Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 6, 1976 · Page 18
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 18

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 18
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Open Minds 'Strange' Uncle Needs Help Ounces of Prevention 2B -June 6, 1976 Sunday Gazette-Mail Charleston, West Virginia Dear Editor: I hare a problem and don't know tcho to talk to about it. My mother'* brother lives with UK. He's been uith us for about 12 wan. Lately, he's been acting peculiar. Last night he wouldn't say a icord to any of us at the dinner table. Mother tried to gel him to eat but hv just tat there, and stared off into space. The other day my little daughter came in and told me that untie, was crying. I went into hit room and he u-as sitting there in hit rocker with a picture of hit wife in hii hundi. She's been dead for almost 20 years. My husband told rue he thinks uncle is going crazy and needs to be put in a hospital somewhere. I've seen a few people around where I live who have been put in mental hospitals and I don't think Uncle is nearly as bad off a; they were. He hasn't hurt any of us. He's not loud. He just nets like he is in u world of his own more and more. Plase tell me what to do. Does my uncle need to be put away for a while? How would I go about it if he does? Concerned Niece Respondents' Replies: Dear Concerned Niece: Indications are that your uncle probably does need professional attention. This, however, would not necessarily mean that he has to be hospitalized. I suggest you contact your family physician. After conferring with your uncle, he may advise him to seek psychiatric consultation. If your uncle refuses to see the physician, you, or someone in your family can call the Charleston Guidance Clinic for further information and assistance. Fortunately, there are now several treatment programs available locally that can help people while they live at home or in their own community. On the other hand, if he should need hospitalization it is better that this be determined quickly, so that his chances for responding well to treatment remain as good as possible. You are to be commended for your interest and concern. M. Mitchell-Bateman, M.D. Director West Virginia Department of Mental Health 1800 Washington Street, East Hay Fever Misery Can Be Minimized By Marion Wells American Physical Fitness Research Institute No matter how much your nose runs, it won't get away from hay fever misery unless you take steps to bring it relief. And unless you want to "pay through the nose" for neglecting your condition, you'll start a preventive strategy sooner rather than later. John T. Connell, M.D., of St. Vincent's Hospital in New York says there's pretty good evidence that once your nose is "primed" with a particular allergen, it may be more reactive not only to that allergen, but to others as well. The good news for allergic noses is that much suffering may be avoided or minimized with proper medical diagnosis, any around-the-clock medical management your physician may recommend, and some relatively simple precautionary measures. *· THE BENEFITS are well worth the effort. Hay fever's tortures are not necessarily limited to sneezing and itching of the nose, throat, roof of the mouth or eyes. The authoritative Merck Manual says coughing, wheezing, insomnia, irritability, frontal headaches or depression may also appear. If your seasonal hay fever (allergic rhin- itis) goes untreated, there's always the chance of developing such potentially serious complications as ear or sinus infection, a fluctuating hearing problem or a year round form of hay fever triggered by such allergens as animal dander or dust. The most common villains in seasonal hay fever are windborne tree, grass and weed pollens. Molds may also cause problems. However, hay fever may be aggravated by such nonspecific factors as dust, paint and chemical fumes, insecticide sprays, tobacco smoke, dry cleaning agents, newly printed newspapers, kerosene and gasoline fumes, mothballs and flakes. An official with the Occupational Health Section of the Califirnia State Department of Health pointed out that mucous membranes already swollen from allergy may be potentially more sensitive to ill effects of various chemicals and fumes. »· ANOTHER HAZARD, if hay fever makes your eyes itch, is rubbing them and transferring chemicals or other foreign The Human Condition ABCs of Health substances from your hands to your eyes. Risks may apply to substances handled at work, in your hobby or in cleaning the house. Depending on your job and your individual case, your physician can advise you concerning suitable precautions. He may also recommend an appropriate filtered air conditioning or air cleansing device for home or office use. If so, be sure to keep fillers clean. Before buying, you may want to rent a unit and test its effectiveness. A favorable environment in the bedroom may go far toward minimizing hay fever misery, especially since there is an increased tendency to nasal congestion when lying down. Keep bedrooms as free of allergens, dust and "dust catchers" as possible. During heavy pollen periods, it may be preferable for bedroom ventilation to be provided by an appropriate filtered source. You can discuss it with your doctor, making sure to inform him concerning 'any heat sources in the room. If symptoms have been worse since introducing a pet into the house, let your doctor know. *· TAKE A vacation from hay fever by scheduling your holiday when your hay fever is worse at home and selecting a spot where you can get relief. Check the pollen and mold situation before choosing a vacation dale and location. Discourage molds by keeping things clean, dry, well ventilated and exposed to light and sun. It's been reported that emotional factors can aggravate hay fever symptoms. Concerning allergy in general. Granvi- lae Knight, M.D., writes that a program of optimum nutrition, including emphasis on fresh foods as distinguished from processed products, desirable amounts of all essential nutrients and supplements when prescribed, ".. . can bring about marked improvement both in symptoms and in general health. It is my firm impression that it reduces the tendency to develop new sensitizations and improves the response to hyposensitization. It also raises resistance against upper respiratory infections -- a most important factor." A potentially lifesaving caution. If your doctor prescribes antihistamine-contain- ing medication for symtomatic relief of hay fever symptoms, remember that antihistamines can cause drowsiness and may dangerously affect your alertness if you'll be driving or operating machinery. Act now to minimize hay fever misery. The health benefits are nothing to sneeze at! No 'Drug' Harmless By Dr. Wolfgang Vogel Thomas Jefferson Unii-crsity QUESTION: I am nearly an adult and have heard that, medically speaking, It is more harmful to drink liquor than smoke grass. Is there any truth to this rumor? I want to know because I'm going to do one or the other. ANSWER: There is no chemical or drug in this world which is completely harmless to all individuals, in particular when used excessively or over long periods of time. Neither alcohol nor marijuana are com- pletely harmless -- however, if used once in a while at a moderate level, both agents are relatively harmless to the body. If you can manage, do not use any of the two agents. But if you are as weak as most of us and you have to use one -- then it is a tossup: Alcohol is perhaps somewhat more toxic, but you get the "pure" substance -- marijuana is perhaps somewhat less toxic but you never know what you get on the "street". But, remember, most harm to the body is done by excessive and chronic use (and don't drive your car after using either of them)! COGS Workshop This Week Counseling Black Families and Youth" will be the topic of a workshop Friday and Saturday by the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies. Workshop directors Charlene Bomar and Michael Burton said the workshop is designed to provide a better understanding of black families and youth. Dr. Finis Dew, associate professor of .. general counseling at San Francisco State , College, will deliver the keynote address Cub Day Camp Registration Now - ' The Buckskin Council of the Boy Scouts of America will conduct its second Cub day at the Coonskin Park Scout area on June 14-17 and June 28-July 1. Cost is ?8 per scout and registration ends .June 10. The camp includes a program of archery, fishing, boating, handicrafts and hiking. ^ $ For rnore details, contact Terry Melton Or J(M Mvn at 4 p.m. Friday. Additional information is available by calling 768-9711, ext. 255 or 261. S.A. Town Fair Tickets on Sale Advance sale tickets to the annual St. Albans Town Fair are now on sale at the St. Albans Public Library. They may also be purchased from Miss Town Fair candidates. Tickets are five for $1 by buying ride tickets prior to the opening of the fair on June 22. This year's fair, the 24th annual, will be June 22-27. Fair chairman Bill Arney said anyone who has advance sale tickets left over from last year could use them at this year's event. Last year the fair was rained out on several nights and many persons did not get to use all of their tickets. Proceeds from the fair support the St. Albans Public Library and a community building project, now in th^planning stages. State Capitol Charleston, W. Va. 25305 Phone: 348-3211 Dear Concerned Niece: Your uncle's symptoms are easily understood by mental health professionals and lay people alike because they are merely exaggerations of moods we all have experienced at sometime in our life. Everyone has had the "blahs" or blues and possibly has become greatly depressed at the loss of a loved one either through separation or death, or by some personal occupational setback or by feelings of guilt. It is perfectly normal to mourn. Rises and falls in mood level without apparent cause are also normal and common. Your uncle's behavior indicates that he is depressed. Depression can range from mild emotional "letdown" to relatively serious neurotic depressive reaction to serious psychotic episode or depressive stupor. It has been estimated that 20 to 30 per cent of all patients in outpatient clinics can be classified as neurotic depressive reaction characterized by lowered spirits, undue sadness, dejection, or melancholy; with possible only 1 to 3 per cent classified as depressive psychotic. An important aside is that depressive episodes may end in suicide and, because of this, family members should never try to care for depressed patients without professional advice. A more cheerful side of the picture, however, is that the prognosis or outlook is quite favorable for this type of emotional disturbance. Estimated rates of complete recovery range from 80 to 95 per cent. In one study, 92 per cent of patients younger than 30 years of age made complete recovery and 75 per cent in the 30 to 40 age group completely recovered. Also spontaneous remissions-recovery that cannot be attributed to any particu- lar treatment--occur frequently in this type of emotional disorder. Treatment of depressed patients usually is a combination of antidepressant, antianxiety (and more recently lithium) drugs, psychotherapy and possible electroshock. To be helpful to your uncle, as well as to answer some . your specific questions, you will neen to contact a mental health professional who will, in turn, need to see your uncle. Ask your family physician to refer you or you may call one of the 11 Regional Mental Health Centers in the State to make an appointment for your uncle; or possibly you may wish to have a local psychiatrist see your uncle. D. P. Rogers, Ph.D. Psychologist Charleston Guidance Clinic 56th St. Noyes Ave., S.E. Charleston, W, Va. Phone: 925-4926 Have a problem and want expert opinion? It rite to Open Minds, 1217 Lev St., E., Charleston, W. I'a. 25301. This column is a service of the Sunday Gazette-Mail and the Community Mental Health Center of Region III, which provides mental health care for lioone, Clay, Kanawha and Putnam counties. We are unable to answer all letters in this column. However, a mental health professional from Region Ill's staff will reply to all letters, provided the writer includes a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The opinions expressed are those of the professionals named and in no way necessarily reflect the opinions of the Sunday Gazette-Mail or the Community Mental Health Center of Region HI. Budget-loving sales and specials make the saving go easy. Sale 2.95pr. 70x24", reg. 3.69 Reg. 3.50. Boys photo print crewneck of polyester. Prints and colors. S.M.L.XL · Little boys'sizes ,M,L. reg. S3. Sale 2.40 "Hanky Panky' Sheer shadow-plaid tier curtains in easy- care polyester/rayon breezy shades. 70x30"; reg. 3.79, Sale 3.03 pr. 70x36"; reg. 4.49, Sale3.59pr. 80x45". reg. 5.49, Sale4.39pr Reg. 2.50. Boys polyester/combed cotton crewneck with solid body; striped neckline. Short sleeve. S.M.L.XL Little boys'sizes .,M,L, reg. 1.99, Sale 1.59 Save 6.80 "Samantha" tiers. 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