The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1918
Page 4
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.PAGE FOTTR. ·THE DAILY COTJHIBfl, N'JiLijS VT.LJJB;, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 2; 1918. Hmirtrr. BEXP.T P. SNTDEK. d Editor. i ' JC. M. SNYDBR. r Prwhhnt. - JA I, DRI8CCLI* . ·wo'y And Trcavurcx. Bnsiaew JOHN L. OANS. Managing Editor. ·WALTBR 3. STDOIZU . city Bauer. JUSa LTNN* B.' KIHCBUU Scetotr Bdlu*. ItKJCBEB OP: ' . :, AMttt Barvau of Clroilatlon, - r«an*jrlrania Associated we* IMA. ~We ·W* iTMU »«* He* wM w»p««« t*r ««r kaa^». We »k«li BC«* t«- HUr MH| Wttktvt iaUmje mpnte« : te * mtrmm** thmt In "Wlbo Is there, sffter reading this masniflcent expression of fearlessness to meet duty and perform it faithfully to the end, who cannot be, who will not be, stirred to a sense of their obligations 'to back, up our soldiers to the fullest possible extent? As we contemplate tne measure of devotion } for their country and ours the youth ] of our land-have manifested, aod com- i f'Tsro cents j«r copy. Me p«r month;'pare it with what we have done, htvr ! « l«r yw T»y maU^it paid in advance. , luterly insignificant do all our efforts j -Entered a. J»corri class matter at the j seem? .If not inspired by a willing- j ~ Conn«iisvUie. Pa. \ ness . to. 'jdp 0141:; par,t,. ought not t h e ) splendid heroism which this message breathes in every.,, line and' word shame U£. intp action, vigorous, untiring and unceasing action in t h i s ; great struggle Cor the freedom oE h\i- | manity the world-around? R.VHIEDAT XTFG,-3UKCH ; 2, 191S. SffTltf fl*K. This stimulated action must not be ' i sho^rn alone by the agencies of the ; j government having the direct respon- isibllity for providing all that is nced- ! ed to make war, hut as individuals frtLUlXM'"P. .SHERarAN*,- . Hcupital Unit L, U, S. A.. Fort McPherson. Atlanta, Ga. . RALPH F. SL1GETI, ' CoTomany H. 319th Infantry, ,-.U. S. X- A.. Cam? Lee. Potcrsburs, Va, . -\ve- must feel a quickened sense of rtwsffffffrrtrfffmfrwftfrrrrr* duty in doing those things ·which w i l l ^_ '_--___-^__^_-_____^_^ ·----_--. : me ^n life instead of death to those -1~-"-" = ~_ T ^ ^~"__ _ :_ _ r 'j^_ r ____^ | ^ who have had th* courage to answer ithe'c.ill Trithout-urgiagr. ."With the delivery of tayor T^ugsati*.^ u l t i m a t u m to the water company, and thc'filins of the petition with the Vub- )ic Service Commission praying for relief from the delinquencIeR of the corporation, diplomatic relations with this offending 1 public utility may be to haye .been severed. : . The-Aasociatea Preaa- Is .-«- cimsfTe' -tftf 099 "for repubUcati-on -of all ,-news dis- pa.tch'«ti' credited to it or .not othecKUti credited in this paper and also the-local news publisher] hereto. '.! . . . .Although it made a gain of 25 per j cent last year High Cortt of Lfvlnc in not belnff placed in the biff dividend earner class by the stockholders . The Fopd Administration reCuf*».n to '' " accept potatoes ''just as jjood" wheat flour, but is willing 1 that consumers shall substitute aimust any old thing" tor wheat. . : A CHALLENGE THAT XCST 1IK XET. " The action · ot the tTnioatown chap- fcr ot the Red Cross in practically conceding to the Connellsville chapter tlie privilege o£ dictating Uie conditions of a merger of the county uhap-j Hesitations UP the line of the wate- ters.. indlcatins the lockflpn of the »·£·«£ «^ 0 TM^ t^m.TM ,o «- Iteadxruarters and naming 1 the officers, than permitting good subordinate?' constitutes a challenge to the local" leave '*" ^'^ chapter which it must meet in the fair 1 winded; and" generous spirit oE i t s j ^^^o^non^at^m^S^y tender, i pens to secure a. t e n a n t . - Tho magnanimous offer of o u r j ^ HttM naven . t a partlcl . of doubl; neighbor, wbjxh amounts almost f'o j as to what sector the American soldiers its .^ rv ' cc ' That cross auction felf-effaccment as a factor in the Red Cross of the county, is a fine exhibition, of that temper which should characterize organizations as well as individuals in the present emergency. In effect the Union town chapter has said: "In order to advance the best) interests of the Red Cross we are en- j tirely willing to sink our identity as a j unit if the Connellsville chapter -will join with us, on its own terms, in affecting a consolidation ^of all the chapters la the county into one." The proposition hears upon Hs face everj* evidence of having been made ·without reservation or j arc occopyinjr, but they are Buffering ' considerable confusion when they given sudden occasion to get away from its front. By Robert Adger Bowen. At last the name of Jesus Christ-"the meek and lowly JesiiV 4 'the Savior." "the Prince ot Peace" of the Christian church--has been, invoked by a German in behalf of Germany's j success in the war. Heretofore there has been a noticeable absence of any i TKOOPS DBITE Di'i'Q RUSSIA. Pun bar Furnace, Dunbar, P:»-. FOUND--ON" EAST CRAWFORD WANTED--GIRJj KOK G E N E R A L j avenue a purs*: containing tium of houtwork, TJirue in f a m i l y . "Will pay i money. Owno.r may havu same by ca.ll- JT'.QO a week. Board- and room. 703 'ins a.t J. C. JiKfPLKY'S- rusidcnce, Ii23 M c C u n n f e k avenue. · 2Sfeb-it* j Q u e e n atr.iot. Imar2i WANTED--W(_KK BY D A V FOK' three tmitriJ* and tt;imstcrs. Goo-d j worliinjf iKu-sci*. lii'iuir-j at S. J. j I t A K K Y KAKM, V;inderbi:t ruati . \ f 2 r n a H t j WTANTKI-'--A OOOL SIX. Or: SBVEN j" room huuBi:. SuuUi Side pr-.-C«rrc(4. Will K-tiae by the year or tor a. tfl.-m uf vewa. Address V, c;irc The Courier.' L ' C f e h t f WANTED--MJ.VKltS WANTED WHO arc M u d y i n g x f o r e x a m i n a t i o n s to gzl the bfcst nii:iing b o n k publf:*tu?d. "Min! f n p r in :i Nulsh«U." by JAMES W A R U - UAAV. ScottdsiTa. To. Pric« ?a.25. to Landlord* ty uf collectin rents. u r e b i a i - t h - i u - s Jjfidlrm' Tnllurlnfir. '^v7TF r ^vl:)HT:T rV Bi£:OyVUSB U N A U L E to llnd tli*; s u i t to suit you at the store. Order it hern, tailored exclusive]}- lor you and Mimic t h e way you want. We ,onU* rntike fijprh-el.ass f, r .irmfints, KaJv. l,:t Chlmns, -O'J P i t i a b u r g - street, Conn f i l j R v i l i f , Fa.. . 2tffel?l.£ fclxcr n irlx'* Xotice. I F. L. M'JtiKOti. A t t o r n e y . WANTED--KXPhlRUCNX'lJD CASH- \ JCSTATF, OF EDWARD HAYES M A R - f r and stenographer for d e p a r t m e n t ; .ji lu i] p Dcccu-scil. Letters tea tarn ?r.t.ry rtore. Slat* yalary w a n t e d and give on ^ estate of Ktiwurn Hays Harsha!!. v l t h application in own hand ( ]jlte of t h l , Cicy n C ConnoHsviUo. C o u n t y ; of Kay n t to, and Vtatc of Pennsylvania. i deceased. ha% r e been pran'-ed to the f \CTTJR- ; " nders '£"n^. notice i.« h o r e b y Address X, car ourler. 26febtfd Our stores are supremely well prepared for spring sewing work. Every housekeeper is preparing or about to prepare for spring sewing, and every good merchant is also preparing to supply them- with the material for spring sewing. It would be useless for us to specify the number of advanced styles of new goods for suits and dresses, underwear, shirt waists, and skirts, and dropping that Jnje altogether, there is ranch spring- sewing to be done for house furnishings; window curtains, bed clothing, sheets, pillow slips, and many other articles. You know abotit them better than we can tell you. The Union Supply Company stores are prepared, they have everything yon want. There are thousands of yards of gingham, domestic and imported, styles designed'to meet every desire, striped, plaids, foulards or calico prints, plain shades, color combinations galore. There are imported linens for towels, for table cloths, etc., but what is the use of specifying--a better way is for you - to come and see. The new stocks are.all in, displays are now complete. WANTED--IjARU K MAN UP. ?r wnnt. 1 * rcpresa»l;itlv*,'S t « i U shirts. : n l l , p ' niak« rsons indebted- to sahi estaic to immediate S3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. WA.VTK1''--AGEXTS. 3TAK K HIO p r o f i t s « « l l f n p our pxtroots, pTfume^. ' coid creams, face powrjc-rs, f-'pi/iTs, med- I icines. etc. P u a u t i f u l hijjh-Uriah; lino. ; Ksplujslvfr t e r r i t o r y , Sii.rn.pln sf.a.;t free. ; I.AC ASK! AN CO., IV [it., I',"', St. Louis. ; Me. . _in;irlt* ! La -«n Jlih f««h invocation." the Kaiser limiting General Von Eictoorn, commanding evasion, wim . . . , _ _ , ....i^*: ,,, · nun of th* fiernian armies now swecn- ibis appeals and congratulations to the utmost sincerity and foe tbe j God--presumably the God of War-- j in S eastward into Russia. ^ Troops im- i W A N T K D -- W H I T K AND CO.LOJtKD laborers for regiihir w o r k . M i n e hour day. time and ono-tutlf for overtime. Mukc twelve hours. MKMPH1S STJrlFJT, UOSSTHUCT1ON C O M P A N Y OF P E N N - SYLiVAXLA, Grcensburg', l*:u C C f e b t f d broad purpose of unselfishly meeting the objections the ConnellsriUe chapter has raised to a county merger. alone. It has been reserved for a ·woman, none other than Fraulein Elsie von fclindenbnrg, daughter of Field Marshal von Hindenbarg, to linJi the Courtesy, fairness and ncigrhiorliness i n a m e a ' h(1 attribote s of Jesus Christ demand, therefore, that the Connclls- | with the German, cause. According ville chapter do no less than recon- i to the authority of the New York Eve- aider the action taken on Thursday ! ni °S Slln ' a member of the society ot and appoint representatives to confer with representatives from the other chapters with, a view to coining to a complete understanding on the proposition, then referring- the whole matter back to -the. chapter membership lor consideration and action. This should preferably be done at a meeting of the chapter at which a repre- ·entative from national headquarters should be asked to be present to explain. the consolidation plan in detail. As Chairman Kurtz has pointed out the vote taken by the Co the "P'riends of German Democracy" receiverl as a Christmas card from Fraulein von Hindenburg these origri- nal verses: Christ Jesus cave ITis life for me, IProm every debt 1 am now fre-c: Me has procures His Father's? far or. He has become ipy sricious Saviour. Be to the bayonet thmst gives vifror, The joy to a5m, to pul] the triirffer. My aid is .Teaus. tba.t I know-' On to the Foe.' On to the Foe; If the perverted sentiment express- j ed in these atrocious lines are to i chapter has developed well grounded clr General Von Eicahorn's command Jiave crossed the frozen sound from Moon island and capture'd Leal. Has- invjyuion or announc pa], Pernigal pushing, forward. Xotlcf «*f NOTICE TiT^nsnBBY GIVEN* THAT ili- partnership Imrctof.ort; e x i s t i n g I'.vj-o.n John L. Jjov« and KI Jitis. n:id k n o w n a,-i the A u f'.:- mt »nr (.Vunpriny oE V a n d e r b l l t , P o n n - -. t - y l v j i n i a . and alM k n o w n j..s th-:- A l u i n r : .Service Company Of PHWSOII, T e n n - ."ylvania. wa*; dissolved on the 12t»i day , I . r » v c h a v i n g taken ov**r the A u t o SfJcs .t n e u a i r Company , w U ] pay :tll of Hrt indubn-tlncMK. and all bills pay- to said A u t n -SalPS* »t Kcpah- Com- IxHn»i. They are mm By "Walt M«30n. GKT KXCII'ED. WANTEI--ANY KIND OP PKWT- - inir. whetber it \R a. calling card, sale i pany ?hall te coUected by the said J o h n bill or the finest bn^raved wtfddjns i »- I««v*». at V a n i i e r b i i t . Pennsylvania. ^Ve p r l n t l T h * ; raid Ken H. Collins, h a v i n g taken t promptly.! o v e r the Motor Service Company, w i l l and'do'Tt riirhu " Call the man at TJ-IiJ j P^y :jll of i t s in-debt^dneys. and w i l l COURIKR office. Roth phones. 27-« ! cnll^ci all bills payable to '.t. at n a w ... _ ,__ -_,*-- -- -- · ,snn, PcnnStj'lvaiiia. J O H N Li. I.O\ J 1 .. WAXTKD--AGENTS. EARN* SP1CXD- ; K K N M. COLLINS . . 2mar21 inff raoncj-. 35 very liou-vo keeper w a n t a i ^TJU-^rL^:~TrrT^^Tr:"^rrr--I-.J^J.-^-^-L---.--^ --: .Madam Blumer'a IJ^ff Saver. -Tn: p a c k - ; Clmrter Notice. J!?ftdiS! reSe Sens'* ifke^vnduro'.*"' Mrs. ! "^NOrTcE^'^rKUEBr CIVKN THAT t'lak^ made $8.25. Mrs. K i t t t r «fi.75 in I an a p p i l e u t l D i j w i l l be nui4« by J o h n L.. one tiny. So can you. Tren samples, j C u r r y , J. H. MuriUnn and R. S. M a t O. r. BT.UMK'i. Lincoln ' avf DUO and I t*i*w« to t h e Governor of Pennsylvania. Utiseoe. Chicago. inuirlt*' «n Saturday. March 1C. ' '" Knr Heut. "W*'re b u i l d i n R 1 up a miphty force, to di same heavv scrappin'; and now anrf then our work is coursc--mJstakes " a u t o m c b l l c a bound to happen. "We haven't mad-j! stri ' Kt - ot war a^trado, like some bloc-dthiraty nations; so we Ret sidetracked and delayed, in handling e* 1 * 1 ? a nd rations, Tf, while TVC arm two million men, that FOIi RKNT--GARAGE SPACE I-'CR 111 West Green extent significant ot the 'general teel- | ntty years we've spent our summers? ing of the women of Germany--if the utter unbecomingness of the lines as a Christmas message, and the i FOTl RV.NT-- FURXIRHK D 11OOM for gentleman. 216 Markei street. VOR KENT--OXE STOKE ROOM, with fjroc«ry and b u t c h e r shop fixtures. Inquire 707 Vine street. ·Wections to the consolidation as present understood," was the fear that jble taste that could P _ n (.would be approved ^v use them, any number chief of | their anthor evidently approves -- then, a. change! indeed, has Germany made of herself irould result In Joss of the ; identity 'of.** outcast among the civilized peoples the Connellsville chapter or a serious teterrupiioa to its efficient and order- 3%. operation. The ofter of the Uniontown chapter provides a way for so completely removing these objections that failure or refusal oE ihe- Con- jiellsville-.chapcer to. display. Tic same ^get-together" spirit as shown by the i of the world; "What bond of sympathy, what community of interest can exist between those who would subscribe to«:these savage sentiments and those others jrho, at least at the Christmas season, attune their hearts to thoughts of Peace on Earth--Good "Will to Men! Not' even Lissauer's Hymn of Hate lets in upon the soul of Germany so searching a light as do these lines and their employment by a FOR RENT--T"\S'O LARGE UNFCIl- nlstied ligrftt hon."Cheopins' rooms. No children. S03 liist Green street. farming; ivc'vo slo/jped our hogs and fed our steers, while war struck kinRs were arming". We've strung- aionc on peaceful jobs, our barns and silos fill- inff. while Kurope mobilized iier mobs, and set the fall puys drilling. Gore is - -.. . _ a thing 1 we all abhor; we t h o u g h t we'd | i-'OK KENT--(Jv'K DEStllABljE never shod it; so we are prrecm at mak- 1 s*tor«i room formerly occupied by Menna ins war--perhaps it's to our credit, it j f u r p h y . Inquire FI^ORUXCK SMUTZ. Oh. we have s-indburs in our feet, and ; HSfobtfd , . . 'clock. A. -V.. utid=r t.(tf.- provisions of itn A«t of Assembly entitled "An Act to p r n v i d n fnr (!b: itu-orporn-tlrjn und rejru- l:Ltlo» oC certain corpoi~ationK," a-p- ·orov«d the ^9th d:iy «f April, A- It., 'IST'i, :Ln"cl thif supplL-montw thereto, for n. charter Cor an i n t e n d e d corporation to he called THE J. C. CliPJtY CO.M- PA N'T, the character and object of which is buying. Hell in tr and dea-linp in timber lu.nd.s and preparinjr and renderiuFT cummerciiilly available the various products thereof, and £or these purposes to Jiavo, possess and enjoy tijl! the riphts. bencfltB and privilepps bV safrf Act of Assembly, ;ind tlic s-up- p l o i n c n t s t h e r e t o conferred. STKR- MNG, HICEfc'E MAI^THK'WS, SoJfci- t,ord. ' fob-2K-ma.r-3- The Store that insists on filling their Shoes correcttr. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with our style eciion and our methods in fiitins. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Botler Shoes-- Bet '..or Values-- -IJoitcr Service satisfaction. Cail and see sonic new Shoes. for our customers' . ha.5-t?eei in our tresses, antl wo have KENT--FHO.VT raised a lot of wheat, and tamud thy«i wildemesse'.i. And war's a graCt en- second floor of Iiunn tirely strange to us' arid all our leaders, i ing 1 . Inquire of who spent our lifetime at the grange. 1 OFFICES ON Bvans build- DUN'N. ·we nw?5s around JL wires white A seednrs. So, \t hit. and cross our .ind bl»nd*?r, tftll utft, O critic. you crit, i» !t so great a won FOR KENT--NTCJ3LT L'l; P.KISHED roorn^ for light housekeeping.' AU conveniences. ;U3 Ka«t Cedar. , '^..wJll ...cause the , ,, . ,, -· . , x , i woman who would in Gernrany.pre- lomer to stand charged TriUi beingj sumably be considered an exponent of Jttubijoi'nly insistent upon - .ts OWA i.gentle' breeding. ijeas'Dr what "will best -servv to pro-*- ··· ~ iJotc.the -interests of the Red Cross, i"^== FOR RENT--T,WO FURNISH [CD li^ltt housekeeping- rooniH. bath, iur- naec heat, centrally locaied. 111 Sout\l Cottase. lirnarlt* AT ONCK LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAJLT COURIER OFFICE Sale. Wamtftd. "^OIJR~ FOII ood condition. DESK ix Btli plionc. QU1CJCE51SI SKXSE JtVST t;A dralte« who conceals his identity Under the signature of "Citizen Soldier, No. 258," has contributed to the ! literature olUie-wac a. superbly Edgar THK HUHBLH TASK. statement th'a't should serve as 'a ! M ~ boy w " llfln you'vo a. task to do Remember that it speaks for you. tinging call to every 'mSn and woman to put forth their best efforts to help win. the war -by forgetting- Keif and striving to make their- sacrifices comparable to the sacrifice of the boys ·who are going over tht-re. This appeal to patriotism on part of those ·vho stay behind is as 'follows:. : They «*y. wko httvr comr- lincX Jrvmt Over Xhcre^ that, it wljcVt the "r«HWc* csrth hct^vrw the linen '-·It carpeted with pain, Thry ttxr ' ,''-tfc» Death rldcM. whintllBK !·" every rgv* With 'aWf tfc*t »f mil l t£*-me»(. Th»y ntfft ttfcn-t mxtt »«njc hmniui litir WI4 Irani Jeor,_ It i--», »«pt ike emm»le * jfcrv.*]M*n~ fir ih«*Nc- uf Wfc* IrttK YCI f««l Mytfk OBJ UpK wfc» will cdic iUJt r "Whatever it may be, "btwarci Your reputation's in its care. The 'commonest of deeds'"^!!! show In such a way that all may- know- Just what you are, and if you shirk ·It will be printed on your work. At times a task. may seem to you A needless thing to have to do, But 1C you do not do it well. That mean and common task will tell The chief will sec it poorly done ' AIM! when a .greater chance cumes on JJe'J] t h i n k of you and then recall Your cardC'ssness ivfth -duties small. ^To matter what the work may be It is an opportunity. And once the task you undertake Your rticocii It may mur or make. If you dis.duin to do your best And shirit the humblt. cumtuuii lest. You ciumot h u = tbat fuel from visw, Your sliydiiod work v - i t l apc^t for you, My Luy. .ay thif to work y^u sec: ; "Tills joV» is going Lo apt-iik fur me. ' Thu k i n d uf man 1 s-m 'iwill Tell, And so I'm ffoinsr to do it Wvll, L will not quit it pcorly d*me That it may »a.y t h a t I ajn on« .Unfit ..for triiM,-but H shall cr-»- Tb*r fit for l?is^* r ihinga *m L" SAJtQERIKO tf ·WANTED--YOU TO AUVERTIStt our classified column*. FOII SALE -- EIGHT .HOOil HOUSE. Modern; North ScottdaJe. C, S. CARL- SOX. ScottcLLle, Pa. 12feh9t-eod« POR SALJ:;--1 CYLINDER POPE- WANTED--COOK AND CHAilBBIl-; Hartford 131-t model. Inquire MRS. A maid. ARMSTRONG'S RESTAURANT. lOdec-tfd "WANTKb--HOY TQ ACT AS POHTKR and work in druff store. J. C. MOORH. 13fcbtfd WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- writer. Cal! Bel] 13-R, or Tri-State 38-"^", Mount Pleasant. 23febtf WANTED--MAN FOR CLEANING cars; n i n e hour shift, d.iy turn. Apply WEST PKNX RAILWAY SHOP. 28fcb3t lit. ATKINSON, 107 Wer.t Apple. 14 Farms 26 Acres Coal AT VACANT IOTS. FOR SALE FOR SAL.K--A SIX CVLIK.OER Studcbakp.r, 1917 m o d e l . I n q u i r e at WEBB'S RESTAURANT, Eridffc street. Seottdala. · Imar^t FOR KALE--THE LATE SATIAH A. Marietta rculdcnce in Johnston avenue. I n q u i r e MRS. J. T. DAVIES, B u l l phone 75. Tri-State S4G, X J n i o n t o w n . I m a r t f WANT ED--MAN* LV OR 1TEAR CON- ncUsvilie to sell guaranteed tlrec. Address. 10 Wood Street, L'niontown, Pa. W A N T E D -- KXPERtEN'CED grfrl. Steady -vi-ork. Good waff LER'S STORE, Scottdale. Pa. CLOAK s. iftL- nrit WANTED-- HCN'CAHiAX wo MAM tvunts Kciieral housework, eltfaniut; or 1 sundry. i.'.U! MRS. UOJtJAUV, lit-ud** i7, bui let-, LciSt/tiriiift Xti. 1. ImarSt* FOR SALB--TWO 1014 FIVE PAS- ' sender Fords; two 1917 M a x u e i i De-i monstrators; one Willys K n i Jv, five ' passeiifi-cr; one 1934 Mitchell i, re .pas-! sender car in perfect c o n d i t i o n ; one · 1317 fiive pas^ene-ei- P.-iJgrp. W f J l j demonstrate. Cail 35 Trl-3tate. DUN"BAR AUTO CO. HOreijtfd Lo.t. '--AUTQMOBU-iK CHAlX A'O sprLngr bctrreen I-'riMbee farm a-nd K U F I Crawford nvi-nuo. Vie ward if v e t u r n e d LU .KKf-snivK U A R D \ V A U R -STORK, 2 nut r 11 s utiee. dji-5 or mwr ti:o(i(t siieUlntc *.'. L. .Mi'K KVKRAJ- YOUXO 'to R-kt-rn itrQut-rtr only essential. A-'l J-A- - CARPKNTK-ftS F O R i f u r U i e : t concraU fornw. A- G. McKEE ~CO,,\ Tllli PARTY WHO TOOK PUP.PUS :tjul w h i t e sw*;a,ter from Macutibfi- b u i l d i n g J a M t . Tuir.sday w v e n i n i r i- 1 1 k n o w n ami If sa-nn; in ri: M i n i fit tc ! Courier office or M:ioc/i.hRC wUl b« -J AX HOMES. 1 acre and G room, house.. 3 li acra and ·! room HOUMC 4,000 3 aeras and 4 room houne a.fWH) B ftcrtis and S room house Z.700 9 aeres and S room houso J.,TtK KjUlMS. 10 acres, pood house aniJ outbuildings .2.SOO 10 aero f r u i t farm, buildings all pood 33 acre f r u i t farm, build- Inprs all food .10 acre- farm and buildings 5ti ncrv farm, good build- in?.-; " '· CO acre poultry and fruit farm , · 150 acre well improved farm 7.5OO 10 acre field on brick road l.OOO COAI. 311X13 *' OPIillATIO.V. 26 acres coal, mine in operation, abuut 1 m-i!e from city. X'ACArVT IjOTS. ir!; jots in city. I L E. Wagooer Oh « tttal Kututir, I C: I ijimi w. J 'IVI-S iLl!!!-!^ fornmlo. Is not "jnat a little Of IMs and a little It was devised with a definite object In vieir. The object was to produce a tooth pasto possessing medicinal as ·well as cleansing properties--a real cleanser that could be deponded upon to remove tartar and kwp mouth and gums healthy, The ideal defined, our laboratories set about to determine tho proper combination to prodnco it. Senreco is the result. It hs been tried, tested and pronounced good by hundreds of the profeeeloD. Try a tube. A uittgle tubo will proTo every claJnj. Wlfl show way thoa. sands today uee and demand Sen- reco--and are satisfied with nothing less. All dru«rlBts and toilet couatera. Large 2 oz. tub*--25c, SENRECO - Cincinnati IF YOU WANT !·; tit ate, Inhiirmirr-, Ctfllwtrd. JUKI \V. CrHTvfor-il A 1 ·I'ri-Stat*? S2S-X. Anything, Have Anything for Sal* or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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