The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIXTEEN, -THE DAILY COURIER, CONNTJTL kSVTLLE, PA FRIDAY, .TAmiAKT S ( TOJ The Paramount Found Dead in Bed * Xiaura Ixi Planto seeks romance* Jti Paris in · Hokt Your Man,". Universal dialogue farc'J-coiriody en tho screen at tho Paramount, and the .results are he-yond her wildest dreams. Mtee L-a Plante's latest starring ·vehicle is of a highly original nature, and gives her tho fullest possible ecopo to ituUilge her esvpoclal screen talents ir.d accomplishments. One of ile most ent-ertatning passages Is her depiction of the everyday actions of a husband after romantic ardor has cooled. In thfe story, Miss La Plan to.goes to 'Paris to study hor art--and is fascinated by her romantic foreign model, who Impersonates both au apaelio and i nobleman--and turns, out to be neither. Her deeertetl husband comes to Paris with another girl, whom he in-tonds to marry us soon as tho divorce is granted. All .tho principals are penned tip in one place by a heavy ralwitonn, and events of a highly ludicrous and uit- expocted nature pile up thick and last, Miss La Flunte has never been seen to better advantage than in ".Hold Your Man." Her leading man. la Walter Scott, a newcomer to tho screen for whom a -highly successful career is predicted. Scott has already nivdo a name for. himself in stock and musical comedy. The cast also includes Hugone Bordcn and Mildred Van Dorn. · "Hold Your Man" was written by Maxlne Alton, tho screen adaptation being handled by Harold Shumate. Emmett Flynn, who caused a world sensation with his picturliiatlon of "A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court," directed. A Vltaphone act. and an all-talking eerial, "Tho Ace of Scotland Yards," Are also boing shown. Tho feature picture foi- -Monday, Tuesday an| Wednesday Iff "Tho Argylo Case," with Thomas Moighan and I/I la Leo in tho leading roHis. FAMOUS PEN!) STATE BUILDING STONE FOR · BIG CHICAGO FAIR STATE OO^LEGE, Ja'n. 3. -- Stono from Oll Main, central building on tho campus of the Pennsylvania State College, is to be aiUVed to the exhibit of bulMin;; stones being collected by the Limestone Service Bureau o£ Chicago for display in the 1933 world TiUr in that city. The director ot the bureau, R. N. Ball, w r o l e to Prof. C. A. Bonino o£ the department of geology for the etone from tho building, which has stood nearly three-quarters of a century, when he learned t h a t it was being rejuvenated. The wolte o£ Old -ATaJn which are now rlsin? over the steel work oi' tho now structure are being built from the eamo stono that housed the students at Penii State since tho day whon it opened its doors in 1S5D. Tho native limestone, quarried from pits of which traces aro still to bo eoen on the front campus oC tho college, is expected to bo dedicated to its second period of service when tho college next fall cele-brate.'i tho seveiity-flfth anniversary of tSo granting of ita charter. The Orpheum William 1-Ialne,-;, whimsical com i edian C'f the sor*-''.!!. turns .to thrllU-, heart thrbbs i,ih'd romance in his latefi't role- of ;th« sily*! 1 shec-t, in "Sp*ed- w'ay," 'M'efcro-Gold'wyn- Mayor's sipectn- culftr drama of trie auto iraoe track, fllinvecl/nt the Tudlana-polis 'Rac-ea, arici :n.ow ap.peaThi;g at the Or'pheum Theatre, wil'h a synch-vonlped sound scoro, However, this -doesn't mean tlwt the ·spriig-htly WU'liab) doesn't take occasion to inject m;my laivghs Into tin; picture in his own itnlmltaMo manner, bii't, primarily. Hiiri 68 shows thn evohi'tton of 'a "Fwsh" youngster Into a man, assuming and facing a .mun'B resptriislbilttleB, in one of th;- finest pi-eces of acting thvsct % eeirhRH s-een in years. "Speedway" is an intimate ^portrayal of the rnside of auto racing, and a protty love stor;,' runs through its loug'hs and tlu ills. Practically the ·\vhol-e of the gnx at apee-dway face at Indianapolis is : howii -- cars, roaring around .curves, Keech's .8ie-n-sa,tional %-lctory and otlior -details. Iflreii u couple of mishni'S were caii'ghi by tht ca-me-ra for- a grpping background for t-he ceatral thmo. Onie" not only aesH a play, but attaints, the rac-es as well, in "Speedway." Halhes .playa the young mechanic who wins his pHico as a race driv-or. Anita Page, -the -horoino, plays an aviatrlx with whom ho .fall® in,- love. Ernest Torrenc contTibutes a splon- did piece oC cl^iracter acting as th.o veteran ra;-o 4vi',or hero of sixteen un- su-cceasful atiten\pts i.o capture th-o big race, but who, dospite .his defoaits still tries. Kajrl Dane, 'a'n liis stolid mo- chanic, and John M l l j a n , as the villainous millionaire driver, 'avo adequately cast, as ;tro tho other of"-t'h« cast Polly 'Moran an.d Eugenie The program also includes' an all- tiilklug pict'UTo, sound HOWS roel ami niovietono act. Tli-e f-eature picturo for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Th-nrsday of next week is "'! ho Hollywood HOVIK-," THREE THOUSAND NAMES TO BE PUT . . INTO JURY WHEEL Special to The Courier. IJiNaONTOW.N. Jan. 3.--Throe thousand nai»«B ft'O to ho -plac-tx! in the 1930 jury who -1 on next Monday at 9:30 o'clock v.hen fcho board ft j u r y eonnnisslonor.^ will organize. William S-earlght will bo elected prosidont and /Vies Gabler tho now ·member ol th- boa.rd will be chosen sccrota-ry. Mi s Ella Rockwell probably wil! bo named cl:rlc. Judge Thomas H. llnilson will .prc-sirlo. Nearly 40 p.^r cent oft ho jurors to go into Uie wheel will bo women. EIWOOD CITY MURDER OUTGROWTH OF FEUD Advertisements Brhi-s rat'/iU'ts when placed In tho columns ot The Daily Ooirrder. .ELLAVOOD CITV, Jan. 3.--The kill- Ing ot Samui I Miller, 45, of I t a l i a n | parentage, in ,x garage here last n i g h t as believed t/day by police to have been the result of a femt. The body a i found by John Evans, a negro, who tioMood tha door ajar and investigated. There were three bullet wounds iu t h a back o£ the head. Miller's dei'.th recalled the slaying o£ Uocco Zajpia, who wus shot to death a year ago. Polica believed a feud was resjionsible in both cases. Home of tho Talking natures. All Talking Found dead in her studio apartment in Chicago, Tennessee Mitchell AnderSon, sculptress and writer, above, is believed to have suffered a hemorrhage of tho lungs while she slept. She was the divorced wife of the-novelist, Sherwood Anderson. --' Fashions S t r a w s Show Way Winds of Fashion Are mowing. By.FRANCES PAGET Copyright., 1,930, by Stylo Sources NEW YORK. Jan. 3--Tho fabric hat hue become, a general favorite. It haa won instantaneous SIKMXWK at sou them playg-roumls and Is being looked forward to w i t h tho confidence that. aur:h a background n a t u r a l l y inspirpe, For feodthorn WPIU- fabrics arc soft (H1-.1 carry out tho tone ot tho drrw-w-. Tlio so-railed summer tweed from Agnes, In reality a woolen s h a n t u n g t h n nub of w h i c h has mi auporu finish, I n k i n g the dye rather (iilTorontly from tli r«st ot t h e fabric, to much in evidence. Pique, but abovo oil linnn must bn omphaeixcNl. Three fabrics are used alone or in combination with straw or another fabric, and are treated variously and not .Infroquoiitly 6titchel. S(itched taffotas may also be reckoned as Important. One must lxirn tho names, of many IK-W straws thte eeation, and to he- :trne- accustomed to wearing them, which is the,main thing. Panarnelacyua is one ot tht» new etrawa. Incidentally it Is beliig starred for both resort and ·spring wear, it« limtroiw body being flue ami easily adaptable to the spme- what soft, crufihablo lines favor. Piool luciolc or porto houheur as it is called by Hoboux is another interesting entry. For early town wear the trend s-aemlngly id toward black, luatroun etraws. Ne-ora, or Bogota, na it. fe sometimes called, Is anothor r a n k i n g f.-ivorlte, The-so straws may be dcslg- ratec! afi synthetic eirtce they are a combination of cellophane and a vegetable fibre, it ie the purely vegetable libra which Is d i g n i f i e d by the term -xotic Looking for Bargains 1 If so, read tho advortlsln.g" columns it The Daily Courier. Patronize those who advertise. WITH SOUKI) You'll get lots of Upi) on how to catch 'em-- aud how to hold 'om-- when you see Lovely Laura hi this hilarious offering. Starring Vitaphono Act Wit-li Jack Whlto and His Entertainers All Talking Serial 'Ace of Scotland Yards' W i t h A n Ha 1'n^o Ernest Tor,renc ·, Karl Dane . Also All-Talhing Comedy, Movietone Act find Sound News Sizes 35, KG and 37 only. $25.00 value. -- $5.00 Men's Jersey Knit Sweatei -s In brown heath ;r and Oxford. $3,00 value ,.,,_ $1.95 Special J ..ot Women's Shoes, Oxfords and Straps Special for Saturday 97c Men's Outing Night Shirts Sixes 15 to 20. $.1.50 v a l u e 89c Special Lot Satihs, Crepes, Jerseys, Knits 'Values to $9.95.- Silliourtte Style Boys' Sv r eaters 88c AH $1.50 values $1.00 Work Shirts 77c "Big Yank" heavy blue chainbray Boys' Cord Knickers Also moleskin. A]l sizes. Regular $1,25 value Men's i Shaker Swee ters Regular $4.CO value all colors -- in Ladies* Tweed Raincoats In grey, tan and ''wine colors Special Lot Women's Beacon and Corduroy Robea A l l colors find sixes All IVlen's Ladies' Pure Thread Silk Hose . "Mutual" Brand in all colors, pure silk, ^"| .$1.50 value «pJL» Special Lot -- Ladies' Silk Umbrellas Values to $5.00 Ladies' Chinchilla In N a v y Only, All Sizs. Heltod and Plain Models 70x80 Double Cotfcon Plaid Blankets Special for , Saturday .................. Ladles' Silk and Wool Hose All colors, special for Saturday C Ladies' Silk Stripe Union Suits AH sizes, strap shoulders, knee length Bed Comforts Ijavge size bed comforts, ,made of fancy cretonne -cotton ^S 6 ) fill in ti ?D^ F'erryop iis Matinoo 1(c nil it 25c; t I5o and «5c Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Thomas .ttfiidinn, IT. U. Wnmer t i n ] 'LIU. Lee In "THE ARGYLE CASE" PERRTOPOLIS, Jan 8--Mrs. Dora Keller is visiting wit -i her sister, Pearl, «t Tower I-Itll; Mre. John 'Wl'.igrovo incl son, Jimmy ol! Clah'ton n.3's apenr'lng the week with relatives in Perr "opolls. Mr, anri Mrs. Dwlgl t M u r p h y of Washington, Pa,, huv \ re-turned to their home thore- nftr- · spending tho past week with Mr. ai d Mns. W i l l i a m M u r p h y of Star J u n c t on. Mrs. Y o u n g who ha-, beon. very 111), is m u c h improved, Mr, and Mrs. M i l t o n \VilkPs3 of Mon- cfisen epenl, TS'e-dne-; day a f t e r n o o n here iviih t h e formei » mother, Mrs. John AVilkro. Dale M a r t i n r e t u r n !d to Swleavaln Wednesday evening a f t e r spending Christmas ami New Vear's with hie parents, Mr. and Mra J. R. Martin. Helen I-loleb ot "\\ aahlngton, Pa., who had been vieiti -.g _with Stella Moore has re-turned h vine. Tht Perry Hlgli ioj'6 liaaketbail team haJ practice V'eilnesday afternoon. The ivlll in iet the Mount Pleasant IWgli toam n the local floor Friday evening at 7:3 i, Mre, F.'Bierwith at d son, Robort of West. Newton, t?pont Mrs. iVfcmltt Olodfelt; R a l p h ]?yers, who ijclioo! In Pltt'ebnrg, si'liopl attr f p e n d i n j his yarenta, Mr. an Dyers. Tuesday with Is attending art has returned to some time w i t h Mrs, Nathaniel Rum Orgy Follows Dry O./ j «/ j :s Pilot house and deck of speedy rum-runninf t runner was heavily lacion with holiday liourtr l\ nn 4- ** T? 1 n *»lr T l i i / i T r ** f t i V i n **.-i +-1t-v«on »v»rt *»t K n t-'ct f\ P t\11 , "T i 1 la **\\ ft n*fiA i \-* f * 4 - t\t ~. f* L / - I · . . - . ! ' boat "Black Duck," where three members of t crew were killed, a fourth wounded by machini cun fire of the U. S. Coast Guard Patrol Bou 1 . No. 290 in chase in Newport Harbor. The run; It JB alleged t h a t the Coast Guards colelratcd the "victory" by drinking part of the confiscated cars"-

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