The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1930
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

'FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, I93P. DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLS'VILLE, PA. Petal Frock Is Made of Cheerful Winter Cotton Skirt gore? cut circular enough to rlpplo and bound round with blia blndlnjj give the petal frock Its name. It is a cheerful winter cotton, one of the new prints In two shades of green, white and dot of black. The lines of the droe» are »» trimming, Skirt yoke and vest front drop Jn «tep». Reversing the usual order, the vest tucks In anej the front Is bound and overlaps it. In the dress sketched the veat, t-oltnr and cuffs are pique. It 1« pl.-mnod for a cotton drees that will have the cut, hang and utyle of woolen or ellk. For this Reason Jt might b* used for a tailored crepe de chine or a lightweight woolen. The comrtruc. tlon of the frock la slmpTe. The front of th« vest Is faced ami the collar put on double over It. Trie upper back and the upper front ar« each one piece with plain seams at tha shoulders and underjrms. -- Woman's Home Companion. Winsome Color Effects Are Obtained by Dyeing Delightful designs sire easy to obtain on cloth by the simple method of tlie dj'o-bnth, points out Hnrrit W. Allard tn the Honsthold Magazine. She described three popnlnr methods of applying colors In patterns, tying, batik dyeing nnd shading. Of the fiist method, this expert tviltes: "Tiila Is done by tying, knotting, wrapping, gathering--!n any way --making It Impossible for the dye to aproad becntise of the thickness of the rontprlal. A scurf to be thus decorated rany have a knot fled In the center of each end and ?he entire piece dipped Into the dye-pot. Border srJjiea are rondo by winding a narrow strip of the niatorinl with cord or strips of cotton, !n this manner keep- Ing the dye from aifectlng that part of the fabric." Ilatlk dyeing, she continues, Is a long process but U Is the means of making delightful art pieces of Intricate design. Simple patterns are possible with little trouble cr work, but with careful bundling of the fabric, beau- t i f u l nnd expro^tve designs can be en i ted. By covfrlng a portion of the tcMile ^ I t h wax, (ho dye will color only the part left exposed. PornfUn, or a mixture of pavaflin and beeswax may be used. The simplest example of batik dyeing Is the crackle batik obtained by dlpplnj, the piece of cloth or paper Into molt cl paraffin. When It la cold crush {he piece In ymir binds to break tho \vax. A dip Into Uie dye bnth covers only tho?» places where thp \vix 1s broken. Drops of dye that cling to the wax Bhould be w l p p d off and the material allowed to stand u n t i l It Is dry. If two or more colors m e deslied, the entire (labile Is ngnin dipped Into the wax crushed, and then Into a second dyp-bath. The u n x Is removed f i o m the fabric by jilaclng It between two pieces of cJenn wrapping paper imd pressing It with 11 moderately hot iron. The paper ·will fi).corb the wax. If not the first, n sccind pressing wilt nsnnlly take ·out (ill of ibo wat. A gasoline bnth completely removes nil tiaces of it. More elaborate patterns nnd designs 'can be had eithei by painting a pat- torn with wax Jtnd a soft bmsh on the Bilk or cotton nnd carefully dye- Ing the remainder, or by covering the background with wax and leaving the pattern c\posed to the rtje. Two or more colois cun bo ned If the fabric not to be died lt covr-red with wax. Don't foiRPt to put your wax on both sides of the material. Another m e a n j of dyeing to gtvo color combinations Is ttia sending piorrsi 'I'hls t i enppclallv effective In using t « o or more abides of 0110 color, or of two colots, tho comttm- tlon of u h l t t i !« tkes « third. A scntf 7i)flv be cljec to shade from a light cwitcr to dnj k otids. This Is nccom- pllshecl lv dipping the enthe scarf in i light color.Ml dye bath, UIOG, ba- fore H Is dry, ty adding more color to the d j e b i J l i and dipping In the two ends to n p-Mat the Bprne distance f i o m tho cen.ei A second time the color Is nrtilert to the d \ u and only the ends of flio scnrf ore dipped This w!l! if milt tn three shades of the lotor, dark, medium and light. Ensemble* for Children ·:,ins reflections of the adult mode ar«» to be found In that for girls up- t; nnd in their early teens Tba t child en In the procession that wends Its wa to the clHSsroom «*eii morning arp those wearing neat i.ttle jacket fiocUs, three-piece suit* nr *·.»*· mblos f f knit fabrics, nil very mncl of the npotts order. Pcnn*ylTani»'« Mnny Treo» JViwsilvanl i li s.ih! to hasc 110 dltTi'ii-nt ktn! of n a n \ c ITPCS In Us fii*.".!« All tlurope bus but 50 \aile- of trees Cotton of Indian Origin Cotton was one of tin oriental curios w l i i i h Alcxniuler tho firont brought *ntK fiom his lii \aslou of India, 327 U C. fur In Need of Repair* ! "'«· who cliilm to 5mvt open ifjlit to clw Hi' for n whilp lrs -Altonna Mirror. TOOTS A NT) CASFBH PAGE FIFTEEN. By JOOTY MURPHY COLONEL TOOTS; HE -YEAR'?, 'j '930, Klnjr Fontur«3 Syntll«»t» Inc, f.r»il Britain V AFTEP ALL COLONEL, ME ANC \ MAY HAVE. OLTR , BUT VM HIM AK1D HE"^ FOR ME 1 . ·*\.^ jvjw^: ^^s ) LL, 2,0 -TELL HUM TME \ A UOAD OFF OF HIS. MtNtl HE"2» BEEN TRV)N£j TO UP NERVK eMOUirH TO TELL. - - - - Fti HE PASD F=OR THE t BUT He'S, AFRAID TO\ HOOFER. 1-4*. rluRPH/=- ETTA KETT OH, WELL, IT S,' VES HIM GAS J) P VUL KOHINSON \J»/E:LL THATS GOOD NP 13 -THEN V^ONT Ot bS-^G FHE OTHQ -HALTOOC ~C^ -MOW I J GAM DftNE W O1NN rOf6 A 5 ASOUf NOU MEAN WALKIKG OVEI2,- THE ONL1 fcTTAS STA\((46 W IS -mW THE CAR - r- J T SET ir FOf2- AN tVfeHIHG !f US \H TVTC. TVGER. STREAK* «» \H1O "XVSE. TYJI YOUNG. BIG SISTER. T R Y , T tV AOAIA By IjES VOBG'BAVE. HI' ATTEMPT TO TAKE: DONN I E!S ,-SLE:D, BUTCH o A WAITING DETERi'llNED TO 5EfZ:E THE SLED UJHE.N OONNJE. 16 ALL. AL9KJE-. 1-3 o 1 'COURSE. HERBIGL NOXONi'S GOT TO HOME (JUir"(M. I'LL (o(T OAT SLED IF I HAVE. TO FOLL.OCU 'lM ACROiti COME ONJ LEOj 3UOOV COOO.'.HG'S 3TOPPEO .' CUATCH ( 015 5NJOU) rA ME t'LLG\r OAT tF FELIX THJi C IT PAT SULLIVAN, ALL RIG-HT, LAURA., MOUJ THAT Lue've. THS. ^ToueM CJ.IKG SACK AGMN, UET'S G-E. OOUJM TO e^RTH -- AND uoe, E.T ON TWAT t?.oA,O P\i-?.ecTLV Qt=Loco, «T (JUIL-L- L.AO us CITV - c y "CA1"' STUBJJS OH NO INDKEIH II j E D W I N A

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