The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 3
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Y : -I : f !Y - V r ' Tree shaded flagstont) paths bordered by lawn within a courtyard-like area surrounded by modern trim row bousing it how architects see the Preston Street housing project when work Is finished. Rents. The Ottawa Journal ' TOtSDAT, AUQtjyr 18, IBM. Not Enough Protection-Aldermen Crime Wave Sparks Plea For Bigger Police Force "T ' j"i" ii yTTy"lT ' " " ' T''i"'r""T Tl i " ! iisspi i "t 'If' " " '! ' 1 i 1 1 ' ' Rl " 'f "1 1 T f ' V T cn VWwr- SnK on j r - . - f: . MVlffll- Mi kMM 1 ti t l -it S - H' -Ti Mil ii , iD a; ( 4 i V i 4, irlzLJii B IJ I - I 'fJ L" ilJ IgtcH dcjdgsL ' u -re, j J firsts . ' : '.: -.,75;7. r--' ' m mat, si i .. Work vffl Mart in October on Ottawa's first vbaUw renew 4U scbcnM covering an area bounded by Preatoa. Balaam and Booth Streets north of the Queans wsy. The sketch above outlines the overall reowvesopmcnt showing location of the proposed public' proiect across , Rochester Streets AUG. 31 DEADLINE By J. CLAUDE LEGARE .a am. - . ; ; The Westers Quebec Regional : Sctosl Board Moeday offered 1 a say the sand now owned by J the City of Schools Corporation. 1 ' A issulaUoB was unaaimously 2 adopted by commissioners of C the regional board allowing un- HI. Aogust 11 for the Corpora- 5 tsoa a accept the offer.-"- After "that date, board praat- - desst Ross H. Uloade said, the " board would start looking oat- the Ory of Schools for Und J a wbscb to build thrcooU. i ; ' Ta rasotattoa ays "the tor- ta following master of ths ragional board. ' labads axpiained the Vaerd Msads a build a im-gag pro . omployasonl school. Graduates from that school be said. coaM go aa to the Ap- raswicashta Centra far Building I scama as :.Kfcj. II ARCHITECTS VIEW "triii inwisti alia.! ii r ' i f URBAN RENEWAL the top, bordering Booth, and Arlington Avenue. The School Board Site of City of Schools not la the plans for the City of Schools.. - ' "A trade school would then become the natural step for students who wished to better themselves," continued Mr. La-londo. v ' . ' The fourth step la the board's planning would be an institute of technology which the Corporation has indicated would be part of the Cjty of Schools. Mr. Lalonde said the regional board would be the most important occupant of the City of Schsola with its M , classroom U.0,m secondary school; another secondary school for English speaking students; the $1.-tM.Me pr . employment school and the ether Institutions which wilt eventialty fall under Its jurisdiction. - ' t Copy of she resolution was sent to the Minister of Educa-ttoa. It states that the Regional Board 'la entirely formed of el acted officials whs are ton- ,'t 41 I (o o Li OF THE PROJECT for the units will be geared to average $65 a month. It one, two and tinea-storey mentiess type. ' - ' - to . -fir" ' " J . mrmm . nstJt iTJtii .IT . . !n!;- IN PRESTON , new High School of Commerce comprising classrooms, ' auditorium and library buildings occupies the block . at lower right Immediately to the left is the proposed j privatt development area which willinclude two-storey ' town house with underground parking, U-storey apartment tower and shops with apartments overhead. Offers to sdoua of their responsibilities ta education. , . It also states that the trustees art fully capable of administering their affairs with out the kelp af a third party. Two questions put to the City of Schools Corporation that still remain ananswered are: 1. What wiO be the cost of land needed for the construction of schools by ths' regional board? . ,' i : , : 2. What will be the coat of services rendered by ths City of Schawls Corporation to the regional board? j '.. Ths Corporation, headed by Hull MLA Oswald Parent, recently acquired the 74-acre Br ryn farm, wfst of Maurice Street ta Hull. Ths preliminary pro)cct of the City of schools was shown at public meeting last Thursday at Fairy Lake School. '' Mr. Lalonde said Monday the proiect wss acceptable ta the rational board. . ; , : .fc: - v.i income and irt expected will comprise 13 blocks of row housing of the . . . AREA Buy ' l..-:,'. "The obiectlons'wa raise this tims." he said, "are strictly on tha administrative level. We cannot sea the necessity of building our owa schools end having them adminlsteredjy third party with different views on education. Denies UK To Buy -1 Canada Jets (By The 'CF) A defence production department spokes man said, today there la no foundaUon. for reports In the British press that ths United Kingdom t plans to buy vans-dian-buih let fighter bombers. "There had been speculation that the British would place large order for the planes, In Canada using Brtiun part. By tOM KERR . el The Journal Worried aldermen want the ; policujcpi handle- spartment beefed up to : wave ol break-in, vandalism and holdups acrou ; the city. j "There's simply not enough , police prelection right now," i aid Alderman Charles St. Ger-I main. "The public is demanding j more police protection." echoed Alderman Bruce Harvey. Mayor Forecasts Fireworks City Council Eyes Election Calendar And other aldermen took up , the cry Monday night in an "illegal" city council ditctuaion (parked by the daylight-holdup of a widow in ' her Oigoode Street home on the weekend, MAYOR'S ADVICE Mayor WhiUon closed oft the discussion with the suggestion that aldermen take their com- cause the military hospital was never full. -i "But," she added, "it would be better to leave it in the hands of the provincial commission now studying hospital needs in Ottawa," That was also bar advice when Aldermen Frank Boyce suggested It was time Ottawa bad a children's hospital. , In routine business. Council approved dividing the contract tor collection nf the eihr'a 1 . Mt parking meters to the two low tenders Capital Guard Service and Industrial and Do mesuc rroucuosi lompany. The contract providing for a payment of seven cents K 'RIDICULOUS' MOTION Say : J a I I I an aw t S. I 1 . -' ... .1 I Mayor Whitton Is anticipate I ing a "fire, and brimstone" style meeting of City Council Sept. I. She reasons that It will virtually be impossible for council to have two quiet, meetings In a row. especially with the election only a (ew months off. . On Monday night,' council breezed through the regular agenda in an hour and then spent another (0 minutes chewing the fat on a variety of subjects before adloummg. SHARP REMINDER A sharp reminder of the Dec. 7 election came in the opening minutes when' pur-Chase of ballot boxes and ISO voting compartments were approved at a cost of about $2,- In the chit - chat session. Alderman-3im McAuley-got Council support for strict enforcement of a bylaw forbidding littering of streets. He complained that construction trucks in the Gloucester Kent Street area were "losing part of their, load" "The street is littered with dirt sand and what-have-you from morning to night, and residents are complaining.'' HOSPITAL PROPOSED Alderman David Dehler suggested the city should investigate the possibility of Uk. ing over part of the National Defence Medical . Centre . to ease the hospital bed shortagV in Ottawa. ; Mayor Whitton said It was a "sound proposition" s v It LAYOUT OF ' The propooed layout housing proiect showing ... II ; . . V, l k tor UXJ ''I'M l. ) s ' Slav areas: nedestrian walks, parking spaces irii mercial area is outlined In above sketch. The housing project win occupy S.3 seres of ths totaM8.7 acre site covering the entlta urban renewal schems.y . i Kay Council's Time Alderman Don,. Kay rapped - Monday night was for "wasting" council's time. "It's all garbage," snipped Alderman Roly Wall. "He's not- only wasting the staffs time, but ours as well." .The reprimand' cam as Mayor Whitton ruled Alderman Kay "out-of order" on three motions he brought for ward for council consideration. The Gloucester Ward Alderman's "strikeout" prompted Controller Doa ReM to NEW HOUSING of ths Preston Street public arrangement' of buildings. plaints perionatly' to tlx poiici jcommiition which by law ihould not be wbjected to "poli- Ileal pressures. Severs! council members indicated they would do Just that. One el them, AMsrmaa pea Kay, el Gloucester Ward, wanted council ! t ea record as "feeling" the pel tea farce was adsrmaansj, But Mayer WMttaa kktntly per meter collection runs! until the end of this year..-'. CALL PROBE J ' In the meantime, an investigation will be made into "all circumstances surrounding the preparation of the tender, the receipt and handling' of them since Feb. II The city, has been paying II cents meter1 to Brinks Express under terspt of the old contract which ran out tar June. . : i... ; The new contract won't take effect until September ' and runs out at the end of De- camber when new tenders will be called for a two year contract. . ., "9 suggsat that to fatara aMar-ssaa eoaselt with City Solicitor Doa Hasabliag ao the legaHty af the mntloaa they iMead te bring fwrward. Alderman Kay maintained that be bad discussed bis ideas with either ths city clerk or a member of the legal staff; before submitting them, v : However. Mayor Whitton ruled two of them but of order on the advice of City Solicitor HambUng because they wars contrary to law; and the third she ruled out of order on her own because H was "simply ridiculous." ' j The "ridiculous" oaa was Aldermaa Kay's suggest loa that every diemrtuisat head . attend ovary eoaacfl meeting Ibb . aasShAseni . daa as aaSaaaaW BBasKaaasw aw OWf Uf Vl'tWnia rwspaW ssatatlvss had any aiealloas they wasted ta ask, ! Present practice is to see if the aldermen have any ques tions and then telephone for the official to come In. if necessary. ''. v .: t - s ' ' The first motion thrown out was a request to have ths tax payer provide a stenographer for aldermen. Mr. HamMing pointed out that aldermen . were paid aa annual allowance of $3.500 of which 11.166 was tax-free for expenses incurred in carry ing out their duties. The city solicitor felt , that because of the allowance "each alderman is obliged to provide his own stenographic belp. . v . 1 The : other motion tossed out was one that would have council go on record as favoring abolishing OTC xone fares. Mayor Whitton advised the alderman, to take ths matter up with the commission on his own because council wss not allowed to Interfere In ths operations of the publicly- owned transit system. , ; SIGN AGREEMENTS ' TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) Inn and the Soviet Union, signed air agreements Monday which will set up semi-weekly flights from Tehran to Moscow and also allow Soviet' planes to fly from Tehran to Karachi. Bombay. Colombo and Jakarta. Iranian planes will be able now to fly to Western Europe via Moscow. .( -..--; SHIP LOADING HALTED LAGOS, Nigeria (Reuters) Loading on 13 ships at Lagos and nearby Apapa was halted Monday by a sit-down strike of 2.000 contract laborers who damn their employers have hot implemented an agreement signed in Jun after a 13-day itountry-wids striks. t' - . refected tke. aaggestlsss, "That is tantamount to a mo tion of censure in the police) commisiiou." she said, I won't discuss it here. We've got a good police force and good administration." ' Alderman John Powers and others stressed it waa not meant to be a criticism of the force. "They are doing a good job," be said. But he wondered if more men might not be need ed "until these break-tns are broken tip." ' - He suggested a rarara te "feet patreis" kt residential areas because cruiser petrels wereeit erTtctiva, ''I've always felt that." said Mayor Whitton. "But It's policy administration matter and not tor as to say." Alderman Bruce Harvey re ferred to "many break-ins" m the West End one at the Island Park Drive home of Aldermaa Ken Fogarty. of Oueensbora Ward. . J The policemen themselves, he . aid. "admit the trouble is that they are understaffed." Mayor Whitton . reiterated R was a matter- for the police commission1 to determine. "But.r said Aldermaa Harvey, "perhaps little prodding from us V . "The biggeet bunch ' of wolves," interjected AJderreaa Frank Boyce. of Carleton Ward, "re prowling the Western parkway." - - - But Mayor Whitton statutory member of the police commie. ioo said that was the RCMP rasponsfbility. . ' ' - Aldermaa St. Germain referred to recreation department change-huts "being thrown into the river" by hoodlums. v "I cevld ewe a km af ether . things, tea," be said. "Bwt It's pretty bad wbea there's daylight attackr. la v He referred to an armed- ' man's Invasion af the home af Mrs.' Jean Finley. If Osgoode Street,:. . Saturday.'"!- She was robbed of after ba lag grabbed by the hair and having a gua put against her bead. Aldermaa Fogarty echoed Mayor . Whitton s statement about Ottawa having a "good 'IW"5 orea." " impressed with police ",cwncT murT orsa-m at nis horns. "Their courage and de- I"'" outy amareo my neighbors." . be said, refemag to a police chase that caught the burg'ar. . . Several weeks ago. Aldermaa Kay seat a letter to the police commission suggesting ths til-member force be tacreassd to provide mors protection la outlying Gloucester Ward. The question of the sire of the police fores comes aa Board of Control is Investigating the strength of the firs department. Alderman Clauds Bennett asked four weeks ago for assurance that the firs fighting force ' was' adequate to ensure the safety of lives' and property. He brought It up again Mon day night, but Mayor Whittoa said a report wouldn't be available antll the Sept. I council meeting. .,-' Early Arrest Expected In Bank Holdup Eastview Polios Chief Clauds Dwyer said Monday that aa ar rest Is expected la a weak or la connection with the June M armed holdup of the Canadiam Imperial Bank of Commerce. 'We are onto a good lead and expect to make an arrest.' Chief Dwyer said. Ha declined to elaborate, except to say that an arrest is not expected for "a ' eek or two. - j : The holdup at ctoslng-tima of ths . Montreal Road breach af ths Canadian' Imperial Bank netted a Ions gunman MM hi cash. The bank is located across the street from Eastview Police station. .. ....... - for th ; largesl , selection of Courts Hallmark greeting ' cards in Eastern '.' ..... Qfo r 203 Sparb Street M the MaR linings Iridoe Ptau Carlingweee flata 'X ".ft.- :v: 1 1' I

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