The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 4, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, 3ANTATIY 4, 1920. THE DAILY COTJTUEB, CXDNNETMl-SVrLTJ J, PA. FAUK FIVE). Matthew--The Gospel of Kingship 'Brass Tacks" on the Sunday School Lesson Cod "Thou ihnlt call his name JESUS: for he (hall »»ve hi* peoplo from their tin*." --Matthew 1:2.1 12j- IR. AT/VI.V B BELL Infisttutcrh af! t!:o Sunday school lc-- °on.s for the next bix morotha aro eon- tlne-d to th« gospel o£ Matthew, this week's upace may be- used by giving a "binVH-eye view" of t!i^ book wo are 10 st ucly. Our Bibles do not contain "four gospels," for thoro ia Invl. one- gospel of Jcsui C'hris-t a mil thai gospel, or goixl ·=tory, te rolativl ]v four diffororit cvsnffoltats, M a t t h e w . M a r k , Luke n n d John, all wrltlna t · tlitfcrpn-t natiouwl- Hlc'i t n p o r t r a y ,Ic^u-, C h r i ' t from four 11 i ff c rfMut K t d i n l p o i n t j . M a t I hows, a f o r m e r t a \ collar tor wot" t t b n J r w , to pro^^ t h a t ,lv,ui C'l'rir.l wai tbi · K i t i p and M-r si ih. in \\lioso I fo mid dc-alli ( I I P O t i t Testamont proph- ·clon a n i l r U u a l v,ere f u l f i l l e d . IHn i hwacterisMf o.xpr^jy^ioti, tlioroforo, is: "That 1! m i g h t 1^ f u l f i l l e d which M a p Jipokwi rf the v o r d by tho p r j ) h f t , s.ayinc" M a t ' h o w Rives us KO iu at onf from lli-e Old Testament. H 1t=, 'hon-forc, logical that MattViow t h o u g h not w r i t t e n flrot among the 27 boo -s of · ' · New Tw-lament. Its opoalnc; v n door wl'lcli swings bax-kward .1 ' i) rv ' i i i T r « t a m p ' U t as wo!I aj Co -v. c 1 'n'c tho X ' w TV^tta- ti,oiil: "Thr- i; o' of tho KMiorati"n of Jeaii'i Christ ili^ . an of Pa,hl, the son uf Abra'ham." I'lnn and Outllnr. AYhon Miitthow l e f t the customs houvfr hi brought w i t h him more t h a n hl« pen and I n k . iiu brought tho H b i l i t y to da^^ify at d cadify parahlos, mlracloq, sa ings a n d teaching's, t b i o i i f t h which nuis ;i crtrnmon t h o u g h t , for }i,'h bloKr.ijiby of Christ ie M-r'lten topically rn'her t h a n chrono- lof-U ally. In d e v e . o p i u u hui great t i n me of tlic- K i u g ' - h l p of Jesus, he ( i r . t «rlt-f! of th-"- I'rop.initiou of tho K i n g t : 1 - l : l R ) . t l i n o f t h e I'reach- irsi «'( tbft Kins; (i: iT-l(;-L ; (.i), t h e n of tho Pa"v=tou of tlio KfiiR {16:21-27) c'Liir! f i n a l l y of tho Power of the King 2 W - 2 0 . True- to his purpose of con- vmcing his readers that Jeeus was their Messiah, h© traces MP genealogy, not from Adam as Luke do*'S, but from Abraham, the great father of the nation. lie, alone, records the visit of ·the Magi "who came s-eekh.g tho King of the Jews. He showb In Jesus' life fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy ot the virgin birth and incai nation; of Micha'a prophecy of BethV hein as the birthplace; ot Jeremiah's prophecy o£ tho slaughter of the Inioc-enit^; of Isaiah's prophecy of the ministry ot the forerunner, John the Baptist. And .-0 on through his life to t h e yery end in the betrayal, d-cn/th and resurrection. MaltlK-w matches llv Old Tes-ia- j u p n t prophecies w i t h UKlr complete l u i f l l i m e n t in tho one h eec-ks to proves his people's promised King. Tho Theme of Kln?s1ilp, The essence of Matthew is given im both the messago ot Jesm an,rl of his forerunner: "Repent ye, for tho Kingdom ot heaven ia at hand ' Fifty times ho uses, tho word "khi'gilom" in this connection. This them* of Kingship which characterizes ovei ythiiig thai. Matthew wrote of Jesus led tho early Christians to adopt the lion ae the symbol to rcp.rrv.ont Matthew in tho :nt oT the early church Just as for (/th^r reasons t h o y symbol I zed Mark by tho OK, Luke by a man and John, hy tho eagle This thorn e -f royalty ia sustained to tho very note In tao triumphant risen King's own claim of universal do^i-V-niou on which he based his great rommiavon to his dls- tlples to evangelize all nation,* to hts standard: "All autliori'y luuth been given u n t o me in b-ea-ven am! on ! earth Go ye, therefort a n d make j disciples uf all mtlonV (The International Ur iforni Lesson, for J a n u a r y 5 Is. Matt. 2 - 10-23 the smb- ject being the "Ohildho'xl of Jesus," and the Golden Text, Matt, 1:21, "Thou .^halt call his tta m Jesns: for it is ' t h a t vhall sa e his people from I r hins.") C H U R C H OK T I I K flRKTHKEN, ( i n n e r V i n e ant Newmyor, Halpb 10 K lober, minister--Bible- echool at ii 15, Mrti. 1'aul V. Lopley, fciipcrin- 'cudeni. Morning rtorship at 11; bitb- jcct, "Tho lilggtfct Uiujhichs in tho V/orW." livening it 7, U. Y. V. U., Alice Rldgway, p.-esiding At 7:30, ctchange of inilpits, bt'rinon by l)a.v!el 10. Mlucrd t u p p l y i t i g lor the Firet I'resbytcrlau Church. Special cervlco each evening d u r l i m tho weMc at 7:uO, except Suturlay, i"i oi'«-,orvaiu-e ot tho \Vook of Prayer '['h i re w i l l !)";mo\- c hungo of pulpttt) ^sllti othei (iilnitors of tho city. A coxlial welcome i.- rc- t ended to all. Timiwlar, JJr. W. II. Hetrick. FIRST UMTOU PRRSBYTRRIAX, South Pittsburg .and Norton avenue, U. K. K r u p p , paMtor--13iblt. school 9 45 A. M., Charles K. Carson, Ji., superlu- dent. Morning worshii) 11; measage i hy Dr. J. A. Alexander Evening wor- J s h i p , 7'30; meMsage b - Rev. B, H. Stevens. Intermediate Y. P. C. U., B:30 P. M. Senior Y. C. P. U. 0:45 P. M, Prayer services overy evening t n e x t week. Speaker M ndsy, Dr. D. R. [ Criihaiu; Tuesday,, Jie\ R, E. Shober; Wodncbday, ])r. W. J l . ' f o t r i c k , Thursday, Rev. C G. ft'hupe; Friday, Hev. G. H. Krupp. t ' A Y N E A. M. F , W. S. Amo*. pas- lor---HumJay schojl at !):4."», \\'. V. Thompson, MjperlntonUont Woifchip, !0--I5 Special sermon at -.o'O to the ^onu'ti by Mie. ?.! L. Jleuderfeon. Moil ,tro \\ekomc A. i" 1 K League at 6:30, M a i i l l a , I'n^ide-iit. K v e n i n p i , 7.,'U) SIKM hit r e v i v a l scr- ·rloe« are being c j m i u c t e d c.u'h evening hy Mrfc. M L. HcndoiMiii of Vxinenvllle, Ohio. FIRST EVAXGELir \;,, .South Con- neltsville. M. R. Tys,ou pastor -- 9:30 A. M., Siui(liy school, Mr*.. (J. Bhoe- maker, superintendent 10:43 A. M., morning worship; 7:3') P. M., preaching service. AVedncnt ay, 7 ' 3 0 P. M, v p t a y e r in poll nt; KIUST H A P T I t ' I , 15. it Stuveiis, m i n i s t e r -- C h u i f h school, 'J 15. lotion, ·Thp. Chlhlliood «crelilp 10' l ~ : llio Year liight," C o m m u n i o n . Kven- injf woi«bii 7.'JO, j-ornion hj K t v . (.i R K i u p p , p.i^tor «l the L'nitc"! Preuby- t*rlan C h u r r h . M j o c l a l meotins^ oveiy ntj;tn of t ' f \ i «" K o M f p t Sa.'\ul.u. Du'.-. WcdriPi-Ja-, Dr. I) R FIRST r H K l S T I A burg stroei, Rev. JEn minister-- 9,;«J A. M. : V/iltpr K. Sttmmol, classes for all ages: 1 m u i t i o n and worship, suitim? the Putt" ; G. jnl Intermediate C h r 7. 30, e v e n i n g woioh I ' . ' i t r o d r l e n P a t c h " Ii \\ r.l exchangp w ith H nt-rvtcc \Voek of p H. Lambrartson, Monday night, with Rev. B. II. Stevens, Tuesday night, and with Rev. D. R. Graham, Friday night. All the people ot the community aro urged to attend theee services. Start the new year vrtbh prayer. It ·will do you good. Try it tad see. A friendly church invitee you to all ot its services. TRINITY LUTHERAN, Fairvlew avenue, Dr. W. II. Hetrick, pastor. Class in Catechism 9 A. M. Sunday echool 30 A. M, "The Childhood ot Jesus." Mornicf; worship, 11; eermon, "Out of Egypt." Luther .Le-aguo 0:40 P. M. Evening worship 7:30 P. M. Weok of prayer Hev. D. R. Graham, of First Methodist Episcopal Churrh will nil f h o p u l p i t . Wek of prayer services will he hold every night next week except Saturday at 7:30. Annual co ng rogation a,l aneoUng W-wlines- day, beginning at 7:30 P. M. FIRST CHURCH OF THE UNTTED BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Lincoln av- uuo at Race cti-eot, Elmer A. Shultz, minister -- C l i u r t h school, 9:45 A. M., a claes for every agq-, Harry C. Wit,, superintendent. TJivine worship, 11, Special music. Sermon hy the pas-tor. Senior Chrietiaa Endeavor Society at 6:30 P. M,,' Alva Kern, pre-sldent. Junior Christian Endeavqr Society at 0:30 P. M., Mrs. J. R. Dunston, bup- erintendent. Evening service, 7:30. Exchange of pas to re throughout the city. Sermon by J. IT. Lainberteon. Universal week of prayer services each night d u r i n g the week except Saturday. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY, McCrory building -- Sunday services at 10:45 A. M., subject, "God." S u n d a y School at 9:3(1, Wednesday evening testimonial mooting at S o'clock. Reading room open dally from 2 to 4 P. M. rxcept Sundays and holidays. METHODIST KPISCOPAI,, Perrr- opolie, Rev. ,1. A. Korgln, pastor -- 9..'iO A M , Church nc-hool. A t t e n d a n c e la^t Sunday 20S, Will you be one o£ 225 tomorrow? Morning worship, 10: HO, subject: "Servo the I,ord With G Induces." Kpworlh League, 6:30 P. M. Evening worship, 7:30 P. M. Church Conference at the close of tho service Give worehip a chauco during the New Yee. See what it w^ll do for you. TRINITY EPISCOPAL, Canon L H. Burn -- Church eehoo), 10 A, M. Evening prayer and sermon. FIRST METHODIST TOPISCOPAL. D. R. Graham, B. D., minister -- Communion service at 11 A. M, In the exchange of paitors at 7:oO, Dr. W IT. Iletfirk will preach. Service 1 ; oacb evening d u r i n g tho week except i-j«.t- urday. .Monday evening, Rev. !oorge K r u p p , Tuerday nvening, KPV. _. (J. S h a p o ; Wcd'msday ovenijiir, Rev. TO. ff. S f c \ e n « ; Thursday · i · HII\';, t l i o pastor; I'VId i- evc-nlng, i; . iviirmr Duty. LBISENR1NG T'RBSBYTERIAX, William Hamilton, pastor -- Sunday- School, 9:45 A. ii. Church, 11 A. M, ; topic of sermon, "Looking Forward." BAST LITSERTY PRESBYTERIAN, VantlerblTtr- Preaching at 11 ami 7 30. Janro R. Henry will supply the. pulpM. He come-'! from the Western Theological Somiaary. % FIRST PRESBYTERIAN. J. L Proudfit, 1JJ3., minister -- Biblo school, 0:30 o'clock. H. W. McRobble, superintendent. Morning service, 11. Rev. John Chlan-iua will preach . Young ·people's se'-vlee", fi:30 o'clock Evening t«'r\"k(., 7:30 Rev. H. E. Hhober, paMor of tic Church of the Bret hi on, will preach. This .service i \ l l ) Inaugurate the AVoi-k of Prayer. Thorc will bosp^ial Fer^i(.·eri in this cliuTch each ovculrg d u r i n g the week except Saturday. FIRST METHODIST PROTESTANT, Weit Apple strer-t, J U. t.uni- bertson, rnlnibter -Class meeting, 9, leader, Geojgo Swallop Sunday school, 9'45; T. 31. Means, eup«irlntcn(l'*Mit Morning -worship, 11 ; subject, "All Thing-8 Become Now " Junior C!. E , 3. I. C. E, 6. Senior C. E. prayer nvw/t- In-g, 0:45; topic, " W h y Pray for Others?" Evening service, 7:30, npoa.k- er, Rev. E. A. SchulLz. Wook of piay- er each -evening iit 7:30 ^vewivt Hartur- daj-. Monday evening, Rev. Duty win pr-esldo. Tueatlay, Rev. Hotricl? will preside. Friday, evening, Iteiv. SchulU will prehide Everylody welcome. Noon meeting;!, J a n u a r y G to 11; 20 minutes, ia()" to 12:35 Fine muwlc. Krl-pC,en. A t the Urpheum Tbeatro. PRESfiYTERFAN', beard R. Wylie, pastor -- S u n d a y Hchool at 9:45; Upton D. Speei, suprrintondcnt. Morning v orshlp at 11; subject. "This Year Also." Evening worship at 7-30; subject, "The W i d e n i n g Church." Young people's meeting at 0:45; W. H. Williams, leader; topic, "Why Pray?" TRINITY REFORMED, corner Pittsburg and Green streets, C. 0, Shupe, pastor -- 9:45 A. M,, Sunday school, S. C. Witt, superintendent. 11 o'clock, sf rmon, "A Better New year." 6:46 P. M., Christian Endeavor; Margaret Shupe, leader. 7:80 P. M., Rev. E. N. Duty, pastor ot Christian Church w i l l preach; subject, "Prayei." Services each evening during the week at 7:30 tliu; w f-ek except Sa' Kr. D u l y w i l l oicha N, South Pitts- ^eue N. Duty, Church fcchooi, superintendent, ;.4U A. M , com- eubjcct, "For!0 P. M . Senior itian Endeavor: i p, bubject, "The ·i t'. (.!. S h n p o j ·v Out;, for this oyer in nil the v c r j evening of urda." at 7 3d. ugo -A ith Rev. J. Nearzrzg 70, Kansas Citian Spends His Time at JRink KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 11 -- G. Frank Householder Is rapidly Hearing hla 70th birthday and hiii started fakatltig nightly at tlio Pla-Mor rink here tor recreation. "Two years ago," ho confided a f t e r circling the ring, "I .spent an entire evening making ono round. Now hero ! am pushing some of the youngsters out of tho lead." House lolcler spcudb ui(Yt of hlh titise off tho rink tho^p d a s t r y i n g to i n d u c e tome o£ Ills, t i i c - n d f i to join him H a mojlly n.o uso, be Looking Backward Of th« P*«t CC.11- dsnnod from r.ho ol The Courier. DECEMBER 27, 1S8S. Detailed report of the Connellsvillo coke trade for the week ending December 21 shove a total of 14,271 nvene in tho region, oE which 13,801 are in blast and 470 kilo, w i t h a total estimated production of 140,118 ton's. Marriage licenses are .iEeued|in Union town as follows : Harry Colllnr, of Scottdalo ami Jennlo Me.inn $t Bull- fikin township; Uljeeos JenntnFa and Mary Ann Henry, both oC Wheeler, David Luce and Dora rullr-r, both of Perry township; "William O'Dryon. of Connellsville and Levino Gohrlng oC Confluence; Daniel Jobes and Rebecca Taylor, both of Dun bar township; Timothy Illggina ami Miei Shively, both of Councils vlllcs William O. Brooks and Catherine R Murphy, both of Bullskin township; Archibald Miller of Scott-dale and Emma Bennett o£ i Upper Tyrone township; Daniel Bak- ' or, PerryopolH, and Mre, Frances E, Kinnoy, Perry township-; William White and Jane Freed, both ot Trotter; Georgo W, Childs, Mount Braddock, and Caroline- Turncy, Uniontown. John Kennedy or Morrell fails into Wllkey's cut on the 0. . II. Sbortline. and has hla leg fractured. Michael Lashlnsky te killed at tho Davidson mine. FarriuK'on 11. Oglovee, SI years old, dies in F r a n k l i n t o w n e h i p . Major William A. Wefif, ;i (,'JviJ War veteran, who "'as born ID IS '6, dire in Unlonlown. J. W. 'Show«iltrr of K n i l t h f l e l d enjoys t.ho d i s t i n c t i o n of Ivoing (lie old- 06 1 I Mich or In l^ay-elle B o u n t y ; ritart- j ing lite prnfp-sMnn in 1SW and h a v i n g . ( m i g h t in Fayolto count} w i t h .1 single exception tor SO consecutive years. DKCKJKBEIl ii9, \ Detailed report of. tin* Connellttvilh coko trxwlo for the. week end in;; DC cember 23 bhowe a total o! 19,701 ovens in tho region, ol! whiM tS.Slif are in blast ami 841 idle, wltn a tola estimated production of. 202,234 tone Twenty men arc killed by an ex plosion In tho now Br.iznell rnino o the StockcleJe Coal Company, lira Brownsville, In a head-on collision of frelfjh trains at H u n k e r on the Soiiihwes Branch of t!io Pennsylvania Jlailroaf , Engineer .7ohn Kouph and Flrema i C'larrnto C(m" v of Scottdalo are ii j 11 rod, Marriage licence* ar* Issued i i L ' n i o n t o w i i ai follows Isaa' Alllso i ritxl M a l i n d a A n d e r B o n , both of Str r J u n c t i o n , Noah M Anderson, Kl r Jutu-Uon, ;ind Kffie Glllen, G r ' n d e t o m ; William 11. Brown, Kim (lrov*.», sr i Cornelia Boohor, I.rt'-enrlnr; Ric n r d Roadway and Sarah Wrif;lev, bo h of Pawfion; Frank Boring and Minn o t'ranfor. bolh of Vamlerbilt; Thadde « Ixng of Scottdnlo tuir Katie P-oyd f i r a w k o y e ; William K. M i t c h e l l .f Hammondvilo and Borth.i Homming r of Wiod!ile; WlHiaia .Johnson a d Lucy Mountain. Doth of Ko'-malvill i; Samuel P. Leech and Ooia Provam a, both of Mount Drnddocl:, laiipor T. King of Monallcn t o w n s h i p and lo ia Pcryl Ewlng of S m i l h f l e t d ; J u d s o n 3. Dick and Klla K. Warner, both of S u m m i t ; Henry Crosby cad Ms -y Purman, both of Dunbar; Char x Childa and Sarah Hoblnson, both of FergUfion, and .Tamo's flimmel oC Ralneytown and Ida Lint of fackf jn Ke-v. L \ Carroll, at-slst tin pa« or of t h e i m m a c u l a t e Conception Chur h, receiver a ChritUm.-uf g i f t in tho a- tnre of. appointment to the paetor te of Hie Catholic C h u r r h at K m i t h t o i tilx hundred persons »iro trfvitPtl by Mr, and Mrs.. Uoi k'voll Uriott;i In their a n n u a l C h r i s t m w distrilmUoi. tu tho poor. Tho body of "WilMain TJeneon is found l y i n g along this road near H ly- dentown. Judeon Wable. 10, of Ohlnpylo, a cl- doTiitiUly shoots bimself in Uvo eft ehouldor w i t h a e h o t g u n . HEf'KMBEJI 23J, d t c p o r t of tlio CunnelJi'v illo coke trade for the week on-tliiiK ! o- oonubcr 18 nliow* a total of ;0,:Mi,? 01 MIB in Die region of w h i c h 36,753 an in blafet and :i,510 idle wl!h a total a t l mated production of 462,73") tons. P r m a l l i n f ? prlree for turk-oyn ar · 30 cents live and 35 cents drowsed. Afl high as 25 cents o. pound is b Ing charged tor droned chlckriu-,. Thomas Floming, -If yc-ar« ok te found dead In bed nt hip home In Pnirvlcw avenue. William Clark Ma goo, fit ytxu's old, for many jcars p r o m i n e n t in the oko Industry, i;«« at his home in I Itts- burg. John W Basset!, 76 years old, dies at ScotUlale. MiYi. Katherinc "SVhalen, 3'i j ears old, formerly of Connt'llsvilJo, di' 5 at Gleiiwood. Mre. Mattie Bolton, widow of ^"rof. John Bolton, dies sit M!,U R u n a tho ago of. 87 years. Mrs. Mary M c M u l l o n , 02 yoan old, dies in Gibson avenue. The proposed annexation of i outh Conii-o-lkivillo ib booelMl by the C iam- ber o£ Commorcr. DECKATBEIl 81, 19(!. Detailed report of the Gonne-11 coko trade for the week e n d l n / cembr 27 shows n total of ovptie In tho region, of which aro in blaet and 13,352 idle, T\ total estimated production of 2 ; tons. Harry Lee, World AS'ar ve walks from J o h n t t o w n to Rocl and haa hie feet frozen. He it; to the Hospital Mfcs Frances Trct-elor, 17, of Scottdale, lias three fingers E. t h u m b blown o!E whon clynamit' bhc lound. in an old t r u n k expl .John J DniiRhertv, 4 1 «ear p o p u l a r mo.orman of llni \ \ c i Hailwnyt, Comiiany, t e iih( ( ' .villa Do- D,7.'8 2,iO« ,th u '5,850 eran, wood t a k e n near nl a cape do. old. Pe u YESTMORELAND C. T. U. ' ON JANUARY Vhito Eibl)oners to Hold Bally At l^ostminster Church, Orccnsburg. PROGRAM IS ANNOUNCED Special to Tha Courier. ORTSISNSBUrtO,, Jan. 4-- -Tho AVeet- nnrulaixl \V. (J. T. U. will rn«et in tho Wetjlttiinator Prosbylerlan Church of hie place Saturday, .Tammry IS, to lolrl an institute and "victory" lunch- Hn. Morning and afternoon seeslon-s w i l l be hold, the morning 1 eeesion adjourning at 12; 30 o'clock for luncheon at" which Mre. Ella n, Black, state W. C. T. U, president will be the griee-t ol honor. Mrs. Fannio "Watkine, of Smlthton, president of tho county organization wHl preside. Music for tho luncheon aes-sion will bo led by Mifl. C. U. DeYoung of Greene burg. Mrs. Black ie eched tiled to talk on "Kternkl Vigllanco ia the Prico of Prohibition." Prof. Jamee Hi!ig1)X!S, a?6iatant aupeirntwidant of Westmoreland county /schools will talk on ''Law Enforcement in the Publio Schools." Rev. C. B. Cruea, dietrlct suporintend-ent of the Anti-Saloon League will make an address on "How to Slr^npthen Ijaw Enforcement." ROT, J. I/. Updcjvraph, c h a i r m a n of '\Veet- morelaud Law Knforcome-nt T/eague, a~ib been a=kcd to make an address as have Mrs. TCarry Boarts of the Girl Hfoiith, and A. 'W . l-^loth, secretary of tho Groeneiiurg' V. M. C. A. .Morning .incl aflernoon seraionfi w i l l br fpaturer/ by reports of thn various fciiperJntondoiitfl. Tho exeoullvo jueot- !n^ will )?R held at D.30 o'clock Saturday jnornins, a sorvico of. prayer and pralee will be conducted by Mrs. Carrie Weeh 15 mlnutea later and after tho appointment of committcea and reading of tho rninutee, these reports will bo made; "Why Holtl Institute," Mr*. B. S. Weaver, Yourigwood; "Parliamentary Drill," Mlsa Anna McClaln; "Impor- tanco of the Primary and County Committees," Mrs. 0. E, M u r p h y ; "N'on-AIcoholic Home Romcdl«i," Mre. J. J. Crowley; "Reaching Forelgnere," Mre. A. B. Hendereon; "Tho Menace of Urup Addiction," Ivlre. Anna Hodgers, Invln; "How tho Medal Contest Aids In 'J5tornil Vigllanco,' " Mrs. S. M. Stecln, New Alexandria; "Real Aim of I ho Department of Temperance and Mfse!on=," Mrs. K. R. Sproul, Now Alexandria, "Opportunities of Ex- hiblte," M i s . Xannio Burtfefleld; "Our New Department," Mre. Jarob Kooeor; 12:00 Noontime Prayer, Mrs. A, H. Johnston; "Federal Legislation Endorsed and Slate and Local Recommended," Mrs. Maud B. Trencher, Jeannette; "Prohibition and Child Life," Mra. J. W, Forsythe; "Our Work for Soldiers and Sallore," Alre. J. O. P-ttldrldga, Greeiifiburff. Following luncheon the inotitute w i l l ipconve nt 2 P. M., when thte program will bo carried out; Duvotlonn, Mrs. P. A- Coiborn, of ScoUdalo; "P. T. I. Work," Mra. J. L. Updcgrnph, Mount Pleasant; "W. C. T. U. In liolief Work," Mrs. Anna M. Stoner, Mount Pleasant; "Peace Education in the Home," Mrs. Anna B. Lowe; offering, Mrs. George W. Stoner, M o u n t Pleaeant; "Youths lloll Call," Mre. Lewte Dia«; "Unwhoio- tiome Literatuic," Mrs. A S. Johnston; "f, T L. Work," -Mrs. O. A. Sherbondy; "T. If. B. Work," Mra. B. f F. Buzard, Arona; "Connervation of Christian Ideals," Mre. V. V. Kodgere, Tnv-inr "Pettor Motion Pictures," Mre. S. C. Daughcrty, Jeannotto; ''Work in the Jail," Ml*. a Mary Trout, Oreonnburg; "Broadcasting Xewa," Mrs. W. C. Mc- C'lellan, director of publicity, Greens- PERRYOPOLIS M. E. CHURCHNEWS EVENTS means visiting sfiops for the purpose of purchasing or inspecting wares. In ordur to profit most by your shopping tours, it is necessary to have plenty of time to look around. When you come to town by electric ca'-s, you eliminate the worry of one-hour parking, traffic congestion ard a tag. You have plenty of time to look around. PENN rOLIS, Jan. i.~-On Tucs- ilay oven Ingr of this woclc tho pastor of tho Methodist iiplscopal Church, Upv. J A, Forgle a n d Mra. Forgio, in c o m p a n y with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mra. R. T. Barner of Rockwciod, took illnnor with Mr. and Mrs. JO. I. Itamsler of this place. On XS'ednesday evening tlie pastor and Uio above nameil raembora of his family dlnod w i t h Mr. and Mrs. W. I/. nisbcck at t h e i r home at Star Junction. Tomorrow evening tho preacher at the Methodist Episcopal Church will bo Dr. T. G. IlickB. At tho close o£ the servlco Dr. Hicks will preside over tho church conference. I- ia the first oncv for this conforenno year. All members ot tho ofllclal family are expected to ha present. There will be services each evening next week except Saturday, at 7:30 o'clock, at tho church. The W. F. M. S. w i l l meet at the home, o£ Mra, F^mma Carson Tuesday evening. Thursday evening the Dorcas Bible Class will meet at tho homo oC Mrs. Xorman Plersol and will attend the church service. Friday evening is to be offlcia! board night. Tho service will ho for Uie general public, with the rpifiil.ii m o n t h l y board meeting at the closr, l)r ~\V \V. Hall, of the P i t l a b u r ; Conference, for m a n v years a succebs- £ul evaiige'aal, haa been invited to be present and pre.vch Sunday, January t2 wh«n a dTunken pa^Bienner of the trolley, rc-Cusiiu; to pay his fare, fires Into his, back Mi-b. Elizabeth Dre-beit, 73 years old, a teacher in the Ohiopylo pulilic schools, dips a I the home of her brother, .lamcij, at P u n h a r . Theodore F While, S r , 7,i ywus old, clicr, at In.s home on UIP Went Sltle f o l l o w i n g - a p a r a l y t i c stroke. SAFE CONSERVATIVE STRONG" you want protection, first, and then priyacj'. You gpt both, in maximum degree, when you k e e p them In an individual lock box in the steel fire and burejlar proof vault of The Scc-ond N a t i o n a l ESank. I Boxes rent fc r .f.'J.UO and a n n u m . Resources Exceeding $3,300,000.00 ".'is jicr 'OLDEST BANK IN x**tLiKiiri i c\/n I OLDEST BANK. IN CONNELLSVILLE ? 2ill We Examine Your Eyes and Fit the Frames 108 JNorlh J'lttsburp; Street Open arondnj-, IVodncsdiiy and Saturday SlgMe, 7 ia 8:80. turn over a iaew lea£ let til® Stost mtatlwm fe© C O M P L E T E X N S U R A H C E 1 OANS INSUKANCE Established for !52 Venrs. First N a t ? o t , ; » J HJIJI] Pit lit 7tiS. If You Need Money for Any Emergency SEE US Fayette I Loan Company Title Trust JiMg., 5th Floor. Coimollsvllle, i' a . Telcplione 211 - Hfi( Bonded to the State. V S ' - u i L l ) VJ»8."»*

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