The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 5
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ta-, THE OTTAWA JOURNAL AtlttUMTlMd meat rtMM miff. n lor ru oi i Canadians ffrom tags One; TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1964. sansassaaaaassMaBia Fill Key Outpost By RUSSELL FEDEN KYRENIA, Cyprus (CP)-Tb United Nations peace force'e Canadian contingent on Cyprus announced Monday it hat placed troops again on the key mountain crest of the Kyrenia Kenge known as Gin following request to do so by Creek' Cypriote and Turkish-Cypriots. The outpost was among' 11 iron which Canadian troops were withdrawn or reduced last week In the Kyrenia area-44 ane north of Nicosia to provide the Canadian contingent with mobile reserve for emer gencies. .- MaJ. Roger Boucher at' Quebec City, operation officer of the 1st Battalion, Royal nd Regiment, aaid a sergeant and five men of the regiment have reoccupied Gin. a rocky outcropping , between two other mountain crests holding the heavily fortified Greek Cyp-riot and Turkish Cypriot positions. Neither side tied to occupy Cin after the original outpost of 14 Canadians departed last Fry ay and no shots were fired. . The area has been the scene of heavy, although generally ineffective, firing between the op-, posing camps. There have been no Incident reported sine the cease-fire took affect last week. fron Pa One MiV'.v"- Preston Rental priority goes to tne families displaced In reclama tion or tne run-oown area, m the heart , of .the) Capital' Italian community. ' The . project will accommodate ' S70 people, which la equal to the number of tenant who resided In the area when, It was earmarked tor urban redevelopment by council last City bousing eo-ordtoator Peter Bum report tkm settlements are - " amoothly. Coat of ' ts ' M00.000 50 ' Federal end 25 per cent ' each by provincend city with resale of thsf cleared land the Collegiet Institute j Board and bafok-Mtry resale of .thm land for Kuhlie honsine r tioo,ooa w I be a twahsd I the row- v b Basing dn ilspuX. Tbe aiiaaaanirlitirm laelade r. . eight bacneJor anlts, fee " e bseVaon. 71 three bed-" - racea, I( runr-bedroota aad efat iTve-beerooea dwell tngs. . ; Principle of the overaU do- sign la to reuln JiJ St Anthony Rc :-, Boulevard t cost of $1,' li 000.000. : Unlike the Preston and "' Riverview schemes, the Pine- crest public bousing project in ; the West End baaea onuii iftco'vorv. ; The 124 families at Pinecrest r'" ht an increase m rent of l eoasrhlv $9 bringlni the S '. monthly chart to $95. I1" There by talk of changing the rull-mroverv achem there to one based on income so that J? Iilgh-rentt ,wont force tow-income famOtei Out of the proj ect S;; Two Indonesians k Killed in Raid , r ?! KUKALA LUMPUR. Malay " 'sla Two members of an IndoneslaninvMioo force were killed end several otters cap-',. ; lured in (resh fighting today In C;. the Malaya maintand eouth-t ; west coastal area, the Defence . I Minlatry announcea . : . The deaths were the X resorted since -the suit of ?' small-scale seaborn attack by ij the Indonesisns across the ner-f' row StraH of Malacca in pre- t- dawn darkness Monday. i j u IlfTl iu.iiii li.y iiii -f focus on Catholic Church at Booth and Gladstone which is the centre of the Italian community." i The bachelor, and rooas dwellings for elderly eons are scattered throughout! the project to enable the older . . . . . L. .h. V resioenis w uuecmte wiut im C community. ; UniU for the elderly are fully l serviced but family tenanu will H". provide their own stoves, re-. et. rrigerators and washing -ma j cninea. - f , . The rant based on 20 per ; cent of Income doe not include V heat and light , i - , . . , I..,. This U Otuwa's aecond r-.' rent-to-income public bousing .-Inrotect ., A 72-unhV wbsldired rental lr project is under cons miction m : the Riverview area on SUtlon m i 111 I - . :,.' v ' -t-- - ' QUIT ' ZlTi- Monday night several drivers v downpour floodedthe , near Richard, had cut left away. ' Uwrol PttoU try JpWnfcw Wtdel ,Mn huilder living now m San PuertRico, three rears and a SS.Op fine, . 1 ;-. S. George Burns.. New York accownant, , II . months and a IS.OMfine. ;..-. It. ! Il!- JL jFroin Pae Onej L- ' "' '.; V"-i .:, f-.-t .' , , OTGGK . r barnstorming tour State, and Cans The plane carrying the rock n' roll quartet took . off at 7.30 a.m. eproute to San Fran cisco viathe Polar route. It was scheduled to arrive in. San tonight . police kept Beetle from getting any closer than half a mile from the big Jetliner and the four performer were driven right to the door in a police escorted limousine::.:' The teenager watched the plane from airport balconies and observation platform. Their screams almost- drowned out the roar of the Jet engines. iFron Pae One Hoffa Hoffa told reporter he' ei' pecu to serve the Chicago sen tence alter completing the Chat' tanooga term "If 1 have any to serve at all"' He declined further comment . and Bade , no statement in court Prosecutors said appeal pro cedures could forestall Imprisonment tor. Hoffa .for as, long aa. two years. ., f :. , ... . WAS MAXIMUM . ,i ' m loffa's eehtence was the max- imunv permitted- five years for of three counts of fraud and five years and th fine for eonspiracy '" :- vi .- The ce-defedanta and tnetr sentence ere ' Benjamin Dranow.'a former Minneapolis businessman. five years. He will . begin the sen tence after he complete i term be now ts serving for fraud end tax evasion, Samuel Hyman, Miami Beach real estate operator, one year and one day and SS.tM fin. Calvin Kovens, Miami Beach tS.M fine. - ... Abe I. WeinblaN, retired1 New York furrier Uvtrif now ml Miami Hcacn, one now m cus tody and a t! .000 fine. --,i - Zachary Strata Jr.; New Or. r , ' - - ' ' ' . . . .', ' - ,..--. r ' ". ?i DRIVERS On this street In Hull ' left their ear after flash " street. This street. Isabella ' on it until the water' drained ' ' g,l-T ' fLL DCQTI6S Jl - ,.'. i. ? TA Cis:: ' - I O ' dull ' ' i- J- - . '- !j; ?S Francisco r of about 1.000 teenager Mef a screaming farewell tar the Beetle today when the? took off from London airndrt for a oMhe United 5 . -h plane cart 1 quartet n. enroub riathe P heduled to Franotsco Mrport tafi I WEATHER Domlnioa Public .Weather Office forecast: Cloudy with sunny periods today and Wednesday. A few scattered shower late this afternoon or evening and again Wednesday morning. ; Continuing cool. Light winds. . Low tonight and high Wednesday at Ottawa 50 and 70. ( fc.' ; TEMPERATURESt ' .' Low last night and high Monday at Dawson, 41, 8 Vancouver, SsV 74; Victoria, 5 66; Edmonton, 82, 68; The Greek stand pleesed the r.rl rmrim. wbich had been chided by Pre - mier George ' Papandreou for launching a military drive against . a Turkish - Cypriot coastal stronghold without con sulting. Greece. The a 1 1 a e k brought' four days of Turkish fighter raids on Creek -Cypriot towns. " FORCE. COMMITTED Greece's NATO forces', total 121,00 men end Us entire air force, more than seven fighter- bomber committed to th alliance. Like the Turkish armed , forces, Greek units have U.S. equip ment Greek -Cypriot Foreign Minis ter. Spyroa Kyprianou attended the emergency meeting of the Greek Supreme Defence Council, at which the decision was made. . ... , . - ' Before he left Athena, report ers asked Kyprianou if he in tended to go to Moscow to totiate an arms 'deal following the Kremlin s offer of aid. Ky prianou said be might go but added that (he offer I still un der study by his government A special Creek -Cypriot en voy. Dr. Vasson Lyssarides. returned from Moscow Monday and aaid the Soviets bad told him they Intended to give the Greek Cypriote effective sup port, against any new aggres sion. New Lebanon President, Elected BElRUT.'.Ubanoo (UPI) Parliament . today elected Charles 'Hekra as president of Lebanon, .. succeeding . Faud Chehab. . . Helou. 50. will take office for a ' six-year-term starting Sept 23. He won 02 vote in th 99- member parliament Five members , gave their vote to Pierre GamayeL a former cabinet two abstained. minister, and Prince Albert, 54, SI; Regina, 5S, 84; Winnipeg. 46, 76; Churchill, 44, 46; North Bay, 44. 61; Sudbury, 50, 60; Windsor, 57, 76; London, 52, 79; Toronto, 58, 79: Ottawa, M, 7I Montreal, 53. 73; Quebec, 54, 83; Frederic ton, 53, 78; Halifax. 58, 70; Char-tottetown, 51, 73; Chicago, 67, 85; Boston. 59, 68; New York. 64. 79; Washington. 65, 84; Jacksonville, 76, 94; Miami, 83, lr Denver, 56. 85; Tucson, TO,' 93; Lot AnaeJea, 67. 72.' - .1 7 Say Brock The rui being Applied, which affected the admiral. i. in, I effect, at all rank levels, the spokesman stated, as it was said it would be. integration is being effected to reduce duplication. , - 'LITTL EPEOPLE Thus, many "little -people" have also been retired, but their complaints are not heard as are those of an admiral. "As h integrate and reduce stafl to reduce duplication. there have to be some senior people go, too." , . . Mr. Hellyer informed Marcel Lessard (SCUc St Jean) in the Commons Monday that Admiral Brock; retirement ' was not connected with the admiral's apparanc before the Commons Defence Committee at Halifax. -- Harkness, former vative defence minister. was a "peculiar way" deal with senior officers. A msion would have to be paid Admiral Brock - while his service wtr being lost. This was an Increased cost for the taxpayer. - 'v Mr. Hellyer aaid economies have to be made in the Defence Department and it was never intended that reductions would apply to Junior ranks only.. -, w. i vv-ts".. UNFORTUNATE -4 ft ff It was unfortunate that some officer had to be retired before normal retirement age but th only alternative ' was. to keep on strength person for whom there was no work. - - Mr. Harkness said no saving is being made - in Admiral Brack's case because another man is being appointed to take bis place, v. ., . r....i Mr. Hellyer said a high pro- P000 Second World War ssnicers are Jeacning retire- f:" - "' " 1 u" "r junior orricers must be promoted to give them command experience. Mr. Harkness said the re-' Uremcnt of Admiral Brock I indefensible. The Minister was dealing in generalities and had refused to be specific Paul Martineau (PC Pon tic . Temiscamihgue) asked whether the retirement was decided on before or after the committee's visit to Halifax in early July. Mr. Hellyer said th decision i waa taken before th visit He said many factor entered the' decision end it would not be helpful to give them la detail.! QUERIES APPOlTtTMENT Donald Maclnnis (PC Cape Breton South) asked why Ad-I mirai Brock was being replaced by an older man. : u. "Mr. . Hellyer said,- he didnt recall the aces of Admirals Brock and Landymore offhand Ritt K. XI. . j . - j - mmrn III guva r, hand and Admiral Landyihore waa an excellent officer. Mr. Maclnnis asked when' one of the two defence min-i isters would be eliminated a an economy measure.. ; i -,- There was no reply. Russell MacEwan (PC Pic. i tou) asked whether the retirement had anything to do with a disagreement between Admiral Brock and Associate Defence Minister Card in. . -. " Mr. Hellyer aaid no. There had . beeq no such disagree- Jj llllUII..,. From Page One New Taxes Doubling of the tobacco tax Jt per cent Jumping the price of a package of U cig-erettes five cents to U cents; Liquor price te increase 23 or 3t cents a bottle depending on. price (scotch aow costs 0), retaU beer will in-creas 1$ cents a dozen to and increase m -wine . prices;, j., j;..-.- f , A tS-per-cent increase . In .drivers' licences (now $4 for two years) and all vehicle registration excepting com-eaercial trucks and public service vehicles; ..'. rA three-cent Increase la gaa-oliae and diesel fuel tax, to If cents and 28 cenu a gallon respectivefyi S MINING ROYALTIES Change m minim royalties. aimed at collecting more , from large producers, are expected to provide a additional S40M0 annually: '" . Jwr. Roblm, who doubles u provincial treasurer, aaid the new taxes will take effect as soon as possible, : His massive revenue bill was given second reading as the nous voted to suspend rules and sit morning, afternoon and evening. The report of e royal commission on local government organisation and finances-headed by Roland Mlchener, former Com-moas Speaker and now high commissioner lo India Earlier this year recommended the province take - over ' a broad range of municipal responsibilities in the fields of health, wel fare, education and roads and pay the cost With a retail sales tax.,. ....... -: ..... - i iournal Wanfi Ad . bring quick result, i . ' I J t . ' WW mm.. . " ... iJfTv , : " , o. - ' f ' ' 'i, - v - I S " ' ' - . - '- , If "' ' ' '( S' ' ' I,.- 4 - I ' ' ' " ' .' " . . ' ' . ... - ... . hi , ' , i i v , r . .! -,'v A f . . ' V. .-.V i 1 ' j it;:.. . i ' If- " 1? r X V 4 SAVE trimly styled for campus or BIG reg.s79.95r t Choose your new suit now . . . and profit from these' excellent scrringsl You'll find on impressive selection of twopiec'e suits . .. . impeccably tailored by leading Canadian makers . . . and marked with your guar- . antee of quaJity the Morgan label.1 SHOP EARLY. ARE UMTTEDI . Consistently mostwantetI slylin j with three buttons, conventional shoulders .Superior imported British suitings in ; miniajlure herringbones, muted checks' Popular tones . . .jrey. dark blues ?' iv.!--'-1 . -,., Sizes 37 to 44 Regular 39-44 Tall , t Morgan's Daily Store Hours: 9 i Open Friday Nights Until . ..... i . Completely Aiz Conditioned $20.45 on men's SAVINGS : 7n'.r'T":n"J)-t'!'.v and colour blendings for i s sfi" ... on The Mall Yr:': .ti-..;-'' " f " i"' at m u m Convenient termk taay'be1 arntnted i :(..: . : ." ' h.-l single breasted front, ", ;.4 - handsome plains, , ' Fall 'M browns. v am. to 5.30 pan.' 9 232-2431 . I '-f'" ., suits busins ,v';f.rl'0 - t '.I AS QUANTmES sr-i MEN'S ' STORE ""??T!?ll,7Tr!,!?Tl :t?r. I I-MORGAH'S 1 - I ?vl:'?.v!il!tfL;!:;:;l :

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