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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 2, 1918
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pum Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. VOL 16, NO 95 CONNELLSVILLE, PA SAT Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,533 .RDA1 B\EMNG MARCH 2, 1918 EIGHT PAGES UKRANIAN CAPITAL, FALLS INTO HANDS OF THE ADVANCING GERMANS ·ptore of Bolshetiki Few TTeeks Ago Resulted in Heary loss of Iiife. iPSTO SIBERIA ilted States Z«Kninp to Proposal »f Eatentc That XOutio Be Glren Free Bmti a the East; Fortvsiese H«rl Iterk Saiafc lento* Attack. B} Associated Fr*3s Kiev, tbe Ukraman capital has been cupted b Teutonic troops The rman war office today announced i "liberation of Kiev towards wInch rman forces have been advancing enslbly at the request of the Uk- oiian Rada with whicn the Central wers concluded a separate peace for Ukraine last month ousted the The 3ol- Olran'ans February 8 attei a pitchpd battle wb.icb, the total casualties were re rted to have been 4 000 lulled and 00 munded Che Teutonic advance iito the Uk- ne under the German commander neral Voa Linsingen bis been one considerable rapidity the new m- lon haring been begun on February the distance of approximately 200 es to Kiev baring thus been cov- d in but little more than 10 days '·ace negotiations between Gcr TXJ and the Bolsheviki government areaUy bavc been broken off aga,m mraption of the German forward Temeat and the fact tbat the Rus- 3 peace emissaries bavc asked that rain under military guard be s*nt meet them near Pskov indicates t Teutonic aggression has not vet ·n satisfied, ·he Bolshenki are mating genuine puaUons to meet the German ad- ce and Premier Leninc is sending Ji proelamaUons urging all Rus- 3M to save tbe revolution tin latest dispatches from Petro- d say the Bolshevik! are destroying itecle raialway bridges and roads are sending large forces to the ·Hue front The Germans are said « within 80 mfl£s of Fetrograd on sooth west and are ipproaching ha om the same meridian at longi- 9 a* Petrograd and 300 miles west Hoicew Kiev, the camtal, which beck in Bolsheviki control is u ftt.f leffiui reports the sorrcnder of 10 Russians and the capture of much MAJOR CHARGED WITH NEGLECTING SICK TO BECOURTMART1ALED tpovc by Senator CluunlxHam Starts Probe into Conditions it Camp Konlplian. Bv \ 4 ciaictt P-es^ ·ft 4SHINGTON, March 2 --Major Philip B Connellj medical coips L S A o£ .cv, 'iork City and \\al er H Ki-kpatrick medical corps national guard HTven Kan face trial b courtmartial as a result of an inves tigation of hospital conditions at Camp Doniphant Okla prompted b., the deauh there of Private \lbert Heft- wood of Liberal Kan The court martial was ordered yesteidaj bv Sec, retarj Baker after the report ot tbe investigating offices had been leceiv- ed Puhhc no*tice was attracted to camp conditions when Senator Chamberlain cmnng the course of a speech in tae Senate read a letter written by Pnv ate Heftwoods father to a friend The letter told of unclean hospital conditions and of having his son hodv sent home wrapped in sheets FURS WORTH §2,000 STOLEN FROM SAMPLE ROOM AT SMITH HOUSE Sbt rnr ( oats, Included In the Loot; ^fo Truce Jtound of the Persons Iltspon r iblt. The samp e room in the reir of tie Smith Hous-e was robbed of about $2 000 worth of goods during the night Si\ fur coats 30 sots ot furs and two scarfs were taken N o t h i n g s known of how tne thieves entered the loom there bung no win dows unlocked and no doors un ocked this morning M v u Kihn a New York salesman who is selling the goods noticed this v h e h he i n t e i e d the room this morn ing The furs missing included five ladies coats t w o of them mink worth 5200 a-d *"00 respoctivelv and Hire Hur'son seal coats vvor h from $T0 to $200 and i man s fur com Officers are at vork on the ease PORttFK rONNLLIs\llLh RI U)Y ro i*o 10 nmcj materials and k. railway rolling j. nrcLisES TO THE ' TTEW ASHINGTON March 2--Although cations today are that the State irtment is heing steadily rnfluenc- o accept the allied vie* that Japan i« can beat deal with the menace i agcresaion m Siberia, high tail intimated that anv prediction h* aeetalon of the American gov- oent would be unsafe. Conditions 3 changing so rapidly they said so many factors were so continu- entering the problem that the iei. States wae faced by new is- almost daily om the frequent exchange be- .» tlic Entente governments and hington it is understood Great lin and France and ptssibly Italy ·re an efficient army and navy to reach of Siberia and not other- encaged and acting in conform- rtth a general agreement might he r able to deal with the situation an international force JCAX RAID OS TTEST FROST INDON", March 2--German troops led oat a raid on a wide front ist Portuguese trenches in aern France early this morning- f"s British war office statement unced A counter attrck prompt- unched ejected the Germans and the,»ituatioii as it -was, before the TT ABTItUiRYlAG 0V ITAlUlf FROXT ME, March 2--Heavy artillery Ing on. both sides of the Brenta is reported by the wtr office sujis PATRIOTIC EXERCISES Sonth ConniUsnlle Students Are In ei to B«) Har Stivmp^. Eiercises ol a patriotic nature took place at the South Connellsville schools Friday morning when John Davis supenntendent of the Metropolitan Insurance company addressed the pupils of the high school, together with Room 8 on the subject of Thrift and War Saving Stamps Following the address Mr Davis submitted a plan for the pupils to follow out in selling the stamps also mentioning that a service medal would be given to each one disposing of 10 War Savings Stamps a pennant suitably inscribed to the pupil in each room having the largest amount of individual sales to his or her credit and a class banner to the room having tie largest collected sale Professor Beahm, principal of the school presided and introduced Miss Mary McConnell who sang two selections The address of Mr Davis fol lowed Professor Beabm closed the exercises with a few remarks along the line or patriotism after which Mr Davis accompanied by School Dtrec tor DeBolt visited Rooms 7 and 6 ad dressing the children in each room The other rooms of the South Con uellsville schools will be visited next week GUNNER'S MATE HONORED BROKEN MAINREPAIRED IPERRYOPOLIS GIRL IS BRIBE OF U. S. SOLDIER m FRANCE I IV ilitinfr HPI rvrat of I ist lano lint far! N Ponfalod Latil This T i m e Mr and M"s Hmfs C i r = m u e"nonolifc Invt announced the rna uagc of ,ei~ diugnur Miss 1 Isie to Ha n R C r a w f o r d of bwiBsvale uhic. took pi tee June If I'll" it N e w furnberl ind ^ \ a thp Rev R G ·Oiaffpr officiating flir b K ^ i o i m is now m F r a n c o ( onncJlhvilU ^lavor .Accents J t n d e r w i t h P i = e IOST ti Corps No 27 H e . ut Oflui lijl Jiv State RECONSIDER ACTION ° rf| DUGGAN DIRECTOR n.n *.r , n o n , TMTTM »« OF WAR SAHNGS IN FAYETTE COUNTY Tlmt Hjnc A1 Consolidation. "OF ONE MIND AND HEART" was graduated la l i n e from he de p i r t i a p n t o' nbai-m-tv of tie I n i v e sitv o Pitt innr lie foriicriy nsid ( i at Per'-jcpolis Mr*, Crawford w i l l pm?m w i t h her p-i en s unt ! hor husb ind r u u n s Jirtclur Maor John Duggin has TINKER RIDGE IN UNE Service Lines, [n Ogilcn aril I Ana Streets Still Irozen , , Former ConnellSMllt. boys have The Connellsville Water company ] found thell w a j mto ^ m l l u a r ^ has completed repairs and replace Vlce m 1USL a j )Ou t ^ ne nj t u x i l i m I ) !MM! H i d { ross Hnmuj rhin mil w i t t i a nornbcr i organi ed b residents accepted the ·vpijoiiit nent of James F Burl o "tdtc ] ice or of the \atiora \\ai St.\ ins 1 ! t, jmrn line as cha nnan of ilit municipal council of the n a^ettt, ( C o u m \ A^r Si\ ngs cominiitee Tho Heedin | remainde- of th e co m u j is to be nade c; fcrctari i i of h id ns offlciaK of the Carious n n m i c ! ' ]lL]es of Lhc o u n t ' R h o ^ l H Hip Pka Wdiwed 1« CcnnellSTille ^tmbers QP stion to lie Kc-snl) united to I-xecufcuoCommittccjFmt QjvptvrtuuiU t« feliovf Local Pride the earnes solicitation of \ Russell Carr of the Ln ion own chap er ot Hie Hrd Cross Cbairman J Fred K u i t z of Jie Con «s A H c] ship oC " of T i n k e r b R dgp and Belle Grove at a meet ng held at he home of Mr uic] Mrs Edward c Mirsh The new u n i t s L.H auxil _n to tl c Connclls- v i l l e Red Cross Chapter and has -ll r *aclv t u r n e d into tht, cliaptfr S ^ G O o O ?7b uO of w h i c h is tbe piocegds from i supper t veil for the bencti of the Red Lross rb bal met of the um was mam in Park street is frozen i ^ u-ckenbv is a son ol Mr and Mrs |'«·"«! fr ° m men berabip dues Plumbers excavating for repairs to I j fc Leckcnbv former residents of I The ncmb( -rs irp as ml ows water mains say the frost his l e f t , Connellsvilk but now livmg n Mey Mrs R o s i t e e F d w a r d C the ground a depth of two r eet butl e r s dalp In i recen lettet to bib pal Marsh Mrs Murgaret M-u-sh Mrs that below that point there is still entb Corporal I c«.ke-bv said | Hizabeth Sproul Vrs Clan. Holt ice and consequent danger of lines Last week our companv w a ^ verv freezing ^ busv We spent five dats on the rifle be appo nted upon tl c nomination and ne!Isl]1 i c c ], a ptei will re-submit the recomL f i dation of Chairman Dugi^an who v\ 11 also determine the size of the courul Tbrout;'! the iru ments of tbe four inch mains in Ogden and Edna streets vice pipes are p t electric thawing apparatus has been unable to open them The tw o inch c am p Hancock of tbe ser | f r frozen and the Corpo )^e w h o have tone out direct!) Connehsville Among these ib .1 Riy Leckenby a. member o f ! C 110 h Infantry uow at j " Corpor ASKS $10,000 DAMAGES Parents Seek to Recover From Scottdale Company tor Death of Child. Mr and Mrs John Hajost of North Scottdale East Huntingdon township have brought suit against the Scott dale Ice company for 'JIO 000 delight, fte dug them a moht so as to get a better idea nf *hjt w e must do when w e ,et to IVatice Our taptatn l i n i n g told thp major what our non eoms coul'l do w e werp i detailed to instruct the men of other suit is to recover damages for the ' companies in tirget pnelicc Mj men death of their two-vcar i "d daughter - amc through fine h-uini, qua ifled it " Mrs Murgaret I I limbetli Sproul Vrs | Join I r w i n Mrs Daisj Sproul Thomas ^cese M i s B»rtha Seese Mrs range and we dm some fine shooting I Fam! y Leonard Mrs Satah L Rush Don t think an} coropanv has anvthmg Mabel L Leona-a Cecelia Collins on us labl night At wire d i g g i n g ' Jibn c Spittal Jovd Staup Norman trenches in w h i c b tb brijs took g-eat Hall Charles Leo John Collins Vies question* of uniting with other chai ters o f the countv in a single organi ?ation before repor in,, to Philadel headquarters the action o Thursdav night when vhe proposa .as voted down Connellsville ina have am or al tbt letter ·which \ e been selected because le^ Will ams Oliver Sproul Charles Collias and who fell in the run tbe hot a11 ranges "We have juiie a reputa water from the ice plant empties I llon TM bavonPt drill If ion could ater irom tne ice plant emiiues -- -v - -- *.*,.,,- The ehild U .B alleged ded f,o» onl, see M ,o ihronsh tin, «orcfco tated^e.lerda^mormo S ^ lu, borne tbe results of scalds -nco ved w h e n h o u wou!d f c c l V W much as I dc she fell mto the water The accident |about it being i big fie or m thih %ar occurred August 22 1917 StKTICES. lor JffethwlULi Bnrinff the Comlnj* "fteck. Communit prayer meetings will be T am 1 *° I * m S Lirder every da\ and am prepared to go 10 France when. e\el the call corres crmins t S P F K r f G (QlDHSSm Charles f Venr?cr ^on of M an 1 Mrs C 1 Mcntzer o fooufn P-ospect ! inemcd b~v -cads \ou La you can always be depended on to re j spond 10 ever, pati 101 c c/\ 1 There I i«- hi dh a n y l h m t , of oqual mport | a*nc w i h this "War 3 i \ m g s campaign j We \vanj ou to join u^ =;o tba tho j whole of Piyette connU will be care- I f u l l \ and cfect \clv oiginized in our municipalities I iw bare that our v-o^k will be a great satisfaction to you as w e l l as i verv effecme aad in this importan cimpa gn T h e letter of notification i$ ^igncd b% W Russell Carr \ ce chairman The le ler fiom Mr Carr was follow ed bv i communication fiom James I ^ B r o w n i M l e Mr Cha Unt j Burke urg ng Mavor Dus:gan to ac rci red t-a* ! Thursdav nigat ap cept JIL uorainanon as chairman p a r e i t t j in be best of health When [ Mr Duggnu accepted the nomma he did not arise at his usual time jes t* rday morning Mrs Chalfant made an m/pstigation and discovered tbe 1 council : hoped that evci\ coninuinit IB Fay et e coum\ will be awakened and the tnith 1 - about t h e wir and the means netcssan to w m it brought lome. 1 nf tbe counl , offlcers headquarters There ire at present be ng a ipomted ware houses in fact anvthmg sav m l a v a e couutv C'o agents to sell Sccrttar) Carr m teicKrams to Chair W a i Savings Stamps and m such cen- m ,_ KurU , loe members n , nls Cltv ters, as Connellsvillc and Uniontown ,,,, b u L lgrce to go along jn the the htarapi w i l l be placed on sale in n, o , C Ti ont fol one county O rgani7i- ever store ind public place non ]n one message received in the Major Dntgan is Jighlv compli afternoon ^csterdav he sas compli in part "Beiorp jou of notif\ Philidelphln the iction «f ionr IS ASPHYXIATED rVcIl Knjivn UruwnsviIIe Man Tictim 01 Natural l*as ] uines. lames A. Lhalfa^t, a 1 fe-long resi ient of l a v e t t e county was asplnx held nett week a-nonj, members of street now in the service of t ic Quar the Methodist Episcopal church as j termaste"! Dnartmont at I oit Du tallows Monday South. Connellsville, I Pont, Del is prepar ng to nuallfj as at the home of Mrs Charles Carson, a commissioned offlci r Tuesdaj innual concert given by the | Sunday school orchestra in the church FOltMXR DRT (. CLHlh auditorium Wednesday meeting in Di HOSHT U, S U H I f E . the church Thursday South Side at p x Mclntyre son of Mi _Dd Mrs the home or Mrs Delia MoCarnes j A Mclntyre of Per yopolis ind tor Arch street Pridaj West Side at the home of Mrs. A avenue B Piersol Morrell by Secretary Daniels for Efficiency in Sulm»rim. Attack. By Assocta ed Press. WASHING-TON, March 2 --Benjamin H Groves, a chit.* gunner s mate has been commended bj Secretary Daniels for his zeal and efficiency on Januar 13 when the American ship fsjanza on which Groves was commander of the armed guard sunic i German submarine in a battle lasting over two hours After the Nyanza had fired 92 rounds and the submarine approti mately 200 rounds Groves got the U-boats range and fired four shells m quick succession causing tne submarine ' to come broadside and kee' over It then disappea-ed just as it was in position to discharge its destroying shots at the ship The submarine Groves said in his report did not quit from choice but from neceb slty' ·% The navy commendation announcement says the promptness with which the periscope was picked up and tbe accuracj o£ fire denotes an efficiency on the part of tae armed ^ _ guard for which Groves as command- j ^jj ent cnS ^ TAKES BACK From J morlv empioved in C Roy Het7al s drug store Connellsylle his eUisted in the base hospital unit of the tni- ·versity of Viririma lie ivis here this week on his wn from "V-oungstown Ohio w h e r e he was trploved of la e to Charlottesvillp V ,, f n e Mclntyre i family has another son n he service a Camp Sheridan Sa-a Brown watchmakei for V B Kurt? is ilso in tne Virginia bnivcisitv unit i s roa-lng ou - tbe front stove and her 'idsoand in an unconscious cond.i 1 1 on "*Mn ral sen ices will bo held I tomorrow -ifterrnon at 1 o clock from I the farrily residence witL interment in ] aurel H H cemfterv Vr Chalfaut was born on a farm near Orient February S 1842 In ad dition to hi« widow one daughter Miss Helen at home two brothers N e w t o n and Park Clialfaut of near Seangbts and two bisters Mrs Rebecca Roderick and Mrs Caroline Pipes of "vV-vsh ngton Pa. survive DEMANDS ARE MET Othcer Uter Icierter Arrives Camp Sherman Charles Ltfnn of Leiseanng arrested by Constable McLaughhn as a deserter bas been taken back to Camp Sherman Ohio where he is In train- ~ mg with the 323rd Light Field Art,!- hl)tn lo ll " TM lery Battery B The officer f'om the 1'litlLtnFll MTtll LS camp arrived here last night and left Private Lovi R Lucbli ei Jr of with the prisoner early this morning ConnellTillo is "ow located at Scott Lynn said that although he took a Field Belleville II taking i cou s\. French Itave from the camp he did « motor engineering He e\pects o not intend to desert He was still hi leave tor Trance m ue near fu tire Daily uniform when arrested. ing ofliccr was responsible BArfk S«/r CtTOPDKBFD. Purchaser of tniontowm Property Stakes Second Payment. Sale of the First National Bank building to James I Feather was con firmed by the United States district court at Pittsburg jesterday upon petition of Receiver John H StraWn Immediately after the ratification of the salp M r Feather made the second . possession o' i the propeiti- JBCVS isterdam, March 2--In the cap- of Psko* by the Germans one of erman bataltiona sunered hea\T s through an explosion caused Poole Transferred. E P Poole formerly o£ Conneils ville has resigned as assistant superintendent of the Mount Clare shops of the Baltimore Ob'o railroad to be come assistant superintendent of sev era' plants of a company in Rockville 'ill Mr Poole has taken charge of his new position and will later be joined by Mrs Poole and her parents Vr and Mrs J R Wortman Pftvmoster Kobbf d of $S-TOO. TOLEDO O dits in i high March 2 -- Foir ban- powered automobile fie serdb bt^t wishes to a 1 his fr ends SOT OJi \ TOT r-UJTY SA1S 'ION'S LEmtRLa In a letter wr tti n to Fosttr Critch- fleld Sergi ant L \ (Tonv) Liobcrger of Co A, 10th Regiment Forestry Ln guieers says that the bovs ovei there arc not on a jo party and adds that it Is war over here no~ft no t pleasure Liejer£,er Bays he and Harold Port are the iirst Connell^vi lo boys to sve service so far as he knows I dare not write you any new s concerning the war or anvthing as to where i am or what I am doing the s« dier continues, but I am. pretty safe and happj Better health tnan I ever had held up and robbed tbe payi-aster of the Doehli r Die Costings Company of $8 300 m cash tndav near the factory in the "\ este-n ouuA rts of the city The pa3 master Mas returning from a bank with Jie cash A v guard who accompanied him was shot dits escaped in their car The ban THL is retreating Russians according Berlin dispatch printed in a poe newspaper OCX SPICC1ATES 0\ OF FIGHTING MINE FIRE WITH GRANULATED FURNACE SLAG TO BE TRIED AT DAVIDSON "Ut-E" HTIUS I H Jutraf who has been connect ed for some time vvitb ^he Soisson theatei will cave tomo-rovv for his homo at Paw t c » n I prcpa atory to reporting fo 11 ser cc* in the Lion coips at "Waco Texas Mr Jutras was p\am ned bj the loca diaft boarc- secured a transfer non yesterdav after discussing th° naiter wjth Vice-chai iran Carr in Unionto'wn, He wjll begin immediate- 1\ on laying plans fOi conducaog th n campaign in this countv CIRCULATION GAINS r XOW Tolnme^ in 1917, farm Iiibrar^ Report Sbo^s. chapter last eienuitr, irould it not be possible to »t*k %our txecufave committee to reconsider tbe matter, in ie\ or the evident mis.understandini? of *kat flit proiio'-e*! consohdafjon loetuallj iinolyes There cannot be ID loss of idcntjt or anv practical cbanpre affpctinir jour work rooms in any »a\. Councils^ illc mav hare iny chapter and' any form of contit\ or- ^rsnization wlncli ou feel tviil be at,- ccptablc. flight if not be possible, thtreiorc, to luie Tour esocntue com- roitt-ee appro\c tcnUtuich tin con*ril proposition and then we couW ar- rnnffe details subicct to your committee's acccntanc(, beiore tonal action This is *-nc\i a splendid opportunilv to sink our Ksser loyalties in the ttroaffr lyraltj i^ one to our conn- Itry and to *ea! m tins furma] tvaj onr spiritual union of patriotic purpose J et as be Iicnceforth of one mind and heart. Please icquaint onr members nth L ]n tno evening another message i making additional proposals ·was The leport of Miss Margaret "White-, received It reads man librarian Irani May 1 to Dccem caunot give nn hope thai we her 31 shows a circulation increase of frayette countians can all unite n n d t r 3 164 over the same period of 1916 in works of the Carnegie Free librarv The following is the report as sub rait cd Circulation--Books 34 655 ppnodi cats 812 pataphlets and clippings 27 West Side 5 335 ^otal 40 729 \verage daily circulation ( arpi nters Vre to Itecene Lnder ftew V^rcomi The cirpcntcrs and employers of OQ]y) lcg a , er monthK arca]!L ·Ktcrnoon on the dunand of tie for UQn s m} , 4 , 31 R ^ boITOW .IT! ^ .tf 0 ?"!! 11 .!11 !! ers added 283 rcte-ence room at tendanre 1 S4S penocical room at mor for increase m 5 for ar eijjht horn d i . from $4 to the Ked Cross banner. The moral effect ot such u union nonld lie inestimable. There is really nothing ti stand in the irav, for Iniontown will i leac evcrvlhiog to tonntllsville's decision, including- offices, headquarters, . iiispechons ware house, slnpjiin); (books point, and everything; Use. If there is anv seeming obstacle, jon have nnlv to (ell us. I very strongly teel that our union mil be one of the finest aud moit inspiring thmjrs eer accom- It \\as said tbe increase v^as grant LI iiuciiji u a ono i J u i i u u i t : u i luujii ilL . "."^i. .uo^.»».u(., b^iin^a t;n-v ^L^UIII- tendance 2 494 books added b} pur ' rlishcd bv the Fayettc county pcoplu ed CVXPUOS. \ira to Life Mortgage bj| June JO. Th»xe will be a joint meet ng of the finance committee and teacheis aud officers of all the organizations in the Metaodist Episcopal church oa Mou da} evening at S P M j r he annex. This meeting is called lor the purpose of enlisting all these persons in the financial campaign which the church is putting on, beginning the first of March and closing with the mortgage burning on. Juno 30 chase 25" books added bv gift 29 books added bj binding 46 total num- her new books 324 Xrs Hntchcraff Seeks Bhorcp. Divorce proceedings weio instituted bv 4]rna Hulchcraft against Johnson Hu chcrat The libel filed bs 4ttor ne-v George Patterson set forth that they were married Pebnian 22 1406 at Connellsville and subsequcn Iv Uv ed there and at Tavette Cit\ Deser tion Jul j.9 1911 and Infidelity s alleged RAID FRUSTRATED Gang Planned to Steal $2,000,000 From Irejisnrv. Ev A.S30C atcd Pres 1 ) CHICAGO March _--PJans for raid on tbe treasurj office in the cm hall in uzpectajon of obtaining $2 Chairman Kurt? issued the following statement this morning llr Carr's telegrams indicate a fine spirit on Dniontown s part and a broad gauge view ot this matter I will be away until the first of the week and will defer reporting our decision, regarding consolidataon. to na tional headquarters until I can again presen*. the matter to our executna a i committee With county headquar- ers as well as countv officials In and from (onnellstille most ot the rm 000 000 belmed to be stored there was TO itant objections presented by our revealed todaj by a confession the police sa-v ot Henrj Emerson members will be eliminated and thev , na T1SQ to rec onsider the propo by tbe retrea reg Russians according r S1 ij 0 n guards were about the city hall on tile date fixed than had been expected (.OHrLETl.8 QUttT I ' LocaJ . Handnomc Piece Durng a telephone conversation w i t h ME Carr to lowing the receipt o£ h s telegram he suggested to Mi. Kurtz that two or more representatives be appointed from the Conncll 1 *ville bniontown Brownsville and Bishop Bell to Speak Bishop William M Bell of Washing D C -nill deliver an address n the baited Brcthern church at 3 o clock on the afternoon o£ Marco. 8 t .» ,, ,, , ,, , und-e- the auspices of the Ministerial XTT^V ·«.,,,.* " vmiv,* ,, Tho H C Fnck Coke company has A pumping plant was Installed A^opiation NDON March .-Ambassador abatld[mca lts o - lglDal p , aa of Dx Hountz cre,k and pipe lines r u n ° · AssocManon departed from Loncon lor thd angul _ a ng the flre , n Daviuson mine I the hilltops for the purpose of convey- rr early this morninj 3Tic em by aooAias lt WItn llquld clay fr[m lie j mg the walc authorized a denial of the nl n sl i es overlooking the plant In-, ed in p'acer mining [hf , metnod follOB . jxent ot the Daily Ne»s that Pre- Lloyd-Gforge had visited the era and had an important confer- ivSth Mr Page Dr. W«stf»)l Daniel Westfall, busmeas mana- { the Plttsburs Christian Advo- stead granulated furnace slag is I What m the test seemed to be per to be substituted. Tho wo-fc was I tec'Iv free earth and smtab'e for the halted early m the winter but prep I purpose was found to he mnea with i aracion^ arc being made to resume I rock formation and it became evi dent soon that the project was not with the u=e of new substance- Last fall hole., were drilled at num erous places over the hill and prep arations were marie to wash large 'easibie for the reason that the rocky substance accumulated at the hot toms ot the holes instead o£ spreading will assist Rev G L. C Richard- quantities of earth through the open- j out and filling the receives Mean n the revival meetings in the | ings into the mine with the purpose dist Episcopal church beginning j of filling up the recesses in the burn- ling portion and smothering the fire. time tbe flre has been gaining headway Just now the company is engaged in repairing a broken hulihead. W®@ia®ir Fair ard sarnier tonight Sjnda fair is tho noon v» eather forecast for 'Western Pennsylvania lemperatare Htcord. 1318 1917 Maximum 45 10 Minimum. -oO 29 Me-vn . . U S Bcynolds on The Toll. of a beautiful HUT ity Labor Pttrojman John H«.i nolds '·as Tie ma n part of tbe quilt is blue returned to work after being liid up with an injury to the shoulder reccn od w leu he fell on the ice se eral weeks ago STAR JUNCTION WOMAN OF GERMAN BIRTH IS MARVEL FOR RED CROSS For (he Htd Cross. Point Marion chapters to meet in con- Mis Harry Jennings has completedJference to consider the details of a aud donated to the Red Cross a hand- countv organization plan so that there some convalescent quilt made o f . m a y be a complete Juderstandmg up- led white and blue mercerized cotton on all matters in relation thereto Mr. Car- seated that =o far as the Lnion- towu chapter vv is concerned it was w i t h a border of red white and blue j entirelv willmt tnat Connclls-villa In the centei ib a largo red cross 'should h a v e practicallv everything it while in each corner is a fa^ar The might desire in the matter of con- limng it, red solidation arrangements fomrnentink upon tbe attitude assumed bv tlie I niontcvv n chapter | Cbairman Kurtz said 1-ust evening CounellsMlle hns a magnifcent op- por u n i t v to forge complctclj and for -U time the jealoublv and rivalry that bas existed betv cen tLe tw o towns and to join vvhole heartedh an boostms ^ e " lalh necessan work of the Red ( rov m I a ^ e t t e counn If there ar» laims to have tlic champion phmc Gutli She uoi bora in Ger a n j cn aP-.=rs in tbe countv ihat need ot Mrs iirred Oarse maij and learned knitting as a trade to hc simulated to greitei activifv Wheu H comes to speed in knitting | aa tune i is stated for the Red Cro s the Sta- Junction M s Garee was forme h \lii= Jose- distuct m tbe peison lu a fron lenge communication to The. C o u n e r p w h e i a child Mrs Gaiee pays the allci larger production 01 Jicir work membei is issutu of lliei unit to anjbodv chal i comnumcation reads that if the Red oiought up more ncarlv to th« stand- the Cross vvilj keep her in yarn she would ?rtls of national liLadquaters the Con- e t - coun y to exceed some records Mrs 1 ke to shcx \\\n.t she can do for the. neHsville cbaptei now has the oppor- Giree h s made For instance on j bO)s in the Monday sue did her washing and Junction unit usual Mondav woik aid Jicn knitted for tlie war cause a sock aiui was done b 4 o clock An cab) task for her the communication »ay« is krlt mg a sock from supper __ .o beauix,e Helmets and sweaters The*Tough l i v e r fell dur ng the I are completed with equal speed, and ai2ht from. 6^0 £ee to 6.20 feei. (the quality is open, for inspection, jf trenches The Stai tunitv to act as a leader v-hile at the working to the limit same time serving su, a leacning m Neany $1700 in allajms, the unpleasantness arising cash has cwen raised A packed house fioni moie o" less foolish rivalries is assjred for the presentation tonight Lonnellsville w i l l be put tu a test in of the minstrel shpvv given last week this matter If we want to show our at Dawson T h e entire proceeds will comnumitv p idc let us show it in tho te gr\ en to the Red Cross lug broad gauge nay we wa mem, 'this situation.

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