Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 6, 1976 · Page 15
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 15

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 15
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ISA --June 6. 1976 Sunday Gazette-Mail Cri«rl«!oR West Virginia ' Atomic Accelerators Nearing Completion Bv Walter Sullivan Contented Calf Nothing like a good brushing to make a calf feel good, judging from the contented look on this animal's face Saturday at the Kanawha County Fair which concluded Saturday at Camp Virgil Tate. Kim Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Martin, of Clendenin. grooms her feeder calf for showing at the fair. (Staff Photo bv David Vick) . GENEVA-In Europe a new chapter in physics research is being opened as three atomic accelerators, each with capabilities beyond those of any in existence, move toward completion. One of them. UNILAC. already operating near Darmstadt. West Germany, and almost up to full power, is capable of ac- clerating the heaviest atoms in nature, those of uranium, and smashing them into other heavy atoms. Recently two of last year's winners of the Nobel Prize in physics. Dr. Aage Bohr and Dr. Ben Mottelson, termed the startup of this machine a turning point sure to lead to many discoveries relating to atomic nuclei. Bohr, son of Niels Bohr, the physicist, said the Darmstadt machine meant the transfer from the United States to Europe of leadership in this field. * » * AT THE SAME TIME a machine is being built in Hamburg, West Germany, to slam electrons and their twins of opposite electric charge (positronsI into one another headon at unprecedented energies. The main ring of the machine, known as PETRA, is one and a third miles in circumference. The third new machine, called the Super Proton Synchrotron or SPS. is rearing completion at CERN. the European nuclear research center here. The SPS. which will have cost $600 m i l l i o n , lies within a circular tunnel four miles long that spans the Swiss-French border. It was dug by a "mole" akin to those used in mining coal. The SPS is somewhat similar to the giant machine at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia. 111. As with the Fermilab machine its original design energy--300 billion electron volts- has been raised to 400 billion. Fermilab has recently climbed to 500 billion. Physicists here say the SPS will be able to conduct some forms of research--for example w i t h its intense beam of neu- trions--more effectively than Fermilab can. Wheareas Fermilab. now the world's largest accelerator, was built from scratch, the SPS will be fed by a smaller accelerator already here. The same applies to PETRA. or Position Timvs .SVrrirc Electron Tandem Ring A c c e l e r a t o r , which is being built around Germany's existing machine for electron and positron acceleration, known as DESY. and its accompanying ring for storing such particles. D O R I S ( b o t h are German acronyms i. It was the DESY-DOH1S combination that, late in 1974. was able within days to confirm the discovery at Stanford Univ- ersity and at the Brookliaven National La- dtement among theorists, lending plausi- boraiory on Long Island. N.Y..of anunex- bility to such proposals as the idea that peeled family of particles called "psions" such "basic" particles to such proposals by some physicists. as the idea that such "basic" particles as It was this that generated worldwide ex- protons are formed from subunits. * Announcing Grand Opening * u\DA'S IASn;in;i;i:/i; ( O i i . ' M i l r N O K T I I o l ' C l r i u l r M i i i ) Saturday Juno 5 through J u i w v 8 Strawberry and Pineapple Sunday Sale Buy One at Regular Price AND GET ONE FREE!! Ideas for your favorite father remember him on June 20 A PERSONALIZED GIFT FOR DAD FREE AAONOGRAMING FOR CAbUAl ANDllRESsOCt'AUONb HI Will [![ OUiMANOlNG W I T H HIS OWN INDIVIDUAL MONOGRAM I Rtl UPON REQUEST ON All MEN'S DRESS AND SI'ORl bMlkTS vaiR OlOICf 0!- IHRlf S T Y L E S ANO IVPFS OF INITIALS. S t L b C l IHlONE IMA! PtSl Si.v.S HIS PERSONAlirv CHOOSE FROM A WIDE SELECTION OF Arrow SHIRTS. THECARLTON. . . 100": POLYESTER SHIRT T H A I S 100'. COMFORT IHAVS IHE CARlION PERFK'I K N I T . FASHION WISE EVERYWHERE. 10.50 THE DOUBLER . . . IHE OREbb SHIR] IMA1S A SPOR1 SHIRT THE DCUBlER Ib IWIU IHF SHIRI FOR FASHION WEAR A HE OR VV[-AR il OPEN FOR SPORTY FLAIR. IN NEW S U B T L E COLORS T H E DCXJBlEfiBY Ann* 11.00 COIDEN ARROW . . . 1.1 K A R A T FASHION SHIRIS SO t A S Y TO C A R E FOR IHEY V I R T U A L L Y TEND 10 THEM SFLVEb PRINTS AND SOIIUS 13.00-15.00 Sale Sun., Man., Tuesday, June 8th. See our big ad on Wednesday AM and PM Charleston Daily. 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