The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. T.IIJ2 DAILY CObttlZITl, CONNELLSVILLE PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1918. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Ladles' .Auxiliary of the 1. M. C.'i. Makes Annual Cholcof Officers. PATRONS' DAY AT IRON BRIDGE AMERICA'S GREAT MERCANTILE I FLEET BEING RAPIDLY CONSTRUCTED j "M Fin Started t» CMldrtn at PUy CMUC* SeTenl Hoedred loJ)»rs Damage to XxrLel Stfett Home; tfenoouitis Hold Bible Conferences. 9COTT.DALE Mar 2 --At the annual meeting oi the Laea Auxiliary of the Y Ji. C A. held jesterda/ officers were elected as follows Pre»i- tent, ilrs J M. Zimmers, vice pieai- dent. itrs. Arthur Loac-cs, secrstar} Mi£s Anna SUsiey*. jeasurer Airs Fred Haier Following the discussioi of business tea was served in tne lobby Mrs J P. K Miller poured Mrs Arthur Loocks, Mrs Iioyd Glasgow ind Jirs. H. D Bugle sened. The lobby was decorated in red, white and Slue and s» eet peas. Patroms' Da}. iliss Ruby Albright teacher and the pupils of the scnool at Iron Bridge ob- »«rved Patrons Day yesterday. There was a nice program Persons from Scottdale and Me Pleasant attended Danatred Br Fire. About 10 30 yesterday mornlnj a bla.:e waa started at the Hamilton home on Market street when the children -were playing and. sot fire at the I rear end. of the house- The alarm waa sent in and. toe flre department quickly responded. The damage done to tie house will amount to several hundred dolars. BJWe Cwfereace. A Bible conference is being held at the Jtfennonrte church corner Market and Groye streets It Jegan on Thursday and wil continue until March 10th. The Instructors are U J Lapp of Dbamtan, India, and C F .Derstine, of Eureka. I3L There will be a confer- wic* each afternoon at two o clock folio-wing by a talk and Mr Dersune ·will preach a sermon An especial!} food program has been arranged for ORE THROAT } or Tonsilitis--gargle with warn salt then apply-- Come in ant, Subscription- time yoa art Expired? in lou}n - Tborsday Night, March 7 I-^cnt ot llie lieaion- NOW TOR SOME FVH1 SONS AND GRANDSONS OF SMITHFIELD VETERANS TRAINING AS SOLDIERS Oit of Hospital. Kneel Hixon who has been ia the Xcmonal hospital at Mt Pleasant for «om* tame was able yesterday to come to kis borne here. For Sale. Bight room house, 4 J /4 acres land, best of spring water, fruit of all Linda, an ideal home, for $3,100 Four acres of land Hawfceje street car station, for J1400 Su room noose, lot 50x110 feet known as the Dans property, Fifth avenue, tor $2,400 E F DeWitt Scotdale, Pa.-- Adv-- 28-St REMARKABLE CURES Thankful People Tetl Wbat Su Cur» Olatatent Did for Them. Laughrey Drug Co, Connellsnlle, Broadiray Drag Co, Scottdle sells San Can Ointment on tire money-back plan--no relief--no pay Guaranteed to relieve eczema, tettar, salt rheum, Itching, bleeding or protruding piles, fcoru, eats, bruises, old scree, pimples, boils, carbuncles, chapped hand*. chilblains, festers-, insect bites and poiMQ from iTT "My face and neck were one mam of wra, doctor raid I had eczema and erysipelas. I had not slept for wwfca -with bTirnine, Itching pain. The firrt too* I used San Cnra Ointment 1 sleft all nicbx and in a short time va* completely cored.''--Chas. fay, Towrffle, P*. "My inle stepped on a maty nail and ran it into her foot San Cora Ointment drew out a poisonous brown pas and eared her promptly."--Eugene McKenue, Plam Pa. ·'I lad been afflicted o»er thirty years Trrth pllea and spent over $500 for pil» si'dtcme. Two jam of San Cnra Ointment cared me." -- Jame« Lynch, Enterprise. Pa. San Cora Ointment costs SO, 60e and $1.20 a Jar at Laagbrcy Drag Co , Connellsvilto; Broadway Drag Co, Scottdale, and is a splendid remedy for bums, acalde, eats and bruises SOAP yEMOTBS PIXFbES. Saa Cora Scan will rentore pimples, blackheads and many skin diseases Makes the complexion clear and the irfdn Telrety. 25 cents at Langhrejr Drag Co.. ConneUsrtne, Broadway Drug Co.. Scottdale. If yoar dncgjst doesn't keep it send to tie Tiiorapeon Medical Co., A MOADWAT XUSICAE C03CEDE. It be Fnseried :ii tie Scettdale Tfce*- tre Sext Tkorsdaj. John T. Fishtr, producer of "The Bed Rose," "Pretty Bab," "The Pink Lady" and othe- high class mnslcal comedies, wtU c-fter his latest production. "Oh 1 Johnny, Oh'" at the Scottdale theatre nert Thursday night only. This, is tie same big show which is playing Pittsburg, Johnstown, Harrisburg and Altoona. In it are 40 people, including a Broadway pony ballet. Hawaiian dancers, and blonde, brunetti and titian haired show girls. Tho piece is in two acts and six scenes and is staged in a gorgeous and spectacular manner, characteristic ot all_of John T Fisher's offerings -In his criticism of 'Oh Johnny, Oh 1 " the dramatic critic of the Buffalo N Y , Cour er, said ' "Oh 1 Johnney 1 On 1 '" is quite the best musical comedy John T Fisher haa e\er produced and altojether one of the best shows seen here this season " As a matter of fact this delightful musical show is making a hit wherever shown. Although the prices m otter cities have usually been ?150, j H will be shown here for only 50c. 75c 8£d fl 00 Reserved seats win go on sale at the box office ot the Scottdale theatre en Monday afternoon Better secure year seats ear)} or Xajor tbraham at Camp [ Cordon; Son of Anotker Veteran Drilling Draftees at Camp lee. Of the soldiers who have gone out from Snuthfield to the war there are a number who emulated the examples of their fathers or grandfathers in the earlj flays of the "War \mong the latter is one who is a son of a "ve,.- eran John Abraham now a member o£ Companj G , 325th Infantry at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga is a sou of Mr and ilrs, J "\V Abraha^n ot Stnithfield aod a grandson o£ Major Isaac M Abraham ot the SSth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in. the Civil War i In a letter to a boyhood friend young Abraham tells of the small eaung us- tabhahments while cluster around the limits of Camp Gordon, sometime half a doza of them In one butld-ng where a soldier ' can bu almost any old thing, if he has the money 'I go out often and fill up on ice cream, pie and candy*, says Abraham Pies onlj cost 35 cents and thej are jam pies at that--two hard crusts jammed together "Was down at Atlanta Sunday, spending most of the day m the park looting at the relics of the Civil War also some flne young ' 'dies. Thej are trying to kill us dulling, the bojs Believe me, when you do quick time eigit hours a day with a rest just long enough to smoke a cigarette, and smoke it quick, ou feel like going to bed at nine o'clock. John Goodwin j IB In my company but quartered in a building about 25 rods from me He and I are on the go every spare hour we have." "Jud 1 Grim, son of George M. Grim, another Smitbfield veteran Is a sergeant in. ISrh Company, 3rd Training Battalion, at Camp .Lee, Va. In a letter to C. 0 Bosley at SnntMeld, Sergeant Gran tells o£ having been detailed with other non-coramis»iojied officers to drill colored draftees. "I -would rather drill them," says Sergeant Grim, "than the 'Dagoes' These are southern negroes and are much different from the northern negroes. There are about 8 000 of them here. They have separate quarter from ours "Haven't had a decent lair cut since I came dorra here These fellows don't know the first principles ot barbering. Boy you should see the mustache DRUCS EXCITE YOUR K1DNEYS,USE SALTS J£ Your Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers, Drink Lots of Confluence. CO"NF1*JENCE, March 1--Mr and Mrs. Charles Show have returned from Masontown weher they attended the funeral of a relative L. S. Lincoln ot TJmontown is a bas- iness vhntor here Mrs. Asnefi STran of Connellsvino has returned home after a visit wita friends here Mrs James Kcarns has returned to her home in Chicago Junction, Ohio, after visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Thomas Xjttle here a few days Patronize those wbo advertise. Mrs Charles "Watson has returned to her home In Connellsville after visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Alwn Bnrnworth, several days Mrs. Hagan Yeagley went to Con- ne'isville yesterday to visit friends Mrs Joha Weaver was in ConneUs- ville yesterday shopping and visiting friends W» to Patronise. Merchants who advertise their good' The Daily Conrl«r. Kill That Cold and Save Health \Vhen your kidneys burt and your back feeli. sore, get scared and p"oceed to load your stomach \viUi a lot of drugs that oxcitc the kidnejs and irritate the entire ur uarj tract f Eveep ^our kidney: clean like jou keep j your bowels clean bj flushing Uiem j with a mild, harmless, salts, which removes the body's urmous vra^o and ) stimulates them to their normal ac- tmts The function of the kidneys is j to filter the blood. In 2) hours the? strain, from it 500 grains of acid and i %aste so we can readily undciatand ' the vital Importance oE keeping the kidneys acme Dunk lota of nater--you can i drink j too much also get from an pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts take a table t poonful in a glass of water before breakfast each morning! for a few dajs and you" kidney w i i l ' act fine Th.s famous baits Is made j Crom the acid of grapts and lomon juice combined -nith lithia and has [ bfcen used for genemLion^ 'o clean and stimulate clogged kidiievs also to neutrali7e tie acids m urine so it no longer Is a source of irritation, thus ending bladder weakness Jad Silts Is inc-vpCLshe, cannot injure mafcos a delightful (ffervescont i lithia-wator drinfe which evervoue should take now and then, to koop their kidneys clean and acti\e Try this, also keep tip the vratcr drinking and no doubt lou will woodor irhac became of your kidney trouble and backache | The U. S. Food Administration Says Use Cqrn ancl Save Wheat Ask for and Get Gold Bond Stamps With Every Purchase. Rizxle-Daxzle of Fun -Music and Prancing Ctrl! SONG HITS £U HULA HULA «f) DANCERS Oil HAZEL CARUS, G«W«n- 50c, 75c and $J \ow on Sale at Box Office THEATRE Program For Next Week WEAR loraer's | Oothias: § ooecoooocoooooooooosccoooa XXXJOOOOOOCOOODOOCOOOOOOCW 2 J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBLiC ' AND REAL ESTATE. C IM. i South MM*** l_MHt £ Conn*l!«v!ll. ft. £ JOOCX3CX50COOOOOOOCODCCOCOC Metro Presetrs VIOLA. DANA, in ·'THE IvntDISG TEATL" A SIc'ro Screon Romance In 3 Aeti "A S \VITARTOt SCAXDAL" Kevton^ Comedy A)«o Pittsburgh Press 'Weekly TCTSSDAT "THE AUCTION BLOCK" Gnld^yn Production In 8 Acts i TTEDISTESBAT BlueMrrt "Presents CAB-AIEL MYERS In "THE TUFE HE BOUGHT" Drima in 6 ^cts AIio L Ko Comedv In 2 Acts THUMB AT "WiUiam Bradr presents ETHKL CLAYTON in '·WHTMS OF SOCfETY" Srrern Drama That JntorestB and Eseites -- In 5 Arts Also Universal Current Events SATURDA Metro Prcarats MABE1, T\L- LMTSRRO In "DBATT 258" Special Production m 8 Acts Also a Selected Comedy --COMDfG-- CONSTANCE TAL'iACGE IN Even the Babies Wear Dresses of New York Style E" t] iislteh da'nty are these iitUe frocks but recently rerehed Some we plainly uillored 'n linen And pique Cei lain short-waifjtcr stylos In voile arc in white and flainU colors .Anil ^et a third assortra arc in damfy voiles with delicate lace and embioidery trimmings fho sizo rpn?rp is 1 to G years The price range s $1 25 o $500 And Coats of New York Style The preltic'jt Jjttle styles knagmable m serge nd cashmere and crepe _de clime ".nd silk poplin and n h i t e pique Some lia\e tbe daintiest of hand embroidered trimmings--ind there are debcato blups and jtinlcs in addition to white Ail sl^es 3 to B jears ' ' Those .n white pique are ?3 *5 Tho others range ?3 30 to $12 50 And Bonnets of New York Style Bonnets and bonnet hats in Jie most attractive assortments we have ».vei ihown Some ire in hand embroUered Pique and some arc in fine Organdy trimmed wit i ribbons, rosebud 1 ? and medallions Prices *l-2" te S'i.OO. 150 Umbrellas at $1.25 150 Women's Umbrellas covered with a good gade of American Taffeta Thev a! e. made over sturdy frames and some have cases Mission and natural woo'd handles--some finished with silk loops Worth considerably more thau $125 A Proper Veil Lends Distinction Some of these ne\v made- up veils have scroll borders while others are m diamond or squaie mesh The color range includes taupe, brown, black, navy, blue and wisteria. Prices $1 25 to $3 50 each.. By the Yard Black, brown and taupe veiling in plain meshes with dots and various good borders iit 25c to ?1 00 the yard To* Soothe Winter Coriiplexions Cucumber Cold Cream in jars is soothing after a battle with March wind and Fay- etto coal dust The jar tops screw on Ughtly and keep the cream fresh and fragrant Three sizes,--at 35c 50c and 65c a jar Jn bottles there are many other healing and soothing creams and lotions--all moderately priced A Pleasing Stock of Talcs and Toilet Water These Voiles Most Be Friends With the RainJbow So colorful are thev m the beautv of their fresh newness Plaids, stripes, plain colors and odd patterns seem to gain something new and prettier each year A good variety of these at 25c to $1 25 the yard and-- --36 inch Silk and Cotton Georgette printed navy backgrounds with blue-and-gold and blue-and- \vhite at $1.00 the vard. --40 inch F-incy A B C Silk Persian pauerna at JJ0 the yard, --30 inch Cotton Serpentine Crepe, ·various patterns and colors suitable for kimonos,--eycrlknt alne at 29c the ard. Inexpensive New Waists The "Wirthmor" at $1.00 --PJain voiles with plaid gingltam collars and cuffs and gingham piping --Striped Dimities with big collar and crochet buttotne --Pleated loilcs -nith convertible ta lored collar --Dotted Swiss ·aith embroidered collar The "Welworth" at $2.00 --Pi -in "\ojlc Tutb hemstitching and lucKs Lace trimmed cuffs and lace tnlnmod cor^ ertible collar --"White Tub Silk Mith lace trim- mod colHrs and cuffs. --Sfiped Seco Silk with white satin collars and cuffs Ctoice of S colors Big 15o Matinee Dailj i 2 30 Evening Shows at 7 30 and 9 15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --fODAY Vil) AMERICA S GREATEST 90-POUND COMEDIAN, Jacfc Fuqoay and Zarrow's Little Blue Bird Co. In a Modern Version of An Old T-me Black FMO Farce "DOCTOR DIPPY" ON THE SCRiEN--WILLIAM S HART FEATURING THE BL-ULBIHD 1RIO MISS LILLI«, ZEIGLER B1LLIE FENTON TUB IRISH TENOR SNEAD CLARK BLLUBIRD BE«jTY CHORUS. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY SELECT PICTURES PRESENT AXICE BRADY IN 'HER SILENT SACRIFICE' A SPECIAL PRODUCTION IN 7 ACTS ALSO A GOOD COMEDY M O S D A Y METRO PRESENTS VIOLA DANA IN "THE WINDING TRAIL" A METRO SCREEN ROMANCE IN B ACTS "A SAMTABrUH SCAKDAI" ' KEYSTONE COMEDY ALSO PITTSBURGH PRESS "WEEKLY EVERYTHING COOKED LUCE j AT HOME, Strictly Freih, Clean and Pore. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CI/TJB BREAPAST AND SUNDAY DJUNKR, -Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING KOOiL T« old family remedy -- in Cablet fcria-- Mfe. tore my to take No opmt**-- «o unpleasant »ter effect*. CntMeoldatn tJ4 hour*--Gnp la 3 j backifttfaife Getth* utne box with To* and Mr Hill t picture en it AtAay Dru« Star · TODAY Adolph Zukor Probente PAULINE FREDERICK in "DOUBLE CROSSED" Also TOM \0X in the Pox Film Coaiedr "J'0"ff AJTD 3EBEY" JACK PICICrORD I "TOM SAWT1 K" J. N. Trump !TE LIN, TRNSFES ao-ren TJUICK mat WAGOV*. HOVIIfO *«» HOlSTOfQ . . LattleNl Attb juur»nifrf«tft Vht-vl»»-ler l « Il«»«mJ Br* 1'llla In Tied scd Uold tuct Blue Tl 1 i itaA^a pa ' soi0 BV mmisK mSm NU.TH MANHATTAN OF THE FLAYERS In Three Great Plays --MONDAY AND TUESBAT-- Coined} Thrills In Abundance Fighting the System You'll Bo Held in It's Grip. --WEDNESDAY, TIHJRSDAY A3ID FEIDAY-- Boulab PoTUler'g Famous Hit "LEMA RIVERS" "PKETTT PEGGY O'SIOOIII!"--SATCEDAY ONLY. Only Six More Days to See Yonr Fatorites. EAVE YOUR POINTING DOIfE AT THIS OFFICE. - OCSOOOOOOOOOOCCXXSOOOOOOOOOO Try Our Classified Ads, It's IVioney Well Invested | 5 CXXWOCOCXKXXJOOOWKIOOCOa^

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