Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 72
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 72

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 72
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2f j u j v 93 1972 · Sunday G(isette~Mail -- · - Onrl-slon, A r s t Virginia · Silver 'Most Lovely"Bridal Gift ADMIRING HER PLACE SETTING Sterling Is Cherished Gift Follow Five Facts in Buying Pearls If you follow the lists that tell what kind of present is a p p r o p r i a t e for each anniversary, cultured pearls don't cnme along until the 12th year! That's fine for the girl who's been m a r r i e d l l ' z years. But it means that all the other deserving, fashion conscious wives have to wait -their way through pen and .pencil sets, woodenware, clocks, a number of other not- terribly-exciting gifts before they can get to something they really want. Cultured pearls are so much a part of the current fashion picture that this is the year to give them, no matter how long you have been married. No gift will be more appreciated, or provide so many years of enjoyment as cultured pearls! YOU SHOULD know what to look for, however, when buying pearls. You want to buy the finest cultured pearls you can a f f o r d , both for beauty's sake and for investment value. Any pearls you look at should be examined in the light of five basic factors which, when combined, determine their value. These factors are lustre, shape, size, color and surface. Lustre is the soft radiance that gives a culflired pearl its deep, inner glow. No imitation pearl can possess lustre, simply because man cannot d u p l i c a t e t h e i n t r i c a t e c r y s t a l l i n e s t r u c t u r e l a i d down by the oyster in forming a pearl. The longer a pearl remains in the oyster, the deeper and richer the luster becomes. A n d t h e m o r e valuable the pearl becomes. THE SIZE of a cultured pearl has a considerable influence on its price, since very few oysters produce fine large pearls. Pearl size is measured in millimeters. An 8mm. pearl is considered big, although there are the rare exceptions that grow to a fantastic IB mm. in South Sea oysters. Wild oysters seldom produce pearls more than 5 mm. or (i mm. in size. Carefully nurtured "farm" oysters can be made to create somewhat bigger jewels. Shape is very important, too, in determining the value of a pearl. Cultured pearls vary from perfect rounds to the completely i r r e g u l a r shapes termed "baroque". As with anything else in nature, the most perfect are the rarest and, therefore, the most expensive. Baroque cultured pearls very often have exquisite color and lustre but, being more plentiful, are about one-third the price of the perfectly round ones. And speaking of color, there is such a tremendous range of subtle shadings to choose from that almost no two necklaces are exactly alike. Unless you are seeking a particularly rare shade such as lavendar or green, this factor has virtually no influence on the value of a pearl. COLOR IS important in that? i the proper selection can be uniquely flattering to the woman who will wear them. I n g e n e r a l , e x p e r t s recommend the pale pink "rose" shades for blondes. Creamy tones are best for brunettes, the silver or bluish hues for grey haried ladies, and the deeper "champagne" c o l o r i n g s a r e u n u s u a l l y striking against the darker skins. To see the s u b t l e nuances in color, examine several strands of cultured pearls together tinder natural,^ light, and against a white'' surface. The surfaces of cultured pearls often have some tiny irrugularities. resulting from the fact that they are. simply. a product of nature. Only man-made imitations have t h a t glassy smoothness t h a t !; s o m e t i m e s m i s t a k e n l y associated with quality. General Lafayette's Goblet. $400. In 1824, the General presented .) p,m of -.olii! -.ilvri goblets mad? b,y Kirk for h i s B a l t i m o r e hi"-t T h e m i f j n . i l h a v e - s i m e become famous m u s e u m pieies p n / e J t c t t h e i r - l r i _ - . i n i c ,snd artistry Biit now, w i t h a l i m i t e d e d i t i o n of 00, t ^ i t h t u l in every handcrafteci detail, yini t a n ;ivc ,1 1 . i l . i y c t t c si-hlel to IAU host! Or give one to your^cff It'-. .1 nip t h . i t r r * l l y h f e r v W i t h the origmdl inscription, $4tTO $.»50 i Both in s u m p t u o u s g i f t boxes.. ' . Jruirlrr -fflatrlnnakrr HALE STREET Phone 342-5081 I Get Away With The Scene Makers Fashions to fit your Honeymoon Scene wherever it may take you. Our fabulous collection of sportswear and accessories sets t h e mood for a stylish getaway, whet her it be in gay girlish gingham or sleek, chic polyester. For the design t h a t ' s most, perfectJly suited to your taste, come in and browse. We can assure you of a perfect end to that perfect day. OPEN THURS. NITK TILL 9 P.M. Plenty of Free Parking 2209 First Avenue, · All gifts are special--but a wedding g i f t falls into a category of "specialness" all its own. It must, first of all be lovely. And it must also be useful. From the standpoint of the giver, it must decidedly be within his budget. That most lovely and useful o f a l l w e d d i n g gifts--silver--is well within the range of gift-givers today, budget-minded as well as affluent. This is true because the pattern of sterling giving has changed. Nowadays, if a 4- or 6-piece place setting of sterling silver is beyond the means of friends of the bride, it doesn't mean that it's out of the question. It's becoming customary for gift-givers to choose "place-setting pairs" of pieces within the place setting, such as the place fork and teaspoon, the dessert fork and place spoon, or the teaspoon and spreader. These pairs are good go-togethers: the dessert fork, for instance, is a natural accompaniment for the place spoon, which is used for desserts as well as soup and cereal. Another duo that would be appreciated is a gift of two teaspoons. They have so many uses, ranging from bouillon, through cereal and fruit, right up to dessert, that a bride can't have too many. Certainly no one is more familiar with the value and desirability of sterling these days than the engaged girl herself. Better educated and more knowledgeable than any of her predecessors, she makes it her business to familiarize herself with the possessions she'll need for her future home. She may, in fact, h a v e i n c l u d e d h o m e economics in her high school schedule, in which case she probably studied the selection of tableware and learned the distinctions between sterling, silverplate and stainless. She's aware of the fact that ste:rling must, by federal law. be 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts of an alloy, added for strength.This composition, known as either "sterling" or "solid silver," is the stanzarrl of excellence guaranteed by the U. S. Government on every piece of silver marked "sterling." This guarantee of quality has immense appeal for young people today. Having grown up during an era in which so m a n y t h i n g s a r e m a s s produced, they love sterling not only because it's beautiful, b u t -- p e r h a p s m o r e i m - portantly-because it's "the real thing." And far a new bride who's entertaining at dinners and parties tor the first time, there's not only a sense of satisfaction, but security, in the knowledge that the flatware she's using is right, for every occasion. Any gift-River, then, who wishes to give sterling to the bride can be assured that it's much-wanted. And it's so convenient to give--especially when the engaged girl has registered her pattern at the store. Recycled Furniture j Ecology, Budget Boon O j J O Low budgets have been known to dash high hopes when it comes to furnishing a new home. But there are some exciting things going on in furniture-making which are helping to cut the cost so that newlyweds can have the best of both worlds. One of the new money saving developments is the recycling idea. Wood, like the craftsman, is fast becoming o n e o f t h e w o r l d ' s d i s appearing resources. But new ideas developed by Sierra Permaneer for their factories across t h e c o u n t r y h a v e resulted in low-priced furniture that still looks elegantly traditional--without using one single tree. First of a!!, the veneer is .w i p e - c 1 e a n v i n y l , i n distinguishable from wood grain, laminated on top of recycled material which has been fused and strengthened into an almost indestructible panel. Then comes another idea which is helping to cut costs. Newly developed machinery grooves and bends the panel into shapes so that there are no p i e c e s t o b e j o i n e d together. Chests, dressers, ar- moirps. consoles and tables can be made much taster, and be even stronger and more durable. Door and drawer fronts with i n t r i c a t e Mediterranean or decorative modern motifs are m a d e in one piece from molded plastic materials, w h i c h can be finished to match fine wood effects. What it all adds up to is only the beginning of an era of furniture production planned a r o u n d t h e c o n c e r n s o f economy. For budget-minded brides--it's time to rejoice! The Ultimate in Feminine Pulchritude THE NEW LAYERED Heir Style Just one of the many new styles in which our experienced stylists excel. Make your appointment t o day. We Sell and Style Wigs Open Evenings for Working Girls BEAUTY BAR 4 1 5 Virginia St. W--343-9122 Free Parking Across The Street Whatever the Wedding Setting ... Windswept Meadow, Shaded Forest Glen, On the Lawn or Traditional Church The perfect wedding begins with just the right flowers . . . and Winter Floral has them in profusion, to reimplement any setting. From a simple wiMflower b r i d a l bouquet, in I.he most formal floral setting, to include the bridal party, (lowers for the ceremony, the reception, corsages . .. right down to the last bouquet and houtonniere. Winter offers the most versatile and complete assistance for a wedding day filled with beauty and loveliness ... and within the budget range you wish to maintain. Call now and let us advise and assist you in choosing your flowers for this most memorable of all occasions . . . your wedding day. SEVEN-O-SEVEN LEE STREET EAST PHONE 342-1186 John Burton, Owner L^an uOe This Beautiful "Cover Bride" wedding g o w n -- and m a n y o t h e r s t h a t are shown in this issue of "Bride's Magazine" and "Modern Bride" are available at Glad Ele. Bridesma 'd Dresses We have the Largest Selection of Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaids Dresses, Mother of the Bride Groom Dresses Anywhere! LET US SHOW YOU OUR S E L E C T I O N B E F O R E MAKING Y O U R FINAL DECISION. "Exclusive But Not Expensive!" "EVERYTHING FOR YOUR WEDDING Mother of the . Bride Groom Dresses II BRIDAL AND DRESS 112McFarlandSt. Phone 346-5131 346-0773 SHOPPE Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9:30 o. m. to 9:00 p. m. Tues., Wed., Thurs., Sot., 9:30 o. m. to 5:00 p. m. Other Evenings by Appointment «

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