The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 8

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

8, Entertainment Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULR. Alaaala -vtva l vataa": 'Twiiithi o Honor". Baa oMeas opms at mm. Shew starts at duaa. . Aata Say "To Kill Mocklltfhtrtf". -The Mlracl Worker". Box onto opana Mi. Snow starts at duakv - nutate " "Oood TVOifhtaor 8am: loaaS Turn Ovr". Boa otate oaona- at pm. Show atarta at duaa. Caaital Tha Carpathaifarr. 11X9 SIS - 106 IU Icarttar -"Oollath and tha Sina of Babylon". 100 - 4 07 - 0 47 aM "Tarriiul". 17 - 1.17 SJ. Cantra Skydlvera". 11 15 110 -8 "Damaged Oooaa". 1.49. - 4JS I t - M Laat ahow Ctaaaaa aa Parla "Las towtona Rtafuourr. 14 M: "Accordaona at aaa vd-attea, SJS IO0 Last ahow al . Kuadala -Tha World of Hanry Orlanl". Id. 1 IS 1 25 . 7 J - a 43. Laat ahow . ' Ufa -Tha 7th Dawn". 1141 . 119 1 04 - 719 S 40. Last ahow a w Llttte Bltta tha lllanea ", 1 SO 140 1-10-7J9 - 1.40. Caatman". ISO - 419 - 09. ' Savaaa Sam-. 1 JO - S.1S . Laat show J " 1 . Mayfalir -ward H tha atooa". SOS ' 19 U s "7 racaa of Dr. Lao", 1.00 SJ0 140 - 130. Last ahow, fall of tha Soman ' Vtyv M 1-U MO. Laal Una . - Odaoa-Oaaanaaay Tha World or 'Hanry Orlont". "Sarsaanta Thraa". Boa ofllra apana at pjn. Shaw atarta at "Cleopatra". 1 11 ,. 440 - 109 Blalta Tha Bcatlaaa Yean". 4 09 . 1.19: VJmnmar laM. 100 . Ill . 10(11: Tha Wild and tha Ianocaat", 13- T.0S. , ; . v- Bidaaa , -Oood Natghhor Sam", l.M) JO 10-. "Pteaaa Turn Over,-, 149 100. Laat ahow 1 49. tar Toe . "What a War to On". Tha Youns iwlnrrre . Una offlra opana at ja. Shaw atarta at duak. t Beaasiaat Taa World M Hanry Orlatil". IN . 1.15 til - 7J4 - 1.41. Laat ahow Ma. X I IToorShow ' CRATCAO LAtmrca Danetns - nishlly. antartalnmant at 0 m ' aad 10 la. . KUI CLAIM Oitartatamant Cim! aTKNTH atataa at tha SaJoa d Or. latartahaaMat. ... : ' OATnTTATl cum. Danrkaa aad . wo floar eaowa aiakUr, , j ' BOTIL DtrvnWAT Dandnt aad , aatartaliunant nlfhtl la Rirha- i aad aVseautrra t BrmtTornctAL iotil I Dtotas aaa daaelns alfhUy. ; ' OTTAWA MOtrSS Moala sa Mas 5 urui. ,f.. .,.,?-.vw- ! ST. LOOTS ROTXL OlalhH '. nlmtSsiAtl. : TALISMAN Ittti tela ssaa I t alshtly. Dandns trrtdaa aad aaturdaa aiahta. .. j ,. v . tows) auuss BtortL (ai talamanl alsatiy troas Sua. LAST I FORTNIGHT Ho cnvsa , CMABOS i - ' "Italy ' I to 1 ajt. .- Saaa ' lalaas, .Teat Moat Jack McPartlin A SKoui.Aa rr.ATim aaoii ki ji hso SHHINPS ' 1 '' 1 si maaiaa liaplra" Farkaro S41 INCI.11IIF.S rASKINO . A OOLRMSt BINNt : IS Chatcaa). aad TICKRT B 1 rn Nm.sow THaAiai J ANNITTt MoSaAs'soao , amtla ,' TfA WAOON m ai man '. CotnayjsoohJhel OANCr TO TONY O'ANGEIO ORCH. SUUNBOW ROOM V ENTERTAINMENT : NIGHTLYx Camee lounge STAKDISIIAU THE MOVIE COLUMN Kennedy's Book Basis For New TV By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) - On mi television aeriei will Hart Mi season well after tho rest of the pack. Profilea In Courage will not debut until Nov. I be cause that's the way President John F. Kennedy wanted It. After Kennedy's election to the presidency, many producers sought his' best-selling ! book about moral murage In American politics as basis for a las. But not until Robert Saudek made aa Inquiry did Kennedy begin serious conild ration. He had made two ap pearances as a senator on Sau- dek's Omnibus. . - The late president established stringent terms for the series: approval of script, final film. casting, director, even the press releases. And to avoid any po litical repercussions, the series Was not to go on the air until after the Nov. J, ISM. elections. ORDERS FOLLOWED . Saudek and NBC have- con tinued to follow Kennedy's Instructions since his death. 'All detail!' of the hour films are cleared with the estate. The crlpti art reviewed by former (ennedy aide Theodore C. Sor thzWUDjutothx ft I La Ta Irlfl INKOCENT tsTAcna. f MMMC JOMMl MURPHY DRU 10HH SaXIM ACADLTIY AVAUDS .'7 If niracio ivorRcr HXTt BUCIsmi nana - w mil jg r , . MockingblrdsV I RBranov p at ' w9 GREGORY PECK towitti aaat ta wa lamui nstaiwin&S" THAT-GDGO-GUYAKD THAT "BYE-BYE" GAL IN iTHE FUN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD I enson, who will receive screen credit, , 1 "Bob Kennedy has seen two of the finished filmi." reports Michael Ritchie, associate to Producer Gordon Oliver.' "Ted Kennedy has seen four or five of them, and both are ecstatic over the results." ; Tall, bespectacled Ritchie said tha scripts will .necessarily go beyond the . IB courageous figures featured in the book. "Fortunately, Sorenson : was able to provide a list of other people Kennedy had considered for Inclusion In the book." said Ritchie. "We also found a mag azine story which lh president had written about women.- of courage in American history." i Among the portrayers of courage so far: Brad Dlllman, Sidney Blsckmer, Burgess Meredith, Martin Gabel, Brian Keith. - Come high or low ratings. Profiles In Courage ll guaranteed a full H-week season without options. That was a Kennedy stipulation, too.. . '. ' ';. Journal Want Ads bring tjuick results. : v-; . OTTAWA KOUSE in tms (lan.L ' ' ALL THIS WKEKl NEAL JACKSON ' ROCK . TWIST and INSTRUMENTAL " BINGO Ottawa Branch No, IS ROYAL CANAOIAN LEGION ZtCartatrSL EVERY WEDNESDAY ; spm. ' . Jackpot Now $230 rin troaa J awaahara Admission 84 cents AjJajT V Locsthms l---" aRlttoaaSt! la laimaaa mia J ,. CHEZ HENRI HOTEL V Salon tfOr . ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY . INTERPROVINCIAL ; 1 hotel . Dancing Nightly to ' , ROBBY and THE HAWKS Alaa Brary Saadaf THE PARASITES Sawdav naaentf aad Satartalaaaiat Ina l.M to .! f-m. I Ml IM bakaaa iWawn a a 1 at . in ELVI3 FRESLEYS. AUrJMARGRET awsassvsavaaw MfalianaaataaafBakaa a . laBsBBaaskalsS '1 '.-."' amaimlia 7 "... ff r A j i ! -V .w . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Raps Railway; Service "to Carlsbad. Springs ' A resort owner at ' Carlsbad Springs says railway station fa cilities there are in such poor condition that It really wouldn' matter If Mtt railway service was' discontinued. ' ' Mrs. 3. H. Johnson made her point In a letter to Gloucester township council. 'The CNR, which operates service to Carlsbad Springs had written to the township Indicating they would like to stop aerv ke to th community. , Thet ownihlp. In turn', solicited opinions from residents; par- Appearing Nightly . The Mai Mad World of IIALLER '';,'' an . ,-: -j BARRET SaaaaUoaal Caaaady lure V pluathls . SENSATIONAL J r VOCALIST . : ajicr;, W-i- a ZABETHE WILDE Dynamic and exciting -Ringing aensatloa arlal attaatlm to eaaaaau, wadalaai, , aartlaa, ate. ' DINKMU ntOM fJt. BaaarraUoas ai4-43SS GATir:AU couNTirycua ON TttK AYt.MF.a aOAft TIC MKTS roB THE LIGHT OrtKA ' : "rawitr ' WSBNBa SLUT ' . Now oa sale at all S " DAVIS AGENCY STORES . 2.50 3.80 4.50 B.00 8EPT. 1 and 2 CAPITOL THEATRE. BINGO by Ihs CANADIAN ' LEGION -, CATINEAU MILLS ' Every-y- -V" 1 17EDIIESDAY; Night, S pjsv; , v. 20 regular games $ 3 free games 1 5 special games aaia THIS WEEK'S r JACKPOT $i;200.oo ;CASHrJ . , Ugtoa HaO, Hwy. S IS Minutes from Ottawa . ' admission sue ' - am arallakl at door rot Nad , aad Ottawa altar ktasa . 71 - . iawiiI aa-'- CE SOIR 1 f SW -aaasaw m a. f : - aT i f l RUi 1AVAI ' I , ,- a -4,1 sas U mmm Di.u,...a- I Ua 111 da Oearaas leataet DEMAIN SOIR MuVe)Aaia7 ' SiatoM BICNOREt ' Marina VLADT i .- 1 r aw i OavREDOS Jaaa-Paul BELMONDO ' CUude BRA88EUS Frastoeiae BRION ai.1. nitiw,an . wpnao wnuailba ' awwhie OuaulRETS) Anna DOAT rA.i. pfotro I- avaxt.-aV-atU'ai' i aat '. ya mat aa Jaxavai Sarwiiar I I Diolof wt da Ooy tadaa L-J JDimaachat repreaenutloa conUrmetla s partlr de mldl treats. Autres Jours oarertmrs oes portss a S a. , v. . ttcularly resort owner In the vacation! 'community. ' ' ' ' Mrs.. Jobnaon's MUar was the only reply. , T Tw1f TwOf fttMf MOi'iHiv-Hal SUMDAT TLHB 1. L"rT i-4s.i4e.S4e. Mi'i'J:U1 iM-4 ' LiPiHirto-- I 9AO CUT TO DAT! ' m m- at a iVi - i mm IN OTTAWA! WHERETHE 0WL9ARE TMFaMl C'r YVONNE LIME TODAY ONLY . . . rtlKJlGai I00DT bmI FLAMES DESTROY PTER DUNOON. Scotland (AP) U.S. navy man ran for safety early jMonday as flames de lis Hi inwcTCi of ilLTS-t; WNIEI Of 4 MAOMV AWAIIS M ? ma REGENT THEATRE I etas r lrtRl if. iuil a Aestft ftsttrtshmawat A Famous Players Air Conditioned Theatre . Uit Time Tonight: 4 "GOLIATH .AND THE SINS OF BABYLON", Also TERRIFIED" STARTING WEDNESDAY UNTIL FRIDAY Two FresMk Versions la Color : "VENGEANCE DU FAUCON D'OR" " "svee FRANK LATIMORE at ANNA FERRO i "US AVENTURIERS DE LA JUNGLE" . svee JOHNNY WEISMULLER v--PROGRAMME POUR TOCTE LA FAMILLE Air-Condltloned for J 1 1 1 -"1 T ' ' i our i-oniior I at e Siaia , Tel.: T1-tm j Jolnthasehfo ' I -1 aitlnyqrickup A) i) j . VUlO lOYO-llfOOf . IJ ;A aking-slzsnutl ,. 1 1 JMSOOaajsgipaasi , ' fj' A1; IWerSclIcrt lva FIVE WEEKS AT V rVMlXBK " NOW! I M S.IS RADIO CITY, NY iv,!lW' ' '' tUa7J5S.4S MUSIC HALL ' 0OV-r Except Sunday T6i7SoSLCTN W.18WWTB MOSIOMlO ftiatOJCW iiw'Jw-Wrj(H6 ; JDtoaf ieiHu safcrnwainwa. raUmsvttMiigun iitauTim Aed Fealu-t i . the Drlve-u " Frank Sinatra and : Dean Mart la in - "jaotiim IBST TSCBNICOLOB W720" $3,350" CONSISTING OF $1,850.00 IN CASH V era ..trsSt 1 i 500O0A gsw-gsfg;s? atjc nflsjtf.'a ' I FranxieAviiom ; auot ai "' "AUNtTTr FUHICEUO ft IISaTOrit co-cocoi -3r. t. A.'i - - aa) II re.' SW asaataaaaaa. ss. l A iS lad ftanila Iralaa la ' ;t,.v - ' tJ awaxaa afftaanoaja I Martha Hyei Keenan WynmI I i - ; - - i Tii I I 'av. r A. ayawaaW Waankt "4'f OlllWWal j HEL5tfe- EI BRET HALSEY JANA IUN0 - ; TODAY TU -Q"rv TONY RANDALL Aaaaa AS Coaw --It, L , aST "kJfS -av :TKHH5oioaa - ;-,.;arthurltii I ; - BAA SAAA SiUI . , , - join euooi . Last Days TUESDAY. AUGUST 18. I9i stroyed a pier serving tha U.S.i been - started from i siatl) Polaris missiles best? here, Ttvsl lighter! meorejl 'alongsidt' the blaza ' was believed-to -have par. - - TONICHT r- SHOW STARTS AT 0U5IC, SHIRLEY MacLAINE PAUL NEWMAN ,; RIm I .mum. Dally (IncL Sunday) at 1.30 ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON M GARPITDAGGERS -'..; -TicHNicoioi mam---- -Feature, at MUML 1125. 113. 6.00 . 8.55 COMFOtTAHT AI CONOmOWt) aiwaa Ma asf 1 1 ' I "I'I'l I H 1 PI I I ' J 1 BtaBBSSBUassaLsBBBBSal BANK QUEEN 21S-K7S. 5th WEEK! SEE IT NOW ! KEVER BEFORE A SPECTACLE UKEw V - ? ' &BR0NST0N mpn color. SOPHULOREN WTSmf t - fTfrwirl n Aint,.,-A. S.aBassai.a a aVf I , , oitmtn butu AitiibUiNritbf I '""IL- ..1 , v . mire menu I v, m aa I - IT umt. - - siaiiaari. ' ." sua. ts. ASaMa it lMt f Slnd. SI. ASalU I SS Li Ckltdraa Ma aaytlaia wnaitg aiMOUh tKMAUAi lemow . CI. - a J V Daily . IncL Sun. lee-s-zs-sje 130. 5.30 ff ( Srh 4tlr Weeiir ' aflffl aaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaL-- I ' ' ";rr,''iVW'Ht" T ' .' .a Am CONCMTIONCO rff,V PWT Vaaal Jj .41 WMI-W BIT 144 lfV STARTS TOHOnROVlTi'AoT i? kind of mmmtifr .KcitementrocKs theexplosivs . woridofthsV .lATiyiirternslVi f...f -JUL dLJLJ ., ...and their new loves aM!(MLCALlW-OEWJONES-TEaYSAV BARBARA EDEN STEfANIE POWERS -KW STEVENS ' uinn uililhu aatwv , 1 1 i limnuL omAL .1 HSU "TTrrl - ' ENDtNO TODAY f i: -, .'7 7 1 ' tAnrt.T) 'i.

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