The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 4
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New equipment instilled in the Department of Dairy Science at the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, coud revolutionize the buying and Ml line of milk. OAC uyi "Irava," developed by Dr. L.D. S. CouMea of the National tastltate (or Rai earth la Dairy taj at ' Reading, England, analyze Ok for fat, protein, lactose aad sol Ids-not-fat natag taf ra-red abaorptioa toetialajuoe, It la the wotida firat each Previously, milk 'has always been purchased on the basis of fat 'content. Now. with the infra-red milk analyzer taking lets than a minute to give the answers, it will be practical to tell milk on the baua of protein content The announcement alio said the new method would mate rially auiit the Ontario Department of Agriculture milk composition ftudy . which hai been under way at'Guelph for the past three year. RESULTS PROMISING. : Officials of the Deir? Science ..Department report results obtained by the infra-red method appear to be quite promising and that the new method I given every indication of a . high degree of accuracy. With the new technique It la possible to lanalyz - mi "than 500 samples of milk per day for each of the four constituent fat, protein, lactose ' and aolids-not-fat. To perform ..the lame analysis by Chemical . methods would mean five days work .for, three skilled technicians. Instead, only one tech nfeiaa is needed ajr coat of less than .five cents per sam ple. . ...,,. . Dairy acientist foresee an. other benefit modification of breeding program in aa at tempt to obtain higher percentage of protein- In the milk. fhe aw method, OAC adds. WO also be of great value ta. the rhsssamsker -j and miak powder auumfae- Tbejr win be abas to readily yield ef ef the aecurau knowMge ef h vprotela ceartae erf Ska saUtt ; provided bjr "Iras,". - Professor D. M. Irvine head V of the Dairy Science Depart- v ' ment summed It ud as follows: "The new method is'a tremendous . technological development and it use should are. .vide sound basis for baying milk. It should also provide uap 1 11 J I By R. U. Mahaffy Cmmnt, Ttticl and ikrrwitt fAe r 4 atricutturil tctu. the consumer with a greater knowledge of the nutritional properties of milk." Hiring vs. Owning Don McArthur, farm man agement specialist of the On tario Department of Agriculture, says there are. two prin ciples to keep in mind in deciding whether to own or hire farm machinery. One is that the more a machine is used the easier it is to justify owning it. The other is that the leu a machine costs to buy, normally the easieiv it also is to justify own ership. But to make sure, the farm er should figure out average annual cost of owning and operating a piece of equipment an compare this with the cost of engaging a custom operator to do the Job. The situation varies on each farm. , Rules of thumb can be used. however, to show the size of operation which warrants buy ing equipment For instance 50 acres is' required to support use or a six-root rower-Take- Off combine, 70 acres for a six-foot engine combine, and 180 acres for a 12-foot self propelled combine. Other factor bearing on the economics of hiring or owning are timelines of operation. avauaouity or custom ooera ton, and quality of work don oy these operators. All factors should be considered before making decision. :.-; Odds and Ends Carletoa County Poultry Producer have chosen their three district committeemen for the newly-formed Ontario Egg and Fowl Producers' Mar keting Board. They are: Maurice McCallura. RR 2, Carp; Mrs. Harold Davidson. RR 3, Mano- tick, and Mrs. E.-L. Macart ney, RamsayvUI . . . Regtstra Hon for Renfrew County soil judging eompetlUoa. Aug. 19, will take place at Renfrew fairgrounds, and not at Cobden. The competition -is being held on the k. J. Elliott farm R. A. Stewart of Almonte set gold and silver seal records in July with hi Braoneath Don's Etta 21P In the Jersey three. yeer-oM das. Bra one th Sul tan' Jean 191 also mad i silver seal record, placing second , . Another district see ond -place Jersey class wader was owned by Martin Schneck- enburger, Morris burg, TORONTO (CP) Trading is dull on heavy supply of slaughter cattle lacking quality and condition at lb Ontario public stockyards.. 'Veal calf prices were steady. Hog prices were steady and sheep and lamb prices were higher. Slaughter cattle 1.571: Choice steers 24-24 5 with sales to J4.8; good 21-23; medium 1-21; common It-lt; choice heifers 2I.SM2 U with a few fancy dry-feds to 23; good 11.5 21: medium IT.te-ll; common 15- 17; choice fed yearlings 22-24 with odd sales to-M.M( good M-I1.M; good cows 11-17; me dium 14.50-15.50; canners and cutters 10-14; good heavy bologna bulls lt-ll; common and medium lt-17.50. Replacement cattle MM: Good light stockers 21 50-23; medium and common 11-21. ' Calves $22: Choice vealars 2 21 with odd ' tops to JO; good 2143;' medium 2-22; common U 20; boners 12-17. - Hogs 9: Grade A at Toronto 2l.2i-2J.9e currently selling at J,7S. "'v. i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL The Ottawa Farm Journal Page TheBack Cattle Trading Dull On Toronto Market , Sheep and lambs iti: Good lambs 25-21 with a few sales up to 27.5 per hundredweight common and medium 22 24 sheep 2-1. Butter Eggs Churning cream and butter print prices were unchanged. . Butter prices: Agricultural Stabilization Board tenderable carlots: buying 40 score S3; buying 39 score 52: selling 53. vegetables Trading was draggy on the wholesale fruit and vegetable market. Native blueberries from the north were in extremely short supply and prices were higher. Peaches firmed slightly a Held tomatoes and cantaloupes were heavily offered and prices were lower depending on quality. In the vegetable section head I e 1 1 u c and cauliflower. In creased noticeably In price as1 supplies being received were light. Green peppers end egg plant were lower aa quality varied greatly. , , " The potato market was lower for ell sizes of offerings with sales light and receipts heavy. ' Apples, C. A. Mcintosh bu. 4.3M.7J. C. A. Spy bu. 4 50-4.75. Prices Are Well Mixed For Montreal Livestock MONTREAL 4C) Prices! were wen mixed in moderate trading on the Montreal livestock markets. Demand was good. Receipts: .664 cattle. 22 calves, nine hogs, 320 sheep and lambs. " . Good steer 22-23.35, me dium 18 50-21.75. common 14.75-18.35. Good heifers 2025-21. me dium 19.50. common 1225- 17.25 Good cows 15.50-17.25, me dium 14-15.75, common 12.50- I4.7S, canners and cotter 7.50- li.75. Common) and saedlunr bolts 13-1750. r Good vealers 23-27, medium 20-23, common 14-20- ""-. Good lambs 21-25, sheep 5-8. There were no aale of hogs. Eggst Wholesale prices to country stations, fibre east extra-large 8-.9. large .46- .47, medium M-Mi small .22-.23, B -25, C .21; wooden cases. one cent higher. Butter: Current receipt non tenderable 814: 83 score ten derable 53; 92 score tenderable 52. - - Osssst Delivered Montreal, waxed current receipts, wholesale Quebec white St; colored 36K. Skim milk powder: Spray process. No. I, hi begs, 12- 134; roller process. No. 1, 4n bags. 12-13; feed, 11-12; but termilk powder feed, 8Va-9. Potatoes: Wholesale selling price. Que. new 50s, 1.35-1.40; NB 75s, 3.70-3.85; NB 50s. 2 85- 2.75; NB 10s. -59-.81; PEJ 75s, 3.75-4X10.. Charlottenburgh Approves 1 Sunday Sports j CORNWALL (Special) Charlottenburgh township resi dents Monday voted 324 to 197 la favor of Sunday sports. turnout at th polls was low with 921 of 3.000 eligible voters casting ballots. i The township I immedistely east of here. The decision to hold a Sunday sport referen m was mad -ftr weekly stock car race were (topped because there was no Sunday bylaw. The races are expected to resume, .v ." ' Journal Want quick results. Ad faring t - - . ... ''A sf r1- I ' ;: AT BUCKINGHAM . - r . - Plan to Restore : Old Biirial Ground BUCKINGHAM '(Special) After nearly half century 4f neglect something is going to be don to renovate the final rest ing place of many of Buckingham's early settler. At Monday night's meeting of town council a letter was read from W. J. Lawllss In which he informad council Our Ladv of Victory Church has taken over th Church - Street . cemetery from St Gregory of Naxiane Church. ' . Authority for the take-over waa recently granted by Moat Rev. Jsul Emile Charboaneatt, Bishop of Hull. - -' la bis letter, Mr. Lawlis told council his church plan to restore the. old cemetery to Its original condition and preserve it as historical and religious land avark.'""' ' He asked for a meeting with council to discuss official recog nition of the cemetery as a his torical - site, the providing of police patrol o prevent further vandalism and fire department help m burning a large quantity of brush that to being cleared from th location. - . A present members of the church committee are working two nights a week cutting down brush when this Job la they will start mapping and re Your Route to OTTAWA'S FINEST SIIOPPIHG W. H. SMITH 4 SON 1 r. . V . .'. Seste .'-1st 2 run , a parking . ; . Iwi Cuds 41 SPARKS ST. - - -lr BIRW;..;'';,:r;-,V-" 101 SPARKS ST. 13 4ti - DAVIS CAMERAIAND III ' ' - i r-mi rm ' ejl XsJ' , Pr.)wloT umI Film 1 ' ' ' ' ' 147 SPARKS ST. . .THE DAVli AGENCY rJ - 'i J ", O Omtln Csnta Keeer :-. J03 SPARKS ST.- 31 31 1 29 1 27 1 25 1 I I 34 1 32 1 30 1 28 1 26 1 24 t i:i , ' ( aiarea Plaaea elTtlevkSea e OUtwar 51 SPARKS ST. PHOTOGRAPHIC STORES LTD. , Fnt Stoma m m.M DCVaXOPMENT. , Y KOOACOLOn S4 nfaun. BLACK i . i , i WHITK, tun Dmy (vrvlc. , , ' ' - ! 65 SPARKS ST. i t R. FISHER LTD. : a"ctolM " "V!!,St " W" " 113-115 SPARKS ST. MARY HARRISON . SALON USA " Interprets the Mom InlwwUa statr STta. - SPARKS at O'CONNOR 232-1717 CAMERA HOUSE ITD. 'v r All Tew WietcTMe Meees i3.:.-;;-,v J07 SPARKS ST. 7 15 25 storing the graves. It was moved by Alderman R. B. Walker the letter be turn ed over to the park commit- , which will meet with the church to further discuss the matter. Tests Show Beach Safe At Almonte ALMONTE (Special) - Des pite low water level in the Mis sissippi Rivet and the Increase of weeds, the Almonte recrea- tation committee, baa- branded pollution rumors false. Dr. R. K. Bach, health of ficer, report regular tests show the water the cleanest in many year. .-. - . Th swimming program I popular activity this Summer, A total of 254 children are tak ing twknmmg lesson and Red Cross safety classes under super is toa of DonWalker aad assistants. David7 Giles, Karen Kerry. Lynn McGiU aad Rose-marie .Van Dusen. For the first time ever, adult swimming .classes was organ ized this year. Armstrong & Richardson ltd. BUeh frMltty LadlM- an Mull Ibae 7779 SPARKS ST. OTTAWA LEATHER GOODS - Larfwt teeUoa tt Lartaa. , . LmUmt Good, an CUU : y 131 SPARKS ST. 21 1 19 1 17 1 15 1 13 1 11 1? SPAKCS STREET MALL 8 a 18 1 16 1 14 1 12 I 61 SPARKS STREET "On th AUH" - READ'S DRESS SHOP 6 (www sn -.1- Metcalfe! f Man Escapes Plane' Crash TUESDAY. AUGUST 18, 18M. .T?Bs FOUR-LEGGED SitlP i. The Department of Transport tender pCendluVseen her -at a Prescott berth. l,u, . equipped with legs" which can be lowered to the bed of the river to provide a firm V bate for work la shallow water or swift current The legs are seen towering above the deck. The boat, which bear aa Indian nam, jneaning "long-legged crane," Was ' christened at Prescott Saturday. '. ? . ' ; ... . :"-;-".'' Terry CoUey, 22. of Metcalfe, escaped with minor injuries Monday when a . twin-engine plane crashed on takeoff at Chute do Pas, in Quebec' Lake St. John are. . Colley. an employee of Cana dian Aero Service of Ottawa. was rushed by air to Chlcoutimi Hospital along with pilot Jetn Gaudry of St. Foy, Que., but X-ray ' showed ' no serious injury. Th pilot ha broken ankle. The plan crashed when one of its' engine fell off during takeoff, 120 mile north of Quebec City. The Metcalfe man parents. Mr. and Mrs. Les Colley, were vlsitiry? their son when. the mis hap' occurred. i Journal Want' Ada bring quick result. ' . - : "'. : 9 17 . AIYEA'S JEWIUERS . Liwirao i IT StKlws Own Tr.MuriS OKI Watrh aad Zl Jewellery slrs limirance Aaersiails " 189 SPARKS ST. Information Ueak Angers Councillors PEMBROKE (Siaff) Ap parent leakage of information supposed to be sole property f irallic committee member wss protested Monday by Councillor Frank Nighbor, a member ol the commillot, ; . He said a man oa the street knew that Thomas Girous was to be hired a a parking meter attendant tare days before the appointment was mad official ly. Traffic committeamea pleaded not guilty. Then bow," asked Councillor Nighbor, "did Councillor Red- mood, who Is not on the com mittee, know what waa going on?".- Council resolved .to hire Mr. Glroux at I3.S0 year for a six month probationary period. He will replace Elmer O'Brien who', having completed a long kerm in the town employ." will be pensioned and given a part ing gift of. a monus salary' Sept. 1.1."- .. -.-: ; Name Perth Cbrbner: ; a PERTHX (Special)" - Or. Jams W. Tweed I of Perth has appointed coroner for Lanark, county. v. ;V ' .j Dr. Tweed! succeed ur. a. C. Fowler of. Perth) who resign ed the position a few months ago after . serving . forx several PEAR WALLx CHELMSFORD.' E a g I a d (CP) Albert Morrish, a storekeeper who has maintained the English tradition of writing to the editors of newspapers, plana to paper the walls of a room with the LOW replies be has received. -, ' n Pb Hg-7QS final bowr assurance and unamtdnding 1 a' ciiKicsiiwniscrTnit , t ' -i ' . fUNEHAl DIRECTORS 315 Mcleod SL : 233JI43 1098 Byroa Am. ' mU niitm mum- an OtMnmr ilniwea WwdnKl and Oaasatnai 4 ; for Spnrirp. and Rebrtmn I f I - w w. srs'a wvw vrvvrrvf r GIUAN'S DRUG STORE otLi.srra stainlsss itikl bladb ,, M. Me i pcUU Phis S Ttm l4m 91 SPARKS ST. AVANT' GARDE SPORTSWEAR . . - . . fachjslve Knlte an nali ' -' j 1 Alr-ConaitMiw' - 137V4 SPARKS ST. . Middleman's Bride and Gown Shop BrMl Oowm txrliulv ruMens 191 SPARKS ST. FREE PARKING - Ask the sales clerk to stamp your ticket 9 I I 7C l I 3 I 1 p MORGAN'S V . . riret at Ottawa! 6 4 2 I' CHATEAU " UURIER.riV A UL HOTEL on Canfeoeritiow . ':;' Square ' -k V JACK SNOW JEWEUERS . X ' P watrhe a rne sewelkvy 112 SPARXS ST. "hwafJsBMBBaaajsjjaxfjf ; MURPHY-GAMBLE LIMITED ' 1e BATA SHOE STORES 4n DOLCIS SHOES ; A " '.'. -ZELLER.: 4; I 11 ft Tho Smart Oapartmtnt Store tn the Mad V 10 " V - 18 TtloSZSTZ7- ZU ' ; - Tbrtn' cm"t":- :Vi' y - . it it Pmtm ''.. .- "1142 SPARKS 'ST. , r ' 146 SPARKS ST. ' - : 1S6 SPARKS ST. - V24 i- Ofi' PEOPLES CREDIT JEWELLERS . 5 FREE PARKING Il-:iClS-SM SHOES ' MIDDLEMAN'S- . .; : . .- ,-32 ' raaataa anssa et tae,atst Issssssswls IWeas Xt V v - -auaiiMr Clre Mow Oa ' . . ' . y -r Aifctha tle clyfc f itamp yooftklcef , .'j w ' '204 SPARKS ST. ' v - ' W7V: 208 SPARKS ST.r , Vu Ask t Sate'Qwfc t' SW-WmI.'': X - ' s? .

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