The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 18, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, August 18, 1964
Page 2
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TREND CONTINUES BACK TO TORIES i - .. r - -I A: The Viet Nam and Cyprus crises, though calmly received by most Britons, were serious enough to bring 'Prime Minister Sir Alex Douglas-Home hurrying hack twice to Downing Street from Scottish holidays. FOREIGN . POLICY Political commentator Henry Fairlie, writing in The Sunday rows Wl . "' ' irVs. Vt i '1' 'lt Hi '. Mvit ' '. ' ' should be lovely r ' . frames for your eyes Do yoei stylo yoar eyeiauwa with hna dredg Of Snap-judgmenta . . . harried d-cWooa made while twisting and tweeting h front of misty mirrors? And lent that slipshod way to fashion theae eye-frames that add so much to your appear -anew or subtract so much from it ;' There's wonderfully better way -16 take care of Qua chore, once and for all. Have your browa shaped pwntmmntr ty, aa yoei like them, in your moat ba eBtnmg style, by Qregcey tbemolysii. -TUa k one tt the BcVr&rto ' aids you should take advantage) ot . Grefory thermolysis is the feat, eotniortabla, economical way to remove) amy nnwaulad hair permanently. "Sample" it today or tomorrow. You'll love itt ' WVwe $JMJmmmtm Veer sjsiillsaa rt aaxttswat-ew .ft OPM 10 mJM M- H saJ sva. 2nd mortgages Up to 80 of appraised . propariyvalua ; term to 10 yearn No bidden charges " No bonuses " J Nobrokerajefees Yon etn prepay all or part -rtarryfirthx without - notice or penalty. Pare Ptt eiediure en auPtWIOW memjagee, write, : .. aheae er visit the SUPtmoil offiee nearest yea. ; THK IUMLTT ttvtatcN or GUPERIOR DISCOUNT 1051 Wellington St . 30 Rideau St . 125-1133 Orm SWtr te SJS m CIm4 at. rM AmtiHS. ' . W4. s s.e m. Oiast emtass y astataik . . . If OUPaaiOai Mfleee m Ontotto ' ' Telegraph, predicts the Tories will win on foreign policy-Uhelr hand strengthened by the psy-chotogcal effect of the two recent crises and on prosperity. Prosperity may still be localized in the industrial pockets rather than widespread, but Fairlie predicts there ere enough booming areas to favor a Tory win, and unemployment, has rarely been lower throughout the nation. Although both major opinion polls snow a continuing trend to the Tories, only one estimates that they might pull off a marginal victory. The other INDUSTRY CLOSER TO STRIKE UAW Rejects Big Th As 'Miserably DETROIT (AP) - The U.S. auto industry was a step closer to a possible strike today with rejection by the United Auto Workers Union of new contract proposals by General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Which of the Big Three auto- Inadeq makers will bei chosen as the No. I strike target probably will be decided at a meeting of the UAW International execu tive board Thursday la Chi cago. ; GM was named as the pri mary, target m INI while Ford was selected In IMS and IMS. In a I m o s t Identical offers Monday, . the companies pro posed new three-year contracts for mora than 500,000 produc tion-line workers, . calling for higher wages, earlier retire-aient and larger pensions. UAW REJECTION The proposals to replace agreements expiring at the end of this month were' immediately rejected by UAW bargainers as "terribly disappointing" and "miserably inadequate.". . In tufn, e Ford motor com. pany spokesman observed: 'This makes; the situation very serious." Workers at all three com panies already, are - participating In a strike - authorization vote which is expected to gain overwhelming approval. Such a move, strengthening the bargaining-table position of union negotiators. Is customary as contract expiration desdliaes approach, - In INI, both sides agreed to a week's extension of the GM contract and agreement- was reached . on" a' new pact six hours before the strike . dead line.. NOT THIS YEAR Asked whether the union my ri ANSWERS J QUESTION: I am a Chris-tian but I don't belong )o any church. I think I am a good Christian. What Is your opinion of someone in this clrcum-. stance? M.N.- ANSWER: You caa be a Christian without Joining a church, but you will be a very poor one. The church Is the body of Christ here' on earth.' It is not perfect but you need the fellowship of ether Christians and this far to be found where Christians are la the church.. Furthermore, it is your duty to take your share in the responsibilities which rest on all Christians. In the organization and. program of the 'church you find spiritual food and also outlets ' (or Christian work. If yon will read the history of the early church, you will find that the Christians banded together ta the . various ' communities where they lived, for fellowship, for worship and mutual witness. While Jeialag a church does not make you a Christian, K certainly helps you to be a better one! It is both your privilege and your duty to so Identify yourself! Our Lord requires of His disciples that they bear. a public witness for Him. In and through your church connections ta one wsy to 'do this. . We alto go to church to worship Godl Don't look for a perfect church you won't find It. If It were perfect It would become imperfect the moment you Joined III . . tKOJDS-JirciGttATCtt-TY iiDios-wiim-nuio . StTMMtB BTOBB BOCaSl " MMar tknatt Frr . ;- S ajs. S . CteMS All way iatatSar ; cunr.iiNG . ' BXeCTBtCAL SALES LTD. Its But Street SIS-IIM from -: ITS .- SIVEDLOVE FURNITURE CO, LTD. S74 DalbousM tt. U4- : r: . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL LbngotSuitilrtfierGan Influence UK Vote y CAROL KENNEDY LONDON (CP) Could th result of the British tlccUon this fall be i a f 1 u n c t d by the wtathtr, cricket match and a couple" of internationol crises? It itemed almost frivolous at the time, but last spring when Labor seamed certain to end 11 years of Tory rule in the fall contest, some pundits predicted the Conservatives could yet return to power if three things broke their way: A hot summer to put the . voters In contented holiday England winning the Test series against Australia. (J Joreigs)- erisis or two-, far enough away not to alarm the vacationers m their deck-- chairs, but sufficiently menacing to make them feel rc-: lieved there was a Tory hand on the levers of power. It Is . popularly believed the Tories ere more trusted in a crisis. OPINION POLL ' Last week for the first time ' an opinion poll estimated the Tories might win by N seats. Just coincidence? Could be, yet consider now that early prediction baa worked out: ' Britain has had its most golden weather since the fa mous "election summer" of 1969.' when the Tories were returned with a 100-majority landslide. ; . England won't regain the "Ashes" and apparently has only a slim chance of tying the Test series. still shows Labor as a comfortable leading contender. Furthermore, even the poll most favorable to the Tories shews nearly e quarter of the electors still undecidMX how they will vote. HOLIDAY MOOD . Also, August s traditionally the most non-political month in the calendar, Opinions'' tabbed now may simply be reflecting a lotus-eating holiday mood that will grow more critical of party platforms by October. It la generally felt, however, that If Sis Alec Douglas-Home has not yet Impressed himself ree uate would agree to a Similar arrangement this time if. progress is being made la negotia tions next week, UAW Vice-President Lena r d Woodcock told reporters: , ' , ;; "Our people in the plants are opposed to tt." Woodcock, chief union negotiator at the GM bargaining table, said the company offer did not 'begin to close the gap prevailing between, the -hourly -rated workers represented by the UAW and salaried white-collar employees. No mention was made la the industry proposals of one of the union's top demands this yean improved working conditions. The union-has insisted that the national agreement include two le-minute daily breaks for workers ea the assembly lines in addition to the two 12-minute breaks already allowed for per sonal relief. TOI PRIORITY One of the UAW's top priority demands was Included Is the company proposals but was denounced as Inadequate. This was a' p" 'ilou covering ear her ret it and Increased pension t. ..its." ' Union spokesmen. Itowever. said the offer did not meet demands for more money ' for those workers already retired. Malcolm Denise, Ford 1 vice-president ' for labor relations. described the proposals as "the most generous we have ever made to the UAW." But Gene Praia, obssrmaa of the UAWs national Ford negotiation team, said the company's offer did not come close to meeting union demands. . CITES HIGH PROFIT Big Three profits have been described as "lantastic" . by UAW. President Walter' Reu-ther, who has demanded that some of the earnings be chan- nenetf into economic Improve ments lor the workers. - - Reuthsr also has suggested that the automakers could pass long some of the profits to the buying pa bile by reducing prices on their INS cars. This s not made a part of the UAWs formal demands, how- Record profits were chalked up hut year by the companies as auto sales reecbed new heights, end even higher earn ings are Indicated for this year if there Is no strike and the U.S. economic boom continues CLEAN CLFANFB. SALFORD. EneJand CP1 Six brush and shovel mad sweepers will soon be able to mm wis l neat ni re eftys white collar workers because they are ta he laeuad with mraum Cleaners. A municipal official sate the Job will be so clean -iney couia wear tne r sundav oem. : - Journal Want. Ads bring quick results. : , WEDNESDAY NOON v HOLY COMMUNION aeraciALLr ma . usinbss nor ls 12.40 PJkL- ST. GEORGE'S Metcalfe at Gloucester . Nai Laarlert Oar qaanned preesrleUsei sarv lee effete gtosses best eaMad fr eye eeasfert aad aspear- - Use Oar Easy CredH Plaa JACK SHOVi JEWELLERS , 112 Sparks St Ottawa ' l Chamfers St, ealtke raUs forcefully on the nation since he became prime minister last uctooer, tie nas at least puiiea the Tories into the semblance of a working team. Labor Leader Harold Wilson. It is noted, has faded considerably from the once-sharp impact he made as challenger. Some commentators now give the Tories nearly an even chance of a fourth victory, and this would have seemed fantastic four months ago when those pundits were recalling 1951 and speculation what another long, hot 'summer might pull out of the electoral bag. iWorkers Picket WestBlock (By The CP) Workers car rying picket signs protested the laying of a new copper roof on Parliament s .West Block Monday.- ; ..'.'. 'y; Pickets representing Local 47. Sheet Metal Workers International Union (CLO. Claimed the contractor. National Roqling and Waterproofing Limited, was using non-union labor. - The work, which Is continuing without Interruption, is being done by members of the Cana dian Construction Workers Un ion, en affiliate of the National Council of Canadian Labor. The Sheet Metal Workers Un ion said it established the "informational picket line" to pre test the work going to a body not recognized by the, CLC. Man Hit;! Stranded On Road A Deschenes man. who had been run over by a car, lay helpless for 20 minutes at the side of Foumier Boulevard early today while Hull police tried to summon an ambulance. No ambulance was avail- able. -;.". V,' ' ''; Police called-in a special Hull Fira Department . rescue truck to rush Elphige Cour- chesne, SS, of 149 Fronlenac Street, to Sacred Heart Hospi tal, Hull. Mr. Courchesne bj suffering from two broken legs. His con dition was described as good. He was walking east on Foumier Boulevard, 300 , feet from Gatineau Point Bridge, when he was struck- by a car driven by Andre Robillard, 22, of si Kose de Una, Mr. Robillard was heading west' - Hull police are investigating. TO HELP HANDICAPPED NEWPORT. England (CPV- Teams of United States airmen will play baseball on aa Isle of Wight sports ground here to help raise CM for physically handicapped children. INTERLUX PAINTS . I Stores to Serve You Aiaert . tis-sies SIB Clamse St. tn-eitl ISM cariias Ave, ' ttS-Stl Shop With Confidence Whore You See This Seal of Satisfaction PIANOS , S0N. UMITIO S3S RJdeaa ft, SSl-ceM SSB Bank St. (at Ceooer) 1 fTOSDAT,- AUGUST 18, 1964: . -V . -.'. '. i.. i "....' 1 . - - v.: ."';.'.' ????? , - : L- . .'.'' t -u-.- at- i r i - '. trX , t sr". ( v. r. i .A i' ! iY .V4- START EDDY COMPANY EXPANSION A brief sod-tuming ceremony marked the start of a $10,000,000 expansion program at the E. B. Eddy Company In Hull Monday. W. D, Moffat (left), president of the Company said the company was proud to- take prt In the Industrial development of Hull, Hull Mayor Marcel D' Amour (second from left) said the project was but the beginning of a vast program aimed at Increasing the number of industries In the city. Also In the photo are Alexis Caron.MP for Hull an j- Roy Foumier, Gatineau ItLA.. right, v ' : ': " ' ' C --Z?t' Shooting Ruled Accidental ' A coroner's . Jury Monday night attached no blame bt the accidental shooting death of Samuel Gill Gamble, U, son of Mr. and Mrs1. Samuel Gamble, ot 244 Irving Avenue, at the family's , Constance ' Bay cottage June U. - , Andrew Gamble, '!), who fir ed the fatal , shot from a . 31 calibre rifle told of being with a companion and tiring the gun in the direction of the river in the area of the dock on which his older brother, Samuel was standing, t Constable William Gretas, of Constance Bay. testified der bush and overhanging trees hid the dock from view. He esti mated 'the shot was fired from about si feet away. Andrew, and Donald Collins. 14, of lit Fairmont Avenue, pulled the' body from the weter. Dr. John Palton, Ctvle Hos pital pathologist, testified the bullet entered the right side of the bead damaging the brain. The boy died as a result of the wound et S.M p.m. about four hours after the accident. - , The jury, m Rs verdict recommended those using fire- eras "Exercise restraint and caution at alj times." The cor oner was Dr. J. A. Thomson Conducting the inquiry was As sistant Crown Attorney Bernard Kyan. tountal I to all WRITERS Ottawa w-: A representative of wellJtnown New York book publisher will soon be In .Ottawa to Interview writers. .( His purpose is to uncover manusoripte worthy of puh-. lication. FicUon, non-fiction, poetry. Juveniles, collections of short stories or articles, religious, specialized and even controversial subjects will be considered. If you have a book-length manuscript ready' for pui- ttcaUon (or are still working on it) and would like ta -discuss It with this executive, please telephone : 236-2313, between 8.00 a.m. and 1040 p-m and leave your name and address. You will be contacted, tatter, to arrange for a definite appointment ( ',-.'. "; K ra pieter, wrtte'tet " ' ."' , 1 '; Editorial Director, F.a Box 2119, C.P.O, " .. ' New York, N.Y, 1001 , :.- -T. Vwfct waiB)idts Jt itiktm- rinn mmtt.-&lLAM, ttfnV, , !?V - I FIRST r. is MORTGAGE LOANS ( , " Bvsllabie from 1 viVDncc MnDTfiir.r : EATON'S 7 Vw-2 1 , rvDiriD axirtv - ... .. 1 i i f'. , a ' - tftrnnnh anw krarwk nf that 4k CMtACXAre imrimsL - ' ? BANK OF COMMERCE It I J 4! J fit... v a 'a- x- - ' ' You eon see me difference In this stretch strop broi me strops ore narrower (won't curt or tfigl ' . end they odiutl to MM vou. The stretch straps sweep) ' In one contlnvcHM Hne under the ones to prevent ' . ooppina Ofid wr'mklioal They swoop low around the " . bock to work with the SMNDEX elotttc . i V j so you can brsarhe ond move easily- W what you've been ' woirlng for . , , wanrlngT You bet I You'd better hurry In' . end ask for Exquisite Form's Stretch Strop Brav , ; A32-34, B32-38, C32-38, White ertibroidered cotton. i. are cornortably air condltiontd. . ' , Isfon'i Aaps thru . corKflrc( to ssrUCyoa ' NOT JUST ANOTHER v STRETCH STRAPI ' ' " iaton'i havt :. prfpotd fitttng nom t , (our conpenlence ,-.-', Cotton longline versten.-. -1 for waist end midriff control, A . aeuff.B3M2,CM-44.ii ADJUSTADLE S T-R E T-C H STRAP DCIA .:rMONlY.,i'J' T. EATON CW5 I ,.. aeeit areess f Ax- - ii.V'' I- . I t ' v ''. .a a. v

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