The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 6
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Till fWTAVA TniTBVAT ""M'er to pick t) Mill bosh nd ftt im VUAWA JUUKJUU oni 4, not have to scrounge around rwmmm ww TW Journml StiMMltM C& t Ottawa Qvm II rtu) St, Ottawa. OoUrio. TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1964. Parsuit of Immigrants Immigration Minister Tremblay announces plans to forward "a more positive, and productive immigration program.".-. New Immigration ministers always ' hava plans for bettor policies but soon , learn Immigration programs are i fraught with disillusionment They tend to lose their enthusiasm quickly.. Their problem Is that Canada does not want wide-open Immigration but becomes indignant when people j-like , that Buffalo man who was. held In custody for 100 days are snared in cojaplex , Immigration regulations. In a n otn a r field. Canadians have no-violent ob - jection to mora Chinese Immigrants but recoil in horror from statistics on the considerable number of Chinese who "have contrived to enter Canada .Illegally. - Tha Minister of Immigration, per- What should encourage Mr, Tremblay "and his officials Is tha evidence that decades in which she was as cold as snow maiden she has come. In four ; years, to be In fhirly hot pursuit of immigrants. She haa been a late starter la the race,' but Is gathering speed as well she might. There may be some who sun think I ef Canada that we should keep a good thin to ourselves. Some arrive at this I idea because they don't want "for ! signers" on any terms; others arrive I at this idea because they fear "a flood of newcomers' would drive down the ; size of the slice of pie or wage, that on hands and knees. Ths tact J that high hush berries have cemlnrflavor that one cannot fin4 in the low bush. It does not hava deleterioua effect if one crumbles a few crackers In with tha berries: but maintain the fruit aa . the "dominant factor. Berries should be at room temperature but the c r e a m should be cold. Dse plenty of sugar so that the full flavor of the berries will be extracted. And of course, after a couple bowlsful, a piece of left-over blueberry pie is acceptable. A HearNBeot From tht, Presidency It Is a profound irony of American politics that as tha office of Vice-President has grown in importance the selection of a man who stands to inherit tha Presidency has fallen more and more Into tha hands of the party's presidential candidate. The Republican Party didn't choose Mr. William E. Miller in San Francisco last month. Tha convention merely ratified San. Barry Goldwater'a choice. Four years aco John F. Kennedy son ally involved la tha solution of most tapped Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson from difficult cases, Inevitably comas to feel among all tha hopefuls and tho party ha will be blamed no matter what ha dutifully acclaimed him. Next ' weak, when the - Democrats on the President someone who was not his first choice. a , But It has not always been so and Mr. Johnson is mindful enough of tht political history of this century to leave as little ar possible to bandwagons J, from Britain and Northern and Western or emotion next week. Eurone. The Conservative Government started k a new course in 1K3 with Immigration regulations which stressed education, training and skills as the main quail fications for admission, regardless of country of origin. Under this policy Immigration Minister Bell, Just before the Conserve , fives left office ,last year, hoped to v- bring 300.000 useful Immigrants late Canada each year, a total which Mr. . Tremblay. despite his utmost efforts. Is ' unlikely 'to achieve in MM. Y The most heartening part of Mr, , tremblay 's statement la his frank ac- ceptance mat vanaaa nr a compeuuva In IMS President Truman yearned for a man of national prestige, Gen. George Marshall or Justice William O. Douglas. , Tha convention made him settle for Alban Berkley, an amiable senator. . "w-'--''w.-' Coolldge wanted the great progressiva. Senator William Borah from the mid-west. Borah's reputation lives on, but not the man Coolldge was given, Charles Dawes. Theodore . Roosevelt all of us get today. The former Is not erats hava aulmed) has somewhat J to tmdarstand t aU the Immensity and atretched them. The President Is said 1 tragedy of the popuiauon problem now to have smiled upon Sen. Hubert Hum- j pressing on other lands, the latter Is phrey of Minnesota, a favorite of labor 1 not to understand economics at all for and of tho liberals, a wheelhorse for it assumes that no matter how many Mr. Johnson In this productive Con people we nave in our country our gross gress 1 national product will remain the same. I . Canada's population will grow and .'should grow. That being the case we' . should be wise and Imaginative la tend . ing Its powttr. :. 9 v -4 Vierwttl From Abroad ; ; Oh wad some power the giftie gie . us to see our flag as 'others see it .". We quote from an article by Leonard Beaton of the British Institute for Strategic Studies on the Canadian .White Paper. on Defence, written in j the International Journal of the Cana- -dlan Institute of International Affairs:' f "With her high sense of commitments and participation unimpaired by appalling .human and material losses pf two world wars, with no neo-colonial 1st ImSge, with vnst resources of wealth, Industry and men, and a' 6 on, : : .perhaps, with the gayest and most inconsequential flag since the Irish harp, Canada can look at tha world and see Jmw best she can ahape It," . ; Blueberries and Milk h It one ward philosopher, he would . 'probably take, a more ' optimistic attitude. But the countryman has seen jmany , revolutionary Improvements . In , ;the last half century and he Is op 4 "posed to many of them. It may be progress to consume alphabetical vita - mlns. frighten good food to death In Oressure cookers, and drink a meal instead of eating It But it' isn't a scheme of which Grandfather would approve. . , - We wish more citizens knew the' 1 satisfaction of blueberries and milk for Supper. Naturally, one wants his regular noon meal of fried salt pork, ; boiled potatoes and green peas, ao . companied by cream of tartar biscuits, . grape Jelly and bread V butter pickles. ' And for dessert, of course, he wants ' about quarter of a deep,' Juicy,, cinnamon-tinged fresh-apple pie. But with that, for the daya framework, a man can make do very well with a bowl of blueberries, sugar and cream . -lor supper. . We favor the high bush blueberries ever the low bush. It isn't that It te ;A ' -V - '.- v v , i 'a- ' V Even If few decisions appear left to men. tbough nd ana and therefore ahjmnl rather thee member ef the lite. be mede spontaneously at Atlantic sitant city, tne convenuon wiu stni ngntry command much of tho world's attention. For where the Democrats gather, there also gather the men who will probably be at the sources of power for the next four years. Under scrutiny will be the leaden of the Western world those who provide the Biter-native to Barry Goldwater and Bill Miller. : .- ,- v . kTwo Plaques for Oliver ;? 'Hon! Frank Oliver died in Ottawa in 1933 and hla memory is green among , those who knew him and the larger company of those . who read of the ' pioneers and past parliaments. He was a Peel County boy of vivid personality who founded the Edmonton Bulletin on a shoestring in 1880, wrote and spoke and electioneered, saw visions of the .. West to be and came to Ottawa as a ' minister to forward farsighted policies. He wss the first elected member from Alberts In the House of Com men sj Yesterday they unveiled two plaques in his honor in Edmonton, one provided by the Dominion Government and the Other by the City of Edmonton-which . he knew as i frontier post Frank Oliver Waa the" type of man who deserved two plaques and If there were 30 plaques they would not tell the half of whit he had done for his country. , . , Notes ond Comment Sbn. Goldwater's tendency to alter; his views on key questions seems is : dangerous as some of the views in the first place. , ;., ,i ?v Ask inyon who took holidays tha first couple of weeks m August about this being a "long, hot Summer." The world's only woman graduate winemaker announced on receiving her degree from Fresno State University In California that she was working to develop her palate by wlnetasUng. Sounds like a stimulating form ot ex erclse. . j :v' . W The member ef the Otts gather In Atlantic City, the only vote EuUsnmnt-uk adherent on the Vice-Presidential nomination cabinet, where, ef eoune, they Mill think ha many MOPSY vrTAWA IMt.i I By PETElt fc NEWMAN la Mctoa' Msgastsa MX HtWMJSN UST "Graduate Mandarin": ' L. B. Peerton, T. ' Kent, J. . W. Pickersgia. M. Sfterp. C M. Dfury. M. UoMtKegne. O. ravreea, J. L Conncfly. t. ft Nicholson. : . i Mandarin": K B. Bryce. O. Oevidssn. K a ' Biterton, A. D. P. Heeney. L Atsmlnsky, J. Otutsch. H A Boberteon. - 'MMadu. K W. Johnson. I L Wsrren. ' A. E. Ritchie, s. ReHmen. J. p. Beattie. M. Cedleux. fx Wugrees. A. T, W. Plumptre, C lebiiter, J, Baldwin, a a E. Steele. Teidarlne Emeritu": a Towers, W. A Msckln- i toes, K bt- Powter, A fx Dun ton. C 1. Meckensie, D. A Geiden, K Tounie, A K. Ettoa. XX H. rullerton, H. lacKutrion. . , avani w jmmn ae iHimw '" 7",w; - Twht tM etttUS seereury er MacKsnue atnrs sw younger members like Tom like wee cabinet. Iibister tt e PhD sealed erf m economics (rem Harvard cere. . Life for aid a former eseletent deputy surprtes end few eenMUene. minister ef finance. For these They view meet problems es reeesne. thty deflnittry belong. muHectual temblmg exercise. (Aa association with the finance They era cool cats Among the department can prove an ea yeeraers. during esset. Dr. A K. Eaton, ' Away from Ottawa ed auick for ktsunce. who retired as ea fowrneya to the busy hmteriend deputy minister of Beyond the cepitai, uiey give finance tlx yean ago, la ttm tM uncomfortable hnpressloa ea important figure m the Ot ot iny weoaieno ammaa caugm tawa EstaMiahment) . . rashly far out from the under. Other member of the elite, growth. They are better cen eotobly A D. P. Reeney. hare versationatista than earthen and a greet deal more power than seech prefer the Impermanance their fob would Indicate, of talk to the commitment of Heeney te chairmea of the preee. (A tenior civil eervaat Canedlaa section of the rawer once matored the .following prosaic Interneoonel Joint' eopuUthm forecast m a royal Commission, but a a dose commission report: The nm- iwwMiawswai awaewu-. . a mrm aweiMmr- HILPI HllX A HVN WOrtM OH MY. 7 : : i euo, Yenvat flami B telIu : " : While tht sleeted tovtrnmtM talks aa almost iuen ptrmtntnt nib-topvnmtnt in Otteu-a makei derision essential te running tht eomntrw. txctrpti from tht story of thi group by Ptttr C. fitvmtn are ' rep-odeced from Jfecfeea'a ar eeetme wUh permission from Jfecfee', rem afr, Htvmttt and from Tht Toronto c Star wUh whom Mr. fltvmmn U ov muoctttU ' 'j !...; - : 'j'. ''''' "; '''''' 'i gOME XT men can be said to Graham Tower (formerly 2 hardly cemperebie te Whet they between the bublUlwnent and . mekO lip IM present ut- "r m in mm ui van, mmum awn m mnvmim wmisuy.' me uoinoi, van uaa unnunwij tewe Estebllthment Tea ere "' D"0" D"moB (formerly They jive v unoetentetlously. rjr "T .JZmZ ohlnn" of tl CBQ and R. drive aonde-cript ears, end ae looter H the tovernmeat M r-wWf (tormerly secretary ferry bettered brown brief, service but etui exercise the el the Wartime Price and com as a hedge of office, conaidereble tni-qeace they eo- Trade . Board). They were all i Tbey rarely tender surtises quired vbea they were. Eight rearm good frieod be be .dvkX but they ksenthe "hSJled t " romSl ImSoo. rfwha luamem aave graduates te tne - , , thn nammamiiii flrmiv i THE archetype of Ottawa" d. "It U for the dvH er aaaawiinmoai ; M tu a. """ ef Eatebtishmeat power has not beea broken. Thi ability, to maintain a grip on Ottawa no matter who- is . running the country Is - conaloarabry enhanced by the fact that Esteb Ushment men freqoeatly retain power well pest normal retire mem age. Long after they leave the government service. .iL .tlrS of fin- ejkr.tV poHticel authority tley eoioeUy called ea for they are no pou ence. receiver aenerel Of Cane.- ok. leys a. v. r. spec. da and femur (lau-ait etark Heeney. a former chelrmsa of feveat-two-yeereld 0 a a a of the privy cooncal end chief lh CIvU Sanrtce Commlaaien. wilgreM. aa EubUbmont of the cabinet. ' A mw we rem mat uo oeciaioa veteran who wee ear man bald, aaant flavra with ! the prerogative of the miRIt- Vladivoatok m HIT and bed a v.M . aMasaei ain rlar eutriuer aleaare " ooeant mean wet a Ctvu dlatinaviabed t mul distinguished to any elite ditarow she noa- . ... . T .wm ia . j.j . . we have come a long way since 1H7 which wlU really count will be Pml- km of power, though they h h been ,iv Yoa can't expect a man of STeftreS end eommerce. now i when Prime Minister Mackenzie King dent Johnson's. It Is hardly conceivable value tt exareiae. Their euth- behindhacenea taflo- training. Ulent and icharecter k Caiwoa'a repreeenUtive t .sajo tne purpose oi unnuxrauon wu uoay tnat a convention would impose to foster growtn .wimom aiianng me ' fundamental character of the Canadian people. That was Interpreted eight ' years later" by Immigration Minister r Pickersglll to mean that Canada wanted. to attract the bulk of her immigrants career which lo smelly . operate m a i .... .. w . to work on a oroblem ef nubile k ttN rmrarena on Trade 1221 SLJtii J2 cnturv. HI oraMnt ralatkm. eoncera without reaching coo- nd Divetopmem in Geneve. ulTf ,L M wUfc Cordon ytld clualoni." seventy four . yoer . old t?"rtJ!S 'rtdM "i tnoraTaatT degree of ' -v , .Hector McKhmon. who In IMS nidge anoooirabie. poww. dace ekwe among Ot- the group comes epert a became eommtaaloner ef teriff la some catot, metnbenhip u'i deputies be lb nerving a tittle on the tetue of ne- Canada, hi carrenUy vice. ia the elite goo with the power minister who bee ewbUclv d. tianaliam. The eikr atataam-i chairman of our Geneve ego- that reside la a partJeular fob. monstrated sis Inability t oyer. sUU think la terms ef the enti- tiatlng Mam at .the Kennedy. Anyone who eeceree ea aneer- at whhout the eoltcv lutdane bnnartaiin tottic UiM fiwrin Round meetina. Seventy . tlx eocretary of itete for external affairs ar a deputy or assistant deputy' minister ef finance tMSM eueimee automatically aince these two deportments are the main repositories ef the bureae-cratic power that influencas ' overeH x government policies. Mercet Cadleux, recently named undersecretary of ttate for external effeln, end A W. John- ; eon, who' be Just become ea assistant deputy minister ef tin- in 1904 waa alio forced to-accept not-ence. both belong, even though his own candidate but a favorite with Cadleux' 'reach legal bech-the convenUon. ' - 4 .J'Ji Four times this century U presi- cT,, h?,,1 dents have not survived their terms ot LM Eatahiiahment hienrchv. J world requires additional, immigrants office McKlnley, Harding, Roosevelt (Cedieox'e proototioa. tnddani , n neip nor. snai mvuta mum must become competitive In immlgralfon I policies to attract auiteble people. After and Kennedy. Woodrow Wilson was physically incapacitated during . tha last months of his term, and If such happened again today undoubtedly the Vice-President would take over. Yet the man who stands only a heartbeat away from the presidency, who takes over an office which 1s becoming more and more a training ground and stepping stone to the presidency. Is chosen not so much out of the collective wisdom of a convenUon but by the judgment of .one man. - There are, however, still the limits Of political realism, though San. Gold-water's choice of a running-mate f 'Bill Millar? Who's Bill Miller?" the Demo- ally, make him the only non- cab inat member of tha inner circle who Is a Preach Canadian.) -' ,'-. J," Oa the ether tend, deputy ministers who mfhience aoltty the solid ef their ewa departments enly eocaskonalty aooU ty. John Baldwin at transport of his civilervent edvietr. Bryce bee ewvefoped per- eomethlng every ec- Emblithmant man aaeeit a eere hwUnd for knowing when his integ to rid Canada ef Britain's spron vear-otd Chelmere MicKerel. strings. A few of the younger wh0 he distetguihd beed men, particularly Simon It!- of the Natienet Research Comv nun. now dut Btinutar af cfl for a doaea yaara. fa ttilt a Industry, believe we should be, eggreeeiva m our re rity fa threatened by the noli- actions to U.S. Initiative. They tldans. His precise ewereneae are all., desperately out' of ot whet hi a moral issue aff sympathy with Quebec, eepera. member of the Ammie Energy Board, the National Research Council and the Ceaeda Council, .v; 'Despite such longevity of b fhience, a new generetloa of Establishment men la gradually taking over the key command posts la Ottawa. They, ere tougher men.- lew di (engaged and mere mttmattonalty minded bureaucrat who view their role es btsttgetor ef tanaglne-Itve Canadian mHiettvee. rather than .at conciliator ef ether atea'tview. Ot the new group, tuck unusually bright and capable offldele as' Simon Xtis-mea (deputy minuter ef lev duttry), A E. Ritchie (deputy undersecretary of State for external affair), J. H. Warren (tM .new deputy miniater 'of trade end commerce) end G. a Steele (undereecreury ef endOawImralgr flTlS si) .re eirey w V tka are both members of the en inner letesatesa that aHowa reeeooa but on the ground of , t,. ' n w . Mar. r-yL, zl ?lvt?2Z zw?-t. TsrsJLi?10 cnVr. vaz deceeeore fa these post' ware work hi a aey thee enyoaa else ttve tidiness. command, not and their -wxeeeers very a Ottewa. - - as the. Mate of Canedlaa ! .1 .5 ' ' Ukaty woat be either. But. J?! federaiism changes, aipUtla ' v, , ; Baldwin -i a Rhode scholar Wvtd. derer ejd eerdiaL inn, beTweaa ttb Etab A wbeei attttade eyev wne was m external an air ana mm. imm mm w mimmm lUnmenr eld tuerd. who de. DeutecK Slmoa RWDoug, VZ22 la George tee rullerton and A. W. John- son, , who advocate a mora meaningful co-opertttve federalism. - Desplta thia. spilt en en Seeentiel attue. one of the most striking characteristic tha .mnete mniKinnii i lis uncanny ability to reach, e cotuecuus oa deity problems without the aid of any formal forum like the one Cabinet ministers have-so bring tta member together! bollses the new generatioa of rWIng Establishment men (ehhengh at M he's a good ten Dovidooa, currently secretary of .the Treasury Board, the committee of the cebmet that easuree fund voted by Pvrliement are properly spent. A puckish extrovert Devidtoo i a nr mora pa. personality then bis a greet deal mora Involved wnb the goings-on that touch the private Kvee ef everasa Canadian. He ei a ma politician ef al pert let And senior chrll fervent ef all Ahhough they work separately twotrtmnu drop ta ea wbea- end appear to the euUider te mr they feel the need for wl.TL,,net!.n, "" enul refreshment Davidson EsUbUihAMt member Sr to , MarUlmer who eemed a auidtty entated la a orecaa nn u .j. mST ar sar aawee nseas veee ay aaa a wm mt friend ef Uster Pearson, a bar Of children bora for every - j --Vuu. USage . the l (written m former clerk ef the privy conn, thousand women be the various But the ability to reach a Latin) oa the technique ef the ell end en ex-smbessedor te the sgo group ef the populeuoa concensus on how to handle dramatic entrance in the Stays United States, he Is one of the W ewpend oa bow many wo- difficult problems Is due even of Euripides. . meet Influential men la town. "We merry. 6a the ege at which to the amazing homo. A yoangar EeteUiabment John Doutsch, chairman of the ey marry, end oa the aamber twelty of the elite s educe t ton- group to .jm fonnmg euuid a. . A. m Ecnnomie crntMiU af Oiuiia. la a cnuuraa inev neve, i . another Eabihmnt men who .They are largely indifferent euallfiea by the strength of hie to money. Three ef u them asaocletlon with the prime mm (Normaa Robertsoa, Bob Bryce later. And K I the tame per end Gordon Robertaen) eere one! link with Lester Pearson t27.ew a year, ell of the ethers that meinuin In the ective make lee. (These ard gener- Esublitkment each men as one jalettes. R'a tree. , bat ) A- MwcTvunos. wi im, sr . th etvU service. TwO of Ha oa the ust, H men Ma ihhmhm mkm fP 1! studio Jt Ox. Derid Golden and Doug Puller, ford 1 UiUvarsIty-olght ot them tor. Goldee. a Rhode scholar on Bhode i schoUrshlpa. and a supremely able edmlnis- Elghtothers are graduates of tretor. mi named a deputy Hervard, a university. Seldom minister under C D. Hown at thought of as .having muck the ege of H. He recently went tofluence oa Ottewa thinking, heck. brief! Into m-nniraawt To have been at Oxford and Harvard b) aa unbeatable combination, and only ..Norman Robertson, a Rhodes scholar who taught economics at Harvard h. 1S2S and 1829. he eervice as deputy1 minister of industry but now la -areiideat ef the Ab? Industrie Ateocte. Men. aa Ottawa-based trade a. tocUUon. Doug Patlertea, a depertment at Mnance and Gor- aueved It (Bob Bryce gradu don Commlmloa ahimnue. for-atod from Harvard all right, marly treasurer W the Csnade but first got a degree la eco Council and a highly success-aomlc et Cambridge.) - y , njj htveetment consultant, has v The Establishment placet become one of the chief ecene-high velue jw scholershlp.. mio adrlsers to tha Quebec Neerly half Its members boleV coverament . Me was fomtly acedemio doctorate er have reepemible for tha tmooth out-etje-me point in their career eeme ef the hydra aetlonelUe-been university professor. The uon and, e one of the few ay-only Esubllshrnent adherent dlvtdu! left who le totally "V trested both by Rene Uvesou. at an Is Devtdsoo Duntoa a end the Ottawa EsutXi.hmeM. -Edition, eotnewhat Smellc- b mey be expected fultut rated by the feet that bet Mm mcreostngry vital fune-en-rontly president of Certeton Hone at the future. RK I pro. University. 7 , ; ,b the mot original mind la . - , e , ' . .'. . Ottawa. 1 ' A PtAkSON decision that The mfleeec ef maa' Ilk still bothers pome of the Pellertoa, Geidea Sad ethers crustier bureaucrat web- his whe ire Outside the ctvtt er appointment of Tom Kent aa vice and yet are ea intimate personal policy : cc-ordinetor. terms wth the Establishment te Kent le a languid-looking Eng. Invaluable, beet use their legit. Uahmea of 43 with a Priceless Imacy In Ottewa allows tham ' political girt be can make large questions seem msnegeeble. . . Kent'a unique position has mterpoeea a poiiucai to see as links betweaa the bureeacret end the various private and previacial bloc outside the capKaL An Expert Witness 1 In the, Box a SSMts f mm sent al Ms SilMH A 8 A auiabr of your feeders ard no doubt employed from Ut.e to time U expert witneeees In the valuation of reel property, snd 'eome also are no doubt -veteran of the Armed Services, It baa occurred to ma that you might like to publish the attached document. This wss written by a learned judge of -the Supreme Court who has authorised cue ' to publish It without his name. The document (a fictitious eroH-exeminstion of a wiu aees) was actually handed to mb la the' Exchequer . Court by Counsel who .wss about to craee-exemine me- ea a ploy calculated to put eny witness H. P. BeU-trving,-: ' j Vancouver BC . The document ''; ' Counsel: New. witness,' let me put this to you cleeriy and in very simple terms, so that his Lordship will understand fc-AMumlng that the thermal coefficient of aluminum Is 9.8, that the peak load aa July 17, ISea, was Blsjdl kUowatu, that the tensile strength of the Conductor is 744 and that the Dow Jonas average for atUitiee was I7S.S lees. 'of eoo-se, do-preeletJoa and pro the usual addHioa for cover charge, and making allowance for excess profit tax, whet, then, would be the weighted average?, " ; The Wltneee: At' whet tern-peraturtr ' r !V , Counsel My Lord. I Suggeet that the witness t being deliberately evasive. Smce you obviously cannot answer my last question, witness, let me try to .-put H to you . to more . ele-mentery term, ht August. IMS, ae I Shan prove by anquostton-able evidence, the incidence of dry rot la the 21 K.W. pole Una from Wellingtaa to Craigs Crossing wss only I S per cent Assuming en - annual precipi- tauoo'.-of M.I - mcbe. and disi-aeenllne tot- tha ivnint. . 'the electrical storavof June, 1SU and correlating the tone v space lector with the degree of porosity ot the ,'aversge cedar pole grown about S.000 feet altitude what would you give 'de the life expecuncy of the transformers on this line la Jenusry, 16337 :t ,. Oppoalng Counsel: My ' Lord. I object, e ha already been (hown by our expert, " Major General Plsher,. uch a calculation cannot be (hade without reference to astral tables, end. without data oa , tide ' heights to Departure Bey during the period la queatton. And further, my Lore, aa reference la made la the ejuettiee) to tun spots or ta GreshanV law, both important factoca. -, . 'The Court: Who le Greaham? Counsel:. And now witness, ' elnce hie Lordship . ha i- eo cleeriy ruled that .you mut answer the qaeeUoa, will you kindly ao do. Tne WHaess. licea only answer this queetion by rota tine H to a stmiler condition which t encountered la New Hampshire hi 1111 The fleura orrtved at there eras IS3.4. However at applying that flg-ura ' to this questioa tt Is aeeeeeery to keep In mind and allow for the fact that m New fUmoehlre tha eomhtctsr was not aluminum, but copper, the oolee were not cedar but me-boeeny. the cKmete.wee entirely different and the Dow tnventsd. nor hod the transformers been tested ertth steel .iwnds. AHowme for the sllsht dlfreenees, the above fltore Is . aonlirabio.,. I trust ' I make mvsetf dear, your Lordship. TM Court: Witne, have yOu any mnitery rank? . ., - The WHna-a: I ,we once A eeraeent ta a mOtia battalion. : : , The Court. Then t refect your evidence la Ha entirety the record. have not ao far hstnd to any witness below the rank of meter, and I am ant enini to wests my time on mHltla urtii-M ' ' i - 'rnw tto fcwsiat aaTklai ; "THE DcoMnkm Goverrirnent expropriated all procertiee on the west side of Elgm from the southwest corner of Queen to th northweet corner ef Leurier Avenue. A total , of Seos.000 was tavofved. - Rev. Sydney J. Sharkey af . New WeMmhMtar, BC received cell to St Andrew's Preeby torien Church, Lencester. - . Jemes Boa Jr,J7, Toronto, won the MacdoheM Brier a a., at. f'UWH WUsVUilb aWie1SjejB ' lord Msughem, Lord Chan ewew m Kngiana, iota tne Cenedisa Bar Astoeietion that n hwi. -.vwnt npn nuar nan. aee Hiuer . gain ; control 'of Europe.' ' .V -lU .. v Michael Tbnonln, of the be-partment ef 'Agriculture, received the degree of Ph.D, from Rutgers Unjverity. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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