The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1918
Page 6
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DAILY COimiEE, CONNELLSVILL2L PA. ;ATUEBAT, MARCH 2, iois. temocracy in Framingham, Mas*, Expressing Itself in OU New England Town . Meeting, Is Making the Town a Municipal Public: Health. r - Models:. ~. . i By GARRET SMITH. IB tMs ttme of.dmMy world. thrirttoR totidentt Imagine a coinmimitj where one of the chief topics "of conversation UBong all axes and classes is the eom- prosaic snbject of pobllc Saeh-is Framinffham, Mass., a. little manvfactnrbig town of boot lA,uwu in tk« rewou «utwb» of BOO- ton. : Two ytmra ago had one broached the ; mb)tct to the average Framlnghamlte ke vrald have scored rotiinf; but more «r le« polite boredom. The town's death .'and .sickness" raies'were not abor* the average. It had the usual ·Wcfc at mmitary·· regulations enforced :.aboat;a« ·uanal. The Itealth depart. Bent spent about $7,500 a .rear, sad - »'«j one considered that quite enough wbHwrer they considered It at all, wtdeii waB usually only at the annnal IPMII vetting.' when appropriations we;* voted. ]n abort, If any one had asked him Mr. Average Citizen wonld have replied. "Why, yes; I gness we have a fairly healthy little town," and then cbngttl the subject to something that ; .tBNrasted him. But early In IMS the Metropolitan TJfe Inaurance Cowjmnr appropriated 1. Teaching the Lesson of Clean Milk and Its Value as Food. 2. rramlnsllam Town Hall, = Fine Old Colonial Monument to the New England Town Meeting, Around Which the City's Health Work Centers. 3. Scene In Laboratory During Examination Week.' i 4. Toothbrush Drill at Children's Health Camp. 5. Baby Week. A Special Crusade for the Conservation of the City's Future $100,000 for the use of the National Association for the Study and Prevention ot Tuberculosis in mrryioe on n most unusual health experiment They wished to.determine sii .things:; 1. Is It possible to discover nnd put under proper control every case of tuberculosis in an average, normal roantrfacrurlnc community? 1. Is it possible to determine just what conditions caused the disease? 3. "What Is the best way to use the existing means of discovering and treating the disease? 4. What percentage of theoretically preventable disease can actually he prevented by use of all known means? 5. How can social forces be used to prevent unnecessary disease? .6. What constitutes the ideal community beajth machinery? Sounds like a dry scientific experiment, doesn't' It? One would hardly expect mill liands and ibelr wives anQ 1 children to get touch eiciteii over it. Yet this Is whai hupponwl lu Framing- bam. / This town, after a thorough ouirris of tlie country, wa»*s*k'cletl as a typt- ztms of the iown would n'scnt being used for experimental purposes. Others said they wonfd ft unnecessary far Ihe town to sprnd even Us l»kifiLl $7,500 a year us IODK as a big i insurance company was poin .- to spend several Umes that an mm II y in lictiifti work. At'any rate, it was feared that no general, interested co-operation, could he secured in helping some outside scientists solvr n scientific 1 prob- But disease, piirUoolarly tubercoJo- sis, is a socml problem lorRciy, The committee felt t}iat its solution in any community could be reached only by Cettlnp: all UIP social /orco$ of that J community st work in harmony. The real purpose of rhe experiment was to cal manufacturing community. A lit- prove ihut any community could work tie over a year oijo a demonstration out Its. own pubflc health snJvarloa. committee was formed, and Dr. Donald could within certain financial limits B, Armstrong of New Vort city was! control tho amount of sickno-ss nnd chwscn to .direct the work- death within Its borders. Sout p*:ss!mist* declared Vie dtl- So diplomatically did tbe dfKnonstra- Uon committee go about interesting the citizens ot FnunitiKham ibnt the work hus become a part of the tovni's intiiuaie life. As a result the citizens have vqtted at town meetings greatly increased appropriations for their health department work. The department now has a budget of 515,000 a year, double what it was spending when the demonstration befran. The health officer is devoring his whole time 10 the work. A school nurse and a full time baby we!fore nursa have i been employed. Abandoned rural schools have been converted into children's straimer health camps. The committee had paved the ·wmy for thin by enlisting die aid of the political leaders of the different factions In town. Next the private agencies i were approached. The local Civic League was inspired with new life nnd added a full time secretary nnd a full time infant -welfare nurso to its staff. jTands and hospital space were set for a dental, nose and throat and clinic. Ira imported on iadllttoi d supcrvlslnx uid wero provided foe children's c/wnp, antJ arrangement* were completed for the union of th» ocal anri- tuberculosis relinf and vinlt- ing Burse agencies with the growing Civic Leajrue. The medical men of the town were cotten Into line. Opposing factions v.-cre brouglit together in a now medical club. ,The local physicians took an active part lu patting the health station examiners in touch witli auspl- cions cases in their practice. The bfg oianuCactfirih^r concerns of the 1own have become Intercsied !n establishing medical and nursing departments in thoJr pJanr.s. and j?erersl of them have gotten together in a scheme for joint mcdicu! and nursing supervision. The other insurance companies operating in the towu have cooperated with the Metropolitan in distributing literature, taking the health census and soliciting for examinations. The churches also hare lent valuable aid in promoting the educational work. As s rosiilt OL the preliminary educational steps the comrnitteo has met with an unexiK'Cled degree r\t sympathy amonc nil classes wiih ihe numerous investijrntions that have been Carried on. including an infant welfare canvass, a statistical stndy of births and deaths, ;i sanitirj' purvey, a health census, a tuberculin survey, a medical examination campaign, etc, The practical health results after only one year of this work are most strikingly shown in the saving of baby lives. Formerly every year babies in Frnmlngham under one yenr of age die*! nt the rate of SO to 100 out of evory thousand horn. Lasr yenr this i n f a n t (loath nite was only 07 «er 1.000 births. This is one nf the most re- mnrknhle cafes^ir reduction In f n f n n t dentil rate fn record sinco infnnt TVC!- fare worT; began in this country. Ko for the fommittoe has given Intensive mefllcn' oxaninatlnns to one- third nf the c-lry'p popnlntion and 1ms discovered appmrirnnroly 1^0 cases of active .uib'ereulnfiis, which are now receiving proper care ro restore them to health if possible", hnr ar. any rate, to prevent Them from further spreading ot the discji-se. Before completing Its three'yeors of demonstration the committee expects to complete the examination of every man, woman and child In Framinghum and to hare thoroughly established among the citizens the habit of an annual medical examination for the purpose ofdfscoverlnff nnd checking disease before it has developed to the dangerous point. The demonstrators believe that they have put Framlngham firmly on it 1 ?. own feet and that this good work will. ; go' on un intercepted after the expert-^ ment is over. Frainingham, they hope.; wfll he a renl ".Spotless Town." a con-j t (ienjonsriftui to other commnnH stant (ienjonsriftui to other co ties of the fa^gint any city or tovns{ can make Itself a healthful place rd Hvo la If. it will £o about it In the righo' way. The Departure. -T underatftzid your servant haa noti- ~flM you that she is icing to quit wortr." "Not exactly," said Mrs. Crosalots. "9be hasn't been wortlDg to Bpeafc of for some -weeks. ,J»'ow she has an- natroced that she doe^nt intend even to aModate with us." ALMOST A BAD BLUNDER, The apartment house owner called up the apartment house dweller and asked him to come and sec him. Anil the apartment house dweller obeyed the summons with fear and trembling. When he arrived in the office, the owner said: "I am sorry, sir, bat we shall have I to ask 'you to vacate your apartment ! at once. I was .not aware when I 1 leased the flat to you that you bad j children," | "But we have no children," protested the renter. In amazement "What put that Into yonr headl" "Other residents of the building have complained that they were kept ! awoke by a baby crying in your apart;' ment." "Nonsense! That was one of our dogs howling. Be sounds just like a tJd sometimes." **In that case, I nmt apologize. A natural mistake--and you 'know one can't be too careful. Sorry to have disturbed-you--good morning."--Cleveland Plain Dealt?. Bconomy. beyond r. doubt, S«curelr win be speeded. If-we wHI -rrwrwlr to-with out ·* ttome thing! we never needed. Of Course Not. Harry--Do yon think that mosey.Is ieeesXary to happiness? Helen--Not if one has unlimited «" Constantly. V'opportunity knocks only at every man's door/' *":!'-*ISpnsense.;; -He·· advertises right n:the;various magazines." r.- :wel!, -something./I :rt*fooldn!t : ..lllte'..:to eiplain' while ithe ajre.nroTirLtL my lenr.7 /.. A SMALL OFFER EXPLAINS LAUGH OF BABIES We Come Into Thi« World of Sorrows Wlth-a Mysterious Sens* of Humor, The bumnn Jove ot nonsense Is a divine mystery. We have often hunrtl pessimists declare thut we come into the world weeping. It Is truer, I think, to say that \ve come into it luuKhlBg. For laughter in a baby seems to be its flrst conscious apprehension of something outside its small nceda and palna. It may cry merely because a pin is sticking into it, but it taujhs becnuao already it sees sometUins that mtUced it iaagb, it knows not'Trby, something (hat catches the eye or car a^cd seems irresistibly funny to It. There Is nothing more mysterious than a baby's sense .ot humor. It frequently lose;: it. as il grows tip, together with the other rralHng clouds of filory, but most babies aro born with it. To satisfy it nursery rhymea were Invented, and to satisfy the sumc instinct in grown people "The Hunting of the Snnrk," that incomparable classic, cnme into being, and Caverly and Gilbert and Lear stood on their heads, so to speak, and performed such verbal antics before hl£h heaven as must hare made the very ungels laugh. 'When the Owl and the Pussy Cot, having dined on mice nnd slices of quince, "hand In hand, on tho edge of the tand," "dance by the light of the moon," there Is something which, as Stevenson was fond of saying, delights tho groat heart of raun. Bui, of course,, with theftc modern artists of nonsense thoro Is usually a deliberate attempt ot the grotesQDo and the absiu-d. Wo know why we. are laughing, but with the old-fushloned rhymes o£ which I am colcfly thinking, we laugli--or, for Unit matter, cry, perhaps^--without having any reason"to give.--lllclmrd Le Galll- enne, in 1-iarper's Magazine, Miner* Live Long. It is an extraordinary fact tbnt even ·when deaths from accident ore included, Ihe rate of mortality nmonjf miners of Great Brittle is materially lower than that among any other big class of labor, except agriculturists, and appreciably lower than the nvcragu rate of mortality among males. This fact. was discovered by Doctor Tstbam. while acting as superintendent of statistics in the omen of the registrar general, Doctor Tniham points oat tbnt while the risk of fattil accidents among the coal miners is much greater than . among other males generally, their | risk of death by disease Is much lower, j being per cent less Own all OCCTI- j pled males, and 23.2 per cent less ibn thnt of »il males. While coal miners appear to softer more than the aver- i age mortality from bronchi Us, they I nhow marked Immunity from consnmp- ! tloo, their mortality from that disease beinK less than half the average. From diseases of the Hervous system their mortality Is IS per cent lower; heart dlsense, 10 per cent lower, and from disease of the liver, 10 pep cent lower then among all males. "A penny for your Ihonghta." ' · · "Of course!-' Jast ; llko U'womnu. always IboElng for bargains!" A» .It Loolnd tc Him. Olmrch-r-Heully, th« people ot the;ate otir neighbors. Gotham--Well,' It looks thut wa- froni thfr wny-n lot of 'em are fighting. Proud Record of Marines. As the first battle of the American navy was fought and won by. the marinps, so, down through the years of the Revolotlonary war, we find the marines ut the forefront when difficult work wna to be done. In fact there wero but few expeditions In whidi they dlil not figure In more or less strength. Thus Lieutenant Walllng- ford of tile marines died at tbe head of his men under John Paul Jones In tho battle between tho Ranger nnd the Drake; and In ihe classic light between tho Bot Homm« Richard under Paul .Tones und the ' Sernpls, tb^ marines lost 49 out of 137.menl Her Reason. Admirer--Star of my life, tho world w t u i . u u t a rlcsort to me before your lovely fnce came beCore my eyes. She--I can readily believe It. Admirer--Why? She--Because- yon dance llltc a camel. Having a Purpose A purpose for which to save--that is the reason why many thrifty people accumulate much money. Decide right now on some* good purpose, and choose the.Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your depository. Your account is invited. 4% Interest Pnid on Saving-s Accounts. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. BACK THE BOYS AT THE FRONT WITH YOUR DOLLARS SAVE SAVE SAVE In these war tiroes economy should he the watchword of every person. Save and invest in your Country's securities. Buy Liberty Bonds and buy War Savings Stamps. Come to us and we vrill help you. Yougli Trust Company CONN3I.iSVIL.LE, PA. Capital and Surplus $250,000.00 Resources $1,500,000.00 Want Ads. Ic a Word. (WESTSIDE* BE SUCCESSFUL a person is dependent upon, his own efforts--not upon the. help ot others. Stride out now for yourself on the safe road of thrift.. Step into the Union National Bank and open an account. :i% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts.- UNION NATIONAL BANK FKEETDISK-- Sot That She Didn't Tr

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