The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, .TANUAKY 4, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELL.SVIL JB,' PA. PAGJ.O ALL : TALKIE PASSION! WARNER; BROS. Will tho mttrderer of J o h n Argyle ever be brought to trial? Sea what happens when a detective falls madly in love with a beaxitiful suspoct! LEE -- Dtoctarto HOWARD DRCTHERO Your First Chance To Hear Thomas Meipk " Vitaphone Act--William Demarest in "Papa's Vacation An All Talkie Comedy / '* "***"*»'«' tf4*r-+ffr**f++*-f+****iw*+f*t*fff+**K+f ***·+· ' *4fff+rf+**r+ *j j *-**f+r*-*^r**t^**-**f-**f ********** Admission--Matinee lOc and 25cj Night ISc and 35c Thurs., Fri. and Sat.--Dorothy Mackaill in "The Great Divide" , Home of the Talking Pictures, TODAY -w All Talking You 11 get lots of tip on how to catch 'em-- and how to liold 'om-- when you aoo Lovely Luura In. th.fa hilarious o f f e r i n g . The program atao includes s« all- l a l k l n g aerial, "The Ace of Scotland Y-an'.fl," and a VHaphone act, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Tboutau Ma1f.;hsn will be seen In "Th» Argylo Vltaphouc Aft With Jack White uml His Entertainers All Talking Serial *Ace of Scotland Yards' Admission -- Matinee '10c ami 25e; jNiglit 15c and 35c , Tuesday and Wednesday |j ff Thomas Mpiidinn, 31. H. Warner find Liln Loo In « - "THE ARGYLE CASE" | Ftfl^fWfliMWV^^ The Paramount Modern methods of erimo de-lection fire us«d in "Tho Argylo Caso" tho l a t e s t Warner Brother/* ali-talkln^ Vilaphorie production, which smra Thomas Meighau, and which Is scheduled to open Its vocal engagement at the Paramount Theatre on- Monday. AVhea Meijfhan, In hi« role o£ mtiK- ler-dotective, ilnda it necessary to In- votitigate tho acUvltioB of tlie occu- paats of a curtain boarding houae, ho entices the landlady away and sends a force of his operatives to place dic- taphones in evory room lu the house. Wirea are laid to tho attic of a house uoxt door, and hero two assistants are placed w i t h a switchboard enabling t h f m to eammmticato at will w i t h a confederate who has been installed as a boarder, to another operative disguised as a chestnut-vendor on tho Bidowailc before tho house, or to the detective's office. la addition, the delicate microphones oil the dictaphones bring to the hidden men ail the conversation that transpires in the house u n d e r surveillance, and t h u a modern scientific methods .eventually b r i n g aboiit tho solution ot the mystery. Mcigtiaii'is s u p p o r t i n g cast in "The Argyie Case" includes such well known screen players as H. B. Warner, l-illa Lee, J o h n Darrow, Bert Roach, W i l b u r Mack, J. Q u l n n , Ooug- ii s Qerrard, Alona Marlowe, KaSu Pitts, Lew H a r v e y and Raymond Gallagher. Tlie p r o d u c t i o n was directed by Howard Brolherton. The original stags play by Harriot Ford and Harvey J. O'l-li-ggina \vn.q adapted for the screen by Harvey Tliew. The well-conHtnictod drama provides many .siUmUoiiH of peculiar strength--thrills abound, and there is constantly tlie element of surprise-the suspense Is sustained and not u n t i l the adeout is the mystery solved. Vou The Paramount ! v m t = . - i C i t y ox tided Krt'iich a t - i horo · d u r i t i j ; (he 'Uiuiiif, £ "Mold j M;ui." L a u r a i..u 1'laato'ti highly iTu', l i i i i s u fari'.e-coinndy which j e ft'i'.tui'i 1 p k - M i r o l o d u y :\t i.Jie j in the pi' l u r e . Of ·eai.H'Cial interest woro t h o - P a r i s - ian fairoc'. flceues, dt-eigne-d to give tho proper li.u-kgrouml to the- l^reucli' action of t'^ie utory. "Hold Y o u r Man" ia one of t h e most iHT of Miss !M I'kinfo's. Ions i'ui'itj, ami i-'rwich wer^ I'.«ivi!y in dojnurid, A £ea- of Uio pi'diuietion was ih» 0.011- "iioii (if a ferfct- 1 - r o p l t r a of a .; v:i!hv;\y s ' a t U ' l l , cx.u-c 1,1 i.ho M ' n i . n g of ,n H dealti w i t h t h e m a t r i m o n i a l misluiiio of ;i yon tig A m e r i c a n c i i u p l n w h i c h r e s u l t w h - ' i t tht w i f e fonueives u liesini to stud;, art abroad. Tim action is laid In \'a«- York and Parifi. I K u g O ' i n BorUen and Mildred Van ' M o r n h - i v o i m p o r t a n t p a r t s In the- pro- ;hif',U)n w h i c h it- brinc-d on a story hy merely ! Alaxiuo A l i e n . Thf» n i m -n-fla d l r r r t e d ' srtno I by F . m u o ' t Flynn. The Orpheurn With 'tile greutes.t ca.ftt of stars thai eyer Contributed to the making of oiw iV.otiou picture, "Tho Hollywood Kevue," Wctro-(jOklv^;y-u-Mayor's taige musical extrava-gniiztt, oomos- Monday to ithc' Orphouni Th-catre for a four- day j.KM-t'onmuiae. Star;s of stage and ficre-oa.iSlars oil vaudeville, opera ;MU! riwlio, «turs o.f all th-e %vond«rXuI amusement, flel-ds of 'the 21'Hli century, in one huge parade, with 20 song hits, abumlaal comody,' t u n e f u l motodies and d i a l o g u e that sparkles, to say nothing of t.ho largest datvciivg chorua of lx;uitifi]l yi.r55 that ever dazzled an aucHencc ar-e fea'lures of this euitor- t a i n i u c i i t . Marion Duvics gives one of her famous male nvasciticrad'e.s, ajisls'twl by a c'horiift nf Bix-footors, 1 and »ho sing's a n i l t a p (.Innc-ns. J o h n (inb-tM''t R i i d N'orma Sho'ir;r trlvt' ;i v e r s i o n of "Koiueo aivtl Jvilicl."" {.'or.rtid Xrifu.'l nuikis Is tic-bivt a.» a fitngcr. Besaio Lova glvps K o n f r o H s l y of her f n l e n t f l . .toati Crawford r n v l R h o s iiij ey» and sinsR a croonhvs molody. Hufftor Kc-trn takos njio of Jiis dizziest f a S S f , W i l l i a m Hnlncs und OWMI r^o a,r» Conrad William N»B el Unifies P5 STARS 1 n» «««^ ***? ! P*^L 9 o *tav * in the screen e firat spectacular musical THE greatest mm entertain inont of all tljuel A $0 revun In every detail! ?k« i it comes tint ouco in a lifetime m t ?538*^ The New SINGING, ^ TALKING, DANCING"^ Miracle Film! TOCAY WILLIAM 1YITH SOUND With Anita Page Ernest Torrence, Karl Dane *^^ Also AI1-T; ilking Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound News IMSSODRIAN, 118, HAS SIMPLEST LIFEFORMULA "Uuclo Tommy" Keni]) Joes As Ho Flenses; Interferes With X there with cue of tlio fumoii-s Hataea "gags" 'to whiidi I arl Danw · aiwl Cieorwe K. Art hair l«l ii a few deft touchow. Marl'e Dressier an . Po-Hy Moran, two Camoiis -i-omeAiet ,, do their s t u f f . Charles King of ' Tlio Broadway Melody" I'amo, introdi cos now song-a,' Cina ISdwanl* appe irs in sweml naimboTfs to Witriuh ho conirilni't'tni song.s. "Ulcclol-u Ike" i s a new m e d i u m Cor h s ·versatility. Kata:lui Nc.ttova '* artluss with new h a i r - r a i s i n g leaps ai. Th-e Albcrfina i'ta Ivo-urd in . 1 bounds. ih Bullet of 'their -eyc-il ling -dan-ce-. on- scm-b !··». The Brox Sisters and other - a l s o talso pzut in t h l a si :-ctu/j|iluir show. The Os 4 whoola. The ''extrua" w h o ( t a k e part in tho thrilling race scenes' are of unusual promijieiico. They were the 1'amoua auto race6 who took part In this year's spe-ed classic--Cor the actual race is shown. Another bit of out-of-the-way thrill is afforded by H.aines.and Miss Pago wlie-n they do a parachute j u m p f r o m a fioa.ring"plane. Tho program also includes a jnovie- toin* act, sound news reel and all- t u l l i i n g comedy. From f i n l c R t mel motors and Lh. equ' is the g a m u t of H« right a f t e r hU; mu cly to the roar of i of superchargers -ry Beaumont. For Seal mioeeea, "Tho Brondwny Melody," he w e n t to I n r t l i i n - apnll-i 1o d i r e c t U l l i a m H«iiHY in l i l i n g a u t o rat', 1 : ilayliij. 1 , at tho, O r p l i u u i n j u nf iiad syiiDclrronizad It wo ( f i l m e d d i i r l i i R tho w i t h hilnoH us ft d r i v e r . : in tbi5 h c v o l n o nvul Krnest \ T.':vrenco, .lolin M ,jan, K n r l Dane n i i d i df l i f l o n))j' inr in ( h e c n s t . S e n - p r o d u c t i o n , great raco.i A n i t a I'aRi' Jesse James Stable Will Be Rebuilt FAUIBAUI/T, Minn., Jan. '1 -- Citi- Kona of .Farlbault have started plans to reconstruct one 'of the city's oldest landmark^---in aged livery stalile in w h i c h ,lcs6o James" n o t o r i o u s band of oiitlawe are said to Icept it.s llorr-itY-i. The b u i l d i n g was out- of tho (ir«l. constructed in. Minnesota* and ww riH :i rc-ndpvous for (he-..James i for 'st'Vfral woclts hf'i'oro tin 1 j bloody robbory nf a bank 'at X o r i l i - ! field, M i n n , , n r a r lie-ro, ISO y n a w ngo. | P'oneer ootlleiis of t.Sii« d i s t r i c t J o t ' . , their horses i n Uio barn a h a l f c e n t u r y j iiKfi w h e n thiiy drove iiore from aroiin-:! (o shop. r.u:iv flcr ic« and t h r i i i H nrt j i c t a l l u r '. a love romanco on' J/ookJner for Bnrpnins t Read the a/lvertlseiaents in The l.iy WIUIjTA.M. I.,. U n i t e d Press .St:i;'t C ' o r r e a p o i n t o n t . POPLAR BLUFF. Mo., J a n . 4.--"Uncle Tommy" K"Uip likes to re- mo-mber when w o u i t v n used "to Wear dreeses." "Nowadaye tiiey -.vear bandkerchiofs »e\ved together, or something not much bigger thaii handkorchiefe," ho said. And Uuclo Tom.ny is rather (juali- iiad to ·feminlsce as he i.s looking forward to celebrating his lliHh birili- ilay next Sopte-ml-cr. Uncle Tommy iittrlbut-es hii? longevity to hiy pbilosdphy of life w h i c h he brought to Missouri with him from «outheru Tenncef-jc, 70 years what you want, d r i n k w h a t you w a n t , and do «fi you please *o long ns ii, djjes not i n t r u d e on t)-e riglvts of your fallow men. "I just live a n o r m a l life," K e m p said. "I walk plenty, work all 1 w a n t , lo, and cat luul drink what I piease, und that I n c l u d e s coffee and tobacco. wWii I could get it I n:wxl to d r i n k considerable w h i s k y too." Discussing tin- f a r m problem, Uncle Tommy spoke of conditions 50 to 75 years ago. "Farmers never hauled 1 t h e i r produce t') town," he-.said. " I n those days tllo t o w n s f o l k came out and bought, .what (hey wanted. Tuvkeya, for instance, sokl for 50 t.'ente each; chickens .told for Ifi cents or so; a n d other produce was priced in proportion. Kveii w i t h tlio low priceij f a n n - ers were ivell lisc',1, had [ilenty of clothinj? and f-iod." Kemp e.x|)liiinui how people mado l l i o i r own c l o t h i n g wlit-m ho wsiri a boy in Tennessee, uid how it was d y w l w i t h a 1 if j 11 id m a d e from w a l n u t U n l i t ; . "\\V a!! f - i i l ; t ; . i i n t . l a l I'orjii, a m i ili'iiul; lui-s tii' h a r i ( ider if- well -.w o i h i i r b'Vi-l';ij;e.' T " M i f s u n r i ' . - ; old( : :-n r e s i d e n t .Siiid. .Btit w h e n l'in-e T o m m y retalli-i days gone by he is more than ;i]e!y lU',lurxi atfi a f e e b l e ui] m a n , a pic.l.nn b o I i H i l whpn ln» !« : ; ofMt i r n m p i i i K sicroiis t h n fi -li\=, w i t h Ui;- R I I I I u m l o r hi« arm nnr! i couple of r a b b i t s linn::- i n c from hit; V°' Uncle Tommy can't find any which improve his vision, and CO-JIKC- (.liiently dotisn't wear any. He does n,-;e a cane, but not "because lie i« 'c-ebl'.!. He broke lil« hip u few years ago, 9S to be exact, when ho was traveling by utage coach to see life girl and the coach tipped over, rolling liini down a TennuKtsee Jiill. Uncle Tommy owns and maintain: a email f a r m . It gives me some-tain;: to ib," he- (said., "ami I w o u l d die or lono-somenoss if 1 K h o t l h i quit, work allog-othor. Vou know there- is H . I t e l l i n g how loiij; I will live ami I am Kolng to keop p'repuriDK for IJ-.e future. One oi' my'istelers lived to ! c 12(i years oki." "Yes, I'm Kood for n long r i m ' . " Undo Tommy s a i d ' a H lie excUiied iiir.i- to take a d v a n t a g e of a i i e w - f a I J « ' i i to go rabbit Ohiopyie 01HO.PY1-K, . f u n . 4--Air. an;.! Air,-. M. NY. Cl!lliM-t.i w J* anl son mo to rat to SomerfleUl J^rirtay. M. H. Hocbstetler, jnetif.-c of ' b o poace, who IKK! heeji conlined to !)!· .bed lor tiie pant m o n t h was able t; w a l k over t o w n on Friday, Thomas Coon ami /-on of Union town worn visitors in ( J ) i i o p y l o Friday m o r n l n j v . Mr. and .Mr..-;* W a i t e r W i l l i i i u i M and f a m i l y are m o v i n g f r o m ,iacol;H Creek to the Jnniij,-, I . i n d e r m a n f a r m at Victoria. "Mni. \ V i i I i a n i s ii- a d a u g b t i r of A n n a i l o r w i c k relumed t o h e r home M t Stowurton r r W a y u i o r n l n s iu'tor a virtit sjic-iit \ v i i i i lair d a u g i U e r . Mrs. Harry Hiirmvorth. Miss tienevievc H c i i n f e r wlso is attending Slippery' iluck X o r i u a i , in s p e n d i n g lu-r v u c u n o n \viih her aunt, .\fi-« Kiln Selvaufe;.- :a flolie (ii-'-vt;. Mrs. Jtuwell Y o u n k i i i ami who h(U'! (K.UMI vL-iltiisK in C retuvnc-;! to O h l o p y l o to visit IK?." parents,, Mr. and Mr-.;. K. K. HaiH-,% bc- fori) n i t i i n i i i i ^ 10 J'.er lifimi.; ;it \\'llson. .Mi'ti. diaries Cox and baby h n v e n-- j t n n i a i ! tn Mutluir at'! or u i-evcni! i weeks' virlt i-nmnt w i t h her p.iruni.-, I Air. and ,\lii. !·:. A. .facksou. j Mr. and MY,-. D w i i ; h t Show ami eiiil- j l r e ! i If.'l't l^r'xiay f o r lli.cis- i i o n c -d | M i h i r f i l l i i i i , O t i l d , j f t . - r ;-jn.T!(!int; a vii:. w i t h U l i i o j i y l i ; ;ihi| K u n n i n ^ l o i rt!l;i- i L. A!. Hay of M i l l Hmi vift n t o w n i Kriday on hiwhicrt;. .1. II. J.,*iwlivnri;iii nf \ ' i c l ( r ] ' i p wa« a j c . ' i l l o r in t o w n F r i d a y . j \V. .). J a c k K o n r e ' i i r n r d Iiorn* 'Fh\ir^- j dfiy o v e u i i i i t i r o i n a visit s vent Ifl Cniontowiiu

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