Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 71
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 71

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 71
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11F--July_23, 1972 Sunday Gazette-Mail "Ch»rleston, West Virginia- Flowe Romance is said to be all hearts and flowers. The wedding itself, as a culmination of romance (but not the end of it, heaven forbid!), brings the hearts .into play by joining yours with that of your husband-to-be. "Two hearts, two kisses make one love," is the way Pat Boone once put it in a song. So what about the flowers? Well, that's between you and your florist. You furnish the hearts and he'll come through with the flowers. Surely, you want a pretty, romantic setting for your wedding, whether you are .being married at home or in a church. Nothing accomplishes that quite like flowers and f o l i a g e a n d f l i c k e r i n g candlelight. You needn't spend a fortune to get the effect you want. S i m p l i c i t y i n " a l t a r decorations is considered the best taste today, as it is preferable to underdecorate the church rather than to over do it. Above all, go to an expert florist for help and advice. If you are on a pinched budget, he'll understand and will help you achieve the desired effect by simply using fewer or less expensive flowers. 1 If you have a favorite flower or 1 a specific color scheme, let him know so that he can follow through with the appropriate decorations. WHITE FLOWERS and green foliage are used more than any other decorations at the altar. Some churches for- BASICS IN KITCHEN UTENSILS For the New Hornernaker Gadget, Utensils Do a Kitchen Make Getting a start at homemaking--be it in a two room apartment or a ten room house--involves, among other things, endless decisions about home furnishings, color scheme's and accessories. The kitchen is one room that deserves special attention. A new homemaker soon learns that not only must the kitchen be equipped with a basic food stock and cooking utensils, but also small accessories that are so necessary for everyday cooking tasks. Though these are familiar items...spatulas, peelers, measuring cups and spoons..the variety from which to choose would confuse even the most experienced homemaker. Every homemaker's list will vary according to her life style and the types of food she most often prepares. But, in planning the budget, the new homemaker must expect to spend approximately $40.00 for basics. Here's a list from the Rubbermaid organization experts: Measuring cups for dry goods liquids Measuring spoons Dishdrainer drainer tray Rubber scraper Wooden spoon Kitchen shears Egg beater Mixing bowls Slotted spoon Collander Paring knife Butcher knife Spatula Meat fork Peeler Additional items will cost, more. ?nd ran be add"H a; ih° need for them arises. Those include wire wisks. ladles, straingers. a scale, chwse slicer, four sided g r a t e r , pastry blender, m r a t thermometer and a meat, bastrr. Specialized additions include a pastry brush, pizza cutters and meat tongs. Individual habits and budgets should dictate which accessories are chosen, but t h e r e a r e s o m e b a s i c guidelines to make the choice easy. But according to the kinds of kitchen tasks most often performed. The number of times an accessory is used should outweigh the time and trouble it takes to find, assemble and clean the item after u s e . C o m p l i c a t e d , i n frequently used devices only take up valuable storage space. Choose well designed, easy to o p e r a t e accessories. H a n d l e s should be comfortable to hold, well-balanced and sturdily constructed to withstand constant use. Buy quality. A peeler of stainless steel won't rust, ...a rubber spatula won't get brittle. That's economy in the end. Cost of Wedding Based On Formality of Event · The ceremonial wedding is pageantlike, extremely formal and expensive, followed by an equally elaborate reception with an extensive guest list: Although similar in formality to the ceremonial wedding, the formal wedding is less elaborate and costly, with a shorter guest list, but it is s t i l l a n e x p e n s i v e u n - dertaking. Decidedly simpler than the formal wedding, the semiformal wedding includes fewer guests. It may be followed by a large or small reception, or none. The simplest of weddings, such as a marriage before a justice of the peace or in a rectory or church parlor, the informal wedding includes only a few close relatives or friends, though only the two necessary witnesses must be present. It may be followed by a large or small reception, or none. OX Beauty Salo PHONE*342-7137 m Regulor $17.50 PERM Ml 2 5 HAIRCUT SPECIAL $ 2°° Us* Your Charge Account · N6 Appointment tocettary lantic bid flowers or greenery of any sort, so check first to be safe. To you personally, the most important flowers of all will be those in your bridal bouquet. Choose a bouquet that complements the type of gown you are wearing. Most bridal bouquets are all white, but you may add color if you wish. A period type gown will call for an old fashioned or formal bouquet, with flowers placed neatly together in rows for a round arrangement. Cascades are particularly popular for] contemporary gowns.' They iare broad at the top, extending down into a slender tapered point. Both large and small flowers go w e l l in this t y p e of arrangement. Cascades do require more flowers. I f ) y o u r budget is limited, pad'with fluffy white sweet peas, which, along with white iris, are good substitutes for white orchids. TWO TYRES of bouquets to be avoided are the arm bouquet, which is unwieldy, and the shower bouquet with a multitude of tiny ribbons suspended :from the main b o u q u e t "with f l o w e r s attached. ' Lily of the valley, white roses, glamellias and orchids are good choices for the traditional white bouquet. Brides who wish to carry a Bible or prayerbook or fan can mark their choice with almost any kind of flowers. Bridesmaids' flowers should follow the same general style as those of the bride, but this isn't absolutely necessary. The flowers should be considered in relation to the girls' dresses, but whatever flowers you choose, be sure they don't overpower the attendants or hide their gowns. The bride's travel corsage should never be so big that it makes her feel conspicuous and it should complement her dress. Corsages for the mothers should .be in soft shades to blend with their costumes. Sex Must Be Natural Function By Harry Nelson The Los Angeles Times SAN FRANCISCO-One or both parties in half of all U.S. marriages considers his or her sex life inadequate, two authorities have testified. Even if the estimate is only 10 per cent accurate, "how embarrassing, even how appalling it is, that medicine and religion consistently have refused to accept every real or implied challenge to dispel the misconceptions, replace t h e m i s i n f o r m a t i o n , o r neutralize the sexual taboos that represent such a major threat to the quality and stability of marriage," they said. The experts. Dr. William H. Masters and his wife, Mrs. Virginia Johnson Masters, were addressing a meeting sponsored by the American Medical Assn.'s Committee on Medicine and Religion. They placed part of the blame for tihe high incidence of sexual inadequacy on society's failure to consider sex as another natural function like eatSng and breathing. The problem of sexual dysfunction,arises, they said, when one : partner forces himself or herself to perform when the appetite is low. "It's : under these circumstances of forced performance, as treating sexual interchange: as anything but a natural expression, that un- i Get Early Start in Planning A Reception to Remember Planning a wedding usually involves planning a party as well, .whether it's a garden party, a punch and cake affair at the church, a breakfast, a dinner or an elaborate event at a country club or hotel complete with champagne. Regardless of the type of reception you choose, perfection involves advance planning, so start early. Pick the site of your reception about eight months in advance. To be sure, the party can be planned in far less time, but if you procrastinate on setting the date, the one you want may not he available. If your reception is In be a fairly large affair, turn over the responsibility for fnnd and service to a caterer. You will have several conferences w i l h him (get your decisions confirmed in writinp). but the bulk of the work is his. He will advise you on the type of menu suitable for serving at certain times of the day or evening and he will b u y , prepare and serve the fare. He usually will furnish all waiters, chefs and equipment. You can depend on him to have knowledge about correct procedure at his fingertips. Buffet is the most popular way of serving a large crowd. The d i n i n g table can be centered with the bride's cake, but it's much easier to manage the cutting ceremony with it on an individual table of its own. A DECORATED silver cake knife is provided for cutting the cake. You should cut the first slice of cake from the bottom tier and divide it with the bridegroom to show you are willing to share with him now and forever. Then, the caterer's assistant will take over for the cutting and ser- v i n g of the rest of the cake. Long, before the cake- cutting, however, will he the receiving line. Your mother is first in line, followed by the father of the bridegroom, the mother of the bridegroom,.the bride's father, the bride and bridegroom, honor attendant and bridesmaids. It is optional whether or not your father stands in line. He may wish to move about, greeting guests on his own as the host of the party.The best man andushers do not stand in the line, but make themselves as useful as possible. The head usher may act as announcer. It isn't essential to have dancing, butiit does add to the p a r t y atmosphere. When there is danqing. the bride and b r i d e g r o o m dance f i r s t , followed by Che bride with her father and the bridegroom with his mnther. Then the bride dances with her father- in-law, 'the Bridegroom with his mother-i»-law, followed by a dance involving the entire wedding party. Then the guests may join in. The newlyweds may leave the reception after the cake is cut. Enjoy the ceremony of tossing your 1 bouquet to your bridesmaids, and your garter to the ushers. When yom are ready to change to your traveling outfit, advise your attendants as they will help you dress. Never leape without saying farewell to ,your family and your new in-laws. Make it. a point to hare them come to your dressing room for a private good-bye. rewarding sexual interaction or even sexual dysfunction frequently results," the couple said. Many a male has been made impotent trying to force a performance in order to mollify a wife who' asked, " D o n ' t I p l e a s e y o u anymore?," they said. Likewise, a bride may be permanently disabled sexually by a husband who accuses her of being frigid because she couldn't rise to the level of interest experienced at that particular moment by her husband. The culturally based misconception that the male should always be ready for sex frequently results in an anxious or terrified male partner who wonders whether he will be able to meet that standard, they said. The Masters' advised physicians to educate couples to communicate the waxing and waning of their sexual appetites rather than to force p e r f o r m a n c e w h e n t h e appetite is low. The pair said public comfort in dealing with sexual matters is increasing. They predicted professionals dealing with the problems of dysfunction will be swamped within the next two to three years as the massive clinical demand becomes more-obvious. 103 CAPITOL ST. 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