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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 4, 1930
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Ljast Hi dition rce NConnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper, The Best Advertising Medium in th|e Yough Region. VOL. 28, NO. 46. Tbc We*fcjy Ci'iirler. Founded July jr, 1879, j Verge*. The IJiillr CnurJcr, futiuiled November 10, IOO3 I Jnly i#, 3OSW. CONNEL.LSVILLE, PA., RATI RDAY1 EVENING, J A N ' U A R V 4, 1930, TWMLVW Damage at Meyers Plant of Brownfield Company as Tipple Is Burned COUNTY °RISON FARM 'OSSIBIF. SLIGHT TRAFFIC DEAY EXPECTED FOR 1 HE SUMMER! OVER ROAD WORK ® 200 Men Thrown Out of Employment Until Repairs Are Ma£c. LOSS PLACED AT $50,000 Special to Tho Courlef. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 1.--Fire believed to bo of Incendiary orgin, early this morning destroyed the tipple at the Meyers plant of the Brownfield Coal Coke Company, noav Centra) on the Mount Pleasnnt-Tarr highway, with a loss estimator! at $50,000. , The plant, one of the steadiest operations in the entire region, will be idle u n t i l the tipple can l«u rebuilt, forcing between 150 and -00 men out of work. With the tipple 100 tons of coal, tvro larrles and a stationary hauling engine wi*ro burned. Tho plant was closet! d o w n at 6 o'clock last evening, ft docs not operate at night and the fl/a w,n not discovered until 2 o'clock -'lis morning. William Pfoutz, who lives nlonK the highway, said he saw a ligh* in tho direction of Meyers about I o'clock this; m o r n i n g . Now ho real- S?es it wa? ihu burning tipple, although It did not impress him as that ivhea he ftrnt witnessed It. Tho M o u n t Pleasant Volunteer Firo .Department was summoned but lack [ of water maclc It impossible to Io nuy- to check the names. Tho fire was) a t l l l racing at noon, but loss was complete am! llamea could not spread to other part.-j of the property. As tho flromon arrived the stntion- ory engine fell i n t o the shaft. Yhere was DO danger of flro in the mine, Board of Trade Members Will Hold First Annual Meeting on January 24 however, the workings beln? some f'lstauco away. Tho Meyers plant also operates 33 coko ovons, in addition to tho mining of coal. Superintendent Albert K, King was Hllcd on December 1, last, when a brace foil upon his head. Ills suc- cissor had not yet bc-en appointed. Six Are fiuar Death When Fire Destroys Unionfown Homes Special to Tho Courier. L'NTONTOWN, J a n . 4.-~Near nuffo- c.ition and cremation when flames snort Into their bedrooms and destroyed tbolr homo and an adjoining dwelling In Braddock avenue this morulnar, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nabors and thotr four children, ranRlng in ago from two to sevin, baruly escaped through the glasi of tho roar door. Thoy did riot have siUllcient time to set clothing other t h a n that In which thoy slept and were fortunate to es- i-apo with their lives. Their ckitbmg and household f u r n l t u r p were destroyed. Mr. Nabors' pay which ho received yesterday and which was In a pocket of his trousers also weal up in smoke. Mr. Nabors was a w a k e n e d b tire Hftd s.inoko which fllledi his llve-'-oom biingwlow residence snul quickly aroused his wife and children. In the excl|-eiiiMil .the key tor tho door could not be f o u n d and in MI She gluaa in the door was crashed for the only exit as llarncs enveloped tho entire building. Tho home of Herbert (Jonway. by, also v,ns destroyed. Firemen responded but were u n a b l e to connect w i t h the nearest fire hydrant, 2,000 fuot f r o m the scene of t b e fire. The loss is estimated at about $10,000. Tho tire Is believed to havo originated from nn overheated f u r n a c e , Mrs. Mabel Collins Dies at Hospital Mr«. .Mubel Evin« Collitu, 22 years od, «!t'o of Samuel Collins of South Comteil'-viiie, died at 7:25 o'clock last evening a; the Coimolisvillo Stato Hospital, w h e r e iho iin! be-on a patient for A i x wet k«. She was «. daughter of Capitol Building Fire Loss Placed At About $7,1 £! U n i t e d Press. WASHINGTON, J a n . ·!.--Only a few hours a l t e r contracts had beau awarded for reconstruction of the White House executive offices, raked by a C h r i s t m a s Eve fire, fUmes threatened th Rotunda of the Capitol Building h«'ro lant night. The flre, which caused damn Re estimated at about $7,000 ami injured ono nmri, startfd In the studio of a Japital artist horlly after 7 P. M. It was oxtlnRiilf hed less than an hour ater but not' b fore It had spread to a room a d j o i n i n g filled with important documents. The cause is un- cnown. Firemen, broiu-ht from all parU of the city by live alarms, found Charles Mobtrly, a Chjpitol artist, unconscious iu th« burning studio when they gained entrance, TIo was taken to a nearby room occupied by Democratic House Floor leader Garner of Texas and rovlv«d His injuries wore confined lately t shock, physlclau« said, and he should reuulrc only a re-st. Tho studio Is lot atcd at. the top of the House wing of the building, hear tho dome. It was tilled w i t h artists' materials and a number of valuable oil portraits of fonuer state officials. These were saved and will bo ready for hanglUR after i efurbishlng. In the adjoining document room however, between EO'i ani 1,000 boun volumes of bills w e r e damaged aut probably ruined. Thousands of unbound document on nearby shelves escaped the flame only by a littlo and many of thosi may bo damaged by \vater, Karly estimates placed the damage to documents at nearly ,$4,000 am that to wooden partition walls of th two rooms at some $.".000. Only those woodc-i walls anc furnishings were inflammable, it wa: salrl. The walls «f the building it self aro of sandstone from three to five feet thick. Had tho flames succeeded in gain- l\\K the great rotunda, ii was pointed out, great damage might have been done to the mural decorations on the walls and dome. P r o m p t work firemen, however, kept the flames from uidklng any great threat to thai section of the building. The blax.e was discovered by K e n n e t h Keelor, o£ Salt Lake- City, an elevator operator, who t u r n e d In the a l a j m Keelor aiut a Capitol guard f o u g h t tho fire with extinguishers u n t i l Uie firemen arrived. As news of the fire spiead about the city exrrtonvenl Ixioanio inion«e. Automobiles from nil parts of the city were turned toward Capitol Hill. On tho pliwa before the building- several thousand persons many of v. horn vit- nesstd the White House bluze, gathered to watch the smoke c url from skylights. ' Mr. and Mitt. Kll Kvan« of lielle Verno-i a^ul in addition to her parents; and bntibund le, eurvlvoil oy two children, Milford 4iKl Suinurl, Jr., and the fol- l o w i n g brotliort. and staters. Airs. Mary Ucown of r i t t s b u f K , Ihu'.el, Bernard, William and li^inkv ICvaiin. all at home. The body wa-; t a k e n to tht f u n e r a l parlors of C. (.'. M i t c h e l l and prepared HOWARD M'BURNEY RESIGNS AFTER 12 YEARS AS S.S. HEAD Howard U. McDuirnoy, who se-i verl na suporintendent of the Prosb.'i terian Sunday School at l*lsenrliiff tor IE yeare, has resigned. Rev. "rt illiam Hamilton, pas-tor of the church. will serve as superintendent. Tho following other oflieers were e-locted: Miss Carrio Kellej and Mrs. Hopwood Hess, nswlt-tiinit snper!n.tend«-nt8; Mrs. S. L. Long, treasurer; Miss Mil- tlrod Brickor, .secretary; Knuna Kropp, l i b r a r i a n , Miss A n n a b e l Hess, Mrs. Mary Pr.uier and Miss Ulai die l i a l l . organls-t.*- Nom iiiai-ion of 14 Directors Will Take Place on Monday, January 18. SEVEN CHAIRS TO BE FILLED The first a n n u a l dinner-meeting of i h e Counellsvillc Hoard of Trade will be held on Friday evening, .January 24, th-e place to be announced later. Plans for the affair were inaugurated Friday night, at the meoltni; of the board of directors. A r r a n g e - ments for tho nvent a r ^ in HIP making. At the d i n n e r - m e e t i n g Ih^rc will\l e ;. brief business session n f which Urn? seven directors w i l l bo elected. They will bo chosen f r o m I I who w i l l be nominated at n "primitry" election on January 33. Ballota are to be mailed lo ovory member of tho Board of Trade. They are to be returned to t h e oftlco of the orgtniisatlon in the Plrat National Bank building between the hours of 1 and 7 o'clock in the afternoon of Monday, January 13. Tellers, to tie appointed by the president, will have charge of the primary election. Fourteen candidates for seven positions on the directorate w i l l bo chosen. The: general election is scheduled for the night of Ihe dinner-meeting. Major John K. Blake, executive secretary, *was authorized to go (· Washington on Monday in tho Interest of t h e canalization of the Youghto- jjhcny. Rlvotv, Charlen K. Shaw, Mc- Keosporl. president of the gbony River Improvement Association, and S. C. Stevenson and Major Moorehrad of West Nnvton w i l l also make the journey. They w i l l be at Washington In au official capacity to confer with congressmen lo present statistics boosting the proposed alizaUon project Would hi' ; t n d u c i e d A l o n g Mues of Can p of Lnst Year Which V UN Model. PLANS ARE NOT YET VIATURED Spec's! lo T e Courier. P/NlOIs'TOW'N, J, n. 4. ~- l^aye-tte county Hits Minimer In a l l probability will hn.w a prison 'arm to take th-e place of .(ho- modol p ison camp \vhik 1 h was closed !aat year when the county trenfiury Ixxamo vhairatod. Tim farm wl'H ivlso act a a. combination road camp In tho ov« nt roa-d work Is to be -demo. This Iweame known today following t h o a n n u a l Prison Be ml meeting at 31 III Run and Indian Head Routes Will Bo Hat-hor flC»ornlly Relocated. WILL EMPLOY LARGE FORCES which John Morrow \vns elected president for Lhs year 1930, auoccodiiiR Jul,Rft n. \V. Heud'orAon. District Attorney J. ; : . Adams wan named ,HC rotary. Tho throo county commisBl-oti'M's were 11. mod members o£ 1ho puirchii ting C'-mmdifx^ft ami Judgo Ttiomafl II. Hmlr in, Controller Alex H. Duncan an*l Ob a 1 let Attorney Adams m I he inspoetio i commll'too. While conditions «t t' o county jail Th-pre will bo vory little- colouring of traffic when the construction of th-e Uoad ami Normalville road pro- in the Indian Creek Valley got under way. Sckoeder Car In Ex-Scottdale Couple's Garage Special -o The Courier B. r. SivnrtKvi-eldor Shdecl to HP Hrart of Finances of CHy. YOUNKIN FOR PUBLIC BLDGS. The new city administration w i l l go Inasmuch BIS plane call for the loca- gcOTT DAIJS, Ja,n. 4.-Thc- finding ( i n t o olllco Monday. Moyor-olect U. U. f i o n of f h o new routes to the eide« of fho present highways, there . w i l l b e i f , . e n o Schrooder, allgod ftlayer of Counc.l will gather at City f l a i l U If) virtually no i n t e r r u p t i o n of traffic or | s t a l o J f i g h w a v i-atrolnmn Brady Paul o'clock to take tho oath of offic" and rerouting it. Tho road w i l l p a ? e j a l o n K the Butler-N-w CasUe roiul on enter upon thoir dutiers Tho t a ( h « through fields uid woods instead of following t h e old route. The Georges Construction Company has the contract for tho stretch be- tw-e-en Norm-mivill-e- n-n-fi Inlian Head, while. William Seller has that for tho Mill Run-Nonnalvlllo route . There will be practically no detouring of trade nn tho Indian Jloal project a« nearly the entlro stretch will DO routed to the oide of tho present roailway. A brief period of tho M i l t Run job especially when th-e- stee-l December 27, in said to have ridden j w j n of tbe M o u n t a i n Water Supply Company i« be-inp; erected. On tho Indian Head road, the new now aro not as bad as t! ey havo'been | detourhig may be necessary on n stato of conRCMtion alwv ys exists, the a-p-ed of tin outside Miur - o to reile-ve this presrtur-o ia realized. Tly renting somo 1/irs' ami of(iiipiTicn(. I n ' t i i o co inly, it will be possible at a iniiiimiin ot o-xpp.n-s* to -ompioj hirg-e numbers »f prisoners on iiho outsMo the coming spring mid summer, Mills c o n t i n u i n g tl o program which a ysir nf. ) coumty up MR a mode! for tho rnst of tho state in the h a n d l i n g o " t n o penal systom. Nothing has jvl. h«-p-n don- about, th-e matter, it was sUitxl by , hcv Prison Board members, followtric; the meeting, but the. question wilt co no up for aotive consideration wlfchhi -.ho next few weeks. at tho time, with Thomas Crawford and W. Glenu Dague, is of e»pe;i«l interest to Scattdiilo people because of the fact, that it was located in tho garage bf Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ulwr of Wheeling, W. Ya,, who are former administered by City Clerk Scottdale residnfs, Mr, Uber employe-d at \VhetliJtig. Chester 1C. McKroson. While- official I n f o r m a t i o n is lac! luff it wa.i reported today the mcmbon of Council h a v o agreed upon tho anbi^n- mcnwi of the several dopartniente. Hy virtue of lua office Tho niters rented tho garage to "a man and a small blonde" bur. being i ""·'" i "' uli umcc! ah mayor ')r. Mineixl will he head of the Department of Public Affairs. did not know who they were until a policeman searching in the locality, | the home of Mrs. Srhroeder, Crawford chin o. Mr. and Mrs. Uber were guests for j B. M. S w a r f K w o l d e r , new a rt*5Kioiil of East Park, ia ulaied lo become superintendent of the U c - p a i t - ment of Accounts nml finance, eu. - ceedlng C. M. stone, whose term e pi res. For somo t i m e it has lice i k n o w n that the assignment to tin. several days at the horns of Mr. and department would l i e between ,MI un r n o neao roaa, coe new Mrg ] { _ ^ u b e r o n t s o[ w _ B a w a r t R W c M e r and fr, U V o u - k l n 1 b o r o u g h f n r e w , l l follow the- old rou o here . They r e l u r n p r l Tuw(Jay H t t i o was understood today t h ' a l W ·' V u n lor n n v nbou ' 700 nr SOn ffr w h i l n i . i . . , . j , v . _ j ,1-- , , .,,_ .,_ . ^... ._.. '. . "."MIV.V ui.ii in i . j o u n tor only n bout'700 or SOO foot while J U l i n M n s that the n u r t £or the "missing i J,i n W H] ) )c , comc ,, ran- HUNT FOR KILLERS CENTERED TODAY IN PITTSBURG By United Press. W. Va., J a n . 4.--· former roommat" voman. Sheriff Ambrose joiinly said todjiy Sheriff Ford Moore and his deputies of Be-lrnomt count}', Ohio, conducted a raid on the; Klldow farm IIOUKO near Both-esda today on a report that a woman answering the description of Irene Schroeder, blond trigger woman, had been seen there In compiuiy with a man last night. Tho home was found to be furnished but unoccupied. The bouse is (.ho former residence oE Alice Klldow, Wheeling, in whose rooms a drees, believed to belong to Mrs. Schroeder was found yesterday jy Sergeant A, M. Long- of the West Virginia State Police. Miss Kildow is of tha missing / f u b i g oi' Ohio b was cdiitldent be trio was sllll iu the Wheeling dia- rlct and that they would bo located eery shortly. PITTSBURG, Jan. 4,-- Belief t h a t ho b a n d i t killers of Corporal Brady Continued on Page Two. MLON DETERMINED NOT TO RESIGN WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.-- Secretary of Treasury Mellon w i l l .stand by his guns, backed by President Hoover, in the face ot tho dry attack upon hfm whiclr will be. ronened when Coii'S.pess returns to work Monday. ,1 Mellon has no intention of'resigninp, it can be said authoritatively, despite revived demands from congressional diya who 'have tired at h i m , conthuwl- ly, in the last few y-eirs. Dr. James L Junli New Head of County Medical Society Dr Jame« \j. J u n k of C'-ounr I s v i l i o IB tho now prosldont of the } ayotte County Medical Soclety 1U was elected at the regular mooting f (ho society Thursday ntfrht In Unioi t o w n , Tfc will be hi« first term. Ho silt ceods Dr. A. U. Hungor of Point Mar!- n. Other officers elected are: Dr. J. M. Jackson, New Salem first vlco-preeMont; Dr. Char let. G r f c h a m , Brownsville, 6e«nd Tire-preuii ent; Dr. George Robinson, Unlonlown, sec- rotary and treasurer; Dr. Frar Win Smith, Uniontown, aseietcitit eecre ary ami e d i t o r ; Dr. C. I f . J,aChdr, Un on- on tho Mill Run protect it was said that tho concrete would be laid on tho present highway for a shorter ..dte- tance. M a n y of the curves will be eliminated. Some of the sharp grades will bo reduced. Ono h u n d r e d forty working days Imv-o boon allotted both firms. Tbe car would lead to th ir garage. Tho car had been f t o l o n f r o m H. C. llorlon of New CaBtU-. ncpartmeut of 'own, censor; Dr. W. time does not, embrace Sundaya, holidays and day« whon the elements in- torfre w i t h the progress of the work. Tho (Qrfk of moving tho machinery and equipment for the work will begin next w.oek when it IB hoped to hav-a two large shovels located at each of t h e road projects. Tho Georgefl Construction Company has throe large steam shovote and a gafi-Qperale! shovel. Mr, Boiler oleo has the same e q u i p m e n t and tho oig-hi wlirfie'put to work. Attention w i l l he concentrated at flrel on tho clearing of the way for thfl now routes. Blakes n r o expected from tho SUUo Highway Department within 10 days and t h e n work will get under way. Pipe netting for Ilia culverts has to bo taken care of and then the grading started. Much urldge work !s also required. The Indian Head project calls for two large and five small bridge*, while the Mill Hun road neceeeitatea throe concrete and one of steel, in addition to several small ones. The largest ie the 176- foot steel epan that will' crose an end of the- reeervolr of the Mountain Water Supply Companj r , Officiate of the contracting flrme declared that betw-e-en 300 and 300 riven will be employed to build tho two Whan the task ha« been advanced to where evorything is ready to begin laying th-e concrete about 160 m*n will bo· iveed'ed on each'of folio locations. There Ifi a possibility that tho force may be Incraased to ru«h the work. n. F. Swaney of the George« Construction Company tak! The Courier that hie firm js anxious to complete tbo project as eoon as possible, "We are already looking for other jobe as wr» hope to make quick work of the school boys and Indian Head IUwwl," he eakt. "We know that the people of the Indian TWO STEAM SHOVELS BEGIN TUNNEL WORK i i p e r i n f e n d o n t of t h f » ij and Public Two etearri shovels have been moved to Jacobs Creole w h e r e operations havo already been s t a r t e d for tlie couetruction of the 1,SCO-foot tunnel Chnrlce F. \ V h i t P , a | 60 t. new member, will become KUpm-iiiU'ndcnt nf the Dopnrtment of P u b l i c Sal'.-ty. This Ijav-e-s C o u n c i l m a n B. L, Hey^, tho only holdover nieuibor, who w i l l con- tin no et tbe head of tho D e p a r t m e n t , of Streets and Public /inpro%emoul, i which position he luirs held for mouy years. As was noted in The Courb'i- yesterday there will he a change ID chief of police, Grorgo f.. Orubb h a \ i n ? re- Jt h;H boon genc-iMlIy re- on tbe new line of tbe Pittsburg ; P«rt«l t h a t J o h n Wall of U n i n n f o v v u i is today that this , n .,Hor l, as not been decided. Jt wa^ undi| r ,(nofl ( h e r e are several lot.-l .-ipjiljcjiDf,- for thfl pofilllon. I! v/i' ;)Ko r*povtvl H i i r l i i « ' u lo bo Weat Virginia Railroad T-hicb will ex-, [f"^ l j° r ^'^ f \._ ^ayoy-Nect Alliiurd tend from Cocbrans M i l l Washington county, to Coniiellevillo. Operations aro p r o R r « f i l n p on tbe new railroad, the contract tor which has IKMJII a\varde: as far as Old Meadow ftfill, near Soottdale. More than 100 men aro at work al .Jac.obiB Creek on the t u n n c i . The final section of the line from Old Meadow Mill to C o n n o ' l s v i l l o will . contracted for next, upring. DR. J. A. ALEXANDER WILL SPEAK HEftE SUNDAY AFTERNOON L lly, Brownevillo, dielrict censor; Dr. Harry J. Bell, delegate t o the fit ito aociety. BUS DRIVER FAILED TO STOP AT CROSSING, CORONER INFORMED Hv U n i t e d Ti e.s- WOOSTER, Ohio, J a n . ·(.-- Invest! ators today went into th" details ot he crash at Rtyr-ove, Ohio, la't night vhich killed' tievr-r. njured nine. A preliminary report by 13r. J. B. Creek Valley nre anxious to have the Patterson, AVayne county coroner, do- i concrete h i g h w a y thrown open to Patrolman \'. ij made night rlno I ^ There aro various rumor-, as (o tho K i r c Dp-pa rtniiMH Ono is l h a l Cliiof AV, E. Do-Boh w i l l bt- rolaiiin!. aii- o l h r - r t h a t Thonwif; A n.iiN'y ,.-j!| j,t- chiof and DoBoK, ai-wiBtant. ' A n o l h i - r «iory heard a b o u t t h o «t roots w, d;iL the Bupcrintond"-tit of public, -.-jtely win be h f a d of t l i c d i ' i m r i - ment, w i t h dny and iiiglu c a i i f r t i n . . . U is reported th:U thrrc will be no other clinnpes r x c r p t thai A l r l e r i n a u Prod jMunk w i l l Miccpcd A l d e v i n a n John 13. AValace- nn police Tomorrow aftornc-on at 2:30 o'clock Dr. .1, A, Alexander will speak at tbe First B i t p t i s t Church cm "Personal lOvarigelism," under the auspices of tbe Connellsvllle District, Sunday School Association, of. which L, G. Hoover is president. The morathly meeting; of the district offlcers will follow the address. All Sunday school workers of the district and the public at large are invited to hear the. address of Dr. Alexai dor. DEATH SUMMONS ELUAH PARKER, FRICK VETERAN Hoy Dies. PLKASAXT, Jan. 4 . -- W l m e r : 'or imrinl. 'Uilt n l t o r n o o n it \n.s r o - Hoy A n t h o n y . Jr., t h r e e years uld, mri tnovod to tbt v ruMtleiu't 4 nt Mtv. M a t t i t m' Mr. and Airs. Klmei" U, A n l h o ' \'. l i a r ' , motlxei ' ( Mr Coilln^, in (.iihc After n geneial discussion of prohibition controversy about cabinet table y-esterday, .Meilou tended tho policies of his office, spoke w i t h President Hoover's the t h e H-e ap- Sr., of C a r p p i i t f - r u n v u , died Friday i,f- \ 700 Pounds Sllgar claretl the lrlver of iiio bus, b r i n g i n g the load of boye and glrlw homo after a bfifiketball gtimc, did not coims to a f u l l stop at Ihe- Pennsylvania Railroad crossing where the mis was struck hy a spcvdiiiR I'eini=ylvaiiia 10 press train. Varied Weather For Next Week WASHINCTON. Jan -AVeat he i 1 outlook Cor the period, Jswiuary (i, to 11, Inclusive: N o r t h and Middle A t l a n t i c slates -- f a i r Monday, rain Tuesday or Wednesday and ruin or snaw Friday or .Saturday. S M1UI t e m p e r a t u r e iirwi half of the weok, considerably colclfi 1 )y Tluirsilay and probably risnss 1em- puratni'e by Saturday. !ravel a« soon ie poseible ami we will lo the best we can," Cyrus Shaffer, 70, Dies at Rich Hill Cyrus Shatter, 70 years old, a life- lo ig resident o£ Fayctte county, riled at 7:30 o'clock thia morning: at the ho ne of a nephew, Samuel Clark of Ri h ttlll, w i t h whom he resided. He ha ; been in poor h e a l t h for nearly a ye; i' and his death was not unex- pei p,d. I e was born in SaHlick ( o w n s h i p a n d wag k n o w n t h r o u g h o u t t h e c o u n t y as ; farmer. When his health began to f il he retired from activo life and Uve retired. T\ o sisters, Mrs. M a r y C l a r K of Dunce. NORTHAMPTON, Kng., ,km, -1- Tho climax of the local noclal .season wan ii "hoiuoost dance" gh-c x a by a p o u l t r j t a r i n o f in lionor or the o p e n i n g of a new tililcken house 01 uimr-tuillj liirge Khn Grove- and Mi's. Alice 1^'rieberg of P easant Valley s u r v i v e him, Th body was prepared for b u r i a l ,U th J. 1C. Kims funeral home. Ar- raugt n e u t K for the services h a v e not been ompteted. I n t e r m e m , in charge of l*'u leral Director I!. I!. Urook.s of l u d i n i Head, w i l l be in Striufier Cennu l y in B u l l s k i n t o w n s h i p . 1'arltw, 89 years old. cm- ployed by the II. C. Frick Coko ( om- pany u n t i l retired by p5iusion, Friday in the- honw of his flu tighter, . Georgo Mauler, ¥ Highland av-e- nue, Uiriontowii. Mr. Parker wan born in IjaiK^ishiTe, Kngland, in 1S40, and cam* to this c o u n t r y soon aftT rjio Civil War. Before looathi-g in L'nion- town Mr. Parker Imd spent uevc -a,l ye«,rs with his son, K. 15. Parker oC Riverside, Cat. Besides his son, he to siirvivKl hy two daughters, Mrs. W, fj I/enmon of H-ivcrside, Cal., anJ M'M. .1 R. Wood of Washington. Pa. Ho s also survived by four granddaughter.i, i n c l u d h i K Miss Bertha Parlw of California stale, form-prl.v of Connoltevi!l, two grandsons a n d Hos r ^n children. Mr. Parker was u niembci of Che GwU Bethel Baptist Church and the Knis'hls of Pythias of Union- t o w n . Funeral ^rvicis w i l l be hold S u n day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock in tho Mauler homo will) Rev. Dr. K. A. llodil, pastor of the T h i r d Presbyterian Church af Uniontown oliiciatuig. Interment w i l l le- i'U M i l l Grove Ometery, (Jonnellfavillo. HOTEL MAN SHOT BY SHERIFF WHEN DEPUTY IS SLAIN Bv U n i t e d Vrcns, MAP-OMAN fTC, Wi.s. .fun. .».--Sc-ii:4 of a room in his hotel wlierr. Emory K. Jones hold his divorced wife mid h p 21 -year-old KOJI n a p t h o s ojidod in ,i. revolver b a t t l e early today in wlrit h the hotel proprietor shot and JtJlled War! Van Duescn, 23-year-oJd d e p u i r sheriff, and was, himself c r i t k - c i l l y wounded by SberilT Harold Tbe sheriff and throe deputies ];ir in ainhusb in tlu lioiel n C t e r they wou called by ropor! of tho plight of Mrc. .rones and iior son. B r a n d i s h i n g threatened to proached his slroiiRlioId. The and his men decided u s a i n s t t r y i n g io force hia room and lay in wait until 4 A. M. Then Jones dashed out of the room and into a k i t c h e n where VanDutseu wa.s posted. W i t h o u t \ v a r n l n K tho hotel man blazed away at (he youth, k i l l i n g him. U n l l c t s i'dinpd about ./ones ais ba dashed I h r o n c s b tho gauntlet of flro from the oilier d e p u t i e s and into t h a hole! tilllce. There hu encountered Hlierllf Hmptial, A{ b lx toet tlio t\vu bogan flrluR. Jones foil, a bullet holo f r o m t h e slicnff'h .15 tbrouuli Ui.i neck. a k i l l revolver, :U).vone who up- Mrs. Albert Jones SPECIAL CHURCH SERVICES BEGIN SUNDAY EVENING Soiit'i ( ' o n i i o l K v i l i i 1 . w here ' t*'i'noon ot broiu-hi.U p n e u m o n i a . HI il scrsh'L w i l l bo T u e s d a y a f t i - n uon A t nui^ tM" t I'virn h a v e n u t tn-rii htl-d un nii 1 u* for Tlif "(.'I'Viee w i l l be !u Siuul.u afK'i'timm w i t h i n t ^ r n i e n t ihe M i d d l e P i ' e s b v t o n a u Cemetery. Stolen From Car Itorutru .Inn. t - .lean J»,-! uti-.i d fee, t o« \ \ i l l u i m T T i l d f n t m M n i h e ; ( . h , u r l l u i n of Uu , tu,i!.s ut th'^ ( lir^tiii.i-- n i p C') eivti ' .,|, ln .,. c o u i t tiMinir. nu tcliOf. T'n» j'"i T:H-!I , ,M. |s. H u e , Now Ag-ain HeiuK (iume J.Ul ·!.-- ROSS 1 Mi K e e s p c i r t . was r e - e l c t t i SptoJai to Tiio Courier. I MOl'NT PLEASANT. Tan. 4.-A car j o t ' siiKftr. cunsimiPd (o the t ' u i o n Sui' p l j C o m p a n y , and l o f t on a The Weather Mrs. Gertrude Shultz Dies in Hospital A \ \ c i K of s-pi-cial c l i u r i h ,ser\lce,s i i be m a r k c ' d liy m c e i l n R s UL nooa I d n l v , svill be i n , u i , ; u i a t i ' i l tonnirrosr Hurt in Motor Wreck I n shl wlu ; n 1)a " l(lIIX )l Ul ° i c. i!mrt"?arioiii- e \ c l i , i u s i i - p u l p i t 0 - ^ ,j,j i ( i s ,,,. vu . l , s ,],,,.j nl , || 1(1 W l V j s Mi,-, A l b en J u n e s ha,- been c o n f i n e d s , l l l i n f , . M , t u j, 1 % i i ; ( i ,, m j, n ,. ( J 1 , t o her home in Kusi l-'airview a v o u u p ' ,j,-, v, i \ j | ] comni-!i! i ;u U' IK'I o'. I n e x t 10 t h o coke t r a c k at S t a n d a r d , i f . . . 1 1 1 1 . . * . S l a t e Came f o m m i a I M, ,i lobbed last mi?!it hero unlav A r r o j K n i r l o n i R h t and Siuulay, wiu-nii-'r S u n d a y is the noon w e a t h e r f u r e c a ^ r , tor Western P r n n s y l v a n i a . 'Vf in pern t u re U fcoi'd. \ h was ''pported t h i s p o u n d s of Miear had T h p r o a r e n o c l u c w 7()t» " ' l i n i u i u m Mean ,Mi-h. J e r t r t u l e K u i l o n Shult/., about ,!!' y e a r - old, w i f e ot C l e v e l a n d H h u i U uf I n d i i n rrvek S'allcy, died Friday ' a!'(','rnoo i ;is M e l c r o f t H o s p i t a l , when; [ s h e h n t l been a p a t i e n t , in a d d i t i o n i h u her h i s b a u d , she is s u r v j i c - i l bj a | t; m i l y d! s m a l l c l i i l i l i c u ( K u n o r a n r i . i n n e n i P i n s i i . t v i - n u t hi en com ileted, h i l l i n l e r m e i u w i l l tie 111 -itauf M- i V n i f t r r y in H u l l s k i n ID v | for the I a* I two I r a i I t i u v d i o l l . i r hone and in uiiit* of t l n .pi, ^.,...., .f { L tl II Ll t body Buffered in an a u l o m o h i l o a t - c i - , KCV. H d e n t , u h i e h occurred w h i l e i - h - w ( ir, M u t h u - n I o n ner w a y M I t ' u i o i i t o n it. The loor ol (lie car, ivliu-h .Mrs dies w.ih a l t e i n ) » t i n i ? to clinic, «v bv the w i m l and hlov n 011011 !i«"ii. u' the- O v p h e u u i f l u - I'dlKli ( ilic 1 \ \ A U S A \ S , .l.ui i. - K i i t v cities, ., . . . . . i r ' i v ni w e , * , . - i ! PoKuni. h a v e f ) t ? a S i t i n M « Jonc-i «ar- t h t o w n t o t h o ,.;,,,.. f | ihew^'l*,^ b . i n K r u p i Th,. w t , K r n u n d She IB reported to he s e t - j b a u K may bn tailed i i p - ) i i u, d d a m ' i.- tins along JIB w N l a« can bo expected, · ; i K t neiiiuicii lor ihn

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