The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, March 4, 1918
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! Conhellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,552 VOL. 16, NO. 96. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 4, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. GERMAN ATTEMPT TO INVADE AMERICAN TRENCHES FAILS; NOT A MAN REACHES LINES RED CROSS LINER FLORIZEL WRECKED ' ON THE REEFS NORTH OF CAPE RACE, N. F. Finest of Kaiser's Shock Troops Break Down Tinder the American Fire. AMJflES LOSE SOME MEN ?art of Pmtrol Into Xo Hun's Land Has Been Missing Since the Attack; Intensity of Battle Increases Daily on f«t Front, TVttr Beiiew Says- By Associated Press. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN EDENBORN MAN BESET BY FIVE FOREIGNERS KILLS ONE, WOUNDS TWO Taxf Operator Bakes Use of Iron Bar and JteTOlrer to Defend Roman Busa. 23 years old, was billed by a revolver She* and two others were wounded when Busta and four companions attacked Ralph Tate, 40 years old, in his garage at Edenborn last evening. Two of the foreigners Charles Sanko, 21, and bis brother, Ignatz, 23, were floored by Tate by, T.ANCE, March, i.--The Americans j the use of an iron bar wbich lie used j he Germans claim to have cantured' when first attacked, it is said. Charles' n the Chemin-des-Dames probably Sanko sustained a fracture of the ·ere the larger part oj a patrol of 13 [ skull and Ignati a scalp wound. As len which, went out when the raid be- I a last resort. It is said, Tate drew his an and has not been heard of since, ·ne enemy obtained no prisoners from le American, trenches. * WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY I.V RANGE, -March 4.--Volunteers from merican units along the Chenam-des- ·a,me» reached No Man's Land in a iln of machine gun bullets for 13 Issing men of a patrol party but did revolver. Two shots,went wild. Tate conducts a taxlcab service and garage. The trouble is said to have started over a dispute about fares. One of the men precipitated a fight by i striking Tate over the head with a bottle. He grabbed tie iron bar to defend himself. Tate gave himself up but because of bis ovrn -njuries he was permitted to remain at his home. MUST HAVE RELIEl Send Engineer nnd Genera Superintendent Here to View Situation. CONFER WITH THE MAYOI Stake MSCOTcry (hat Ciimpiiny i^ }fa tlic Popular Institution (lie Genera Officers bnpnoicd it IVaa; (he 1'eo jile 11 ill "Hx up tin- Trouble.' at find any trace of them except one | Three of the foreigners were arrested. an wio had been killed. It is cer- The other escaped. in the Germans obtained prisoners om this patrol. Details of the German attack, which iled completely to reach the trench, are now available. American ar- ilBiymen laid down a barrage fire soon as the Germans started theirs. · is known, that three companies of ·eciaUj- trained "shock" troops aich bad been practicing for this op- I ation lor two weeks took part in the ' HIGH SCHOOL CLOSED 'BECAUSE OF LACK OF WATER FOR BOILERS Company Closes Valves in Order to jlake Repairs to Another Break In Fainleiv Avenue. The high school building was closed this afternoon on account of the lack of water. The water company is repairing a break in the four-inch main in Fairview avenue. The break makes the fourth that has occurred in 75 feet ot the main. The water supply was turned off shortly afternoon but the students had been told not to return for the regular session and no school was held. FAYEITE STOOD TWELFTH tack. Each company was preceded a picked party of 20 prisoners. The fighting was brisk for about an ·or bat the accurate machine gun d rifle fire from the American trout tea coupled -with the perfect Araer- m barrage which prevented re-in- xeoents from coming up forced the rmans to withdraw after sustaining avy casualties and without having ; toot in the American trenches. Soon after the attack was over a ong .lieutenant commanding a plain* members of "which composed the trotting party, ventured into No in*s 1-and to find the missing men, I . ; result. He returned to fa Hunters' Licenses Issued Jn in Tear 1917. Fayette county stood 12th in the number of hunters' licenses issued in 1917, with a total of 7,260, according to a report issued by the State Game Commission. In the state there were issued 315,474 resident and 5?8 nonresident licenses, the highest since 1913. Only three non-resident licenses were issued in Fayette county, these being in addition to the resident figure before mentioned. In Somerset county there were issued 5,377 resident and seven nonresident licenses; in "Westmoreland MAPLE SYRUP PRICES Protested l!r Consumers of Smith- Held unrt Ticinity. lo The Courier. SMITHFIELP, March 1.--The maple syrup "makers in this section are talking of ?3 a gallon for their product This community would seem to need a bit of attention from the food administration, is the belief of the consumers. If it can fix a price on cane and beet sugar why not on maple sugar and its products? Owners of sugar trees are busily engaged boiling the sap. They report a good run MAJOR E. B. EDIE IS PROMOTED TO LIEUT. COLONEL FARMERS COMPLAIN THE NEW DOG LAW IS NOT ENFORCED f Honor Has Come to less Than Dozen of 15,000 Doctors in Army Sen-ice, WILL COMMAND 1,000 MEN MARRIED IN OCTOBER But Damson Couple Wittiold the 2?ews Gcitil This Time, Announcement has been made at Dawson. of Jie 'indrr^ig^ last October 28 of Miss Grace StiH^agon, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sullwagon of Dawson, and Francis McDormott, former station agent for the BalUinore Ohio ailroad company at that place but now employed with the Pittsburg Lake Erie Jlailroad company at Mc- j Keespoprt. Mrb. McDcrmoti is at home with her parents temporarily TRINITY LUTHERANS RAISE $310 TOWARD WARJERVICE FUND Mom 1 } I b liaised to !!·· Tsccl I'm llorlc Ammii; Men of Th.ii Ksiitli in (lie Wiii'.arr nml Vnal S'.ranohi'-. The congregation of the Triu.ty Lutheran church has raided S"10 to-j waul the Lutheran Church WaUin e J Service Pusd and more contributions, are expected to be turned in ' The -nte of Pennsylvania has bcra The Conncllsiilic Water compan] ja-,ked to iau,e J200.000 and up to lhe,beem.s to uave at latt wakened up u prest-Dt lime fJSO.OOO of the fuud has' the fan thai itb consumers in th.s ell] been secured Tins was the' first are determined lo bare relief from th whirlwind camp.ugn in the history of , intoieuble condiuons undei whicl the Luthman church m tjuy have becu supplied d u i m g th With about 165,000 Lutheran men past few months, l u c riling or a peu- in the seivice--military and naval-- uon with the Pennnyhania Publii tho fund is being raised to conduct Service Commission j:aymg for relief welfare .ictivties at the training from ^adequate and unsatisfactory camps and wherever the men rna be .service 1 has had the effect of moving reached. One hundred fifty ordained tie gcnral office of tho company to ac- Lutheran ministers are to be sent to lion. T w o repi cieiiUim PS, one an enact as spiritual advisers of the men gineer and the other a general super- arid asMs- in maintaining the fighting miendent of operation, have come w morale of the forces. Is Assigned to Sanitary Train No. 305 ut Camp I/ce In °ft hifh Are Four Held Hospitals anil Branches; Other .Local IVnr Hundreds of Unlicensed Canines Permitted to Run at large. "and asked for a voluntary ail. Bferr man in the platoon vol- teered fcTit the lieutenant picked out iy « part and set out again. They, re forced to tarn howerer when the fire became increasingly sry The lieutenant and a detail te a third search just before dawa . without success. All the missing n came from New England. *he American general, commanding unit on this Iront said the men -e eager for action and -were coa- lally asking permission to remain tbe front lines longer than the al- .ed period. It has been found nec- ay to caution them frequently last exposing themselves, so anx- s are they to get a crack at the my. K3U3 AWAXCE IS HALTED OXI/5C Ef GBEA.T RLSSIA, ONPOK, March 4.--Supplementary ties between the Central Powers the Bolsheviki government were ed at Brcst-Utovsk in addition to main peace treaty, according to a from Brest-Litovsfe by way FARM AGENT'S BUSY YEAR enew of IV ork SIio« s That Jfuch Ytas .\cromplisbed in the P!rcctiin of Improving Tann 3teOi(xls: a Campaign for Increased Production. county, 10,601 resident and no ndn- resident. Allegheny county led the state with. 21,246 resident and Cour non-resident. DENY VIOLATION Jn- MJne Vorkers T Official.* Assert junction is '«t 3isobejed. By Associated Press. WASHIGTON, March 4.--Denial that injunctions-restraining union miners from organizing employes of the Hitch^^^ .-__- - - - fl**aii«, i man Coal Coke company in "West unsteraam which gives no details yjrginja bad be£n Yio , ated was made ic treaty. Formal official announce- t ot the signing has not been reed from the Russian, sido but a radiogram from Petrograd said treaty would be signed Sunday. .he German official statement of Jay night mentioned only the lUon of operations in Greit Rust ts inferred in some quarters here the German adyance in the line ana Finland will continue e the,Germans reserve tor them;s a free hand outside t!« limits teat Russia. [KXTUM OF BATT1E in the Supreme court today in briefs filed by International President Frank J. Hayes and nine other officials and members of the United Mine Workers of America. Major Elliot B. Edle, who went out rom Connellsville a, few months ago I as a captain in the Medical Officers* Reserve Corps, has been appointed lieutenant coionel in command of Sanitary Camp Train No, 305 d-t Camp Leo, according to news received here The unit Is composed of 50 officers and 1,000 men and embrace*, four field hospitals, four ambulance companies*, eight cnnip i n f i r m iries and a ili- \ision medical .supply unit. Of 15,000 p-iviciaus v. no have enlisted in the anny se-vice s i nce the war began only eight or U have been. honored with tbe rank or lieutenant colonel, winch sene^ to emphasize' the esteem m which Dr Udie ts lu=id \ in the service. A number of Western Pennsylvania boys are in the sanitary train which ANCIENT CUSTOM IS DISCARDED IN OPENING COURT CONSOLIDATION OF RED CROSS TO BE CONSIDERED TONIGHT Exrcuthe Committal* to I nionloirn Proposal Js Called. A meeting of the executive committee of the Red Cross vnll be held in the Carnej^e Fiee library tonight at 7:30 o clock to consider the propos - tioTi-of l,"monu\ra concerning the con- sol'dation of Fayette count} into one u n i t -No decisive action will be ukon at the meeting hist the consolidation pro| position in us now light vnll be dis- BeH 'o Longer Announces' Sessions in yuyette's Hall of JasUce. cursed. A com:nittee A ill probably be appointed to take the matter up with represents.)i\cs of the other units m the county before any definite action is taken. EVERYBODY RISES TO FEET DQNT sEEEAffl"OTHER Vlioii fniT f aIN for Order; Service' Boys in 'rnwce 'M'aj* He (' rial,- is UiiHIT Ii»cU of llcnfh JU-p- (/ether Itut_Don't resenting 3Jcm!jorb of JJfti iu Service; Lindh-Y Trial .Set for Mardi 11. To- It. Connell.sville to advice wiili Superintendent Edmunds, the huccessor of A K. Halstoad, concerning measures foi improving the service. j These general office men ha\e had a i conference with .Mayor Duggan aJ 1 which they ·were left in no doubt as to the m.nd of tbe people of Coanellsville ' m reference to the water situation, They asked Mayor Duggan if he would cooperate with them 111 the work ot remedying present conditions and were assured that all needed hcip would be forthcoming. , ''Not because vre love tii» water company," the Mayor said, * but because %ve are willing to do anything i reasonable and fair to help you or aiione else out of a pinch and because we need to do something to help ourEelv?s The attitude of your company toward its patrons in Connells- \.13o has been such that if you stop any man on the street and mention ! its name to him, be w.ll vers promptly , begin, to cuss it for its niggardly, par' simomous and picayune policy." i "This," said Mayor Duggan this I morning, " was a revealation to tbe ·visiting representatives who, in com' mon wlib other TOCO from the general office of the company have labored [ u n d e r the delusion that the Connells- Water company is one of the : vail command. Reports submitted at the annual meeting of the Farm Bureau in Uniontown on Saturday afternoon show that practically nothing is being clone | C o j by the constibJcs of the county to en-j force the provisions of the dog law.| Hundreds of unlicensed dogs aro' overrunning the farms in all sections) of the county notwithstanding the ex- Battalion', Signal corpb, Cunp Stanley, SIDI: HOY IT AT CAJtP STASXKY Charles C. Murray, Cn C. 9th Field plicit orders i f the county commission- , m a leUer to ers to constables and other officers to] Tn argarc ; Murray of motlicr, Mrs the M'c^t Side, kill on view all dogs found without! sajs ln pa n license tags. The vicinity of Pointj «j; am feeling fine. We are having Manou was reported as the only sec- fj n e weather here now. it was suie tlpn of the t ounty m which any at-^ot here- todaj (Feb. Sat. I was rr.ade tempt has bren made to enforce ( b e , a non-commissioned off'cei Pcbiuary law. January 15 was the limit of time within which, :o procure a dog license 35. I have an Indian in my squad, lie i and a half lhc Ression3 o£ , h ( is from Wisconsin, and ne sure « _ a ' h a v o bcen opened vnth thc n n Far Iron home, jn a strnnge land, Is. millions of Conndlsville which holds I among strangeis, one glows lone- high place m p-uohc favor and esteem, 'some at nines, .'-ays Samuel Harry. ( I f they stay here long enough they While Court Crier Charles M. Fee who is with Ihe Fifteenth Engineers m j vUl have many occasions to find out France in a letter to liis parents, 3J£r. just^ow the people do feel toward the and Mrb S.iumel J. Harry of Cos-' baach ihat 2:as been, putting things ncl'SMll? HI v,hich ho enjoins thwajovar on the -water consumers of Con- JSsville for years " During tbe conference with Mayor ujrgan the water company represen- says. "I received a card from Charley ! tatives wanted to know if something Stile^, also one from 'Casey' Jones,, could not be done "to fix up the trou- biiL I ha\c? not seen them. I do iiot'ble" without tbe necessity of taking it know wnat part of the country thev br-forc the Public Ser\ ice Commission, are in and am not a l l o w e d 10 tell Tbe Mayor ver promptly and very them \\hcro I a-n, so ihe only chance pointed replied: common ph-as courts of Philadelphia ' j hav e is running rato diem some day. i "p llin g U p, or rather promising to and Pittsburg, and inmost of the o t h e r , \v n to as often as you can and let me Cx up , 1S al! t h a t y0ur compauv has larger counties and in some ot the · smallei ones. For nearly a century formally openw! the March term court this morning at 10 o'clock court room .No. 1, the judges on the j bench, the attorney-3 w i t h i n Ue railing .n ot to foiget to write ' of the bar, and all persons m t h o ) «j l l i l t a r 5w - lines to let you know court room arose to their f e e t The lhat l ara ^ e l ! and working "hard,' he same formality viul be observed each mornmg hereafter uhen court is opened aud each evening when i ad- journb. This .s alreadv ihe practice in the appellate .and frtiera! couitb anO in tbe o not knc«wn for sure , }l ^ To provide opportunity for every dog [when we will leave here, but I Hope j d (Utu 7'from Toda owner in the county to pay the tax tbe it will be soou." j ert The C011rls commissioners extended the time until February 15, at the same time re- SCOTTDAJOC YOL'TU IS .he court gmg of bell in nhc courthouse tower, but TTEST March 4. -- Continu- ·eparatory movements on the part le Germans along the western . are noted today by the *ar de- nent in its review of the military tion tor the week ending. March he momentum of battle is in- ing," the statement declan-s. cit- jiree attempts by the enemy to v lines held by the American s as an example of what is tak- lace "on a larger sc.ale along the 3 western front." = definite anouncemnt is made \merkaa forces have taken over tor northwest of Tout and that a ·er of detached units are in ac- n the Champagne. Teuton columns are operating i Syrian Belief Fund Swells. At a meeting of the Ministerial Association this morning it was reported tiiat the total amount collected in the churches of the city for the relief of the Armenian and Syrian was sufferers had reached $2,211.85. No report has yet been made by the Catholic church which is expected to sTrell the amount. * fioing to CleTclauii. Georgo S Connell, county director of the publicity for War Savings in Fayette county will go to Cleveland Friday to attend, a conference of representatives of the central reserve district relative to the War Savings stamp campaign and the coming Liberty Loan. IN THi; 'A.VL SUUV1CE. Edward Campbell, son. of Mis. Cd- general disregard of this order :hat!ward Campbell of Scottilale, enlisted the farmers complain very bitterly. (Saturday in PJtUburg in the na\y and The seed corn situation was one of was sent at once to Philadelphia where he will be assigned to a training ship. EXL1STS Df SIGNAL BRAXCJr OF SJJjmrK. Kaiph Coursin of Scottdale enlinted Saturday in Pi\^sburg m the signal service. He will *eave tomorrow for a camp m KentuiJcy · tlie constables o£ their duties under the law. There has been suchj the topics of discussion at the meeting, the necessity of every farmer test- Continued on Page Two. the bp;i will be still- do not open .it tte same hour ard the ringing of tl_e has led to confi'sion. torn has been abandoned A Iwge American flag on Sat- Conunued on Paere '.two. know the ne.vs. Our camp is not near d0 i:c for CotinellsMllc for the past 35 that of anv of the fellows from home j years. Your people have come hero so I set rathei lonely at times. It i after lime and made all sorts only when I get The Courier and m . i i l j 0 f ros y promises only to go away and from vou ibit I find out what is PERRY PIG BRINGS $60 Money JleaHred B.v Auction Siimlay to lie Glwn to Bed Cross. Sixty dollarb for a pig--that was what C. F. Brown of Ferryopolis paid for one auctioned off in the public square of that town Saturday Hot it was for the lied Cross and therefore FUR ROBBERY FAKE Ji Declaration of City Defective J. IV. MUebrtl. forget them while hoping that we ing on. "We aie supposed to get a viould also forgot them. But we seven-day leave after W L have been haven i and I can \ell you thai you heie foiu months. I have been here'are not going to be aJIr'ved to forget Kence the cus- j ^out S]X so i suppose I will set one them. Not tbat we depend upon the | before \ c r y long Give my love to | water company to make good what it everyone snd don't forget to write/' 1 has promised, bxit that-we intend to go about malrng provision for a water supply .u another wal. The people will do the , 'fixing up" "The policy of your company/* Mayor Duggan further remarked during tbe coni\e of the conference, "would indicate \bal you think fur HBfT'/ITt 1ITI/"!^ lTfl^T\r*T\ MECHANICS NEEDED Government Issnos Ciil] Todav Tor M.frOO Skilled .Ifew. WASHING'-OX, March -1 --Call was 'HA"K JIU'.EJIAS IS Frank Freeman, 130th Regiment ON TUIU/OTJCn a member of the Use purchaser^ did not object to t^o j tloned a t Camp Ra njockj AU g Usta , oa., is spending a iur'ough v/ltji Ins. pai price. Also, it was a blue ribbon winner. Assistant County Superintendent J. G. Robinson was auctioneer The bidding started at J3C and was quite spirited, men joining with the women. The pig was donated by Jacob Hough of Perry township. ents, Mr. and Mrs. George freeman of .Eighth street, Greenwood. STEWARTON FOREIGNER IS FINED $50 BY THE MAYOR FOR CURSING U. S. FLAG HOY TKAJSS TO OPKRATK A TA5K. John Abraham, a Snulhfield hoy at Camp I/ee, is training to he a tank, operator, gtccording to a leUer icceived by his father. Abraham was home on a fiirlough and returned but a few days ago. The assignment to tins branch was made since his return. la AliLcaett s opinion Kann "wanted to get some "ree advertising. aiuple Syrup Comes High. CONFLUENCE, .Uarch 4.-- New maple syrup is on thx) inarket here at ?2 a gallon. held here recently ior tbe benefit, of the local boy 1 - in Camp Lee amountwl to $12432. Oft tlus amount $100 vras used to purchase sir, Usage books for the soldjcrs and the remaining $24.32 was donated to the Coanellsville chapter of the Red Cross Explosion Kills Three. PROVIDENCE, E. I., Marcli -i -- iThree persons -were killed and Eour Pro-Germans and enemy aliens are who was arrested ac the Bame tine p o t h e r s inj , lr ed today by an explos-on - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , _____ ,, . ,sia, and U only one of these, the probably realizing oy no-w that it ( was released on payment of a ?5 for- | of tbe bol i cr m the Mount Pleasant moving toward position noted. -kish forces advancing Vitebsk, is ' costs money to purse the flag or m- j feit, for being drunk and disorderly., I s u l t the United States m Cor.nellsville. Coach was -not charged with making i the ,' William Mitcher, a Slav, of Stew arton, tsus are meeting with little re- ' was arrested Saturday night m a Slav- building iiere. THOUSAND CARS SENT OUT OF B. O. YARDS IN 24 any disloyal statements. Mrtche Joseph Depau S. ice and are massacrins Armen- ish restaurant and was fined 550 in esidents in the district re'aken ' police court by Mayor John Duggan ! Brown. Richard Richardson and Jos- thc Russians. t yesterday morning, charged with curs- j eph Domimck. ----- I tng the flag. ! _ Itweive Srrvire Flap. , Several witnesses appeared against · s Eleanor Sauter's class o* the him and repeated several of the state- i Pischarired Trom Hospital. jr Lutheran. Sunday school pre- meats that Mitcher had made against! Jacob Miller of Owensdale; Mrs. I the church with a service flag j the country. It did not take Mayor | Shames Miller of Mount Pleasant; nlng 54 stars, representing the i Duggan long to give him the choice o f j Harry Moore, Edward %Vade and Irene er of young men of the Sunday | a 30 day sentence or a $50 fine. Sidebottom were discharged from the . who are ia military service. Steve Coach of Leisenring No. 1, 'Cottage State hospital Saturday. Ram tonight and Tuesday; warmer tonight, is the noon weather forecast £or Western Pennsylvania, Temperature Itecord. 1818 3917 Maximum 50 46 Minimum 28 30 Mean 33 38 L7 r ~ " ° t^en^ ^ TM« '"^ » f »TMTMS »"« °* ^ i: ^-sr rto -"· hira aam " ,, ·* ma TM i)nnTO ^ TM ·sr»«»·srr-,^; as Veyer I^-hn Tbe Droflts r rom tj]e smi , oaEe dancft ow ^ iathcr ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ 't]Sbt-T\ad' corporation ])ke yours. There .s every reason, wy we should make pro\ision to supply ourselves vtith. and adequate quantity and pure 1 quality before the pres-eni sources have become polluted, as they are certain to be before many years "Your company ha* done not'uns:, has not oven prom j bed to oo auything-, in the diiccuon of insuring an adequate supply for the future ntedh of QonnelJsville, but the last few months haie bhovn ho\\ unable yoa are HOURS- 6^ FNPJNFS I FAVF!' olaiec - treo! ' ou Ilrcs TM i;)j i )ui "' tioa n\J\J!\J, DO rL,lNUl.LNJDO J-JZ^V. V ti i m umcb 0 . emergcn( _ } T1)t . pcopl(! OJ . A record for shipping oars out ot'tically as niuih freight in the yards' Connellsvule dri. nol going to ttand the Incal yards, which exceeds any-1 toda as there uas yesterday. i ^ or a situation of thib kind. \Ve'H thing for many months, was ach eved The colte car sitiu'-ion IK fairly i l j r n ^ all d \\th the aid of Joe An- yesterday when 1.000 cars left the good today, there heing SO per cent Bel's force, w h o don t lo;c' o u any yards in 24 hours. The entire yaiil on Sand. Mondaj is always a good roorc 'lan »e do, « e will help you force hero threw all its energy into | day for coke cars, the period over »-·· you" plant in bhapi- to snppl tho making tho record and put it over. | Sunday giving the empties a chance. People with »ater. But so far at 'fix- Slxty-fire engines were sent out of I to pile up. | iue-ui)' the trouble which hava the yards during the day. j Coal cars a -e not as p'entiful to- brought on yourselfvj, there's 'nolh- In normal times the record would' day as was e-\,3ected there being only ln » aomg' have been a good one but it attracts i 48 per cent The car supply is much 1 Major Duggran is, todaj- distributing special attention at the present time improved ovei tnat which has been among a. number of citizens the sup- when back freight is piling up over' prevailing m past months and with pleraentary petion which is to be ftSed. the entire system. The space clear-i better weather jn sight, the railroads i inth the Public Service Commissioned out by the big shipment of ?ars|may effect a material cleanup o f , These persons will circulate the peti- east was quickly filled by incoming] backed up freight traffic, freight, however, aad there is prac-l tions for signatures of persons desiring to join in. tho compliant.

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