The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 4, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1930
Page 4
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AGE POUR. THE DAILY COURIER, dONNRLIjgVlKLE, 1 A. SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 1930. ritOHIBITIOIf DEBATE .'X- TIIK couunnt on., l'ulll»licr». 1IKNHY !». SNYtr.R, President ana Kdltoi, 1STO-1010. MRS ic. M. 1'iesldciit, 1010-1022. JAMKS j. P r e s i d e n t a n d General Manager. T. C. EDMUNDSON, Vico-fresldent MISS R. A. TONK!AN, S j c r e t a r y and Treasurer, JOUN lv GAN15, Managing Editor. WALTER S STIMMEI* City Editor. MISS liYNNK B. KItfCEIJ... Society Kdtioi 1 . MEMBER OK American Nftwapapor Pub\l»har» Association, Audit Bureau of CUeulntlon, Pennsylvania Newspaper Publisher* Association. Two csnta per copy: 50c per month; IC.OO per year by mail U paid In ad- tanrB. aic par week by carrier. Entered as sp.concl c t a a j matter nt thft jostollicc, ConnellsvlUe, SATURDAY BVKN1XU. 4, 1930. vim: LOSSES AND PBOPEBTT ruoTEcmoN. H Iloovoi'g Law Enforcement Commission submit'! n report that the 18th Amendment, boms u part of thi' Con- btitutlon, iu not involved in its In- ciuiry, the wot!) who havo boon expecting a report favoring m cUiU,i- ;ion, will be disappointed. Incidentally H will deprivi this group ot much of tho nmmun tloti to uso In the debates which had been planned to turn loose la C ingress when the commission's repoi t v,a^ marto public. Tho country nt large Will not share in the disappointincnl of the wets bncaubo it wlshi s nothing aulte so much no, i r t i e f from further discussion ot Uio isvies tor poll'ical purposes. /K JMY FOR The lire losa of $20,013 in Connolls Villo (hiring 1D29 was a very l«v ilgure, but more than it would havo l o e n ha-1 everybody rigidly observwl the rtues ot lire prevention. That It was materially less than iu 10 show-i that there was increased cure ou the part of property owners, but it boirs more significant testimony to the increasing oHlelouey ot the Fire Department. Tho nlortnegs of the flron on in responding to alarms was another and very important factor in hold RK the loss to a small amount. That the Insurance on properties waa largely m excess ot the damage resulting f i o m the flu s reflects ciedlt- ably upon the wisdom o£ the owners in ji-rovUlins; tuta f o i t n of protection. But In every case It would have been mm h bolter had the hres been avoided. Tho inconvenience that result trom tho partial (ostruction of building, and tho damage clue to nmoke and water, Is always annoying: and sometimes quite expensive. Even when the loss is f u l l y covered by insurance there are losses of lima and of ton ol articles that cannot be replaced by an award of damages. M tho causes of tie fires were care- f u l l y analyzed it wiulct doubtless be found that many of them coulo have h o j u prevented linti the proper precautions been taken. In the present state oi. the art ot protection fires are much leas liable to assume serious pioportJons than fcvmerly, when ess euro v,ab taken to i-narcl against them and when the lire companies wore ies.3 i j'.k'l in fire fight ins. It is ,i mistaken idea some people entertain the iiremen Can prevent fli-es. While they ire always alert to the removal wf conditions that may c i u a o fire, it should not be presumed Uuu it is a part of their duty to Keep preratbes entirely tree from lire hazards. That is a duty of the owners or occupants, to which they should plve constant attention if they seek I lie greatest immunity from flroa. Dining 1930 this matter should be t.lven even closer attention. Although always on the job to keep losses ^it t h e minimum w h t u fires do occur, the ji'no Department would tt all tmiea ·refer to aid In a v o i d i n g a fire rather ha.u GXlinmushu.e; tho ilames once ho are scat ted arough careleisncbs or olhci J a n u a r y Ki will be a meriioi ible day in the history oi LaFyetle l j oit Mo 51, The American Legion, Unloulown, and ihb veterans of Company D, 110th Infantry. American Expeditionary Forces. On that day the official presentation of the Distinguished Servh e Cross awprded Sergeant "Ish" (fuller of Company D, for bravery hi action in presence of tho enemy, ^ ill take place An interesting program has been arranged which will u clucl; the atWress of presentation by i personal representative of the co nvrumUng general of tho Third Co;ps Area The tvout is a rare one n the an- Tials of Fayette county am! being 1 in honor of o native son, is COT tain to attract inoro than ordinary attention. Sergeant Fuller will ho the deserving recipient of many cordial oagratuln- tlcms upon the belated ocognition given Ills service as a. sol'Uer. i Washington soems to lusve been so favorably Impiessed by the Yough River boosters that tlietr iresenco ii'. the Capital la again deaned. Th will gJndly ic^poud bein ' ready to supply any information tlio authorities may feel they need to a more thorough understanding t tho problem of canalization. In a. ml i!; notice th t' all water alter April 1 will to on motor that t h e flat utte · w i l l lo nban- FALSE FSUE ALAKMS. In conn^Ltlon with tho report of f-'iro Chlei U»Ho.lf giving tho btatlsUca of tho ope.rat.ioii of hi-, department during 1029, it T.ill !» noted tnuit Ifi ialso alarms -vvoio Aenl In. TJiib is* i f o i m of i»tty annoyance (.hat whoiild cjd-w. Uwuttlly falso rtlarms are t i n n e d In by misclnevou« vouiiEj'jtcrfa \vlio «iko a sort of delight ,il SI-OIIIK 111* J"iro )5opcirtm*nt respond t-wivc-Unus older perou-J ar« tho offoudeiB. I n either case both tho young and oUl should kiww b-ettei. Tihoy ought to remember thai tho oft'onso ib pun.i iuibio by a fiii'O or im- priconruont. nile-l DcHolt K now conducting an in\ owtlijatkm it tho' most rr;-ont ala-rma ot this 'tl'.ul aont In this week. ff h» locate? tl'o culprits thoy may bo vtsaiirod Uiat an examplo will bo made of them as w l j i b outlroly right and »honld bo DECXIMv IN AUH15STS. With a total of but 570 arrests during tho year li'2D tho work of the Police Department, as It rolatas to tlio apprehension of offenders, was comparatively light when contrasted with earlier yours, la 1914, Including the ilrst I'O monll s of tho city form of Kovorumeut, ho iirre.vts numbered l/i;u. Two yjiii-H later they had in- triMScd to 2,'»2E! In J01S they had diopped to l,!aS and in 1919 to 1,37-1, Indicating a ;io.-Uicil decrease from 5-yar to year. Fines have- .iicruapd as the number of nrri'Sta lia^ e declined, owing to the imposition ot heavier fine-!, notably !iio^'» p j o v n i r d by tho so-called · M u i p h y ' Ui uov oidlnnuce. In 1911 (hoy amounted to $2,0."J In 1916, the v\ir of thc If rr;eat number of arrust.s, inos a m o u n t e d to J3,7o", but in 1!)II '\'- m ixiinuni a m o u n t ?· , ~\ was re- .v-((i f i D i n t h s Boince t.ust year's i.e!pi 5 of ?5,t2fi c o m p a i p fuvorabl.v. few 01 in j «nli. ,ii" uppe.ning ,it (iouod on that -lU-vt-o, (lie -Jtl-ien8 of Mount Ple-afiant aro inr'«d with Uu . ivamo situation with r^si^ct to vatoi 1 ' Conn-ellsvillc residents have through. Protests will i vail so tlxo only thing to d i will lx t accept tflie new rule then bo a« cair-efu aa possible in the con umptlon of vater it it ie desired to Itsep dowTi the bllls. Chief Phillips Is givin ; wiut to th-e boundarieis of tlu Couaeilsv^ille rilstrict when he is sc-e*' ing rccmi's, for Uncle Sam's Navy. But he is al- waya a booster tor Conn jllsvillo. Prohibition Will Be Biggest Single Issue in Congress Drys Insist on MO--C Bit?id Enforcement; Yei' Complain It Is Now Too Drastic. By DAVID J-A^'IUCNCE (Copyright 1 83( b V r h a Couriei ) WASHINGTON, Jan. ·! --With the drys in Congress ar nlngi that the Prohibition Law in ret being vigorously enforced, and with tho woth holding protest muet;ng agalnbt the Coast Guard for. too vigorous enforcement, the evidence ia multiplying that the biggest sing-Jo is ,ue in CongnMm this winter v,lll be 1 iw enforcement Senator Fes-i of Ohio, an ardent dry, haa bUfjgBBteil that Senator Borah lead tho joint corrinittee of Congrcfas to inquire into nethodf of lav/ cnfoi cement. Tho Coast. C! mrd is unmoved by protests, ! eclaring that it will insist upon r u n runners halting when nb commanded. The Attorney Gem ral Is conducting a survey of the acti-'itics of the various district attornejs with a view to determining Just which ones shall Jjo replaced. It is indicated that members ot Couijresa woi e in possession ot much, ot the information which tho Attorney General h is with reference to irregularities in the offices of the corps ot FederaUattornejs. There are 91 districts and some of them have assistant United Stales attorneys. Fivo of the United States attorneys havo resigned "duo to unsatisfactory conditions in their ofllrus" and three have retired for reasons of th-elr own and two were not reappointod when their terms expired. There are 13 United States attorneys whose terms will expire before February 1, but n nominations havo been made. This I token to mean that a shalseup is · oing on, but Senator Borah is quote it as saying that it was not sufficiently extensive. One United States att ruey ivas actually removed out of the 91 but it is believed tho resignations of somo ot Iho others wore foiceu The Nviiole conti o\»»i sy Is contering on efflciency in t u it1co-s o" Uio United States attrrney., but it IB aKso recognized that th prohibition u n i t in the Treas.nry I'epartment is t h e agency which requires attention albo Criticism is b e l u ^ expressed of. the methods by w'nlc \ industrial oleohoi permits arc granted. Bimilasly, th« I ' o p a i t m c n t of Justu o ind the Tre.isun Uepartm-eni, uml«r which the prohil .tlou unit is pKn-ecl, have been iit i , t f i l i c a d - l o t ijouu 1 tune .it, to \ \ h c t the ii'spo he-, tor f i U l i i J c o S''l Mgoioiu. iln uiu hand c p i o h l b l t l o n -v? e n o u n h t'\ti!iiic-e tor ol J u s t i c e to iibo in ons, « i i ( ( j i , IT HERE HE COMBS' Successful Fanners as Leaders Wo have been toli through the and on tho public platform that one of tho chlo! diftieuHies with agriculture in recent yean* Is an abuence of trained loKilei'ahlp, fiaye C. II. J-ane, chitf ngrieulturnl cxteimlon srrvic*. Federal Boird of vocation,!,! eduiatUm. Too often they nay the man ividi u btnmg voico and a grievance ha-s Iieoii chosen to tiirect ftTRrlculttiral p o l i t i c ^ . Too many kaik-vs ai\» tn^u wlin h,u? failed to nalce a succctm of thoir in- liudual efforlA in foi'ming or It."-allied activities. J Wo luivo been further told tlmt the Hamo eiiccetssful farmer, who t h r o u g h hife own lodualry, efficiency and production and caietul uao of credit Jwi been able not only to make u living but f r e q u e n t l y to buill d rcat.oiMU.ik fortune, in «elclom c.hat,sn m, a leader, lie is .'rerjucnlly too engi'o a ned iu his own busin-ess to srivo much attention to dUcutakm of relief uea«uiw or to the orKanizntlon of c o o p w a t u o agencies to handle hi« productb Ilo will oo lound Rupporting bh local farm bureau, helping to finance locu! elevators, asietiiig in tho improve- n i f u t of rural echoolti and cliurohefi, ami-,;ili itig nil information possible in l o g u v f i to the particular division of a g i [ c u l t u r e in which ho ie interetttod. Tiu foregoing statement! are neither lure tior thero The tact, however, ii that UK-niOct cons-liiK l i v e leadertihip we have today In agrlculturo ii. from farmeiv. who have made ^ucce^t-es of their o w n buelnoebes. Their presence in any gitlioring lends dignity to it and their wordh carry convection. A no-v type of agricultural lemier- hhip IB being devoloped by introducing into the rural high schools couiw*. in vocational agriculture. leadership hero is attained by demonstrated agility to put classroom Instruction into profltallo ub«. Thrift ih a neceeaary adjuncl to fiucccsa. Stnd i nlH are optimistic about their cRosen busmccs They know 6oriio- thlng about eoila, ciopa, foitiliKord, livestock, horticulture, dairying, poultry aii'l marketing. It wais imposfiiblo for ono to observe tho Hctivittes oi fitudonls of vocational agriculture without a very definite feeling that from this group will c me a type of agilcultural lead- ere'iip different Irom that which has Utk x !! precedence in the patt. They will hive- gained an intimate ami practical tUKiweklgo not only of agriculture, but of the underlying forces on which It ib built whott they outer into activt management of farnift, sue-d plots, and gariicue. They earn while- they 1 arn. They then go Ixick to tho farm equipped jwt only with the tiindainentals of modern rgrlcultural practice, but alfco with training in loademhlp and a new vision of the dignity and rewaula of their profession. N"e irly 2,000 farm lioyt, from ',^5 states attended the uationul roiigrew^ of voca'Kma.I a^ricntHuial · 'm "ei's no'il in (onjuucUon with tlu- Ameiican Royal Mvo Stock Show. A Idrge ninn- lier ~t th«Mn woir- mcinbo-is of the Fu- al nd turo I'UrifK^r.s of Ain«ri-ii L »»aociat(on of vocational H t u d e n t « ganlzed at Kanoau City in Noveml 1923, w h o wert atteinilng tlieir uec annual ronv-entlon The Future Fa m- tiB of America now n u m b e r if nit 33,000 tuui the list «!!! he It nw-oi an nioro c h a p t r i t * ot t h -· nrgani.atioi in tho .'!,"()() U i K t i « f i n o l b of the com try ofu-rlii;; vornt!o)i! agriculture iro organ l/tHl Men in Schools Johnstown y"-l-TI""~nl'J-"-TM''"~^" " - rlln '-- " ^IUJLL -T-., T 11 ,- BJ.»«J.J«JUT-._r.-_- WV 1 Fuzzy, Ilie Railro-ad Ov I j-nj..-. T-|..H.,,.-__ -t-j f*f H l-iitc m the afternoon of a raid ( cto- boi ilaj, a aniuli barnyard owl d rted in tho loorw«iy ot the- fialttmoi j £- Ohio freight houso at Johnstown and perched on tlie ratters m a r tho root. Wot and bwJraggUlo whet, he mt jred, ho profloiiUy} such a fluffy-lika up- po.iratico shortly i f t c r , tiuif or a of tho workre 1uh)x'd him ' Fuz^y,' nays Uio Baltimore Onio Magazine. F'uzzy ovUIently 'iks;I hie now innv- tori,, and liked thorn oven irioio when ono of thft workmen u6s«i up i imall piece of food which Putty !M ured with appreciation. It WBRn't long hetoro tho flual squ-eal of u m-ouso f,«n'vd notk' · h,i/t Fii/ay was veiy m u d t on tlie j( ! and that tlu rodent popu!i(lon C the freight liouse had be*»u re-diic i by one. Fuzzy then decided that Jigger and bettor mon»e, ^-ould 1)o hi' prey, ami mice bogan to bo matoria ly ro- ducort. Pii/zzy 'van already n tho payroll hi Iho shapo of tid-bil n o m dinner jmile, aa weli o,e w i t h U o prey that ho huntod in the \varohoi JO. Bui, lad to ri^-lalo, one n ornlug wiu'ii tho warohonso wn? opcn-e- , on the floor, lay tho wiuajns o! jii(bt i fcnv fontlicrti and a olaw and in that claw wai a bunch of hal _g r i ni reminder thit tho warehouse waa n safer place for iroight A eh u-t die- ienco away lav two io i! ral«. Fuz!y had died. Avifli hfo bbotp en. "Virigrtia Gfldareleovo te dean of Buriwml ooll««e Boitig a woman, ehc haa aom« goori vtania alxtil (Mimcattou. O/io f)f them is that there should be more mon employed aa teecliere tn tlio primary grudta. The Democrat lxa« ur««vl along that lino for years. iVoitfacr school boarc'fi nor educatons Jmve paid ^ v o i y much attontion. Tt te rofre«hing to havo tho support of Deaxi (fikicrulocvo. ChiUirort 1 need a balanced ration-- «il tho table, in tho home and in the sch«)l, Mon havo taken cm out in the matter of raising chlldra. That in on of- the things wrong with the children. Every boy uead« a tow men in hifc lite. Ho rwxwl« a man quite as much oa he ne«ds othor boys, dog, a mother aud s i m i l a r boyiiih conven- icmces and aides. Tho schoole havo been 4 feinlui»ed." Being a (smart -woman, arid therefore oondstent, Deon Gildersloovo rarrles hor thought to it« logiail coricluiiion and cays there should bo woman in- structorB iJi men's colleges Quite so. Young America neede both tho femi- nino and tho masculine points of view, Tho Society for tha Prorontion of Cruelty to Children really should take a band in the oducetlonal situation. Bayfi who arc ted a constant diet of women tcachora ar« badly u«ed. "Thwa B-hou'ld bo Jimt as many raou ts wom-on ten chore in the primary gra!ce," qays J'Jean Gikiereleov^. Hurrah for the dean. Educators who havo thumbed thoir mental noaee in the direction of The Democrat can now deal with tho educator who has done BO much tar Barnard colloge. No More Laws Cumberland Times 5- , Who to Pdtronlzp, Those who advertiao in Tl Daily Courier. Abe Martir - ] tort-ernent. On contended t h a i i do not sji-i. stroiij tbo !( paj tint nt n n ' bi on aijo.its at'oriii i ha 1 - b ( » n m u lit Of ess oL oi to I ' M . tiy oi prosi,.,u ion tl,.it ti l n i ' c d ' -i I'b n ' l | i 1 · 1 ' » v , i t , t ' i , t i . ; t t to Jl!S \. .U i oinbai. tin m,i. nisno it, i sentiment. 111 Congrf"?s iu i'i\of nl viKoroui iMituuonH4iL of the \,\\\ \\itli rcrhi etc to tliose v,\io I M U O J I U O booi- U'^f.01 1 -, n being Infel.stocl t h a i pttr- cha ,y is a p « n t iH i ( o i m p l r a f y t o v i u l i t e tho p r o h i b i t i o n la\v. Some ot C o n u i t s s i o n t c s i d t h a t tho h i - " i i - inuiin i" Thr i [ . ! i j - t ' i i i ( i n l r - j v o n n s to i iu; t i i . n u j i i a d '( i-ase ia -iii! In- i h n S i ' u i p r a e Court oi i il St i ' t - t t u l H is rtonu llu r am ii ui -,' i t ' u u i\ i l l h^ pa' 1 t i l l ' l,i(jli(-t ( u i i i l ui (|HI l ll^tll lll» ~ .t v _ Morla Thorpe, tMiitor of tho Nation's BHHUT.OSS, \vamte to organlKo a "lio-n't Pass a Ln\v Club," to ntop tho deluge of new legislation. Hie club would have no dues, no by- lawe, no constitution, no officers, no meetings, no conventions, all of which eouiwls inviting. Possibly it would have no (ipooehps, either, though in hifi hpeech ovet Uio radio tho ptopoeor of this hajipy uk'a il'idn't exactly say to. The country auftors almost ni juucli from oratory as from IcKlkluilon. JBvcrybody will bo eligiblt'. TJie i l i i n ^ might bo managed, juol by iiu-iri- niK alon? tho idoa, man to man and woman to woman, or man to woman tmd "vio.o versa if anyone prefers It ( h u t way, H would bo a bonoiicipnl whispering- campaiRii. There arc 1,!OU,000 Iwleral, fttalo Jin! local l,i%\n on the* bookh today, iiiiy-i Thoipi 1 No uondci lawyeib lon'l K n o w Ihf 1 l«iw \^ any more, and other people don't c a r r . Tlwrc would have- to bo i taw moro Uiwo po-spd, ho A ever, f-o accomplish t h e aeireiJ rchiill --· lanti to l;ins. This ( o u U l br dnni* wholftalo li\ r i o c o d i f y u i p A l i i u in needed in o v o i ntdle and cities lor thin lio t h o \ \ o l l , liu mi 1 !'' 'i H I ) ^ o nijal th, t i n i i , " --rilil To" U l t i l t ov, t o i l a · r t l j ' i i a m « l i u 1 ( l . ' i ti u U i ' h » v \ v, c\\ - S ' l e i . R M u r t "in i i ) ifl'l !i \ M i " V real lad., ui K . I . I ! B ! ! I \ j n u s l -~u Hen "Retires" Pensioned After 17-Year Service E X V., J j n 1--In h e r o l d rtge , X H ! Jiitl i n f n n n t . } , i lit,n wlih-ii law! a e s u l s i i l y foi I victor tor m u r h 11 ftiruil " Thi' !iHU it, blind n u u First:' It'or Strength read and a n a l y / o their published slatemeuts. i « Second: For Servire I n q u i r e of BOHICJ of ( h o d e - positors a,$ to tljc Jip,d. o! service t h e y are receiving. Third: Por CouservaLive ^lanagnnjent look over the names of tlie Officon- and Directors, inquire as 'to their financial slrenglH and their reputation as but- neaa men in tiio cojtnmuri ity. Second National Bank of Connellsvillo solicits your business, fhirty-nine yeara of eueces.s- ful banking with Capital and Surplus over $375,000.00. Directors: ^ortlj KHpn(i1ck William ,T. Grant Dull (3. Dr. Tjonis P. McC'ormick Dr. Thomas I). Eclianl Ofjfi cers: Xllp^trlck, President ,WUt{tini J f Daids«n, Ylce-Fresident, Alex Hi Hoo], Cashier, .T? Ci TVJiiteley, Assistant ^ashler. Condensed Statement, December 31, 1929 , Bonds and Investments ..., ..... ___ ........... $2,453,504.61 Overdrafts ........................................ ;...,,. ________ , ______ .-,... 00 U.'S. Bonds and Certif.categ ............. -.... _______ 245.G50.00 Backing 'House and r.eal Estate .... _____________ lOO/'OO.OO Stoclc in Federal IlesfTve Bank ....... . ...... ...... 9,000.00 Ca$h and Dije from Banks and U. S. Treas. 472,008.51 $3,280463.12 LIABILITIES Capital $ 50,000.00 Surplus .'...... 250,000.00 Undivided Trofits 75,277.98 Reserve for Interest and Taxes . ,, 10,000.00 Circulating Notes .... _ 00,000.00 Deposits -.... . 2,844,885.14 $3,280,163.12 Organized Oldost Bank in City. Member federal Reserve System Is « United States Depository. Second National Bank ConnellsYJIJe, Pa. Welcome It will be our aim, during the coming year, to be of greater servicq to our customers than ever before. Our prices will be as low as the lowest. Our service wid not be excelled by anyone. Our merchandise will be standard, or better. Quality will not be sacrificed for price. We will continue to handle a high grade line of meats and provisions in our Meat Markets. In our Grocery Line you will find best to be had and all the nation illy advertised goods. FURNITURE--A larger line at. a saving to you. CLOTHING, ^OOTWEAR--Larger assortment at very moderate prioes. LADIES READY TO WEAR GARMENTS--Many patterns to pick from and the prices are right. QRY GOODS--Large assortment of piece goods and all the staples you need. Ilore, too, is quite a saving. DAIRY AND CHICKEN FEED--The best brands at reasonable prices. Save money during 1930 by purchasing all your merchandise from the Sixty Stores in Bflno Counties of ^Pennsylvania. i Our Federal Reserve System has proven of great value to- the people. A veritable safe-guard against panic. It has many other advantages in its helpfulness to sound business enterprise, This member Bank invites your Checking Account. CONNELLSYILLE to kill her \ \ h n i ^he stopped Didn't Need a (;iin. j . i s i n i ( \ » . " i l i ) i ^ l i i i Hthlulnc,)i CLAU1CS1)ALK MIJ-S I ui with an - M i a lar^e dally j a t i o n of ,, ,,,,-,,,. ' " ", . A iy\\ mi3 f IUOHM CtVi i^uU'sintiu "i^r;: ie, f ,,a »«*,,. ^^\t,T^^^^ ^ u ^ ^ ( k i l l e d t i i i i N i juul m.nun i! h i l l ,i dn/i ti i b n i i h and biough! t J i t u i n ' u t o yitjvo thOJQ Wij 1 Uilvai^iflLtt. KI*A «l,

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