the shaping of their social and political out- ..TJm four Carleton professors Marjorie Donald of the Department of Psychology and Hyman Burahtyn; Muni Frumharta and Bruce McFarlane of the Department of Sociology. AT FIRST JE-BOREEi Swimmer, young Denis tried to resca bim with her fishing pole. ' The pelt- was too short She jumped Into the water in a bid-to save his lift. ; Just as the girl reached the struggling man hd panicked and wrapped -his arms around her. PULLED GIRL OUT The Saraxin -youth arrived to hear cries of. help and dived into the water-lb help. He pulled hlpw : - Mr. McNeil called it a "wise Investment because of heavy traffic over DrtscoN Drive to the subdivision. - Tenders have been called. Work starts the end of this month. OTHER BUSINESS In other business, the trustees paid oft a tl.MW legal fee incurred two years ago when Manotick fought for incorpora tion. Payment was held up be cause of confusion over who should pay the bill the village or 75 ratepayers who sign ed a petition favoring incorpo ration. .Trustee Gordon Scherfe said "there's a bang of a lot of debt In Gloucester township we don't have here," as that township prepares a pamphlet outlining edvantagea of annexation of Menotlck by Gloucester.. That township.. seeks control of parte of Manotick , now. In. North Cower end OsgoedeMawnihtpl EM ! to Montreal i ' end Intermediate Points : 'Meeee Cmefe' tfMnflclsf et - ' i mmmnWnm - OTTAWA TQ: ( l $ts St, Pslycetpe :'j ; I UJ ( i ' SIN ,Ceesd - ;, . - h J ; II f . ft Jl 4 VewdreuiP - ". $W V- ' - Mil . gs.Lt, A- gt.liu. S M t - . wisaaj -l tsit mtnwmwwm i v t DersM Mentraal fWhHe toenewn ene-way ceach travel fares) ttfS 3 rr 7 -13 .v ' At Canada's first Jem-Bore at Bancroft, feudd Hairmonr; of Merfs, Tex.. I-.1 explains rock specimens to Carol Carter, left, and Cathy Tompkins, to her right, -both of Toronto. The fourday event aaopeartd by Bjnereft Chamber of Commerce 'for amateur rock collectors, drew visitors frH J1 Harm ! the US. ll4 devil' mrt 'r. 't province In Canada. " - .- V a m- . ' " ' - (Mantalma Phots) Almost Drowns Herself Girl's Rescue Bid Fails" to Save Man : ' BUCKINGHAM (Special). A brave, rescue attempt by 14 . year - eld girl failed tight one man 'drowned and the girl almoet toot bar .We- a White Deer take. I ' t-v..a a. . w i ia t ' - 22, et White Deer, Quebec, H Bert east of Ottawa Val dee' lev-'V' Denlie free and dragged; her sstely to shore. Mr. Larocque Uiad disappeared. Buckingham i OPP . recovered the body an hour and a half later at l-JO p.m. Mr. Larocque is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Hec tor Larocque, a brother and sister. ' Constable Clifford Romaine of Buckingham QPP Investigated. Townships to Finance $38,000. Paving Job ' Menotlck village and Gloucester township will jointly finance part of, a 138,000 paving con tract which will put a hard face on the village's main road into HrUiide Gardens sub division. Village trustee board chairman Jim McNeil told Monday night's meeting close to a mile, of paving 'to cost 11.200 would be financed by a M.OM Ontario grant and $3,001 each from Manotick and Gloucester town- And trustee, Willis - McRostie noted three township control of the , village left b without an antl noise bylaw. Seat unlicensed mechanics were pounding away at ears on his street last month, the trustees voted to have $T7 paid C. S.- Mayer each month from now on. Three Hurt As Cars Crash On West Road , A three-car pHe-up on slip pery pavement at tht inter section of Byron and Klrkwood Avenues early Monday night sent three Ottawa men to Civic Hospital. - - Driver of one car, Samuel Macy, 60, of 183 Macy Boulevard, suffered a broken rib.- He la in good condition, hospital officiate ssy. ' ' .. . AUlio Miragliotta, 32, of 13t Holland Avenue, driver of the second car and . passenger, Angelo Lamonlca, 29, of 296 Somerset Street West, were re leased after being treated for shock.- Driver of tht third car In volved In tht accident. Herbert W. Hesdrick. 24. of 214 Percy street, was not injured. . ; v Police . said the,, pavement was slippery and It was misty at the time .or the accident; Campt: Mccdis Appointed Consul-General (By Tht CF) Campbell Moodie, 58, press counsellor of the Canadian delegation to the United Nations, hat been ep- polnted consul-general for Can ada tat Seattle, It was announc ed today. . Mr. Moodie, on tht staff of tht Canadian High Commissioner lit London from 1M7 to 1960V succeeds A. S. Whlteley, who Is retiring. Mr: Moodie, a native of South Africa, attended McGill , and New Yotk,Umvtrsttles . Tt-J 1.7 T 7' " 1 SAYE-'SAYE-SAVI 11 WAV LUMBER K2S-1S0S algaw gaBsw sassWaWdbdbsW gtl an aft rwvB)sjfsyjsyfaaBfSp tpuneil. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL bPS 4N0 DOWNS AT PEMBROKE C ORNER Stop Sign Battle Baffles Motorists PEMBROKE (Staff) Public employees who attended. fOuncff meeting Monday night learned something eheui grain rulM which lovfn4 m of put glut take they had keen playing with stop, signs it the intersection or MeKsy gnd Al fred Streets, s Dissuasion. M opened by Traffic CorfimiHee Chslrmsn Frank Ufrtnce when M asked who ordered the signs Ukw down the Mcond time. i aia," mm wiyotniu a. The llMptwarUtl signs fall ed for otoierisu ea Alfred Street to lief before enter-fag MsMy, rer some gears McKay baa been stop street at Alfred. The Intersection be-eami a fftgr-Wa Itaf last Mandsr saorntpg Whes) work smn on uutrucUoos frees CflunlUJof Ufranee egpk foJM Ml eret4 Hbttna on Alfred Street Coafusloa McKay Street motorisU who were obeervsnt enough to no tice tht new signs blessed the man who erected them end jrove on. Unobservant drivers House Cancels Friday Session For Ceremony I (By The CP) The Commons agreed Monday night U can cel its 11 a.m. to 2 p m. tut Friday sitting so that the Commonwealth Education Conference can use the Chamber for its opening session. The Commons will sit from 2 p.m. to .6 p m. Friday. No New Colors For Forces, -Says Hellyer By The Canadian Frees Defence Minister Helrytr said Monday no thought what, ever it being given to new designs for Queen's and regimental colors tor armed forces units. . ' '. . Gordon Churchill (PCWinnipeg South Centre) asked whether any Instructions had been given to design new regimental flag without tht Union Jack. - : -No such thought M beta given," Mr. Heilyer tald. When Mr. Churchill rephrased his question, Mr. Hellyer ail There baa beta no thought of that whatever." Mr. Churchm then asked tht same 'question of Associate Defence Minister Cardin. Mr. Churchill tald the two ministers were supposed to be equal and he had a right to a reply. "When tht Minister of Defence answered the question he was speaking for tht Gov ernment," Mid Prima Minister Pearson. t ;,. ' -. ;,. . Orleans Couple Seek Damages For Son's Death An Orleans couple has asked Gloucester township to .recompense them financially for' the death of their son who was kill ed in traffic accident in May. ' Mr. and Mrs. ff. D. Vacbon, of Orleans, have written to tht Gloucester Council claiming un specified damages for the death f their ig rear v old mm Gilies, who was killed when struck by a ear near hie bomb on. tna Borer Road. ., . At the time of tht tccident. May S, there waa at sign be side the road to Indicate a speed limit. . , . ... .- The township had. hi fact. irdered a alga after having the ret approves ay dm nignways Department as a mile ' an geur anna.-. ... ;. 1 Tht parents claim tht find ings ef a Jang II inquest sub stantiate their suit r - KAWAWA VISITS RUSSIA MOSCOW (Reuttrs) Vice- f resident Rashidl Kaawa of the Republic of Tanganyika and lanslbar , arrived ' ta Moscow Monday with an official delegation en a goodwill visit . 4 iin.i, in iiaiaeBlliia)sisai ( FRED R GARRETT , FUNtKAL SERVICE ' A Rtlff1isl, ; ' Cailrttoiii, - ' .IrfleiMtliMei,.; ' 'gentwoet waasi ' "'. ; . Wi PAVI MVg ,r . ' ; 233-4773 V- 584 Rstaerwt St Wwt who hev used Alfred Street all, their lives drove pest the new top sign) and sometimes nsr. rowly avoided collisions. : Befor sunset, the signs bed been taken down by workmen acting aa, order from Councillor Clarence O'Neill, member of tht traffic committee. Councillor Lafrance was up early -Tuesday morning and so were the signs, He ordered them replaced. V ' v;: ' Mayoi CampbeH entered the arena before noon and had the Campbell, who said tew Tues-ians take down. - Nothing day thiy Would stty down un- more happened until the hues- til the matter was discussed In tion was orougm up at isai night's meeting. Councillors concedes a Lafrance contention that the controversial signs were covered by bylaw. However, It gas revealed that council bad agreed that the signs would not be put up until boulevards had been removed to pro vide greater turning spaed at the tntereectiot. . Mayor Campbell said under MMflMft irtillttMn traffi mt nn. pad at McKay Street beck1 ed up to tht Mary Street bridge and so constituted I hazard. Councillor O'Neill quoted Councillor Lafrance as sayinii When the smoke cleared. It the signs must stay up because was resolved to leave the signs some big shots in the east end like to get downtown in a hurry. "If this town Is to be run by big shots wd should ar. resign," declared O'Neill. o c J ways to turn if you're tired cf crdin;ry Vh!:W:sl Oon GET in moth ball until boulevards at the intersection have been cut down. In the meantime, steel poles Councillor on which the signs were erected remain standing. ' 11 COPTER TOLL THREE ISAIGON yet The death foil from a ' VS. Army helicopter crash 60 miles northwest o( here last Friday has risen to three, U.S. officials reported. Two U.S. Army men were killed nd seven others were injured when the helicopter plunged into Black Virgin Mountain. The third man died during the weekend. Cause of the crash has not been 1 DQQOU LTD DDuDDuULlUuU I ACADIAN DISTILLERSBridgetown,Nova Scotia 73 OO I THE KENT LAURM BUILDING will soon provide Ottawa with unusually attractive accommodation suited to the requirements of business leaders. This, the largest office building yet planned In Ottawa will Include three floors of underg-round parking. Its advantageous location puts It within walking distance of all the main gov-ernrdent and business institutions. . Organisations who count themselves among today's business leaders will find the fully air-conditioned Kent Laurier Building an excellent centre from which to conduct operations in Ottawa.' reserve now for occupancy in July 1965 .. , , . , Kant Street and laurier Avenue -. V - Rental Office: 731-5517 . , , Rental range from S43S to S4.7S par eq ft CAAAPEAU CONSTRUQION C0AAPANY L1AAITE0 TO QW v YOUR , : MO RT GAGE MAN Capital is like good advice there Is plenty of it tround if you speak to the v right man, and a good mortgage man spends all of his time finding capital, or money If you prefer to term it that Way, for people who want it A . and a food mortgage man knows where to find it for you. . Insurance Companies, Trust Companies, Savings and Loan Corporations, Investment Dealers . . . thry alt have, money td lend, and a good mortgage man knows just the right one to approach for the particular type of mortgage ' you need . . for a new home, or improvements to your present home, or ready cash! . -v . " -, .- .,,;' , ' And never let a mortgage confutOou. 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