The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 4, 1918
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I* 1 " r-AGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 4, Manganese company, at Ly neb burg, Va., spent the week-end with "W. K, Allen o£ Vine street Mr. and Mrs George Murray of | Cleveland O., and Mr. and Mrs,. John West of. Detroit, Mich., werp c:i'h\l here by tbe death of Mrs C. "W. Be;t- ler, a Sister of Mr? West and Mr. Murraj. Mr. and Mrs Joseph D xon and Mr and Mrs D. .1, Hoo\or a t t f i i r l u d tho funeral of V. R. KiuiMc, held c h t e i -lay afternoon from t i c 'am ly resi- Annonncement of the complete pro-[Guild of tbe Trinity Episcopal church ( \ cnre in pittabuig. Srara for the concert to be given by will be held Wednesday evening at the ^lr. and M.S. C. H. Brooks nf .Xgr- ihe Methodist Episcopal Sunday) home of Mrs. George Wood in East Ina | n i| e a , e vifait.'ag their Fon-in-Iav/ school orchestra in the church audi-, Apple street. A large attendance o f i a n c i r^gm^ } ir all ^ j [rb ^ c - toriam tomorrow evening at 8.30, \vas' members is desired ! Miner. Clarence Cook, i lerk for C "W HAD HONEYMOON TRIP ABOVE CLOUDS jlre. L. P. McCormick will entertain made today. The concert has attracted a good bit of interest, and promises to be an unusually fine one. A larse, the Thursday Afternoon Card club crowd is expected to attend, and a Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at her nice sum should be realized. The hoinc m Vine street. ' proceeds will go toward paying off the debt incurred in the purchase of Do A oa, 35 i l l at h;s home in some years. Some of the b.-st musicians in Connellsville. and Scottdale °*i Protestant arc included in its ranks, and J. Mrs. Albert Diirifc will entertain tic the lots adjoining the church. The; ",teei*»ood Lidos' FaneyTvork club orchestra" has a more convene in-; tomorrow aTternoou at her horae m dauph t«r Mr aad M r b stmmentaUon than any aro . eur a g--MorreU avecuo, Greenwood. · grcgation which has appet · here in i The Lad.efi 1 Aid society of the Meth- ' chnroh will mret ThuTraay .afternoon in thec hurch. The ' Frank Hardy of Scottdale will direct. Cl.ristalu Snd^or societ will meet The concert will be given in the First Saturday mgt at tbe home of Mrs. b. Presbyterian church, Scottdale, thlB | T. Bedford in North Plttsburg street. ! evening. The program, follows: "America;" "The World's Pro"Light Cavalry;" cabees -will beheld tomorrow night in Miss Icrna Att , Maccabee hall. Initiation oC members. Border of East Crawford avenue Miss I^orna Att-' ^.^ ^^ ^^ sppn * tne week-end with their aunts gress;" overture, "Light Cavalry;" soprano solo, "Love Like a Dove Comes Stealing," wood; (a) For 'cello, "Melcdie." (b) For trombone, "Cantilena;" selection. "Barono Trenck;" flute solo, selected, J. H. Hamilton; "waltz. "The Spring Mai*;" TMlia solo, (a) Modlteto b) "Pierrot Sere- The regular meeting of thp Woman's Benefit association of the Mac- The condition nf MISF "Wild a. Hot- n c U , w h o has been i l l at ber home ir. "?ou*h Coniic'Isvnie, is improved. X'cholas liaithen of L'niontown ^n.^ tho guest of hii son»in~lav and John \Vikier cf South Connellsvillo yesrrrdav. U E. Snvder and tin tighter TJret'a of ('azpnoin, N Y are Ihr guc'Ur. nf Mr and Mrs. .1. E. Sims of North Pii'aburs ^tr-'et Mr. S'.iyder is a broJber-jn law of Mr S'ms. This IB his fiist visit to Connollsvi'le. Miss Elizabeth Sar*or al'.onded i h i nmeral oC Mrs. John Gcjihdrt he-M Misses Jar;arct miti Dorothj Var. The annory was the scent 1 of a large and enjoyable colonial kniltius pany given Saturday afternoon by the Philip Freeman Chapter oE the Daughters of tbe American Revolution i °cr Vi t ' or * ne benefit of the Red Cross, One - - , ' ,, ,,-n '. ! hundred and seventh-five 1 guests were fly,^MlS3 Attwood. medley, 'Fan,,!- ^ afternoon knit- iar Home Songs;" "The Star Spans- ^ ^ ^^ lghl for led Banner." Tbe orchestra * made up of the and sailors. ' all members: Violins, J. H.' Gambles, John Passalacqua , Mrs. U. F. AJgnire, F. E. Golde, Gerald Evans, d t l Joseph Sherrick, Eyroa Porter and sprn the Misses Culletori of ^MkinfaUirg. T. 15. DonreMy was in tn- da on buaine.^? Mrs. J C. Snydcr of Helhcr, Kj . who has bcrn \ i s i t m g hrr sister, Mn\V. I'. K«ck of ]le la anil hf niece Mrs. John \VihU-r of So nil C o u n c i l , vilie, has returned horni 1 . Tloy .Rhodes w i l l a r r h r hornn ibi.« soldiers earning from Detroit, Mich . where he was has been employed, to visit his' par- appomtments was in ' ents, Mr and Mrs. Henry Rhod"s of social committee of , Morrell a v e n u e , Greenwood. £. Wilson is chairman I kslif flii ii ^ season o o smarest am - it an ca?; , w h i c h ;? .-i o.-us and the The affair -which Paul Behanna; viola. E. I. Satterf eld; most at- ' windows be- ' ,n2 drappd Trilb. large American flags. | 'cello, Howard Taylor; bass viol, S. E. Memberg or the chapler appeared m | Christner; ohoe. J. W. Gearhart; cusint co)onial comrn es. Rev. J. L. flutes, J. H. Hamilton, Joseph D-. proudfit , pastor o! the First Presby- Hood; clarinets, B C. Burkhardt, W. F. Algntre; saxophone, J. H. Berry; terian church was present and gave i a talk on "How the Women Can Win i COMPLAIN THE NEW DOG LAW IS NOT ENFORCED I,lent. Lawrence B. Pperry ard w i l e I f o i i r c n v .Mi-? \ V 1 n f r e d Al'.en), w h o were L!:" f j ; s i to *'\|i-r;enct' a bo:ieL-3u in ,ibmt the clouds. The newly married couple l e f t O o v ^ r u o i ' s Isl.intl and a u p ' u n e d Jioir way to Mas- sapLqu.i, 1.. I . lhe 3ne-ry borne, n 1'' · l''Ln claim this i 1 - tbe only way :o re- ill:, enjov a r e d d i n g t r . p I ANCIENT CUSTOM IS DISCARDED IN comets, Joe Zemin and William Melhe War _.. ^ d e U g htfnl musical pro- Murray; French horns, L. H. Fuller graal renaerc j. Tea and w a f e r s ! Co.iuni. tt.~ his seed Tla© from I^ce One Qg again poin'.cd o u t ! Thc Farm and "W. F. Jones; tromione. Robert B. w e r e scrve( j O u; of town guests ' by Farm Agent Dougherty Barkell; oaritone. Vincent Donato: w e r e : i rs . D. H. Rier and Mrs. Brneht j Bureau will make cfforLs to =ccii piano accompanist, Mrs. L. G. Hoover: , Ma!oas o f Smithfield; Mrs. S. E. seed trorn outside sources, but fann.-r.-, vocal soloist, Hiss Lorna Attwood, | Frock 3t rs. o. R. Altman, ilr.=. Sea-' ar( , urge d lo K akc, or tucir o w n , Scottdale. , nght Marshall, Mrs. Margaret Spring- , s u p p ]y before i)lanan 0 ' tmie. '· ~~ . er and Mrs. Cnick ol Uniontown; Mrs. ^ ]·._ Arnold of Vanderbnt made an | and imerr.tmg address alonx thc !n c of increased production of farm pro- Rev. Albert !. Siayton. rector of St. I Lester jones, Mre. Carl Keck Peter's Episcopal church in Union-1 Daughter, Virginia, of Scottdale. town, will have charge of the Lenten] , _ ] duels F. P. Weaver of Slate Colli'sc, services to be held Friday night ic the| Ia tne presence of one of the larg- 'assiiiant .stale ei.pir:ntondcnl of fdr.u St John's German Lutheran church, ^ cong vegations in the history of tlie agents, rcucwcd the work of the farm by the congregation of the Trinity! First Baptist church a service flag m | bureaus and emphasized t'le mainlen- Episcopal church. honor of the young men of the cnurch a!lcc of s i r o n B i ora i farmers' com-- who arc in the service, -n-as dedicated j m ,ttci-s Tho adi.mtagc'-, of commna- The C. W. E. M. auxiliary of thei-^th appropriate exercises esterday ltj . meetings were po ntrd out by Men Christian church 'Jill meet Thursday j morning. Most of the young men w h o v ; vll ghoep raising v.a, t h e thrnc nf afternoon at 2.HO o'clock in the have joined the colors of their coun- chtlrch. The subject for discussion j try are members of 'the Baraca class Is "The Disciples of Christ in Africa." ] an d in behalf of the class A. R. Boyer Mrs. Robert Werner is leader. Her as-, presented the service flag. It was ac- sistants are Mrs. Mary Brashear, Mrs.' O cpted by Rev. Wilbur Nelson, thc Agnes Miller and Mrs. H. E. Schenck., pastor. A beaut.ful feature of the Refreshments will be served. I service was the unfurling of £h urday, was draped across ,lne b.'i b of w o ' t l i e b« ncn boUnd tile judg^n' c h a i r i n ' court room .No. 1. On the ^ftj-t ^^11 of thi; tame c o u i t loom th'Te _. is been placed a b e a i t i f i i l ^,er\n.e ti.l^ cor.tanun? I 1 stars .n b'uuir of II · memlnT of Uiu Fuyette to'inty liar v ho h.i\e joinul Uif 1 c o b « i - ot ll tnr ( o u n i t ; Th" a i t O f n e r (,oli'-.nutU. ' John 1' K . p h a r t and Fred D. M i n i o n , .'A.M1-.S A. CU.VLFAVf. Funcru 1 tcrviucs [or Jumes A Chal- f..nt we-e held estorday ufleraoon at 1 o'Ooik t i o m the f a n u i ) rcsidc-nce in houUi Bro^usulle, licv ll. M. lJ*v- i ^ i n olln 'Jt.iig. F o l l o w i n g the ter- \.t.e- T.e Hmeral p a ' t l o f t in automo- bilt'b f u i L a u t u Hi 1 cemetery wuc"e -.he .iilLrujuiu w a s made Tlie pall-; i-eiroi 1 - \\eri 1 M a r t i n Andeison, C h a i i O b G:irv,ood. Kl=ric Lutes, L i e d - i n J .Noble, Franl- llcnshaw and i ' l a - i i ; Maf-cn. Tho arbiters of th" i'aphior.« ii.'ivc d o ' r S'.nt? and have uent their c:Ton.s to mcL"ni t cleverest ideas arri in a varieu ilitit r.n!, mntler to a t t a i n tuat pei^oiin] IMIP. .u'jai: necessary to ono's clre.-. They have made K f o n t'crjs tli" I'c:i and 34 i n c h Cents to suit everviiod'. .-; t;isu t We have extremely «niarl single and doutiie lirci.sf' "\Vaist-Coat styles in numcroup more or leb:- noli'-ea'j! forms. Our Suit prices range from 5J2 50 tc P75.00. We beg of you to inspect c'ir line heijrc I j i n i n g ol-v; where. THE1 Tke HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133 N PITTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE. P/ of ronneilM Ic Artlii.. 1 I j l * r n - Stniliy an.! Jaco Gi'i i ^c ^" ^U , a t.ilk hy James Stuckshis ( 'i". Thp annual report or Farm A^cnt of th" grard j t i r v of P ith t t^i 1'aul J. A b r u b a n I! : IIachnc-5, C J. I. Kmm=oii, . . R, a rarpenler, oi v t Hiad" ff 11 nan Uio M a r c h t o n n r c a b * - and it . . . m u n i ' r \ib - Dnughcrty showed ilml h" traveled i least n ,, IG ^ r r i V M ! t o ( i l b p ) S C ut , u S,tGO miles by automobile and 2,51'» b y , t h 1 M ; L r c h t( ri , n f t O urt. t i c r i ^ u ' a r tr.iin during the oar in \ i s i i i n g '«S ( s r t u d u l f d t w o wpt'U.-j has bren n- farms and participating in 218 m c K - i crrafied 10 I'ir., w i t b the j u r o i ^ f n r serv- j n g S ) haunj? a total ationdanco of 13,-'the .^et-cnd \\cr-k 1-cm.nnrit; over an , , . flag and of a beautiful American 770 Ho s p r m 2 i : da} . 8 m t h c neld oxtra anrt c , , n thl , , )fnc) , d l l n n g lho r , l l r ' M n c c [l! - The Dnited-for-rierrice TJmt to the flag. Attired as sailor Master John D. Charleston Comforts Branch of the Percy unfnrled tbe former flag, while PrO]ccts on ia5t ?car -., progra , n m- and . the oat , 3raut camp.uffn. nr'in- heon a-' Navy League met Staurday nigha at Master Francis Hicks who appeared in ( ] l j ^ ]t h;ls , )f i i p , , , u l p a l ,, st w , s v , IP. il' Jud.v .1 r SVt- y( , irb h( . aM i k l a s the home o,f Mrs. A. B. Staaffer in a soldier's uniform, unfurled the North Third street. West Side. Since its organization s everal Trecks ago excellent work ha-s heen accomplished by its members, a number of knitted articles having been completed and many more ttave been started. A meeting of the consistory of the Trinity Reformed chnarch -will be held this evening at 7.30 o'clock in. the I chareh. Tbe Mis?«Hoa7y Society Trill meet Thursday evning at the homt of Airs. Otto Koehler in Cedar avenue. The regular meeting of the Busi- ing and sprajir.g d e m o n s t r a t i o n s , to ,^-LSI J \ H I W , .1 Q V.-n Americaa flag. U. W. HaviVand sang c n r n variety dcmonstraLiot)^ i "Keep the Home Fires Burning." The t demonstrations, potato treatment for l t c i f r mi t' f choir sang "The Star Spangled Ban- , ^^ Lhe o r s a n i / a u o n of a North- l.mntcy. ay ner." Her. Nelson read several letters v, estern W ool Growers Association. 1 j ' u l l j v . l i e . \. written by soldiers. A number used of th 1n ih cbarj; il Un- Southwestern Short Horn Uroed-' murdei ol k.s lorme i M i m c r i n the large American flags were used 1n | erb - Association and the Cow TCbling Itimlipr bu-i ic". , F. A C n i n o . The decorating.^ The names of 22 young j Association together tbp cljb eurtetico is lirgi'b t ' r r u i r n u n t i a l but j ' JAM3CS L HAZKN. ! Tho of Jaipe 1 - i^ Ha^eti w u s , liciJ j r.-tertia; a f t i r uon from 3ns ; · t* (i^m c ut?ar L - n i f n t o w n i^Jtb Rev ] ' kn d Coodnighi pallor of the Christ- j a-L c b u i c h o£ u n m n t o ^ n , offlcialirg , Me n!"iit~ of thr L n on o w n FJlks a n d ·j.iir'c-t lu''p;o.s aitendr-d .n a body, i \iuoiis; ilit oiK-of-town pfibon* at lhe j Mun'f.i woic Tiionia? H H;i/i.n a n d ' M r = \VjUMin Ha^on nf C o n n c i l s M l l p , | C \. M i , l f - r of ^cni'dali . Mrs Ph i cbe H .\rqold of P* rrjopoli 1 ., and James Ha. en of Snack. MRS I.'LLLVN SELAN-V3KRGKR Mr. Lil'.an ^^nnalu r;:'v.i. -S \ jars old (iiid Sal urday tU hor lio'iic at I'\m chance MI-IS MARGAKLT II. ( OUMUCN Mr*, .Mai -r.i'ot H. Co dren, 7- jears nil! a fur me r I :t -i 't'nt of Ponu r^rl di'Ml last m t i l i n g »: :hc lii.'rie of her da ightoi Mr 1 ! T A. .lack-on in Uu- laiitou .i. ^ men are on' the church honor roll. Miss Jos' _ tain the M". S/Pancywork c]ub Wed- j nesday afternoon at her home in Crawford avenue. actiritie.s From the oats smut cam- '.hf; conm onwa til claniib '.o havp ncc around 'lie p some- p.ugn the crop was increased by Tour woven a chain of o v i r l e i i ' .sephine Wilson will enter- b ushels an acr ou: of 1,800 arres! dcferuiant. ^ h u h will U, ! treated. Pruning and spraying dem-; cxpJanatmn. EasL [OUbtration wore given and two tests 1 ^i-lnrt -\ttonic The regular meeting oC the Ltadies' Aid and Missionary society of the Uni- ness Women's Christian association 1 ted Presbyterian church, will be held I win be held Thursday night in Odd Thursday afternoon at the home of Fellows tempte. South. Pittsburg I Jlrs. George Holcomb in South Arch street 'street. The election of officers will -- ' take place and a large attendance of The Ladies' ancillary to the Order j members is desired, of Railroad Conductors will meetj i oubtration wore g: commenced in blue grass,. Four tests ] announced today that tbit, i ase ib .sot Tor mat Mo-iriay, Marcii 11. U n u s u a l ' . be oxerctsfcd in ih" selec-tion ; ;rj ana Lho'e is p\erj p mdipa- MK^. iOlLN GEPIURT The funcra: of Mrs John Gcphart v,Y"\ d od at hur home it Altoona, was 1 h e l d vvierday aftennon from the John Mm row ' rcsideir c- ot her brothti, LuibC' Woy, at Somerset nere conducted in com variety. There are 547 fa-m-i in Fayettej county according to the survev niade' n ^ t n c · by Mr. Dougherty Twelve hundred j t l o n th[lt lhl ' L n a l W l 1 1 :nsl b(? ^ c ral bushels of first clash wheat was lo-| da ' s Attorney W. L. M c K ^ a n and D cated for seed by the Farm Bureaui w McDonald *i\\ represent Undley and distributed to the farmers. Wednesday afternoon in Odd Fellows' hall. Tie KMt and "Win Unit rcharleston "Comforts Branch the material assistance was given committee on public safety to ,n- crease the potato, bean and buckwheat Very Among the otlicr m-irdm cases a t e ac ] G( ^ f ro . u 'Then Miklo\vsfcy, a Musoitown tti JAMCS A CONVCrlLL. The of J.iil'.'j A. Cowgil! l-elfi t' -s nuirni 11; at S:30 o'clock from tbe l.i 1 illy rPi: ( l f'iKC in South t'otirh bt'.cct. West Side and at 9 Ii'ima(-ul.itt- Contep- nmg at the home of ifrs. George Powell m North Pittsburg. A large " Navy League will meet tonight at the! number of guests were present and a --home of-Mies Ainy Boor in Eighth'nice sum was realized for the treas- The Ladies' Aid society of the Metli- c ^ odist Protestant church held a vary j ' ^ ^^ ^ ^ successful patriotic tea Saturday eve- ^ flf 82 ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ dustry, although 60 per cent of those farmers have stated their willingness to raise sheep if they \\ere given protection from the dog nuisance. Account books were opened by 25 Carm- street, Greenwood. The Woman's Home and . Foreign Missionary Societies of the First Presbyterian "church will" meet "Wednesday afternoon in the ladies' parlor of thelnlng at B o'clock. All are to bring i charch. The" session of tbe church will baskets and the feast will be spread meet :Wedne^day evening at the close [la picnic style. The affair^ will be en- The membership of the Christian church will hold a winter picnic m the church Wednesday evening begin- ers for the conduct of their farms. t h c i ineo .HKn\vsity, a .\iasoiiown uioti- tlnn c n u r c , R.^uu'in ' tnal manairor, charged with the umr- (.pioln.iiCd dcr of Pali ick fioylc ;u L J d c n b o r n ; -\; c;v n th Stevo Clipper, r-harged \villi Uic shoot- t r ing of n '«: ^ B mg of Mike Ifcidovich m Livcrre c \ e ((,Li,cd Iiuerm township; Druno Mancufcco. who 1= al- jo^cp^ cemclery. leged to have sla.n Sam Pc//.incnto m CouneliSMllc on tho n glit of De- (1 Vllfi AT ccmher 2, J917, Joseph F. Chandler. charged with the inuiai'i of Jolni "W". Huffman at Cheat Nock December 2-J. 3917; and Dommick Vance, accused \ mass was Fltlui William b - i rrscnc r of a '"r^e gatli- ',,: \ P « ,vi)d friend" of tbe I n i e r m n n t in tbe new St Liberty and O/fVcr Avenues Pittsburgh, Pa. l^leycr Jonasson Co. arc larg'e ^Manufacturers ana Retailers o£ Women's and Misses' Coats, Suits, Dresses, Waists, etc. , Mail Order* Refme tcrvpvJemi attention Write 'or *ty!e ti.eftJt3 Meyer JoTiasson Co., Pittsourgn. Pa. M»il Order Dep*rtment SLOVAKS HEAR ADDRESS Local Attorney Talks Thronph prctr at .Uunnroh. Through, an interpreter, Auojney P. E. Younkiu addiessed a large audience of Slovaks ye.sterday afternoon in the school hall at Monarch. George GeorgoT acted as j n t c ' p i e t e r . The ^-as m lhe jnterobt oC ... . , Dl b - i i i J J i f Contests were arranged among potato f ,, ,_,,, _i..i . . _ _ ! _ -._·,_· _ , . . . _ ^i._,... i i arm lasu of killing Joho Long op Lbe Millor the scottdalc Y. M" C. A. will play the | c. T\*. Beerbower. What Lydia E. Piakh . rlu3 l. Sp . c " n . d 01 * food conservation and %s-as ai ranged , Vegetable Compound For Ohio Woman. Team nsluji Scries Tonight bv Superintendent H. V. Rex of lhe The Thy-Mo-Me basketball team of j Leiseuring plant and Store Manager clubs, stock judging clubs, corn clubs, January 19. In tl'O labt two The executive committee named Cor the coming year ib composed ot Ji. 1 . Arnold, Vanderbilt; Albert Gaddis. Xln- iontown; Samuel Harris, Uniontown: Andrew Brown, Payctte city: J. S. Carroll. Dunbar; Iden Vail, German township; T. W. caiea it is alleged the wounds inflicted with kimes. Vance ! r'eiisant S'ipnnnrs m the sec- | we-e on(1 game n r a beries of t'irec on the said .. Y - gj m ton ght tor the c'mnip'onship 'J| to h a \ e eonfes,*ei the m i n d e r 01 Long o( -\\' e 'stmorelnrrt uranlv Gans, Springhill j .y[ r0( j township. ai the.reguJar ' "rely informal. Mrs. R. F. Lytle will _-;· _ _ take charge of the little Eolks, reliev- ~. : iTembers ; oi the Grand International! mg their mothers of that care. Ainiliary to the Brotherhood of ioco- J " " ' -- " motive 'Engineer will meet, tomorrow. ' PERSONA15. night at 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs.' Mrs. C. W. Erbeck has returned Edward Marsh, Jll South Pittsburgh home from a visit with relatives and Thompson, ex-offlmo. street to-lorm 3 unit to the Charles- i Wends in Pittsburg and at Beaver, ton Comforts Branch of the Navy S. P. Hildebrand and family are League. All riembeis and their moving from Eighth street, Green- friends are invited to come and bring, wood to, near Pittsburg, -where Mr. Knitting needles with them. Yarn Hildebrand has been employed tor may be secured from Mrs. Marsh. )' n o P ast few weeks. . J The best place to shop after all " "TJie'Red Cross Unit of the Priscilla Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. Sewing club wil! meet Wednesday af-' Mr. and Mrs. David Bennett and temoon at the Jiocie of Mrs. C. \V. | family of ICcister were guests of Erbeck in Kast Connel'.sville. All 1 Mrs. Bennett's father, S. F. Penn of |. 1 ,..;»=,. o .- OT,!- S .p. ?*·**! members are incited. Eighth street. Greenwood, yesterday.i DUaBlSS.'SS' W3 *3Vil!iyWt -- Miss Jennie Penn accompanied them' The reirtilar me etms of the Woman's home. A meeting of the executive committee will be held Saturday, March y to further consider the seed corn bituation and the increased production of farm products during the coming season. but claim as Ms defense that the killing occulted w h e n the \ i c t i n i peism- ed in his attentions Lo Mrs Vance, who was soon to become a molher. Jn the trospati aclion of Atto-ney Jones against tlie Nev. - s PubUshing company of Judge Crisweil of Vonango county will presidi-. The case is scheduled for thib weok. _trs. KJntrcr lmpropu. The condition of Mrs. Elmer Ringer v/h'o is ill of blood poisoning at her The Phy-Mn-Me team v,0" the .1rst|j, omo at .McKecsnort has not improv- playert at Mor.nt Pleasant last Mond.iv. TJET. KX.HT SPKAKR11. ed. Ringer formerly resided South ConnellSMlle. ENFORCE TRAFFIC RULES Police Say Autoisij) Must Remember Ordinance Unlinks. Preparations to curb the uola-ions j of the automobile ^luch are again becoming frequent since the \vanr.ei \\eather set m aie being made by t!.e po ice. Autoibts are allowing their .Yoticc There will le a special meeting Vppoar Kath Sitrht held Monday evening, March 4. 191S, at 7:30 p m. in Munson's hall. Make special effort to be there. By order o£ .oak pach cvcnniE this week m prci-inent A. E. Dunbauld, Recording the United Brethren church. A Bible secretary. conference « H be ht'd tomorrow a t , 2 30 o'clock. | Son Arrhes. Much interest \\ds manifest yesler- A son was bom labt woek to Mr. daj \v'ien t\v o sermons were delivered and Mrb I. -M. Abraham at their '] Ile\. J. S. Showers, the pastor. , home at Snnthfield Grwnslmrcer i'l I". Ti. Itfiial. Rev. W. A Knapp of Oi cpnsburg i ' l spe t _ ; Vou need that new suit more than I ' s u f f i c i e n t blood OI a r e ) i^f,?"^" __ " _ need the few dollars I may make on --A cup to suit your taste INSTANT POSTUM can be made any strength desired -in the cvp. No bolting -A sugar saver e on t_ · n f_- "1 ' "11 £ J ilor, physically frail Will find it! Order now! Dave Cohen, Tail --Adv. Mrs. A. Mnlac of the West Side has; returned home from Uniontown, where she was the guest of her son-in-law, and d.uighter, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.' Mllcrtto. For the best and cheapest repairs on that roof, conductor or spouting, see F. T. Evans Estate.--Ad\. -Mr and -Mrs. William Thon-ai are removing from Huntmgton, W. Va., to Connellsvntle. . J. M. B. Miskimen, vice president P art of their reg" lar diet, and general manager of the Ohio who have thin Or i n - ] c a r b to sta "d on streets la the busi- sectioa longer than the allotted aBrf a: night, some are fc run with one light, others \\ithout any ! at all. Other owner.? of ca^s h a \ e failed t o , secure 191S license tags. The condition oC .lames Jeffries of Keffer, who has been very ill, is irr.- p r n e d . He hop out soon. 31.(liers Should se that the whole family take at least 3 ur 4 doses of a ihor- Portsmouth. Ohio.--"I suiTVrec irregularities pains in my side ar so weak at ti could hardly around to work, and as lour in my j and three DO, itmadeitver for me. Lye Pinkham's. '\ table Comp was recomm to me. I tc and it has re. my health, certainly the medicine fcr woman's ailments saw."--Mrs. SARA SHAW, R. J Portsmouth, Obio. Mrs. Shaw prov»d the merit c medicine and wrote this letter in that other suffering women ma relief as she did. Women who are suffering as sh should not drag alonrj from day t without giving this famous roo be able to be ougli, purifying, sstem Ucaimn; med- j herb remedy, LydiaE. Pinkham's ! c ne tins spring Now is the tine. ' table Compound, a trial. For s | T h c f ar ,i!y ,ull be heaUhi-'r. hap- TM« c ?.i"^P" 5 , 10 such ailments Smitlif-rM Women KnrolL ' pier, and get alar* Letter if the blood , g^-^'SS? 1 of1^ D forty SMITHriKLU, M.uch ~ -- Mrs Met- :s given ft thorough p u n f m g , the , experience is at your service. (·alt and Miss Pcne Abraham enrolled stomach and bowels c.eaned out. and , '50 women here last Thursday for war I work. a rich blood-food and strengthen' ing tonic. It is so helpful for delicate girls it should be a Xofrrw"; .failed. Estcs B i o w n and Eugene Holt, colored, of ScotMale. \ \ o i e commuted to the Grcensbmg jail where they will be held ioi court on a laiceny charge P^troni/.e who adverti c e, Scott uo» »ii«.-_ ··;U.s. i. 1,0-t. j Eyeglasbos belu'een B t u n s t o n e cor-, ner a'ld Uth street, Side Re| ward if left at Simons t.ulur shop ^'LTL Side, o. 1 Courier omec'. 2 mar. It. , C H I L D R E N ^^ Should not be "dosed" for colds--apply "externally"-- .he germb of winter, accumulated in j the system, driven away Uollister's Rocky Mountain Tea is one of the \ery best and surest spring medicines to take. Get it and see the difference in the whole famil. Their color will be better, they'll feel fine and be well and happy. Connellsville Drug Co.-Adv. Jauines "Uftsquerude THE COURT!

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