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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 7
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THE OTTAWA JOURNAL By Soviet Economist Boom Town De Luxe TUESDAY, AUGUST M, 1964. - -. i . : Profit Motive Is Suggested By THEODORE SHABAD WlMtln fat J MOSCOW Pravda. th Communist Party newspaper, renewed public discussion - Monday of a self raautatine .' economic mechanism widely anowa aa "uoermamam" that - would replace the praaaat . , planning ot tba Soviet ecoa-: amy by tba central authorities. Without mentioning tba , name ot Prof. Y every C. Uh erman, a Kharkov economist, the authoritative newspaper published an article K that ra peated many of Libermaa'a ; Ideas lor economic reform, widely publicized two years ago. Among them was the use of tba profit motive aa principal index ot plant activity. ' The article, signed by aca- demlciaa Vadim A. TrapeznJ- ' kov, advocated a syatem at "r Bonuses, taxes, fines and Hex- ' lb It prices and greater lee- way tor decision . making by '. nlant manaaara MMtaarf 1 Am. a tailed planning and supervi-i, sion by central planning au- ThaM. year. old i who ia a specialist ia automa ta tie controls, urged that a group -of economists and Industrial V managers full of initiative" .. instructed to work out d ' 'tails ot such system and as introduce it oa an expert mental basis at selected plants. . . ' : In an editorial note. Pravda "mvited "scholars, officials of Industry, construction, traaa- .''port and trade and of party.' '"' managerial and planning eg- "' enoies" to tend in their con- ; Omenta.:'. K wee Lei u oDotrvers specuiai-- ed that by reopening public ; debate, Pravda Indicated coe dltione were now more favor- . I'nbki lor actual implementav In: Diacuaaton la .tba last two .'.years baa been limited targe-. ,tr to behind the- scean ', meetings ia economic research . Institutions and to paxes ot (A la describing the system of . MwMitK .wlnJ lavara .Trw f'.pesnikev mad ear secret at the fact that many ideas were tmrrowod from the West. Aa practices worth tmulaw r ,ing, he mentioned tax axemp-, tiena aa snares ot corpora tioa reinvested into re- ' search, development aa a do- Vice lor stimulating technical , progress, ana a system of ' ;mgh tinea paid by suppliers ' W delays ta delivery of goods. " Suck delays have been a prob-' tern hi -the Soviet economy.-' la addition to making profit the key indicator of plant performance and Introducing ' tines for delivery delays, the ' ocademtciaa urged adoption -"of a flexible price system to etimulate productioa of new .' items, better quality and output of goods considered eseeat-ba! by central planners. ? Under a flexible system. f higher prices would be set at ' Aiilss : Informed By CLYDE H. FARNSWORTH 'TfO atmtts W&& TtW tfltMB tmMMj amWffln ; ' ANKARA Turkey Inform-'; f ed her alllea ta advance of her intention to launch air - attacks against Greek Cypriot position la Cyprus but "there waa nothing they could do to stop as," Foreign Minister Feridua Comal Erbia bat said, t "We were tick and fed up at . . -i . i - .i i - n ik. - 1 me acuen m vm wiwma,, uiw . U year eld Minister taid ,da aa Interview. - , The decision to strike, be - added, "was aa urge at the ; Turkish nation as a whom. W felt that the Turkish nation was relieved and happy after tba air strikes. It was some- ' thing- expected by the Turkish Turkey's decision ,c am after the UN Inrea nulled out of the bettl area ta north- west Cyprus, and aa Erhin ' aid: "There were no strong r pressures against as." i - Asked whether Turkey was V influenced la bar res pons by the American police actions Via the Gulf of Tonkin earlier -,- "The coincidence ia ia the situation, not the dec is too," Turkey't response . w a I d av beea the earn regard-ma of the Americaa action, .. be said. .' '!' '." , j- Erikla tald that although . cvnrua waa cairn, tne eitueuon there waa still "very tense." i For toaster to ease, be said, Greek Cypriot forces must pall out of the JCokkma area .ia tba .Northwest, : .,. first for new producU or bct tor quality producU to com. penult tar higher Initial coat of tba factory ia iDtroducing such Items. Prices tha would gradually ba reduced as pro. ductloe com dropped. the Idea, prviously expressed I ia the Ubarmaa debate, that should ba Introduced into the ' Soviet economy.. . Such a charge would be de- signed to speed the turnover ' of operating capital, which is : una bi I. factory manatara to make more efficient use ot thai r plant and equipment. i Ores tar freedom tor econ- : oraic decisloa making by plant managers, Trapexnikov wrote, would make tt possible to reduce the number. ofeco-nomic tadicatora new planned by central authorities for each factory.. They include wage funds, sin of off ice expenses, numbers of administrative personnel and ait of supply sleeks. "';.'..'''.'."..:. Ha said greater freedom for the manager was essential for a smoother running oconomy, because central planners could not fores ss all contingencies. 31 mmm CS OFFICES SIX 28-STOREY ' By RICHARD JACKSON ' . T Jeuraal " .f " Now. about lb continuing argument aa to whether it's better business for the Gov ernnent to build and own its office accommodation or leas it, at rentals which In the two : most recent case will cover tba landlords' construction costs ia 10 years . : Consider this . . . from the evidence of Under Secretary of State rG. G- E. Steel and former Secretary of Treasury Board, before the Senate Finance Committee, ea Page 2 of Us second re-port ' 1 "You have to take a complete look at this (the renting Versus building) picture. . "And we are satisfied that the Government can build and maintain Its own space more cheaply than the This tt one of the rudiments we tried to make la looking at the National Capital area." '' ' -:. :'. . ' '; if - r : Leading ap I thie partku-lar piece of bard evidence, this firm expert opinion, Mr. Steele under questioning by the Senate Committee, 'Bad talked about comparative . : The Government could build it ewa offk structures for roughly P per square loot ot working' apnea. . h took $4 to rent a square foot of leased office accam atodation. . .x. But for the rent the Government got. beet, tight, repairs, maintenance and build-, ing operating staff, plus temperature controlled, alr-condt-tioned accommodation of tlickly-modera. readily . par-ttonable space. . . If this was ' preferred or superior accommodation, why couldn't Public Works provide R? ' ' ' . (Public Works could, and ssore recently has been Just look at "Judy't Towsr", out at Tunney's Pasture. However, ta past yean, and perhaps even now, the department, expected to observe certain aesthetic standards that could be architecturally conrintng.Miasal en toyed the freedom of exploration and. experiment allowed the more free-wheeling private contrao " ' : -l T taller the Geveram ant's , pt avis ten ot office spec Work Minister Descbattleta hat told the Commons the construct ion program here In the Capital hi running II years , behind requirements to the . needs . of the ever-expending body of the Civil Service, a continuing It-year forecast Is , maintained of future demands for accom nidation. , " The forecast hi made and ' kept by Public Works with the National Capital Commission and the Treasury Board look-; Ing over Kt shoulder. ,' I '. The Idea. Mr. Steele baa.' told tbt Senate Committee, v: - - : :., ?-' ,r i L-.. It ; ' '. t '' ") ' . ', i fc'Jf k 7 CLASS MONUMENT TO A 8HATTEREO GOVERNMENT During the 10. years up to 1998, the dictatorship of Marco Peres Jlmlnec . speni minions or oouara- on construction of luxury botela. COULD FILL SKYSCRAPERS "Is to keep torn kind ot coo . trot la making sura , . that . growth and development tot the Government building program) tat . plaaaed and orderly 7 , J '' We, f aa Mr. Steele baa saatltled. Treasury Board "Is satisfied that the Government can' build - and maintain its own space more cheaply than the entrepreneur." , why to office accommodation, ia some entire buildings, being Here h "Mr. Steele's es planatloa of that to the Sena-eart.....--w-.w:."r 'One ot the things we have tried to do is to keep tome balanoa between the amount of space which the Government occupies at -a rector and the amount which it produces for Itself..'.,,,,.,,., .... "And this, to turn, at times gets Into a question of Judgment ot. local economies of the real estate market . "I think that aa a matter! of advice and policy to thq Government the view baa always beea taken that H should not allow the seal to tip too much one way or the other. "Yob don't want tbt Government to do . its own build-tag entirely, and at the same time you don't want, to. call into existence a significant estate bar (ia the Capitol) where people depend for their livelihood too touch on the requirements of the Government. ' 4 "It It a nice Judgment ta the balance between . bow' : much the Government will -build and bow much should ' be done by the private entrepreneur." ', , . : The Federal Government, . the Glassco Royal Commission has discovered, la . "by far the largest bolder of real estate ta Canada.". Tb Commission surveyed',, the situation four year ago, and Sized It up this weyt " '." "About lM,0M,eog - square . feet ot buildings spec were occupied by the federal de-partmenu and agencies the 1 equivalent of more thaa IN i buildings.' each the size of a ' football field and a storeys high and the value of these I reel estate holdinge waa estimated at M tOt ttt tOt." la the Capitol. Mr. Steele hat told the Senate Committee, the Government occupies M.IM.0M square feet ot work-tag office space. ' , Which figures', out roughly to six J-storey, football lield-Jzed office skyscrapers." . ' Grouped together, on Wellington West, out at Confedera-Uoa . Heighta, or in Lower Town, whet a skyline they, would presentl ' :' . A sort ot pocket panorama ot a Canadian fower-Manhat-tan-on-the-Ottawa. Or pile them one oa top of the ether, and Mack up a tower to dwarf the Empire State Building. . i' J I ii t . in . i i - ; . ' ; ' ' ' Caracas-- 4- 1 ' ' By PAUL K1DO UDD ' Haughty. aa hi a ce - to faUen . CARACAS (CP) sophisticated Caracas tossal ntonument . to despots v-r.'.T:. 4 I It waa during the decade up to IIU. when the pudgy dicta tor Marcos Pares Jimenez ruled, that the capital of Vene-xuela exploded In architectural ;jnaJestyw.TO;;;..,.;;.:.,.Vi Today it stands in glittering contrast to the. rustic mineral-rich country that surrounds tad aourtsbts hi. , , - j With Its ever-sprouting sky- scrapers and leaping network of expressways and' the highest cost of living in the 'world I Caracas is a boom towa deluxe. .' Disturbingly, It la also a me tropolis of squalor. For beyond the opulence, on steep . hillsides', overlooking the sparkling city.' wretched slums .of packing-crate and sheet-iron shanties scar the landscape. No one . knows exactly how many people live ia the barrios. aa the slums or called, but HI ia generally conceded that at least one-third of Caracas' met ropolltan population of 1.1M.M0 bav homes there.' . , But Caracas hasn't , always looked like thiav Up to IMO K was a small city of white-washed stucco and red- tiled roots, dozing In Spanish- colonial charm, "virtually unno- need u the world. Then, sparked by the hungry By MAX FREED MAN -fi WASHINGTON 'By any fair political standard Sena- -tor Barry Goldwatar emerged from the unity meeting at Hershey greatly strengthened for the campaign. Unlets the Democrats realize the saagnW tude of the struggle that now 'awaits them, they may well have cause to regret tbt result ea November. ' For.the startling tact b) that : tbt - Democrats ( ere . i divided bow than ere the Re-s (demand of the Second Venezuela's rich ol r" purapin" u - J hoom demand of the Second oil boom World fields record began. As the city keepa on spread ing, however, so do the con- ft i . in iii in urn- mi- r - BLOQUES AGAINST BAKKIOS JBIoquea. 15-story, domino-shaped apartment built under a Jiminex housing program art losing out against barrios, slums of packing-crate and sheet-iron shanties. puDucans. ., aea. uomwmer ' would have gone down to (hat-confronts no dtvtohm or dla-1 taring defeat Such a result array at all comparable to the would certainly have been bad confueed situation , ia the South where the tide is run- aing against tba President The principal opoositloa to ; Sen, GoWwater la the RepuWi- caa party la localized ta the.; state w new lorm wmcn aw , nor ia there any reason to ever hoped to carry anyway, r regret tbt new sources of With General -tlserihower ! . :". '-. ; ' '';'; fully committed. -to bit sup- port. Sen. Goldwater caa nowi expect mack greater support from "Republican paptrs ' acrost the country. Tb sameT assurance which removed Mr. Eisenhower's d e a b t s should suffice to end the un- certs int let of many Repubii- caa editors and publishers.,; Their support will be an lm-j portent influence ta the cam-, palgn. l. ' ! LESSENING DIVISIONS . . . . ai. uiiur Ji-l.1 if they do not altogether disappear, the Republicans will make a powerful bid to regain their traditional business support. Presl- Tucking It Away ' TOURS, Franc (UPO Pierre Uaunay,' 27, a - 180-pound nuclear technician, won France's ' "gastronomic gargantua" title yesterday by eating a goose, pound of sausages, a pound of pickled beef, a salad, a . whole cheep and a heavy cake ta less than an hour. ' Plumber Bernard Bapriste won ' a preliminary bout by slurping seven pounds . of spaghetti in five minute. 10 r tecondt, - V - -' i- i dent Johnson wiU be tag hiaaseh If be thinks that) blandishments at tba While House will ia the end woo ! many Republican executives j away from their party. These ; men, in large numbers, - will give not Only their votes to Sea. Goldwatar but also their , money and their, organizing ability. Everyone who genuinely bell evee hi the two-party sys-1 torn must welcome the aew sign of Republican unity. A divided,, and quarrelsome t7. wivwim - ova. uoiu- water with sullen suspicion, party, following Sen. Gold- for the country and It might beea bad for Prest- dent Johnson himself. For It would have misrepresented the differences that exist oa many important issues.' : - 1 ' ?' J r , , Rplifical : Grandson iC) mm vrt jtmm Mm swtte LONDON Rajmohaa Gandhi, the i year . old grandson of Mohandat K, - Gandhi, hat announced that Intendod to enter. Indian Dolltict. ' --I ; ..x.. HV WINN WIN. II I Ml eelf to the Indian people as their leader "If they will have ." ' -y--r ,. Gandhi, who it not associated with any Indian political party, said "I am determined now td mobilize the Indian masses i ; - j. Indian' sources ' in London discount his political ambitions and say he Is not very ' well know ta India, despltt bit name., -.-.!. - His mother, . Mrs. Lakshi Gandhi, is the daughter of Cktkravarti Rajagopalachari, a Indian statesmen who succeeded. Earl Mountbatten of Burma ta 1M as Governor-. .General. ; ' .-' " -' RaJmohan Gandhi't father, who died several yean ago, was Devadas Gandhi, former editor ot the Hindustan Timet and one of the four eons ot Mahatma Gandhi, the father ot India Independence. Room Beats (Single i I 3 PACKAGE TOUR WORLD'S FAIR 4-Day Tour v Sept. 5-0 ',",'"' ': TOUR INCLUDES J.-.V. y?;V :' ' k f"3 Ba Tranaportatioa ,' '.. .' jjl" I' g Nights Hotel AeeommodaUoa Twin aaodatloa SIS extra) - '' :. : "'. ; '';. ..Faar ''.. '.-: '" '.' ' -".'J LCAVI OTTAWA tto sk gaptamber Slk, anivtag dawa-tawa New Yerk U tav storhac at Edlaaa Basel at RMera rsatrise metaer . tta fras tsy U visit the raw. Saatrakar tUs Traa day to vlatt th Fear. i - LKATI NCW TORS IM pm teptemaar tth, arrlvtag Ottawa UjH pm. y , - i COLOIHAL COACH LII1ES , . Telephone U6-9681 - Monu ment to Despot Admbndoa TVkeU to VVerM't tresis of affluence and poverty. Only recently has the country felt the stabilizing effects of a growing urban middle class. A superb six lane highway. built during tba Peres Jimenez sponsible advice that will now be available to Sen. Gold-water. He urgently needs that kind of advice and should not hesitate to take it -so be may become a harder candidate to beat aa be becomes more thoughtful ' and' accurate and responsible: but only the most partisan Democrats will re sent this development. It Is sn entirely constructive thing that Republicans like General Eisenhower-end Governor William Scrantoa will be at Senator Goidwater'a tide. There will be. no shortage of ether Republicans who wilt have the senator's ear. REAL TEST.;.v-;'V '. "-Th real test will comt one the campaign starts . after Labor Day. The unity meet. Ing at Hershey did no more thaa Issue a declaration ot principles. It remains) to be Sen. Goldwater stands up to other pressures. The moderates prevailed at Hershey because It waa so clearly ta Sen. Goidwater'a interest to have the maximum degree of unity in hit party." ' But the right wing still has to be heard from, and tf Sen. Goldwater weakly yields to Its demands, the meeting at Her- ihey will be a futile gesture rather than a vlffnrv far ra- f- sponslbllity. But Sen. Gold- J water should not be con-j- "'''. T' the of I Puts I th , 1 thing Vou J want . S within . your ' I ,-, . reach 1 : ' ( r l - i . a ; .A tr- . . ' '1 ' . ar- 1 r L( Bank of Montreal V IV mm THIRTEEN BRANCHES IN OTTAWA and '-...,!.-''--' '.'y- a k .1.. .t. .-v ' ' Gatlncau, Almonte, Bell era. links Caracas- witk. Mal-quetia International Airport tt miles away on the hot, humid Caribbean shore. Travelling it, one glimpses soldiers guarding the bridges 1 tunnels against possible pro-Castro, Communist terrorist attacks. At the roadside, huge bill boards advertise Jet flights to Europe and North America. LITTLE MEANING But to thousands who live on other side of the road; such invitations have little meaning. For. living in a world of squalor, many of the barrio- dwellers scarcely have enough money for bus fare downtown. Towering alongside the shanties are more than ft low-cost apartment buildings bousing some 125. OOt workers. Since the fall ot the dictatorship, the Democratic Action government has spent more than S2 11. too. eot on new. Im proved bousing. But il does not eppear to have had much im pact on the barrios, which con tinue to fester end Increase.. Dominating the Caracas skyline is the Simon Bolivar Centre. STRADDLES HIGHWAY This is a glass walled, Je- storey government office building complex whose twin-towers straddle a six-lane, multi-level highway that slices 'the old pert the city In two.; " There It no better, place, to demned1 until be actually wobbles and capitulates, ,. - On the racial issue be deserves little commendation. It ia useless for him to say that be will not try to win voles nn the strength of the "white backlash." He has already done enough tor . everyone to know where he stands on this Issue. His silence now will not wipe out bis vote against tb Civil Rights B1IL I ;:' ' - Without that vote he would have very little hope of doing well in the South or ia some northern cities, f -But he deserves a measure of respect for his stand on th John Birch Society. He It opposed to Its leaders end tts principles. , But b wilt not condemn tt because, unlike the Ku Klux Klan. It is' not officially' listed ss a subversive organization, - - ; Nor will be repudiate the support of ell Its members because he dote not believe ta guilt by association and be cannot forget that some of II, 295 RICHMOND RD 729-6137 . Kunili) finance Plan -. Brine t your personal cradtt iwed' ladorw-ltiroof"' .. . " LOW-COST Utt-WSUREO LOANS vim www j i Corner, Buckingham, escape the noise and clamor of downtown Caracas 'than from the gleaming t2t.SOf.eot Hotel Humboldt, probably tba biggest white elephant construction in Latin America's history. HOTEL CLOSED The Humboldui e lower of glass with, II floors, has an indoor swimming pool,- penthouse bar, tennis courts and even a skating rink. Only one thing has Jjeea miss- , ing all along customers. Too Inaccessible for all but the most determined .tourists, and with huge maintenance costs, the hotel has finally been closed by the government. 1 visited another luxury build ing in Caracas the Officers' Club. ' : VIEW FROM CLUB It has a marble covered courtyard, a huge ceremonial dining hall and museum-style rooms containing guns and cannons against a backdrop of sweeping ia-(ool-htgtrmurak.' In a country where the mili tary has traditionally made pol itics, the club was a gilt ot General Perez Jimenez to h' fellow officers. r ' The cost:, t30.MW.0bo. From the entrance of this lush, ornate palace of military power, one has a view of the distant cardboard and tmplate shanties on the hillsides. . On that spot, in a moment of truth, the past and future of Venezuela unfolds. .. its members may be decent but misguided Americans. 'I Sen. Goldwatar will not relish this trubuie but ta taking this' position he is acting on essentially liberal principles. Perhaps that Is why his position will be so unpopular. " (Copyright) ;i ' B I R K S . DIAMOND RINGS' ) Finest Quality - - , . .. Best Valut r Largest Assortment .'FROM SXOO.00 UP .7 Beecrt Ms Avsllakla i lOt ffASQ STREET ; am:' mm sRsct mik HULL to wire you 1 ' ". .".-''"- '' k , , , ... , '. City View and East view , Jm V: ' 1 A' 1 v -A i . .. ' '

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